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Chapter #16

Millville Road ended at the city limits and went from asphalt to crushed gravel; the county's responsibility.  Huntington Park as a county park was not as well taken care of as it would have been had it been a state park, but it was a popular place for family outings since it was much closer than the larger and better equipped state parks.   There were several pavilions with tables and outdoor grills for picnics close to the roadside with more tables and grills scattered among the tall pines on a carpet of pine needles. Several nature trails led into the depths of the thick woods and undergrowth.  Faded but still readable signs listed the rules for using the park and the admonishment to use the trash baskets that were provided.

At the northern end of the park where a small stream flowed through a rocky area, the county had constructed a dam across the stream between two of the larger rock outcroppings.   The water backed up behind the dam and formed a pool sufficiently deep for swimming before it flowed over a natural spillway and thence to the James River.   Truck loads of pea gravel had been dumped into the water and spread out to make a more or less uniform and safe bottom.   On the shore most of the underbrush had been cleared out from under the pine trees, and more gravel had been used in making a pathway and a parking area.  

Derek snuggled closer as we drove along the thinly graveled roadway into the woods, and I could feel his heartbeat increase as  we went deeper into the woods following the road past the picnic pavilions.  Bright sunlight filtered through the thick canopy formed overhead by the entwined branches of the trees.  I had half expected to see a few cars;  but, since it wasn't a weekend, the pavilions were empty.  The only sound was the crunching of our tires on the gravel. 

"How far is the swimming hole, Larry?" he asked

"Not really very far," I answered.  "There is a parking area but most of the kids pull off into the trees where they can make out."

"Have you ever done that?" he asked, turning and looking at me.

"Lord, no," I exclaimed.  "It has been a long time since I was here last, and then it was with my high school class.   I heard other guys talking about bring girls up here; but I haven't been here with anyone, girl or boy."

"Did you swim naked with any of the boys you went to school with?"

"Some of us did when we were able to sneak away from the teachers who were with us.  We didn't swim long, the water was cold as hell, and our cocks shriveled up. A couple of the guys looked like they had pussies instead of cocks, because their cocks shrunk up so badly,"  I answered, chuckling at the memory.

"I bet you didn't look like that, did you?" he said giggling and squeezing my arm.

"You're a horny devil, Derek. But if you must know, I might have, had I stayed in the water very long."  I said, as we pulled into the half mud, half graveled parking area.

The parking area was empty, but there were several tire tracks in the mud leading off into secluded parking places among the trees and underbrush.  A large, almost unreadable, sign was still standing at the entrance to the pathway that led through the trees and rocks to the swimming hole.  Three words were visible, "no swimming alone;" but the remainder of the working  was too faded to read.  Turning the truck around, I backed into a spot among the trees. 

"Ready to go skinny-dipping?" I said playfully as I turned the engine off.

"Go, what?" he answered.

"Swim naked, remember?"

"Is that what you call swimming naked?  I've never gone skinny-dipping," he said, smiling broadly, his eyes sparkling. "

"You're in for a treat then; come on," I said, opening my door.

He followed me up the gravel pathway over the flat and rounder rocks that surrounded the swimming pool.   A few trees had grown between some of them and their branches had grown out over the water giving the place a more secluded atmosphere than I remembered.  Filtered sunlight reflected on the dark surface of the pool, and the only sounds  were of a soft breeze rustling the leaves and of the water rushing over the rocks into the pool and out through the spillway.  Sand mixed with pea gravel had been used along the edges trying to make a sort of beach, but with the rains and use by swimmers it had mostly disappeared. 

"It's a natural swimming pool," Derek exclaimed when he saw it,  gripping my hand and breathing a little heavily from the walk  from the parking lot.  "The water looks deep, is it?"

"It's about ten feet deep, and it has a gravel bottom," I said, leading him to a spot where we could undress in the sunlight.

                                                                                                                   * * * * * * * * * * * *

There wasn't much of a beach where we could enter the water slowly so, we jumped in and Derek learned what I meant when I said the water was cold.  He came up sputtering and gasping for air almost screaming, "OH SHIT, Larry, it's cold."

"I told you it was," I said laughing and treading water a few feet from him.  "You'll get used to it after a you've been in it for a few minutes.  Let's dive down and see what the bottom is like."

Checking the bottom was not difficult since the water was clean and clear, and we didn't find any obstructions that would be dangerous.  When we surfaced, Derek was grinning; and he struck out swimming around the circumference of the pool.   His stroke was smooth and powerful, the water streaming over his rippling back and shoulder muscles as he swam cutting through the water like a knife.   We swam side by side; and, each time that he turned his head towards me as he swam and breathed, I could see the exhilaration he was feeling and the sparkle in his eyes. 

After we swam two laps of the pool, we scrambled out of the water and went to the sunny spot where we had undressed.

"You're right, Larry;  it's cold but not bad after you get used to it," he said. 

"Yeah, but it would be better if we had a couple of towels," I said, as both of us started to shiver. "We can use our t-shirts; that'll help."

Grabbing our t-shirts we rubbed each other down; and, after wringing them out a couple of times and with the sun's help, we stopped shivering.  Gathering the rest of our clothes, we went to a small sunny and secluded grassy area, just in among the trees.  The grass was warm; and, after spreading our t-shirts in the sun to dry, we used our shorts and sneakers as pillows and lay next to each other in the sun.  We dried off pretty quickly and I closed my eyes enjoying the sun's warmth and the closeness of him lying beside me.

After a few minutes, I felt him move; and, when his hand touched my chest, I opened my eyes. He was looking at me with his head resting in the palm of one hand  while caressing my chest with the other.  His light brown hair was dark from still being damp; and his eyes were a soft blue, the shade of robin-eggs.  The movement of his hand over my breast nipples sent tingling sensations running through me, and my cock started swelling.

"No more swimming?" I asked, reaching up and stroking his cheek.

"No more swimming," he answered, his eyes shining as he leaned his head down and pressed his lips to mine.

Our tongues moved gently, caressingly in the depths of our mouths; and I felt his hand sliding down over my stomach, his fingers twisting in the thick hair at the base of my aching cock.   Lifting his lips from mine, he nuzzled my nose with his and took my cock in his hand squeezing gently.  His eyes sparkled; and, moving closer, he laid one leg over mine and pressed his hard cock against my hip. Tucking one arm between us, he laid his head on my chest and started a slow titillating piston movement squeezing and relaxing his hand as he did.  Waves of pleasure flowed over me, and I could feel the fires of desire igniting and building in my loins. 

I didn't know what he had in mind, and I didn't care.  He could do whatever he wanted without my resisting.  The warmth of his breath flowing over my chest and the slow movement of his hand up and down the steel hard length of my cock sent thrills through me.  I closed my eyes as my body relaxed, responding to the soft ecstatic feelings that were lulling me into a euphoric sense of contentment as he stroked my cock.

The movement of his hand sliding the blood-engorged head of my cock in and out of its protective sheath and the ecstatic feelings flowing over me was mesmerizing.  I felt the pre-seminal fluid rising until he stopped; an involuntary sigh of disappointment flowed from my lips as I exhaled, relieving the tension that had built up.

"You like being a tease, don't you, Derek?  Get a guy hot and almost ready to pop and then stop," I said running my fingers through his thick almost dry hair. 

Laughing softly, he lifted his head from my chest and sat up. Supporting himself with the arm he pulled from between us as he sat up, he ran his free hand over my ribs.  "I'm not teasing you, Larry. I like playing with you, feeling the muscles tightening and relaxing while I run my hands over them.  I like feeling your cock getting hard and feeling the beat of your heart as your cock throbs in my hand," he said softly, his eyes a deep blue.

"Do you mean like this?" I said, taking his cock in my hand and squeezing gently, I mimicked the way he had stroked my cock.

"Yesssss," he whispered, moistening his lips with his tongue, his eyes glistening as he moved his hand down over my stomach. Raking his fingers through the thick pubic hair, he wrapped his fingers around my cock; and, when he started to slowly stroke it again, I continued stroking his cock,  matching each movement of his hand.

His eyes sparkled with excitement; and, as our passions built with the increasing tempo, I felt the pre-seminal fluids oozing from my cock and his.  He leaned his head back and moaned softly, "Oh, God, that feels so good," his voice quivering with excitement.

"Keep it up and we'll both have a mess and no towels for cleanup." I was feeling the pressure building in my churning balls and from the way his cock was throbbing in my hand, I could tell we both were close to a mutually explosive ejaculation.

"We don't need towels, Larry, not when we have each other," he said, sitting up and quickly turning around.

I knew what he wanted; and I turned facing him as he stretched out, turning his body toward me.    Turning on my side, I slid an arm under his thighs and, placing my hand on his hard buttocks, pulled him closer.   His thick cock was a steel javelin aiming for my lips, it's blood-engorged head glistening;  pearly drops of pre-semen were oozing from the ethereal slit.   When I opened my mouth to take him, I felt my cock touch his lips and then start sliding into the warm depths of his mouth.  He moaned softly as his cock slid between my lips, and I felt the pressure of his hips thrusting forward driving its steel hard length against the back of my mouth at the entrance to my throat.   My hips reacted in concert with his gentle pressure as I opened my throat allowing his throbbing cock to sink deeper.  I felt my cock touch the back of his throat and there was a slight tightening of his throat muscles before he relaxed and my cock slipped deep into the warm depths of his esophagus.  

We both lay quietly holding each other deep in our throats while we adjusted to the feeling of fullness that filled us.  The warmth of the sun and a soft breeze wafting over us increased the sense of euphoria that surrounded us, and we started a slow piston movement with out hips, mirroring the passion that was building between us. The tempo increased with each thrust, and I felt his muscles tightening with mine.  His back arched with each thrust; and the intensity of our mutual need increased as we raced to reach the pinnacle that would release the aphrodisiac we craved, the nectar that would satisfy the desire that consumed us.

I felt his cock swelling and hardening in unison with mine; and we both groaned deep in our chests as thick streams of hot cream rushed upwards from the cauldrons of our loins exploding with a volcanic force and as we greedily drank the elixir of life that gushed forth,  emptying the cauldrons of our testicles  We held each other tightly as our muscles strained from the feelings of ecstasy that filled us, as we stripped the last remnants from wilting cocks, ascending into the soft after glow of satisfaction.

Releasing each other, we lay for several minutes breathing heavily, our heads resting on the relaxing muscles of each other's thighs.  My hand was resting on his chest, and I could feel the beat of his heart slowing as he relaxed.  With a last flick of his tongue, he licked my cock; and, sitting up, he ran his hands over my chest.  Grinning at me, he leaned down and, brushing my lips with his, said softly,  "That was almost as good as the first time we made love, remember?"

"I do, and each time it is better than the last.  I don't think I'll ever get enough of you," I replied.

"Me either," was all he said as he stretched out beside me, laying his head on my chest with an arm over me.

We lay quietly for several minutes; and I stroked the smooth, unblemished muscles of his chest and stomach, thinking back to when we had first met.  He was right; it had been almost as good as the first time we had made love.

For a moment, I thought he had slipped off to sleep from the steady way he was breathing; and I shook his shoulder gently, saying, "If we are going to get some things for the apartment, we better be going."

"Always the practical one, aren't you?" He said lifting his head and giving me a quick kiss. 

"One of us has to be," I said as we stood up and dressed.  Our t-shirts had dried in the sun, but I made a mental note to put towels behind the seat in the truck.

                                                                                                       * * * * * * * * * * * *

On the way home, we stopped at a Wal-Mart and did the shopping for food and things that we needed in the apartment.  As we were unloading the truck, Mom called out to us from the back door of the house, "Lawrence, Derek, come into the house when you are finished, will you?"

"Yes, Mom," I called back, glancing at Derek. "Wonder what she wants?" I said.

"Probably something about having dinner with them tonight," he answered.

"Oh, yeah.  I'd forgotten about that," I replied.  "We are going to have to wean ourselves away from that, Derek, or she will want us to eat with them all of the time."

"Would that be a bad idea?" He said grinning, "Neither one of us seems to be any great shakes at cooking."

"And we didn't get a cookbook either," I laughed as we went into the apartment.

                                                                                          * * * * * * * * * * * *

It didn't take us long to put away the things we had bought; and, after opening the windows to air the place out, we went to the house.  Mom was working at the sink, and there were two glasses of ice-tea sitting on the table.

"I thought you might like a cold drink," she said over her shoulder as we sat down.  How was Mr. Carlson; did everything go all right when you talked with him?"

"Yes, Ma'am," I answered after taking a deep drink of the iced tea. "Things are kind of slow, so he said taking a couple of weeks off would be okay."

"Good," She said as she dried her hands and poured herself a glass from the pitcher sitting on the counter.  "Did you introduce him to Derek?"

"No, Ma'am," Derek waited in the truck while I was inside."

"I thought it would be better if I waited outside, Mom," Derek said quickly.

"I don't think it would have made any difference to him but, you boys know best," she said as she sat down at the table with her drink. Taking a small sip, she sat the glass down and pulled a small white card from her apron pocket and placed it on the table.

"There was a call for you from a Mr. Henry Masters, Derek.  He said he was vice-president of the Heritage Bank & Trust, and he asked that you call him as soon as you could.  He didn't say why, and I didn't ask, but he did say it was important.  I wrote his name and number down." She said, sliding the card across the table toward him.

"Mr. Masters," Derek said as he picked up the card and looked at it.  "I wonder how he knew I was here?"

"Rebecca gave him our number when he called there," Mom said softly as she took a drink from her glass.  "You do know him then?"  she asked, looking at me and then at Derek.

"Yes, I know him," he sighed, exhaling slowly. "He called the house last week, and I was supposed to go to the bank and see him.  I haven't had a chance to, but I had better call him," he said a little nervously.

Mom and I looked at each other questioningly, and I saw Derek looking at us.  I placed my hand over his and asked, "Is anything wrong, D?  Can we help you?"

"D?" Mom said, looking at me wide-eyed.

"Well, yeah, Mom, D.  It's easier than saying Derek all of the time," I said, flushing a little and glancing at Derek.

"He's full of surprises, isn't he, Mom?  I kind of like it; but I can't think of a nickname for him, at least not yet,” he answered, looking at me with a devilish glint in his eyes.

"You probably will," I said glancing at Mom to see if she had caught the repartee between us.  "You aren't in any trouble with this guy Masters, are you?"

"In trouble with him?  No, I'm not;  but I've been trying to think of a way of telling you something about me that you don't know," he said, fidgeting a little. 

"The best way to do that, Derek, is to come right out with it," Mom said.  "I'm sure it can't be very bad, whatever it is."

"No, it's nothing bad, it's more embarrassing than anything else," he answered, sighing deeply.  "Mr. Masters is the Trustee of the Trust Fund that my Grandmother Worthington set up for me.  A lot of things have changed since my eighteenth birthday a few weeks ago, and that is what he probably wants to discuss.   The fund was set up for me to go to college, and there are some other things that have changed since my birthday that I don't know much about."

Derek's explanation rushed out of his mouth; and, when he had finished, he leaned back in his chair looking back and forth between Mom and me.  His breathing had quickened; and, although I wasn't  sure about Mom,  I detected what I thought was a hint of fear in his eyes.  I was trying to think of what I could say that would alleviate the fears he might be having, but Mom beat me to it.

Reaching across the table, she took his hand in hers and, looking into his eyes, said softly, "Rebecca mentioned your grandmother had set up trust funds for you when you were born, Derek, and for them when they left her and went with your mother and father.  She didn't say anything about the amounts but I'm sure it is substantial if your grandmother established them eighteen years ago.   Regardless of what she did, it is nothing to be ashamed of; she was thinking about your future. I didn't want you to think I was interfering if I said anything about it;  I'm sure it will not come between you, Lawrence or us."

"That's what I was afraid of, Mom," He said looking at her and glancing at me.  "I was afraid you and Larry would think I was being arrogant or something like that if I said anything about the trust fund."

A feeling of anger rushed through me from thinking that he would not trust me, but, when I looked into his eyes pleading for understanding and also saw the love there, my heart melted.  Sliding my chair closer to his, I put my arm around his shoulders: and, hugging him, I said softly, "Bro, you were going to have to say something about it sooner or later, but you don't have to be afraid to tell me anything."

"Lawrence, are you forgetting your father and me?  We are a family now. you know." Mom said interrupting what might had been an embarrassment from the feeling of wanting to kiss him that surged through me.

"I'm sorry, Mom, I meant to say 'us'," I answered quickly inhaling and taking my arm from around Derek's shoulder.

"Good," She answered, a sly grin on her face.  "Derek, why don't you use the telephone in the hallway and call Mr. Masters?  There is no need to put it off."

"Yes, Ma'am," he replied.

I went with Derek into the hallway and stood while he sat down at the telephone desk and dialed the number Mom had written down.  Derek glanced up at me as the call went through and then lowering his head, spoke firmly into the receiver, "Mr. Masters, Derek Kingsley.  You called for me."

I couldn't hear what was being said but Derek looked up at me several times as he listened before saying, "We can be there tomorrow afternoon at two o'clock, Sir." He said, looking up at me and smiling.

When he said "we" it surprised me;  and then he said, "Lawrence Marks, a friend of mine, will be with me.  We'll be there at two, Sir,"  he continued, surprising me even more.

When he hung the phone up, I was still in a slight stage of shock as he sat grinning up at me, his eyes sparkling.   Just as I started to reach out for him, Mom came into the hallway, "Everything taken care of?" she asked.

"Larry and I will meet Mr. Masters tomorrow afternoon at two o'clock," he answered, standing up and following her back into the kitchen.  I stood, still flabbergasted, watching them walking together; and I heard her say:

"See now, that wasn't so bad, was it?"

"No, Ma'am," he answered, looking over his shoulder and grinning at me still standing in the hallway.

                                                                                            * * * * * * * * * * * *

The next day would make a profound change in our lives.