Derek & I

© 2002

By Lee Mariner
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Chapter #14

Supper time was always the time of day when we, Mom, Dad and I, caught up on our day.  Dad was sitting at the kitchen table reading his newspaper while Mom was putting supper on the table.  She looked up as we came through the door and said, smiling, " I hope you like hot dogs and baked beans, Derek."

"I'm sure I will,  Mrs. Mar...Aunt Edith," he answered nervously, glancing at me as we sat down.

"Aunt Edith?" Dad asked, looking over his newspaper at Mother.

"Yes, Aunt Edith, Christopher.   Derek can't continue addressing me as Mrs. Marks all of the time, so we settled on Aunt Edith." Mother responded almost haughtily but with a smile.

"Oh, that's fine, Mother, fine by me. 'Christopher' or 'Chris' is fine with me," Dad said looking directly at him.

Derek flushed a brilliant crimson from the top of his head and probably down to the soles of his feet.  Even with one eye bloodshot, his eyes were a soft blue and I could see the emotions that were rushing through him.  He wanted to say something; and, when he looked at me, I could see he was trying to think of the right words with which to answer Dad's request.  

Leaning toward him, I put my lips close to his ear and whispered softly, "Why don't you call them 'Mom' and 'Dad'?  It'd be a lot less confusing, and they won't object."

"Are you sure?" he said,  looking at me quizzically, his eyes brightening.

"Hey, it works for me," I said, grinning and nudging his leg under the table with mine.

"What 'works' for you, Larry;  just what are you two talking about?" Dad asked.

"Larry said I should call you and Mrs. Marks, 'Mom' and 'Dad,' " Derek said before I could answer Dad.

The room went silent for a brief second, and then Mother in her always proper manner looked at Dad briefly, before saying, "If you feel comfortable addressing us in that manner, Derek, we have no objections."

"No objections!! Feel comfortable!!  I swear, Mother, you sound as if you have just signed a  home mortgage.  Derek, 'Mom' and 'Dad' are fine, but you address us anyway that is the most comfortable for you. Now then, lets finish supper or your mother will have to warm everything,"  Dad said grinning but with a note of finality in his voice.

                                                                            * * * * * * * * * * * * 

After supper while I was helping Mother with the dishes,  Dad was talking with Derek while he finished his after-supper coffee.  I felt good inside watching them talk  as if they had known each other for a lifetime, rather than  just twenty-four hours.  Derek's lack of pretension  was one of the characteristics I liked about him.  Derek was who he was, and he had the ability to make people feel comfortable. I noticed that about him when we were on the eastern shore and had met Ruth and Helen, two lesbians we knew nothing about; but Derek didn't hesitate but talked with them as if they were old friends.  I was deep in my thoughts,  drying dishes and putting them away automatically when, Mother's voice roused me from my musings," He is quite a young man, isn't he, Lawrence?"

"Wha...what?" I responded, a little embarrassed. "Oh, I'm sorry, Mom, I was somewhere else for a minute."

"I could see that from the way you were drying the dishes.  If you spend another minute on that plate, the pattern will be worn off of it," she said, smiling softly before repeating herself. "I said, 'Derek is quite a young man.' "

"Yes, Ma'am, he is," I answered, putting the plate she had referred to in its place with the other dishes in the cabinet.

"In some ways...."  she started to say when Dad interrupted her.  "Derek and I are going into the living room, Mother.  Would you mind if I finished my coffee there?"  He asked.

"Of course not, Christopher. Don't forget the saucer, and please use the side table and not the arm of your chair to rest your cup and saucer on. Lawrence and I will be finished in a few minutes, and then we will join you." She answered, glancing over her shoulder, with her hands in the soapy dishwater of the sink.

"Yes, Ma'am." Dad said obediently, and I grinned at his exaggeration as he and Derek left the kitchen. Mother did not normally serve or allow coffee or other liquids in her living room except on special occasion's such as the Thanksgiving or Christmas holidays.

"Your, father thinks he is being funny asking for permission to take his coffee into the living room." She said good naturally.

"You don't normally allow it, Mother."

"It's not a matter of not allowing it, Lawrence. It's your father's exuberance and animation when he is talking.  I cannot count the times I have cleaned coffee stains from the carpet when he knocked the cup off of the arm of his chair," she answered.

I had to agree with her about that for Dad could get excited when he became really involved in a topic of conversation, and I had to hide my grin of acknowledgment.

"I don't think that he will spill anything tonight, Mother.  What were you going to say before, when, Dad said they were going into the living room?"

"Oh, yes,  I almost forgot...  I was about to say, that in some ways, Derek is much like your brother, Paul. He has the same easy going, respectful attitude and beautiful smile.  He looks you in the eye just like you do  and your brother always did when he talked with someone, and I know your Father likes that....," she said wistfully, her voice drifting off.

"Mother," I said softly, "I miss him almost as much as you do, but Derek isn't Paul."

"I know that, Lawrence, and he will never replace your brother.  But I do believe Derek was sent to us for a reason; and, whatever that reason may be, he is a part of our family now.  We will do all we can to make him feel that he is a part of this family."  she said, hugging me closer.

I felt that special bond between us growing; and, lifting her face to mine, I kissed her softly, "You're the greatest, Mom."

We looked at each other lovingly for a moment or two before Mom punched me on the chest, exclaiming, "Go on in the living room while I finish the dishes," as she turned away from me,  her eyes watering slightly.

                                        * * * * * * * * * * * *

Derek was sitting on the sofa across from Dad when I entered the living room. Dad's coffee cup with saucer was precariously perched on the rounded arm of his overstuffed easy chair; and, looking over his shoulder, he watched as I walked over and sat beside Derek.

"Mom said she would finish the dishes and then join us," I said.

"Almost done is she, Son?"

"Yes, Sir, " I answered, "She'll be here in a few minutes.  Looks like you and Derek are getting to know each other better,"  I said, glancing at Dad and then placing my arm on the back of the sofa behind Derek's head.

"That's not difficult to do," Dad said, glancing at Derek.  "He was telling me about graduating from Merrimac High School, the private school over on Baker Road, week after next."

"Oh, I've already graduated, Mr. Mar...err...Dad," Derek said shaking his head and looking at me grinning, a twinkle in his eye.

"Use either way as long as your comfortable, Derek. I know it takes time to call someone other than your father, 'Dad'," Dad said smiling and then continued. "I thought you said you had a graduation ceremony to attend?" he said, looking a little perplexed.

"I do and I don't; it's just a formality.  Our school year is a little different from public schools. We usually start and finish each year before they do, and we don't have as many days off during the year.  I actually completed all of the credits for my diploma last week. I can ask for my diploma to be sent to me instead of going through a ceremony on a stage and all that other stuff," He answered, quietly.

"That is one of the big differences between public and private schools. There are less politics involved," Dad said glancing at both of us before adding, "Don't you want to attend the ceremony, Derek?"

"I would love to, but I don't think my parents will be there now, not after yesterday," He answered, his lower lip quivering slightly.

"Don't let that stop you, Son," Dad said, placing his coffee on the side table and leaning forward in his chair.  "If you want to be with your graduating class and, I can't blame you for wanting to, we will be there for you.  Won't we, Larry?" he asked, looking at me intently.

We didn't see or hear Mother walk into the room; but, just as I was about to answer Dad, she cut in. "That includes me as well, Derek. We were at Paul's and Lawrence's graduations and we will be at yours if you wish,"  she said, smiling and looking at the three of us as she took her seat next to Dad's, continuing to massage the hand lotion she used after washing dishes into her skin.

"Of course, we will all be there as a family," Dad said, emphasizing "family."

"I don't know what to say...just yesterday my life seemed to be in such turmoil and now you make me feel so much different, wanted...," Derek said softly, looking at me and then at Mom and Dad, his eyes shiny with tears.

"Unh huh," Dad coughed, a little embarrassed. "You think on it, Derek; it's up to you; but remember we are here for you, all three of us."

"Thank you, Sir," Derek answered twisting his fingers together as he spoke.  I had an urge to reach for his hands and hold them but I suppressed it out of respect. 

Mom and Dad knew how we felt about each other, but there was no need to be outwardly obvious by showing it. I think they both could tell from the body language.

                                            * * * * * * * * * * * *

The conversation lapsed for just a moment until I asked, "Is there anything you want out of the stuff that Rebecca and Henry brought over?"

"There are some things but it will take some time to go through all of it.  I think Beca probably packed things I would need right away in the suitcases and the clothes bags.  We can take them upstairs and see, if you want to," He answered.

"Good idea," I answered, standing up. "We might as well get some of Derek's things so he can get organized and settled in."

"Whoa, wait a minute." Dad said, waving an arm at us. " Sit down, for just a minute."

We sat back down, as told, a little surprised at first, but then I realized that Dad had something on his mind except I didn't know what until he started talking.

"You do remember that earlier, I said your room was not going to be big enough for you and Derek, don't you Larry?"

"Yes, Sir." I answered, not sure where he was going.

"What are we forgetting, Mother?" He asked, turning toward her.

Mother sat with a perplexed look on her face for several seconds before she broke into a huge smile, "Paul's apartment over the garage!!"

"Yesssssss," Dad said, excitedly, turning and looking at us sitting like bumps on a log. "It is small but it is perfect for you and Derek. It has a nice size bedroom with bath and a small living room with a small kitchen. Plenty of closet space for most of yours and Derek's clothes. It's perfect for the two of you, and when you start college you will have your own place to study and entertain your friends."

"And," Mother injected, "it is clean except for maybe a little dusting. If  you move into it, I'll have the sewing room I have wanted for ages and ages, won't I, Christopher?"

"Well, I was thinking more along the lines of an upstairs sitting room where we two could relax together," He answered. his eyes twinkling.

"Unh, huh," She answered, looking him in the eye and smiling almost seductively. "Maybe we can come up with a compromise and have both."

"Probably," He answered, turning his head and looking at us. "What do you guys think about it?" He asked, rubbing his hands together.

I was caught off guard and completely flabbergasted by his and Mom's suggestion.  In the excitement that had surrounded Derek's coming with us, I had completely forgotten about the apartment we had built over the garage the summer before Paul was to go to college.  It was laid out the way Dad had said, and it would be perfect for our own privacy as well as theirs.  It took just a moment for the idea to set in before the excitement of it started to build inside of me. When I turned and looked at Derek, his face was a blank; and his gaze was shifting between me and Mom and Dad. 

"It would put to rest the notion of your finding a place of your own, wouldn't it? You didn't think that was going to fly with me, did you?" I said feeling the emotions building inside of me.

"I...I, don't know what I was thinking really, so much has happened so quickly," He answered and I could see he was still slightly dumbfounded.

The urge to take him in my arms was so strong I almost couldn't resist. Instead,  I stood up and taking his hand in mine pulled him up, exclaiming, "Come on, let's take a look at it."

"Don't forget the key on the nail beside the door, Larry," Mom called out as we ran out of the room.

                                         * * * * * * * * * * * *

I won't forget the first night Derek and I spent in "our place."  It meant more to me, and I think to him also, than the time we had been in the motel rooms and my truck; this was ours alone with no outside interference.  I was breathless from running up the outside stairs; and I had a hard time inserting the key into the lock, because I was so nervous. 

Flipping on the light switch just inside the door, I stood aside for Derek; and, when I turned around from closing the door, he melted into my arms, his lips searching for mine, his tongue demanding entrance to dance with mine.  The passion that flared between us was incendiary in its intensity, and his hard cock pressing against mine sent waves of instant desire coursing through every fiber of my body. His arms were steel bands squeezing me tightly to him, and his rapidly beating heart joined mine in a deafening crescendo of excitement.  His steel hard cock pressing against me, ignited fires of immediate desire in my loins; and his tongue reaching down my throat sent shivers coursing through me until an inner voice told me it was not yet the right time.   I pulled my lips from his gasping, "Jesus..., Derek, not yet, you haven't even looked around."

He leaned his head back holding me tightly and pressing his groin even tighter against mine.  His eyes gleamed a deep indigo and the red blood in his left eye seemed to glow as deeply as the blue did. The tip of his tongue moving over his lower lip was crimson and inviting. His hard muscled chest rose and fell rapidly from the excitement we were both feeling. "I've been wanting to hold you all day, but first it was Beca and Henry, and then we were with your parents," he said, laying his head on my shoulder and whispering softly as he kissed my neck.   "I love you so much; I don't care where we live as long as we are together."

"Then why don't we tell Mom and Dad this is what we want?  We can bring some of your clothes and mine over for tonight, if you want to, and bring the rest little by little until it's the way we want it," I said, nuzzling his nose with mine.

                                           * * * * * * * * * * * *

Mom and Dad did not seem to be the least surprised when Derek and I burst back into the house and, excitedly, told them we were going to move a few things over to the apartment for the night and move the rest later on.  I think, I detected a twinkle in Dad's eye when we told them, but I can't be sure of that for he is pretty good at holding his emotions inside.

When we had gathered a few of our things and some bed clothing, Dad asked whether I would be going to work in the morning.

"When I called him this morning, Fred asked me whether you would be going in to work tomorrow, Larry.  Will you be?"

"I was thinking of calling him and asking if I could have a few days off,"  I answered.

"That's a good idea, Son," Dad said approvingly.   "I was going to tell you he had said that, if you needed more time off, you had a few days vacation time coming.  You should call him in the morning if that's what you intend to do."

"I will, Sir, first thing in the morning." I said turning to follow Derek.

"You will be having breakfast won't you, Lawrence," Mother asked as I backed out of the door, pushing the screen door open.

"Mother..." I exclaimed, rolling my eyes.

"You don't have any food or supplies in the apartment, Larry," Dad chimed in quickly.

I hadn't thought of eating but he was right and I acquiesced with a not very humble, "You are right as usual, Dad; I hadn't thought about that.  We will be over about eight o'clock if that's okay, Mom."

"That will be good, and tell Derek I won't fix oatmeal," she said smiling at me and reaching out to catch the screen door before it slammed.

I heard, Dad asking, "Oatmeal, what's that all about?" as I moved away.  Mother answered, "I heard Derek tell Lawrence that he didn't like oatmeal; but he ate a pretty big bowl of it this morning; and, after he tasted it, he whispered to Lawrence that it wasn't bad. Now I have three men who like morning oatmeal," she said as she closed and locked the door behind me.

Derek was waiting at the top of the stairs for me; and, taking the towels, sheets and blankets that Mother had given me, he went into the bedroom while I hung his clothes bags in the living room closet along with the larger of his suitcases.

"Derek," I called out as I closed the closet door, "Mother wants us to have breakfast with her in the morning. I told her we would be there about eight o'clock," I said, walking into an empty bedroom.

The bed was made up; the sheets turned down.  I don't know where he found the candles that were burning, but they gave the room a soft light and an odor of sandalwood.  When I heard the shower water running, I pulled my shirt off; and,  after unzipping my jeans, sat on one of the two chairs to remove my shoes and pull my jeans off before standing up to remove my briefs and dropping them on the floor with my other clothes. 

"That's not very tidy," I heard him say softly; and I turned, seeing him framed in the doorway by the bathroom light.  His magnificently muscled body glowed golden in the soft light of the candles; and I gasped, sucking air deep into my lungs at the gorgeous way his body was framed between the two lighting effects.  The broadness of his shoulders and narrowness of his waist were accented by the rear light while the light of the candles accented the beauty of his delicately sculpted chest, arms and legs.  His cock hung, half flaccid, over the fullness of his exquisitely proportioned testicles; and the the water droplets, lingering in the silky pubic hair that surrounded the thick base of his cock, glistened like golden diamonds.

"My God," I breathed, more than said, as I moved toward him, my cock starting to swell with the excitement welling up inside of me.  "You get more beautiful every time I look at you."

"So do you," he said twisting away from my reaching hands with an impish, teasing gleam in his eyes.  "I left the water running for you," he said as he moved in an almost coquettish way toward the bed. "You don't want it to get cold," he said softly, teasingly; and when he turned I could see his cock starting to lengthen.  Reluctantly, I went into the bathroom with a feeling of frustration, created by the desire of wanting Derek so badly, washing over me.

The shower helped some in reducing the nagging desire that persisted in my groin.  Drying off in the bathroom, I snapped the light off and returned to the bedroom. Derek was lying on the bed with one leg cocked and one hand lying on his chest.  His eyes gleamed, and a small impish smile played at the corner of his mouth for just a moment. Then he said, "You keep talking about how beautiful I am, Larry; but I see the same thing in you.  You are everything I have ever wanted in a man," he said his voice softening as I moved toward him and sat of the edge of the bed. "I didn't think I would ever love anyone the way I love you," he breathed, reaching his arms up to me.

His soft succulent lips felt like velvet as we kissed tenderly, but not passionately. I lay my head on the pillow next to his; and, as he ran his fingers up and down my spine, I shivered from the delicious feelings that permeated every muscle and nerve.  His soft breath flowing over my ear as he breathed was warming, and I felt that warmth deep in my soul. I could have lain there forever, content in having him with me. Then he whispered in my ear, "Did you ever think it would be like this, Larry, just you and me here alone in our own bed? I don't believe I could be any happier than I am right now."

"Me neither," I said, lifting up and twisting around so I could slide an arm under his neck and lie beside him.

He rolled on his side; and, slipping his arm under mine, he pulled us closer together as I lowered my lips to his. The passion increased as we kissed, and his hard cock started pushing against mine. Moaning softly he put one leg over mine, and he moved his hips in a piston motion, sliding his hard cock up and down next to mine.  Bolts of fire shot through me, and I pulled him tighter crushing his lips with mine and increasing the pressure between us.  Our cocks slid easily, slicked by the flood of pre-seminal fluid gushing from the urethra slits, and I could feel his body tighten in my arms.

Breaking the kiss, I started to swing around and take his cock in my mouth when he stopped me, growling softly from deep in his chest, "Not that, Lover,  fuck me.   Take me, Larry, take me like I took you," he whimpered softly as he rolled over on his back and lifted his legs.

Moving between his legs I used his personal fluid that had pooled on his stomach and mine as lubricant on my throbbing cock and his quivering anus.  When I scooted forward, he lifted his legs and placed them on my shoulders. Moving closer, I placed the head of my cock at the entrance to his rectum and felt him tighten his sphincter slightly, "Are you sure, Derek?" I asked, hesitating.

"No one has been there, Larry; and I've never been more sure of anything in my life," he whispered softly, his blue eyes changing from a deep indigo to an iridescent purple with the emotions flowing through him. 

I waited almost impatiently, feeling the excitement coursing though me while I  kneaded and massaged the muscles of his rapidly rising and falling chest.  The head of my dripping cock rested at the entrance into the depths of his body pressing gently against his tight anus. Derek squeezed my hand; and, looking into his eyes, I leaned forward feeling my cock probing his tight anus until the head slipped in and his sphincter suddenly snapped tightly and I heard him suck air between his teeth. "Easy, baby, just relax," I cooed softly feeling my cock slowly slipping deeper into his soft, hot rectum.  He relaxed the deeper my cock sank into the heat of his bowels until I felt my pubic hair resting on his soft perineum, the pressure pushing his balls upwards against the base of his cock.

His legs slipped from my shoulders, clamping around my waist as my chest rested on his.  Our hearts were beating in unison; and, when he opened his eyes, I kissed him gently, feeling the pressure of his anus tightening around the base of my cock.  "Fuck me, Larry, please. Make me feel wholly a part of you," he pleaded softly.

My hips moved automatically in a slow piston movement ,and his back arched, lifting his buttocks upwards, meeting each downward thrust. The thrill of having him beneath me sent waves of ecstasy though the muscles of my body; and, my cock sliding in and out of his anus brushing his prostate causing him to twist and thrash in the throes of ecstasy, gave me a feeling of power that I had never felt before. The creating of such euphoric pleasure between him and me was ecstatic in it's intensity.  The tempo increased and the sweat poured from both of us as we strained, muscles tightening with each wrenching bolt of ecstatic fire that shot through us.  The fire was rushing upward from the depths of my ball sac; and, at the instant I groaned with the feelings of sexual release pouring over me, I felt his hands grip my biceps as he groaned, arching his back. Streams of thick milky sperm gushed from the head of his throbbing, pulsing cock as I emptied my sperm into the hot depths of his bowels. The pain of pleasure was so intense that I couldn't help screaming, "Derek, Derek, baby;" and, with a final spasm, my wilting cock slipped from his anus as I collapsed onto his sperm covered chest, his legs falling on the bed.  His arms went around my chest, holding me tightly against him; and I heard him whispering, "I love you, I love you, oh God I love you."

We drifted in the calming fog of afterglow for several minutes, and I reveled in the feeling of his hands moving up and down over the relaxing muscles of my back.  Raising my head from the pillow, I slid off of his chest and sat up on the side of the bed, saying, "I'll be right back."

I went into the bathroom, and soaking a wash cloth in warm water, cleaned my chest and stomach before returning to the bed and washing him.  Dropping the towel and cloth on the floor I lay down, and he snuggled close.

The pleasant fatigue of our first night in our own bed overtook us; and, running my fingers though his silky, soft golden hair, I whispered, "Rest well my love; you're safe now."