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By Lee Mariner

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Chapter #25

It was only a short drive to the drive-in restaurant, but all of the drive-in spaces including the one by the dumpster were full.  Pulling over to the curb, I looked at Derek; and he shrugged his shoulders saying, "I guess someone needed our space more than we did."

"It's a weekday, D; but it looks like every school kid in town is here," I replied, looking around to see if we had overlooked a space.

"We can drive over to McDonalds if you want to, Larry.  I'm not crazy about their hamburgers, but my stomach is growling."

"I'm not really fond of McDonalds either, so why don't we place our order at the drive-in window here and then take it home?" I suggested.

"That's a great idea," he responded, his eyes lighting up as he twisted sideways on the seat and faced me.

"It'll be a lot more comfortable; that's for sure, and we won't have to smell the leftovers," I chuckled as I pulled behind the last car in line for service.

We sat in line discussing the Monarch Bar and Restaurant and edged forward as each car left the speaker phone.  He surprised me when he asked whether I thought we might visit the place again, and I thought a moment before answering.

"I don't think we should, Derek, at least not for awhile," I said carefully. "I kind of liked Curtis, but he shocked me when he mentioned that stuff about being a stripper; that really turned me off."

"Me too," he replied, lightly scratching his forearm.  "He said that he was kidding and that they didn't allow amateurs; but, as it's a private club, I kind of have my doubts about that."

"I was thinking the same thing," I said, easing my foot off of the brake pedal and easing up to the speaker phone.

"Order the same for me that your getting," he said over the squawking of the invisible attendant.

"Two Sonic burgers with cheese and french fries," I said over the irritating, persistent attendant's "may I help you."

"Do you want anything to drink with that?"  the high pitched female voice asked.

"No thanks," I answered, irritated at being asked and thinking to myself, "if we had wanted drinks, I would have ordered them."

"Your order comes to twelve twenty three; drive up to the next window."

"Damn, D, you would think she could have said 'thanks' or 'thank you,' I said as we moved forward.

"Schools don't teach a course in courtesy anymore, Larry,"  he said grinning at my irritated tone, his eyes twinkling in amusement.

"Maybe they don't, but someone should," I replied, still upset at the attendant's discourtesy.

"You could tell the manager," he said, handing me a twenty dollar bill as we pulled up to the pickup window.

"It probably wouldn't do any good," I said as I handed the money to the young girl. "With the volume of business they do, losing a customer does not seem to really concern them."

"Probably not," he replied, scooting closer and taking the bag containing our order from me.

"Check it to make sure it's right before we pull away from the window," I said, cooling down somewhat as the girl had said "thank you sir."

"It's right, two burgers, two fries," Derek said, noddng his head as he peered into the bag.


"I'm sorry, I got so angry, D," I said as we drove away from the restaurant. "But, it just aggravates the hell out of me when people can't seem to be able to use a simple 'thank you' or 'please' anymore"

"Times change, Larry," he answered soothingly. "People are more anonymous in their little cubicles than when they were  talking face-to-face with their customers. I've heard my dad cuss people out over the telephone, but it didn't surprise me," he said, musing to himself for a moment before saying, "On the other hand,  I've seen how he would put on a good front when he was talking with someone and then talk about them behind their backs."

"I guess you're right, but it's a damn shame people have to be like that," I replied, turning off the street into our driveway.

Dad's car was parked in its usual place, and the downstairs windows of the house were dark. I could see that Mom and Dad were still up from the brightness of their windows, and I said, "It looks like Mom and Dad are still up."

"They're probably reading or something, Larry," Derek answered, looking through the windshield and checking his watch in the glow of the dash lights. "You don't think they might be waiting up for us do you? It's only a little after nine o'clock, and we didn't tell them what time we would be home."

"I don't think so," I said as total darkness enveloped us when I turned the headlights off, and the only sound was the breeze rustling the leaves of the trees.  "Wow!" I exclaimed leaning over the steering wheel and looking up at the millions of stars twinkling in the cloudless, velvet black sky.  "I've always been glad that Mom and Dad bought this place, D; we aren't squeezed in side-by-side like some of the houses in town are," I said, breathing in deeply, turning to look at him sitting quietly beside me.  "When we were kids, Paul and I would sit on the front porch before we went to bed; and he would name the different stars and constellations.  I always wondered how he knew all of them."

"Maybe we could have a balcony built on when they do the remodeling, and then we could name them together," he said softly, removing the bag and moving closer.

"Yeah, we could," I said, turning to face him, and seeing the dark cobalt blue of his eyes shining. His arm encircled my waist ; and, feeling his biceps tightening, I yielded, letting my muscles relax to the pressure, the warm feeling of his love swelling my heart.

"D," I said softly, as he pulled me closer, his lips almost touching mine. "If the stars in the sky were diamonds, I would pluck every one of them for you."

"I have the only diamond in my arms that I'll ever want," he whispered,  pulling me closer and pressing his lips to mine.

His lips felt like velvet; and our tongues entwined slowly and lovingly, but not with the passion of lust.  HIs hand moving slowly over my ribs and the steady beating of his heart as we kissed told me how much he loved me. 

As our lips parted and as he lay his head on my shoulder, I whispered, " You'll never know how much I love you, D; I love you so much that it aches inside of me.  When I see someone looking at you like Curtis did, I get a little jealous because I get a fear that I might lose you."

"I know how you feel," he said, raising his head from my shoulder and placing his hand on my chest.  "It doesn't make me angry as I know how you feel. It's like you are telling me how much you do love me, and I like the feeling of being loved that way.  Sometimes I get a little jealous when you talk about your brother, Paul, even though I know I shouldn't.   I know how much he meant to you, and I'll never try to replace him in your heart because I know there is enough room there for both of us."

"You don't mind if I get a little silly sometimes?"  I said, my heart warming at hearing what he said about Paul.

"I would be more worried if you didn't," he answered, leaning back and then straightening up as he said, "Right now though, I think we better go inside and eat our supper before it gets too cold."

"Oh, Jesus," I answered scrambling to open my door. "That's what you do to me; I forget everything else."

"Me too," he answered, opening his door. "You have the same effect on me; but, right now, my empty stomach is the main thing I am thinking about...well, almost the main thing," he said, laughing softly as he slid out of the truck.


"Do you want milk or a soft drink, D," I said, heading toward the fridge while he locked the door.

"Milk in a tall glass," he answered as he took the burgers and fries from the bag.

Pulling two paper towels from the roll over the sink, I carried the milk to the table.  The aroma of the warm burgers wafted to my nose, and I felt my stomach growling from anticipation.  As I set the milk on the table and smoothed the paper towels out, he placed the food on them; and, crossing his arms, he pulled his shirt off over his head before sitting down. 

"Boy, that feels good," he said, smiling, his eyes shining as he inhaled deeply.  His tawny muscles rippled luxuriantly as he stretched and wiped his chest with his shirt, and the dark brown nipples of his thickly muscled breasts stiffened as he rubbed them with the cloth.  "Why don't you take your shirt off before you sit down, Larry; you'll feel better."

Slightly mesmerized by the gleaming beauty of his magnificently muscled chest, I crossed my arms and slowly pulled my shirt off. Derek stood across the table with his hand on the back of the chair as he watched me, his eyes glistening.

"It feels better, doesn't it?" he said, pulling his chair back from the table, tossing his shirt in the direction of the couch as he swung one leg over the chair back and sat down.

"It surely does," I said, agreeing with him and inhaling deeply as I wiped my chest, feeling the muscles relaxing.

"You know something, Larry," he said as I pulled my chair back and sat down. "Neither one of has had a good workout in over a week."

"We haven't had much time to think about that," I mumbled, munching on my burger. "I would like to...," I said after gulping down some milk.  "Maybe we could go to the 'Y' tomorrow for an hour of so? We could do some aerobics and then spot each other on the free weights?"

"And maybe we should start laying off of hamburgers and french fries;  they don't help with the waist line," he said, chuckling as he inserted two or three french fries into his mouth.

"After we finish these, D," I said grinning at him. "I agree that they don't help; but I was so hungry I would have eaten almost anything."

"Almost anything,,,?" he replied, his eyes lighting up as he looked at me over the rim of his glass, draining the last of his milk.

"You know what I mean," I answered, grinning and enjoying his play with words when there was an unexpected knock at the door.

We both glanced at the door and then at each other.  "That has to be either Mom or Dad," I said, sliding my chair away from the table. " They are the only ones it could be."

"Why would one of them want something this late?" Derek asked, turning sideways in his chair as I went to the door.

Unlocking the dead bolt, I asked, "Who is it?" before opening the door.

A very familiar voice answered, "It's your mother, Lawrence."

"Mom..., what are you doing up at this time of night?" I asked as I opened the door. "We thought you and Dad were in bed."

"Your father is, but I was waiting up for you and Derek to return," she said walking into the room, clutching her robe at her throat with one hand and holding it shut with the other

Derek jumped up, scrambling to the couch where he had thrown his shirt and stammering, "Aunt Edith."

"Oh for heaven's sakes, Derek, sit down," she said, smiling at his discomfort and glancing at me.  "I've raised two boys and I have seen all of you if you remember rightly."

"Yes, Ma'am," he answered meekly, sitting down, his face flushing red with embarrassment.

I knew he was thinking of the first night that I had brought him home, and I tried, without success, to suppress a smile at the way he flushed red and quickly obeyed Mother's instructions. 

"Now then," she continued as she sat down, glancing with distaste at the residue of our make shift supper.  "Mr. Masters called while you were out, and he said he needed to talk with you as soon as possible.  He wouldn't tell me what it was about, but I could tell from the tone of his voice that it must be important.  All I could tell him was that I'd have you call him as soon as you returned home.  Of course, I had no idea you boys would be getting home so late; and, not knowing what you had planned for tomorrow, I waited up. Your father didn't think it was important enough for me to wait up, Lawrence; but I wasn't at all sure," she said, glancing up at me standing beside Derek.

"I wonder what that is all about, Larry?" Derek asked studiously.

"I haven't a clue, D," I answered, unconsciously placing my hand on his shoulder as I continued.  "We did what he said we should do, but he did say he was going to call you when the checks were printed."

"It couldn't be that, Larry; it takes several days for checks to be proofed and printed," he said, glancing up at me, his composure completely returned.

"Well...," Mother said as she stood, moving toward the still open door; "You will just have to call him tomorrow and find out."

"It looks like we won't be able to work out or find an architect to help with the remodeling if we have to see him again, Larry," Derek said, standing as she did.

"Oh...! I almost forgot," Mother said, fumbling in the pocket of her robe as she turned around, bumping into me.

I stepped back as she pulled a card out.  "Your father had lunch with your employer, Mr. Carlson, this afternoon without telling me; I might add, and he had left over sandwiches and soup for dinner," she said indignantly, looking at us before continuing.  "Anyway, he asked Mr. Carlson if he knew of an architect or someone who might be able to help you.  Apparently Mr. Carlson did as he wrote a name and telephone number on the back of his card, and your father left it for me to give to you in case he missed you."

"Thanks, Mom," I said, taking the card from her fingers.

She hesitated for a moment, caressing my cheek, her soft gray eyes searching my face. "My sandwiches and soup would have been better than hamburgers and french fries," she said softly.

"I know, Mom," I said softly, lightly kissing her forehead, the feeling of how much I loved her spreading over me as she turned to leave.  

Derek came up behind me, and we stood at the door watching as she crossed the yard.  Reaching the side door, she opened the screen door and, turning, waved before going inside.  We waited a moment longer until the yard went dark when she turned the outside light off.

I had started to close the door after inhaling the cool night air into my lungs when I felt his smooth chest touching my back as he slipped his arms around my waist, whispering, "She really could have waited until morning."

"I know," I replied, turning in his arms and putting mine around his neck as I kicked the door shut. "That's Mom;  she's a worrier."

Derek's arms tightened around my waist, pulling me closer, his eyes glowing.  "That's because she loves you almost as much as I do," he whispered, affectionately rubbing the side of my head with his, the resonant beating of our hearts merging as we lingered in each other's arms, absorbing the exhilarating feelings of the strong love that was steadily building between us.

Moving my head away and leaning back in his arms, I looked into the soft blue depths of his eyes and said softly and simply, "I love you more than my life."

"I know that," he said smiling, the azure blue of his eyes glistening, changing to a deep indigo as he relaxed his hold on me.  "I've  known it ever since you came to the house and carried me away."

"My, God, that seems so long ago. I'll never forget that night," I said, gently touching his face where he had been injured, his eyes telling me he was thinking about what his father had said and had done to him.

"I won't either," he said, his voice saddening as he dropped his arms from around me and turned away.

An almost melancholic silence dropped over the room as he leaned heavily on the back of a chair, his broad back heaving.  I felt the hurt of his sudden sadness twist like a dagger in my heart; and tears started welling up in my eyes as I moved toward him, putting my arms around him.  Holding him tightly, his chest heaving, I felt the tears flowing from my eyes and dropping on his broad shoulders.   I clung to him as we cried quietly for several minutes before our breathing slackened. When I felt his heavy, raspy  breathing subsiding, I let my arms fall away; and I stood upright wiping my face with my hands.   Derek stood for a few seconds longer holding onto the chair back breathing deeply a few more times before releasing his hold on the chair and standing upright.  Turning toward me as he brushed the tears from his eyes with the back of his hand, he said almost vehemently, the thick muscles in his arms tightening as he clinched and unclinched his fists, "He can't hurt me anymore, Larry; not now he can't; and I won't let him ruin our lives."

The anger and venom in the tone of his voice startled me, and I stepped back.  His chest was heaving from the anger he was feeling, and it surprised me that he felt so angry toward his father. 

"It's understandable that he would be angry," I thought to myself; but I knew he had to get those pent up feelings out of his system, or they would devour him, perhaps both of us, and that frightened me. I waited until he calmed down before saying anything else.

"Derek," I said softly, moving toward him and placing my hands on his chest.  "I know you are angry and hurting, and it will be a long time before you get over it. But he is still your father regardless of what he did," I whispered, rubbing his warm smooth chest soothingly and looking into the softening blue of his eyes as he listened.  "You have every right to be angry; and, if my father had treated me the way yours did you, I would feel the same way; but, as long as you let it eat at you, you'll never get over it."

"I know, Larry; but it's hard," he said quietly, his lips quivering as he inhaled deeply, sighing as he placed his arms on my shoulders.  "The thing that hurts the most is that he wouldn't talk with me or listen.  He just kept hitting me, cursing and calling you nasty names; that really hurt."

"I know how you feel, Baby; but you should have said something to me, and we could have talked about it," I whispered, rubbing my hands over his thick biceps and shoulders.

"Oh, I guess I should have; but, with everything that has happened, I wasn't thinking about him as much as I was about you and the way your parents have treated me," he replied, inhaling deeply and sighing.  "It all sort of crashed in on me when I saw the way your mother looked at you. Neither he nor my mother ever looked at me that way or kissed me.  I know I've got you now; but I got to feeling lonely from never hearing my parents say they loved me; those feelings aren't easy to get rid of."

"You will never be alone again, Lover; and, you will always have me.  But, we do have a long day ahead of us tomorrow, and it's late," I said, hugging him tightly to me, gazing into his eyes.

"Yeah," he said softly, "My logical Larry knows what to say and when to say it."

"I always will if it makes you feel better," I said, sighing softly.

Derek held my head between his hands, and when his lips touched mine, I felt the tension draining away as he kissed me lightly.


We held each other a few minutes letting the feelings inside of us mesh. Grinning, his eyes twinkling impishly, he said, "Do you think crying and getting angry is the reason we haven't gotten excited? I don't think we have held each other this long or this much without getting hardons and making love,"

"If you will  go ahead and shower while I clean this mess up, we can solve that problem," I answered, feeling the stirring between us getting harder.

"Promise," he said seductively, moving back and gripping my hardening cock tightly.

"You break it, you Devil; and you'll have to fix it," I growled, trying to get my hand on his hardening bulge.

"That won't be difficult," he said laughing and dodging away.


I heard the water running in the shower while I was cleaning up the mess, and I was mulling over Derek's unexpected outburst.  He hadn't spoken about it before tonight; and only once, while we were in Masters' office discussing his grandmothers trust and what his father had been doing, did he show any anger.  All I could hope for was that, with time and his knowing how much I loved him, his feelings toward his father would change; but, deep inside of me, I had my doubts.

"Oh well," I mused as I cleaned the small kitchen counter. "All I can do is show him how much I love him and hope we work through it."

His shouting, "Hey, aren't you finished yet, it's getting lonely in here," cut through my musings, and I hollered back.  "Just about, D, I hope you didn't use all of the hot water."

I stopped in the doorway, startled by the vision of him lying on the bed with the sheet pulled up to his waist. Memories of the pictures I had seen of Michelangelo's "David" flashed in my head, and it felt as if my heart stopped for a brief moment as the beauty of him lying in the bed and smiling at me struck me.  In the soft glow of the bedside lamps, his body gleamed like burnished bronze; and his sun lightened hair glistened like a  golden halo.   His magnificently chiseled chest rose and fell gently as he breathed, enhancing the beauty of the perfect symmetry of his muscles. 

"Derek" I breathed softly, my cock hardening as I moved toward the bed unbuckling my belt.  "You don't really expect me to take a shower with you lying so temptingly in bed looking like an Adonis who wants to be ravished?"

"That's up to you, Lover," he said softly, his cobalt blue eyes gleamed seductively as he smiled coyly, brushing his hand over the elongated bulge hidden under the sheet.

"Keep it up," I growled as I moved closer, opening the fly of my trousers and letting my hard cock spring free, pre-cum dripping from it's blood engorged crown. 

His eyes blazed with firey passion, and I heard him sucking air into his lungs through his clinched teeth as he gazed at my throbbing cock.  Kicking my fallen trousers from around my ankles, I smiled evilly, waving my dripping cock from side to side, teasing him.   "Oh no," he groaned, throwing the sheet back.  I stood over him for a moment longer, teasing him, as I gazed down at his sublime almost surreal magnificence, his thick cock dripping with the prelude to the nectar I knew was churning in his heavy balls demanding to spill forth. 

Time stood still briefly as a euphoric sensual feeling of desire and love filled the sphere of our existence, ours alone where no one would ever intrude.  I felt my body quiver with excitement as I fell into his outstretched arms, moaning softly, "I love you, D."

Clasping his arms around my chest with his legs entwined with mine, he held me tightly to him, his lips pressing against mine with an almost animal intensity, our tongues feverishly probing, twisting and sucking as we ground our bodies together, the earlier anger and frustration draining away with the passionate feelings of love and lust filling both of us.

"Larry," he gasped as our lips parted and he looked into my eyes. "Make love to me, take me please.  I need you so much," he whimpered softly as he spread his legs, his vice like grip around my chest relaxing

Kneeling between his splayed legs, I positioned my drooling cock before reaching for the lubricant on the night stand.  Hesitating for a second, I looked at his radiant smile and the  beautiful dark blue of his eyes softening. His chest rose and fell  as he breathed with excitement and anticipation, waiting for me.  Leaning forward slightly, I was stretching my arm out reaching for the lubricant  when he suddenly put his hand over my forearm whispering huskily, "Don't use it, I want to feel you."

"Are you sure?" I asked, my arm still outstretched.

"Yes," he answered, lifting his legs and placing them on my shoulders.  

Derek wriggled his ass tighter against my groin, and I put my hands on the thick muscles of his upper thighs.  I rose up on my knees, pulling him tighter as I leaned forward.  My cock slid downward over his balls as I slowly leaned into his legs until they rested on his heaving chest, and I placed my hands on the pillow on either side of his head for support.  Feeling my cock resting against the soft perineum flesh under his balls, I straightened one leg at a time until the head of my cock was touching his quivering asshole.

Reaching between us, he guided my cock; and I felt the tight muscles of his asshole spreading as I pressed the head of my cock against it, forcing entry. I felt the foreskin sheath covering the crown of my cock sliding back, and suddenly my cock slipped inside, and Derek gasped, his hands clutching the sheets. His sphincter muscle tightened down behind the head of my cock and the delicious pain of my foreskin being stretched shot through me.

"Jesus Christ, D, relax; you're tight as hell."  I groaned, clinching my teeth and waiting for him to relax before going any deeper.

"Don't stop Larry, Jesus Christ, don't stop," he gasped, squeezing my arms and sounding as if he were in agony,

His chest was glistening with sweat; and he was breathing heavily, his muscles tight from the initial anxiety of waiting to feel my cock entering his ass.   I felt the sweat starting to flow into the crack of my ass; and, glancing down, I saw his flaccid cock lying on his flat stomach.  Breathing in deeply a couple of times  to relax myself, I felt his sphincter relaxing; and I pushed. 

Derek moaned and, lifting his ass as I pushed, impaled himself on my cock.  I felt the heat of his rectum as I penetrated, plunging to the depths of his bowels until the thick hair on my pelvis pushed against his balls.  He thrashed violently for a moment, his muscles tightening; and he moaned loudly, "Oh, shit." 

I was breathing heavily, almost gasping from the intense feelings that rushed through the turgid length of my cock buried deep inside of Derek's firey hot ass.  Sweat was pouring off of me, and I shook my head gently trying to shake the sweat from my eyes while I waited for him to relax and adjust to the feeling of my cock filling his ass.

When he started to relax, I pulled my cock out to the head, plunging not too gently back in; and he growled, "Yeah, that's it, Larry, fuck me hard."

Dropping his legs from my shoulders, he clamped them around my waist; and I began forcefully driving my hips, plunging my cock into him. He lifted his hips, his eyes blazing with lust, his fingers biting into my arms as he met each downward thrust.  The sweat of lust mixed with desire poured from each of us; and, each  time my cock touched his prostrate, he would stiffen and moan, clutching the bed sheets and thrashing his head from side to side. 

It seemed like hours passed during which we fucked like horny rabbits. Wave after wave of electrifying excitement intensified, flowing over and between us with the animal need to copulate and race to the pinnacle of fulfillment.

Derek lifted his hips to meet the plunging force of my cock, and I could feel the ecstatic urgency to ejaculate and fill his bowels with my sperm.  Looking down as I drove my hips faster, I saw the pre-cum flowing from his cock each time my pelvis pounded against his ass; and, in the carnal haze of lust that enveloped us, I heard him growl, "Harder, Larry, harder."

The heat of a thousand fires burned in my balls as I drove my cock unmercifully into him with the force of a pile-driver.    I felt my cock hardening in the hot crucible of his bowels; and I lunged forward, lifting his ass, and plunged my swelling cock deep into his bowels as the magma of hot sperm rushed upward from my tightening balls.  "Oh, Sweet Jesus," I gasped, the tightening of my muscles arching my back and holding my erupting cock deep in his ass; and I heard him screaming, "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck", as his cock spasmed spewing streams of hot cum over his heaving chest.

Wave after wave of deliciously pleasant yet excruciating pain flowed over us for what seemed an eternity before we started to relax.   I hovered over his sperm covered body with his legs locked tightly around my waist. I felt my cock wilting, slowly slipping from his ass. He lay quietly with his eyes closed, a faint smile of contentment on his face, until he felt my cock pop out of his ass.  His eyes opened wide, and he said "Oh shit."

"You didn't expect it to stay inside forever, did you?" I asked grinning at the rudeness of my cock slipping out of his ass.

"I don't see why not," he answered, tightening his legs around my waist and grinning.  "I like the feeling."

"Now you sound like a slut," I said mockingly.

"I am not a slut," he exclaimed, abruptly releasing the pressure of his legs and letting me collapse on top of his cum covered chest.

"Damn, D. You could have at least warned me," I said, starting to slip off of his sweaty cum slick chest.

Wrapping his arms around me, he held me tightly to him pinning my arms to my side.  "No one is ever going to take you from me, Larry.  I'll be your slut forever."  he said, his eyes shining softly as he put his lips to mine.  We kissed softly and lovingly, our tongues dancing lightly as the soft after glow of contentment drifted over us. 

We lay quietly for several minutes enjoying the feeling of being together until I heard his breathing softening; and I lifted my head and said, "We had better get showered unless you want to sleep like this?"

"I could after all that has happened today," he answered as he released his hold. "But, you're right; I am tired, and it wouldn't feel very comfortable waking up with a crust on both of us."

"We could take a shower together if you want," I suggested as I rolled off of him and sat up on the side of the bed. 

"It'll be a little tight," he said as he lifted his legs over me and sat up.

"It won't be as tight as your ass," I laughed, jumping up and running to the bathroom.

"Larry Marks," he laughed, jumping up and following me.

The shower was tight; but, between washing and playing with each other's cocks, it didn't take much longer than if we hadn't showered together.

"Your right," he said as he snuggled into my arms and placed his head on my chest.  "We both smell better."