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Deke Part 13

Justin seemed a bit taken back by what I had said. Well, I think I was a little taken back myself at what had come through my lips, but I still stood by my words. I would be out if Justin wanted me to be, I'd be in the closet if he wanted me to be. Heck, I'd be a rabbit if he wanted me to be! I think he was surprised more than anything at what I had said. I mean, Justin was practically out already. He went to gay IHOPS, came out in his old school, and maybe planning on coming our current school, too. He couldn't be mad at me, could he? This was what he wanted, he had a boyfriend who could share his freedom with him for once. Jon couldn't do it, but I did, and I'm sure Justin could be proud of me doing it. It was for him, because I loved him so much, and for me as well I guess. There comes a point in every gay boy's life when he has to stop the riff raff. Stop running, stop hiding, stop lying, and stop denying. Geez, I sound like the refrain to a rap song. Could Deke Lamrock possibly have a future career in rap? I think not, I already have enough on my mind. It's a scary thought though, being `out of the closet'. I've heard of many bad tings happening to people who were out or just found out of being gay, and pretty hurt. Justin for example, glass stuck in his entire body, bleeding all over. I could see some scars if I looked really closely, but it didn't take away from his beautiful body. Most of them were on his legs and arms, I just liked staring at his face. That beautiful face that could light up an entire city block with a glow of his eye or the smallest smile on his face. He was worth it, without a doubt. I'd proudly hold his hand in public and if anyone gave us weird looks, I'd just say, `Yep, that's right. No question here folks, he we are and he is MY boyfriend.' They'd probably be jealous if anything. Yeah, jealous of our love, and of me, because I'd be walking side-by-side with the hottest boy on earth. A boy that could probably turn Donald Trump queer with a lap dance. Ohh, lap dance from Justin, that'd turn anyone gay. Ok, I was getting ahead of myself here, big time!

Elliot placed all of our food on the table and was about to leave. Justin was still in shock, or maybe thinking things over, or maybe angry. I hoped not angry. His eyes seemed to be in a distant stare in my direction, but his eyes weren't locked on me. He hadn't moved an inch, like one of those window models in a store. Come on Justin, snap out of it!

"You know I got my ass whooped for showing that kinda stuff once, but I had people pay for it. Now the only gay bar in this town is ten miles down the road!" Elliot said and let out a girlish laugh. Justin looked at him coldly, not finding it funny. "I'll...I'll just be...over there, if you need anything." Elliot said softly while pointing to the front, not hurt, but not the best either. "Nice meeting you, Deke." He called over before he went back to his post at the entrance of the store. Poor Elliot, he really was a nice guy. I started thinking maybe what I had said and did was a mistake. But it wasn't. It was worth it. It's worth it, it's worth it, it's worth it...

Justin turned to me and bit his lower lip as he prepared to speak. He took a sip of water to get ready. Come on Justin, tell me what you're thinking. "I've seen...I've seen guys get beaten to a bloody pulp. I've heard stories about boys getting killed in gunfights. One of the most traumatic events in America was a boy getting dragged by a truck and tied to a fucking pole to die." A tear rolled down his cheek. "All of it happened for ONE..." He lowered his voice to a whisper. "...for one simple get complicated idea. Don't play around unless you want to get fucked, and that's something that don't deserve. You know what happened to me. I can't guarantee it won't happen again to us." He closed his eyes and I felt his hand grab mine from underneath the table. "I already had one boyfriend who couldn't deal with it, maybe I pushed him into it, but it doesn't matter anymore. You're precious, and I love you. God, I love you. And if you're ready, then I'm ready. I can handle it this time, but only if you're with me. If you are, then I can only love you more for that, and we'll do this together. What's it going to be then?" He let out a long huge and looked into my eyes. I didn't have to think about it, or decide. I know what I wanted. Without breaking concentration I took my hand from his and stuck it out in the middle of the table. He smiled and took it graciously. "Let's do this then."

I nodded and we held hands tightly through the entire meal in peace. It was nice to do it, even if it was just holding hands and nothing more. But I felt the strength in Justin, through his hand and his smile. He could only do this with me, and I could only do this with him. We would travel to the boundaries of hell together and never look back. Happiness was upon us now, but we were only in a friendly environment. There was a completely different world out there, filled with rage, sorrow, fear, pain, and anxiety. There was no escaping that world. No entrance to it either. It imbues you. It's always a part of your life. There was no change really. I had always been in that world, and I always will be.

Goodness, sanctity, brotherhood, friends. That's the other world. The world with an entrance, a way in. Justin and I had just taken the few small steps into it. Just a little further and it would overtake just and wash out all of the bad influences the other world had left in our tracks. That's why people do it. If it just meant getting beaten up and being scared shitless for the rest of your days, why would anyone do it? That's why the other world is out there. Who gives a fuck about what other people do or think? You are achieving the utmost happiness and purity with you are than anyone else can do. That is the truth.

* * * * *

In a small store no more than twenty yards away....

James paced anxiously behind the counter on his empty shop, waiting for something, ANYTHING to happen. He ruffled his dyed orange hair and let it fall back into place. Everyone else in his dorm did it, so why not him as well? Always a follower of the avant guardes, but in his righteous mind always an iconoclast. He opened up his own business because he thought it would give him independence, just a place he could buy himself with before classes started again at the university. Yeah, but independence from what now? No one was even coming in the place! It sounded like a good idea at first though. A place that is everything and has almost everything. If you wanted coffee, there was a coffee machine. If you wanted books, there was a whole library to choose from. There were computer games, toys, baseball cards, lawn equipment, too much stuff to name it all really. It was in the perfect location too, right next to the IHOP. The place was crowded all the time, and surely customers leaving would have to drop in sooner or later, right? James sighed and tried to get his mind off of it. He had plenty of money to start out with and it would just take some time for the customers to start rolling in. He plopped himself on the stool and turned on the small television he had. One channel though, because they didn't have cable hooked up in the place yet. Too bad though, because the news was on, so he was stuck with that.

James almost began dozing off on the counter while watching the boring news. Waking up at five o'clock in the morning and not seeing another soul in the store could make someone very bored very lethargic very quickly. He was so tired he didn't hear the door to the joint opening and closing, or a figure walk behind the counter that was `Employee Only', and it wasn't long before his siesta had begun. He dreamed of having a successful business that was brought on by a remarkable idea given to him by the person he'd least expect. The place would be filled with cute friends and guys hanging out and music and everyone having a blast. That was his dream, but with the looks of this place it seemed as if he took the wrong path in trying to achieve it.

At about eleven in the afternoon James woke back up and found the television turned off and a blanket wrapped around him. He lifted his head up from in between his crossed arms and looked around the room, trying to focus clearly as he was still muddled from being asleep. He stood up and rubbed his eyes, looking for the culprit. Seeing as how no one was at the front of the store, he looked through the small hallways that led to the back room. James rolled his eyes and strode through there, as if pretending to not know the impending event. He entered the back room and turned on the light, expecting to see who he was almost positive would to hiding back there. Turning in a full 360 degrees, he found nothing in there. Even pulling off all of the blankets from the old chairs and couches that resided in the back room. He sighed and began, putting the sheets back on, if only he had a use for that crap. The previous owners must have left it in there. He was putting the last sheet back on the couch, a really nice one too, like you'd see on Friends in their coffeehouse, when out of no where he felt someone attack him and pull him onto the couch, the sheet going with them and covering them up.

"Trent, you idiot!" James said, trying to maintain composer from the fright. "Scared the shit out of me."

"Good thing I'm here to save you then, huh?" Trent said as he held James in his arms tight. "Now there's nothing to be afraid of."

"Yeah, except you!" James giggled and pushed Trent off of him. He got back up quickly and dusted himself off. "That's the third time you've done that to me, it's getting a little old. I gotta cover this thing back up." He put the sheet back on the couch.

"Pity, that couch sure was comfortable to lay on." Trent said, crossing his arms and walking back to the front of the store with James.

"First of all, you weren't the one laying on it, you were laying on ME. Second of all, if you want it, then just take it." James sat back down on his stool. Obviously there hadn't been much business since his catnap. No one even to rob the damn store.

"First of all, I could tell you were comfortable on it because I was comfortable on YOU." Trent grinned and laid down of the counter. "Second of all, I want to take YOU on it." He winked at James, in an effortless attempt to hide his tented pants.

"You perv, we can't do it in on the counter. We'll get caught, and then banned from the place." James replied. "Just like every other time. I'm running out of places to bring you into."

"Naa, I'm only banned from you dorm, and your bedroom..."

"...and my mom's bedroom...and the kitchen table...oh...and don't forget Space Mountain..."

"Hey, I thought in space no one can hear you scream." Trent grinned wider, proud of his accomplishments at getting caught with his head in James's crotch.

"You can't, but the rules don't apply for moaning, groaning, oh and cum shooting onto the opposite passengers in the other cars of the ride..." James couldn't help but giggle himself at the thought. He never knew he could cum so far. Serves those pesky college guys who stood behind them in the line right for making fun of them. They got what they deserved, a whole bunch of it. It was worth getting kicked out of the park for a little revenge. Looking at back that episode made James extremely horny for Trent. Panned his head left and right to view his spiked black hair, rosy red lips, slim hips, and of course the tent protruding from his already too short shorts. Trent looked at James and saw his eyes that were just screaming `I want you' and he immediately grabbed James by the waist and pulled him up onto the counter with him. James got on top of Trent and slid up his shirt, exposing his shaven chest and slighting toned abs, and started biting and sucking on his nipples. Trent started to moan softly and ruffled his boyfriend's hair, his legs entangled in James's, loving what he was doing to him out of total love and devotion, not to mention hormones. Excited even more by Trent's moans, James began kissing down his stomach slowly and sensually, wanting the prize that was hidden but obviously present in Trent's pants. Right now was as good as a time as any to do it. The windows weren't fogged up like they were last night because of the rain, the streets were mildly crowded, and they could get caught at any minute! James was grinding against the counter gently as he began teasing Trent's cock through his shorts and rubbing his thighs. The only thing separating his tongue from his target was a three millimeter thick piece of fabric. Trent's breathing became harder and deeper. He raised his hips up so James could slide them off easily. James looked into Trent's awe inspiring turquoise eyes and sighed happily as Trent smiled back at him with his loving smile, showing off his pearly white teeth. Then James rested his hands on Trent's waist as he prepared to pull them down. As he was about to he heard footsteps approaching the door. James up at Trent in fright, but he didn't share the same emotions.

"Mmm, baby keep going..." Trent said in that sexy New England accent.

"I can't..." James whispered. "I think I hear a sale." James got off of Trent and sat behind the counter.

"This had better be a sale." Trent sighed in agony, facing the fact that he wouldn't get off as soon as he thought. And even worse, this was the first time James had actually halted lovemaking because someone could have potentially caught them. He went back to lying on the counter, though his excitement hadn't died down completely yet. Neither had James's either apparently.

"I really don't care anymore, if this isn't a sale I'm just gonna close this place down and start all over." James said as he looked over Trent's body to see two kids about to enter the store. Kids buy stuff. They like comics and computer games. Of course he'd make a sale. Trent turned his head to look at James and smiled.

"Ok, if you make a sale then I'll let you have Thanksgiving at my house this year with me and my parents, deal?" He said right before the two kids walked in.

"Switchblade..." The taller of the two said, who had dark blondish-brown hair. The other one had black hair and seemed a little shyer than the first one. Both had smashing good looks in James's eye, though no one could ever top Trent.

"Wh...what did you say?" James replied in confusion.

"Do you have a switchblade KNIFE?" The boy said, his accent indicating that he was southern, maybe Texas.

"Sorry, we're unarmed. No use robbing us though, we're broke!" Trent joked, then sniggered. James punched him in the shoulder playfully.

"Why do you need one?" James asked seriously.

"It's not important..."

"We need protection." The shorter one cut off the taller one. "We're coming out." And looked at the taller one reassuringly. Trent almost fell onto the floor in shock. `Here we go' James muttered under his breath to himself.

"You can't do that! What are you two crazy?" He ran over to them and held the shorter one's shoulders firmly and looked him right in the eye. "You'll be murdered if you do that!"

"Yes, and that's why we need protection. Now can you sell us one or not?" He said.

"Well, I don't think legally..." James said to him. He really wasn't sure if he could though. They were only teenagers, sixteen at most. Couldn't he go to jail for selling them weapons? It was for protection though. It almost broke his heart to say `no' to them. They were young, vivacious beings. In love no doubt. They wanted to do something a small handful ever acquire the nerve to do, and they were deciding this at such a young age also. He saw the glimmer in the Southern one's eyes. They really wanted to do this though.

James thought back to the time when he and Trent were seniors in high school about three years prior. That was the year that they came out, and after the one or two beatings and close calls, the looks from people, and some name calling here and there, the rest of the months before graduation were like one big party. Trent only got really badly beaten once though, and that's why he discourages other youngsters from coming out so quickly. To him, what had happened to them was just a stroke of luck and LOTS of appeal from the rest of the student body. See, after being frowned upon for exploiting themselves as queers, people wanted to hang out with them more, inviting them to parties, and making them a part of their big group of friends. They were in college now, and things were much different, just duller now. The thrill of everyone knowing a secret about the two of them that they could have sweared to keep to the grave was now the reason for newfound popularity and happiness, but now in college, no one even CARED. It was so common to be openly gay after high school that it wasn't something whispered behind their backs. People were so apathetic about it and just cared about keeping good grades, getting laid, and being drunk. Where was the excitement in that then? The exhilaration of getting caught naked, hot, and sweaty in your lover's arms was huge, but it wasn't as awesome as those last few months on high school. How he longed for those times again, wondering if it would have been the same but for a longer period of time had they come out sooner. James and Trent could have spent more time making secret but not so secret eye contact with each other during class and lunch, knowing people knew what was going through their minds as they gazed at one another. Or they could have walked through the hallways more in between classes with their arms around each other or holding hands, or kissing against someone's locker. It was so great, if only they had come out sooner.

James looked more closely at the duo. He could see the love in both of them. It was like looking into a mirror, but they had more confidence, and naturally more potential. They were going to do this whether Trent wanted them to or not. Hopefully, maybe one day, they would obtain the exact same social status as he and Trent had. He knew what to do then. Trent was still preaching about the bad things about it. James knew me meant well and loved him to death with all of his heart and soul, but in his opinion Trent was going too far with this whole `scare kids into not coming out' phase.

"Trent!" James yelled out, shutting Trent up. All three ogled James, Trent shaking his head in cold stare. Then he dug his old blade out of his pocket. He never left home without it, because even if people did treat them great now, he still cared for Trent's well being, and was willing to risk imprisonment for protecting him if anyone laid a wrong finger on Trent ever again. He tossed the tall kid the switchblade, which he caught graciously and with much gratitude. "Here, it's on me guys. Keep it with you and be safe." He said, smiling and being proud of himself.

"Well, I have to give you something for it, no such thing as a free lunch you know." He replied to James.

"Naa, this place is a dump anyhow, no point in making a net revenue of ten bucks. You're the only people to come in here since I opened this place. Consider what I gave you a favor."

"In return for what?"

"I'll leave that up to you." James said, trying as hard as possible to not make it sounding like he was implying a four-some, not that it would be bad though. The boy grinned at him and took the time to look around the place.

"You know. If you had some more umm...interesting lights, had some cool music playing, maybe some couches to sit on...oh and also didn't sell EVERYTHING, just a few select things and some drinks, you'd probably get a lot more business. There, debt paid off." He said, smiling. James didn't think his ideas were so bad after all, it made sense naturally to have all those things. He guessed he wasn't that good at setting up a business for himself after all, just needed someone else's two cents. The boy thanked him and said he had to be on his way. He and his companion started off. But before they left, James hurdled over the counter and stopped them before exiting.

"Dudes, stop by here anytime, ok? What are your names by the way?" James asked them.

"I'm Justin." The tall blondish one said, then turned to his mate. "This is Deke, my boyfriend." And smiled once more. James introduced himself to both of them. Then turned to Trent.

"And this is Trent, MY boyfriend." James smiled back at them, and could tell Trent was blushing. They all shook hands with each other and the boy promised to check back later in the week, then said they had to be on their way and left for real.

"You could have charged them for the switchblade. You lost your own bet on purpose. You knew you would have had to close the place down." Trent said while glaring at James. James grinned and walked over to him, then kissed him passionately on the lips.

"And you knew I hated you parents too much to even consider being with them on Thanksgiving." James giggled, and Trent returned his kiss even more passionately, reaching his arms around to grab his bubble butt. Grinning widely and, like they were sharing the same thought pool, they ran to the counter and laid down on top of it while ripping each other's clothes off in an attempt to have one of the best sixty-nine experiences they've ever had with each other, right where everyone could see them doing it, if they were lucky enough.

* * * * *

"This thing is so cool! We gotta see those guys again, and SOON! Next weekend, that'd rule!" Justin yelled happily as he continuously kept flipping the blade out and then snapping it back in.

"You shouldn't play with that thing, it's dangerous, and someone could see you with it." I said worriedly, maybe in a bit more of a nagging tone than I should have. Yes James was nice enough to give it to us for a little info that Sling Blade could have given, but still...

"Don't sweat it, kiddo. I know what I'm doing with this." He replied nonchalantly, and without changing his pace did some sort of ninja or kung-fu move with it.

"Ok, wow, you're skillful in it, but we really have to get going." Ok, now I definitely was starting to sound like my mother, my worst nightmare come true...

"Ok, ok. Putting it away." Justin put it into his front pocket. "Now, where are we going again?"

"Like you didn't know, we're going to Jon's house." I said, and Justin sighed.

"Yeah, yeah." He said and stared down at his shoes as he walked."

"Justin, we have to do this. They need to know, and lord knows we've put it off for long enough. We took an oath remember." I reminded him. It seemed like a good idea at the time. It must have been about a week into school, and we were all together as usual. I think we were at Justin's house. Anyway, we were all such good friends then, the best we've ever been. I suppose we still are now, but once mistrust started to lead in within every one of us, we started drifting apart slightly. Not that we didn't like each other or didn't hang out in a group, but there was always this one thing that lingered in our minds, breaking the strong chains of our friendship. That is when the oath set in. I'm not sure whose idea it was in the first place. I think it was just slowly generate in all of our minds at once and it was understood that there was an oath to take. We spent the next hour or so thinking up something nice and sweet, something true friends who all love each other would take to ensure a lasting bond between each and every one of them. Finally we had something we could agree upon. It had class, which Jon liked. It had creativity, which I liked. It was simple and easy to remember, which Tommy liked. And it had pep, something that stayed with you and you could use as a pick-me-up, which, of course, Justin liked. Hmm, how did it go though...

"Hold no secrets. Hold no grudges. Tell no baneful lies. Tell no rumored truths. Do not have remorse, nor envy, nor guilt. Never in apathy, nor scourge, nor malice. You are my brothers, my true keepers." Justin recited it softly, flawlessly, as perfect as the day of its origin. It was harmony coming from his lips, like God himself had told all of his angels personally to take that oath for one another. Justin and I still abided by the oath, they were our only friends, our companions and lovers. We just hoped that they hadn't forgotten about it.

When we arrived at Jon's house, it must have been almost noon because I could feel the sun's heat directly over our heads bearing down on us. At least it got down to the 50's in the winter, rarely. We walked up the Jon's doorstep and rang the bell. Remember the oath, remember the oath, they will too, they will too, I kept repeating that over and over in my mind. It was just like my dream, almost, yet I hoped that it wouldn't be. I was right, we were right, we just had to be. Tommy and Jon were in love and an item and a couple and calling each other `honey pie' and `shmoopie'. They will look at each other, then look at us, and see how much love they have to give to one another and that it was just a mistake rushing in with us, I hoped. Yes, yes, yes, yes. And if not? I'd be sure to hide all of the knives in the kitchen. Dreams are meant to be weird, almost NEVER happening. Maybe every once in a while when a guy dreams his airplane will crash mysteriously, and he tries to warn everyone else on the flight that it will, and they think he's crazy and is booted off the plane and it crashes! What is the chance of that happening? One in a billion I think. But, chances are made for a reason, it's what separates someone from saying `chances are' rather than `it's impossible'.

Even if the dream did come true, I would choose Justin. Justin was mine and I was his forever. I'm not saying I'm a complete jerk for doing this, but Tommy must have seen some part of this too. We didn't even have sex yet, and had been together for almost two months now! There wasn't anything there anymore, right? Justin really IS the one for you, right? Don't doubt yourself, Deke. It isn't a physical attraction, it's not, it's not, it's not. The same thing would have happened if Justin had one eye and a hunch back, and a peg leg. Who was he, a pirate? Yes, I'd even love Justin the Pirate.

I looked over at Justin while we waited for someone to answer the door. I was sure someone was home, yes, they were, I'm positive I heard footsteps inside. Maybe we had interrupted some lovemaking? Hopefully so, that would make this MUCH easier on us. As I was staring at Justin, he looked back at me and smiled. My heart melted right on the spot and tossed away any doubts about my pure love for him, not pure LUST. He mouthed the words `I love you' to me and found my hand to give it a gentle squeeze seconds before the door opened. I found myself again after getting lost in my love for him, right before the door opened. Yeah, I'll do this. On the other end of the door was Tommy, who smiled as he saw us.

"Yeah guy, we've been waiting for you, come in. Jon will be down in a moment." We went in and Tommy gave me a kiss on the cheek. It felt different though. It was more of a friendly `hi there' kiss. That was a good sign. Maybe Jon was upstairs `cleaning up'.

"Wait, knew we were coming?" Justin asked, his voice trembling. Crap, he was just as scared as I was, but he and Jon weren't a couple any longer.

"Hehe, well yeah, something as big as this doesn't go unnoticed. I knew you guys would come so we could talk about this." Wait, he KNEW about us? So soon? And he was cool with it? Justin and I exchanged nervous glances at one another.

" you knew about this. And that it was with ME...and you're ok with that?" Justin was getting more nervous by the second. I didn't blame him though; I had to go sit down on the couch even. We all had to. Justin and I kept out space though, you can't drag a dead horse across the finish line.

"Well, yeah. EVERYBODY knows! Err...sorry, I know it's not good though for everyone to know, that's what Jon and I are here to do." Tommy said to Justin. He wasn't even looking at me, was he disgusted or something? Oh, I didn't know.

"So, you and J...J...Jon are gong to disprove all of it?" Justin said. I stayed quiet, unless I wanted to make myself sick over this whole ordeal.

"No!" Tommy shook his head. "It's too late for that now. We're going to stick by you!" He started smiling.

"W...What about me though?" It finally escaped my lips. It was weird that this was focused on Justin, wasn't the whole thing about me? I think he was just as confused as I was.

"Well, you're gonna stick with us too. You did make that promise now."

"What promise?" I was baffled.

"The one you promised to me yesterday, Deke. You promised me you'd stick by us if anything weird were to happen, isn't this weird enough?" Tommy said. I wasn't so sure Tommy knew about Justin and I yet.

"What are you talking about, Tommy?" Justin flat out asked. I was curious too. Tommy had this confused look on his face and then opened his mouth to speak, but before we could, there was a crash at the other end of the hall. We all got up and ran to see what happened. Jon was sprawled out on the floor face down, not moving, like a dead body! Oh my god, he's dead! He fell down the stairs and now he's dead! Tommy urgently rolled him onto his back and used resuscitation techniques on him. Justin and I looked at each other in fright as Tommy worriedly tried to revive him. God, Jon, dead, so easily? Could this be the end of Jon? . Then Tommy tried CPR on his, opening his mouth and closing it around Jon's. I stood there frozen from shock; my hands clasped around my mouth as Tommy tried his best. I guess he really did love him. I looked over at Justin another time and his expression changed, I couldn't make it out though. Some sort of mix between suspicion and disbelief. "Jon's tongue is in Tommy's mouth!" Justin pointed excitedly. "Look at it, I can tell! I tried looking but they were already off of each other. Jon grinning and obviously not far at all from death. I was in even more shock now. Tommy looked at me in embarrassment and the fright of getting caught.

"He's...he's drunk, Deke! Drunk like a maniac! Smell his breath, you'll see." Tommy mumbled, trying to explain himself. I don't think any explanation was necessary though. Just admit it Tommy. "That's why he stumbled down the stairs! That's all." Then he started laughing and got up and slapped me in the arm playfully. "All fun and games."

"It's true!" Jon rose to his feet eerily and energetically. "I AM! I AM! I AM...drunk! HAHAHA! I fooled all of you! Tommy didn't know I was going to kiss him, but he sure did like it. That's what he said last nig..." But before he could finish Tommy covered his mouth.

"Kids say the darndest things, don't they? He got into his mom's liquor cabinet last night, who knew he was a raging alcoholic?" Tommy said, sweat pouring down his forehead. Well, all I could think was, the jig is up! I excused myself and pulled Justin into the other room by his arm.

"We got them." I whispered to him and gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Yeah, let's just do it now and get outta here." He said and smiled at me.

"I was kinda hoping we could do it after we got outta...oh fuck it let's just do this." I said and Justin and I walked to the other room just as Tommy and Jon walked, Jon stumbling actually, into the room we were in. We all met in the middle and just came out with it...




"Deke, I mean...Justin! Hehehe!"

Then we all spilled our guts to each other...

"We've been cheating on you..." "It happened so fast but I liked what the English bugger was doing to me..." "I just love him and I can't help it..." "I didn't know what I was doing and before I knew it my hands accidentally pulled down my pants..." "This wasn't something I planned for..." "Don't be too mad at me please..." "We'll still always be friends forever..." "Tommy is just shaggadelic..." "Not all things turn out like we expect them to..." "I hope you understand..." "My heart is in the right place here..." "Tommy is a great kisser..."

And then, we stopped, and looked at each other, the four of us, even Jon. We all started smiling at each other and began laughing. Laughing! Like it was one big joke to us. Here we were, four friends who all made the right wrong stupid decisions, keeping an oath that was made. We really were true comrades all along.

"No one expects your first relationship to last forever..." Tommy snickered out.

"Exactly!" Justin and I responded while giggling back. Jon couldn't keep a straight face.

" and Justin...?" Tommy asked curiously.

" and Jon...?" I nodded and shot back.

"Nope." Tommy shook his head with a big grin on his face. "We're just...ahh...having a good time..."

" you're not..." Justin said.

"Not yet..." Tommy said. I guess we were right and wrong at the same time. They had relations, but they weren't going out or anything. There was an awkward silence among us, just standing there, not knowing what else to say. Yeah, things were gonna be ok, but many others were different now. Just then the doorbell rang. "Oh shit!" Tommy exclamated. "I completely forgot." He let out a sigh.

"I'll get it." Jon said and took a step towards the door, but fell down. "Ouuuuch." And started cracking up.

"Oh man, I was about to tell you, I was SO close to, and then Jon...he...with the stairs...and...shit...Justin..." Tommy started to panic.

"What is it?" Justin said worriedly. The doorbell rung again.

"Umm...they know...I don't know how, but...I've heard rumors around school. By Monday everyone will know about you being gay!" He said, almost ready to cry he was in such a panic.

"Oh, is that all?" Justin said nonchalantly and smiled.

"What do you mean? You're going to get outed man, big time. That promise, Deke, that I made you keep. Jon and I were planning on standing with him and out ourselves if Justin was outed, too. You promised you'd stick by us if anything weird happened, well...this is it!"

"Don't worry, it's cool." I said, glad that was all it was. "I though someone was dying or something, we were planning on coming out anyhow!"

" were?" Tommy started relaxing and a smile appeared on his face. He still had a lovely smile. "Ohh... that's great! Well...I guess some work has been saved for you..." Then Tommy walked over to the front door and opened it. What was on the other side was something I don't think I ever thought I would see in my natural lifetime. I was more naïve back then. "Jen, you made it! Come on in, you're right on time!" Yes, it was Jen, one of the head spokespersons for the Gay-Straight Alliance at our school. If I were to ever join that, it would mean my coming out, which was why I never thought I would join, because of the phobia. But now, I was ready, and this would only make it easier, much more fun, too.

"Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!" Jon said as he got up off the ground. "You didn't tell me she was coming here. I'll out myself, fine by friggin me. I don't have any dignity at that school anyhow. But there is no way, ever, that I will join the GSA. I give you my word on that...

* * * * *

We all went to the GSA meeting later that afternoon, held at the school, planning to out ourselves there before anywhere else. They could help us, protect us, invite us to parties, do fun things, and just make a comfortable environment for us. Luckily Jon sobered up before we arrived there. Nothing like a drunk Englishman. Sorry, that was a joke. We all met up in the cafeteria and saw other people we knew around school that were in the GSA, all girls actually. I didn't see any other boys other than us four. Even then, there were only about five girls there. Maybe people didn't like coming in on weekends. Yeah, that's what it must have been. We put together lunch tables and seated ourselves around them as the group got organized. Oh, this should be a load of fun, talking with a bunch of girls.

"Sigh...I'd rather be at an AA meeting." Jon said in one of his worst moods.

"Shut up, this is for Justin remember. I WILL send you to an AA meeting if you don't cooperate with us now." Tommy threatened. Jon immediately sat upright and behaved. I guess he knew what made Jon tick. Jen started the meeting with a boring talk about some issue going on in Tallahassee about adoption rights or something like that. I wasn't really paying that much attention, I felt like I was in school again. I think the rest of us felt the same, too. Maybe girls were more attentive at this sort of stuff. Current events, icky. Jen went on about it for about ten minutes and talked about a rally or something. She really wasn't the most interesting speaker to tell you the truth, not that I didn't appreciate it. I looked around the room and found many of the girls whispering behind their backs and looking at...JUSTIN! Either they were saying he was cute or apparently, they had heard rumors as well. Now, I wasn't a major part of the gossip circle, or even a priority of someone to tell, but still, I couldn't see how I hadn't heard of it myself. Usually people don't tell you gossip if you are...if you are...a part of it. Then I remembered the jerk last night, and what he said. He said Justin and I were always all over each other? What was that supposed to mean. We didn't make googilly eyes at each other in class or anything. Maybe they saw something that I hadn't seen yet. A smile I gave that was to be meant for Justin and Justin only? Possibly. I had a major feeling that I was right. I looked again and found the girls looking at me as well! I think...I think I was right.

Jen finally got done with that order of business and got to more important things, like `welcoming our new members.' And she introduced us all. When we were done with the name game Jen asked if we had anything to say. Well, we certainly did! Justin stood up and took the initiative.

"Yes, well, my reason for being here isn't a coincidence that it coincides with rumors that you may have heard about me. If you were wondering, those rumors our true." As soon as he said that, the girls started giggling uncontrollably, their faces turning red. Wow, I didn't know being gay made you such a killer with the ladies.

" mean...hehehe...that you..." One of the girls muttered, but she couldn't control herself she was laughing so hard. " gave Deke fallacio behind the school on Thursday?" Uh oh, this wasn't good.

"What? No, that's not true, I didn't do that to Deke. Look, I'm gay, I admit that to you, but I didn't do that, I wouldn't..." Justin said in a very dignified way and sat back down. The girls quieted down a little. I never thought girls could get such a kick from a stupid rumor like that.

"Thank you, Justin, that's what this organization is for. I don't know how such rumors were started, and I'm surprised that you would even humor them. I hear lots of rumors about you Rebecca and I don't believe them." Jen said and looked at one of the girls, whose face turned a deep shade of red. Score for Jen! "Is there anything else you'd like to say?" Then Tommy and I stood up and said what we had to say and got it over with. God, it was harder than I thought. Saying it was like admitting to murder or that I was a drug addict. When we sat back down, we looked over at Jon who refused to budge. Then Tommy gave him a shove and he stood up.

"Yes...the same as what my mates just said. Can we go now?" Jon said very unenthusiastically. There, we were all out then. They didn't seem to care one way or another. But of course, some were probably lesbians, and also, girls tend to not care towards it as much as guys do. No doubt this would all leak by Monday, about the four of us, and our relationships with every student would be changed, either for good or for a matter of days. We would be the notorious ones. The ones who walked through the halls and everyone looked at, or whispered about, or avoided, and had the thought `he's gay' running though their heads. Whether they did something or not about it, took violent action, that was their choice. We would get through it though. I had Justin, I had my friends. We all had each other to support and be supported by. We loved each other, and still do. We truly were each other's keepers. The promise had been kept, and always would be.

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