He's back! YAY! Not so long this time but hey, it's a damn fine story!

     How come I can never have a boyfriend? I mean, I have 5 good friends, 3 of them are gay, you'd think that there would be some sort of equalibrium, that there would be a split into 3 pairs. Isn't that perfect enough? No jealousies, no temptations, no sexual tension; just 3 pairs of mutual realtionships. No, guess not, sometimes I just loathe and admire what Justin and Jon have, what I don't have. I think I'm in love with Tommy, I just don't know if he loves me back. I want him in my heart more than anything, but he has a loving boyfriend, just my luck, right? All this bad shit always happens to me, love right out of my grasp. Can't I be in anyone's grasp? When do I get a damn break? Why do I have to be tortured like this? WHY!!!

     "Ow!", I screamed, a pain striking through my cheek. What caused my cheek to hurt? Then, I heard a voice, a sweet voice. I jolted in my bed and leaned forward.

     "Deke, baby, you screamed "why" in your sleep.", the voice said. I turned my head slightly to see Tommy, his face inches away from mine. I was still an unbeliever, like I was in The Matrix or something. Ok, if Tommy isn't really there, then I could move him with my mind. Shut up Neo, you ain't in The Matrix! I looked into Tommy's eyes, he looked worried, frightened even. I brushed my hand against his soft cheek. He was real! This was real! Everything around me is real! Before I knew what was happening I was being kissed. I kissed Tommy back. He began to open his mouth for some tongue action, but I resisted. I didn't know what was with me, but it had something to do with Tommy. We were both surprised, but I was more in the midst of thinking. Why did I scream "why"? Why what? come on Deke, think! Wait......I.......it all came out of me so fast; my face was buried in Tommy's shoulder, arms around me, my mouth going a mile a minute.

     "I don't wanna be alone! I don't wanna die alone! I don't wanna be without anybody! I need someone to be with!", I cried, tears running down my face and down Tommy's chest. Yesterday I had never really taken to account Tommy being with me, he was just.....there. I never reacted to him being there for me, but he was, and I was.....reacting to it now. Tommy washed all of my fears away the moment I read that note, I knew I'd never be alone again. My mind was going too fast, I had to slow down. I shut my mind off temporarily and shut up. Tommy kept me in his warm embrace and swayed gently.

     "Shhh....baby, you're not alone, I'm here with you. Shhh.......I'll never leave you Deke, I love you.", Tommy said, so quietly. He stroked my hair and kissed my neck. "You've been wanting to do some thinking, I know you Deke, we were just so busy yesterday that you never had time to think things over." My crying subsided as his rubbed his hands lightly up and down my back. I took my face from his shoulder and looked at him. He had been crying himself apparently.

     "I'm such a fool, Tommy. I shouldn't be like this. You don't need to see me in this condition. I don't even know why you like me at all. I'm just too emotional, dumb, careless. I can't even tell you what dumb things I did yesterday. Just leave me Tommy, leave me and don't even come back!", I whispered. Tommy seemed in awe. He let go his hold on me and looked out my window.

     "This isn't you. I've known you for too long, Deke. I know why I love you. I love you because you're Deke, and you're the only one for me. I don't want anyone else but you. We're sole mates damn it! Some minor things that make you who you are won't keep me from you; they make me fall for you more than make me not want to be with you!" He faced me again. He seemed more determined to keep us together than anything, I still wanted us to be together too, but my mind was just on auto-pilot. I didn't want this to be happening, I didn't even know WHY it was happening; it was just years and years of lonliness and depression coming out in five minutes. Tommy had been expecting a response from me for a while now. He was about to put on his shirt when I grabbed his hand to stop him, then I lightened my grip on it so I was holding it with both hands.

     "Wait Tommy, I do want to be with you. You're my sole mate, right? I....I just needed to get some things out of my head, permanantly. I know you love me, and I know that I love you, too. Don't go, not yet. Let's spend the day together, as boyfriends this time, not nervous friends, please." I gave him some look and held his hand tighter. He melted in my arms and kissed me in a rush of passion. This time I kissed him back and he smiled indulgently. He pinned me by my wrists to the bed and raised his head to stop kissing me, just gazing at me with his dreamy eyes, which were filled with lust, love, and more lust for me. I felt the lump in his boxers poking me.

     "Oh, Deke, you make me so happy!" Tommy said. Without delay I freed myself from his grasp on me and led him by the hand to my bathroom. I turned my shower on to a warm temperature, stripped both of us by our boxers, and jumped in, him following right behind me. Tommy attacked me and held me against the wall and started sucking and licking at my neck like a crazed vampire, I love it! I responded by having my hand find its way to the lower part of his body and stroke him off to the rhythm of his sucking. He let out a grunt of approval and I felt his hand tightly grip my shaft and stroke it accordingly. I rubbed his back all the way down to his cheeks. Tommy's lips moved to mine. His tongue darted down my throat as we both pleasured each other. I could feel my orgasm building up and I started to moan in Tommy's mouth. He moaned with me. We both increased our pace on each other, I could feel he was getting there too. I lets my fingers roam is butt, slide up and down his crack, and finally push into it slightly. Tommy gave me a surprised look, then he smiled. "Keep doing that baby, I'm gonna cum soon!", he moaned, so I did keep doing it. I massaged his penis head and pushed my fingers ever more deeper into his sweet anus. My fingers swirled around a bit and Tommy complied by working and kissing me harder and harder. In turn I grunted and moaned his name over and over. Before I realized what was happening I passed the point of no return. I let out a whimper and my orgasm came out all over his stomach and dick. It was so intense that I had stop on Tommy for a second to make sure I could still stand, but eventually I returned to normal. I used my own cum as lubricant as his cock and sped up my pace more. He moaned and bit at my ear lobe. My fingers went deeper into is sweet hole, but before I could go any further his cock swelled up in my hand and shot rivers of cum all over my stomach and hand. He collasped on top of me and I held him tight, letting the water run over us, cleansing us. I took my cum soaked hand and entered it into Tommy's mouth, which he licked clean of cum with his vacuum of a throat. Tommy took my hand from his mouth and rest his head of my shoulder, swaying with me as I was thinking. This was the first time I had thought with someone else in the shower, partly because I have always been in the shower alone. We rubbed shampoo in each others hair, enjoying just touching and being with each other. We finished up with our shower at last and got out. I guessed we had been in there for a half hour, time just didn't have any meaning when I was with Tommy. We dried each other off and did our hair. I guess he had to make his hair just perfect because as I put my boxers back on he was arguing with his hair, that it wouldn't do what it wanted him to do. I left him to his hair while I left the bathroom.

     When I got out of the bathroom I saw Justin and Jon cuddling on my bed watching tv. They both turned to me and smiled. Jon took his hands away from Justin, but Justin just put them right back. I was a bit embarassed having a naked Tommy in my bathroom, but I still wanted to humor the moment.

     "Hi boys, when did you get here and how did you get into my room?" I said, crossing my arms. Justin looked suspiciously at me like I had asked him what 10 plus 10 was.

     "Well............your mother let us in and she told us to go into your room. So we went in and you were in the shower apparently, so we yelled that we were here like.....five times.......you never answered. Yaday, yada, yada, here we are.", Justin said. Jon nodded with him.

     "How did you get into my room?" I said slowely, letting them know exactly what I wanted to know. "Wasn't the door locked? I always remember to lock it."

     "That bloody do' wasn't locked. I guess last night your mind was concentrated on........other matters, ay mate?" Jon said, looking down at Tommy's clothes and then peeking into the bathroom. They must've figured it out by now if not before, but I still played dumb.

     "My mind wasn't concentrated on anything. Now if ya'll don't mind I'd like to get dressed in pea......." I was interrupted my Tommy walking out of the bathroom and talking.

     "Ok I finally finished", Tommy said in a queerish way. He turned to the duo on the couch, I quickly sidestepped in front of Tommy to hide his anhood from them, I didn't wanna make them jealous either. "Oh....hello, umm......Jon, hello....umm......J....Jason?"

     "Justin", Justin snapped at him, then he smiled. Jon smiled, too. There was an awkward silence between the four of us, then I turned around to face Tommy.

     "Get dressed for our guests please!", I said.

     "Yes, sir.", Tommy said back. He kissed me hard and long right in front of them, he obviously wasn't embarassed by anything, I admired it. He broke off of me, then went into the bathroom and closed the door. I turned around again.

     "Well, well, we.......", Justin attempted to say.

     "Don't even say it, I know." I said, anticipating Justin's words. He looked down like he was ashamed, then up at me again.

     "We'll see you downstairs Deke." he said as he got up with Jon. They both walked to the door and Jon exited. Before Justin walked out he turned me around and spoke to me. Congratulations Deke, I'm truly happy for you.......and Tommy, he's a great guy." Justin said, smiling. He gave a quick peck on the cheek and joined Jon. I could only smile back at him for his kindness. Tommy came out of the bathroom and quickly got dressed. I put some new clothes on and we headed downstairs. It seems I'm always being surprised by someone while coming downstairs because I saw my best friend Bryan chatting with Justin. I cleared my throat to let know Bryan that I was there. He turned around to face me.

     "Well......are you ready?", Bryan asked me, arms crossed.

     "Ummm.......no?" I blankly said.

     "Oh my god! You don't even remember! We were supposed to go out!" Bryan yelled. I started to remember promising him that we'd go to the mall so he could check out the pretty girls there. I had no clue my he'd want me to come along, I had no idea of what a pretty girl looked like. I heard feet shifting behind me and I turned around to see Tommy with his arms crossed like he was mad at me. I half turned around to face Bryan again.

     "Oh, yeah.......you wan't me to with you to the mall to.......cruise for chicks.", I said, emphasizing chicks for Tommy. I glanced at him and he let his guard down, relieved.

     "Now wait a second here Deke, who is this exactly? He only just came in when you joined us. down here." Justin said, smiling.

     "Oh, I'm sorry boys." I said, pointing everyone out as my friend and saying there names, Jon of course he knew already, then I got to Bryan, "Everyone....this is my b.....best friend Bryan." Justin's eyes widened. I know I claimed Justin as my best friend, I completely forgot about Bryan, but...well......maybe I could have two best friends, one for each faction of my life. I have a striaght life and a gay life, yeah that's right, I think I can handle juggling both. No! That can't be, my straight life collapsed on top of me yesterday, and I didn't think I wanted to go back. "Bryan....today isn't such a good day. I'd really love to see you leer at girls with bog boobs all day, but you caught me on an inconvenient day."

     "Aww...come on! What's so important that ya have to do today? You're never busy, you promised me we'd go! I'm sure you're friends would LOVE to join me, right?" I turned to everyone and saw they weren't in the mood for looking at pretty girls.

     "Ehh........I don't think they want to go Bry. We were planning on just swimming or...other activities." I knew the innuendo was clear to everyone else. Jon make a quiet snicker and Justin had to cover his mouth to keep him from laughing.

     "Well I'd see why you wouldn't want to go Deke, why not everyone else? Are they gay or something? I mean......you know." Bryan said. We all stopped laughing and just roamed our minds looking for answers to his question. I couldn't believe he asked that! I decided to open my mouth first so he wouldn't get suspicious.

     "Well.......see the thing is........oh fuck it! You know what Bry........you know what? We ARE gay. All of us. Yeah that's right......and you know what? Tommy right here behind me is my boyfriend, and we're in love! That's why we don't want to look at the stupid girls!" I covered my mouth quickly, hoping that all those wrods didn't come out. Bryan eyed every last one of us. I knew he could handle being with one gay person, but four.......maybe that was a bit too uncomfortable for him. Justin and Jon looked at each other, then took a step backwards and a step away from each other from the embarassment of coming out to  Tommy did the opposite and surprised me by putting his wrm around me and giving me a big wet one right on the cheek. Bryan was even more shocked by this! without delay he grabbed me by the arm, leaving Tommy behind and let me outside and shut the door behind us. He released my arm from his grip, knowing he was hurting me.

     "What the hell was that?" Bryan helled. I seemed more coy and nonchalant at the time. I didn't care if Bryan didn't approve. It was my life, my lifestyle, my boyfriend, my friends, MY choice! Who had absolutely no power to affect this, no matter what he did. Love was stronger than hate.

     "Well Bryan, I believe I just told you everyone in my house was gay, and then my boyfriend kissed  me deliciously, any problem with that?" Bryan looked as if he was going to explode. I never acted this way around him before.

     "I know that you baffoon! Look, I know I told you that I didn't care when you said you were gay, but....I just never thought that you'd be different, that you'd meet other poeple. I mean, what are the chances that you'd meet 3 other gay people? Ok, 1/30 it's a long shot, but also have a boyfriend? I just can't handle that, I'm straight. Look, when you return to hetero mode again, we'll do this, ok?"

     "No....I...I don't want to, I want to be with Tommy, and I think that you should just get used to it that I have other friends not like you, and that I like being around my boyfriend!" I said, making my plans clear enough to him. If he said he couldn't handle it, I was prepared to never see him again.

     "I don't even know how you can spend so much time around guys so much anyways, and stop saying BOYFRIEND, it's gross!"

     "It's gross, meaning that I'm gross, too?" I snapped back at him.

     "No, I didn't......maybe....oh....I dunno. Deke, this is too weird for me, look I'm gonna go now. Cyah around." Bryan said, walking away. I didn't have the heart to call him back. It would be too weird having him around my friends anyways. So, I just let him go, I'll have him figure it out for himself, I had more important things to do, not that I didn't care, I did, but this was the last weekend of summer, and I wanted to suck (no pun intended) all that I could out of Tommy before school. I loped back inside the house. Tommy greeted me with a condolence hug, but I assured him everything was alright. I looked over at Jon and Justin, who were waiting for me to speak. I had to make sure we were all cool with each other or the day would be ruined.

     "He's gone, he....just couldn't handle it. Don't worry, he's harmless." Jon bgreathed a sigh of relief but Justin didn't let it go.

     "Are you so certain? I mean, first you pull us all out of the closet to this kids, and then you make out right in front of him! You know where I'm coming from here, you'd better be damn possitive!" Justin exclaimed.

     "You're overreacting, he's my best friend, he's been cool with me for a while now. he absolutely can't do anything, he didn't even look that mad, he just had to think, I mean come on let's forget about it! I mean....just chill of ok. You're my best friend, you know?" I said. Abviously convincingly enough to cool Justin off a bit, because I saw him smile and tear up.

     "Ok, I trust your judgement, Deke. I was just worried, you know? Things don't exactly have a way of working out with me, I don't want to get hurt again.", Justin sobbed.

     "Bloody hell Justin, ya heard 'im. He said everything's alright, so just let me wipe those tears," Jon whispered in that English accent Justin loved to hear, kissing his eyelids, "off of your face." Justin turned to Jon face to face and started making out with him, wrapping his arms around him and grabbing his bum. Me and Tommy leered at each other, smirking.

     "It's too early for this, come on let's go do something." I said.

     "It's.......one o'clock hun." Tommy said, checking his watch.

     "One o'clock! Good lord! How late did we sleep until?" I calculated in my head when we woke up. We were in bed for about 20 minutes, half hour shower, 15 minutes out of the shower in my room, about 10 minutes downstairs. My eyes widened at how late we woke up. "That's about 11:45, that's terrible! School starts in a couple days." Tommy shrugged and I playfully hit his shoulder. "We're going, now!" Justin stopped his advances on Jon.

     "What are we to do? I want to go to a show........er..aah.....movie", Jon said. Justin complied. Tommy agreed too, so I agreed with him. The uniplex was only a short walk away, but we walked fast just in case we were about to miss a show. When we got there, the movie playing was Blair Witch Project, which we all wanted to see badly, we got there just in time for it. We ordered some sodas and popcorn and found some nice seats and sat down. The movie didn't start yet so we struck up some Blair Witch convo.

     "Hey guys, I heard this really happened and that this footage is real, not actors." Justin said, sipping some of his soda.

     "I don't think it's real, I mean, could you market something like that and make money off of it?" I argued.

     "No, I think Justin is right. I saw this program on tv about Blair Witch, like interviews with the victim's families and stuff like that. I swear it's gotta be for real!" Tommy said.

     "It's immoral, they couldn't show real stuff in the theaters." Jon said. We all argued about it for another five minutes before the movie started.. I'd have to say that this was a very different kind of movie than I'd normally see. It was so weird. First of all, there were no previews, it just went right into the movie. No credits either, it just "In 1994, three filmstudents..............a year later, their footage was found", then showed the BWP logo, then the footage. I thought the beginning was pretty goofy with all of the interviews, but the woods scenes were absolutely terrifying! Tommy and I were sharing a popcorn and during the scary scenes we'd both put our hands in the bag of popcorn at the same time and end up holding hands. I'd catching him staring at me every once in a while, and I just smiled at him and he smiled back. At one point he rested his head on my shoulder and I leaned my head against his head. A couple of times I was curious as to what the others were up to, and I'd see Justin sneaking a quick kiss at Jon, or Jon rubbing Justin's inner thigh. I thought it was sweet, so I tried seeing if rubbing Tommy's leg would be fun. I brushed my hand against the side of his leg and he glanced over at me quick. I had his attention, so I rested my whole hand on the top of his leg. He jumped at first, almost spilling his soda, but then he saw it was my hand and put his hand on top of mine. Luckily, it was one of those very rare dull moments in the movie, lots of yelling and swearing, so I started to move my hand in a circular motion, going closer and closer to Tommy's inner thigh. He turned his head that was on my should and started kissing my neck and my cheek, then he moved my hand over to his crotch. I looked around to see if anyone could be looking, no one was sitting near, the theater was practically empty now that I noticed, and Justin and Jon were doing their own making out thing, so I turned my head towards Tommy's and dove my tongue into his mouth, while at the same time slowly rubbing his crotch.

     "I love you, Deke." Tommy whispered, putting his hand over my already hard crotch and rubbing it. I kissed him harder and more seductivly, our tongues connecting in hot passion. He unzipped my pants and let my erection free from its confines. I made one last look around to make sure no unwanted spectators could be looking. Notice I said unwanted, meaning that Justin and Jon look all they wanted. Even though they were making out, I'm pretty sure they peeked every once in a while to see what was up (no pun intended). I unzipped Tommy's pants and started stroking his hard cock. He let out a moan and started on mine. It was a totally new experience to have someone else work on me other than me. It was probably his first time, too. He bent me over so he was kinda leaning on me, he kissed me deeper and more emotionally, I thought I was going to die from the pleasure. I worked him harder and harder while he did the same. His breathing became faster, I knew he was close. I nodded my head, letting him know I was close, too. He let out a final soft moan, moaning my name, that was it for us. I thrust my hips into his hand and let loose all that I had. He caught all of my cum in his hand as it came out, my orgasm was so intense I lost my sense of direction. When I came to he had cum in my hand. Tommy took his cum from my hand with his cum-soaked hand and put it in our mouths, then he kissed me still, letting our semen mix. It was a whole new taste in my mouth really. I had tasted my own cum before, but not some else's, I'd have to say that it was great!

     "That was great babe, I love you!" I said, catching my breath, also putting what once was hard back in my pants and adjusting myself. Tommy put his back, too.

     "My pleasure hun, it was gooooood!" Tommy said, sneaking one last kiss.

     "You're a cum eating freak, you know? I think you're turning me into one, too!" We both snickered to each other. We watched the last 20 minutes of the movie holding hands tightly. They were far scarier than the other parts. My heart of racing the entire time. Well I was shocked by the ending, it was confusing, and I had no idea was was happening, but it was still cool how we didn't get to see what happened, it lets your mind make up what was going on behind that camera. As we were walking out, we talked about the movie of course, Justin was scared out of his wits by the movie, I thought it was funny.

     "Relax Justin, it's just a movie, it didn't really happen." I said, trying to calm him down.

     "No, that was so real, it did happen. What do you think Tommy?" Justin said, his voice trembling. Jon could hardly contain his laughter at how scared Justin was, but he was still trying to comfort him.

     "Well.......I really didn't pay much attention to the movie, so I..........", Tommy was cut off by someone behind us.

     "I know it's not real." We all turned around to see Bryan. He had been in the movie theater with us. How much of what Tommy and I do did he see?

     "Bryan.....this is a surprise. So....you liked the movie." I said. Bryan's face turned diabolical.

     "Yes, I enjoyed the movie, but I didn't like what I saw during the movie." Bryan said, not amused by anything.

     "So? You didn't have to look!" Tommy said, protecting me.

     "I HAD to, I was sitting five rows behind you while you all did your queer things. Oh yeah, I'm sure those 2 didn't have to look either, right?" Bryan said, pointing to Jon and Justin. Our faces turned to each other.

     "No, no, it's not like that Deke. We only looked for a second to see what you were doing." Justin said. Jon nodded with him.

     "Ok I believe you Justin, it's ok, I looked, too, for a second." I said, smiling. They were both relieved. I looked back at Bryan, who was surprised by what just happened.

     "You're not mad? It's perverted!" Bryan yelled.

     "Of course not, they're my friends, and they're only human, right?" I said.

     "Human, normal humans don't act like that, you've changed, Deke." Bryan said, walking away from us.

     "Your tricks won't work here Bry, I've got real friends now!" I yelled at him. He didn't turn around. I lowered my voice to normal again, "He's just realizing that I have a life, he's always taken me for granted, now he sees it." I turned to Tommy who was in utter dismay.

     "Wh....what we did wasn't queer, was it? I mean........it sounds like such an evil and terrible word." Tommy said.

     "Tommy.......it's just a word, you do what makes you happy, we all do, that doesn't make us evil." Jon said.

     "I just never thought it that way before, Jon." Tommy said, hold onto my arm. "Come on, let's go." Tommy really never embellished on that fact, so I left it alone. We ended up going over to Justin's house and playing some games in his basement for the rest of the day, playing some intense games of billiards and darts and all that good stuff. I don't know how it happened, not sure when either, but Tommy got hold of the info that Justin had a waterbed. When he told me he found out, he had this devilish look in his eye, then grabbed me by the arm and ran us to his room. We layed on it for a little while with only our boxers on, just enjoying the feel of it and being with each other, not saying a word. Then we just got to some light talking.

     "Have I told you recently that I love you?" I asked. Tommy nuzzled into my chest and clothed hisn eyes.

     "Nope, not recently. Geez I'm so tired." Tommy said.

     "I love you baby! We've only been together for a day now and I can't even remember what my life was like without you." Tommy looked up into my eyes.

     "I know, but for me, I was yours as soon as we met." I wrapped my arms around him and he sighed.

     "I wish everyone else could see how great you are, especially before school, cuz when school starts it gets difficult to be social." I said, kissing Tommy on the forehead.

     "Summer isn't over yet.......maybe you should have like a party or something, invite some friends so I could meet them." Tommy said. I had to admit that was a very good idea, but school was on Tuesday, if I had a party it would be on Sunday, tomorrow.

     "There's an idea, but if I had a party it would have to be tomorrow."

     "Yeah so? Why not? Let's have it at Justin and your place, it's perfect. You have a pool and he has a game room filled with things to do." Tommy said, playing with my nipples.

     "You know what baby? That might not be such a bad idea after all."

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