Ok, after a kinda long wait, Deke 8 is here! *smilez* I'm very proud of this one and if I get a lot of feedback on it, then I'll start Deke 9 ASAP. Enjoy! :)

     Ok, so Tommy and I were walking around this ravishing Kentucky field one afternoon. It was a brisk afternoon. The air was cool, but not too cool. It felt like it was the middle of winter in Florida, that's how cool it was, so about sixty degrees. Tommy always brought me to this field, which he called "The Love Field". I think he called it that because the atmosphere was just right, never too hot or too cool, the pressure was perfect, and there were magnificent sights to see all around. Of the hundreds of sights, our favorites were the rose and posy field, good for running around in, the crystal clear lake, which contained fresh, sparkling spring water, and of course, the large, limestone boulder, where Tommy and I could see over the woods and peer at vast, unexplored lands.

     We had just arrived after a good morning of running after each other in the woods, following the lovely pond. We loved to follow that pond, never knowing where it started or ended. Tommy would sometimes disappear into the woods, hours at a time, trying to pinpoint the exact origin of if, but would always come back tired and disappointed. After a while we just gave up, and for the time being we used it solely for its wonderful tinkering sound it made, which has a sort of calming effect to it.

     It was quiet that day, save for the pond. Normally there were some bees buzzing around the rose and posy field, but not today. Today must have been special, special in the sense that something new and good may happen to us. We always just accepted the field to be good when we first started coming here. There was no Justin, no Jon, no evil parents, no Bryan, and nothing. We were the only people there; it was our personal place. Sometimes I feel as if we enter a time warp whenever we enter "The Love Field", transported back in time before man, when everything was safe and peaceful. There was not one sign of man or technology in the field or the woods. So why not assume that we had gone through a time warp?

     Tommy and I finished our walk along the perimeter of the field, now out of breath from the activities of the morning. I guessed that it was the afternoon now, since the sun was overhead. It didn't matter, for it only got dark when we wanted it to be, since time had no significance there. I started to lay down where we stopped, but Tommy pulled me up and led me to the limestone boulder, tugging at my arm like a little boy does his father when he is showing him a toy he wants. We finally arrived at the large boulder. Tommy looked into my eyes sensually and kisses me sweetly on the lips, causing my mind to lose even more of a grip from reality. Then he smiled and started climbing up the rocks, positioning his bare feet in the naturally formed steps in the rock. I looked at Tommy as he made his way up, actually I looked up his shorts. Whenever one foot went higher on the rock, his boxers would pull away the tiniest bit and I would be blessed with the sight of the beginnings of his cute butt. It was hard to climb the rock while horny so I looked away as he finished. When he reached the top his body disappeared from sight, then I saw his smiling face pop into view. I had to cover my eyes in order to see him clearly. He waved me up and I made my way up the rock, feeling the limestone on my hands and feet with each escalation of my body. It really wasn't that high, maybe seven or eight feet off the ground, but getting there was still tiring to me. Of course, Tommy, being the good athlete and gymnast that he is, could climb it without any difficulties as all. In fact, he thought it rather cute and funny how he could do it better than I could. Tommy covered his mouth while chuckling as my body sprawled over the flat surface of the rock.

     My eyes looked up into the sky, away from he sun, but to the moon. The moon was out that day, in close proximity to the sun. I would have guessed there to is a solar eclipse they were so close, but of course there was no chance of that happening; the trajectories of the two heavenly bodies, from my point of view, didn't show an intersection anywhere. I thought back to my Greek Mythology, where Apollo was the god of the sun and his twin sister, Artemis, was the goddess. Now, their symbols were so close to each other, just like the twins were. To me, the moon didn't just give light at night, or waves, it gave tranquility and hope. It gives inner peace and enlightenment to my soul and me. Out of no where, Tommy's face appeared in between the moon and the sun, smiling down at me from heaven. It was this instant connection I made in my mind, Tommy's face in between two high beings, as if he was one himself. Yes, to me, be was a god, an angel, and a lifesaver all at once. Most of all, he was mine, and that was all that mattered.

     I smiled back at Tommy and wrapped my arms around his neck. He brought his face closer to mine and our lips met sensually. My hormones got the best of me and I pulled his body all the way on top of mine and opened my mouth to accept his awaiting tongue. His body contoured into mine as he lay on top of me and opened his mouth and let loose his tongue into my mouth. Our tongues and lips touched, teased, and loved each other's. My hands roamed down Tommy's backside, massaging everything it touched on its journey to his cute lobes. As my hands were busy, Tommy's hands worked underneath my tight shirt and felt up my chest and nipples. I moaned in pleasure and my tongue roamed all over Tommy's tongue when he gave my erect nipples many playful squeezes. I brought my hands under his shirt and ran them all over his smooth back. We stopped kissing momentarily to take each other's shirts off. We flung the shirts off the side of the rock like we always did with our clothes when the time came for nudity. I immediately went back onto him, my lips found his neck and started tasting and experimenting on it, trying to find his sweet spot. I sucked on the side of his neck and he moaned and started grinding into me. I stayed on that one area of his neck, not touching any other parts of his body. Tommy just moaned and grinded into me harder. My vampire grip on his neck got more powerful and Tommy quickly loosened both of our pants and pulled them off, leaving us both bearing all. He fell on top of me as I kept on him and he worked my nipples with his mouth just as hard as I was working his neck. Our arms wrapped around each other in a tight loving embrace and our hard cocks mashed into each other with ultimate force, causing me to squeal in pleasure with each thrust of his hips into my crotch area. My orgasm was building up rather quickly, but neither of us could slow down, we loved each other too much to do so. I felt our slick precum coating our aching cocks, turning me on even more. My lips left his neck, leaving a nicely detailed hickey, and his mouth came up from my nipples and locked with my mouth in another tongue wrestle. My back arched slightly and his hands cupped onto my butt cheeks and gripped onto them, using them as support while he fucked my cock harder still. We couldn't hold out any longer and both moaned our loudest as we both erupted in an explosion of cum all over our stomachs and still hard cocks. Our lips and hips slowed down as our cocks milked each other's completely dry. When it was all over, we let out happy sighs in unison and cuddled into each other.

     We let our cum dry on our sweaty bodies as our woodies turned small once again. When we were all nice and rested, the afternoon sun tanning our bodies as we lay there in quiet, Tommy looked up into my eyes as I looked down on his and spoke for the first time that day. Actually, he was singing to me in the sweetest, softest voice my most favorite Jewel song as he clung onto me tight.

    "People living their lives for you on TV...they say they're better than you and you agree...another burger, another hot dog, some fries, a wish in the well, hope your health don't go to hell, well...another doctor's bill, another lawyer's bill, another cute cheap thrill...you know you love him if you put him in your will...."

     Suddenly my wonderful world flashed in and out of focus. My lover was still singing but things were changing. I wasn't in our magical world anymore. There was no more rock, no pond, no rose and pansy garden, no large field, and no woods. My sense of completeness was long, only disorder and confusion remained in focus for me. No more wonderful world. The pleasant atmosphere was lost and only the dark, sinister enclosure of the white hospital room remained. I was dizzy and my mind was clouded with confusion. I still heard Tommy's sweet, soft voice though, still singing to me.

     "Who will save your soul when it comes to the flower...who will save your soul after all the lies that you told, boy...who will save your soul if you won't save your own?" Tommy's voice stopped suddenly. I turned my head slowly, because it was a bit stiff. I finally saw Tommy, leaning against my bed in a Hawaiian shirt and sunglasses, a smile on his face. I thought I was dreaming still or something.

     "T..." I cleared my throat. I obviously hadn't talked in a while. "Tommy" I said.

     "Deke, you're awake, at last!" He stood up and hugged me tight, then kissed me on the cheek.

     "You spending the night here?" I asked him.

     "If I have to, but I'm afraid my parents might not let me stay here another night with you, having school tomorrow and all..." I nearly jumped out of the bed, my hairs stood on end from the thought.

     "School? Tomorrow?" How could school be tomorrow? It wasn't for another two days! Maybe he was the crazy one.  He got this confused look on his face.

     "Yeah. School. Tomorrow." He said it so concisely I could've smacked him if I wasn't so damn drowsy.

     "B...but the party is tomorrow!" I said. Tommy chuckled.

     "No it isn't! The party was last night! Hey, you don't remember it at all?" I searched the back of my mind and came up empty.

     "Nope. The last thing I remember is coming here."

     "Wow! Well, the doctors said this might happen, with all those sedatives you've been taking, no wonder. I bet you've been dreaming this entire time, huh? Hmm...I wonder what you've been dreaming about." Tommy got this grin on his face.

     "Hey! Th...that's none of your business what I was dreaming about." Tommy's grin got wider and he pulled his face really close to fine. It took a second or two to refocus because I was still a bit dizzy and not coordinated.

     "Was I in it?"

     "M...maybe." Tommy giggled and brought his lips closer to mine, but not touching them at all.

     "Didn't I kiss you in it? Like this...." Tommy closed his eyes and kissed me on the lips the way I loved it. His lips wrapped around mine, sending shock waves throughout my body. Then he pulled back so his face was just really close to my face again.

     "Maybe." I whispered, a wide smile on my face.

     "How about this then?" Tommy whispered back. Then he gently turned my chin to the side and nibbled and sucked on my earlobe. I moaned in pleasure and he started to flick his tongue up and down in a rapid motion. My heart was pounding fast and there was absolutely no blood in my head whatsoever. I needed to get my rocks off, and quick. I saw what three days of being celibate would do to you. I wrapped by arms around Tommy, pulled him onto the bed with me, and engaged in a hit French kiss with him. He wrapped his arms around me as my tongue found his and I tasted his sweet saliva. I could tell he had been eating oranges, or fruit or something like that. Tommy felt under my hospital gown and fondled my balls. I groaned and my hand started to find it's way to Tommy's zipper, but I stopped because I heard the door open and close to the room. I froze in fear; I was getting Goosebumps. Tommy's hand disappeared from under my gown and went back to the side of the bed. Neither of us moved. What would be the point now anyhow? Whoever saw us knew what was up in the first place. I just hoped it wasn't my parents or his parents or the doctor or something like that. There were only like three people who would be cool with it, luckily it was two of those select few.

     "Oh, look who's up!" I recognized Justin's voice. Of course wherever Justin was, Jon followed close behind, so I assumed he was there too.  My heart rate lowered and relief set it. For some reason Tommy and my lips were still together, and our tongues were still touching. It was an awkward position I'm sure, but Tommy and I were still together.

     "Don't stop on account of us two!" That laughing English accent. Our tongues and mouths finally parted from each other. Tommy and I blushed to each other and giggled. The duo entered the room fully, suspicious grins on their faces, and closed and locked the door. I then noticed how they looked. Justin's hair was weird, like it was spiked with gel or something, there were rings under his eyes from lack of sleep, and a wrinkled shirt, with every other button fastened on it. Now Jon, his hair was bubbled up like one of those people who have their hair in a mushroom shape. He was wearing mismatched sandals and couldn't seem to keep his balance or stop smiling or laughing. Justin had to hold his shoulder's every couple of seconds to keep him from falling over. He also has rings under his eyes. Tommy actually looked good compared to the other two. He composed himself next to me on the bed in an orderly fashion but I still had my arms around him.

     "What the hell happened to the two of you?" That was all I could really say. Hey, what would you say if you saw two friends who looked like they just escaped from a mob riot?

     "We...h...h...had a party!" Jon said, then broke out giggling, Justin led him to a chair and sat him down. Then Justin turned back to us.

     "Sorry, he found some of my mom's Chardonnay and couldn't resist umm...drinking the entire bottle himself. Also some kids brought beer and I had one or two. Sorry you couldn't make it to the party bud, but like everyone was asking how you were doing here!"

     "Huh? How did they know where I was?" I asked. Justin got this confused look on his face.

     "Dude, like everyone saw that news broadcast!" Ok this time I was really confused.

     "What news broadcast?" Justin shook his head in disbelief.

     "Sorry, he doesn't really remember anything because of his meds." Tommy said, fixing my hair or stroking it or something. "I think he took too much at one time or something."

     "Yeah, I remember that." Justin said while chuckling. "You were so weird yesterday dude!"

     "Yeah! W...when you saw us on TV, you were like, `Hey, you're in t...two are in two places at once, h...how do you guys run so fast?" Jon yelled out, pointing at me and laughed hysterically like a hyena, slapping his knee and wiping tears from his eyes. Justin made a nervous laugh and covered his mouth. I was so confused and in the dark about every single thing that I thought I was going crazy! Party, news broadcast, drinking, Hawaiian shirts, medicine. Where was this all coming from? I was losing my mind, and drugs didn't induce it either.

     "Ok!" Everyone looked at me cockeyed. I didn't mean to yell. "Sorry, but I'm really confused. Now one at a time, very slowly, tell me everything that happened in the past two days." Tommy got up from the bed and picked up the remote control for the TV on the table next to me.

     "It should still be in here, I think. Right?" Tommy looked at Justin and he nodded.

     "Play it." Justin said.

     "Playing." He pressed a button, turning the TV on, then pressed another button and the video came on. Tommy went back into his position on the bed as it played.

     Camera shots of outside my house. There are police surrounding the house. Then a lady reporter with a microphone comes on screen. She's wearing this pink business suit and obviously too much makeup. Her hair was also overly styled. "Cici Shields with breaking news. I'm standing here in Hollywood, right outside the home of a boy named..." Look down for a moment. "Deke Lamrock. Moments ago, he was sent to the hospital for cuts and bruises inflicted by his father. This is all we know at the moment. More to come within the hour. Cut in the tape, then shot of inside my house, just as I remembered it, with blood on the floor, a razorblade, and one of those log pokers. Next, the camera quickly spins around, putting a very surprised Jon and Tommy on screen. She asked them a bunch of questions they couldn't possibly know the answer to. They, of course, stumbled through every question. I thought it was funny. After they were done being questioned, they were sent on their ways and then there were more shots of the house, police almost filling the entire room! Then it cut to an interview with that cop lady that questioned me two days ago. She gave information on my condition and all this other stuff, but never said that I was gay. End of tape.

     I was speechless by the entire thing. It was just weird and all. All these new questions appeared in new head. How was my father? Where was my mother? How could school be only a day away? My mind fluttered with endless questions and confusion. I needed to know everything, that video just wasn't enough.

     "Deke, baby, you're not saying anything." Tommy said. He gave me a shake and my mouth opened with a spontaneous question.

     "What time is it?" I don't know why I said it. Maybe it was just floating around in my mind, just like coma patients ask what day it is minutes after they wake up. Justin reverted back to struggling with Jon and keeping him under control. Tommy rolled his eyes at me and leaned over to check his watch, which was sitting on his little cot thingy next to my bed. As he leaned over, I got a nice view of his tush. The boner that I had recently lost, due to two unexpected guests, now was working its way up to a full semi. Tommy was now half on my bed and his hands and arms were propped up on his cot, reached for the watch, inches from his hands. It was an odd position I'd say, considering he was leaning on his side as well. I suppose my own libido got the best of me, because I scooted the other way just the tiniest bit to see more of Tommy's butt. I must have shaken the bed without knowing it, because Tommy slid off the bed and the next thing I heard was a ca-chink. My ears were cursed with the sounds of Tommy cursing in pain. I tried to see what happened but I leaned the wrong way and my back pains returned to me. It shot through my spine and down my back. I thought that I was shot in my lungs or something, because I could barely move or breathe well. Tears rolled down my cheeks because of the immense pain in my body and because of the pain I heard so close to me, emitted by Tommy. Justin quickly let Jon be and ran over to the other side of the room where Tommy was and helped him up.

     The pain in my body subsided when I got back into my original position. I saw Tommy rise back up, clutching his right side. My heart gave out and I burst out crying. How could I do that? It wasn't the drugs, maybe my own sick mind. Looked into Tommy's aching eyes, but he was paying more attention to his side, maybe his ribs if those were bruised. Did he know I shook the bed? If he knew, maybe he wouldn't forgive me. He sat down on his cot. His eyes winced in pain and cursed from the pain every so often. I tried to stop crying so my guilt wouldn't show. At least I stopped sobbing. Tommy assured me it he was ok, but Justin said he'd take him to the doctor to have a look at him. So they left, Tommy's arm around Justin's neck, stumbling as he left the room.

    Jon and I were left alone. I tried to sit back and rest, but Jon kept staring at me with this devilish grin, like a kid who sees a piece of candy on the ground, all nice and clean. He was more hyper than I thought he was; he was tossing and turning in his chair. I tried to ignore him, just closing my eyes and hoping nothing serious happened to him. If I took a guilt trip now, then I'd never get any sleep or be happy. I just kept telling myself that it wasn't my fault, I didn't do anything wrong. It was the bed's fault. Yeah. The bed was shaky, I didn't move all that much anyhow. My eyes were still closed, yet I just couldn't sleep. Also, the sound of Jon rumbling around and making moaning sounds was making me go stir crazy. I opened my eyes to see what was up now, hoping he wasn't streaking around the room, pleasuring himself. Well the good news was that he was fully clothed, and the bad news was that he was downing one of those alcohol coolers you find in hotel mini bars, then putting it back in his pocket when he was done.

    "Hey where did you get that from?" I asked Jon. Jon gave me a harsh glance. I thought he was going to take out a razor blade and cut me; I guess I was still traumatized by my incident. Instead his face turned into laughter again. Then shot up from his seat quickly, like a hawk that's seen his prey, and ran and jumped into my bed with me, causing the bed to shake. Good thing he only jumped onto the edge of the bed or he would have sent me into critical condition indefinitely! He leaned back on the bed next to me, his mind in the works. I think he was actually trying to remember how to speak again. After another minute of facial twitches weird looks, he finally spoke.

    "From...Justin...'s...m...mom's...cab...cabinet." He said right to my face. I had to flinch back because his breath smelled of almost every kind of alcohol I ever heard of. Before I could say anything, he shot his mouth off more. "D...Deke...guess what? My b...boyfriend. His name is Justin. H...He's really sweet." I tried to just take it until he was through talking, until Justin and Tommy got back, or until he passed out and dropped to the floor. He brought his mouth up to my ear and whispered into it. "My boyfriend, we sucked each other's d...d...cocks all night long." Then he exploded in a fit of giggles and rolled around the bed like a sick mental patient. Come on guys, where are you. Ok, think happy thoughts. Jon and Justin giving each other blowjobs, now there's a thought for the showers. I just smiled at Jon and nodded my head politely. Where are my sleeping meds now? Well, at least my back wasn't hurting as much now. "I love Justin. I love my p...parents. I love Tommy. And guess what?" He poked a shaky finger at my arm. "I love y...you! Baby!" Then Jon leaned in and kissed me on the lips, then fell back into another laughing episode. Now my lips and breath smelled of alcohol. I think he got some of what he just drank in my mouth. I just wanted to tell him off or something, but he was drunk, so what could I really say to him?

    "Dude, let me tell you something. You need a breath mint!" I said, just trying to humor the situation. He surprised me by wrapping his arms around my neck, breathing that stench in my face once again.

    "Why? You're the one with the smelling breath!" He giggled. "Baby, let me tell YOU something, you are a bastard!" He said in a loudish, screeching voice.

    "A bastard? Me?"

    "Uh huh, you are a bastard!" He laughed at me. I just wrote it off as an alcohol induced swearing session. "You don't know you're a bastard, but you are. Y...You know why? Cause you don't have a real father." He started chuckling to himself. "H...He lives in O...Oklahoma! Hahaha!" Jon laughed even harder now. What was wrong with him? "You don't believe m...me? I know, cause that nice cop chick came over hear and told us that. S...so it's true!" Suddenly a wave of dizziness came over me. A sharp emotional pain started in my abdomen and wouldn't give. What did he just say? My real father lives in Oklahoma? If that's all true, then who the hell have I been calling my dad these past fifteen years? No. No. That couldn't be true. It just couldn't be. It was getting harder and harder to hold my own, whatever the last thing I had eaten was. Jon wasn't laughing anymore, just a smirk on his face. He was telling the truth! I didn't know whether to cry, throw up, or ring his neck. For the second time in my life, I was living a lie; the first time was my being gay. The thought was running over and over in my mind. That wasn't my father who sent me to the hospital, that wasn't my father who hated gays, that wasn't my father who I grew up with. All those hugs, kisses, talks, graduations, report cards, Father's Days, all for nothing. All for a dream that wasn't real. It wasn't real, wasn't real. I wasn't bruised, scarred, or hurt by my father. I was injured by a man. A man who's namesake I had, Lamrock. It wasn't my father who beat me. It wasn't him all along, just some man, a man in jail for assault. My real father wasn't here. No. I had no real father, just a mother.

    My mother, where was she. Had she come to visit me here? Surely she wouldn't be in jail as well. She was my real mother, right? Yes, of course. If she wasn't then I'd be an orphan, not a, you know. Was this a good thing then? I wasn't sent to the hospital by my father, just some man. In that moment, all my guilt washed away from me. Not the guilt of shaking the bed and knocking Tommy off of it, God I loved him, but the guilt of sending my father to jail. No one can do that, and now I realized that I didn't. Just a man. I cracked the smallest smile and looked over at Jon. Here was a boy, passed out now, who had his arms wrapped around me like a monkey. I laid there, being happy my father didn't do this to me, enjoying the silence of Jon's peaceful sleep. He'll be in Hangover City when he wakes up.

    Finally, Tommy and Justin came back, an icepack pressed against Tommy's side. He told me that is was just a little bruise and the icepack would help it heal in a day or so, but he shouldn't partake in any strenuous activities until his pain goes away. What a coincidence, because neither could I! Looks like our sex life would be very impaired for the next few days. We didn't have much of one anyhow. I didn't complain, cuddling and taking things slow was probably even better than just having hot, steamy sex on the first day. Of course, summer is over now, and another chance to consummate our deep love for each other might not be for a while.

    Justin brought Tommy over to my bed and pulled Jon off of me and laid him on the chair. It was very fun explaining how Jon got that way. Then Tommy slowly eased himself next to me, replacing where Jon had been. My small smile widened. Having Tommy snuggled next to me actually gave me more comfort than I primarily had. When we all got settled into our respective seats, I told them that Jon told me about my father. They confirmed that it was true, and I told them my thoughts about it and how I was ok. After that, we just talked about other matters, including school. Mostly our schedules were the main topics of conversation. It looked like we all had lunch, 4th period, and Biology, 6th period, together, the only other class Tommy and I had together was 3rd period, gym. I didn't know if I would be exempt from gym or not, or even if I'd go to school tomorrow. I really hated missing the first day of school. Yes, I know it's not like a teen to actually wanna go to school, but with me and my friends' newfound popularity, it might actually be fun for a change. Justin and I, other than lunch of course, just had study hall 7th period. He seemed to memorized Jon's schedule, because I told him the order of my classes and he said that was Jon's exact schedule, too, even Spanish! He was one level lower than I was in Spanish last year, but Justin said he took summer school to up one grade level in that course. So, now Jon and I had every single class of the day together. What worried me out of all this, was that Jon and I never really got a chance to know each other. We just never got a chance to be alone, both sober of course, and really talk like old friends. We would need to if we were to be hanging out all the time.

    We talked for a good fifteen more minutes until the nurse poked her head in and said they had to leave for a bit so the doctor could check up on me. Justin had to slap Jon awake, to which Jon, when woken up, had no idea how he got into the hospital and basically no recollection of the party last night. When they told him how drunk and funny he was last night, he got very defensive and denied that he'd ever do such things. After a good laugh form that, they left and waited outside the room for Tommy to `do whatever you guys do', as Justin put it. As soon as the door closed back shut, Tommy carefully kneeled on the bed, smiling down at me like the angel that he was, still holding the icepack against his bruised side.

    "Still hurt, babe?" I asked him as I reached my hand forward and lightly ran my fingers up and down his chest. The Hawaiian shirt he was wearing didn't really hide any of his chest parts, the top barely buttoned. That made it easy to feel his smooth skin that was failing to hide behind it.

    "Yeah...mmm... but getting better by the second baby." He said as I played with his hard nipple gently. He giggled his cute little laugh, and then his sparkling eyes met with mine. We caught ourselves in a moment that lasted just about ten seconds. It didn't feel like ten seconds to me; there was just a good a chance that it was two seconds or thirty seconds. Whenever I got lost inside his eyes, staring into his soul, time didn't exist. Only he existed, nothing else. There was a knock at the door and our moment was cut to an end. Obviously they had been standing outside longer than we previously thought. Tommy quickly leaned forward and placed some soft, sensuous angel kisses right beside my ear, and then whispered into it. "I hope they let you go home today, I know I'll be waiting for you." Kisses me more times above my ears. "I gotta go now, but I'll be back as soon as I can, ok?" I nodded. More kisses on the lips. I closed my eyes and basked in the awesome feelings I got when he kissed me. "Bye. I love you." He whispered to me, then got up carefully, trying not to drop his icepack.

    "I love you too, Tommy." I said as he reached the door. He turned around and blew me a kiss.

     "Oh, and by the way, it's nine in the morning. We have the whole day ahead of us." He winked at me, smiling widely, then left. I sighed happily, speechless to say anything else. I couldn't possibly find words to describe how I felt about him, or how he made me feel inside. Let me put it this way, if someone actually found words to describe it, they would be understating it a thousand times. It's like living the best moments of your over and over again, and it's sort of true, because they ARE the best moments of your life. Tommy was, and still is, the best thing that ever happened to me. That's all I can really say. Well, maybe I can say more. Tommy, he is my heart, and he is my soul. Stacked up on that, he is also my joy, my thoughts, my curiosity, my success, my endurance, and my perseverance. Simply, he is my life. Without him, there would be no reason to wake up in the morning, and no reason to keep breathing. Like I said, all those things don't even begin to scratch the surface of the idea. True love.

    After some moments, the nurse came in and asked me how I was feeling and all that shit. I told her how my back started hurting a bit when I was in a certain position, but otherwise there was no other pain. She gave me a couple non-drowsy pills, and then told me the doctor would be in to see me in a minute. When the doctor came in, he gave me the exact same questions the nurse had asked me, but this time, he was writing some stuff down in my chart. Fortunately, he told me that my injuries were healing at a very rapid rate, and I could go home and be fully recovered in three or four days. Hey, what can I say? I drank lots of milk and bananas in my youth. I looked down at my chest where the razor blade scar was, and luckily, it didn't look as bad as before. It looked like I cut myself while trying to shave my chest if anything. I wondered how Tommy would like a smooth chest. It was covered with small hairs, but I could make it much smoother. Lucky for him he had minimal hairs on his body. I was probably about four months again of him in puberty. He had an adorable, smooth, cuddly body. I'd have to ask him to shave his chest too when the time came. Well, the doctor must have been trying to get through to me while I was daydreaming, because he snapped his fingers lightly a couple times, and then I heard him clear his throat.

    "If you didn't hear me the first time because of your being out in space, I said that you'll need crutches, or possibly a wheelchair, if you can't stand upright. So could you please try to stand up and walk around for me?" Stand up and walk around, sounds easy enough. Just make sure that you're not in any excruciating pain. Easy as pie. I nodded and the doctor crossed his arms and stood still, waiting for me. Ok, first, just lean forward in the bed. I slowly leaned forward. Slowly, slowly. No pain yet, not yet. Slowly still, just about there. Ouch! Ok, ok, tiny bit of pain in my back, no big deal. Those pills must have kicked in at the last moment to decrease the pain. Don't wince, you don't want a wheelchair. Slowly, almost upright, pain going away. It seemed it only hurt in that one position, which is good. A couple more inches, and...THERE! I congratulated myself in my mind; I wasn't in any pain at the moment. Ok, now to stand up. I swiveled my legs to the side of the bed. Legs were so swollen from not moving in the last two days. My bones cracked as my legs bent and my feet headed towards the floor. No pain yet, just aching from not moving in a while, that's all. You're doing great Deke, don't stop now. My feet were now on the cold, hospital room floor. Oh, so sterile and white! Ok, you're almost done, just get up and walk, not too hard, either. Hands at my sides, I slowly got up, but not as slow as when I leaned forward. No pain, no pain, tiny bit of pain in that one position, but still ok, no pain, going great, and...up! I'm up! I'm standing! Boy, does my ass...I mean butt, hurt. Heck, I don't care, I'm standing damn it! The doctor and I both smiled. I jumped up and down in happiness. I felt a sharp, short lasting pain in my back. Ok, don't jump for a while. After that, walking was easy. The doctor told me that as long as I didn't do anything too strenuous on my body, then I wouldn't need any handicap devices. That made me smile lots, but the next thing he said didn't make me smile so much as worry me and get me scared. "So just get dressed, and your mother will be here to pick you up shortly."

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