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    I looked over at the clock next to Jon's computer. It was 2:30, I was getting a bit hungry. I couldn't believe I chatted with Tommy for so long, I must've been in some sort of time warp while chatting that made it seem as only a few minutes passed. We talked about so much today, we both knew it was the last day that we'd ever chat over a long distance. I wouldn't really call it sad based on the circumstances, because he was moving here tomorrow. I still couldn't get that idea out of my head! Tommy had been one of my best friend ever for what seemed like a long time now, even though it was only a month. During the short time that we've known each other, we've been able to act as though we've been best friends forever. We connected automatically; as soon as I met him, I knew that we'd be close for a long time. Well, I wasn't sad, but a bit afraid that we'd be meeting so soon. I mean, what if we couldn't be around each other cuz we got on each other's nerves, or we didn't like doing the same things? The net is so safe because it's all talking, all personality, hardly ever you in REAL life, just the best part of you, the part that wants to be heard. The sentences you type online are your chosen ones, and if you feel that you phrase of choice isn't good enough, you can just delete it, and start over. Well in real life, you can't start over, what comes out of you mouth had better be what you were thinking to say, or you'll never make it in the real world. So to sum that up: I'm kinda afraid that Tommy is going to be in my real life, because certain personalities online come out that you don't always wanna come out in reality. There, done! Anyways, me and Tommy exchanged phone numbers, street addresses, and I told him that he could come over whenever he could. He asked me if he could stay for dinner, I said no. He asked me if he could sleep over or something, I said no. He asked me why not, I said that it was too personal, but it would be the best if he just didn't. For all I knew Tommy could be flaming, and I just didn't want him to meet my parents if he were that way, not just yet. I wanted to protect Tommy, Justin, even Jon anyway I could from certain people. Tommy eventually had to go because he needed to pack up his computer and all the other shit in his room; I believed him.

     I played around on Jon's computer for a little bit more, maybe waiting for him to kick me off or something, I didn't find anything "incriminating" on Jon's computer that would have pertained to the climax of my entertainment, so I decided to get Justin and Jon and maybe ask them if they wanted lunch. I got up from my chair and went to leave the room, but I just stopped in my tracks. Behind Jon's bed was his robe. The very robe I had seen him in earlier; his image flashed back to me. Yes, he still was the different person than the one I used to know all through grade school, he was my best friend's boyfriend, he was my friend now, too. I exited the leave and creeped downstairs, not knowing what they had been doing or are doing. I went into the room that they went into as I went upstairs before. No one was in there. Had they left without telling me? In another section of the house? Outside? I looked again and saw a huge-ass backyard, I opted to go outside to his backyard to see if they were out there. I walked to the screen glass door and slowly opened it, still unaware of what they were doing. If they were screwing, good for them. Talking, I'd join them. Fighting, I'd take Justin home. I poked my head out side and saw them lying on a chair together, naked, wrapped in a large beach towel. It was the sweetest image I had ever seen! Jon's head was resting on Justin's chest, and Justin's face was deep inside the top of Jon's head, while his arms were wrapped around Jon's slim body. I let a smile escape. I knew that I was looking at love. I wanted to have what they had, if only there was an  available candidate or two. Sigh! I walked over to them to watch them sleep. Call me a sicko, pervert, , peeping tom, whatever. I just wanted to see them in their peace. They slept, making only breathing sounds in utter silence. I knew they were dreaming, dreaming of each other, of having each other, being with each other, wishing that this was a reality for them. They had everything, they were the ones at peace, naked, asleep, fully vulnerable to anything and everything, but able to fend it off with their love. Yes, I was alone, I was the one standing there, fully clothed, awake, alone. Boy the end of summer really gets your mind in action again, and boy was I hot! Well, there was a pool right here, might as well not let it go to waste, they obviously weren't waking up anytime soon. I stripped down to my boxers and jumped right in the pool. The water felt so good tingling around me, I felt much better. I took a couple laps around the pool until I was exhausted, ten I just rest in the pool, feeling the water rush through my skin, cooling me like you'd never believe! I looked over at Justin and Jon to check up on them. They were just as I had left them before, entwined in each other, but something different this time. They were the same, I was looking at them from a different angle. I knew I shouldn't have, but my eyes wondered under their beach towel. I could see under it so clearly, and it was the only thing I could see from were I was standing at the moment. they were my friends now, but seeing ANY naked bodied made me hard as a rock. My boxers got tighter around me, and the shrinking of them didn't help much, but I couldn't do it, not now, I promised that I'd do it at the end of the day, I was kinda tired from swimming also, however long I had been swimming for. I got out of the pool and picked up a towel and wrapped it around myself to dry off. I laid down on a pool chair next to the one they were laying on. I was still hard, and I wanted to dry off rather quick, so I slowly took my boxers off under the towel and laid back in his pool chair. I still got a major woody, and having 2 gorgeous boys laying in arms but five feet from me didn't help one bit. I promised myself again that I'd take care of it later tonight and turned onto my side, facing away from them. Then I closed my eyes.

     I woke up to sounds of kissing. I heard soft whispers, too. I didn't wanna turn around or move to alert them to my presence, I was pretty sure they hadn't seen me yet; Justin and Jon only had eyes for each other. The whispers got more distinct, I tried to make them out.

     "I can't believe you're still here! I prayed it wasn't a dream!", an English voice said.

     "Well I came here for you, and I still am here for you.", another voice replied. There was a delay in dialog, made up with faint sounds of kissing and sucking. The voices then started again.

     "I love the way you kiss me. I love the way you hold me. I love the way you touch me. I love you, Justin!" Jon said. Tears started forming in my eyes. I wished the best for them. I held back a sob.

     "I love you too, Jon! I....I...<sigh>....yes.....I want you inside my mouth Jon. I want to show you right now how much I love you!" I couldn't hold back. They had such a strong bond between them. I wanted to have that with someone so much. Tears were welling down my face, and I let a light sob out. Soft, but audible enough for them to hear me.

     "Shit. Shit!", I heard in unison. I quickly turned around and saw Jon on the chair covering himself up with his towel and Justin rushing to find his boxer shorts. He found them and put them on, then walked towards me. He looked mad and embarassed at me. Jon covered up his face, trying to hide his blushing face. I looked at Justin walking towards me. I scooted over so he could sit on the chair if he wanted, then I quickly put my boxers back on from under my towel. I was so scared of what Justin was to do to me. Yeah, I kissed him, then later helped him through a wet dream, but I just messed up maybe one of his most treasured moments of his lifetime. There was no telling what he'd do to me, but I was prepared for what was coming, right? He sat down on the I space provided for him. I could tell that he saw the fear in my eyes, and all the hostility and embarassment in his expression vanished. He just couldn't bring himself to yell at me, no matter how harsh I ruined things with him and Jon, that was what a true friend was to me. Justin looked back at Jon, who was now confused at what was happening. Justin turned to me, I had to speak first, but I couldn't form the words of how I was feeling. I wiped a couple tears from my face.

     "Justin.....Jon. I....I'm so sorry, I should go now, I've ruined things for you two, and I heard things that I shouldn't have heard, I'll go now", I was trembling at this point. I never intended any of this to happen, I didn't know if Jon would ever forgive me.

     "You go now ya bloody faggot!", I couldn't believe Jon said that to me. More and more tears were streaming down my face. I was trying to hide them from Justin. Justin gave Jon a look of surprise. How could he say that? Didn't he have any compassion for lonely gays? Wasn't he once one himself?

     "How could you say that?", Justin snapped back at Jon. Jon seemed not to believe it himself, but he stayed with his perogative. Justin tried wiping some tears from my eyes.

     "Justin, I thought this was what you wanted! I know ou want me and only me, stop wasting your bloody time with this third-wheel and let's get back to business." I had just about enough of this. I leaped up from my chair and quickly threw my clothes on and prepared to leave. Then I looked at Jon, with his hate in his eyes, staring at me, hating me.

     "Justin don't go, we can talk about this", Justin said. I didn't glance at Justin, I kept focus on Jon.

     "Can't you see that this relationship with you will never work as long as Justin is with me? He's mine, he doesn't want you around, I don't want you around, so get the fuck out of my house!" I punched him. Never thinking about it, never getting notice of me doing it. I hit him square in the lower cheek, or upper jaw, I wasn't sure, but the next thing I knew Jon was clutching his cheek and Justin was spellbound at what just happened.

     "So be it", I whispered harshly, then just walked back inside, to the front door, and out of it. I needed to go home, to MY home. I had done just about enough today. If Jon couldn't see a misunderstanding and let me explain it, then why even try getting along with him anymore. I started walking home, slow at first, then to a fast pace. I needed to get away from there quick. I was about to round the block when I saw Justin come out the front door, waving his arms for me to come back. I couldn't go back, not to Jon. Justin would just have to sort this out himself with his boyfriend. I walked and walked with my head down, and before I knew it I was home. I got the key from under the doormat and went inside. Still the same as when I had left it yesterday. I looked at the living room clock to see that it was 4:30, an hour and a half beofre dinner. I ran upstairs to my room, ripped my clothes off and jumped on the bed sobbing. I didn't know what I had just done. Deep inside I really wanted Jon and I to be friends, but now I probably just ruined it. My one and only hope was Justin...........

    ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~

     My mind was not working. I could really put the pieces together in my mind the first time it happened, but when I replayed Deke punching my Jon, I saw it now. They hated each other. One of the only things I ever wanted was for them to get along. Maybe I gave Deke too much freedom, maybe I led Jon on too much. It didn't matter, I needed to solve it, and before things escalate further. I saw Deke walk back into the house, then seconds later I heard the front door open and close. I ran up to Jon, he was clutching his cheek, it was starting to be swollen. He couldn't speak, just mumbled.  I sat down on the chair with him and pulled his hand from his cheek. It looked black and blue now, such a harsh punch to such a fragile boy. What was I saying? Jon was the one who yelled at Deke, and didn't let Deke expalin himself fully. I'm sure Deke had a good enough reason to be next to us cuddling and sleeping, didn't he? Yes, I'm sure he did. Deke was no moron, he learned hard and fast.

     "Athhhhole!", Jon mumbled to me. I raised my hand as if about to slap him. He pulled away from me and hid his face.

     "Don't you ever say that to Deke again! He means more to me than you think! Even if we are just friends!", I said fast and harshly. With that, I ran out, not closing any doors behind me,     trying to catch up to Deke to see if he'd come back. I got out the front door and I saw Deke running, about to run around the corner. I yelled his name and waved my hands at him, signaling him to come back, he saw me, but just kept on his pace. I ran back into the house and into the backyard. Jon was still sitting there, naked, but sobbing now. I walked up to him and when he saw me he grabbed my hand and rested it on his good cheek.

     "Justin.......you came....back. I'm sooo sooo sorry, I'm a horrible person, I can't control my GOD DAMN......temper!", Jon said while he cried his eyes out. He kissed my hand and held it tighter. "Please Justin, please sit down with me and let's....<sob>.....talk about this. I'll do whatever it.....<sob>......takes. Whatever it takes not to lose you, my love! If that's what you still are to me!" My heart melted again. I couldn't take it anymore. I sat down as he insisted and he put his arms around me. His crying subsided lightly. My shoulder was getting wetter every minute. We really needed to talk. I cradled him in my arms like a baby and started talking.

     "No Jon, you haven't lost me, but you have to understand that me and Deke are best friends. He means a lot to me in a friendly way, but you mean a lot to me as my boyfriend......and my lover. I know you can get along, I just know you two can, you've done it before, and you'll do it now, for me, please. I couldn't bare you not being friends." Jon looked up at me, my eyes were watering a tiny bit.

     "Ok, Justin, Deke is a good guy, and if you two are just friends, and he understands that, then he's cool with me. I don't wanna lose you Justin. I love you!" I could tell it was hurting him to speak clearly, I admired it in him. He wanted his words to be perfect for me to hear, almost anything coming out of his mouth was perfect to my ears. I kissed him as lightly as I could, he flinched at first.

     "I'm so sorry, Jon, I just wanted to kiss you, I didn't want it to hurt", I said.

     "I'm sorry too Justin, I want to kiss you, but I can't." More tears were forming in his eyes. I kissed his tears away, then put my finger in front of his lips. I saw from below that he was obviously getting turned on. So was I.

     "Let me kiss you Jon, just relax," I whispered, while pulling by boxers back off. I got on top of him, our hard cocks rubbing against each other. I lightly grinded into him, feeling his chest while he closed his eyes. I put my mouth to his upper chest and started sucking on it. I continued to go lower and lower on his body, kissing and licking his nipples, bellybutton, then I felt his pubic hairs tickle my chin. I went over his penis and down to his balls. I massaged then with my toungue, my while slowly stroking Jon off with my hand. Jon let out some grunts and moans. Whispering how much he loved me every couple of seconds. My mouth went back up to his dick. I stuck my tongue out and lightly licked the base of his shaft, working my way up to his cock head. His breathing got harder and faster when I licked his head. I got so turned on my just having his cock in my hand, but having my tongue massage it was a whole new experience for me. I was finished lubing his head. I opened my mouth slightly and lowered my head onto his cock. His 6 inches fit all the way in my mouth with time. I breathed threw my nose and just bobbed my head up and down on his cock. He started thrusting his cock up and down, almost screwing my mouth. He grunted and moaned louder and louder as I went faster on him. His cock started twitching in my mouth and his thrusts got ever so faster, that I stopped bodding my head all together and he was just fucking my face.

     "Justin....oh Justin....I'm going to......oh my god....", before Jon could finish his sentence, Jon burst into my mouth his tasty fluids. His semen tasted different from mine, but I liked it just the same. He shot a thousand times down my throat while I tried swallowing it all, and he dribbled a hundred more times into my mouth for me to swallow as well. My mouth was overloaded and a bunch dripped down the sides of his stiffening cock. I never thought he'd finish until he DID finish. I was so hot for him now. He could beat me and I'd explode right then and there. He opened up his eyes and gazed at me peacefully, I climbed back on top of him and kissed him while he slowly stroked my meat, allowing him to taste his own cum, which hightened the kiss. We kissed forever, and he went faster on me the longer we kissed. Soon it was all over for me and I came on his already cum soaked cock. Never before had being masturbated felt so good! I went into Jon's arms, hugging him. How could I ever have thought him a bad person?

     "I....I've never done that before", I said, trying to catching my breath. We looked into each other's eyes.

     "Rewy? It was the bethd thing that has ever ban done t..to.....me", Jon mumbled. I laughed at his slurred speach.  He tried to lightly slap me, but I grabbed his hand half way and smirked.
    "Come on...let's put some ice on that." I stood up and pulled him up. I found our boxers and we put them on. He lead me inside my the hand to his kitchen. He found an icepack and wrapped it in a towel. I took the pack, sat him down at the kitchen table, and applied it to his face. I got deja vu as I remembered what had happened to me yesterday when Deke ran into me and then was nice enough tended to my cheek. I felt my cheek, it still hurt a little when I put pressure on it, but I almost forgot the wound was there at all. After about five minutes, Jon took the towel away from his face.
    "Thanks......it's numb now, so I won't need this for a while." He flashed his killer English smile at me, showing his thanks. I leaned forward in my chair and pecked his good cheek. He half-smiled at me, holding back from the pain that was coming back to him. I placed the ice pack back on his cheek.
    "Let's keep this there for longer, but we don't have to sit hear the rest of the day." I looked at his microwave to check the time, 4:12. "Damn, it's late! I have to get home by five for dinner. M...maybe if it's ok with your parents, you could stay for dinner....." Jon's eyes lit up.
    "Th...that would be........I'd love that!" We got up and put the rest of our clothes on. Jon assured me that his parents wouldn't care if he stayed over for dinner or slept over, as long as they knew where he was. We left his house at around 4:20, we started chatting as soon as the front door closed.

     "So, do you like your new house?", Jon asked to start things off.

     "Yeah, it's pretty cool, much bigger than our last house.", I replied back.

     "That's good, it's in a good neighborhood too, not a Hollywood Heights type of thing, but still a good-natured community."

     "Yeah, I could tell."

     "Yeah.....so do you have a pool?"

     "No......but uhh....Deke does."

     "Oh, that's cool, do you have hot tub at least?"

     "Hmm, no I don't think so....sorry."

     "It's ok babe. I'm sure there's a million places we can do it in!", I blushed at that, even though I've said sicker things in my life."

     "Y....yeah, sure. I DO have a waterbed though!", Jon looked at me as in disbelief.

     "Really? I've always loved to be in a waterbed!"

     "Good, cuz I expect you to be in it a lot!" I nudged his shoulder, making HIM blush this time.

     "You know I will, so what else is there to do at your house?", Jon asked me.

     "Boy....lots. I have a new Sega Dreamcast, a billiards table, darts, gee I have a whole gameroom of stuff, don't worry, hun, there will be plenty to do at my house." I gazed at him, but he didn't notice it.

     "Wow, that's a lot of stuff, you must be pretty wealthy, and having one parent, your mom must have be a brain surgeon or a neurologist or something like that!"

     "No, she's a Registered Nurse, that's all.", I saw that Jon was smarter than I thought him to be. He couldn't figure it out this fast, but he did know that I had a lot of stuff and my mom was a simple nurse. I could see him figuring some things out in his mind, if he asked a question, I wouldn't lie to him about it, but I couldn't just go out to him and say it, it wasn't relevant to my new life anymore!

     "Does you fa......no......you don't have one, sorry."

     "I never knew him, he died before I was born.", he was going to ask it, I knew it.

     "Then if you don't have.........Justin, how do you have so much money?", I didn't wanna relive it again, but I had to tell him.

     "Well, this is hard for me to say, Jon, but me and my mother won a court lawsuit against a teacher if mine in the beginning of the summer. Y...you see, I had this teacher for English class, and at the beginning of this year I gave an oral report on how bad gays were treated, and I basically came out to my English class. Everyone was fine with it, and the teacher seemed fine about it too. Well, I don't wanna get into details, but in April, he was charged with assault and battery against me. My right leg and was broken, and my left arm had deep cuts in it. We sued for medical bills and pain and suffering. We received.....five million dollars, broken down into about one hundred thousand per month. I never thought my scars would ever heal, but they did eventually." I had told the story so many times, I hardly ever cried anymore, and I didn't this time, but I looked at Jon and he was.

     "I'm so sorry, Justin. That must've been a horrible experience for you, I won't ever bring it up again, ever!" I shooshed him and put my arm around him. He stopped us from walking and hugged me tightly. My only compliance was to hug him back.

     "It's ok, it was 6 months ago, I'm completely over it. You really don't have to worry about me with this." He was satisfied with that, we kissed right in public, and kept walking on. He continued the rest of our walk in silence, hold hands. Occasionally......correction.......about every five minutes, our eyes would lock for a quick 5 second trip away from reality, or was it to reality? Eh, anyway, we looked at each other a lot. Then we arrived at my house. I saw my mother's car in the driveway, meaning that Jon and I wouldn't be able to show our affection for each other in front of my mother, or would we? She always wanted the best for me, and she'd be happy to know that I've found someone, that I've found love. Yes, I would tell her, I'd tell her today.......that is, if Jon was ok with it. We got to my front door and I was reluctant to step in.

     "Are we gonna stay our here?", Jon asked.

     "No, I've been thinking.....I want to tell my mother about us, if that's ok with you."

     "Gee.....I'm not sure, I mean, what if she doesn't like me? What if she doesn't approve of us dating? What if she tells my parents? Only two people in the universe know I'm gay......", I shut him up with a deep kiss, he looked into my eyes. "You do whatever you think is right. I'll be right behind you."

     "Ok, then it's agreed......let's do it now!"

     "If you want to Jusin, I love you!"

     "I love you to!", I turned the knob to walk in. We went into the kitchen, my mom was cooking dinner.

     "Hi, I'm home."

     "Hello......oh who's this?", she asked, looking at Jon.

     "This is Jon, I've known him for a while now.", I said. Jon smiled at my mom.

     "Hello", Jon said.

     "Oh, English, how nice", my mom said smiling. She turned to me, "Well, I'm glad SOMEONE you know lives around here, it's more easy to have friends then."

     "Yeah, but mom.....me and Jon aren't exactly friends?"

     "No? Why not?", I turned to Jon. His eyes beckoning me to tell her. I had brought us this far, I couldn't turn back now.

     "Well, we ARE friends technically, but really.......we're...we're....more than friends." I put my arm around Jon. "We're in love!" My mother froze. She looked at me, looked at Jon, looked at us. She knew it was bound to happen, why not it happen right now?

     "Well.....Justin, I think that's great......about the two of you. Now he can stay for dinner!" Well she took it better than I had expected, unless she was holding back on me. So we ate dinner in some silence, my mother occasionally asking Jon where he was born and just getting to know him. I'd have to say that my mother really liked Jon, and was proud of me that I chose such a fine young man. Actually, she told me that after dinner while Jon was in the bathroom. Also, she told me that if we were ever to have sex, that we should use condoms until we could fully trust each other. If Jon had an illness, I would've gotten it by now, but I promised her anyways.
    Later on, my mother let Jon and I play in the basement where I had the billiards table, dart board, and all that. We just fooled around, playing ten games at once, for about 3 hours, never getting bored with each other. Then we play on my Sega Dreamcast for another 3 hours. Before we knew it, the time was 12:00. I was exhausted from playing, and also school started pretty soon, so going to sleep at midnight was a good start. Me and Jon sweet talked each other to sleep. I was laying on top of him in my waterbed and I noticed he wasn't saying anymore, he was asleep, so I kissed him just as I kissed Deke last night.
    "I love you Jon, goodnight." I whispered into his lips as I kissed him, then I put his arms around me and fell asleep.

    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~    ~

     I awoke at 9:00 the next day, my bed empty was as I had left it. I saw a small stain from tears in my pillow. I had stay in my room since 4:30 yesterday. I went to bed hungry, sad, lonely and confused. I had to talk to Jon today, to work things out with him. If not for me, then for Justin. I got out of bed, put a robe on, and went downstairs to have some breakfast. In ate some cereal quick, then fell down on my couch to watch tv, I wasn't expecting anything good to happen today. Justin was probably at Jon's house and had stayed the night as well. I watched Regis and Kathy Lee, when it was over I loped into my backyard. It was as hot as it was yesterday. I decided to go swimming. I found a towel and put it on a pool chair, then took my robe off and jumped in. I swam hard and I swam fast for I dunno how long, doing laps. As the sun was high in the sky and I was finishing a lap, I saw two bodies at the edge of my pool. I looked up and it was Justin and Jon, looking down at me. I looked away from Jon, I was scared to look at him. I had punched him yesterday.
     "Deke.....I......look I'm sorry for saying all those things to you yesterday, I just thought that you were trying to get at Justin, but I know you're not. I'm not mad at you for hitting me, I still want to be friends with you." Jon's eyes were filled with sorrow for me, how could I argue with that?

     "Jon, I'm really sorry for hitting you. I still want to be friends, too." I looked at Justin, he was smiling at me. Maybe I was harder on Jon and myself. Jon was a good guy, just confused; I was really a good guy, I was confused, too. I got out of the pool and put my robe back on. I went into my house and let them in with me. I ran upstairs and took a quick shower. As I got back dressed in my room, I heard the fornt door open and close, they had left. I rushed to get fully dressed and ran out of my room and down the stairs. I saw Justin and Jon still in my house, with someone else. I looked at the third person. He was our age, my height, cute as Apple Pie.....or something like that, and had boyish good looks that you could see in real life to describe. It took me a second to figure it out; it was Tommy! I noticed I had been frozen and staring for quite a bit, and 3 pairs of eyes were on me now. I had seen him in pictures before, but he looked MUCH better in real life.

     "T...Tommy.......", I said as I trailed off.

     "Deke.....I'm.....here." I guess we were both a bit nervous, but we were friends and have been for a while now, there was no reason to be. So, I walked over to him and gave him a hug. We broke our hug, I noticed he was looking at Jon and Justin standing right beside us.

     "Wow....you're really here....I....I can't believe it! Don't worry about them.....they're cool." I said, pointing to Jon and Justin. I introduced everyone, and they shook hands.

     "Are you two going out or something?", Jon asked. I burst out laughing. Tommy made a nervous laugh.

     "No.....we're just good friends! Tommy just moved here and this is the first time we've seen each other in person. Tommy has a boyfriend already anyhow." Tommy nodded his head, he looked nervous.

     "A boyfriend huh? You looked it when you came in Tommy, but a boyfriend, I never would have thought THAT", Justin said. Tommy, looked surprised by it the comment. I couldn't blame Justin for the comment, though.....I mean, what are the chances a gay teen would have a boyfriend? Yeah, well it happens, so deal with it, cuz it was happening now, two-fold.

     "Yeah, that's right, he's.....he's a great guy, too. His name is Mike, he lives where I used to live in Florida. We're in love!", Tommy said, I knew he always liked bragging about his boyfriend.

     "Sounds like a great guy", Jon said.  Tommy nodded, but he had something on his mind. "Now that the bloody bunch of us knows each other, lets go get a bite to eat for lunch.", Jon said. I always thought it was cliche for Eglish guys to say bloody all the time, I guess not, or maybe Justin just liked Jon saying that.
    After lots of deciding, we agreed on a burger joint downtown, about 15 minutes from my house. Jon and Justin walked in front of Tommy and I. Tommy told me about his trip, moving in, coming to my house and all that. We already knew EVERYTHING about each other anyways, all I could do was tell him about the town. Every once in a while I'd catch Tommy staring at me, and he'd quickly look away, only to be staring seconds later. I quietly said "what" one of those times, he told me that he liked the Nike shirt I was wearing. Something was very odd about that, very suspicious. I know I didn't say it before, but I just couldn't believe that Tommy, one of my best friends ever, was here with me, and we could do all those fun things that we had said we'd do when we finally met. If he was single, I'd be all over him.......but I've learned my lesson. We arrived at the burger place and got a table. Jon sat next to Justin and Tommy sat next to me. We all coincidentally ordered hambugers and cokes. After we ordered, Jon went to the bathroom, the "loo" as he called it or something, and Justin picked out some quarters from his pocket and played an arcade game, leaving Tommy and I alone to talk at last. Tommy looked nervous, he probably just wanted Justin and Jon to like him.

     "Relax......they like you!", I said. Tommy didn't say anything right away.

     "Huh? Oh, yeah....I know Deke. I was just thinking of something, that's all.", Tommy nervously said.

     "What is it?", I asked.

     "It's not important right now.........So...Justin and Jon seem nice. Are you......good...friends with any of them? Or just....friends"

     "Just friends, definately! Justin and Jon are in love with each other anyways, so I try not to........", Tommy smiled, I also liked how suttle my comment was.

     "That's good........th...that they're in love.....that's good. S....so.....do you have a boyfriend y....yet?", Tommy took a nervous sip of his water, the glass shaking in his hand. I knew something was wrong, but I didn't wanna ask him.

     "No....<sigh>....not yet, everyone I know is either straight or single...HEHEHE!", Tommy snicker a bit. "I recently found out that Justin was in love with Jon, cuz Justin moved, right next door to me, and all the way from Texas. He moved here just so he could be with his boyfriend. I think it's a bit romantic, but he'd also have to be some kinda nut to change his whole life for someone. What do you think Tommy?" I looked at Tommy and found him gulping his water down.

     "What I think, D...Deke? I...I think I need the bathroom!" Tommy said with a squeek. Tommy got up and ran to the bathroom. The waitress then came with our food and drink. Justin was still playing the arcade game. I walked over to him, his face was in deep concentration like an arcade junkie's would be. I put my mouth up to his ear.

     "Our food is here!", I said loudly. He jumped when I said it.

     "Geez! Ok this is my last quarter.", Justin said.

     "So, what do you think of Tommy?"


     "Yeah...hey....what was that?

     "What, was what?", he snapped back at me?

     "That, hesitation, tell me what you REALLY think."

     "I just have a hunch."


     "He's holding something back.....from all of us. He's not telling us something. My mom used to be a lawyer, I'd know."

     "Hmm.......you could be right. There's just something strange going on. I've known his for a while now, this CAN'T be what he's like. Maybe he's having trouble with his boyfriend.....from moving and all."

     "Possibly......well, that's it for me, let's eat." Justin turned around to an empty table. "Hey! Where is everyone? Didn't Jon go into the bathroom like five minutes ago?"

     "Yeah, maybe he was waiting for you in there, or just talking with Tommy."

     "I'll check it out, you stay here so no one steals the food!" Justin ran into the bathroom. I sat down at the table alone. I didn't wanna start eating without anyone. Tommy walked out of the bathroom rubbing his eyes. He had obviously been crying. I never brought it up.

     "Do you want to stay or go Tommy?", I asked as Tommy sat down next to me.

     "Ummm.....I dunno, I'm really hungry, let's eat.", Tommy said. Justin and Jon popped out of the bathroom.

     "Ok, since we're all here now, we might as well eat." So we all ate in silence, Justin occasionally asking Tommy about himself, how we knew each other, about his boyfriend, about his school and all that, which seemed to make Tommy all the more nervous. By the time we all finished eating, Tommy couldn't even look at me in the eye. I knew he must've been having problems with his boyfriend because of his moving.

     "So......what shall we all do now?", Jon asked.

     "Gee.....I'm pretty tired. I had lots of fun today with all of you, but I think I should be heading home.", Tommy snapped.

     "Ok, let's take you home, Tommy.", I said.

     "Actually......Jon and I wanted to just hang around town for a while, but you two go ahead." Justin said. I guess they want time alone to do whatever boyfriends do. Me and Tommy paid our fair share and left. I glanced over at Tommy while walking, he was still worried about things. I put my arm around Tommy for the rest of the walk, he never said anything about it. About half-way to his house, he finally opened his mouth.

     "D...do you think that we could go over to your house? Umm.....there's nothing really to do at my house......with moving and all."

     "Ok......there's plenty to do at my house.....", I was cut off.

     "I bet.", Tommy seemed edgy, so I quit talking the rest of the way to my house. When we arrived, we went into the kitchen and got some sodas. I saw it was 3:00, only 2 hours before dinner, I was hoping Tommy would be able to stay for dinner, or with my parents, hope he couldn't stay for dinner, but I assumed he would anyhow. I went into my backyard, hoping he might wanna take a swim, Tommy was in the house for a minute, then joined me in the backyard.

     "What were you doing in there?", I asked innocently, just joking.

     "Oh.....ummm......I just had to do something, it's not important." Tommy answered with a squeek. We both sat down on the pool chairs.

     "So.....do you want to go swimming or something?"

     "That would be cool, I didn't bring my swimsuit though."

     "Oh......I just thought since we were such good friends.......ummm.......I'll lend you one of my bathing suits if you want, Tommy."

     "Oh......I didn't know that you meant.........no.....I don't need my swimsuit", Tommy said with a smile on his face.

     "Alright then", I said. I undressed and jumped into the pool and began swmming around. I turned my back to Tommy and he undressed and jumped in, too. I played around with him for a while, spashing and swimming after each other.  For a while we swam in circles, trying to make a whirlpool. I looked at Tommy and saw he was having fun with me. He had looked nervous and scared all day, but now he was enjoying himself with me. I hadn't really taken the time to look at him, probably my conscience telling me hat he was taken, but I did look every once and a while, and he had a pretty cute body. Slim, not too much muscle, but not too little muscle either. My eyes forbade me to look at him under the water, I wondered if he was doing the same thing with me. We both got pretty tired after a while. I got out of the pool and wrapped a towel around my waist. He was coming out of the pool, so I turned around, holding his towel for him. He took it and wrapped it around his waist like I had. I sat down on one of my pool chairs and sipped my soda. Tommy opened up his soda and laid back in his chair.

    Tommy still had a smile on his face. "So, you feeling better, bud?"

     "Yeah, Deke, this has been a great day. I'm so glad I could meet you.", Tommy replied.

     "Good, it looked like you were nervous about something a while ago, I hope you're fine now."

     "Yeah, I'm ok now." Tommy took a gulp of his soda, so did I.

     "That's good, so do you have to be home anytime soon?"

     "No...not really...if it's ok with you parents...could I stay for dinner?" Crap, my parents. I knew I'd have to face my parents sometime or they'd know something was definately wrong with me. I took another swig of my soda.

     "My parents......no.....I don't think they'd mind. Sure, you could stay for dinner, maybe sleep over here, if you really want." Tommy's eyes lit up at my suggestion, he leaded forward in his chair.

     "Yeah sure, that's be great, my house would probably be a mess anyways. Staying the night here would be much easier on my parents." Then it was settled, Tommy could spend the rest of the day and night with me. I was contemplating the things we could do. I took another sip of my soda and let out a slight burp. Tommy snickered, then I realized I had to go to the bathroom. I excused myself and ran back into the house and to the bathroom. I undid my towel and did my business, which seemed to take about an hour! Well, with two sodas in the last 4 hours, I wasn't that surprised. I put my towel back on, even though I wasn't that wet anymore and left the bathroom. I went into the kitchen an was about to open the door to my backyard, but then I saw something on the table that I hadn't seen before; it was a piece of paper, face down on the table. I went over to it and turned it over to see what it said. It was a note from Tommy, who was still outside. I suspected that he left it here for me to read later, after he had gone. I began to read it:

     Dear Deke,
               If you are reading this, then you must be alone right now and I went back home after spending the day with you. I have some confessions to make. Not all of what I told you about myself is true. First of all, I was never popular in school. I was picked on and abused all the time for being gay, I needed to move because of it. Second, I don't have a loving boyfriend named Mike, I made that all up. I did have a best friend named Mike that I was in love with, but when I confessed my love to him, he beat me up and told everyone about it, which led to my school abuse. Third, I told you that I just got into your school, but the truth is that I got into your school over a month ago, I just couldn't bring myself to tell you. The reason I couldn't tell you is that I'm in love with you, and I have been for the past month. You're the nicest person to me, and the cutest and sweetest guy that I have ever met. I had been emotionally scarred with what happened with my friend, Mike. I just couldn't bring myself to tell you in person, I didn't know how you'd react. I didn't want what happened to me happen again, and I don't ever wanna think about it again. Deke, I moved here to get away from my old life, and also so I could be with you. I just hope you don't find me to be a mental patient or anything. I just love you, more than anything else, and I know meeting you will make me happy for the rest of my life. I also hope you can love me back, if not as a boyfriend, then just a regular friend, but know that I will never stop loving you!

     I was blown away by this! I read it over and over, seeing if it was in fact for real. My mind was going a mile a minute, I didn't know what to do. There was a cute boy, who I labeled one of my best friends ever, in love with me, waiting outside for me.........no.........standing right behind me! I didn't hear the door open or close, I was too much in awe of the whole thing. I froze in fright, even though there was nothing to be scared of, but maybe there was, Tommy moved here inspite of me, what could I say about that, it was almost as if he was doing what Justin did. Actually, it was EXACTLY was Justin did, except for me, but would we turn out to be like Justin and Jon? Our names didn't even start with the same letter! I loved Tommy, but could I love him as more than a friend? If I could, then I'd know in the next ten minutes, it wasn't something to be thought over and decided upon.

     "Hey, what are you.......?", Tommy asked. I turned around, he saw the note in my hand and was speechless; I was speechless. Suddenly, something hit the paper; it was tears. I had been building them up in my eyes, I felt sorrow for Tommy and the hard life he had lived, only to be changed in the hopes that I may be able to love him back. I had been looking down the whole time, so I looked up at Tommy's face. He saw the tears in my eyes. Tommy's eyes were tearfilled as well, and filled with fright. I wasn't sure what to do to make him feel better about himself. I had to do something, he put his whole heart into a letter for me, moved to my town for me, he loved me for me.

     "Tommy.....I....I.....I love you, too!" I said sincerely. Tommy looked into my eyes.

     "Do you mean it? It's not just our of pity........"

     "No, I really love you. I just never knew it until now. Until I found out that you love me and I was able to love you without shame." More tears welled up in my eyes and Tommy hugged me.

     "I'm so sorry for not telling the truth, I just didn't wanna be different, I didn't wanna be an outcast."

     "You're not different, none of us are!", I whispered in his ear. Then I broke our hug, wrapped my arms aroun his neck, and kissed him. He actually kissed back! It was incredible, we made sparks. I broke our kiss and led him into the living room and onto the couch, never letting go of him. I undid both our towels and we collapsed onto the couch while deeply making out. My cock was hard and his was too. He laid on top of me, grinding into me, shoving his tongue in my mouth and me sucking on it, and massaging my erect nipples. I rubbed his back and went further down to his ass cheeks. I gave his butt a playful squeeze and he moaned my name, which in turn only made me squeeze him and kiss him harder. I started licking and sucking  his neck as we grinded into each other harder, and Tommy's lips just moaned and grunted louder and faster everytime our erect cocks connected.

     "I want you, Deke!", Tommy moaned in my ear. That was the only thing he had to say to send me over the edge and into ecstasy. I came all over my chest and stomach and was breathing pretty hard, but Tommy kept kept on grinding into me, harder and harder. He started sucking and biting on my nipple.

     "Tommy, I love you!", screamed out. That sent him over the edge, sending shot after shot of cum of my already cum soaked chest. Tommy licked up all of the cum on my chest and opened his mouth and kissed me, letting me taste my own cum for the first time ever. It tasted sweet and different, but anything coming out of my Tommy's mouth tasted sweet. Yeah, he was my Tommy, all mine, and I was his. I glanced at Tommy's watch on my coffee table and saw that it was 4:45. I jumped up and almost made Tommy drop flat on my carpet.

     "Crap! We gotta get dressed, my parents are gonna be home soon! They can't find us like this or my life will be over." I said, picking up our towels and heading to our clothes, Tommy following right behind me.

     "Wait.....it wouldn't be THAT terrible if they found us.....right?", I turned around right before going outside and faced Tommy.

     "God......yes it would Tommy! You don't know my parents, I don't think they'd approve of our lifestyles, especially my dad, their belief systems are in the 60's. I don't want them to hurt you, I can't lose you!" Tommy gave me a big hug to make to feel better. "We dress now, talk later. You are spending the night, right?" Tommy made a huge grin.

     "Ehh.....I think I will!" I snickered and continued our trek to get dressed. We got dressed, then went back inside to destroy any evidence. Tommy picked up his note I had dropped while we hugged that first time in the kitchen. He was about to throw it in the trash, but I stopped him.

     "No", I said. "This note belongs to me now, it's to be kept in my heart, I want to cherish it forever." Tommy gave the note to me and I put it in my pocket. We continued on into the living room, we checked the couch and carpet for stains, and luckily found none. I heard my mother's car drive into the garage. Tommy and I ran up to my room, as if we were just playing in there. I couldn't resist attacking Tommy from behind and softly nibbling on his ear. Tommy took my hands and put them into his onto his chest. "In front of my parents, we're striaght, nice and straight, I can't keep my eyes or hands off you, but I......we have to, promise?", I whispering in Tommy's ear.

     "I promise, let's start start right.........................now.", Tommy said, turning his head and staring into my eyes, giving me one last peck on the cheek. I pulled off Tommy and went downstairs, as if we heard my mother just walk in the door. My mother greeted me and I introduced Tommy to her as a friend. They shook hands and I asked her if it was ok it he stayed for dinner and slept over. It was fine with her. We ate dinner when my dad got home. My parents asked Tommy questions about well......everything! We did what we promised each other and hardly made eye contact or blushed against each other. Dinner was pretty uneventful, except when my mother asked in Tommy had a girlfriend, to which he replied, "Yes, I am someone's boyfriend" and he gave me a quick look in the eyes. Yes, he was my boyfriend, now. Now that I looked at it, I couldn't believe how blind I was, I shouldn't seen it sooner earlier in the day. Tommy WAS deeply in love with me, with the glances at me, the nervousness, etc. My parents went out to a movie after at  10:30. School started on Tuesday and it was Friday, so we agreed to go to bed at 12:30, after the Late Show. We played around in my pool a bit, doing dives off of the diving board and what-not, which I don't recommend without a bathsuit for future reference, but it was still fun! We got into my bed and stripped to just our boxers by 11:25. Tommy laid on top of me, his back to my stomach. I rested my arms and hands on his chest, rubbing his nipples and stomach muscles every once in a while, but we generally held hands the entire time while watching TV. By 12:30, I found Tommy asleep on top of me, resting peacefully in my arms. I turned the television and light off and rolled us onto our sides. As my eyes closed, it crossed my mind that I should have started my nightly chatting with Tommy online. Then I remembered that Tommy wasn't at his computer waiting for me, he was right here with me, sleeping with me. Never in a million years did I think that we could ever get together, that I could find the love of my life this easily. Fate does funny things sometimes.

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