The Demise of Sean Kane



All the people in this story are of legal age. (This hopeful) series will have sex between males so leave if you don't like it are aren't allowed to read this material.


Sean Kane was a hunk. With a perfect body and bubble butt he had secured himself as the alpha male of the school. He had endless girlfriends and many friends...well they weren't really friends. You see Sean was a dick; if you got on the wrong side of him consider yourself a target. Sean was busy collecting his coursework from Neil, he had forced Neil to do his coursework all year to keep his grades up. If it wasn't for this he would have been kicked out a long time ago. He continued his usual rounds of bullying when a new kid struck his eyes. Sean loved new kids, he loved asserting his authority and seeing the fear in his peers eyes. He approached his lunch table with a sexy smile strutting his stuff.

`Hey fag that's my seat. Move'

`Emm...I'm're seat?' Replied the new kid. The new kid got up and to the surprise of Sean matched him in all his attributes. He stared right into his eyes and said

`Listen...Sean, I assume? I have heard a lot about you and don't think you have the same power over me than you do with your other bitches. My name is Matt, kicked outta Oak hill for my methods of dealing with people who got in my face. I don't give a shit about the whole school clique thing, ill sit where I want when I want. Now why don't you piss off before I get myself kicked outta here too.' Sean felt threatened. He knew if he'd back down now he would lose his role of alpha male but didn't know if he could take someone like Matt in a fight.

`You're lucky ive got somewhere else to be.'

`No Sean..You're lucky that you show potential of being by bitch.'

And with that Sean quickly left the lunch room. For the first time in his life Sean was scared. He had spent his life becoming the class clown and becoming the star athlete to secure his place as leader of the popular crew. His grades had suffered, in fact if he failed any more subjects he would be kicked out. He wasn't going to let Matt take this away from him. He was going to make him suffer. Last period he had collected 2 `friends' and followed Matt home. They jumped him from behind and kicked the life out of him. Sean lay down on Matt who was lying on his stomach and whispered in his ear

`You see, look what happens when you get in my way? You become my bitch. He squeezed his ass and his sexy smile broke out again. `Im Untouchable'


The next day Matt wasn't in school and Sean made sure to fill everyone in, in how he dealt with the `puny new kid' that got in his way. The day was a triumph and Sean was looking forward to driving to his girlfriend house to have some victory sex. As the school day ended Sean got into his car and was startled when he seen Matt in the back

`Jesus Christ! A little mellow dramatic don't you think?

Matt just stared back.

`Get the Fuck ou-'


`What?' Replied Sean

`Well I don't think that's the word for getting someone else to do your coursework but it is similar? Huh, whatever it is I don't think the principal will like how you've been cheating the whole year...and I don't think he will like how you've been blackmailing Neil O Hanlon because he...well he goes both ways?. '

`How did yo-'

`Well I told you I knew your sort...and after some gentle persuasion with Neil he told me how you tried to seduce him only to reveal that you were straight...and he told me how you laughed at him for thinking a stud like you could be gay. Well Sean, Neil's coming out and so is you're cheating ways. You can say goodbye to your school. I can't wait to see you in Mc Donald's! Your ass would look delicious in them tight trousers'

`No wait please. Look ill back off just don't let him say. Please I need to be in school I have no qualifications!'



`Take me home now, I think you can remember from yesterday?'

As the long quiet drive to Matt's house began Sean could've cried. He couldn't believe this. His days were numbered..he was finished. When they arrived Matt just instructed him to follow until they entered his bedroom.

`Sean. I can make this go away...if you want?

`Yes look im sorry just please don't let him say.

`Sean, I think its time you felt what it is like to be someone's bitch.'

And with that a sexy smile broke out on Matt's face.


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