The conclusion is here. What will happen with Justin and Deke? God only knows! Oh, and I know too hehehe. Well, enough chit-chat, read this and tell me what ya think, ok? OK! Enjoy peoples! :)

     I walked along the vacant sidewalk, not a soul to be seen, not even mine. I had no soul anymore; it was locked up tight and shot into the sun a long time ago. Triggered by him, the boy next door, who loved me more than anyone in the world had ever loved anyone since the dawn of time. I kept my thumbs buried deep into my pockets, keeping my vision centered below the vast horizon in shame. I turned the corner and kept walking. This wasn't the street yet, just a couple hundred more feet until then. I apathetically kicked any small pebble or stone that was in the sidewalk. Naïve little inanimate objects, have some more kinetic energy before erosion pummels you into sand and to be forever forgotten until someone makes a timer or glass out of you. You will all probably have more potential than I ever will.

    An underground lawn sprinkler sprung to life right beside me, I made no outward efforts to avoid it or even acknowledge its presence. It managed to shoot me right below my legs before I was out of its range. Boy, that felt good. As I walked I felt the beads of water evaporate as they slid down my leg, making futile attempts to reach my toes before becoming gas. Pretty soon I couldn't tell the difference between the well water and the sweat on my thighs from the humidity.

    It rained last night, really hard. That's why it was so humid out. I guess the stupid sprinkler guy forgot that it rained and decided to turn on his sprinkler as usual. Go ahead, it's your water bill. It must have been a nasty storm to leave humidity like this. One of those storms that you'd have a bad dream to, and wake up in the middle of the night right before a crash of lightening, cold sweat on your forehead and in your armpits. I amazingly slept right through it though. Shame on me, what right do I have now to sleep through a thunderstorm? Maybe I needed to stay with my subconscious so my pact with the devil could be made.

    I crossed to street to the next block, quickly turning as I noticed that this was the correct street. Nice Deke, neglecting this, just like you've everything else. A tear protruded slightly from my eye, followed by another, causing it to drop and make a silent but deadly splat on the ground. I think it landed on a poor, innocent ant. My karma was bad, real bad. I suddenly got the impression that the nun who I hand a check for charity to would get a nasty paper cut, or a cat that I adopt will die in a car crash on its way to my house. I began to doubt highly that it was all worth it. I'm just a lying, back stabbing heartbreaker. I changed in the worst possible way these past weeks, into this monster. I thought my life was bad at first. Being in the closet, having three dip shit losers for friends, feeling lonely, needing love, needing friends I can strongly relate to. I would rather have returned to my life in a dark, lonely cave than be introduced to this entirely new world, filled with sex, betrayal, heart break, and more sex!

    I would have killed for an unsurprisingly dull quip from Adam, or for Bryan to bug me to play a game with him. Or even for Chase to...umm...poke Adam in the ribs really hard I guess; that was always good for a laugh, expect when Adam peed blood that first time, that wasn't so funny, and then when the lawyers came in... Nonetheless I still would prefer that to this. I didn't have to tell anyone anything before; we all repressed our feelings then! But the past is no more, and can never be brought back. Things were said, groups were changed, emotions were, well, emoted. Bryan left our little table of friends when Jon, fed up with the fact that Bryan was in love with Noelle, but didn't return his sentiment to ANY extent, blew up in his face and said that Justin had a more promising future with Noelle than he did. At least most of us got the joke, but ouch! Adam left with Bryan, big surprise, and Chase only stay because Noelle was still hanging with us, but then he left when Tommy insisted there must be a God and that fate did exist. Chase was out of there quick after that. Noelle naturally left so she could hang with other girls, ironic isn't it? And that left us with...just the four of us...again. The four of us, ostracized from the rest of society, having only each other to support ourselves on. I know we were all close, I mean, ever since the last day of summer we were all best buds, and at the moment that was the only good thing we had left. We were four out of a small handful in our school, possibly the only four in the school. Actually, the only four guys in the school, there is the Gay-Straight Alliance, which consists mainly of girls, bisexual girls I'd say. Something to relate to partially, but not really. My world was so heartbreaking...shit...I'm crying again...

    I choked back my tears, oh man; I'm almost there. The queasy sensation in my stomach grew exponentially. I can't do this, but I'm going to do it. I was two houses away now. I looked to my left to get a view of the neighbors. Nice big house, brown, contemporary, with one of those lawn gnomes, but it was a dragon instead of a gnome. Hmm, possibly an Eastern family? I know dragons are a significant part of culture over there, like for the Chinese New Year and stuff. Is it the Chinese New Year already? I had no clue when that was, though. The next house had an American flag poking out of it. Patriotic, but what's to be proud of? Two words, Bill Gates. Now there's something to put outside of your house, a flag of the Microsoft logo. I felt myself smirking, but it faded suddenly. Now is not the time to be making jokes and pointing out the funny things in life, that's reserved for any other time. I just gotta get through this, it'll take five minutes, no, two minutes, yeah. Get in, and get out.

    I walked up to the front door and clenched the large knocker and used it to rap the door three times. Something inside stirred, then I heard footsteps. I waited there for, well, I don't know how long. It seemed like an eternity, standing there, the hot afternoon sun baking my neck. What could be going on in there? My mind started to grind into gear, thinking of what could be going on in there, none of them that really mattered, except one, if Jon was in there. In there with Tommy, perhaps I had interrupted something? Well, that idea would have supported my theory and closed the investigation pretty well on that. But that was just one thing I was here to do.

    "Just a second!" Tommy's voice rang from inside the house, and one second later the door opened. Tommy was standing there, his hair dripping wet. "Hey, I just got out of the shower. Come in, my parents aren't home." Before my eyes could give him a complete look over, he pulled me in and kissed me deeply on the lips. I felt disgusted and appalled while he kissed me, and my stomach pains increased dramatically. My heart started racing and I could see spots forming all around. I quickly ran to the sofa to sit down before I threw up my breakfast. I didn't think pancakes and syrup would look too good on that fine white rug anyhow. "Baby, what's wrong? You look terribly ill, your face is as red as a tomato!"

    I wiped some sweat from my forehead and neck, then my looked over in Tommy's direction. The look of real worry, but things will get much worse, very soon. I had to get this over with or I'd surely burst into flames any second now! I started to form how I would start the conversation in the back of my throat. Tommy could sense I had something to say and waited patiently, putting his hand on my knee and rubbing my back gently for support. God, was I wrong about this? Look at him, he really cares about me here, or was it a cover? The words shaped themselves around my lips, it was almost out, I was ready for this! I felt the pains go away, battled off with courage. Yes, I will do this! I balled my fists, I heard the vocals beginning and they were coming out now as I turned to Tommy and stared him straight in the eyes, those blue, lovable pools. I almost started to breakdown again, but I caught myself and began again.

    "Tommy, I...I know about you and Jon. Justin and I both know. It's ok though, me and Justin understand completely." I let out a long and deep sigh of relief after saying that, but then I was pained. Actually, I felt pain, on my knee. Tommy was squeezing my knee! I looked up at him and his eyes were glowing red and orange. Campers could have roasted marshmallows in his eyes they were so fiery! I tried to get away in fear, but he grabbed my shoulder, the bad one, and pummeled me on the floor. I yelped out in pain. I thought it was going to separate again, but luckily it didn't. What was he doing? Was he crazy? I've never seen this side of Tommy before. It was as if his sweetness and innocence died off, replaced by Mad Max or something.

    "So, I dedicate all of my time and heart to you and this is how you repay me?" He shrieked. I was literally trembling at this point. How? Why? What was I here to do again? Oh yeah, run away. I tried to get up but Tommy forced me down again. "Get down and stay down, like the dog that you are!" So I stayed down. Tommy ran into the other room then ran back at light speed with an object. Oh my God, it was a carving knife! What was he going to do with it? "You think I'd just fuck behind your back, huh? Keep something from you? Well, maybe I'll keep everything from you from now on so you won't have to worry about me anymore, except for this!" He turned the blade toward the vein in his wrist, aiming it only millimeters from the skin!

    "No!" I screamed sincerely. It couldn't end, not like this. I began crying and begged him to put the knife down. "Please Tommy, I love you!" All of a sudden the front door burst open and Justin walked through it with a knife to his neck. Thousands of tears welling up in his eyes.

    "You love him? I thought you loved me! Which one is it, huh?" Justin said, his words breaking my heart, two-fold now! I looked back at Tommy in confusion, not knowing what to do now.

    "Yeah, Deke, you can't love us both. It's either him, or me..." Tommy yelled at me. My hands buried deep in my palms, not being able to control myself. I didn't know who to chose, I didn't.

    "Oh, Deke, I'm gonna give you to the count of five, and if you save choose, I'm going to off myself..." Justin said.

    "Me too!" Tommy returned. Then they both started counting

    "Five!" They both said in unison, I looked up to the their blades poised at their targets, it was too horrifying to see. "Four!" I had to think. Think, Deke, think. You're good at that. Come on, you love them both, one of them can only live, but it's better than neither of them living. "Three!" Gotta hurry. Oh can I choose? There's Tommy, sweet, loving, dependable, I mean he moved here for me! Then there's Justin, sweet, loving, dependable. "Two!" Fuck! I can't do this, I just can't! I curled myself into a ball, ready to hear two difference slits from two different lovers. "One!" I was just about to give up was like a calling to me, a message from above, just for me, an answer from the heavens. I knew it! I quickly rose myself up off of the ground and ran as fast as I could, knocking the blade out of his hand while hearing screams from the other side of the room, blood staining the carpet. It all seemed to happen in slow motion, but it worked, he was saved. We landed on the floor together, the knife flying across the room, leaving him unscratched. I sighed in relief and held onto the live body tight, then I slowly rose my head up to look at him, my lover, my one and only. I was almost looking up at his face, seeing his lovely features; I was just moments away from seeing him. Seeing his chin, then looking higher, higher, until I could see him, almost, just a little bit more to see...


    Boom! I toppled forward in bed, desperately trying to catch my breath. I felt my insides running in circles at the speed of light. My heart pounded in my chest, something I hadn't felt since the mile run in sixth grade. My back felt something awful, too, right below my bad shoulder. I know the doctor said to quit putting strain on it, but as a teenager, I just can't keep that promise. Maybe if I just lay back for a little bit, take things easy from now on, it'll go away again. I used the bed sheet to wipe the cold sweat from my entire upper body; I was swimming in it. I glanced outside the window as I finally began catching my breath. Man, it's really coming down out there, like something out of a cheesy horror movie. "Damn thunder." I mumbled under my breath. "Waking me up at..." I glanced over at the alarm clock. "...four twenty-eight in the morning." I heard the bed sheets ruffle behind me.

    "Baby, what are you doing up?" Justin spoke softly. Damn, I woke him up too. I continued to watch the rain, seeing it fall on the roof of my house, then slide down the tiles, into the gutter, and spilling out onto the ground. He sat upright and looked at me, scanning me with his eyes. "Are you ok? It looks as if you had a nightmare."

    "Yeah, I did." I replied. I felt his strong arms wrap around me tight, comforting me somewhat. I slummed back in his arms a little and he held me tighter, his warm chest resting idly against my back. Another crash of thunder followed a bolt of lightening caused me to jump, but I didn't fall because I was held in place.

    "You're real tense." He said, then started giving my shoulders a nice massage. I closed my eyes and relaxed again; his hands made me feel so wonderful. "Tell me about your dream."

    "Ok, well..." I tried reaching in the back of my memory banks. I had a bad dream, but the details of it were so hazy that I couldn't get a clear picture of it in my head. "...I can't remember it really. Something to do with a dragon...I think..." Truthfully that's all I remembered. I'm sure it wasn't that important, probably just the storm messing with my mind. Yeah, that's what it was, just the storm. Making me think on was on a sidewalk. Wait, yes, I was on a sidewalk, going somewhere! Where was I going though? I kept my eyes shut tight and visualized myself walking along. It was the day after the storm, tomorrow afternoon. Yes, it was! The ground was wet, the air was humid. And I was going's house. I saw myself on the sidewalk, looking down at the ground, my hands in my pockets. I was shamed, yeah, that's it! And I was going to Tommy's house, to tell him about... "Justin!" I screeched, pain shooting through my shoulder.

    "Oh my god! I'm so sorry." He whispered loudly to me. "Left shoulder, left shoulder, left shoulder..."

    "Right shoulder, it's my RIGHT shoulder. It's not your fault though, I should have told you before you started." I said, trying to calm him down. He was obviously upset, even though it wasn't as bad as it had looked. As usual, whenever my shoulder started acting up again, I had to keep it very still until the pain subsided. If I moved my shoulder more than a few inches at once, I'd be in so much pain that I'd feel like I was going to die from the pain, I'd have trouble breathing, and I couldn't help but not keep my verbal obscenities to myself. If I stayed real still, just like this, I'd be ok. I've done it plenty of times before; I can do it again.

    "There must be something I can do." Justin whimpered softly, heart-breaking tears were forming in his eyes. "Please, Deke, I'll do anything for you." My heart melted and I smiled at him warmly. I looked into his brown eyes, my God they were beautiful. I got lost in them momentarily.

    "Well, it would really be great if I had my pain medicine, but it's all the way over there." I nudged my head across towards the window, which pointed at my house over into my room. "My mom is home, it's raining out, my front door is locked, and...mmm." I loved it so much when Justin kissed me. Every time is was like a new experience, a new first kiss for me. I hadn't gotten tired of it yet, and I don't think I would anytime in the future. I could feel the subtle wetness of his lips as they pressed against mine, the only part of his body that touched me, it was magical. Without saying a word he laid all my fears to rest. He soothed my body, like some anti-depressant drug, but I could get as much as this as I wanted, and it was legal. This boy kissing you should be deemed illegal; thank goodness it's not though! It's hard to explain, pun intended, and there was only one thing that could truly describe it for what it was... "Mmm..."

    "I'll get you your medicine." Justin said as he broke the kiss. Then he kissed me on the cheek as he got up, still buck naked, and walked over to his dresser. I didn't know what he was doing exactly, unless he planned on breaking into my house naked, but I couldn't help but stare at his...his...fuck my shoulder had better stop hurting pretty soon or I'll go blind. From the pain AND from his...oh man...did he shave that thing? Did it matter? Hehe, nope! I sighed happily. He's all yours, Deke, all yours. I noticed that Justin took something from the dresser and then came back to me, his fist clenching something tight (No, not that!). He sat down across from me and placed two pills in my hand.

    "What are these?" I asked, dumbfounded.

    "Just for you, take them, quick." He insisted. I swallowed them as he directed.

    "Those were my pills, how did you get them here?" I asked, feeling the pills slowly start to take action.

    "Well, umm...I took them, but only for good measure, just in case this happened, which it did. You had more than enough in your bottle anyhow, you know?" Justin leaned forward and smoothed my hair out with his delicate fingers. He was so good to me; I couldn't even begin to describe it. In only a matter of hours I felt the most intense power and connection to a person I've ever felt. He loved me, he loved me so much, and it felt so good. It was the first time I was content with it. It wasn't scheduled or brought on my passion or sexual frustration. It was just what felt right. I mean, come on, it was Justin. The boy next door, my best friend in the world, is becoming my world, and it was so beautiful now. Why we didn't know until now? I don't know. We had only just met when we found out about each other, when he found out I had a...crush...on him. I learned to forget about that though, it was just a crush. The thing was, it wasn't JUST a crush at the same time. Yeah, I had the hots for him, but this was different. I've always had crushes on boys based on looks and most of the time looks alone. Justin was something different. Not that he wasn't perfect, he was, but I saw something more in him. I remember feeling it, the first day we met, he had just moved in and...and I knocked him accident. So I took him into my house and put an icepack on his swollen area, and I just couldn't help but look at him, admire his kindness, compassion, and those darling brown eyes. I liked him, we were friends from that moment on, but I suppose it wasn't' the time for us. Maybe it will be better now. Now that we' know...together now. But...big but here...we had better be right about the other two, especially Tommy. Tommy, fuck, Tommy is just...I don't know...he just is, yet we're...not. It doesn't make sense, I know, but this happened, and if fate meant it to work like this, and have us come out of this travesty as victors, then there would be nothing to worry about with Tommy, I give you my word. Tommy is Tommy, but Justin is Juuuuussstin. And Jon is...well, he just is. Maybe he didn't take the time to fully appreciate what Justin did for him, or maybe they just didn't connect the way they did online. Things change when you go from online to real life. It scares the hell out of me sometimes, but really, I think my lonely Internet days were over with.   "You should have stopped taking these weeks ago." I looked down in shame as Justin's words carried me back to the real world and I realized what he was talking about...

    "But it hurts..." I said in shame, my voice just above a whisper. I tried hard not to let my feelings get to me and start crying. He was right; I should have stopped taking them weeks ago. I tried not to look directly at him, but Justin lifted my chin up so I was looking at his gorgeous mug. His face was so angelic, nothing like I've ever seen before.

    "I know it hurts, but be strong ok? I know you can be." He kissed me deeply on the lips. "I love you, ok?" I smiled and nodded. Words couldn't even describe how I was feeling. I don't think I could even remember at this point. Gimme a break, I was groggy! "I'll sleep on the floor for the rest of the night if you want." He said, and then started to get up. Now I was drowsy, but I still had a damn good mind for things. So I held him back, laid back down on the bed, and beckoned him to come back to bed with me. With a sly grin he carefully jumped back into the bed. I smiled as he wrapped his arms around me lovingly and careful enough not to hurt me. I shut my heavy eyes and cuddled close to my lover as he lulled me back to sleep with perfect harmony. Lightening ensued once again, but I didn't give it the satisfaction of scaring and causing me discomfort another time, nothing could do that now. As soon as I shut my eyes all of the pain in my back was forgotten, not to mention the pain in my heart.

*Commercial Break*   *Commercial Break*   *Commercial Break*

    "We will return to Deke Episode 12 after a few words from our sponsor. This episode is on the number one network, Fox. Stay tuned later tonight for "Malcolm in the Middle" and  "When Things Go Wrong in an Aquarium: Part III". For a cool refreshment that never lets you down and always keeps you up, drink Pepsi One, you can't tell the difference between that and Coca-Cola. If you're hungry, eat Wheat Bix, now in sugared and non-sugared. For a good time, visit the Shack in Chicago. That's 555..."

    "A commercial? AGAIN!? There was one just ten minutes ago!" Danny clamored as he hit the mute button on the remote control and slammed it down on the coffee table. The bottom part shattered open and the batteries fell out. "I highly doubt this show has good enough ratings to attract so many sponsors.

    "Look what you did now, Danny." Richie said, jaded at Danny's actions. "Great, now they're running the commercial for Gone >From Daylight on the Sci-Fi Channel, I never know when that's on!" He complained, desperately trying to piece the remote control back together.

    "It's in the TV Guide, everything is!" Danny returned, crossing his legs on the couch and not being any help to repairing the remote.

    "I keep telling you, it's unlisted in the TV Guide, you never know when a new episode is going to run." Richie whined as he fixed the remote and quickly turned the sound back on. "Crap, it's a repeat again. Man..." He threw the remote back down in a fit of disappointment and sighed.  Danny slid closer to Richie and wrapped his arms around him and kissed him gently on the cheek.

    "It's never a new episode, baby, you know that." Danny whispered softly. Richie sighed again and rested his head on Danny's chest, cuddling in his arms.

    "I was just hoping it would be." Richie replied. Danny rubbed his lover's back affectionately.

    "Me too, baby, me too. Deke is always a new episode though..." Danny said. Richie rolls his eyes sarcastically.

    "But the plot is too obvious. I already know what's going to happen."

    "You don't always know for sure." Danny said, with hope in his voice.

    "I guess, but Gone From Daylight has vampires in it." Richie giggled.

    "So? You need vampires for something to be good? Even if it's gay vampires..."

    "That's the best part of it!" Richie said, jumping out of Danny's grasp. "God, can't we agree on one gay show together?" His arms flailing wildly.

    "I don't know." Danny sighed. "Maybe you shouldn't have ordered this special cable service that allowed these types of shows to be broadcast on our TV. I swear if I see another movie of the week written by Comicality, I am going to scream. They are all the exact same thing!" Danny covered his mouth quickly as he accidentally raised his voice. Richie looked back at him stunned, then got the composer to speak.

    "I agree with you there, but it was you who ordered this cable service, so don't blame me, please."

    "Wait, I didn't order it, Richie. I swear I didn't."

    "Well, if I didn't order it, and you didn't order it, then who did?" Before anyone could logically think it through the doorbell rang.

    "I'll get it!" They both shouted simultaneously, and raced to the door. Richie got there first and opened it. A tall, blond kid with girlish hair stood on the other end. His face was bright red and he was grabbing his chest from being out of breath. He leaned against the doorframe as he got his strength back.

    "I...need" The boy with the girly hair said.

    "Hey this kid talks like that wheelchair kid on Malcolm." Richie giggled, causing Danny to snicker.

    "Do I know you?" Danny asked rhetorically. The boy shook his head nervously

    " brother over by a...tractor I need your" The boy said, beginning to catch his breath.

    "A tractor? Way out here?" Richie questioned. The boy shrugged his shoulders and insisted he be let in.

    "I have never seen you before?" Danny asked again. The boy shook his head violently.

    "Please he's going to die! I need to use your phone!" He screamed at the top of his lungs at him.

    "Whoa, whoa, Charlie. Yelling won't get you anywhere in life, and my boyfriend knows kung fu. He's seen Missing In Action eight times. Eight!" Richie bragged, holding up eight fingers in the boy's face.

    "Are you sure I don't know you?" Danny asked. The boy's face turned bright red, like he was about to explode, then he screamed at the top of his lungs.

    "FINE! I'm Taylor Hanson, ok? My brother Zack has been run over by a tractor. There, you happy now? Now for the love of Jesus, please let me use your fucking phone!" His yelling caused Richie's eyes to water up. He choked back a sob, but didn't cry. Danny still stood there, like a zombie, dumbfounded, mouth hanging wide open.

    "No, that's not it." Danny said, not believing what Taylor had said.

    "Yes, it is." He shot back quickly.

    "No, it's not." He thought for a second, then a light bulb switched on over his head. "I know now! You're the guy who fixed our bad cable reception last month!" Taylor's eyes bolted wide open. He shook his head repeatedly.

    "You mean..." Richie started, but Danny finished.

    "I MEAN, he came to fix our cable a month ago, and right after he left we started getting that special cable service that we've been complaining about." Danny said with a grin. Taylor started to sweat.

    "No, no. That's not true. I'm not the one who put those gay shows on your television, honest." He suddenly saw his mistake and covered his mouth quickly.

    "So that's your plan all along, huh?" Richie said, his angry gaze fixated on Taylor, who was trying to deny it nervously.

    "There was no accident was there? You just wanted to get into our house again!" Danny said, balling his fists in rage. "Let's get him, babe." He said, grinning at Richie.

    "After you, darling." Richie grinned back and winked at him, pounding his fists together. Taylor ran away faster than lightening as the couple ran after him. Of course they didn't notice that they had left the TV running the whole time...

    "This just in: the Hanson brothers wreaking havoc in actor's homes in the Fresno area. This and more at the news at ten. Catch an all new episode of those two boys who fell hopelessly in love on a cruise ship, that's right the season premier of Cruising for Love, this Wednesday. After a two month hiatus the dating actors have agreed to a second season, Richard Goldstein and Danny Truman have both negotiated new contract deals despite their romantic involvement off screen. So tune in Wednesday, June 28, eight PM eastern, seven o'clock central, only on Fox!"

*Commercial Break Over*   *Commercial Break Over*   *Commercial Break Over*

    Justin practically had to bang my head against the wall the next morning in order to wake me up. I couldn't help it though, I was so comfortable and at ease in his arms, plus I was still under the drowsy effect of the pills I had taken last night. He slid out from under me carefully, letting me feel the friction of our skin sliding against one another. It gave me warm shivers when his nipples and other parts would glide gently across my back. It felt wonderful, and he probably didn't even notice that he was doing it to me! I eventually had to get up myself and take care of some business; this wasn't going to be the best day. I crawled to the edge of the bed and stretched myself out, letting out a big yawn. Now where were my boxers? I looked around the room to find them. I know they must be somewhere. Not in the bed, not under the bed. Hmm, I crawled down to get myself on eye level with the floor and scanned the whole room. I felt dirty. Not dirty because the floor was, the floor was spotless. I think Justin had a cleaning service come once a week and clean up the place, because I don't think I've ever seen one item out of place or a stain in his house for more than a few days. Or maybe Justin was a neat freak. He was pretty tidy, I had to give him that. He was dainty, in a cute way. He wasn't like other boys though, if you were to say a boy is dainty then he'd be considered flamboyant, just like Jack on Will & Grace. Justin wasn't that way though. I mean, I'm not going to lie and say `Justin isn't the slightest bit' umm, gay acting. You could tell he was if you studied him long enough, which I know I have, but...he...wasn't really like that. I mean...he was...but it was something that grew on you, and just saw him with it. For me it went unnoticeable, because it's apart of him. I kinda like it too, it's cute. That isn't the point though, I didn't feel dirty because of the floor, it was because I was wearing no clothes at all and I was on the floor, hehehe. Dirty boy I am.

    "Oh, doggie style, just the way I like it." Justin said as he came from the bathroom. I rolled my eyes at him.

    "I'm looking for my boxers, have you seen them?" I asked. Justin laid down on the floor next to me, grinning ear to ear.

    "Not lately, but of course I don't look in the mirror often." He giggled, snapping the boxers he was wearing.

    "Hey, those are my boxers! If anyone sees you in them they'll know what we did last night." I said, grabbing onto his waist, trying to get them off of him, but failing. He smiled at me.

    "Silly, we didn't do ANYTHING last night, but that'll soon change." Justin said while rolling me on top of him with his strong arms. My heart began beating faster as I smiled down at him while running my hands up and down the sides of his stomach, feeling his smooth, toned abs. We could feel each other getting aroused as my crotch pressed into his. He smiled and wrapped his arms around my back carefully, trying not to repeat what happened last night with my back. My hardness soon began poking through my boxers, which he was wearing, as Justin's hard cock tented the boxers completely. We both snickered and our eyes eventually locked. I lowered my head slowly in the direction of his, keeping eye contact with Justin at all times. His gorgeous hair was messy and locks of it were falling in front of his face, making him even more magnificent. I felt his nervous and hot breathing on my mouth as I inched myself closer and closer to him. He was so beautiful I couldn't believe it, and he wanted me just as much as I wanted him. I finally got close enough press my lips against his and kissed him deeply. I kept kissing him, loving every moment and tasting his sweet lips as I reached my hands down to pull the boxers we was wearing off completely. My hands wandered up to play with his nipples, causing him to let loose a few involuntary moans. I felt his hands begin to run down my back and squeeze my buttocks firmly, pushing my body into him. I moaned back as I felt his hands on me, our throbbing tools grinding into each other. Our precum making a natural lubricant for us created his awesome squishy sound between us as our cocks and stomachs pressed against each other. It turned me on even more and caused me to kiss him harder. Justin's lips opened slightly, allowing my tongue to snake into his mouth. Our tongues wrapped around one another's, tasting even more of each other. I explored deep inside his sweet mouth as he sucked on my tongue gently but urgently. My hands left his nipples and wrapped around my lover completely, allowing our close bodies to have even more contact points between us. I moaned in his mouth as I felt my orgasm building up from the intense heat and passion. He moaned back as we created even more precum and grinded into each other faster and harder. I was sweating so profusely I was wet all over, like I was having the most intense five-minute workout in the history of workouts. There was sucking and tasting and grinding and holding and squeezing and rubbing and kissing and licking and immense love mixed up in all of it. I knew I wouldn't be able to hold out for much longer if this kept up, but is was SO hot! My heart was beating so fast and my sperm from my Cowper's Gland was traveling through my vas deferens, though my urethra and out of my penis. Hey, you don't pay attention in Human Sexuality for nothing. Then all of a sudden Justin stopped kissing me and brought his lips close to my ear...

    "Turn `round..." He whispered with his delicious Texan accent. I nodded and immediately flipped around on his body to get into one of those positions, you know, I think they call it, 69. I got my head so it was just inches from Justin's pulsating head. God I could just stare at it all day, just without warning I felt Justin wrap his lips around my boyhood and pull me all the way down on him, my entire length going into his mouth. I almost blacked out and fainted from the pleasure of it, his tongue slurping my cock head, sending electricity through my groin. I lost all willpower and just said `fuck it' to myself and went down on his cock the exact same way he had mine. There would be time to appreciate it later but right now I wanted to cum and I wanted Justin's hot seven inch hot (I know!) choking my throat with his seed. I sucked and bobbed my head up and down on his cock as best I could, hoping I was giving him as much pleasure as he was giving me. His loud moans gave away his utter pleasure in it all, which made me all the happier. Justin's precum that splashed out of his slit tasted so sweet I could have had it for breakfast. Wait, I WAS having it for breakfast! Justin increased the pace on me and I could only do the same, feeling my orgasm building up. He was sucking me off as if he was trying to get to the Tootsie Roll center of my dick! God it felt so good, no one has ever made me feel so alive, so loved, so cherished. Just like he had promised me. In no time flat I felt I was about to go over the edge. I moaned louder and desperately increased my pace on his cock, getting him just about all the way into my mouth now with ease, wanting to taste his sweet boy juice. Justin's moans got louder and louder, whimpering with me in his mouth. I felt his cock begin to swell up and I knew he was close. I gave myself over to him and I felt my climax approaching imminently. Man I was so close, just about there. Our moans and whimpers became louder, so loud, urgently loud. I made my vacuum as intense as I could on Justin's tool and seconds later I felt his hands clamp down on my butt cheeks and pull me all the way into his mouth. It sent me over the edge and into Cloud 9 of ecstasy right when he let out the cutest moan ever and sent his hot love juice into my mouth. I could only swallow every single drop, only little bits escaping my throat and running down the side of his shaft, as I was exploding in his mouth with one of the best orgasms I've ever had, shooting deep into his throat and getting every single one of the load. Goodbye Mr. Hand. We nursed each other's cocks in post-climax silently. I collapsed on his softening cock so I could catch my breath and he took mine from his mouth to do the same.

    When I finally got the composer to move, I turned back around, getting on top of him, and kissed him again and again, all over. His neck, his cheek, his eyelids, his chin, his jaw, his nose. Showing him my love, my gratitude, my everything. Showing him that I was his and he was mine. Then I gave him one last kiss on the lips, our mouths parting so we could taste each other's cream. God, my cum had never tasted so good until it touched something so sweet. When our lips parted our eyes locked once more as we smiled to each other. I just sat there silently, basking in the glow of his radiant beauty, and damn was he hot.

    "Damn, I'm hot." Justin said. He caught me off guard and my emotional verbal response kicked in before I could catch myself quick enough.

    "You sure are...I mean...I know...I mean..." I mumbled. Damn, who was I trying to impress anyhow? Oh yeah....

    "'re so damn cute when you don't wanna be!" Justin chuckled and I blushed bright red. I didn't consider myself cute in that way. I didn't even think what I did WAS considered cute, but...why argue with the master? "Hehe, come on, let's go get some breakfast, my treat. I owe you for the ice cream last night anyhow." I jumped at the idea and we both scurried off to the local IHOP downtown, his idea to go there actually, a smart one too because I absolutely loved those type of places. Actually it took longer to walk there than most other places because it was on the other side of town. As a matter of fact I hadn't been to the IHOP at that part of town before. It opened in that area only a couple months ago. I really had no other reason before to ever venture to that part of town because of the lack of interest it held in me. I never had anyone to take to an IHOP either, so this was as good an opportunity as any other was. I just hoped that it wasn't a bad neighborhood I was about to bring Justin into, with gangs and whores and stuff like that. It would be very bad if it was, especially for Justin. He should be the last person to experience violence in its purest form, ever since of...what happened...that caused him to have to pack up and leave his entire town...

    When we arrived in the part of town I sighed a breath of relief when I saw it was a very clean part of town. I use that term `clean' loosely though, because there was no trash on the ground, the air smelled nice, the tall buildings sparkled in the sun. There were no rundown buildings or anything like that, and the general aura of the place and all the guys around us was just...well...pleasant. I liked it, very much. I stuck by Justin very closely at first because I was scared and men were passing us left and right on the sidewalk. Eventually I softened though as I saw Justin smiling to people he passed and they said `hey' or `how's it going' back to him. Well, it Justin was comfortable here, so was I. When we entered the IHOP, Justin waved to the man up front and he smiled and waved us over.

    "Justin my boy, so nice to see you again." The man said, eyeing me standing next to Justin. He looked, as if he was fresh out of college, couldn't have been more than 25. He seemed as nice as everyone else. Geez, was this the happy neighborhood or something? If I had known about this sooner I would have hung around here long ago. I wonder why my father never brought me around here. I didn't want to make an obvious assumption and be wrong but...

    "Elliot, how's it going? Everything well I should hope." Justin said in his best social voice. Funny, I always thought him to be introverted to adults. The man got two menus and led us to a table.

    "Just great thank you. And who is your friend?" He showed us our booth, next to a window no less, and we sat down. "He isn't the one you brought in last time, but just as nice though, maybe more." He secretly winked at Justin out of the corner of my eye, I pretended not to notice. He had this high toned but deep voice that reminded me of Jon Waters. This was fucked, technically speaking. In fact I was somewhat less comfortable than before.

    "Oh, this is Deke. Deke, this is Elliot." We said our hellos and shook hands firmly, me trying to avoid eye contact with Elliot. He turned back Justin, and talked a little more with him. I wasn't really paying attention to what they were talking about, as I was looking outside to see all of the men walking around. In pairs, alone, in groups of four or five, never three though. During my ongoing search for a triangle with a distinct color or pattern on a banner hanging right outside of a building, Justin kicked me lightly form under the table to get my attention. I retorted with a kick back. I caught him grinning at me. "I was just telling you that I ordered for us already. Elliot is gonna bring it out in a couple minutes."

    "How did you know what I wanted?" I asked. He gave me a stare to answer my question. Damn he was good. "And you told him no pu..."

    "Yes, no pulp OJ, low fat milk, WITH a straw. Would you like to verify anything else?"  He said with a sly grin. I shook my head sheepishly.

    "No, it's really nice you know what to order and took me here and introduced me to Elliot annnd...when were you gonna tell me this was a gay IHOP?" I asked on a whim. He looked at me like I was insane; the expression on his face gave him away though, surprised that I'd ask that.

    "Wh...what are you talking about." He let out a nervous laugh. "This isn't a gay IHOP. You're just being paranoid?"

    "Am I?"

    "Yes. This is just a nice place to eat. Come on babe."

    "Ah ha!"

    "Ah ha, what?"

    "You called me `babe'. You wouldn't do that in public with citizens around. You'd only do that in a gay friendly environment, because I know you, and you wouldn't take a chance like that." I thought I had him trapped.

    " just slipped out...that's all. Come on buddy, this isn't a gay IHOP." He flashed his sexy smile at me, I wasn't convinced though.

    "Oh yeah? Then where are all the women? Huh? It seems like a BIG coincidence to me, doesn't it?" It made sense to me if it was, but he snapped back quick.

    "Naa, it's a Saturday remember. All of the high school and college chums come out here in the morning and eat, that's why I'm so friendly with everyone, cuz they're all cool and stuff."

    "And the rainbow banner outside this joint?"

    "Sign of peace man." He said and smiled at me again. Damn, why couldn't he just come out and tell me? Why did he have to make it so difficult? I know it was hard on him when he came out at his old High School back in Texas, but it really seemed as if he knew many people around here and they knew him and he was out to them. It was sweet of him if he was trying to spare my feelings by not telling me if this was a gay friendly area and thus a gay IHOP, but I'm mean, it was SO obvious. Did he actually think I wouldn't notice? No doubt he tried bringing Jon here once, maybe a while ago, and it didn't take with him. Maybe that caused them to break up, because Jon wasn't ready to come out. I suppose he didn't wanna make the same mistake with me, because I was more important to him than Jon was. I was different though, much different. Yeah, I'm a little nervous being around lots of gay guys, but all in all it'd be kinda cool to be able to do anything you want to do without worrying about what other people think. That's what being out of the closet was all about, and I know Justin was out of the closet in many areas, except to the school of course. Boy, I bet I could kiss Justin right now and no one would even flinch. That is, if this WAS a gay IHOP, and if this weren't, I would surely give up my suspicious traits altogether.

    "Ok, why does my menu say GIHOP on it? I pointed to the large and obvious logo in the middle of the menu cover." He looked down at it and shook his head.

    "Because this IHOP is for GUYS, making it a guy IHOP, or GIHOP. Get it? That's all..."

    " just said...that there weren't any women here because it was Saturday. Not because it was an IHOP for guys only."

    "Well...the thing thing I should tell you..."

    "Tell you what. Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kiss you, on the lips, from across the table, in plain site of everyone, in the next five seconds." I was sure to get him this time, but he started grinning again.

    "Because our food is here, best friend of mine." And as he said it I saw Elliot coming over to our booth with a tray of food in his hand. But before he arrived I leaned forward and pulled Justin's collar towards me and planted the biggest, most ostentatious, and wettest kiss on his sweet lips ever, for a pull ten seconds. Then I parted my lips from his with a big smack of my lips and looked around. No outward shock my anyone. Justin's eyes were wide open and he was in shock, unable to move. I caught him completely off guard this time. I smiled at him, then smiled at Elliot who saw the whole thing, who was now in the midst of placing all our food on the table.

    "Kinky little devil this on us, aye Justin?" Elliot winked at me this time. I smiled, then I turned to Justin and spoke words I don't think I'd ever hear myself say while I still had a few good years left in me.

    "Honey, consider me officially out." I said, and thanked Elliot for the good service.

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