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     I woke up in the daze the next day. I had the slept through the whole night, never woke up once, which is rare for me. Usually I'd wake up about every 4 hours or so, then lull back to sleep, but tonight I didn't wake up once, despite me sleeping in a sleeping bag on the floor. It took me a while to remember where I was, and an even harder time remembering again what happened right before I fell asleep. Did Justin kiss me last night? Did he mean it in a friendly way? Or was he just teasing me in a sexualy way? I crawled out of my sleeping bag and turned toward Justin. He was still in bed, his face to the wall. I couldn't tell if he was sleeping or not, but none less I wanted to do a little experiment. So I tip-toed over to his bed and slowly, carefully, got under the covers next to him. The waterbed rumbled a bit, a nice feeling though, erotic in a way. I though the rumble might let him know of my presence, or at least wake him. He didn't move an inch. I was so close to him now. I could hear his breathing, sense his breathing, feel his breathing inside him. His back muscles peacefully contracting with every solemn breathe. I wanted to touch him, my experiment wasn't over yet, I also wanted to know what the hell that kiss was about! If it was a friendly kiss, so be it, if he was uncertain, so be it, if he had real feelings for me, so be us. I slowly took my hand from under the covers, took 2 fingers, and lightly scaled his back. His back was so smooth and soft, I wanted to stay like this forever. My fingers stopped their scaling and inched their way down lower. They went lower and lower, until I couldn't see them anymore and they were under the covers. I took one finger and lightly moved lower until I felt his bare curvature. I thought he was wearing boxers to bed. Eh, maybe he just took 'em off when I fell asleep so he could sleep better, or to jack off in front of me better, it's a complete mystery. It was as smooth as his back, less hairy also. My finger proceeded to his crack. My touch was as light as it could be. I went lower down his crack and I stopped when I felt his pubic hair. I teased his hairs a bit. They felt so curly in my finger as I twirled them. Then my finger went back up to his cheek. I wanted to rub it, caress it. Could I get away with that? Well, he hasn't waken up yet, why not try? I cupped my palm, and placed it over his delicate butt. My already in progress hard on finish becoming an "in progress" and just a complete hard-on. It turned me on to feel another soul's skin, another soul's most tender and private parts, that only a couple individuals will ever get to see. Well, I wanted to be one of 'em! I took my hand from his cute butt and carefully, silently reached over to the other side of his back. My hand was at Justin's stomach now, I could feel him breathing now, feeling more intense than before. I was breathing WITH him! I could faintly feel his heartbeat as well. It seemed to be going a bit fast. I proceeded to go lower to his crotch area. First, I felt the pubic hair near his cock. I played with it a bit. I knew I was really close to it. I could feel it's radiating heat, right near my hand. Do I dare go on? Of course! My hand moved ever so slowely, ever more silently. The only sounds to hear in this room where our in sinc breathing patterns, and my mind racing! I was close, so close, I could feel it, and did I ever! It was hard! His dick was hard! Could he be awake now? Can you have a boner in your sleep? Actually in wet dreams you can, so was he having a wet dream now? Maybe I'll give him a wet dream to think about! Yeah, that's what I'll do. So I loosened my hand muscles, prepared myself, and just wrapped my fingers delicately around his cock. He made no movement, I had to continue. I slowly started to stroke him, then sped up a bit more. He let loose a light moan. I thought I was caught for sure, that he was awake and enjoying all of this! Well, if he was, he was. I sped up my pace some more, jerking my friend off with a fast motion. He moaned some more, I thought Justin was trying to moan real words. He moaned again and I could distinguish some words he was letting out. "Oh....ohh!", he moaned. I continued on his tool, my heart was racing now, and so was his. Then he let out a defining moan, "Oh...ohh..J...Jon!" He moaned Jon! Jon his boyfriend! This whole time he was dreaming about his great boyfriend! I give Justin a wet dream and Jon takes the credit for it. Just great! I was thinking and not thinking at the same time. With that, he let out a slightly louder moan for Jon, and his cock started to throb more and more. Without warning, he let loose a stream of cum onto his bed and onto my hand. I was so hard I wanted to jerk off right then and there. Then he made a large gasp and quickely leaned forward in his bed. I took my hand away from his dick without hesitation. He was out of breath and was breathing hard. "J...Jon!", he let out a smile, looked down at his just orgasmed manhood, then looked at me. His smile faded a bit in shock. "Deke, what the f...." He was too out of breath to talk a lot. I didn't know what to do, I had just masturbated Justin, my friend out of lust, in his sleep! I felt so aweful of myself, like I had just had sex with a dead body, and then that dead body got ressurected, or something like that.

     "Deke? W..what's going on here? What did you do?", Justin said, looking at my cum soaked hand. I was ever so speechless, I looked back at him, in disbelief of what I had just done. He looked back, then noticed he was naked, right in front of me. He rushed to find his boxers in his bed, and put them up and stood up. I wiped my hand on his bed sheets and stood up to face him.

     "Look Ju....", he cut me off mid-sentence.

     "Deke! What.....HAPPENED? Why were you in my bed? Why was there semen on my person and in your hand? Who's was it?", he bent over to the floor to pick up his shirt and put it on. Then he crossed his arms in patience. My answer had to come out now, and fast.

     "Well, you see.....Justin. I woke up and you were still in bed. What happened last night...well....I was confused about it, that's all. You KISSED me back...Justin, and I don't know what types of feelings you put into it.", the kiss and him whispering "thankyou" were replayed over and over in my mind, racked in my brain all night, in the morning, and as I spoke. His mind was in motion, he was thinking again, putting the pieces together. I didn't know what he was going to do. Was he going to tell me to leave? Kiss me again? Anything?

     "It was just a kiss, a friendly kiss, to show my gratitute towards you, that's all, Deke." His words left his tongue in slow-motion in my mind. I found out during his session that he could only be in love with Jon, but I never really accepted it until he just said it.

     "I know now Justin, you moaned Jon's name in your sleep, he is yours to be with forever. I know that I can't have you, and I'm perfectly fine with that. I want us to be best friends...I mean...we're neighbors for Christsakes!", I was almost tearing up at this point. I didn't want to lose Justin as a friend. If we were to be enemies, I could never look at myself the same again, his house looming over mine, staring at me, watching my every movement.

     "It's ok now, Deke, as long as you understand that we're just friends, not lovers. I...I would really like to be best friends with you, too." Could I hold back my tears? No, who am I, a wrestler? So I let 'em fly, not sobbing so much, but just tearing. With that, he put me in his friendly embrace. He DID love me, he just wasn't IN love with me.

     "O...ok", was the only thing I whispered. I contained myself. "Jon is SO lucky to have you Justin, what did he ever do to deserve you?" I meant that in a rhetorical sense, no more hostility for me toward him. He let me loose; I saw a smile on his face.

     "That, my friend, is exactly what we are to find out today." He picked up my shirt off of the floor and threw it to me. His eyes looked down at me. "He might wanna take care of that! HEHEHE!" Yeah, I knew what he was talking about, I'd take care of it sooner or later. He made me smile. Justin walked over to his dresser and took out some clothes for himself and myself. He still knew I didn't want to go home. In fact, I had totally forgotten about it, and even though my parents weren't home, they were there in spirit, I'd feel my presence there. I swore to myself that I'd sleep in my own bed tonight. Justin went into his bathroom, but didn't close the door, not just yet. "I'll be a couple minutes here, but I'll make sure you know when I'm getting out, ok?" I gave him a look, then nodded my head. It sounded like something my dad would say, or ANYONE'S dad for that matter; always having to put in the masturbation innuendos, knowing that you know what they meant, but you not wanting them to know that you knew what they meant. Yes, that made sense! I heard the shower start. I knew he was expecting me to jerk off, so in spite of him, I wouldn't, not just yet anyways. I decided to do some chatting on his computer, so I turned his computer on and waited for it to start up. I got online and started up his ICQ client. I wanted to snoop around some on his computer, so I logged into ICQ on his account automatically. Maybe he'd know some people that I knew! I connected to ICQ and only one person was online. It was Jon! He was on my contact list, but I really talked to him, because he never responded to my messages. This might be something interesting! Now I could chat with Jon, him thinking I was Justin, and see Jon for who he really is. I had to be very careful on this; Jon and Justin probably know each other VERY well, so my messages must be suttle, or Jon might not think it's Justin at all chatting with him.

     "Hey babe, you're on early today!", Jon said. I glanced at the clock, it was 11:12. Crap! In Texas it must be around 9:00! Not a time for a teen to be waking up in the summer. I gotta think fast!

     "Hey, well let's just say that I'm doing something important today that requires me being up at this time :-)" Not too shabby.

     "Ahh...I see, what could THAT be, hmm?"

     "You'll find out soon enough, don't worry"

     "I can hardly contain my excitement!" This is a side of Jon I had never seen before, and it was a vast improvement. I liked it! Before I could respond, he sent me another message, "So anyways Justin, I got a some new pics of myself, ones you'll DEFINATELY like ;-)" In Justin's eyes, ANY pic of his boyfriend he would "DEFINATELY" like, but still, I had to get the pic for Justin anyways.

     "Ok, lemme have it!"

     "Ok, but before I send it to you, I just have to tell you that I have been feeling really close to you this past week, especially after that chat 3 mights ago, you remember it, hehehe!" If only he knew how close Justin really was to him. Then Jon sent me a file request for downloading. I downloaded it in a short amount of time. Suddenly, I heard the shower turn off, I didn't have much more time for snooping, so I decided to see the pics quickely and log off of ICQ. I found where the pics were; there were two of them. I clicked on the first one, waited a couple seconds then, saw it. It was his bedroom....where nothing but a silk robe.....smiling devilishly to the camera. It was a cute pic, I had to admit. Justin would like that one. Now to the next pic. I closed the first pic and clicked on the second pic. I waited again, and almost fell back in my chair with what I saw. It was another pic of Jon, still in the robe, persay, but this time the robe wasn't covering much. As a matter of fact, it wasn't covering ANYTHING at all! Jon took a picture of himself flashing the camera! Now in all my years of knowing Jon, I never once looked at him as a sexual object, or even REALLY good looking. I mean, he wasn't ugly, but maybe it was just that he was so shy, I never could really pay attention to him. He just never attracted my attention in ANY way! In this pic, I saw Jon AS someone you'd look at twice. Not only was he not the shy person I thought him to be, but he had a killer body, too! I noticed that I was staring at the pic for a rather long while, all of the....extensions of his body as well. I heard Justin jiggling the doorhandle, meaning he was about to come out, so I quickly closed the second pic and closed ICQ. I then started to log in on my account as though I had gotten online. Justin then opened the door to the room. I pretended not to notice him walking in.

     "Hey, so....what did you do while I was gone?", Justin said.

     "Got onto the internet", I relpied.

     "Really, find anything INTERESTING on it?", if only he knew how interesting what I saw was.

     " could say that, but I'm sure you don't wanna be bothered by boring pics!"

     "Oh, come on! Try me. Look, you downloaded two pics already, can I see them?", I wanted him to see them alright, but did I want to be there when he saw them? Hell, yes!

     "Sure, you can look at them, but I dunno if they'd be your...cup of tea.", I said in a devilish fashion. Justin walked over and reached for the mouse, I turned around and saw that he was wearing a towel and shirt. I could feel the moisture on him. He clicked the first pic, I prepared myself for his reaction.

     "It's Jon! Hey! Where did you get this?" I started laughing my ass off. I really wanted to tell him where I had gotten it, but not yet.

     "Why don't you...umm...check out the second pic and I'll tell you", I said while holding back my laughter. He closed the first pic and clicked on the second pic.

     "Oh my god! He's naked! And hot! Shit! Where the hell did you get these pics from?", I was in an uproar of laughter, I was on the floor. He looked down at me, almost smiling himself. "Deeeeke?"

     "Ok, ok, I went on you ICQ account and Jon sent the pics here, that's all! What? He's pretty good looking!" Justin looked back at the pic.

     "He sure is.....but we can talk about that later, let's eat breakfast now, ok?" He took my hand to help me up. I had stopped laughing, but a smile remained. I looked at the computer screen again, and Justin quickely closed the pic. "Enough of this. Come on, let's go downstairs!" Justin changed quickly in front of me, he knew I had seen it all before anyways. I went to the bathroom o do my business, then put some pants on and met Justin downstairs. We both ate cereal in his kitchen while talking about what we were to do today. I told him how far it was to Jon's house and and all that. We finished our breakfast and headed out the door by noon. There was only one week left until September and ultimately, school, but the sun was blasting every last heatwave it could before summer ended. We walked for what seemed like an eternity, talking about this and that, nothing in particular. I also told him about the town when I could as well. After about a half hour of walking, we saw Jon's house, Justin seemed to be walking slower and slower as we neared it. When we were one house away, Justin just stopped walking. "I can't do this, can I"

     "Sure you can! He'll LOVE it! He'll be so happy to see you, he'll your arms possibly!" My words sounded like this was a fairy tale, but today was my day to help. Even if Jon faints, it'd be from the heat! Justin took my words and accepted them.

     "I guess you're right. I just hope he isn't too weirded all by this. I mean, I moved all the way from Texas to be with him. I love him, and I know he loves me back. I just don't wanna be a stalker!", I could hear the fear in his voice.

     "You're not a stalker, you're a lover!" That was the best I could do. He looked at me and started laughing.

     "That's good stuff, Deke! I'm a lover, not a stalker, HEHEHE!" With that, we started walking again. We got up to his front door. I rang the doorbell....silence. I waited a couple seconds and rang again. This time I heard something inside the house. Someone coming down the stairs. The door opened and I saw someone I had never seen before. He had the face of Jon, the body of Jon, but deep inside the shy boy who I only talked to once or twice, only getting nods from him, was gone from my mind forever. A new boy had stepped in his place, one more cunning, more daring,! Yes, I saw Jon now, better than ever! He looked at me, failing to notice Justin standing behind me. His eyes looked down to the ground.

     "Hey, Deke.", his voice was so soft and quiet. I didn't really know what to say then. He was really uncommunicable to people be wasn't actual friends with. That would surely change over time. Justin started talking from behind me.

     "Jon?", Jon looked up, his eyes widened. He recognised Justin's sweet voice. I sidestepped so Jon could see Justin, and vica-versa for the first time in real life. I saw them both smile.

     "Justin?", Jon said in an English accent. Justin nodded his head, and they both hugged, right in front of me. Wait a sec here, Jon isn't English! They kept their embrace for the longest time. I was still figuring things out with Jon. I then stepped inside the house. Justin opened his eyes and saw me inside. He broke the hug, took Jon's hand, and led him inside. They were both teared up. I closed the door behind them.

     "Justin, I'm so happy to see you! What are you doing here? I've been waiting for this day for the longest time!", all in an English accent. Justin stopped his babbling with a kiss, right on the lips. I thought back to last night, when Justin kissed me. Yes, compared to this, last night was just a friendly kiss, this....was a make-out session! Something involuntary in my mind made me speak.

     "You're English, Jon......?", Jon stopped kissing Justin and looked at me. I smiled at him, such an inappropriate question for he time.

     "Bloody hell I am, Deke! You didn't know that? What are you doing here with my boyfriend anyways?", I respected his suspicion. I delivered his boyfriend to him, made them both infinitely happy, and I was there for some odd reason.

     "Me and Justin are neighbors now, he moved in right next door only yesterday!", I said.

     "That's right, me and Deke are friends now. I told him everything about us yesterday! He's cool with it!", Justin said, putting his arm around Jon.

     "Everything? Oh my, he knows I'm not straight now, that was a wee risky!", Jon said. Justin then whispered in Jon's ear. Jon looked at me and smiled. Then he turned to speak to Justin, pulling Justin's arm from around his him. "You don't bloody say!", Jon turned to me, "All this time Deke, you been a fairy?", something about his English accent made him seem sexier, but him saying "fairy" made him a bit hostile. English are just like that sometimes.

     "Right back at ya!", I said.

     "We....", Jon was cut off by Justin.

     "Why don't we go sit down somewhere and talk? There's so much we have to talk about."

     "Alright honey, let's go into the living room then!", Jon said. They started towards the living room, holding hands. I didn't think I was wanted very much.

     "Do you want me to leave? I could just meet you later then.", I said. Justin looked back at me, still holding on to his boyriend's hand.

     "Gee Deke, I mean we want to be alone to talk and stuff, but I wouldn't want you to go all the way back home." He looked at Jon. Jon melted.

     "Alright, Deke can play on my computer in my room for a while, ok?", Jon said, never once looking away from Justin. Justin smiled at Jon. I nodded in succession. They continued on into the living room and I walked upstairs. It wasn't very complicated finding Jon's room. I mean, all the way on the other side of the house, door says "Jon's Room" on it, pretty easy if you asked me. I turned the handle, it was locked. I heard movement from inside the room, so I knocked very gently on the door.

     "Coming!", it was a girl's voice. I heard the door unlock and open. I was Jen! She was in Jon's room!

     "Jen.....what are you doing here", she looked at me in surprise.

     "Likewise Deke, me and Jon were just going over some things. You?"

     "It was a personal matter, nothing to bore you with really", I went in and sat down on the bed. Jen sat down next to me. I hadn't really seen her in 3 months, her hair was cut some and was a bit more blond and less red than last time I had seen her.

     "So...where's Jon now?"

     "Oh, he's downstairs in the living room, with his "personal" matter." I rolled my eyes. Jen was smart, really smart, ALMOST as smart as me, maybe. She could pick up on ANY vibes. I'd say she has her own gaydar, even though she's not gay!

     "He's with a...guy?"

     "Yeah, how did you know?" Dumb question, but I liked hearing Jen speak anyways. So I don't have to talk as much.

     "Well, I kinda sensed that Jon wasn't entirely straight. See, we were in his room, and I was just flirting with him, hitting on him, all that stuff guys like from girls.....most guys anyways, sorry." Her stumbling with her words made me chuckle a bit.

     "So he didn't respond at all?"

     "No, not at all. I guess we've found 2 another ones." Jen sighed.

     "Yeah, the other one is my new neighbor."

     "Wow, that's cool. Have ya'll considered joining GSA in school this year?" Ick, the dreaded Gay-Straight Alliance, she was asking me AGAIN if I wanted to join? I knew that I didn't need any "support" from collegues, I was perfectly ok with my sexuality, but then again, my parents were of another issue. Who better to understand then Jen?

     "I'll bring it up with them. I'm having some at home problems you might be able to help me with though."

     "Ok sure, what's the problem?", Jen was always a big help. She cares about everyone so much.

     "Well, I'm almost certain that both my parents are gay-haters. I don't know what to do, I've been avoiding them recently. I can't stand being near them, or look them in the eyes!" Jen listened to all of my worries quietly. When I finished, she took my hand in hers.

     "I'm sorry Deke. This is a very rare to happen. You shouldn't have to hide from your parents all your life, you need to comfront them about it before it gets any worse!", if only she knew how hard that would be, she doesn't know how hard it is to be gay.

     "You're right Jen, I should tell them how I feel, and what I am, thanks!", I was lying, I really shouldn't tell them, but I had to make Jen feel special for helping me. We hugged for a second, then I went on to Jon's computer. Jen had to leave then, so she quietly left the house. I logged onto the internet and logged onto ICQ on my account. I didn't want to know any dish on Jon, I just want to talk with Tommy. Luckily, Tommy WAS online.

     "Hey what's up Deke? Thanks for the e-mail last night!", Tommy messaged.

     "No problem Tommy, but lot's of stuff has been happening to me."

     " can always talk to me about it you know! My boyfriend is on vacation now, so I'm free to chat more!" Ick, he always had to rub in how he had a boyfriend, I loathed him sometimes.

     "Ok, well first of all my new neighbor is gay, he's 15 also, I made a pass at him, but I found out he had a boyfriend already, who lives right near me. I united them today, it made me happy, but I wish I had a boyfriend. Also, my parents are gay-haters! Today has been full of bitterness for me, it really puts things in perspective. You know?"

     "Gee I'm sorry Deke, that all sucks, I wish there was something I could do to make you feel better, actually there is ONE thing that may make you feel better.......", at this point, ANYTHING would make me feel better from my slum.

     "Ok, what is it? Tell me....", I braced myself.

     "Well, I've haven't been telling you the truth about some things lately....", This was supposed to make me feel better? Before I could respond he sent another message. "I applied to your school a while ago, and I got in, we ARE in fact moving to Hollywood. Tomorrow! So...what do you think?" What did I think? One of my best friends ever was moving into my town! Considering it wasn't a large town, he'd most likely live rather close to me. This really DID make me feel better!

     "Wow! Are you fucking kidding me? That's great!", I was so happy I could hardly contain my laughter.

     "I shit you not, by this time tomorrow, I'll be at my new house in Hollywood Heights, you live near there?", Hollywood Heights is a nice area, about a 15 minutes walk from my house. If I could walk 30 minutes to Jon's house, 15 minutes to Tommy's house would be great! We could see each other everyday before summer ends, and even during school we could see each other! Ok now Deke, don't get too crazy here, it's just a good friend coming to live near you. Don't go jumping up and down here. I wanted to know more, all of my worries vanished while chatting. I'd say we chatted for a good hour to an hour and a half, me using up Jon's internet time. Poor bastard! I'd totally forgotten about them downstairs in the living room.

    ~    ~    ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~

     Do you want me to leave? I could just meet you later then," Deke said to me. I soooo much wanted to be alone with Jon right now, but I didn't want to hurt Deke's feelings. He understands me, is a good friend, and led me to the love of my life.

     "Gee Deke, I mean we want to be alone to talk and stuff, but I wouldn't want you to go all the way back home." I looked back at Jon and squeezed his hand some. He looked at me, never once taking his eyes off of me. He was a great guy, I know that, but I wanted Deke to know that, too. I wanted my new best friend and my boyfriend to get along fine.

     "Alright, Deke can play on my computer in my room for a while, ok?", Jon said, still not breaking concentration on me. Was I THAT breathtaking? With one action, or look, could I make people do whatever I wanted out of them? I mean, Deke tried to kiss me after knowing me for one day, after knowing that I was gay, maybe his asperations for himself were a bit high, that he should slow things down with himself sometimes. Then he jerked me off in my sleep. Was I that angelic in my sleep for Deke not to be able to contain himself? If you asked me, Deke is MUCH better looking than me, Jon is MUCH better looking than me. It's just hard to accept how people see you sometimes, because you see yourself as one thing for all of my life, and then 2 people come in you life to "show" you just how wrong you are about yourself. I'm just too smart for my own good sometimes. Sigh! Deke started upstairs and Jon led me to the living room, clinging to my hand so tightly. I know now that he depended on me, and I'm pretty sure he'd show me just how much he needed me while we were in the living room. He sat down on the couch, I sat down as close as I could to him without leading him on to wanting to makeout with him, not just yet. I looked into his eyes, he was looking into mine, he was almost crying, I wanted to, I couldn't. I was more turned on by his elegant cuteness than utter happiness of seeing him in real life. I just couldn't believe this was all happening to me, that I was here, he was there. I had been online boyfriends with Jon for what seemed like the longest time. Just last week we were talking about what movies we liked and didn't like. You couldn't see it at first, but we had a lot in common. We both agreed that our 3 favorite movies were Hackers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion. They were 3 totally different types if movies, but we both agreed that they were our favorites. What is this crazy world we live in? Jon's hands were trembling. I'd be lying if I said that I was cool with this situation we were in, we had both been waiting 2 years for this moment, and we couldn't say anything to each other. I wanted to hear his sexy English accent again, it gave me goosebumps to hear it. "So Justin, you're!" It was true, I was here, I moved ALL the way to Florida for my boyfriend. This could......would be a great relationship if he didn't think I was crazy.

     "Yeah, I....I moved here for you Jon. I applied to your school a year ago and got in. My mother agreed that we had to move away from the anti-gay community of Texas to somewhere more accepting anyways. So yesterday, I left my old lonely life in Texas, for a love-filled life with you Jon, I want us to be together......forever." Jon was crying his eyes out by this time. He was sobbing out only a few words.

     " toge..ther......forever...also" With that, me and Jon hugged for a second time.  He rested his head on my shoulder, never letting me go. My heart went out to him. I smelled his beautiful boy scent. I wanted to kiss him, to make love to him, but now was not the time. We had so much to catch up on. I laid back on the couch and Jon rested his head on my chest. We went silent again. Jon's tears stopped, he was now resting on my chest, his eyes closed.  Suddenly, I heard someone creeping down the stairs, heard the door open, then close.

     "Deke....left?", I asked. Jon didn't moved, his eyes still closed.

     "No, it was.....what's her name? friend Jen was over.", Jon said, his eyes opened quickely and looked up from me. "That was close, she couldn've seen us. I totally forgot about her! Shit, I hope she didn't get impatient in my room, waiting for me to answer the door. Of course I DID send Deke to my room, I hope he didn't tell her anything. Oh...I don't even care anymore. I just wanna lay hear with you all afternoon." His voice was getting more and more light and quiet with every word he spoke. He was in total peace and harmony when with me. I could see that now.

     "So, THAT's what I do to you, eh?", I kissed him on the lips. He nodded his head.
     "Oh, yeah Justin, you make me so happy!" I suppose I made him speachless as well.

     "So, you expecting anyone home soon?", I asked. I would hope we'd be able to do SOMETHING today, even though laying on the couch with Jon was fun enough for me.

     "Not for a while, no.", Jon replied.

     "'s hot out today, is there any place we could go swimming?", I was burning up in his house. The heat never came into my mind until now. Jon stood up and took my hand again. He really liked holding hands, so did I! He led me out to his back porch, where I saw a magnificant backyard, with pool, a bit of golf, tables setup, a hot tub, need I go on? This kid had it all! Jon and I walked down the patio to the front of the pool.

     "Shall we take a swim?", Jon said in his dream English accent. He started taking his shirt off. I knew it was a dumb question for me to ask, but sometimes people just ask questions for the reply.

     "Gee, I didn't bring a swimsuit." Jon looked at me and smiled.

     "Trunks? We don't need bloody trucks. You've already seen me naked right? I don't think I'll have a problem with seeing you naked!", he scaled my body with his eyes, all the while continuing to take his pants and breifs off. I was left standing there, fully clothed, with a hot, naked boy swimming right before my eyes, begging me to join him. I quickly stripped down to nothing, looked around to see if anyone was watching, which was no one because the yard's hedges were about 10 feet high and went along the perimeter of the yard, then I dived into the pool. I went up for air, and Jon was no where to be seen. I looked around for a bit, then Jon sprang up right in front of me, scaring me half to death. I splashed his face playfully and he slashed back. We slashed around for a bit, then we just swam around the pool, looking at each other. Jon kept looking at me with his seductive eyes, exactly how I saw them in the picture of him this morning. Since that pic made me hard, thing of how I was feeling right now! Jon and I stopped swimming around randomly and started chasing each other. Jon had been chasing me for a while now, then he finally caught up with me and wrapped his arms around me and hugged me from behind. I could feel his erection lightly hitting my anus. He kissed my neck a thousand times. I wanted him so much! He stopped his kissing to open his mouth. "This, I like!", he laughed. I lossed his hold on me and maneuvered myself around him. I faced his back and hugged him in the same fashion as he had done to me. I nibbled on his earlobe and kissed his neck, my erection lightly humping against his back involuntarily.
     "No, THIS....I like....HEHEHE!", I whispered in his ear. Jon turned his head around to be face to face with me, still with his back to me. I thought he was going to speak again, but he surprised me by putting his mouth to mine in a deep, open-mouthed, french kiss. I sucked at his tounge while he rammed it down my throat. I have never been more turned my in my life! We held that kiss for about five minutes, never stopping for air. I wanted him so much now, I thought I was going to explode! I needed him now, I wanted to feel him orgasm with me in a passionate make-out session. When we stopped kissing, I kept holding onto him and kissing the back of his neck, giving him a light hickey. I slowly backed up as I kissed him, until I reached the edge of the pool. Jon turned around to face me. I looked into his eyes as he looked into mine. He had so much lust for me, and likewise for him. I leaned back against the edge and arched my back slightly. Jon dove right on top of me and devoured me in an explosive kiss! Our hard cocks were pressed against one  another and we were humping each other immersively as we kissed. I wanted to hold out for a little while longer, but I had been horny ever since I saw him in that doorway for the first time, and I was really horny now. He sucked on my tongue so hard and for so long, I thought he was going to eat it off. Jon seemed to be doing all of the work, but I did my part, too. My hands couldn't find enough places to rub on his backside. I started rubbing his nech and back, then slowly moved down to his buttocks. I squeezed them a few times, and he let out whispering moans of apprival to me. We had been going at it for about ten minutes now; I squeezed his lusious ass once more, and that caused both of us in turn to kiss and thrust ourselves on each other faster and faster, I really couldn't take it anymore. We were about to pass the point of no return, but before we did he took my hands from his backside and put them in his over the edge of the pool behind me. I was now helpless, he was practically on top of me, humping and thrusting, humping and thrusting. We grunted louder and faster. Jon was kissing me with such passion, such lust, such love, he really loved me, he was putting his whole heart into this. Orgasm was imminent for me, and I could tell he was seconds away as well. He pushed against me harder and hard, by back digging into the wall, but I didn't care, the pleasure cancelled out the pain a thousand times. I was moaning so loud in a whisper, calling out his name, which made him just use his last bit of strength to finish the kiss, then it was over for us. A shear pleasure ripped threw my body. I blacked out for a couple seconds while cumming with Jon. I regained my site and saw him panting with me, collapsed on top of me. Both of us strived to catch our breathes. Ifinally  got the composer to speak again.

     "That was.....", Jon put a finger to my lips.

     "Shhh....I know, me too.", Jon rested his head on my chest, floating just above the water's surface. Our breathing returned to normal after a couple of minutes. I took Jon's hand and led him out of the pool and to a large beachtowel on a poolchair. I opened up the beach towel and wrapped it around the both of us. We fell back on the chair, Jon on top of me, whispering sweet nothings to each other while looking at each other's shivering faces and stealing a small, sweet kiss from each other whenever we could. "Promise you'll never leave me Justin, I love you!", Jon breathed out in his delightful accent, which I would never get tired of. He rested his head on my shoulder and closed his eyes. I closed my eyes as well, having the energy to speak once more.

     "I'll never leave you Jon, I want us to never ever be apart again. Not being near you for two years was enough. Now one day without you will seem like an eternity. I love you more than anything!", I kissed the top of his head and we both drifted off to sleep. Hoping we'd still be with each other when we woke up.

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