Finally, the first day of school for Deke, what will happen? Read to find out! HAHA!


Beep!      Beep!      Beep!

     That noise, what is that noise? Maybe it' couldn't be. So soon? Now? What day is it? Oh no, it is! It's the sound of my alarm clock going off at 7:00 A.M.!  NO! It's the first day of school! Why, why, why? I just want one more day, one more day of summer, of freedom, of relaxation. I need to go over my summer reading list, make sure it's all done. I need pencils, paper, notebooks, pens, rulers, assignment booklets, and protractors! I don't wanna go to school today, not right now, I'm so tired...

     I rolled out of bed on the floor and decided to land on my back, that woke me up just fine. I stood up, pain in the back of my head and back slightly, and hit my new alarm clock to shut it off. Are alarm clock noises pleasant? I'm practically shell shocked by them! I guarantee by the end of the semester I will really try to see time fly. That is, I will defenestrate my alarm clock.

    It was such a nice clock, too. It was one of the many things people gave me at my party yesterday, of the presents on the picnic table in my backyard. Most of them were cards from girls saying, "Get well soon", sometimes added with their telephone numbers, e-mail addresses, declarations of meeting, and so forth. I sure was popular with the ladies in my school. Too bad for them I'm gay.

    Most of the guys gave me various assortments of things. For example, some of the jocks gave me footballs, basketballs, and stuff like that, while the more nerdy kids gave me notebooks, pens, and pencils. The more neutral boys to those personality genres gave me cards or alarm clocks or karma type things, like mood rings and magic 8-balls and the game Ouija, you know, the board with letters on it and you call of spirits to answer your questions, spooky! Oh, and one guy gave me a Playboy magazine, used, mind you. I could tell because it was wrinkled and the pages stuck together, not that I actually looked through it really, or got turned on by it. I'm sure I'll give the Playboy a good home, one of my friends may enjoy it. Straight friends that is.

    Straight friends, oh my! I totally forgot all about them! I was so wrapped up in the summer and all their vacations during the summer and my new friends that they completely slipped from my mind. There were four of us, me, Bryan, Chase, and Adam. Bryan and Chase, who knew each other since they were kids, came to our school last year and became friends with Adam, who was at our school since sixth grade, although he and I were never really close until Bryan and Chase showed up. We weren't like best friends or anything, not with me anyhow. What brought us together mostly were computer games, the Internet, and sci-fi movies. Now, by no means were we nerdy hackers of any sort with our own little convoluted reality, because we did talk with some other people, had lots of various interests between us, and did do some things outside of school with each other, not all the time though.

    Out of the three, I felt I was closest with Bryan. We weren't sworn blood brothers by a long shot, but more so that he was the most clever and sane of us. I trusted him a lot, and that was what prompted me to come out to him. He was very skinny, with shiny, blond girly-hair, and tall, not as tall as Chase though. He must've weighed about 120 pounds, or something like that. He ate like an animal, too, and never gained an ounce. Bryan liked girls more than the rest of us, even though I had lots more hormones. During the summer he went online a lot of times to try to get a girlfriend and would tell me how he wasn't sure how to act around them or how to talk to them. I'd try to advise him, but what did I know about girls? Eventually he got over the online thing and started liking girls in our school. One girl in particular he liked was Noelle. She was an acquaintance of ours in school, hung out with the smart girls, extremely nice, too. The four of us, being the smart boys, did hang around the smart girls a lot, it was only natural for us to, and it was only a matter of time before Bryan liked one of them.

    Chase was the goofiest of us. He was also very tall and skinny, although not as skinny as Bryan was. He had this hippie like, light brown hair. I would have been closer with Chase had he not been so not serious and joking all the time. He and Bryan were the ones who got me to going on the computer all the time.

    Adam was more of the follower and poser of the group. He would sometimes have his own opinions but eventually he would go with the majority. He was short, pudgy and had short, dark brown hair. He was invariably the most annoying out of all of us. Another thing that kept me from getting close with Adam was his strong Catholic belief system. He was the real deal: homophobic, one-track minded, gay hating, you name it. If someone ever prompted him on gay issues, he would just say how being gay was immoral, unnatural, and pointless. If only he knew about me. Adam and Chase were on vacation until the last day of summer vacation, so I completely forgot about them.

    I walked over to my dresser and took out some fashionable school clothes. I took out a blue buttoned up shirt that someone gave me at the party yesterday, it looked pretty nice. I then took out some black shorts to match, and of course blue boxers. I sleepily headed towards the bathroom and turned the shower on to heat up, then put the clothes down like some zombie, doing a routine that's been done so many times before. When the water heat up I stripped and jumped in, then quickly jumped out again. Too hot, too hot! I forgot that it's still summertime, I need a nice, cool shower. I lowered the temperature on the water until I felt it to be luke warm, then hopped back in. I almost tripped the second time because my legs were really weak from being tired and having minimal energy.

    I let the water engulf and soak me until my entire body was wet. Being wet always wakes me up, that and hot, steamy sex! I then reached down blindly to find my shampoo. I lathered, rinsed, but did not repeat, even though the directions on the bottle clearly instructed me to lather, rinse, and then repeat. Of course following those directions precisely would lead me to an endless paradox, so I just did the first two steps. I love how in gear my mind is when summer vacation is over. After my hair was dry I made a quick sweep of my body with the soap, taking extra attention with my face and private areas so more reasons than can be explained, then rinsed THAT off my body and turned off the water. I toweled off with my towel, slid my clothes on, and did my hair. Wow, I look sexy today. Or at least that's how I look in my fogged up mirror in the bathroom after taking a shower.

    After that, I picked up my sunglasses that were lying on the dresser and put them on my head over my eyes, then ran downstairs to make myself some cold cereal with milk in it. Yum! I gobbled that up quickly, downed a glass of orange juice, took my backpack, put my house key in my pocket, then left. My mom usually leaves before I do in the morning.

    I had about forty minutes until school started, and the walk to school took twenty minutes. Well, it's the first day of school, looking to be a nice day outside, I think I'll take a nice stroll. Ahh, look at the birds, the bees, the flowers, and the trees! Oh my, I just set myself up for a joke about sex. Gee, Justin's house has a nice tree for climbing, maybe to build a tree house fort, that'd be fun to do one day. I wonder where Justin is anyhow. I stopped in my tracks, just as his house went out of view from the corner of my eye. Crap! I was supposed to pick up Justin on my way to school, wasn't I? I turned around, almost falling over from the force of my slightly heavy backpack, and ran across Justin's lawn to his front door. I set my backpack down on the porch and rang the doorbell.

    "It's open!" I heard Justin yell from deep inside. I opened the door and went inside. His large house looked slightly smaller in the early hours than it does in the afternoon, or maybe I was just too tired to see how big it really was. I called out Justin's name while standing in the open doorway. He answered from his room upstairs. "Be right down buddy!" So I patiently waited for him.

    Well, I quickly started to get impatient after waiting for about a minute or two, so I closed the door and decided to look around his house, to see what kinds of things he had in it. I turned left and walked into his dining room, filled with candles and fancy bowls of many assortments. There was a cupboard like piece of furniture against the back wall of the dining room. I went over to it and opened up the two doors of the wooden structure. Inside was a collection of several glass, animal shaped menageries. One of which was a blue swan that caught my eye. It didn't sound like my friend was going to be joining me anytime soon, so decided to pick up the swan, just to see it and feel it. I reach out my hand and gently took the swan, but all of a sudden I heard a ker-plunk, and the poor swan was decapitated! I stopped short and froze there. Did I do that? All I did was pick it up, nothing more, right? I hoped to God that it was already broken! I reached out to pick up the poor little head, when I felt something that wasn't glass next to my fingers. I had to move some animal figures in order to see it, but I finally got a glimpse of it. It was a small tube of super glue. I let out a happy sigh. That means it was already broken to being with. I quickly took out the super glue, spread some on the head and head of the swan, and jointed them back together best I could. Not a perfect match, but at least it didn't look as if it was a demonic swan with its head on backwards. I then very carefully put the glue and swan back where I had found them and closed up that horrible cupboard.

    I chose to just stand at the steps and not touch anything more in Justin's house while I waited for him to get his butt in gear. I called up to him again and he replied again. "Sorry, just one more minute!" Boy, he'd better be getting off up there or something, because I will not wait here for one more minute while he checks his hair or tries to decide which belt looks better on him.

    I sat down on the edge of the steps and waited for him like that. Eventually I heard stirring at the top of the stairs. I was too tired to turn around to look, or make any sudden movements for that matter. I mean, who else could it be, the Tooth Fairy? I felt a poke on my shoulder and a yell in my ear. "Guess who!"

    "Dr. Kavorkian, hopefully." I said lazily. Justin jumped to the bottom of the stairs and held up his arms like Superman. I noticed at first that his hair was normal now instead of that punk, spiked look, which meant that he was taking the time in the bathroom to fix it; smart move, he looked like a maniac like that. With his sudden outburst, Justin was obviously more awake than I was, a LOT more. I stood up and Justin ran energetically into his living room and grabbed his backpack, his damp hair flopping with each step. "How come you are so much more awake than I am? Are you taking steroids or something?" Justin let out a belly laugh.

    "No dude, something much better than that!" He said while grinning. He walked out the door and I followed right behind him. He really knew how to pique my interests, obviously he did something devious. I ran up to walk beside him.

    "What is it?" I asked in a whiny tone. He looked at me and smiled devilishly.

    "What will you tell me in return?" He asked.

    "I'll tell you that you're walking the wrong way to school bud." I said. He nonchalantly turned around and walked the other way. Peeping toms looking at us must have thought us insane or something. "Now will you tell me?" Justin thought for a second.

    "Hmm, no, I don't think so." He said.

    "Ok, whatever." I really wanted to know, but I still had my ways of getting it out without begging for it. A simple use of mind tricks and logistics would suffice just fine in Justin's case.

    "What?" He said surprisingly, turning his body to look at me.

    "I don't want to know."
    "You don't?"

    "Why not?" Justin was starting to get frustrated now, it was actually working.

    "Cuz you won't tell me."

    "Well, what if I do tell you?"

    "If you tell me, then I'll want to know." I said in matter of factly. He sighed and gave me the information I wanted.

    "Ok, ok. It's just that I got the rest that I needed last night." He said, starting to grin again. We turned the corner off of our street onto the main road in town, which would lead us to the school eventually.

    "But, there's more, isn't there?" I asked.

    "Yep! Let's just say I had a really nice chat on the phone at around ten o'clock, that lasted until about eleven o'clock, at which that time, I was pretty tired." Justin started chuckling.

    "You had phone sex with Jon?" I asked the obvious. He started chuckling some more, and almost blushing at the same time.

    "It was awesome! We went on for a full hour; we LASTED for a full hour, can you believe it?" He was almost screaming in my ear now. I had to flinch away from him and also push him away so I could maintain my impeccable hearing abilities for the rest of the morning.

    "Yeah, no wonder you were tired. And no wonder you are so enthusiastic this morning." I said quietly, trying not to yell at him back.

    "I know!" I pushed Justin away again. "Well, you should really try it sometime, it's unbelievable." I looked at him cockeyed.

    "What makes you think I haven't before?" I asked him suspiciously. Justin slowed his pace as if contemplating what to say. A good lesson, never make assumptions, no matter how improbable it is that you could be wrong.

    "Well, I just...have you?" Now HE was interested in what I had to say.

    "Yeah, kinda." I mumbled under my breath.

    "Did you say `kinda'?" Justin asked. My do I have to be so conspicuous all the time? Just tell him!
    "Last night Tommy called me, at like eleven fifteen or something. We didn't exactly do anything, in terms of sex, but...." I cut my sentence short because we passed a guy walking his dog on the sidewalk. When he was out of hearing range I continued, "It was more towards like umm..." I wasn't sure how to form the right words exactly, plus I was a bit embarrassed talking about this with him, even though I really shouldn't have been.

    "Sweet talking?" He suggested. That finished my sentence perfectly.
    "Yeah!" Justin flinched and nudged me away slightly. I think he just did that in spite of me for doing that to him. "It was great though, we talked until about midnight. He has such a sweet voice." I felt my stomach churn suddenly; I was longing to hear his innocent tone again. Our chat last night wasn't just romantic; it was fun as well. Hopefully we would be able to talk before class started.

    "That's cool." Justin said, smiling at me. I nodded back happily. We didn't say much the rest of the walk to school. I really thought that Justin was happy to see me happy and in love. I guess he had to be, because I was there for him when he met Jon for the first time, and he was with me when I was feeling sad and lonely. So of course he'd be happy to see me with someone!

    When we got to school, Justin and I went to find our lockers, which were relatively close to each other. The school seems to put the lockers of kids in the same grade together, so all sixty of us in the sophomore class had our lockers together. What's better was that we got to keep the same lockers throughout school, which meant that I didn't need to have a new locker and lock combination every single year, just kept the old one. I tried locating my old locker while Justin went to the main office to see what his locker and combination were. I fished through the crowd of people, trying to remember all of their names, yet everyone knowing my name already, for obvious reasons. My locker was number 203, I found it quickly enough, and without even thinking, I opened it up with the right combination, not even knowing what it was. It was such a routine for me that all I needed were my reflexes in order to get it open. I put my Biology and Algebra book inside my locker and closed it. We were allowed to carry our backpacks with us to classes, thank God, so we didn't need to lug around all these books in my hands all the time. Moments later Justin returned and confronted me; he looked confused.

    "You know where my locker is already?" He asked me with a perplexed expression on his face. Geez, I hope he didn't get assigned to my locker, then I'd have to go to the main office, get a new one, memorize a new combination, and I didn't want to do any of that.

    "No, this is my locker." I said to him, as if protecting my locker from him.

    "Your locker is 202? Oh shit..."

    "202? Oh, my locker is 203, yours must be right next to mine." I told him. Justin got giddy again with his energetic state. I gotta try out this phone sex thing that gives you more energy in the morning, because whenever I have to wake up before ten o'clock, I can hardly open up my eyes in the morning. Now, unless there was a certain someone in bed with me, I would never be able to wake up happy or with lots of adrenaline or stamina.

    "Awesome, we're locker neighbors, just like in real life." Justin started snickering again, which started to get really annoying.

    "Hey, cut that out. And you're locker is to the left of mine, but your house is to the right of mine, so it doesn't really count, does it?" I said as Justin tried his locker combination and opened it successfully the first time.

    "Do you have to overanalyze everything?" Justin said, rolling his eyes and putting his Biology and English books into his locker.

    "Yeah." I said softly. I had to say it again louder because there were people constantly saying hello to us as they passed us. Popularity had its downsides you know. I used to want it because it would get me lots of pretty girls, which soon turned into lots of pretty boys, but now it was different. Since I already had a very pretty boy, I didn't need to be popular, and other things were different, too. For example, everyone would be exploiting our every move, look, want, need, and desire. If one of us slipped up, our lives would be made into a living hell within one day; our school had a very large homophobic population. I could look at Tommy wrong one day, someone could see it, and in hours the entire school would be filled to the brim with rumors circulating throughout. If we weren't popular, then no one would give a damn what we did, because we weren't the kids who stood out, because the popular kids stood out, but we are the popular kids! Well, thank goodness word hasn't gotten out about the truth about my father. That is an episode of my life that I would gladly like to forget; though some kids may bring up the incident to me in the future.

    "Where are they?" Justin sighed. "We have like ten minutes before class starts. I would LIKE to talk to Jon before I have to go to Geometry class." The halls were less dense than before, at least now it would be easier to spot Tommy or Jon. Justin looked up and down the hallway, and through the students walking through it. He was starting to get worried. "What could be keeping them?"

    "Don't worry, they..." I started to say, when all of a sudden I thought I heard Tommy's voice from afar. I turned around skeptically, and sure enough, I was right! I saw he and Jon walking from the steps towards us. Yes, out of about 15 voices in the room, I singled out Tommy's voice perfectly. That's how well I knew and loved it. Ok, I must be really awake now, just seconds short of a full erection. I dropped my bag and ran over to them, well to Tommy more than to Jon. I stopped short right in front of him, huge grin on face. I wanted to hug him but I couldn't. "Hey." I said, blushing a little bit.

    "Hey." Tommy mumbled while walking to wherever his locker was.

    "Morning." Jon said to me shyly. I turned to him.

    "He's over there." I pointed to Justin. Jon thanked me and ran off to him. My eyes then fixated back on my beautiful boy, my one and only. "What took you so long? I was starting to get worried about you." Tommy kept looking to each side of the hallway to find his locker. "What's your locker number?"

    "101. We were just late cause my bruise started to act up when I walked up the stairs, so had to walk up slowly." Sweet voice.

    "I'll show you where it is. That sucks, though. You run up my stairs all the time and you never complained before."

    "Well, your steps aren't as steep as these, I gotta raise my legs a bit higher or something for these ones, but I took some pain medicine so I'll be fine. No need to worry." He smiled warmly at me. I saw that his eyes were locked with mine momentarily, as if telling me how much he loved me with those blue gems of his. Of course our moment was cut short by some jocks that wanted to talk to `Dirty Tommy' badly. Since there was not enough time left until class started to wait until they were done with him, but we agreed to meet after school to do the little homework we had, then improvise from there. I picked up my backpack that was next to my locker, and next to Jon and Justin flirting. I told Justin I'd see him at lunch and told Jon I'd see him in everything. Why couldn't Tommy be in all of my classes?

    I ran off to my first class, which was English. I liked English class because more of my friends were in there. Noelle was there, whom I sat next to usually, Chase was there, but he sat far away from everyone most of the time, or at least he was assigned that way a while ago and got used to it, and of course Jon was there. I said hi to Noelle and sat down next to her. We were good friends because she was nice to talk to, and flirt with, too. I've never seen her really mean, but she's not extra nice either, and she has a good sense of humor. She was skinny and short, with straight brown hair, and kinda pail skin. I think Bryan liked her for her personality rather than her looks, which were bad at all, mind you. Jon arrived right before the class officially started, and took the empty desk to the left of me, Noelle being on the right. Jon usually sat isolated from everyone, now he was one of my friends. He was also a very different person now, happy and outgoing.

    The teacher started off just like every teacher does on the first day of school. We'll need these supplies and that book and those expectations are to be expected from us. You know, coming off strict and mean, yet after two weeks they soften up and are very flexible. The teacher talked for most of the class, and told us our homework was to bring in Romeo & Juliet to class, such hard work. After about a half-hour of her talking, the rest of the fifteen minutes of class was spent on knowing all of our names, even though she knew most of them already; it's a very small school.

    After that was Spanish class. It was nice because Jen was in that class with me, I didn't get a chance to say hi to her though. Now that I thought about it, she wasn't at my party, maybe she didn't get a chance to hear about it. The same routine was in Spanish class with the teacher, it gets pretty boring after hearing it six times. The bad thing was that this time, the teacher explained it all in Spanish! After 3 months of not using any, I was a tincy bit rusty. Jon though, seemed to understand it all perfectly. How do you speak in Spanish with an English accent? Or, how does it sound, is more like it! Well, at least next period in gym, which means I get to see Tommy. My eyes were locked on that clock for the last half of the class, I wanted to see Tommy again so badly, and I was practically creaming in my pants just thinking about it. Good thing they don't make us shower after that class, because I would never have survived.

    After the agony of waiting, 3rd period finally rolled around. I skipped along to the gym and waited for Tommy to show up. What's better was that Jon was taking History class this semester now and gym next semester because he switched his schedule around, and Justin took it the same period too, so they could be together in that class. That meant that I wouldn't have to have Jon in every single class of mine. He's a good friend and all, but how much of one person who isn't your boyfriend can you take? When Tommy arrived we were able to talk for about five minutes before the class started. He told me about his Latin and Algebra class. It seems that he had Bryan in his Algebra 2 class, but didn't get to talk to him. I really had to talk to that boy, and soon. There were certain things that we had to work out between us, and I still wanted him to be apart of my life.

    We all sat down on the gym floor when it started. The coach went through the same thing as the last two teachers, except this time the duration of it was only about ten minutes and we got to do whatever we wanted for the rest of class when he was done talking. Tommy and I looked for somewhere private and peaceful to go to. Now, even though my school had a nice atmosphere with benches and flowers outside, it was still in plain view from all the classrooms. The only place during classes in which we could be alone were the bathrooms in the main class building. Our school had a science building for all science classes, a main class building for every other class, a library building, and a gym, which was attached to the main class building. The cafeteria was attached to a lower subsection of the science building.

    When we entered the boys' bathroom, I checked all of the stalls and found that we were in fact completely alone, and if no one went to use the bathroom during class time, we could be alone for a half-hour. As soon as I discovered our newfound secludedness, I looked my boyfriend in the eye seductively, backed him against the wall, and kissed him with all of the lust I had inside of me. My tongue forced its way into his mouth and we both moaned in sync softly. His arms wrapped around me tightly as our tongues slowly slid around each other, allowing me to taste his sweet insides. My heart was racing. I was barely in control of my actions anymore. I wanted to rip his pants off and devour him badly, but I knew we couldn't.

    "I want you more than anything." Tommy said under his breath while breaking our liplock momentarily. His hands reached down to caress my bottom, giving me a slight jump and putting us into a slow grind into each other.

    "I love you more than anything." I said softly and sincerely, breaking our lips apart completely. Now I just held Tommy tight against the wall, kissing his neck. I heard him moan loudly a couple times and he pulled me into him harder, increasing my force upon him. What made it even hotter than it already was, was that we could get caught at any moment.

    "Harder...mmm...faster....please..." Tommy barely got his words out, then reverted to just moans and louder moans. I did as he requested of me and ground our crotches together with more force, he whimpered in delight with the change. I felt my hot cum building up in my cock, getting ready to release in within a minute or so. Quickly, I unbuttoned the top five buttons of Tommy's shirt and so his hard nipples were exposed to me. I kissed and sucked my way down his chest and lightly flicked my tongue up and down each cute, erect nip. "Mmm...give it to" Tommy moaned softly, trying to keep his voice to a minimal level. Both of our orgasms were approaching quickly. I wrapped my lips around his right nipple and sucked on it for all it was worth, which brought up both over the edge. We clutched each other tightly and I kissed him hard one last time right before both of our cocks were completely spent. I collapsed on top of him against the wall in a fit of sweat and catching our breaths.

    When I regained my energy I buttoned Tommy's shirt back up and we both cleaned ourselves off. Luckily semen doesn't really show on black shorts or Tommy's khaki shorts, not that any really seeped through or anything.

    "Thank you. I love you so much." Tommy said peacefully and kissed me on the lips. It wasn't a kiss of lust, like I did at first, but of love and gratitude. I just smiled and hugged him tight. Neither of us said anymore until the period was over with and we heard kids walking around in the hallway. We held hands lightly for a minute or two, then agreed to meet up with Jon and Justin at lunch. Boy, was I famished by then! We left the bathroom cool and slick as always as if nothing had happened in there at all. Yep, just give us our Academy Awards already.

    We rushed across the courtyard over to the cafeteria so we wouldn't have to wait in line for twenty minutes and so we could have a table to sit at. If you waited too long all of the table would already have kids sitting at them and then you'd be forced to sit at one of those tables, unless a free one opened up. 4th period lunch is the best time for lunch because all of the good foods are very limited and once they run out, that's it. Luckily, when we got to the cafeteria, there were only a couple students there. Tommy and I grabbed our trays, milks, and whatever the main course was, which looked to be pasta. Oh, right! Wednesday was pasta day in our school, the only good day of the week for lunch, because the rest of the meals basically sucked. All of the tables were practically empty, so we chose one at random and sat down across from each other. Well, two boys alone can't sit next to each other, only gay ones do that, and we certainly did not want to look gay. Queer ass momma's boys who did nothing but like getting it up the ass? Nope, not us, unless one of them stares helplessly at the other for five minutes straight without touching his food once. While I was staring at Tommy, who was innocently trying to eat his pasta, I noticed that I accidentally skipped a button on his shirt while buttoning it back up. What is someone notices and asks about it? Should I tell him about it before that may happen? But what is someone notices him doing THAT? He was bare skinned underneath, oh so sweet and smooth, he couldn't just do that in public. Yeah, like he should go all the way to that bathroom in order to fix it. Plus, kids smoke in the bathrooms during the lunch periods, so THEY would see him doing that. I don't want him to be mixed up with those kids anyhow. What if he goes in and can't get privacy? He surely can't do it then; I would get jealous too if they saw his chest. What if they offer him a light? Would he accept? And if he says no, then what? That does it! I'm not going to tell him.

    "We have to do an oral after school." Tommy said in a suttle tone. I almost fell out of my seat I was so embarrassed. My face turned three different shades of red. He didn't just say that, did it?

    "We have to what?!" I asked loudly.

    "What? Not you silly! I do...for English class." He said. I froze from my stupidity, then got the nerve to speak again.

    "You mean an oral report."

    "Yeah, what do you think I meant? Sex?" Tommy said. Luckily the few kids in the cafeteria we seated far away from us. I noticed just then that we were in the way back corner of the room.

    "Well, yeah." I said disappointingly. Tommy grinned widely.

    "You are so conceited, you know." He giggled.

    "Well, while we're on the topic..."

    "Hey Deke?" A familiar voice said, cutting me off from my phrase. I sighed and turned to see who it was.


    "May I sit?" She asked me.

    "If you give me a kiss first." I said. Tommy rolled his eyes at me.

    "Real cute." She said and sat down next to the empty seat that was next to me with her lunch tray. "Hi Tommy." She said in a flirty voice.

    "You met?" I asked.

    "Yeah, she lives on my street." Tommy said.

    "Ahh, interesting. So where's Bryan gone to today?"

    "He'll find me, doesn't he always?" Noelle chucked.
    "Yeah." I said. Noelle eyed me suspiciously. Tommy just stayed silent and watched the whole affair.

    "You haven't talked to him in a while, have you?"

    "How did you know?" I asked her.

    "He's been talking to me on the phone more than usual, even went over my house a couple times and also to the movies."

    "You went on a date with him?"

    "No, we went as friends."

    "Oh, very well then."

    "Drop the act already."

    "What act?"

    "You know what I'm talking about." She said assertively. I sighed.

    "Fine, he likes you ok?"

    "I know." She said contentedly. Maybe I shouldn't have caved so easily with her.

    "Juicy." Tommy blurted out. We both turned to him.

    "I hope you're talking about that pasta sauce." Noelle said.

    "Umm...yeah. Carry on." He said sheepishly. God I loved him. We would have, except Jon and Justin finally joined us and sat down with us, both with indifferent expressions on their faces. We introduced Noelle to Justin.

    "What's wrong with you two? And why do you smell like an ask tray?" Tommy asked them. Jon checked his clothes.

    "Holy shit, we do!" Jon said.

    "We stepped into the bathroom for two seconds and found some kids lighting up in there."

    "Yeah so? Couldn't you have still done whatever you were planning on doing?" Noelle asked. They were both speechless as to what to say to that question. Shit, if no one said something, she would get suspicious, maybe vindicate us, or at least them. Was she trustworthy? I sure thought she was. We had been friends for almost five years and I never make her think I liked her, she must've at least known about me.

    "Second-hand smoking Noelle, who wants to endure that?" Tommy saved the day, or at least that awkward moment. She nodded her head and smiled.

    "Right, of course!" Noelle said. We really dodged the bullet there. Moments later, Bryan reluctantly joined us and sat across from Noelle. He seemed to warm up towards Noelle, but block the rest of us off. I had no idea how he was feeling towards me, I only hoped that we were still friends and he could live with my other friends, too. For a while Bryan just paid attention to Noelle while the rest of us just kept quiet.

    Maybe if I stared at Tommy for a little bit, it would help been my mind off of things and allow me to relax more. I looked over in Tommy's direction, but his eyes were focused on Noelle and Bryan. I nudged his leg lightly with my shoe and he looked over in my direction and saw me gazing at him. Our eyes locked and I was instantaneously lost in them, those sky blue pools on love and passion. Now all I needed to see was that killer smile, but a small one. I don't need to see teeth, just a small smile. Please, I need to see it so badly, in order to wash my problems down the drain, to be whisked away into our own world. I mouthed the words, `I love you', to him and I saw his cute smile, which caused me to smile in return. My heart melted and I didn't even know what I was worrying about before. What was I worrying about before? It didn't even matter really.

    "I think I should go now." I heard Bryan's voice say. Tommy looked away from me, no this wasn't right. I was lost once again; I needed Tommy.
    "But you just got here." Noelle complained to him. Bryan looked over at me.

    "I should, there's no reason for me to stay." He said. Noelle looked at me with her piercing hazel eyes. Oh shit, Bryan saw my lips when I mouthed those words to Tommy! Shame on me for not being conspicuous in school.

    "Bryan, sit!" Noelle commanded at he began to leave, and he obeyed. All eyes were on her now. She was in charge of the situation now. I didn't know which to be scared of, Noelle or what she wanted to find out. She smiled and leaned forward in her sit, so did everyone else, just like voodoo dolls or something, as if she were in control of us. "Deke, why are you and Bryan not talking to each other?" She asked, I couldn't believe it. I didn't know what to do; the simplest thing to do would be to just tell her straight out. She was nice to everybody, not a gay hater by a long shot. Maybe if I generalized it. Yeah, that would work.

    "Well, I'm not really acting the way Bryan thinks or says I should act, and that gets him really angry, but I'm not really doing anything wrong see. Yet he still insists that, for me and my friends." I said and took a deep breath. Come on, good reaction. Please a good reaction. Noelle shrugged her eyebrows and looked back at Bryan, who was flipping a pencil nervously.

    "Is this true?" Noelle asked him. He held his pencil in his hand, jaw hanging low.

    "Umm, well. Yes. It's true, but..." He muttered out.

    "That's not real nice you know, I don't think a friendship should be broken up because of that." She said in a soft and sweet voice. "And I don't think you should be mad at him if he's not doing anything wrong really. Now maybe a compromise could be made, but he and his friends cannot change how they act precisely to your demands. Get it?" She eyed him mysteriously.

    "Yes Noelle. Sorry Noelle. Sorry Deke." Bryan said shyly. Oh my god, Noelle actually made Bryan apologize to me! What power did this girl have on him? I'd have to thank her in Algebra class, which was next period. With that, Noelle smiled, picked up her tray, and left. Bryan smiled at us with an anxious grin. "Cyah later guys." And followed her strutting body out to wherever it was going to, probably hang out with her other girl friends. The four of us all looked at each other weirdly for a minute or two.

    "I think I'll skip off to the Algebra room early." Jon said, and stood up.

    "I'll keep you company." Justin said in an impromptu fashion.

    "Me too!" Tommy and I both said in unison, and the three of us stood up with Jon, dumped our trays, got our books for the rest of the day, and went to the room our Algebra class would be held in. During the lunch period our Algebra teach doesn't normally have class. Lucky us, this was her lunch period this year, and thus the class was empty. Thought the teacher was there, we still got to talk for ten minutes before the class started. When 4th period ended, Tommy and Justin went off to their class while Jon and I stayed. At least we'd get to see them again in the next period. Noelle sat next to me in Algebra class as well. I felt like a sandwich during English and Algebra, since they both sat next to me, or maybe I sat next to them, I didn't know for sure, maybe we all sat down at the same time.

    After another uneventful and grooling lecture in class, or just after another class in generally, finally we were all together again in Biology, with Noelle and Adam, too. It was the first time I had seen him since July. Of course he never brought that up, he just acting towards me the way he always did...

    "Did you see the Simpsons last night?" He asked me while we were waiting for class to start; hardly anyone was there yet. I think he got the slightest tan I've ever seen on him, because he always had white skin, but he vacationed in Boston all summer, I didn't know how tan you could get from going there though.

    "Yeah, but that was an old one, I like the new ones better you know." I said.

    "Yeah." He shrugged his shoulders. That was pretty much all we had to say to each other. Just then Justin and Jon walked in, and we said hi to each other and they sat down in the desks next to me. At least I was sitting next to Justin now instead of Jon, who sat in front of Justin. "Who is he?" Adam whispered to my.

    "My new neighbor Justin, he's cool." I whispered back to him.

    "Does he play Starcraft?" He asked me.

    "I'm not sure, I don't think so."

    "Oh, well, I guess he could be cool, I dunno though." Adam said disappointedly while rolling his eyes.

    "He is, don't worry. Might not be the kind of person YOU'D hang out with though, but still." I said as Tommy walked in. "Him, too." I looked in Tommy's direction and he smiled at to and took a seat in front of me. The class started as soon as Tommy's books were all strewn about his desk. It was the same old stuff. What interested me though was that our first lesson would be in Sexual Education, what better way to start off the new school year? Most of the class after the teacher lecture was making sure we all had the correct book, even though during most of the class I wasn't paying any attention as I stared at the back of Tommy's head. Lots of times I'd watch the few eyelashes I could see from the angle that I was looking from so I could tell when he blinked. He looked so cute and innocent, but of course he always did. Sigh.

    After class Tommy and I grinned at each other for obvious reasons. Sex Ed baby! Learning about penises and vaginas and cum and sperm and testicles and anal sex and all that stuff! Then Justin and I went to study hall. It was crowded that day, but I knew the exempt students with good grades would be gone by tomorrow and be able to roam the campus as free people for the entire study hall period, so it wouldn't be so dense in the future. We had a small lecture from our proctor too, but it was very brief. After that was over I started what little and oh so easy homework I had. I rushed through my Spanish and Algebra, which was all simple review. My gym homework was to have a good time with a beautiful boy whose name started with the letter `T', I swear. I didn't see any cute boys whose name started with that letter, I guess I'll have to find someone after school to do that. I decided to save my homework in Biology for after school to do with Tommy, for my own convoluted reasons that I had. When I finished I looked up at the clock to find that I had twenty minutes left to do nothing.

    "Are you going to do any homework?" I asked Justin quietly when I looked at him and found he wasn't doing anything.

    "Finished that ages ago, I've been watching you for ten minutes doing your homework." He whispered back. "So, what do you usually do now?"

    "Rest until class is over." I suggested. He agreed to, even though he was still a bit energetic, but winding down though. I really needed to rest; I went to bed TOO late last night!

    The class couldn't have ended any sooner. The only reason I got up was because I was to see Tommy again, and we could go home, and do fun stuff. Justin and I went to our locker to exchange books, then waited out front for our boyfriends. When they showed up at last we all took the twenty-minute walk back to our houses quietly. Tommy went to my house and Jon went with Justin to his house. Justin and I both fished for our keys at the same time and opened the front door simultaneously. We looked across the yard at each other with this, "Yeah, me too!" expression, then went inside quickly.

    When Tommy got in, we both dropped our backpacks and I hastily slammed the door. When it shut, I felt him wrap his arms around me tightly and kiss me over and over on my neck with sweet angel kisses. Then he took he from his embrace and led me up the steps using both hands. My heart was racing already. I had this happy feeling in my stomach, the feeling you get when you are 100% positive that in a matter of moments you will be stripped nude on you bed, all alone in your house, with a beautiful boy wanting to touch you all over.

    When we got up to my room, Tommy, still clasping my hands tight, closed the door behind me, then pushed me on the bed with him. He rolled our bodies so he was on top of me now. Looked me in the eyes lustfully, then kissed me deeply, urgently on the lips. We both buttoned each other's shirts and threw then off. The rest off our apparel soon followed accordingly until we both were both nude as the day we were born, in each other's arms. My arms felt all around his smooth body. Up and down his back, to his sides, to his baby soft butt. I slowly started to grind into him as always, but then he rolled his body off of mine, his lips almost touching mine still. I began to get worried, until he spoke softly to me...

    "You know, what I said before about we needing to do an oral after school, it had a double meaning." A smile lit up on my face. I was excited, ecstatic, horny, and needy! I was also right all along. I kissed him happily on the lips.

    "I love you, and I want to do you first." I said to him. He shook his head.

    "No, that's not the way it goes, I want to do YOU first, please." I reluctantly gave in. He hugged me tight then got up on his knees, his nice, hard cock protruding in front of him. I laid back on the bed and spread out as I watched him kneel in front of my throbbing erection. This was it, my very first blowjob that I would ever receive. He looked at me one last time, grinning from ear to ear, then winked at me and stuck his tongue out slightly. I was getting worked up just thinking about where that would be going on my body. I braced for impact as his tongue licked up and down my entire length. I shivered in delight as I felt my hard dick be tasted by his soft tool. Then he opened his lips and lowered his head slowly until he was devouring my entire cock head. I spasmed right on the spot as his tongue licked all around the sensitive organ. I wouldn't be able to take much more of this, and he only just started. His head lowered more, taking in more of my dick. I could feel his hot breath all around it, and his tongue tasting what was his for the very first time. His hand massaged my balls slowly as he started to bob his head up and down on my cock. I could feel myself getting closer and closer to orgasm and I moaned loudly as my lover sped up his pace on me, who obviously enjoying this as much as I was. I couldn't hold out for much longer, I was going to cum any second now. I was too hot to say anything; all I could do was moan and whimper louder. Tommy responded by moving up and down even faster on me, his tongue licking around my shaft a mile a minute. Soon, I couldn't take it anymore. I lifted my body up as I felt more spasms in my cock. I felt my cum ready to leave my body. Almost there, just a couple more seconds, a couple more licks, a couple more bobs. No, no more! I let out a huge moan as waves and waves cum exited my body into Tommy's throat, which were happily gobbled up by him. I was splashed with this awesome feeling throughout me, like nothing I had ever felt before, a new kind of orgasm. I could barely breath anymore, and Tommy kept on me, kept milking my spent cock until I asked him to stop. I tried catching my breath after the best orgasm of my life. My cock softened in Tommy's mouth and he lifted his head back up and smiled at me.

    He crawled up to me and kissed me on the cheek. How could I possibly top THAT? But, I had to try to, though. I had to think of all the love I had for Tommy and demonstrate it right here, right now. When I got my strength back I enthusiastically spread him out on the bed and kneeled right in front of his cock. I smiled at him and immediately opened my mouth to take his cock head in. I licked my tongue around the throbbing head gently, so as to not hurt him or cause him to cum too soon. He moaned softly to that. I suppose I was doing more good than harm. I wrapped my hand around his shaft and stroked it slowly as I massaged and caressed his entire swollen, head, tasting it all over. I felt so soft and delicious in my mouth. I just wanted more and more! I took my hand from his shaft and started to lower my head on his hard cock. His breathing got deeper and faster the lower I went on him and the more I took him in my mouth. It wasn't as hard as I though it was, no pun intended, because without even realizing it, I couldn't get anymore of him in my mouth, I had reached his base. In turn, I started bobbing my head up and down just as he had done, and licking my tongue all around the head and shaft. His moaning got louder and louder with each passing second/ I went faster and faster on him, wanting more and more of him. He tasted so damn good. I wanted his seed, to taste it, lick, it swallow it. Without warning he let out this quiet moan. His entire cock pulsated and twitched inside of my mouth and suddenly I was hit with many shots of hot, sweet cum in the back of my throat. I enjoyed swallowing it, then licked around his softening cock head to get the last bits of cum out of it. When I pulled his soft cock out of my mouth I looked to see his listless face, smiling happily on my pillow. I cuddled up next to him and kissed him slowly, allowing our juices to mix. When we finished our kiss I wrapped my arms around him and shared my pillow with him.

    "I love you, that was absolutely wonderful." He said sweetly to me.

    "I love you too, you are absolutely wonderful." I cuddled into him under the covers and rested peacefully for the rest of the afternoon with the love of my life.

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