Derek & I

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By Lee Mariner

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Chapter #28

"Larry," Dad said as he held the door open for me, "are you sure you're all right?"

Breathing in deeply and looking up at the huge silvery moon, I hesitated for a moment before answering. "Dad," I said, turning and looking at him.  "I've never felt better in my life.  I've got you and Mom, and I've got Derek.   That's all I need, Dad; that's all I'll ever need."

Dad stood quietly for a few moments, gazing into my eyes; and, reaching out, he placed his hand on my forearm.  "Derek's a lucky boy, Son; and your mother and I are proud of both of you," he said softly, squeezing my arm gently.

"Thanks, Dad," I replied as he went back inside and closed the door.

The tall dark pine trees swayed gently in the soft warm breeze, and I could see the straggly trails of vapor left by a plane crossing the dark sky.  The gravel of the driveway crunched under my feet as I walked toward the stairway to our apartment.  A few of the wooden stairs creaked loudly as I ascended to the door which Derek had left slightly ajar.

The interior was dark except for a soft yellow glow coming from the bedroom.  I cringed when the door lock snapped into place; and I hesitated, holding my breath for a moment, expecting to hear Derek call from the bedroom.  There was no sound except the rapid beating of my heart; and I crept as quietly as I could to the small kitchen fridge, placing the plate of food Mom had prepared for Derek inside. "If he is sleeping, I'm not going to wake him to eat," I thought to myself.


Derek was lying on his side facing me with his left arm under his pillow and the other arm resting on his side.   The sheet was just up over his hips tucked under his elbow, and I could see the slow easy movement of his chest as he breathed.  "The sleep of the innocent," I thought, sitting down to remove my shoes before undressing.  Draping my clothes over the back of a chair and removing my underclothes, I started to tiptoe to the bathroom to brush my teeth when I heard a soft giggle followed by "I'm not asleep, Larry; I've been dozing, off and on, waiting for you."

"You've been playing possum while I've been trying not to wake you,"  I said, faking a tone of irritation. 

"Not really," he replied rolling over on his back and, placing his arm under his head, looked at me.  "I was dozing when you came in.  You were trying to be quiet, but I heard the door lock when you shut it."

"You could have said something, D, and not let me creep around like a thief in the night,"  I said, gazing at how gorgeous he was lying in repose with his magnificent torso glowing golden in the soft light radiating from the bathroom.

"And miss seeing the most beautiful man in the world undressing for me,"  he replied with a twinkle in his eyes, patting the bed beside him.

There was an impish smile playing at the corners of his mouth, and any anger that I could have possibly felt melted away as I moved toward the bed and sat down saying, "You are a devil."

"I know, and you love it," he said as he put his arms around my neck, grinning impishly as he pulled my lips to his.  The kiss was slow and lingering, deliciously invigorating, not dispassionate, but loving with feelings of warmth and energy flowing between us.

"I've been wanting to do that all afternoon," he said softly as our lips parted; his eyes boring into mine, his hands sliding down over my rigid arms.

"Just this afternoon?" I replied, hovering over him and returning his gaze.

"Especially this afternoon, Larry," he said seriously.  "I was so proud of you when you stood up to my dad and told him how you felt."

"You did a pretty good job of that yourself," I murmured, sitting upright and letting my fingers trail down over the hard molded muscles of his chest and stomach.

Shivering slightly, he put his hand over mine, anticipating where I was going.  "Did you tell your parents what happened," he asked softly.

"Most of it," I replied, breathing in deeply before twisting around to face him.  Leaning across his waist, I propped myself up and crossed my legs, attempting to suppress the desire building in my loins before finishing my answer.  "I left out the name calling, but I'm pretty sure they had a good idea of what sort of words were used from the way Mom asked about it."

"I hope they didn't get very upset."

"They probably did get a little upset, D," I replied, entangling my fingers with his. "Every now and then, I could see flashes of anger in Dad's eyes; but he didn't say anything harsh.  It's not like him to criticize or give an opinion until he has heard everything.  Mom was more concerned about the name calling and how we felt, but that's the way she is.  I think they were really surprised when I told them how you felt about not wanting your father to go to jail and about not wanting your mother to be hurt by everything that had happened.  Mom said that she couldn't blame you for how you felt, and Dad indicated his agreement with her.  Both of them were really worried about you,"  I said, breathing in deeply.

Derek lay quietly; looking at me, his fingers moving gently, contemplatively over my forearm.  Breathing in, he sighed, saying sadly, "You're lucky, Larry. I wish my parents were more like yours."

The anguish on Derek's face and in his words pierced my heart like a dagger.  "Oh, Lord, I hope they will be someday," I prayed silently, watching a tear dribble from the corners of his eyes.  Leaning forward, I wiped the tears away with my fingers; and, brushing his lips with mine, I whispered, "Everything will be all right, D; we have each other which is what counts."

"I know," he whispered burying his face to my chest, and clutching me tightly to him.


The passion and desire had left, replaced with the feeling of an euduring love and compassion that engulfed us, melding our two hearts as one.  Deep in the depths of Derek's eyes the fire of his feelings burnt brightly as he gazed at me.  "Get into bed, Larry," he said softly lifting the sheet as I sat up.

"I haven't taken a shower, D," I exclaimed

"I don't care, I want to feel you next to me, holding me."

"You were wrong, Dad; I'm the lucky one," I thought to myself as I slid into bed, pulling the sheet over us as Derek snuggled into my arms.