Ahh, the long awaited Deke 6, been a while huh? Though it was over did ya? Well think again! MU HAHAHAHAHA! So, without anymore interruptions:

Deke 6

     We walked into back into Justin's basement, finding he and Jon necking on the couch while Titanic was on HBO on his tv. I cleared my throat softly to let them know that they had company. They didn't stop, or even seem to notice or hear us. Jon layed on top of Justin and started taking each other's shirts off. Justin flung his shirt behind him across the room, Jon tried to do the same with his shirt, but he through it at a weird angle and it ended up on his back.

     "Shit, just a sec, love." Jon said, taking his lips from Justin's at last. I butted in and picked his shirt off of his back, feeling devilish and nonchalant after grinding into my lover and holding him for about an hour on a waterbed.

     "No worries chaps, I'll take that for yas!", I exclaimed. Justin pushed Jon off of him onto the other side of the couch. They were both breathing hard and had embarassed looks on their faces. Jon took his shirt from my hand and covered the bulge in his pants with it. Justin covered his with a pillow.

     "You guys were gone long, didn't expect you back so soon." Justin said, catching his breath, then got a suspicous look in his eyes after staring my boyfriend down. "Not on my.....oh my god, my bed!" Justin  jumped off of the couch and ran upstairs, Deke rushed after him, swearing that we didn't do anything on his bed. I stood there for a while, then realized that I was alone with Jon after a somewhat awkward situation. He put his shirt back on and slid over to make room for me on the couch. I sat down next to him as he flipped the channels on the tv.

     "Sorry if I interrupted something back there." I said, giving Jon a faint smile. He turned to look at me.

     "Eh.... t'was nothing really Tommy, Justin was just getting turned on while watching that movie, Titanic. You know, that bugga' DiCaprio." Jon said while grinning. I chuckled at the thought of Justin getting turned on by a star in a movie, but it subsided because I was more interested in other things.

     "So, how did it go last night?" I asked. Jon hesitated for a second, then blurted it out.

     "I....I choked, Tommy. Really, I gagged as soon as I started." Jon looked down as if ashamed. "Justin said it was ok, but I could've done better. I didn't even get it in all the way!"

     "Aww..don't worry about it, you'll get better at it, in time." Jon looked up and gave me a warm smile.

     "I want to sooooo bad, don't you with Deke?" He should have known that was a dumb question to ask, or maybe he didn't know the extent of my love for him yet.

     "Well, yeah, of course I do. Remember yesterday in the bathroom at the hamburger place? I told you that there was only one man for me, one soul for me, one person I want to share all of my feelings with? And then I said it was Deke........" Jon cut me off mid-sentence.

     "So you're saying..............", he trailed off.

     "I'm saying.......that I want to do anything and everything with my love. EVERYTHING", I stressed everything, he got the point.

     "Everything, heh, that's what we all want. Cheers mate!" He cupped his hand as if holding an imaginary glass. I held up my imaginary glass and clinked it with his. I had enough of chit chat, I promised Deke I'd mention the party idea to Jon and Justin, and I'm a man, err, boy, of my word.

     "You know, I was speaking with Deke upstairs, and I was just thinking that it might be cool to have, you know, like a........a party or something." Jon's mind was at work, it only took him a minutes to respond.

     "A bloody party? Where, and who would we invite?"

     "We'd have it at Justin and Deke's houses tomorrow. Deke has a pool and Justin has all this." I said, waving my hand to indicate the room we were in. "And we'd invite all of our classmates. We could use the school directory to call everyone. Come on, what do ya say man?", I said, Jon turned th tv off.

     "Well, the problem isn't the idea of a party, or what to bring, it's that, well, Deke and I wouldn't be called very popular at school. In fact Tommy, we could be considered the nerds of our grade."

     "Oh", was all I could blurt out. So what? We all used computers and were nerds, but I couldn't really see Deke or Jon, being the great guys they were, not being popular. I mean, where are the superfical kids who hang out with the good looking people, these guys! Well, if Jon didn't think he could coax people into coming, then Deke probably wouldn't think he could either. I live in Florida, I know how people act in Florida, I know what people go for in Florida. They go for someone new, something different, something so incredibly pleasing to the eye that they would consider themsleves insane if they didn't pursuade it. I had it right in my hand without damn knowing it, I had.......

     "Justin!", Deke yelled to him while they were running down the stairs. "First of all, that could be any of ours, right?" Justin ran across the room to put his shirt on. I felt soft hands playing with the hairs on the back of my head. I could have taken Deke again, right there in front of everyone, again!

     "Wrong Deke, cuz we haven't done anything in my bed yet, and that one I foud was RIGHT on top of the sheets. I know it wasn't there before. I'm not mad, just say you did, and we'll forget it, k?" Jon cocked his bed towards me. The fingers on the back of my head paused.

     "Brace yourself", I murmured to Jon. He grinned at me. Then I heard Deke's voice again.

     "Justin, Tommy and I were.....naked together....on your waterbed." A short pause.

     "That's all I wanted to hear, but next time, go over to your house, k?", Justin said.

     "Yes sir!", Deke yelled happily. His hands massaged my neck again.

     "Well then, I guess I gotta change my sheets, be right back guys." I heard Justin run back up the stairs. Deke leaned forward and whispered softly into my ear.

     "Well?" I shook my head no and lept from my seat.

     "Keep my seat warm, I'll be back." I said to Deke, he sat down on the couch next to Jon and I ran upstairs into Justin's room, finding him putting new sheets on his bed.

     "Hi, Tommy", he sighed. "You guys really picked a bad time to make me change my sheets, my mom's gonna be home in like a minute."

     "Heh, sorry about that bud, won't happen again. On....a different topic, me and Deke had the idea of having a party tomorrow for all the kids in our grades. It would be here and at Deke's house, wouldn't be too many people." I said. Justin looked at mecock-eyed for a moment, like I asked him if he wanted a blowjob.

     "Seems like a good idea, but if it's tomorrow, well.........there'd be a lot of planning involved, and fast. First of all we'd need to invite people, we need food, we need money, we need music, we need to be insane........", I cut him off.

     "Was it so hard about it? We use the school diectory for people, pool our money for food, grab all of our spare CDs and players for music, it CAN work." Justin seemed intrigued now. A smile escaped his face.

     "I guess it could work, but first, before we do anything more, I need permission from my mother." Justin said, I nodded my head and was about to agree with him, but suddenly the phone rang. Justin picked the telephone in his room up. "Hello.....yeah........geez fine.......no I'll be ok.......you know when......wow, no I'll be fine.....yeah.....well can Jon sleep over again then.......I'll make sure he does......well if you must know we haven't......I swear......yeah.......we'll be ok, don't worry.......really.........eww please, I don't feel comfortable talking about this......it's ok......yeah......yeah......bye." He hung up the phone with a sigh.

     "Something wrong Justin?" I innocently asked. He turned his head to me,  then ran at me to hug me.

     "Tommy......we're having a party!" He yelled in my ear. He knocked me down ot the floor.

     "What? We can?" I asked, leaning forward. Justin got really excited and enthusiastic.

     "My mom has to stay at work for this patient in case of an emergency or something, she won't be home tomorrow night! Woo hoo!" He pulled me to my legs and ran the both of us to the basement, now getting me excited. Deke and Jon were watching tv when Justin and I started jumping up and down. I ran to the couch and leaped on Deke's lap and gave him a kiss to his surprise.

     "We're having a party!" I yelled, tugging at Deke's shirt. After 10 more minutes of cheering and when we all got out of breath, we united at Justin's kitchen table to make plans. I was good at plans, so I have the ideas in my head already, "Ok, this is what we do. We split into two groups, one group stays here to make phone calls to people to tell them about the party and to collect music. The other group goes to the store to get food, drinks, and party supplies. Not to hard, right?" Everyone nodded.

     "So what are the groups babe?", Deke asked me. Justin and Jon made more eye contact. I shook my head, I was smarter than that.

     "No, no, no, we want to be efficient here, if we split into the wrong pairs we won't get anything done. With that said, I will be one of the people to get the food, and Jon should come with me. That means that you and Justin stay here to do the rest, agreed?" Everyone except Deke was in disbelief.

     "So.....why can't Jon and I be together?", Justin asked. Deke rolled his eyes.

     "Because......you can't keep your hands off of each other, just like how Tommy and I would run off together naked and not get anything done if we were paired together.", Deke said, giving me this "I'm not fucking joking" look. I was in awe, I gulped, hoping that maybe we could be paired together so we could.......

     "You've made your bloody point, now before we go, we need money. I've got about 20, how about you Justin?", Jon said. Justin took out his expensive looking wallet and opened it up to show lots and lots of green stuff.

     "I've got........50.....100............a lot, how much you need?"

     "50, love, that should be fine.", Jon said. Justin took out a 50 dollar bill and handed it to Jon, who gave him a nice, long, very long actually, kiss in return. I wouldn't have believed it if I wasn't there.

~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~

     "How did it happen? Er.....you and Deke I mean, if you don't mind me asking." I said to Tommy as we scaled the junk food aisle, throwing in whatever we saw. He took a long time to answer though, possibly making sure that no one was around to listen, but the store was virtually empty. Empty, that's what I thought while at the movie theater earlier today. Bryan was such a punk to me in school, I never knew why. I remembered way back in fourth grade, when I first went to his school, after moving from Manchester, that he and a bunch of other kids always made fun of my accent. So I hardly ever spoke above a whisper to anyone other than a few kids, including Deke. Deke never knew it, but he was very much close to one of my best friends. Now, in the past 3 days, in almost an instant, we are best friends. Funny how things turn out, both of us being gay and having boyfriends. I always doubted that Deke could have been straight in all the years that we knew each other. Maybe it was my gaydar going off or something. Something in him, but viewable on the outside, screamed out "I'm gay Jon". I knew what it was now that I know he's gay. It was the way he looked at things, the way he talked, the way he dressed, the way he would touch his hair. Not fruityish persay, but just suttle to everyone. Everyone but me anyways, I observed him a lot over the years. We grew up together and both changed, but as I accepted being gay and looked at the world differently, I saw Deke doing the same thing, like we were the only two who did that in the universe. Yeah, I knew he was gay.

     "Well, taking into consideration what I told you about yesterday in the bathroom, I basically gave him that letter I wrote, and he just....well, melted into me, or something. It went all so fast, really. One minute I saw him reading the note, and the next we were both naked on his bed, it was the best day of my life." Tommy said, with a gazing into space kinda look on his face. I snapped him out of it.

     "That's so sweet....." I trailed off.  I stopped in my tracks by a tap on my shoulder. Tommy looked behind me and got wide-eyed. I turned around slowly, expecting to see Bryan, or some other kids from school who picked on me. It was.......it was Jen.

     "Didn't expect to find you here Jon.", she said. There was this weird look in her eyes, much different than normal, I couldn't put my finger on it.

     "Y....yeah, ummm.......I'm sorry you had to leave my house the other day, something just came up.", I said. I too a quick glance at Tommy, maybe expecting him to know what I was talking about. Jen looked at Tommy, then back at me, then back at Tommy and walked over to him.

     "Oh....I haven't seen you before......", Jen said innocently to Tommy, giving him a lookover.

     "Oh, ummm.....yeah, it's because I'm new in town, just moved in yesterday. I'm Tommy", Tommy replied. Jen's face turned to confusion.

     "Y....yesterday? I don't get it......."

     "Get what?", I shot at her. Jen didn't look back at me.

     "Weren't you at Jon's house a couple days ago?", she asked suspiciously.

     "Jon's house? I've never been to his house. I just moved here yesterday, what's the problem?" Tommy said, putting yet another bag of chips in our cart.

     "Jen, what are you talking about?" I said, laying my accent on thick, making her know I was serious. Then she turned back to me.

     "Jon, I know you're.....", she hesitated. I knew what she was going to say. I knew it. There was no doubt in my mind what 3-letter word would come out of her mouth. Yes, of course she was confused, I saw it now. It was Justin who came to my house, but I was here with Tommy. I didn't know if Tommy knew it or not, but he did act gay sometimes, noticably gay. Jen would sure of detected it, she's know he was gay, she ALREADY knew I was gay obviously, the wrong dots were connected for her. "........gay. I figured it out, and Deke vouched for it. I know you're gay too, Tommy." Tommy swayed as if about to lose his balance and faint. He held one of the shelves with both hands. I then realized that I wasn't saying anything either.

     "Can we talk about this another time, please? Ya bloody self already screwed up Tommy, next you'll be picking them out in large crowds!", I said in a rather loud voice. She got the point.

     "So it's a yes then, and you two are friends I guess.", Jen asked. We both nodded in succession. "So who was at your house that day then?"

     "Justin", I said in a dreamy voice, as if there was no other way I could say his name. "He's new to town as well, going to our school just like Tommy, too."

     "Wow that's cool." Jen said with a perky smile. Then turned to Tommy again. "So......you know about all this then. Say, do you know Deke yet? You'd like him, he's nice." Jen said. Tommy made a wide grin. Jen's face lit up. "Oh my god. No, no.......yes? Geez that's great, for all of you!"

     "Thanks", I said. Tommy nodded.

     "You know what? We all should hang out sometime, maybe tomorrow?" Jen asked. Tommy jumped in with the answer.

     "Well, there's party tomorrow at Deke and Justin's houses, Justin being Deke's neighbor and all. I guess you could come, everyone is gonna be there.", Tommy said. Jen of course, got just as excited as we had been.

     "Wow! A party, and at the end of this boring, boring summer. Yeah, I deifinately check that out! Well I gotta get home, been talking to you guys long enough." She turned to leave, flinging up a hand and waving at us. "Nice to meet you Tommy, you're a great guy." Jen added, but without turning around. When she left, I noticed that she didn't buy anything, maybe just came in here to chat with us. Tommy and I looked at each other and exchanged glances for a moment or two., then returned to our regularly scheduled programming. We finally finished with a wagon full of goodies. It came out to about $80, which was lucky because I had only $70, but Tommy had another $15. Party fever does some crazy things to you. One of which, for us, was completely forgeting how we would carry all of that stuff home. Not that there were too many bags, but that it was so heavy. Luckily, my abode was much closer to the small market we went to than Justin's house. So we toiled the 15 minute walk to my house, carrying four bags of soda or chips each. I didn't think that I could hold out for much longer, I didn't have much muscle on my body, and when we finally reached my house, I felt like my arms would fall off. Tommy, on the other hand, did have more muscle on his body than me, and he looked as though he couldn't have taken it much longer either. At reached my doorstep and dropped the bags and sank ot my knees. Tommy came up behind me and did the same, except he layed on his back.

     "We.......never....do.....that....again, I swear." I said, catching my breath. "Agreed?" Tommy let out a chuckle.

     "I'd say that I could live without doing that again! Geez, my back hurts. I'm gonna need a back massage.......", Tommy said.

     "That could be arranged, love.", I said with a smile, laughing with Tommy. I didn't know what was up with me. It felt so good to be resting after that long walk, I'd say or do anything just for the bloody hell of it!

     "Well, let's get started then, love", Tommy said in a terrible English accent, rolling onto his stomach. I laughed some more and crawled over to him and put my hands on his upperback and started massaging it playfully. I couldn't stop laughing, neither could he.

     "You are very tense in this area sir. I could go for longer, but I have other patients waiting.", I said. I heard him crack up .

     "Hehe.....but Raul, I'm so tense in other areas of my body, like my buttocks.", Tommy said. I let out a laugh again, but this time I got more self-concious. What was I doing? I had to stop touching Tommy, I was smarter than this, I didn't love Tommy like that, I was in love with Justin. So I pulled off of him. Tommy rolled over to face me. "Too far?"

     "A bit. It was fun but, I don't know. No, I do know. It was fun while it lasted.", I stuttered. I was even scaring myself.

     "I'm sorry Jon. It was like, all that walking and those heavy bags, and then laying down here, you know?" Tommy said, his voice shaking.

     "I know Tommy. I just stopped before things got out of hand.", I said, Tommy's face turned to confusion.

     "You don't trust me Jon? You think I'd try to make a move on you? You think I'm unfaithful to my boyfriend?", Tommy said, he sounded hurt and mad. I was doing it again, making people mad at me without even knowing it. It was my own fears that made me this way. I thought it was healthy to be paranoid about some things. Was I wrong? I didn't know, but I DID know that I had to clear this up with him.

     "I.......I've known you for 2 days Tommy. Two days. I'll believe anything you say, you're my friend. If you tell me you won't, I'll believe you, if you tell me you're faithful and that you love Deke, I'll believe you. I'm sorry, I don't want you to be bloody mad at me. You're one of my best friends in the world Tommy." Oh my god was I crying? A single tear dropped to the ground. Tommy went and hugged me tight.

     "I'm not mad at you Jon, it's not your fault. Please stop crying. I love you like one of my best friends, too. I never had any friends back where I used to live. I'm not mad, I don't want to lose you as a friend. Are you ok now bud?", his voice was really shakey, I could tell he was fighting back tears hard. He pulled away from me. I looked away from him and told him I was fine. "Ok Jon, then I'll tell you what you want to hear......"

     "No", I cut him off, "You don't have to, I know you." He nodded in understanding, then got back up and wiped himself off. "I could you use drink, you wanna come in for a sec?" He let a smile escape from him.

     "Yeah sure, but then we have to get back, they'll be worried sick about us."

     "I know, just a quick drink, that's all." So we went in, leaving the bloody bags where we left them. We walked right into the kitchen where my parents were, making dinner.

     "Jon, didn't expect you home tonight, you could've stayed more nights if you wished.", my mother said.

     "I know Mum, I just stopped in to say hello, that's all. Oh yes, this is my friend Tommy, he just moved in, going to my school as well.", I said. Tommy said "hello" to them.

     "Pleased to meet you. Well you two, if you wished to be in for tea, you missed it.", my mother said.

     "That's ok Mum, we were just in and out, that's all. We'll be gone in a minute or two." I said, pouring Tommy and I a glass of water each. "I'll be staying at Justin's again, tomorrow night too I suppose. I've been having lots of fun with him you know, these past couple days." I downed my glass like it was my first and last.

     "Yes son, we know.", Mum said with a grin on her face. "You've been having a bit of fun with him I've heard, his mother and I had quite a nice chat last night."

~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~     ~

     I took out the school directory as Deke had instructed me to and started making calls to  people in our grades' houses, except Bryan. I basically made a routine for each call call, and also depending on whether it was a boy or a girl's house I was dialing. If I was calling up a girl I'd say in my sexiest Texan voice, "Hi, my name is Justin Friers, I just moved into town, am going to go to your school, don't know many people. I'm having a party at my and my best friend Deke's houses. I thought that you would like to come to the party, which is tomorrow evening at *I say the address*, there will be lots of soda, chips, games to play, and things to do, there will also be a pool which you can use." Then I'd devilishly sweet talk to them for a minute or two util I get a straight answer out of them. If I was caling a guy, I'd say basically the same, except I'd at, "I play on many sports teams and many hot girls will be coming to the party", it was cheap and masculine, but it worked. Just about everyone I called said that they could come, which was 67 people, the amount of students in our entire grade. I was amazed at the low number of people in our class. At my old school back in Texas, grades were usually pack with about 300 students. With this school, you'd know just about everyone right away, and a party was a great idea. Deke's job, while I was working the phone, was to run over to his place and to my room to scout for good music to play. I had speakers all over my house, so there was no problem with people needing to hear the music. I finished my last phone call when Deke popped back in with a rather large amount of CDs. He dropped the pile right in front of me.

     "Here we are man, PLENTY for our music needs.", Deke said, plopping down in a seat at the kitchen table.

     "Let's see what we got here." I looked through the pile, seeing NIN, Green Day, R.E.M, Metallica, Smash Mouth, Bush, Moby, Prodigy, Smashing Pumpkins, Fat Boy Slim, Bare Naked Ladies, Creed, and White Zombie. Yeah, that looked like enough to me. "This is enough, Deke."

     "Good, cuz that's like every CD I got, hehehe!", Deke said, giggling. I tried to laugh, but hunger engulfed me.

     "What time is it?", I asked.

     "7:30, more or less. They left at about 6:30, should be back fairly soon." He paused for a moment, "Geez, I gotta get home and ask my parents if they'll sublet the pool to me tomorrow evening. It'll only take a second. No, actually come with me, maybe we can eat something at my house. We ran to Deke's house, where his dad was sipping coffee. I hadn't actually met Deke's parents before, possibly because they were so called "gay-haters".

     "Ahh.....Mr. Friers, so good to meet you. I met your mother yesterday, very nice woman.", Deke's dad said to me when we walked in. I said "hi" and shook his parents' hands.

     "Umm.....Dad, are you gonna be home tomorrow?", Deke asked. Deke's father looked at him like he was dumb or something.

     "Have you forgotten already?", he said.

     "What?", Deke asked, not having any idea of what he was talking about.

     "Me and your mother's anniversary is tomorrow, we won't be home all day tomorrow or the next day." Deke got a very surprised look on his face.

     "So.....it's ok if I have my friend Tommy for the night tonight and tomorrow then?", Deke asked. I had to hand it to him, he was just as needy to be in the same bed as Tommy as Jon and I were.

     "Well, yeah......I guess, if you really want to.", his dad said. We both detected something odd in his voice pattern.

     "Something wrong dad?", Deke asked. His father took a rather long silence to respond.

     "I want to look out for you, son. And I don't think you should be hanging around this Tommy character." I didn't get it. What was he talking about? He didn't want Deke hanging around with Tommy? Why not? Oh.......

     "Well, Deke, he seems a bit fruity. Don't you think?" I was right. He said it. I didn't believe it when Deke told me, but I believed it now about his parents. I just stayed there quiet.

     "So what?"

     "So what? He's gay Deke, I don't want you hanging around with a fag!

     "I.....can hang around who ever I want dad.", Deke started to stutter.

     "What's wrong with you? If you hang around them, you start being like them, taking suggestions from them. Heck, you've even started acting that way already, is that a way you want to act?", his father's voice got higher.

     "W...well......", Deke's voice was scared.

     "Let me finish", Deke was cut off from saying whatever we was bound to say. "I do not want you hanging around him. One thing will lead to another, and the next thing you know, you'll be pleasuring him. Now, tell me, do you want that? Huh, do ya?"

     "Umm......", Deke's sounded as if about to cry. I just stood there like a shadowm not knowing if I should interject.

     "Well answer me, son. Do you want to hang around that fag friend of yours, and eventually turn out to be like him? Do you want to be just another fag that has no morals, no friends, and no respect? Well, do you?"

     "YES! I love him! I'm gay, and I love him! I am a fag!"

    Hmm......a double cliffhanger. A story first! What will happen to Jon and Tommy and Jon's house, and Deke and Justin at Deke's house? Will they get in trouble? Get beaten up? Get a pat on the back? Get attacked my singing purple dinosaurs? Tis a mystery! Tune in next week, same Deke time, same Deke channel. Adios amigos!

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