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    The doctor's words rang through my mind. I had totally forgotten about my mother. Where had she been these past couple of days? She didn't visit me once to my recollection, and now she's just gonna pick me up and take me home? So many questions and worries were in my head. Was she mad at me? Was she just like my father? Live-in father anyhow. Did she even know about Tommy and I? Well, if not, then I wasn't sure if I should tell her or not. There were many good reasons to, like being able to show my affection for my boyfriend openly in my house, and not be worried that we'd be caught looking at each other or while in an embrace. On the other hand, if she didn't approve of the lifestyle of my boyfriend, my friends, or me then anything might happen. She might throw me out of the house, or not allow me to see Tommy anymore, or tell Tommy's parents and then something bad might happen to him.

    I knew Tommy well, probably better than he knew himself, and thus, I knew that he was the most fragile being on earth. Not fragile in a pathetic way, but more in a cute way, or the way in which he is so fragile that he deserves to be treated like a delicate flower, because that is what he is, a delicate, beautiful flower. He was something you were compelled, beyond spiritual reason, to lay your jacket out on an icy puddle for, or just lay with him all night when he had a small stomach ache. Tommy never deserved any kind of shaddy treatment in his life; he was too good for that.  That is why I'd hate myself if his parents found out about him and punish him severely, doing unspeakable things to him, and having to cry himself to sleep every night, myself being the only thing keeping him alive.

    For those reasons, I just couldn't risk telling my mother about us. I'd tell her I was gay, and if she put a gun to my head, tell her about Justin and Jon. If there was any chance in my mind that telling her about my love life would bring harm to the one I care about more than anything in the world, I'd rather die before she knew one thing about it.

    Shit, I was crying! Good thing the doctor let me be alone to get dressed or I would have looked like a complete weenie. I finished getting dressed and stopped crying as soon as the nurse knocked on the door and told me my mother was at the front desk filling out my forms and such. Ok, just go out there, and hope for the best. Of course there's a problem right there: what the hell is the best? Would it be that she knows about me? But if she knows, more bad things might happen. If she doesn't know, I'll have to get the courage to tell her. And also if...

    "Deke! My baby!" My mother yelled as she saw me. Maybe I should have completed my thinking process before walking out the door. Oh well, too late now I suppose. My mom got all hyper, finished filling out some forms, and ran over to give me a hug. She hugged me tight, but not too tight as to put me in pain. It seemed like a sincere hug. I guess maybe she didn't know yet, or just wasn't mad about it, yet.

    The doctor came out and talked with my mother for a minute or two. I was left standing there. I felt as if I should have tugged on my mom's blouse like a cranky five year old and whined about how I wanted to leave this place already. It's annoying how adults can be when conversing with each other, and this seemed like it was turning into a standard conversation. First it's my condition. That seems normal until it digresses into other things, such as: people we know, things that happened to us on our way here, medical insurance, and the longest one, stories about other people. I wasn't really listening to what they were saying, but I knew it all too well unfortunately, and since they were laughing, that means they were doing the obvious, or just flirting. Flirting, with my mom? Gross! And straight people flirting, double gross. I honestly do not know how a boy and a girl do it...flirting that is. That pun brings up other things of course, but I think I'd be sick if I thought about that.

    I must have been standing there doing nothing for about five minutes when I finally decided to deter a much longer conversation from originating by tugging at my mother's blouse. She didn't respond of course, just how a mother would just ignore their child, so I tugged harder and added some verbal into it. Then she finally said good bye to the doctor and turned around and smiled like it was nothing.

    We walked out of the hospital and into the car without saying one word to each other. I didn't know whether there was tension between us or my mom really didn't know anything. When I got into the car at last, after a good minute of trying to avoid pain and aches, something new hit me. I still had to talk to my mother about my father! In fact, that would be a rather large part of our discussion to come. I didn't know what to bring up first though or when as she started the car and left the hospital grounds. It was simplified for me as she talked to me first...

    "So how are you feeling?" She asked me. I knew she was avoiding the issue at hand here though.

    "Ok, I guess. Hard to breathe sometimes." I said; she just nodded. Damn it, I gotta bring the topic up. I have to know why she never told me about my father all these years. We stopped at a light; this was my opportunity now. Come on Deke, just say it. Say it! I opened my mouth, but once again my mother spoke first...

    "I talked to Mrs. Friers the other day, yesterday actually...or is it Ms. Friers?" She said. She was talking about Justin's mom now?

    "She's not married, mom." I said, trying to get this conversation out of the way.

    "Oh, ok. Well anyways, she found out about what happened. It seems something similar happened to her son back in the spring." The traffic light turned green and she stepped on the gas. I lurched forward a little bit, or was it backwards? My mom continued talking. "And, I know you've been hanging around with this boy for about a week or so, since he moved in next door." She sighed, trying to get through something but not being able to. "What I'm trying to say is, Deke, that you shouldn't be coaxed into doing things you don't want to. I'm already seeing it happening with you. First it's with the Friers kid, then with that Tommy boy who's been staying over late. Now I know little boys like to try little fun games, but understand that this is not a game. Sooner or later, when you get a girlfriend, this will all rush back to you, and maybe even hurt you." Was she nuts or something? I'm 15 years old, damn it! She doesn't think I can logically make my own decisions yet? I looked over at her cockeyed. She turned and smiled at me, as if she knew she was helping me in some way. I'd taken enough of this. She would either understand or not, but none the less, I'll still tell her about me.

    "Mom?" I said.

    "Yes, sweetie?" She asked. I zoned out for a couple seconds. She called me sweetie; Tommy always called me that. It was weird hearing it from her now.

    "I have made my own decision, a long time ago, and it was in no way persuaded by Justin or Tommy. I'm gay." I took a breath of relief, for I had said the hardest thing any gay boy would say to his mother. I was expecting her to crash the car or stop short or something, but instead she just let out a belly laugh. Was something funny about that?

    "Honey..." Tommy called me that, too. Deke, get your mind off of him already. I can't, I love him too much. Well this isn't the time now. I can think about Tommy when I damn well please! Whoa, my brain is fighting with itself... "you're not gay, just confused. And you can't be gay, you dress like a normal human being, you don't like to shop all that much, and you're not flamboyant."

    "What the hell are you talking about? You don't believe me?" My rage started up in me.

    "It's not that, it's just that I don't think you understand all that well what it means to be gay." She said. Great, look who's telling ME what it means to be gay, Mrs. Stereotype! "Doing naughty things with other boys late at night or when no one is around doesn't make you gay. See? You're just confused, that's all." Our car rounded the corner to my street; we were almost home. It seemed the closer we got to my front door, the more fed up I was about this whole thing. Where did she get these ideas from, a kindergarten class? Obviously she didn't listen to Justin's mom carefully enough. And now, I had endured just about all I could take out of this conversation.

    "No mom, I'm not confused. And I have a very good reason why. Of course, you wouldn't believe me, would you? Because you know everything and I'm just a little boy." We drove up to our driveway and parked there. I continued talking as we got out of the car. She carried my bag of clothes with her that I had at the hospital. "Now, if I tell you this one thing, will you please listen to me and believe me? I'm not a little kid anymore." We started walking up to the front door.

    "Yes, my dear, I always believe what you tell me." Maybe she was on drugs or something. No, she always talked to me like this; I just never realized it until now.

    "Mom, you never believe me. I beg of you to believe me now." We stood right in front of the front door to the house. My mom fished for her keys. "I'm gay, for real. And I'm, I'm in love with Tommy. Yes, you know who. And I swear by everything that stands for anything on this piece of rock, that I am in love with Thomas Jay Callahan." She found her keys and proceeded to unlock the door.

    "Wow, that's a lot to take in." She said calmly. Wow, maybe it wasn't so bad after all, but I was still mad at her. She started opening the door.

    "Yes, I know. And it was also a lot to take in when I found out that my father wasn't my real father! How do you think I felt?" The door opened all the way and I was bombarded with many loud voices.

    "Surprise!" Was what everybody yelled. I looked around and noticed that it was literally everybody, from close gay friends to classmates. There was a banner over my fireplace that read `Welcome Home'. There were also balloons and streamers and party things. My mother didn't respond to my last statement, but from her look I could tell she wanted to, but couldn't with all these people around. We entered the house completely and closed the door behind us. Suddenly music started up in the background and Tommy walked, or maybe limped, up to me, his cute Hawaiian shirt buttoned up all the way, and took my arm gently.

    "Welcome home, Deke." He whispered in my ear and smiled. I wasn't sure how my mother would react to seeing me and Tommy together. I turned to my other side to see her reaction, but she was gone, probably disappeared upstairs to think or something. I'll catch her later.

    Tommy slowly led me through the sea of people, most of whom I knew. Whenever I passed somebody, they would either pat me on the back, or give me their regards, apology, compassion, or what not. It really looked like we were popular now. All of the boy I saw gave me high fives and talked to me like we were all old buds and stuff. And all of the girls who I passed giggled like a maniac in front of me and almost fainted when I said anything to them. I liked it when a girl talked to me and I would be flirting with them back and she would eat it all up and Tommy would squeeze my arm slightly as if to remind me that he was still there.  But then when we moved on, I'd turn to Tommy and put on my sexy smile and he'd blush. I loved it when he blushed. He would also blush when girls tried speaking to him after they would speak to me, and they would speak to him lots, so I could see him blush a lot. He's also cute when shy. Obviously Tommy became some sort of sex symbol in our school, I didn't blame him though, because who wouldn't think he was?

    I was glad to see Bryan there, who just apologized for, well, basically everything, then left. I should have run out to catch him, but I had Tommy holding me back, a party to attend, and I probably wouldn't have been able to run without being in pain anyhow.

    At last Tommy and I went through the entire room. It must have taken about a half-hour to do so because I had to have a separate individual conversation with everybody. At least some people were in groups so I could talk to like five guys at a time. As time went by I noticed Tommy had been getting closer and closer and closer to me. He went from lightly holding my arm to clinging onto it with both hands and almost laying his head on my shoulder. It anybody took notice of it they would have probably though he was helping me walk, even though I could walk fine by myself; a great deception indeed.

    "Did you plan this entire thing?" I whispered to him as we took a break from walking around.

    "Uh huh, but there's even more." He whispered back to me with a grin on his face. Hmm, what could he be up to now? He took me through the kitchen and out the back door into my backyard, the semi-loud music being muffled now. They were playing lots of dumb rap music, so of course we didn't mind not being able to here the music. I expected there to be an awesome pool party going on, but in fact there was only us outside, a very private place indeed, save for my bedroom of course. He turned me towards my patio tables, which were filled with cards and wrapped presents. It looked like everyone in the entire grade sent me something. I was very popular indeed.  We walked towards the table quietly. I was amazed at how many things there were for me. And best of all, they were ALL for me. Yours truly, Deke Lamrock, moi, me! I'd have to take them up to my room and open all of them later tonight.

    All of a sudden, I felt Tommy's hand clasped to mine. We turned to each other. My eyes locked with his and I peered into his baby blue pools, filled with so much love for me. Our arms wrapped around each other and we both smiled, still in silence. We must have been standing there for about five minutes, loose ourselves in each other's eyes, until Tommy finally spoke.

    "Sweetie?" He said in a soft tone.

    "Yes, my darling?"

    "I heard what you said outside to your mother about me. No one else heard cause I was listening through the door, but I thought it was really sweet, what you said."

    "Oh, it wasn't anything really, just the truth." I said back. I saw tears of happiness well up in Tommy's eyes and then I heard him sniffle.

    "You even remembered my middle name." He let out a tiny giggled, which made me smile wider.

    "Of course I remembered it honey, I know almost everything about you. Well, what you've told me anyway. I mean, you were one of my best friends. I used to love waking up in the morning and talking to you online, and staying up until too late at night just kinda hanging out, because you were no nice to me. And I didn't care if my fingers hurt cause I still loved it." Before I knew it I started tearing up and sniffling, too. We both held each other tighter and still staring into each other's eyes. The outside world no longer existed, only pure white and Tommy remained in the picture, nothing else.

    "How couldn't I be nice to you? I loved you from the very beginning." He sniffled, then went on. "Do you remember our first chat?"

    "Yes, we met in a chat room, then we exchanged ICQ numbers, and we chatted that night, shortly after. We talked for about three hours that night, just learning about each other." Then it dawned on me. We really did love each other from the start. Even though he told me he had a boyfriend and such, I still was in love with him right from the very beginning. Why didn't I realize that I loved him until a few days ago? Call it denial, if you will, because I could not be in love with someone's boyfriend and take him away from them; that isn't the type of person I am. Thus, when I read Tommy's letter, it was like a doorway for me, a mew beginning. In my hand was something written for me, and for my eyes only. The cutest and sweetest boy on the planet was putting his heart on paper for me.

    "Exactly! Three hours, with you! It was so wonderful, it really was. I remember the date and time, the food I ate for dinner, the clothes I was wearing, the television episodes I saw that day, the songs that played on the radio, heck, even how many strokes it took me to jerk off when I finally went to bed." We both giggled to each other quietly. At this point our foreheads were locked, so we were not kissing, but still touching.

    "Remember when umm..."

    "June eighth, the first day of our summer vacation." He sighed happily. "I told you Mike and I had a fight and that I needed to feel better, and you sure as hell did, even though I didn't have a boyfriend to begin with. It was the first time I taught myself to type one handed."

    "Yeah, me too. You sure fooled me that day, but it was still wonderful." I said, chuckling. "Everything you do is wonderful."

    "You don't have to lie to me, Deke. Just love me, please." I held Tommy in my arms tighter. I could feel our hard-ons putting pressure against each other. Our breathing both got much deeper. The taste of his breath inside my mouth was an aphrodisiac of some sort to me.

    "Oh Tommy, I love you so much. It's so hard not to love you; even if I wanted to stop, I couldn't. You don't know how much I love you." I pulled my head back so I could look him right in the eyes as I said this. "I love you enough to make love to you right here and moan your name as loud as possible, not caring who would hear. I want to just go back into my house, holding your hand tightly, and telling everybody that I belong to you, and you belong to me. If possible, I'd want to call a student assembly in school and give you the most passionate kiss you've ever gotten, right in front of everybody. I frankly wouldn't care. I wouldn't care who saw us, or who knew about us. They could beat me, strangle me, write nasty things on my backpack, and spit in my face, but just as long as my point has been gotten across to you, it wouldn't matter to me. Thomas, my love, if need be I'd let you make love to me right here, right now, and endure the pain in myself just so I could feel you inside of me." Tommy broke out in tears and held me tighter. I couldn't stand the sight of him crying; it broke my heart and tore it into pieces every time, even if they were tears of happiness. I didn't want him to. I didn't want him to cry. I knew that if he kept this up I'd be crying in a matter of seconds.

    "D...Deke you m...make, oh my God I j...just...." I wiped some tears off of his slick face, then gently caught the tears that were streaming down the other side of his face with my fingers. He brought his voice down to a whisper. "I want to kiss you."

    "Then what's stopping you?" I whispered back. Immediately, without hesitation, I felt his lips on mine. He leaned back against the table and I leaned into him as our mouths opened up and out tongues danced into each other. Goddamn, what did this boy use to make his taste so sweet? All of a sudden I heard the back door being to open. I pushed myself of off Tommy and composed myself in an orderly fashion. Good thing my shirt was untucked and covering my throbbing erection. Tommy looked at me with a perplexed face until the door opened completely and he got the idea. He wiped some more tears from his face and took my arm like he had it before. What sprang through the door were two of these stupid, masculine jock types in our grade. I forgot their names suddenly, because my mind was still transfixed on Tommy. They walked over to us screaming and walking like a couple of monkeys. I hated jocks so much. They were stupid, they looked like shit with all of their brand name sports clothing on every single day, and to top that off they had to grab their crotches like every five seconds, which was just plain annoying. I could see Tommy kinda leaning forward and standing behind me in order to hide his joy from our visitors.

    "Hey dudes! Awesome party you got going here." One of them said, high-fiving the other one like Neanderthals.

    "Glad you like it." Tommy said.

    "Yeah Dirty Tommy!" The other one said. Then I spoke up...

    "Why do you call him Dirty Tommy?" I asked, hoping they weren't alluding to anything serious.

    "You never saw Dirty Harry, D-Man?" Jock Number 1 said. "They both got the same last name. So last night at your wicked party, we all game him that cool nickname. Isn't it so cool?"

    "Yes, it's barrels of fun." Tommy said sarcastically, but obviously jocks can't pick up on sarcasm, because they didn't look like they got the joke, only laughed and high-fived each other some more.

    "Yeah dudes! But ya know, this party would be totally awesome if there were just two more things we had here." Jock Number 2 commented.

    "What would that be?" I asked.

    "Beer and of course, Justin! Where is that dude? Probably getting some with all of his chicks right?" I could feel Tommy's hand lightly, and unnoticeably feeling up and down my arm. It was damn hard to pay attention to what they were saying. I was searching for just any old answer in the back of my mind, but I could only focus on one thing. I felt like just telling them to fuck off, then turn to Tommy and rip his clothes off and lick up and down his smooth chest. Shit, I still wasn't responding, they were getting suspicious. Ok, think of something. Come on Deke, think. But before I could say anything, Tommy spoke up...

    "You know, I think it's time for Deke to take all of his pills. If he doesn't he doesn't he'll go crazy and then possibly die." The two jocks got this surprised and worried look on their faces. I immediately pretended to be in pain and going crazy from it.

    "Well don't just stand here, give the dude his pills, and quick! Hey, we'll tell everyone inside where you're going." One of them said.

    "No, no!" Tommy said suddenly. "When he takes these pills, he's out like a light, no one can disturb him. Got it?"

    "Oh, we got it dude! Don't worry!" The other said, as if he was on a mission to save Deke's life. "We'll tell everyone that. Oh, I got a better idea! Let's move the party elsewhere and you dudes can join on when he comes to. Cool?"

    "That sounds cool." Tommy said. Immediately they both ran inside the house. Tommy and I couldn't contain our laughter throughout the entire ordeal and as soon as that door slammed shut we both lost it. After we got about a minute to contain ourselves, we walked back in and head towards the stairs. As we headed towards the stairs everyone told me to get better quick and that they'd see me in school the next day. Some of the girls gave me a quick kiss on the cheek, and these were the pretty ones, not the ugly skanks. As we walked up the stairs, people were starting to file out of the house and all trying to squeeze through the front door like the in a Three Stooges episode or something. At last we were up the stairs, and only were in short walking distance from my bachelor pad. We walked through the hall quickly, so horny and full of love; like two lovers desperately wanting to have sex. Wait a second, we WERE two lovers desperately wanting to have sex, and very badly at that. We were almost to my room and I was about to reach for my doorknob, when I reach a voice coming from my parent's room, now just my mother's room.

    "Deke? Is that you?" She asked. Darn! I completely forgot about my mother. Maybe if I told her I wanted to do my boyfriend more than anything right now, she'd let me go.

    "Yes mom." I yelled back through the door. Tommy and I both held our breath, hoping she wouldn't ask us in.

    "Would you come in here please? I need to talk to you." We both let out our breath in a huge sigh, then went into my mom's room. Tommy let go of my arm as we entered. The slightest touch by one another would probably have been overkill for her and she'd have some sort of heart attack. We found her sitting on the foot of her bed, doing her nails. She looked up at the two of us, then back down to her nails. I dared not look her in the eyes, because I didn't know what condition they were in. Would they be teared up, sad, mad, depressed, or confused? We stood there for a minute, waiting for her to finish her suttle task, before she finally put her nail filer down and looked back at us. For some reason her quiet stare made me almost ashamed of myself, for doing what I was doing. Torture. That's what she was doing, torturing me, for being gay, for having a lover. But, I just couldn't let her win, I wouldn't allow it. And with that, I slowly reached behind me and grabbed Tommy's hand. Her eyes widened but she didn't say a word. She looked as if she was expecting it to happen, but couldn't believe her own eyes when I actually did it, right in front of her. I made the first step, and feeling his soft, delicate skin on mine gave me the strength to go on.

    "Mom...." I started to say, but she cut me off mid-sentence.

    "Yes I know. I know all about that now." She said matter of factly.

    "Then what's the problem?" I asked her.

    "'s just that..." She paused, and began tearing up and whimpering a bit. "You've grown up so fast, I didn't even see it. I mean, only last week I was asking you if you knew what one was, and now..." She dug a tissue out of her pocket and wiped her eyes.

    "Yes, now, but I've been this way for a long time, and I grew up a long time ago, you just always treated me like a little kid." I said to her. She finished her cry and put her tissue away. I needed to explain this to her right now, the best way I knew how. I needed to reach into the back of my mind and pull out all of the relevant knowledge to show her what I am, and this it's ok. I'd try my hardest.

    "I'm sorry for that...."

    "That's ok mom, but now you just need to understand some things about me, that I'm different but really not different at the same time. What is different is that I like boys, and I'm in love with a boy. What's the same is, well, mostly everything. I still like the same types of foods, music, movies, and video games. I still act the same way I've been acting for almost two years now. Don't you see? Everything is still normal, if not better than normal, because I'm happy now, and I'm acting how you've wanted me to act. I'm going outside more often, conversing with more people, making more friends. Isn't that what you always wanted in me? And now I'm doing it." I took a deep inhale after I caught my breath, hoping her reaction would be in our favor. I looked up into her eyes and without words asked for her mercy, and her blessing. At last, after what seemed like hours, she let out a neutral sigh and caved.

    "Ok Deke, you got me." She let a smile escape from her lips. "As long as you don't start getting into trouble with the law and start doing drugs, then whatever you think is best is quite alright with me." Now that made me happy. I just had to lean forward and hug her, momentarily letting go of Tommy's hand. He had been so nice for sticking with me the entire time.

    "Thank you mom." I was about to turn and leave, but I almost forgot something very important. "Mom? Why didn't you tell me about dad?" She had this surprised look on her face.

    "You father? I thought you knew; I must have told when you were about four about him. You don't remember the divorce?"

    "No, I don't remember any of that. I thought...whoever that was...was my real father." I really didn't remember a divorce or anything like that.

    "Well, you were very young, I don't blame you for not remembering, but as time went by you called the other man your father and I suppose forgot about the whole thing." She said. Great, now I felt like a complete idiot. How could I forget something as important as that? I had nothing else to say, so I figured we should be on our merry way, but my mom got in one last thing before we left. "Oh, could I have your phone number, Tommy?" I began to get worried again. I bet she wanted to speak to Tommy's parents about this, and that might get Tommy into trouble, maybe even worse. Tommy and I both looked at each other. I was expecting him to decline, but instead he winked at me and gave my mother his real telephone number. For a second I though he was gonna give her a fake one, maybe he still had something up his sleeve. My mother was satisfied and allowed us to go at last. When we got out of there, I asked him about it. He told me he already told his parents a few days ago, that was how he was able to stay with me while I was in the hospital. We both snickered and giggled in relief as we entered my room.

    As luck would have it, Justin and Jon were in my room once again, watching TV, and snuggling or something on my couch. I need to put a lock on this door so no one may enter my room unless I was in there first. As soon as the door shut behind us, Justin jumped up from his place next to Jon and gave me a welcome home hug. Jon slowly turned around sleepily and waved to me.

    "He's still recovering from his little, umm, hangover." Justin said, laughing out loud. "We're not drinking that much again are we little man?" Justin ran over to Jon and kiss him hard on the cheek, still laughing, then ran back to us. Jon gave him some snobbish look and mumbled something under his breath. "So anyway, how did you like our little party we planned for ya?"

    "Oh, is was very nice of you, thanks. It looks like you got yourself quite an ego with our classmates, huh?" I asked him as Tommy and I got ourselves comfortable on my bed.

    "Yeah." He rolled his eyes. "Just like in my last school, I get popular, get a girlfriend and shit, then I come out and bad stuff happens to me." Jon rose to life and stood behind Justin.

    "This outta be good." Tommy whispered in my ear. I covered my mouth to contain my giggles.

    "Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Fucking back up a tick here. Girlfriend? You had a girlfriend?" Jon said, poking Justin from behind in the ribs. Justin turned around to face Jon.

    "Hey, quit it! It was a long time ago; I was in denial. Lots of guys did that. Some also do it to hide that they were gay, even though I came out soon after I realized it." Justin reached his arms behind Jon. You have a much cuter ass than she did, too." Jon closed his eyes and moaned, then opened them and blushed as he saw me and Tommy grinning at this wonderful show. Justin turned around smiling and put his arm around Jon. He turned his face towards Jon's. "I love how introverted you are when these guys are around." Jon got this shocked look on his face.

    "What are you talking about?" Jon asked. Justin started snickering.

    "Oh come on, babe! When we're alone you're ten times as fun as when we're with them, you can never keep your mouth shut. And when we're not alone, you go back into your shell, so what's the problem then?"

    "Jon talks to me all the time, maybe it has to do with Deke." Tommy added. He was probably right, too. I probably intimidated Jon, too. That was why he never really talked while around me, or too me for that matter. I raised one eyebrow and awaited his answer.

    "Well, shit's hard to be such good friends all of a sudden, with someone I've known for a really long time, especially on this whole new level." He turned to me. "I'm really sorry, you're a good friend, Deke." I smiled and left it at that.

    "I think you should give each other great big friendly hugs now." Tommy said. I looked back at Tommy surprisingly and saw him grinning at me.

    "Yes, I agree. Ya'll should have a big ole hug, then we'll go to lunch." Jon turned to Justin just as surprised as I was. I didn't know whether they wanted us to be closer friends or just out for kicks. I turned to Tommy quickly and whispered into his ear that he was gonna `get it' later, but I think that just made him even more excited. I stood up and faced Jon. There had never been a situation more awkward in my life than this, no matter how stupid this was. Jon and I moved a bit close together until we were about four inches apart. We both slowly and reluctantly held our arms out to each other and quickly had a hug. Seconds later we pulled off of each other and went back to our boyfriends.

    "Happy now?" We both said in unison, feeling sort of embarrassed. They both nodded and we went off to lunch.

    We walked off to that burger joint for lunch, just like we did on our first day together. Justin played the arcades as usual while we waited for our food to be served to us. It was nice to be there that day, because it was literally devoid of people, excluding us and the waitress, which meant that we could do or say whatever we wanted whenever the waitress wasn't there. People must be busy getting school stuff the day before the first day of school, which must've been the cause of the emptiness in the place.

    Jon walked over to watch Justin play on the arcades, leaving Tommy and me alone in the booth, sitting right next to each other. At first we just smiled to one another, enjoying each other's company, then we started up a good game of footsies, finally ending up just snogging in the booth and feeling up each other's shirts.

    I was so horny for him; I had been all day. First we were interrupted at the hospital, then while outside during the party, then we couldn't do anything because Justin and Jon were in my room. It was a nice break to just be sitting there, arms wrapped around him, kissing him silently, never the need to have sex. I didn't want to have sex with him anyhow. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have sex with Tommy, but sex is only a small part of the giant picture. There was so much more to a relationship and what made me happy. Then what did make me happy? Well, the feeling of Tommy's arms wrapped around me make me happy. Tommy telling me how much he loves me makes me happy. Tommy kissing me on the cheek makes me happy. Tommy smiling makes me happy, too. Tommy makes me happy. All I'll ever need is Tommy, just standing next to me, by my side, ruling alongside me in my kingdom. Well, maybe that's going too far. Unless kingdom is a metaphor for bedroom, well, then we're dictators. Ok, now I'm thinking too much, just keep kissing him and be happy.

    We must have been going at it, slowly but still filled with passion, for about twenty minutes, because our hands had ridden up each other's shirts so far that we could caress each other's necks now. We went far passed nipple pinching and such a while ago. After our hands couldn't physically go any higher through our shirts on our bodies, Tommy and I stuck to just holding hands lightly underneath the table. We couldn't really do anything more with our hands than we've already done, save for rubbing each other's crotches, but of course that would lead to other things, and I just didn't want that, yet.

    After about ten more minutes of more kissing, I felt my lips getting soar. He agreed and we decided to cut it out. I swear it, we were probably kissing for a half-hour, because I have never in my life gotten soar from kissing until this moment. Of course, I haven't done any kissing in my life before this week, so what do I know?

    Another thing is that the fewer customers a restaurant has, the longer it takes for them to serve you the food. That really annoys me sometimes, because even though there are less of us, it doesn't mean we're any more patient. The only difference should be less noise and less stress, which should make the waitresses and cooks work faster, but no, they don't. Tommy and I could have ordered, run home, had some fun, then come back just in time for our food. Oh well...

    At last our food came and had composed ourselves and sat down. None of us complained, she would get the picture in our very cheap tip we would leave. Our conversation was pretty mild as we wolfed down our burgers, except for when Tommy told them that he told his parents about us. Following that, Justin and I were surprised to hear the Jon's parents knew about the two of them. He didn't say how though, maybe Justin's mom has a big mouth. She kinda had one while talking to my mom. It was funny to see Justin's reaction when Jon told him that he was invited to their house on Friday after school for dinner, he almost spilled his Diet Coke. Tomorrow was Wednesday so that wouldn't give him much time to prepare. Would be interesting to see how it will turn out though.

    After we finished eating we went back to my house to tidy up everything that was left from the party, even though a party lasting an hour didn't leave much of a mess. When we completed that, I saw my mom wasn't at home, so we decided to finish the day by going for a swim in my pool.

    "I don't think any of us brought trunks. We can't swim without trunks." Jon said as we entered my backyard. Justin grinned and wrapped his arm around Jon.

    "Ahh, the first sweet phrase uttered before people go skinny-dipping." Justin said in a suttle fashion.

    "Whoa! Skinny-dipping? Who said we were going skinny-dipping?" Jon whined in Justin's arms.

    "Oh, come on. Firstly, it's not like we weren't bound to see each other naked sooner or later." We all rolled our eyes at that one. "Secondly, this isn't a foursome, we won't end up in some big orgy and pair off with each other's mates. If worse comes to worse, we'll swear to each other not to get out of hand. And third, it's four in the afternoon, no one is home, school is tomorrow, and this is our last time we'll all be together before school starts; this is summer's last blast." Tommy and I both had unsure glances at each other. I was considering it and thinking things over, everything has consequences; Tommy looked like he was trying to figure it out, too. Justin walked to the midpoint of us and stuck out his hand. "Ok buds, who's in?" He turned to Jon, who let out a quick sigh and placed his hand on top of Justin's. Justin turned to Tommy.

    "I'll do whatever Deke wants." Tommy said, so Justin turned to me.

    "Only if Tommy isn't uncomfortable with it."

    "I don't know if I'd be or not. I mean, I guess not. I was on the swim team and of course had to shower with everyone on my team after practice, even though everyone made fun of me."

    "Tommy, no one would make fun of you here, we're all chums here and we all love you." Jon added.

    "Yeah babe, and of one of them did make fun of you, I'd surely kick their butts." I said.

    "Ok, I'm in." Tommy said, smiling. I knew he liked flattery.

    "Then I'm in, too." I said, Tommy and I joining in this huddle of sorts.

    "To summer's last blast." Justin said. We all repeated it and broke off.

    "Half hour to an hour guys, I mean it. I don't know where my mom went and she could be got at any time." I said, and they all agreed. I walked over to Tommy who had already taken his shirt off. I saw a small bandage where he hurt his ribs earlier in the hospital. It looked like he was gonna be ok. "Are you sure you're ok with this? You really don't have to you know, not for my sake." Tommy walked over to me and slid my shirt off.

    "Get undressed babe, you don't wanna be the last one in the pool do ya?" He said giggling. Then we both grinned at each other and got undressed quickly. All of us jumped in at relatively the same time, I didn't really notice because I honestly was trying not to look at anyone in the fear of getting hard, but I'm sure the other three had the exact same thoughts. Once we were all in, looking but not looking really, none of us knew exactly what to do. Leave it to Justin, the party animal, to get the first word in.

    "Compliments to the chef." Justin said in me and Tommy's direction.

    "Who?" Tommy asked.

    "Both of you! You're both hot!" Justin said. Jon cleared his throat loudly and Justin corrected himself. "But not as hot as my little stud muffin here."

    "Yeah right." Jon said with an evil grin on his face. "Come here and prove it to me." Justin stand moving towards Jon and when he was within about a yard of him, Jon splashed him playfully. This, of course, caused a breakout in a huge splash war between the four of us, every man for himself. We had lots of fun like that for the rest of the afternoon, just loosening up before school started. I'm sure the cool water on our naked skin loosened us up really well, but also tense in other places. We all had lots of fun and became friends on a whole new level skinny-dipping for that short period of time. I loved each and every one of them for entirely different reasons, not just for one general aspect that brought us all together; that is how real bonds are made. I don't remember having that much fun with my friends in my entire life. These guys were my true friends, no doubt about that, and we probably all learned some new things about each other that day. What was even better was that I hardly felt any pain the entire time, and I don't think Tommy did either.

    I never thought it would be sad to end something like this, swimming naked with your friends, but in reality I didn't want to leave, we were having so much fun. Jon opened up for me and we made quirks to each other and giggled like old friends. Tommy got over how he thought of people and learned that he really had friends with us. And Justin learned, umm...what we looked like naked, I suppose. So when our hour was up, we all reluctantly got out of the pool, toweled of, and got dressed. Neither of us knew what to say after a traumatic and spiritually enlightening experience such as that. We quietly went back inside the house and met at the front door.

    "I guess this is it." Justin said in a sad tone.

    "Yeah, I have to go straight home after this. I'm already late for preparing supper, but it's worth it anyhow." Jon said, then lowered his eyes to stare at his shoelaces. This was a depressing moment. I didn't want any of them to leave; I wanted them to all stay.

    "It was really fun, though. I like you guys a lot." Tommy said.

    "I like you more." I said to Tommy with a slight grin on my face. He smiled at me and gave me a kiss on the cheek.

    "We'll see about that." He said back to me and rested his head on my shoulder. I kissed him on the forehead. I really didn't want any of them to go.

    "Well..." Jon said, sighing. "I guess I'll see you in school tomorrow."

    "Yeah, but we'll see each other lots tomorrow." I said.

    "Yeah...I should be on my way then." Jon said as he kissed Justin on the lips. "I'll call you tonight at around eight. Jon opened the door and slowly walked out.

    "Go with him, love. He'll help you get home, ok?" Tommy nodded tiredly and broke off of me. We had one last kiss before he joined Jon outside. Justin and I waved to them as they walked off, being the only ones left.

    "I gotta go, too. Change my sheets and make dinner and stuff while my mom's on call. I'll see you in the morning bud." Justin said to me.

    "Ok, see you then. I'll drop by your house at like seven thirty tomorrow, ok?" I said.

    "Ok, that'll be cool, I should be ready." He said.

    "Cool. Bye then."

    "Cyah." Justin and I had a good hug before he left to go home. That was it for the summer, the rest will be just school. Who ever said summer sucks should be shot.

No cliffhanger this time, those are getting old hehehe. I hope you liked it none-the-less.. stay tuned for a new Deke soon! Comments appreciated, tell me what you think, chat with me about monkeys, whatever. Until next time! :)


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