This work contains scenes of sex between two males. If you are under the age of 18, or if it is illegal for you to read such material in your state or country, or if you are offended by this type of material, then please do not read any further.

Please remember the following:
This story is a complete work of fiction.
All characters have been renamed from their original names.
This story is based upon the author's fantasy.

A Day with Jonathan

It was a nice, cool day during the summer. Mike woke up around 10am and checked what time it was. He had just turned 17 and his 7.5 inch dick was happy to see him awake. Mike is 5'9" with an average build, dark hair, but not too much of a hairy body. Mike just had hairy armpits, some what around his wonderful cock, and a very sexy trail from his belly button to his groin.

Soon after waking up, Mike knew his parents were already at work. So he just decided to walk around in his boxers and no shirt on. Who was going to stop him? Around 10:40, Jonathan, his best friend and born a few days before him, called him about coming over to hang out and join him in his pool. Knowing that he had nothing else to do that day, Mike accepted and went to get dressed.

Up in his room, Mike stripped down to nothing and looked at himself in the mirror, slowly rubbing his dick hoping that today he could finally be able to get some action out of Jon, even though he was straight. Mike and Jon had masturbated in front of each other on several occasions when they've hung out. Mike, though knowing Jon only has a 4 inch hard dick, still started to get hard from the thought since he hasn't sucked on a cock in a long time. So, Mike just went over to his dresser, threw in a pair of shorts into his bookbag and went and grabbed a towel and put in there too. Not planning on wearing any underwear that day, Mike just put on his bathing suit and a shirt.

Since Mike's parents let him buy a car soon after his birthday, he was happy he bought a Jeep. He always liked playing with his horny cock often when there was traffic (so no one can see his dick when he popped it out of his pants). Today was no exception. Since there was a bit of traffic, he just started rubbing away, while also trying not to cum incase anything happens later.

Just as Mike pulled up to Jon's house, he came walking out the front door in only his bathing suit.
"Hey Jon," Mike said getting out of the Jeep.
"Hey man, ready to get wet and crazy today?"
"You know it, Jon!"
The two headed through the house towards the back.

After horse playing around in the pool for almost three hours, Mike and Jon ordered a pizza. While eating it outside on the deck, they started to play Truth or Dare to pass the time while they ate the pizza.
"Alright Jon, you first. Truth or dare?"
"Ok, let me think . . . How many times a day do you jerk off?"
"Once in the morning, and once in the evening. That is if I've had a long day at work and needed something to clear my head."
"Ok, how about you Mike, truth or dare?'
"Alright, have you ever pumped one out at school during a class?"
"Ha ha ha ha. I wish, would make those classes go faster."
"Truth or dare Jon?"
"Why not a dare this time."
"Alright, I dare you . . . to jerk off right now and lick the cum off your hands."
"Oh sick dude, no way."
"You have to, it's the dare."
"No way."
"How about if I did it also? It would count for my dare too."
"Hmmmm . . . . . .ummm . . . . . . fine, I guess so. How many licks though?"
"Atleast two man, just to be fair."

So both stripped down to nothing and sat on the cushion near the pool to give themselves enough room to spread their legs. Mike grabbed some lube from his backbag, smeared some on his already hard cock and some on his hands and then passed it to Jon. Jon did the same with his dick and hands and the two went at it.
For about 15 minutes, the two were moaning and groaning from the pleasure they were giving themselves. Within a minute or two later, Jon started to breathe heavily and quicken his pace, which only excited Mike more. All of a sudden, Jon bursted spraying his load over his hands, stomach and dick.
"Hold on Jon, I'm almost there myself, we'll do this at the same time."

Within a minute, Mike burst himself spraying over his hands stomach and cock too. Jon gave Mike a hesitant look while scooping some of his cum to his mouth. "One the count of three, Jon. One . . . Two . . . Three." Both took their licks. Since Mike was used to it, he had no problem. Jon gagged a little since he was not used to the taste.

"Man, that was some wierd tasting stuff. It's kinda salty, but almost sweet in a odd way."
"Hey Jon, you still got some there on your stomach."
"Here, I'll show you." Mike leaned in smiling knowing that he can start to make his moves now. "Mind if I lick it? I wanna know what your's tastes like."
"I don't see why not."

Before Jon knew what was happening, Mike had licked up his cum and was now sucking on his cock getting it hard again. "Mike . . . what the? . . . st . .op . . . Feels . . so . good." Mike started sucking on Jon's 4 incher as fast as he could until he felt Jon's balls tighten up. Mike knew he was about to burst and wanted to catch it all in his mouth. A couple seconds later, Jon shot his second load and Mike caught and licked it all up.

"Mike, what the hell was that?"
"Well, since I know you haven't been getting that from the girls, I thought why not give you a treat."
"Oh God man, thank you. But can I ask you one thing?"
"Sure, what's up?"
"Are you gay?"
"Well, I'm bi. I love the girls man, especially the virgins. But there are times where I just need something to suck on a dick for it gives me such a different feeling."

With that, the two just headed back into the pool without putting their suits back on. Each time Mike swam past Jon, he tried to rub his dick against him or try and touch Jon. Jon didn't really protest, though he showed some signs of discomfort. After about half an hour, the two dried off and went up to Jon's room.

The two popped in a porno Jon had bought awhile ago and they started to talk about the girls in their high school, who they thought was what. Mike mentioned who he thought was cute from the guys. After awhile, the two started to rub their aching cocks after watching the porno. The porno actually had two guys and a girl. One guy was having sex with the girl, and the other guy doggie styling the other.

Out of nowhere, Jon said "I wonder how that would feel."
"Well, why not give it a try then?"
"Are you serious? You and me?"
"Yeah, here, I'll lie on my back, and you sit on my dick while facing the porno so we can both still watch it. This way you can also jack off while watching it too."
"If I don't like it, we have to stop immediately. No questions asked."
"Ok, but so you know, it will hurt for a few seconds at first. Then it will start to feel more enjoyable. Let me grab the lub."

Mike paused the porno and lubbed up his dick real well and then had Jon squat so he could apply some to his ass and start to loosen him up. After a few minutes of loosening Jon up, Mike had him come and sit on his dick. He positioned Jon and himself so it would hurt Jon the least. Slowly, Mike's dick slid inside of Jon, while Jon winced only a little. Finally, after slowly going in and out and putting more and more of his dick inside of him, Jon was now completely sitting on Mike's cock. Jon giggled as he felt Mike's pubic hair brush his ass.

After starting the porno again, Jon was already hard because of the new sensations. Mike slowly started to humph Jon so his cock moved a little bit in and out of Jon. After about 20 minutes, Jon exploded all over his bed, causing his ass to tighten around Mike's dick. Thus causing Mike to loose control and spray his load all over Jon's insides. After just laying there for a few minutes, the two went and cleaned up and to get dressed.

As Mike left to go home, Jon whispered to him "Dude, I don't know if I'm turning gay or whatever, but I would like to do this again soon. But please keep this a secret. I still like girls and all, and I still don't think I like guys like that, but I do want to do it again though." With that, Mike gave him a smile and went home.

From there on in, whenever these two got together, it was sure to be a Cum Fest.

The End. Questions, comments, email me.