Here is my first story, the one that got all of the good comments on.

    Summer sucks....for everyone else that is! Every other kid says that, not me. Summer doesn't suck, school sucks. The only reason summer is thought of as sucking is because we have the inevitable last week of summer thought of how the summer seemed too short and going back to school will suck. So in conclusion, school sucks. No wait, actually, I was saying that some schools like mine make summer 3 whole months long, so by the time school is close and summer has taken EVERYTHING out of your mind and body, you can't wait to get back to school! Sounds dumb, but it's the truth, so unless some event happens during my boring summer, I can't wait to get back to school! First off, I use the term event in the sense that I would go on vacation, or to a museum, or to a carnival, or have hot gay sex! Whatever, whatever! I mean in today's society, who wouldn't want some sweet gay sex, ok straight people, you got me there, but I'm not straight, not by a long shot, so let's just keep it at that. Anyways, so during those 2 and 3/4 months, I did do some stuff at home that changed my life, I mean, I found out I was gay, I told a couple people that I was gay, and I made some gay friends over the net.

 In these days, maybe it's just how I'm lucky at these sorta things, but telling people you're gay isn't as hard as it looks, and everyone I told seemed to be fine with it, and it got easier every time. Let's see, I told my ex-best friend who I haven't seen in a while that I was, he was the first, and I told him only because he asked me about it. I've known him more than all my other friends, but when I moved to another city and changed schools, we weren't as good as friends anymore and we only talked online, that was it for us, but he still knew a little bit of things about me. One day he asked me and I just said yes, seeing as how we'd never see each other again anyways, and then he started getting weird on me, like asking me questions and saying how I had to remember how he was straight and nothing else. I didn't really care, cuz we never saw each other anymore and he was naive on the matter, oh well! BTW his name was Dave, for future reference. Then I told my best friend, Bryan, that I was, and him being passive on almost everything in the universe, he didn't really care much, except that he had to be cautious of what he said. Let's see, lastly I told one of the girls at my school over the net, because she was really a good friend of mine and all and she doesn't hate ANYONE, except her ex-boyfriends, but who doesn't, ahh, good old Jen! HEHEHE! So that tallies 3 people, all who are cool about it. Maybe it's society talking, but sometimes I'm a bit unsatisfied when people are "cool" with gayness, I mean, where are the friends are hate you when they find out? I dunno, but I'd better get some or this story will be pretty boring!

 Don't forget, I said that I did all this over 2 and 3/4 months of summer, still one week left for anything to happen to me involving some of relevance to my life. So I lay in bed, waking up at 12:00 p.m. on a....stop! I almost forgot the most important part! Silly me....

 Well, my name is Deke Lamrock, I live in Hollywood, Florida, I have short brownish blond hair, brown eyes, good body, and tall body, nothing special really, so my boyish charms will have to be my boy catcher for now. I am an only child, so I have my own room to do whatever I wish, and live in an average suburban neighborhood. Lastly, I go to a private school, no uniforms, no really hard work, just a good school with few students, but I like it because it gives us lots of and long vacation time. Now back to action.....

 I lay in bed, waking up at 12:00 on a Thursday morning, thinking of something to do before school starts. I read all of my summer reading in June, all of my 3 friends are on vacation, and it's damn, damn hot in here. The A/C is on the Fritz and won't be fixed until the first day of school in a week, so I won't be home to appreciate. Boo hoo!

 I might as well take a shower, so I walked into the bathroom in my room, and turned the shower on. I didn't expect on going anywhere today, so I just left my boxers on and planned on wearing them out of the shower as well. I left the bathroom, turned my computer on so I could use it when I was done showering, got a towel, and returned to the bathroom. I was walking very slowly, partly because I just woke up, and partly because it would make thee day go by faster if I took longer. Just genius Deke! I closed the door to the bathroom, got undressed, and got into the shower. COLD! Mmmm, just the way I liked it on these hot, hot days. The shower is where I can usually think the best, maybe cause I'm naked, vulnerable, and no one is around, and there is only on noise to hear, the shower, and many things to see while my eyes are closed under the shower. So today, I thought what I thought about everyday, what to do. Actually, today was a lucky day for me, because one of my neighbors was moving out in about 20 minutes and new people were moving in in about an hour. So I quickly did my shower business and got dried off.

 I put my boxers back on and went to my dresser to find a shirt and pants. While searching on an endless search, I heard a message on my computer for me come on screen. I turned the monitor on and saw it was from one of my friends online, all my friends online are gay by the way.

"Hey, Deke, what's up?", the message said, I noticed it was from one of my friends online that I've known for about a month, and we were really close and all, and the best thing is that he lives in Florida as well and is 15 like me, maybe I should of mentioned before that I was 15, but none the less, it could mean that one day we could meet like old friends. Neither of us wanted to be more than friends, but it was fun like that anyways.

"Hey Tommy, nothing much here, you know me! How about you?" I responded. I sat down in my chair, ready for a long chat. Usually our chats range from an hour to five hours, it's that interesting!

"Yeah, I do know you, pretty well in fact! Well you know how my parents have been wanting to move? Don't get your hopes up too much or anything, but I mentioned Hollywood and they said that might be a nice place to live, so...just so you know!" Wow! He always knew how to put a smile on my face, and the fact that he may be moving right here in my home town would be awesome! I couldn't help but get MY hopes up!

"Oh, wow! Well, I hope you can move here, and maybe even go to my school also!" He would have to try out for my school and it's very hard to do, but it was still something to say.

"Yeah, but let's not start embellishing on the idea, it's only a thought for now!" So I didn't go to much into it online, but in the real world my mind was doing flips. We talked and chatted about others things for an hour or so about his and that, how he's doing well with his new boyfriend and he's out to most of his school already and everyone is treating him nice. It might be a shame if he were to move away from all that, but he can get the same respect if he moved to Hollywood and also into my school.

 I looked at my clock and saw that it was 1:13, not only did I miss the moving out of my neighbors, but maybe even the moving in of my NEW neighbors, so I told Tommy I had to go and shortened our usually 10 minute goodbye session into a cool 2 minutes, and I promised I'd e-mail him tonight and all that stuff, and finally left my chair. I picked out some shirt and pants from my already opened drawer, bolted downstairs, out the door, and over the person I knocked down walking down my driveway. Oops, major faux pa! I quickly turned around to see the damage I had done and to whom. One time I knocked over the mailman, he was pretty pissed at me, I just hoped it wasn't him again. Whew! No it wasn't, not by a long shot. As a matter of fact, it was a boy, looked about my age, kinda short if you ask me, brown hair, blue eyes, nice body if you ask me that as well!

"Well?", the boy said in a raspy, lightly southern accent. I must have been staring at him for about 10 seconds while he was laying on the ground, and he was still on the ground, rubbing his cheek. I put my hand out and he took it, not took it exactly, more like tugged at it until I was on the ground with him and he started to laugh a bit, more if his hand wasn't on his cheek. Then he got up off the ground and offered his hand, his other hand still on his cheek. So I grabbed his hand and pulled myself up. He didn't let go of my hand, he shook it.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Justin Friers, you must be the absent-minded neighbor boy, Deke!" Well I had to hand it to him, he was a people person and not shy at all, so I went with it.

"Nice to meet you too, Justin! Look I'm sorry for knocking you over, I was kinda in a rush and didn't really look to see where I was going. do you know my name?" Well, it was odd, and I was too much in shock of his unusual but cute personality trait to put 2 and 2 together.  He nodded in forgiveness, then pointed next door, which I now noticed had a moving truck in the driveway and many people lugging boxes to the house.

"I'm your new neighbor! Off to a good start aren't we? I don't like starting relati.....friendships, off to a bad start, so I'm not mad" With that, he let go of my hand and took his hand off of his cheek, which looked swollen.

"Shit! Did I do that! Here lemme take you inside and put an ice pack on it!" Well if he wanted to start off a friendship on the right foot, then we will!

 We went inside my house into the kitchen and he sat at the kitchen table. I got an ice pack from the freezer and wrapped it in a washcloth, then put it on his cheek.

"Here, hold this" He took it into his hand and held it on his cheek. He smiled a bit, but I could tell it hurt him a bit. "Does it hurt?", he nodded.

"A little bit, I can still talk, but smiling might be a bitch! I like smiling" He tried to smile again, and then quickly frowned. I laughed at his attempted. Pathetic? Sorta. Cute? Definitely, I wanted to talk to him, but I couldn't think of anything to say. Whenever me and Tommy talk online we can talk for hours on end, but in real life, all I could produce was small talk.

"So, you're moving to the far did you must've been a long ride to get here...are you tired from the trip?" So he nodded with my every question, learning a bit more about him with everyone. I learned he came from Texas and his mom got a new job and he applied to my school and got in, so they moved in to the house next door. Then I asked a final question....

"So, do you parents need you to help with the boxes and stuff? I'm sure they can't open them all on their own." Almost immediately, his eyes went wide open, he dropped the ice pack, and quickly got up from his chair.

"Shit! I almost forgot, Deke, I could use your help for a little bit, could you come to my house with me and grab all the boxes with my name on it and take them to my room?" Hehe, how mysterious, but I obliged to help anyway.

 So we walked to his house, he looked to be in a rush for some reason. We walked through the front door and I saw tons of boxes. He walked ahead of me, then looked back at me. I nodded in succession and looked for all of his boxes. I found about 3 boxes and he about 4. He said there were 8 in all but we could carry these up for now. We each took a box and he walked up the stairs into an empty, white room, only with a dresser and a naked....bed. We both put the boxes down.

"Well here's my room, don't open any boxes yet, let's get the rest." So we went back down. It took 5 minutes of backbreaking, in hot weather work, but we got the 7 boxes up to his room. At one point I had to take my shirt off, or did I want to? I dunno, but I did, and I felt a lot better and cooler. When we were finished, we were standing in his room, and he had a perplexed expression on his face.

"What?", I asked him. He didn't seem to be tired or sweaty at all, maybe Texans don't get tired very easily?

"I don't know where that 8th box is!" Justin looked at the other 7 boxes. "It's ok to open these now, but I don't want anyone opening my other box!", assuming that he probably has "personal" items in there, like Playboys, Penthouses, computer discs with erotic material on it, porn pics of himself.......whatever, I'm getting side tracked.  We unpacked other boxes. Usual things in them: clothes, books, bedsheets, a computer.....all that crap. He instructed me on where to place all the stuff. During that time, he had taken HIS shirt off. Well lemme tell you, what a sight to behold! Smooth chest, not too much muscles, not too skinny, hint of a 6-pack, perfect! If I didn't pop a bone in the next 5 minutes, I sure as hell would tonight in bed!

 Finally! We were almost through unpacking, and lucky me I didn't sport anything except sweat for that whole time! I looked at my watch and saw that it was almost 5:00! I told Justin that I'd have to leave in about a half-hour. He told me that he had to leave to eat out for dinner in about a half-hour as well. Then he asked me if he could use my shower, because his system was having filters put in for the time being. I said that he could, and he asked if I could unpack the rest and to use my best judgment on where to put it. My best judgment? No one has ever asked me for that! Anyone who knew me well anyways, but I said that I would while he was gone.

 So he thanked me, shook my hand again, and left, I heard Justin telling his mom that he met me fine and that he could use my shower. Fortunately, there was only a couple things left, some books and a clock. I left them on his dresser. Since I didn't have to go so soon, I decided to go down stairs and meet his mom, he only had a mother, his father died before he was born.

 I put my shirt back on and started walking downstairs. I saw who appeared to be Justin's mother stop me at the bottom of the stairs.

"Hi, you must be Deke! I'm Justin's mother. I want to thank you for helping Justin out and being and good friend to him." Her voice lowered to a whisper, "He didn't have many friends back at home, I think he's trying to change his image", I shook her hand.

"Well, it's no problem Ms. Friers, Justin is a really nice kid. In fact, until school starts, he can come over anytime he wants, and we can play." It sounded so childish saying "play", kids play, teens talk about girls and look at porn all day, but with any luck, we WOULD be playing something.

"Well that's great, after we eat dinner maybe he could go over to your house and play", she said play as if it didn't really mean play, but I'd think she'd know that teens don't "play".

"Sure, that'd be great!", I said.

"Excellent!", a big smile came across her face, then she glanced over at a small box across the living room, "Say, could you do me one last thing and take that box up to Justin's room? I believe that it's his."

"Sure no problem!", I grabbed the smallish, but heavy box and went back up to his room. "Ahh! The final box! I wonder what it contains.", I whispered to myself. Half paranoia talking, half pervert talking, I just had to see what he didn't want anyone else to see! So I closed his door and carefully peeled the tape off, not wanting to rip it so I could apply back later it later. I got the tape off successfully and then I opened the flaps to see a large mad magazine on top. He has a MAD magazine collection? Come on Justin, gimme something here! I took the MAD out and saw another magazine, one of much more interest to erotic magazine........with men on the cover of it......with naked men inside it.....with white stains on almost every porn page.....JACKPOT! I gasped and almost fell back on my butt. No need to state the obvious, but Justin is gay? My lifelong dream is complete! To find a someone that is gay that I can be with, not just on the Internet, but in real life! I think I had the hots for him, but did he for me? Well, I'd say there was a 1in 10 chance of that, so...why not? looked in the box further and found other interesting items in it: 3 porn tapes, 5 other magazines, K-Y jelly, an envelope labeled "personal pics", and a camera. I opted to open the envelope, but I heard someone coming up the stairs so I got up, closed the box, reapplied the tape as best I could, pushed the box away from me, and bent over to hide my throbbing erection, and if it was Justin coming in, it would be obvious as to what I was doing to cause it.

 The door opened and it was Justin. I put on my "nothing happened here" face.

"Hey buddy, enjoy the shower? I just finished unpacking and I was just going to leave."

"Yep, pretty good shower I had, Deke," I could've sworn he just gave me a look, not sure what kind, but it was something. Then he looked over to his "secret" box and smiled, "Hey you found my box! Thanks!", his smile faded a bit and got suspicious, "You didn't open it, right?" I knew he'd ask that, so I was prepared for a good answer.

"No way, I didn't open it! First off, you didn't tell me to, and second, you said you didn't want anyone to open it, so I didn't!", good thinking Deke! He sighed a little bit, looked like he didn't wanna show his relief, and I, of course, knew why!

"Good", he nodded, " you have to go now or can you stay? Maybe I'll show you what's in the box later." He wants to show me what's in the box? I wanted to stick around, of course I did! Maybe it was out of the shock and all, but thought it was best for me to vacate. I couldn't stay hunched over anymore anyways.

"Well....", I couldn't even get out one phrase with out me hearing the dreaded sound of tape being pulled off, on it's own, on Justin's box. Justin looked over to see the tape completely coming off, reapplied tape isn't always reliable, I just remembered that.

"Shit!", Justin ran to the box to put the tape back on, "How did this happen?", I was about to fess up, tell him I knew everything, he was gay, I was gay, I had the hots for this kid, the whole thing, "Well! Good thing this didn't happen earlier. Whew!", and with that he looked at me and saw two things, a face of relief, and a MAD magazine laying next to me, the very magazine that was inside his box. Summer sucks........