Derek & I

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By Lee Mariner

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Chapter #21

Derek opened the newspaper to the real estate section while I pulled around behind the station to a secluded area where my dad parked his car.  He had built a pen at the back of the space behind the station where old tires were stacked and where there was a refuse container.  There was still plenty of room to park his car; and the space was always kept clean, one of Morgan's jobs; but the neighbors still complained about the unsightliness of the space.  He didn't want any trouble with his neighbors, so he had had a tall fence built from the corner of the building to the end of his property line to conceal the tire pen and refuse container.  Along the back perimeter, a landscaping friend planted several Teton Pyracantha bushes that formed an effective hedge concealing the rear of the station.  

Morgan was still on my mind while I backed the truck into Dad's parking space, and I wasn't paying attention until I heard Derek say, "Do you think we should try to find an apartment or maybe a house?  I think a house would be more private than an apartment.  What about you?"

"A house?  I'm not sure about a house, Derek," I said, sliding closer to him and looking over his shoulder.  "If we move into an apartment, wouldn't there be less maintenance and upkeep than there would be on a house?"

"Yes, that's true, there would be; but, in an apartment, we would have nosey neighbors over, under and probably on at least one side, as well as across the hallway.  We wouldn't have that problem if we bought a house." He said, concentrating on reading the real estate section.

"I don't know very much about apartment buildings, Derek; but wouldn't it depend on what style of building it is?  I said cautiously, remembering that he had said, "if we bought a house."

"Haven't you ever been in an apartment building, Larry?" He asked, grinning and crumpling the newspaper in his lap as he turned to look at me

"No, I haven't.  I never knew anyone that lived in an apartment."  I answered.

 "It's only a suggestion, Larry; but, I'm sure you wouldn't like living in one.  They furnish the utilities except for the electricity and telephone, but it wouldn't be ours, and we couldn't decorate the way we would like.   My Dad had one in New York City in what was called an apartment/hotel that he kept for business trips.  He took me with him once when I was thirteen, and he was going to show me the city.  I enjoyed that part of the trip, but I couldn't stand the apartment.  There are some larger than the one he had, but the rooms in his were small, and there was only one bedroom.  The kitchen was built into the wall of the living room, and the bathroom was barely big enough to take a shower.  I guess he didn't think he needed anything larger, but I would have wanted at least two bedrooms."

"You had to sleep in the same bed as he while you were with him?"  I asked, trying not to sound critical.

"There wasn't much choice."  He said, turning sideways and pulling his leg up on the seat before he continued.  "I didn't sleep very much for the three days we were there, and I was scared to death that I might dream about having sex with a boy and get a hardon.   Dreaming about having sex and shooting a load in bed with my father, wouldn't that have been great?"

"It probably wouldn't have been too bad if it had happened," I said, smiling inwardly at the thought.  "I bet he had a few dreams like that when he was younger."

"He probably did, Larry, but I didn't want it to happen while we were sleeping together, so I jerked off in the bathroom while he was gone hoping it wouldn't happen if I did have a sexy dream."  He said, laughing, and leaned over looking at me with a sparkle in his eyes; then he ran his hand over the inside of my thigh, whispering huskily, "If it had been you and me, it would have been different."

His hand was warm; and, when his fingers touched the swelling bulge in my crotch, I sucked air into my lungs, hissing between clinched teeth, "Not here, D, someone might come around the building." 

"You didn't say that behind the church or last night at the Sonic," he whispered huskily, his eyes gleaming with desire.

I felt myself weakening to the desires building in my loins, and I was about to make another protest, but he suddenly pushed the crumpled newspaper onto the floorboard and started fumbling with my zipper.  His fingers were trembling from excitement, and my legs were shaking from the fire in my loins.  When I heard him growl under his breath, "Fucking zipper," I brushed his hand away; and, sucking my stomach in, I unbuckled my belt and undid the waist clasp.   Pulling the zipper down and laying the flaps of the fly open, I pulled my leg up on the seat and twisted around lying back against the door so that he would have better access to my cock and could give us what we both wanted.

Flashing me a quick glance, he yanked my trousers and briefs down around my thighs; and my cock sprang free.  Pre-seminal fluid was gushing from the urethral slit in thick rivulets.   Waves of ecstasy washed over me when the air hit my naked cock, and I shivered from the intense sensation of excitement that engulfed me.  Wrapping his fingers around my throbbing shaft, he tightened them as he gently squeezed my testicles with his other hand, and he started a slow pumping movement sliding the velvety skin up and down the aching length of my cock.   I felt my body relaxing as I enjoyed the sensation of his hands gently squeezing my balls and stroking my cock.    Closing my eyes, I relaxed completely, the fire in my loins spreading through my veins, as he coaxed more of the pre-seminal milk from my rigid cock.  I forgot about everyone except Derek and the movements of his hands as he ministered to the urgent need building deep in my loins.

I was almost in a state of euphoric bliss from the sensation of his steady pumping. and I moaned softly, "Oh yeah, D, Baby. Squeeze and pump it harder; I'm almost ready." 

 I felt the agony and the ecstasy of pre-climax rising as he increased the tempo and as my nuts started to tighten when his hot mouth suddenly engulfed the pulsing length of my cock.  My hips thrust upward at the unexpected change, and I gasped entangling my fingers in his hair, at the added feeling of my swelling cock in his mouth, and my muscles tightened as thick streams of sperm gushed down his throat. 

Waves of intense rapture flowed over me as he swallowed the fruit of each ecstatic spasm, his mouth and lips working, sucking, and demanding more of the aphrodisiac he craved.  As my cock softened, I dropped my arms away gasping and groaning, "Derek, Baby, you're killing me."  His lips tightened, stripping the remnants of sperm that remained within the urethra as my cock slowly slipped from his mouth.   He laid his head on the soft pubic hair covering my pelvis, and we rested quietly for a few minutes letting the afterglow of contentment engulf us.  My cock had softened to a semi-hard while we were resting; and, every now and then, I felt his tongue touch the crown catching the last few driblets that oozed out causing my cock to move in reaction to the sensation of his tongue touching it.

I felt my leg starting to cramp up from being in one position for so long, and I sat up with Derek's head still in my lap looking around to see if we had been observed; but thankfully there was no one to be seen or, at least, no one at that moment. If anyone had seen us, I doubt that I would have been much concerned.  "It's funny," I thought to myself feeling Derek stir slightly from my sitting up, but not sitting up himself.  "I'd never been paranoid about someone's discovering that I was gay; but, being with Derek, I really didn't care if everyone knew.  Besides my parents, he was the only person I was concerned about."    

We both had perspired profusely, and my shirt clung to me.  Looking down at his head lying in my lap, I saw droplets of sweat rolling down his cheek and under his chin.  His golden hair was matted, and when I ran my fingers through it; little ringlets formed as the hair dropped from the tips of my fingers.  His eyes were closed, but he wasn't asleep.  Lowering my head, I whispered, "We'd better be going if we are going to check on a place to live."

Inhaling deeply and sighing, he turned his head, looking up at me with soft blue eyes, and said almost whispering, "I guess we should, but I love being with you like this."

"Me, too, Lover, except its not really comfortable; and we are still pretty much in the open."

"That's my logical Larry," he said, running his fingers through his sweat dampened hair as he sat up.

"One of us has to be," I answered as he sat up, turning to straighten his legs out.

I turned to the front; and, while I was lifting my hips to pull my clothes up, he said softly, "Oh, oh, I don't think we will be going anywhere except home."

"Why, what's wrong?" I asked as I closed my fly and buckled my belt.

"This," he answered, lying back against the seat and showing me the front of his sperm soaked trousers.   "I wouldn't call it wrong, but it might be embarrassing."

"Oh shit, you didn't?" I exclaimed softly, glancing down at his crotch.

 "I couldn't help it," he replied, grinning.  "I got so hot sucking on that beautiful cock of yours that it just happened," he said, with a twinkle in his eyes and his grin becoming a soft laugh.

For a moment, I was perplexed as to what we could do; but his laughter was infectious, and I started laughing with him.  If anyone had seen us, they probably would have thought we were a couple of crazy teenagers.

"Well...," I said after we had regained control of ourselves,  "We can't do any house or apartment hunting with your pants looking like that.  We'll have to go home so that you can change, and by the time we do that it will be too late."

"I'm sorry, Larry, leave it up to me to mess things up," he said as he leaned forward to pick up the newspaper.

"You didn't mess anything up, D, except your briefs and trousers.   We have the apartment at Mom and Dad's, so it's not as if we had to find another place today."

"Yeah, but...," he replied a little despondent.   "if I hadn't gotten so fucking horny, we could have at least gone to a real estate agency."

"We can do that later, so there is no reason for you to get upset.  Besides," I said softly as I put my fingers under his chin to turn his face to me,  "I didn't stop you, did I?"

"No, but I should have known better," he replied sheepishly but with a smile.   "You looked so damned sexy, and I got horny as hell talking about New York City and jerking off, I just wanted to suck your cock so bad I couldn't help myself," he said, with a twinkle returning to his eyes.

"You can suck me off anytime you want; but, the next time we do it in the truck, I do it first unless we are somewhere that we can do each other like we did behind the church,” I said, grinning; impishly, at him and chucking his chin.

"I'd like that," he said, leaning over to kiss my cheek.

"Me, too," I said, starting the truck and dropping it into gear.  "But the next time we are here at the station; please, don't go getting all horny.  This is just a little too close to home."

"I promise." He replied, grinning, with an impish twinkle in his eye as we drove off of the lot. 

He had placed the newspaper over his lap; and, when I stopped at the first traffic light, I glanced over at him.  I could see that he was uncomfortable as his trousers and briefs were soaked.  So I turned off of Ingram onto Colley to take a short cut home.