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By Lee Mariner

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Chapter #13

"How about you take your shower first, Derek, while I see what kind of clothes we brought from your house?" I said, feeling the mesmerizing effect his classic beauty had on me.  "We won't be downstairs in fifteen minutes if we take one together."

Smiling angelically, his eyes sparkling, he moved toward me; and, lifting my arms onto his shoulders and putting his around me, he cooed softly,his eye sparkling, "There isn't much we can do in fifteen minutes, is there?"

I felt the heat of passion building between us; and, kissing his bruised lips softly, I whispered, "If we keep this up, I don't think I'd care if we never left this room."

"If that were the case, we might, at the very least,  get a little hungry," he chuckled, releasing me and turning to go into the bathroom, his stiff shaft swaying as he moved.

Tingling waves of excitement washed over me; and for a second I was tempted to join him; but I resisted, reluctantly calling out, "You'll find everything you need, Derek. If you don't, just holler."

While he was showering, I went through the suitcases we had brought from his house.  I found a pair of Calvin Klein jeans and a sky-blue pullover that would match his eyes except for the blood-shot one.   After laying the clothes and a fresh pair of briefs out on the bed, I took a pair of my jeans from the closet and searched through the drawers of my dresser for a pullover that closely matched his.  I didn't know he was standing in the bathroom doorway drying off and watching me until he laughingly said, "You're going to have us looking like twins, Larry."

"Almost," I said, turning when I heard his soft melodic laugh. "I didn't find a pair of shoes, so you'll have to wear your slippers until we go through the things Rebecca and Henry brought."

"If I know  Beca, she has brought everything in my wardrobe," he said grinning as he toweled off.

"As soon as I shower, we can find out." I said, giving his cheek a peck as I passed him going into the bathroom.  "Did you leave enough hot water for me?"

"I hope so," he answered laughing and tossing his damp towel at me.

Derek had finished dressing when I came out of the bathroom, and it only took a few seconds before we were ready to go downstairs.  Mom was sitting at the table with Rebecca and Henry when we entered the room; and, when Rebecca saw Derek, she jumped up from the table with a broad smile on her face.

"My, my don't you look good," she exclaimed as she hugged  him tightly.

"Thanks to Larry and his parents, Beca," he answered returning her hug.

"Sho'nuff and that's the Lord's truth.  I don't know what we'd done if it wasn't for Mr. Larry. It scared the life out'n me when you fell down them steps with your daddy hollering at you like he was," she said, rolling her eyes and glancing at me. "I ain't never heard such carrying on;  and, when yo daddy hit you on the back of your neck and knocked that little telephone out'n your hand after you asked Mr. Larry to come get you, I was sure he had  hurt you bad."

"I don't remember too much of it, Beca," he replied, as we sat down. "I remember, after Larry didn't answer his cell phone, looking in the telephone book to see if there were someone named Marks.  The only Marks was a Christopher, and I took a chance and called the number.  I must  have scared you silly," he said, glancing at mother.

"It did at first until you said your name was Derek," she answered, smiling.  "Lawrence had told us about you when he got home; and, from all of the cursing and noise, I knew something was not right. He almost broke the door down getting to the telephone."

"So that's how you found Mom and Dad's number," I said.

"However he found it, I'm glad he did. I don't understand anyone's treating their child like that," Mother exclaimed softly, clinching her fists.

"Me neither, Missus," Rebecca answered, reaching across the table for Derek's hand. "I been knowing Mr. Derek's daddy since he and Miss Helen been married, and I ain't ever knowed him act like he did.  Sumpin evil must have took aholt of him real bad for him to beat up on my baby like he did."

We sat silently for a few moments before Derek, placing his hand on Rebecca's, spoke. "It's all over, Beca," he said softly. 

"Maybe so, but he didn't have no call to act like a man gone crazy," she answered firmly.  "If'n Mr. Larry hadn't come and took you away, I ain't sure what your daddy would've done."

"He didn't do anything else, Beca, and I'm okay now." Derek replied.

"Praise the Lord for that," she answered, patting his hand.  "Me and Henry managed to get most of your clothes packed up; they's out in the car. He did most of it while I was fixing things for Miss Helen's ladies."

"Thanks, Beca. I appreciate both of you bringing them over.  You didn't have too much trouble did you, Henry?"

"If'n you mean did your daddy give me any trouble, no, Sir.  He stomped around and looked into your room while I was doing it, but he didn't say nothing.  I got most everything excep'in them pictures and trophy things you had sittin on top of that music, television whatcha-ma-call-it thing," he answered.

"Thanks, Henry.  Except for a few snapshots, I'd like to have the pictures as  they are the only ones I have of Charlene. Maybe after I find a place to live and Dad has calmed down, he'll let me have them," he said, wistfully.

"Whoa, wait a minute." I said almost explosively. "What's this about finding a place to live?  You're staying here with us; isn't he, Mom?"

"Of course, he is; we won't hear of him staying anyplace else," Mom answered firmly.  "Lawrence's father and I discussed it this morning before he went to work, and we both agree, Derek.  This is your home for as long as you want it to be."

"I...I don't know what to say, Aunt Edith," he said, his voice quivering as he looked at her with tears welling up in his eyes.

"There is nothing to say, Son," Mother said as she got up and went around the table to where Derek was sitting. Taking his tear streaked face between her hands, she leaned down and kissed his forehead whispering softly, "We want you here with us where you will be safe, and Lawrence wants you here with him," she said, looking at me and smiling through tear-filled eyes.

I could tell  from the soft tone of Mother's voice and the tears in her eyes that she was thinking about Paul,  and that Derek was going to fill part of the void That Paul's death had left in her heart.  When he put  his arms around her and lay his head on her breast, she held him close, soothing him as he wept.  The room was filled with emotion, and I swallowed several times to avoid breaking down myself, but Rebecca was sobbing softly into her handkerchief.  Henry put his arm around her shoulders saying, "Whatcha carrying on for old woman?  The boy's gonna be safe with these folks and ain't that what you been praying for?"

"Oh, hush and let me be," she  snapped softly,  shrugging Henry's arm  from around her and straightening up as she wiped her eyes.  "I  reckon Miss Edith knows better than you how I'm feeling. I done raised Mr. Derek most his life; and, knowing he gonna be with folks that love him, is the Lord answering my prayers. If'n you want to make an old woman happy, you best be listening to Miss Edith, Mr. Derek. You ain't got no reason to be going anywhere else."

"I am listening, Beca, I just don't want to be a burden on anyone." Derek said, releasing Mother and looking at Rebecca.

We hadn't heard the sound of Dad's car as he drove in; and, when he came in from the outside and spoke, it surprised the five of us.

"What's this about being a burden?" he asked as he shucked his suit coat.  "Sorry, if I interrupted; I saw the strange car outside when I drove in; and I kind of figured, from the way it's loaded, folks from Derek's must be here.

Henry started to stand up when he realized who it was that had entered the room, but I put my hand on his arm, restraining, him. I turned to look at my father; and Mother, turning around at the sound of his voice, spoke before I could.

"Christopher, you're home early.  This is Rebecca and Henry; they brought Derek's things from his home. We have been having some tea and talking; would you like a cup?"

"A cup of coffee would be better, Mother," he said, nodding at Rebecca and Henry as he pulled another chair up to the table. "It's nice meeting you folks.  You've brought quite a car load with you."

"Yes sir, we brought near about all he had." Rebecca answered politely.

"Looks like you did a little shopping, Son," Dad said reaching over and squeezing Derek's shoulder.

"I've probably outgrown most of what they brought, sir," he answered blushing.

"Well then, if after we we get it unloaded and you go through it, I'm sure the church wouldn't mind having anything that you won't be needing for its clothes locker," he said smiling.

"Yes,Sir," Derek answered, his blush increasing.

"Good," he said as Mother sat his coffee on the table in front of him.  "There are plenty of people that can use it. Now then, when I came in, what did I hear about someone's being a burden?"

"We were talking about...." Mother started to say when Rebecca interrupted politely.

"Excuse me, Miss Edith, but we need to be getting back for supper.  Miss Helen will be looking for us," she said glancing at Mom and Dad.

"Oh my heavens, Rebecca, it is almost supper time, isn't it?  We've been talking, and I lost all track of time.  It shouldn't take Christopher and  Lawrence long to unload your car. "

"I can help," Derek started to say, but Dad put a hand on his arm.

"You just take it easy for a few more days, Son. Larry and I can handle it," he said, glancing at me; and, when Henry started to get up again,  he looked at him, "You stay put too. It must have been quite a chore for you and Rebecca packing and loading Derek's things."

Henry sat back down, glancing at Rebecca and Mother, mumbling, "Yes, Sir."

I could see he was not used to being told he didn't have to work; and, when I winked at him as I got up, he smiled and nodded his head.

It really didn't take us very long to unload the car including a few suitcases from the trunk.  We stacked the boxes in the utility room along with the suitcases and hung several clothes bags on a rod that mother used when she was ironing shirts.  When we were finished, Dad stood back and looked at all of the stuff we had unloaded. "Boy, Larry, if what they brought is all clothes, your bedroom is going to be crowded."

"We'll work it out, Dad," I said.

"I'm sure you will, Son.  Your mother started to tell me before we unloaded the car, but what was being said about someone's being a burden?"

"Derek, Dad.  He was talking nonsense about being a burden on us and about getting his own place.  Mom and Rebecca both were telling him he wouldn't be any trouble, and I think that's been straightened out."

"Rebecca and Henry.  I'm assuming they are the Kinsley servants?"

"Yes, Sir. Rebecca has raised Derek ever since he was a baby.  She and Henry are married, and they have been with Derek's parents for years." I answered.

"If Derek has been raised with servants, Larry, it might take some time before he gets adjusted to not having them around; and that might be hard on  you," Dad said, looking intently at my face.

I could tell what Dad was getting at, and I could see the concern on his face as he talked and looked at me.  We weren't very close when Paul was living, but we had grown closer after he died. I knew that Dad and Mom were still adjusting to the fact that I was gay.  It made me feel good inside to hear him talking about me and Derek,  knowing  so little about what our relationship would be like.

"Dad," I said breathing in deeply, "I've thought about that, but I don't believe it will make any difference. He has a mother and father that didn't really seem to care very much about what he did or became as long as it didn't interfere with their lifestyles; they had Rebecca  take care of him.  I think Derek has felt that he was a burden on his parents, and he is afraid of becoming one for us. He really has not had anyone to love him, other than Rebecca; but he knows how much I love him.  I know you and Mom will also love him as much as I do when you get to know him," I said, never taking my eyes from his.

He stood looking at me for a few moments; and, then grasping my shoulders in both hands, he said, "That is what counts, Son; you can build a life on that if you can't build it on anything else. Just remember, your mother and I are always behind you."

"I know that, Dad," I said moving from his grasp and hugging him.

"I guess we better be getting back inside, Larry, before your mother comes looking for us," he said tousling my hair as I pulled away from him.

Mother looked at us as we came though the door and Dad announced that we had finished unloading the car.  Rebecca reached across the table and took both of Derek's hands in hers, "You got good folks here that care about you, Mr. Derek, and knowing that makes me feel a whole lot better. I know  how Mr. Larry feels about you, and I'll be praying for the both of you," she said glancing at me and smiling as they stood up.  "Just don't go forgetting about old Henry and me; you knows how much we love you....  We done told your momma we will be leaving  and going down to Charleston.  She don't like it none; but, now that you are safe, they's no reason for us to be stayin around.  We both be getting too old for all them steps and parties and such."

"Beca," Derek said, standing up and going to her open arms, "You won't leave without telling me where you're going to be, will you?" he asked hugging her and reaching for Henry's hand.  "You know how much I love both of you."

"Course we do, Boy," she answered snuffling as tears started flowing  from her soft brown eyes. "I ain't so good at writin letters, but I got Missus Mark's telephone number, and we will call yo'all after we'uns gets settled in. Just you  be good and mind your manners the way I taught you, hear," she said  softly as she wiped his cheeks with her handkerchief.

"Old woman," Henry said, tugging at Rebecca's skirt, "We best be going, it's near about six o'clock."

Emotions were running deep, and I could see that even Mom and Dad were moved by  the affection between Derek and the only two people that had ever shown him love.  Moving around the table, I put my arm around his shoulders and whispered,  "You aren't losing Rebecca and Henry,  Derek.  We can always visit with them after they get settled."

"You sho'nuff can, and yo'all come visit any time," Rebecca said, looking over at Mom and Dad and brightening some. "I'll fix you some country cooking that'll stick to your ribs, none of that fluffy stuff Miss Helen likes."

"We will look forward to it," Mother said , "and don't worry about Derek. His home is here with us."

"Praise the Lord for that, Miss Edith.  Knowing that sho'nuff makes us feel a whole lot better.  I reckon we best be leaving," Rebecca said as she moved toward the door,  pulling on Henry's arm.

We followed them outside and waved as they drove off, Dad standing behind Mother with his hands on her shoulders and me behind Derek with my arms around his waist.  I could feel the emotions running through him and I held him close, not even thinking about Mom and Dad standing next to us. It seemed  natural;  and it felt good, holding him and letting him know I was with him.

Mom and Dad went back inside the house, leaving us standing and watching as Rebecca and Henry drove slowly from view.  I felt a shudder go through Derek; and,  still in my arms, he turned his head and said, almost in a whisper, "I'm going to miss them, Larry."

"I know you will, but look at this way. They are the last link with your parents; and, with Rebecca and Henry leaving soon, there will be no need for you to go there again unless you want to" I said, kissing the back of his neck;   "and, I can't think of any reason you should now that you are here with me."

An impish smile played at the corners of his mouth, and his eyes brightened as he turned in my arms and  looked into mine.  "That's why I love you so much," he said softly, putting his arms around my neck and molding his hard body to mine. "Thinking, always thinking...."

When I started to kiss him, he drew his head back and laughed softly, saying,  "Not here, Silly, your parents might come out."

"And what if they do?  I don't believe they would say anything but you're right, we should be going in.  Mom probably has supper ready."