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By Lee Mariner

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Chapter #32

"Larry," Derek said as we struggled to position ourselves and several full shopping bags in the truck's cab.  "I know how much you love your truck, but don't you think we should be looking at trading it in on something a little roomier such as a sedan or a station-wagon?"

"I don't see why," I answered laughing as he and Morgan were struggling to get seated. "I've got plenty of room."

"That you may have, Smart-ass; but you don't have your lap full of shopping bags," he replied in a slightly exasperated tone.

"At least that is all you have in your lap for right now," I said, jokingly without thinking about Morgan sitting between us.

"Why don't you let me sit in the back, Larry; and that way there will be more room for you guys and this stuff," Morgan said innocently.

"Not on your life, Morgan. I don't need some cop stopping us and giving me a ticket.  It might be a little tight for a few minutes until we can stop off at Dad's," I said quickly, hoping he had not picked up on my risqué teasing of Derek.  "We can drop this stuff off there, and then go on to Friendly's for something to eat."

"Oh, Lord, save me," Derek said as he pulled his door shut.  "Once again, words of wisdom from my logical lov.., friend."

I couldn't see the reaction on Derek's face at his near slip of the tongue; and, glancing quickly at Morgan's face to see if he had picked up on it, I started the engine hoping the roar had covered it.  Breathing in deeply, I shoved the gear shift forward and pulled out into the traffic.


Nothing else was said until we pulled up to the curb in front of Dad's office.  He came outside with a look of amazement on his face; and then grinning broadly, his eyes twinkling, he asked jokingly, "Does Hoffmeyer's have anything left to sell?"  

"We left a few things behind, Dad," Derek said as he opened his door. 

"I wonder," Dad replied as he reached to help Derek with his shopping bag.

Exiting on my side, I went around the front of the truck while Morgan was sliding across the seat; and I said, "We had to leave the suit Morgan picked out so it could be altered." 

"If the suit is still at Hoffmeyer's, what is all of this?" He asked, nodding in the direction of the shopping bags still on Morgan's lap.

Seeing the inquisitive look on Dad's face, Derek glanced at me before taking the bags Morgan was balancing on his lap as he scooted across the seat.  Turning toward Dad, Derek said, "Morgan has to return to the store on Monday for a fitting, but Micah assured us that they would have the suit ready in time for Morgan's graduation on Thursday."

Dad was looking into the bag he had taken from Derek and whistling softly; then he looked at the other shopping bags, his eyes twinkling with amusement.  "All of this and whatever else is in those bags is for one suit? Remind me not to give you my credit card again when you go shopping," he said chuckling softly.

Derek looked at me quickly before answering. "Don't blame Larry, Dad; he didn't charge these things on your account.  Larry and I bought them for Morgan as a graduation gift," he said, glancing at me.  "While he was in the fitting room with Micah trying on the suit, we talked about what Morgan might need to go with it."

"You both seemed to have covered everything except maybe underwear," Dad replied still grinning and chuckling.

"I don't need any underwear, Mr. Marks; I've got plenty," Morgan suddenly injected into the conversation.

"I was just kidding, Morgan, just kidding," Dad replied grinning at Morgan as he continued asking,  "Are you ready to go back to work?"

Morgan looked at me, and then Derek.  He had the look of a doe caught in the bright headlamps of a night time hunter; and as he started to speak, I cut him off.

"We haven't been to lunch yet, Dad," I said. "I didn't think we would be so long at Hoffmeyer's so we went there first instead of having lunch.  We thought that we would go to Friendly's after we dropped these things off here, but maybe we can get a quick burger at Sonic's and then bring Morgan back if that's okay."

I knew that I was sort of pushing the "envelope"  a little by leaving him there alone with only his duty mechanic, but I figured from his jovial manner that he wasn't really upset over what he may have considered our excesses, or he wouldn't have been joking with us the way he had been.

We stood glancing sideways at each other, waiting with bated breath for his response.  Knowing him better then Derek or Morgan did, I knew when he crossed his arms and lifted his hand to his chin that he was savoring the moment and enjoying holding us in suspense.  He had, on many occasions, teased Paul and me in the same way when we had asked for a favor. The outcome had usually been favorable; but, I could see he was enjoying keeping us guessing much the same way now as he had then.

Rubbing his chin as if he was pondering my explanation, he peered at the three of us for a moment with a look of affection in his eyes and, chuckling softly, said, "I guess I can handle things for a while longer while you have lunch.  But what are you going to do with all of these packages when you get back, or haven't you thought about that? Morgan doesn't have any way of taking them home except on the bus.  Doing that would be cumbersome for him, but they shouldn't be left here at the station."

"Jeez, Dad," I answered glancing quickly at, Derek.  "We hadn't thought about that."

"Just what I thought," he snorted glaring at us in exasperation, his jovial mood suddenly evaporating.  "Go ahead and put these things in the office behind my desk, and while you're at lunch give it some thought," he said, glancing at the pump islands at the sound of the warning bell clanging as a customer drove in for service.

"Yes, Sir," we said as he left.

After gathering the shopping bags and taking them into the office as we were instructed, we were getting into the truck when he called out, "Go where you planned and not some hamburger joint.  I don't need your mother finding out that you had hamburgers and greasy french fries for lunch." 

There were several cars parked in the Friendly's parking lot when we arrived, but there were only a few customers still lingering in the restaurant when we entered.  Most of them were men in business suits who were probably stretching their lunch hours on the pretense that they were discussing business. 

The usual "please wait to be seated" sign had been removed; but, just as we started toward an empty booth, a dark haired, nice looking middle aged man dressed in an open-throated white shirt, black trousers and an almost ankle length white apron approached us.  He was carrying several plastic bound menus in the crook of his arm; and, smiling brightly, he asked, "are you having lunch?"

"Yes, we are," I answered, noticing the way his dark eyes did a quick cursory glance of all  three of us.  "We were going to sit in one of the booths by the front window if that is all right."

"Right this way," he said, turning and  proceeding to one of the booths we had indicated.

Derek glanced at me, his eyes twinkling; and he winked nodding his head slightly in the direction of our attractive host.  The tightly wrapped and tied apron around his narrow hips accentuated the smallness of his waist and clearly defined the broadness of his shoulders and back muscles.  His dark hair was well-groomed and closely cropped in a smooth taper conforming to the nape of his neck. His stride was smooth, and his tight buttocks moved enticingly as he negotiated the tables situated between us and the booth.

"He's nice,"  Derek whispered in my ear. 

Turning my head slightly and glancing at Morgan who was following us, I hissed, "Yes."

If Morgan was aware of Derek's audacious conduct, he gave no indication of it; but I was a little irritated that Derek could be so bold in public even though I was learning that he could be suprisingly devilish when he wanted to be. 

Our escort stood aside as we slid into the booth with Morgan opposite us; and, placing a menu in front of each of us, he said, "I'm, Dimeter, and I'll be your server this afternoon.  May I bring you something to drink while you are going over the menu?"

"Just water for me, Larry," Derek said as he opened the menu.

"What about you, Morgan?" I asked, glancing across the table.

"I don't know, Larry," he answered hesitantly and glanced at us and up at Dimeter before continuing. "Could I have a vanilla milk shake?  They make the best in the world here."

"I don't see why not," I replied, grinning broadly as I placed the order.  "Two waters for us and one thick vanilla milk shake."

"Two waters and a very thick milk shake," Dimeter said softly, smiling at Morgan.

"He must be new. I haven't seen him when I've been here before; but he seems like a pretty nice guy, doesn't he?" Morgan said, glancing at Dimeter as he left us.  "I'll bet he uses weights for bodybuilding like we did, Larry, when we were in school."

Derek coughed lightly at Morgan's unexpected comment; and I was caught completely off-guard that he, as well as we, had been observing Dimeter.  For a moment we were confused and were at a loss as to just how we should respond.  The unexpected comments had momentarily left us speechless until Morgan, grinned broadly and his blue eyes twinkling brightly, leaned over the table and looked around almost furtively before he said quietly almost whispering, "Hey, I know you guys are gay or at least I am pretty sure you are, and that does not bother me at all. If I were worried about it, I'd have said something before this; and I would have objected about the way Micah was hitting on me when we were at the store.  Jesus, fellas, a guy doesn't have to be gay to admire another good-looking guy; and, besides that, it makes me feel pretty good when I see some guy checking me out; but that's as far as it has ever gone," he said, breathing in deeply and continuing before we could say anything.   "I heard Derek whisper 'he's nice,' and I think I know what that means, but I like women, and admiring another good looking well built-man doesn't mean I want to have sex with him. If I were interested in that, I think Larry and I might have made it together when we were in high school," he said, grinning broadly, his eyes shining with amusement.

I heard Derek stifle a gasp, and I was on the verge of verbally exploding in amazement at Morgan's frankness when Derek pushed his leg against mine and nudged me in the ribs with his elbow.  Glancing quickly to my right, I saw Dimeter approaching with a tray of drinks.  Breathing in deeply and gulping the words back, I leaned against the backrest of the booth as he set the glasses on the table and asked if we were ready to order.

"I guess we are, Dimeter," Derek said, "I think I'll have a tuna fish on toasted rye with a side of potato salad, and that shake that Morgan ordered looks so good that I think maybe my diet will allow one if you have strawberry?"

There was an amused tone in Derek's voice, and I was afraid that the latent devilish streak in him was about to come to the fore.  It was an opportunity that I was realizing he could not resist; and, for a moment, I thought he had resisted until he said, "What are you going to have, Larry, a hot dog or maybe the german sausage plate that is on special."

"No...," I said, detecting the innuendo and glancing across the table at Morgan who was studiously studying the menu.  "Hot dogs or sausage aren't very appealing right now, so I think I'll have the same as you with cole slaw instead of potato salad.  What about you, Morgan, have you made up your mind?"

"Yeah," he replied, closing the menu.  "I'm gonna have a super burger with onion, mustard and french fries."

"Would you like cheese on the burger and catsup with your french fries?"  Dimeter asked without looking up as he was jotting our orders on his pad. "Perhaps another shake as well, you've almost finished the one you have."

"Nope, thanks anyway; but one is enough, and I don't like catsup."

"Are you sure, Morgan? You polished that one off pretty quickly,"  Derek injected before Dimeter left.

"I know, but I'll have some water instead," Morgan replied, handing his menu to Dimeter.

"It should only be a few minutes," Dimeter said gathering the other menus and tucking them under his arm as he left.

For several minutes after Dimeter left, there was an uncomfortable silence. Derek was playing with his knife and fork, but I could tell from the way he would look at Morgan and then at me that he was about to burst wide open but was struggling to restrain himself.  I was still at a loss for words and unsure exactly what I could or should say that would not sound foolish or sound like a put down of Morgan for his unexpected revelation about when we were in high school and his suspicions.  Derek solved the dilemma by placing his hand on mine; and, softly saying, "How long have you known or suspected about us, Morgan?"

Morgan's face flushed crimson and for a second he looked away before stammering, "I...,I, oh shit, ever since I saw you and Larry in his truck behind the station.  I was cleaning up on the other side of the trash bin, and you didn't see me, but I didn't hang around to watch."

Leaning back and, withdrawing my hand, I breathed in deeply and groaned, "Oh, Jesus, I never thought about anyone being behind the tires and trash bin."

"You don't have to worry, Larry, I would never say anything to anyone," Morgan said quickly.  "I'd never do that."

A sense of relief swept over me when Morgan said that, and I was about to thank him when I heard Derek chuckling softly under his breath.

"I don't think we will be doing that again will we, Larry?"

"Christ, no," I almost exploded.  "I'm only glad it was Morgan and not Dad."

Derek looked at me quizzically for a moment before saying, "Why not? He knows we are lovers."

It was Morgan's turn to be surprised, and he blurted out a little too loudly, "He does; your Dad knows that you and Derek are gay?" 

"Easy, Morgan, not so loud," I said glancing around to see if we were being overheard.  "Mom and Dad both know, I told them right after I met Derek; but I don't think they would appreciate knowing we had sex behind Dad's gas station."

"Noooo, Larry, I'm pretty sure they wouldn't appreciate hearing that. Knowing and seeing are very different," Derek said, still chuckling and grinning impishly as he took a drink from his water glass.

"Do your parents know, Derek?" Morgan asked a little nervously.

Considering what had only recently transpired, I couldn't help but smile at Morgans directness in asking Derek if his parents did or did not know about his sexuality.  Derek didn't hedge or hesitate in answering Morgan, but he gave me a momentarily pained look before he did.

"Oh, yes," Derek answered in a subdued tone. "They know, but I'm afraid that they aren't as accepting as Larry's parents are."


It was obvious that Morgan had other questions; but fortunately, Dimeter brought our lunch before he could ask them.  I was still a little upset by his revelation that he had seen Derek and me making out, but while we were eating the conversation turned to more general things such as the return to Hoffmeyer's for the fitting of Morgan's suit and the upcoming graduation.  I had a few questions that I would have liked to ask about his sexuality but held them back for a time and place where we could talk a little more freely. 

Dimeter returned two or three times asking the usual questions about our needs.  He was a very attractive person, and I'm sure that Derek was thinking the same from the way he would occasionally glance at him while he was eating.

Morgan devoured his lunch with the usual gusto of a normal healthy teenager and made no further comments until we were in the truck.

"Larry." he said as we were pulling out into traffic.  "Would you guys do me a big favor?"

"Certainly, if we can," I answered, glancing quickly at him and Derek as I maneuvered to make a right hand turn.

Breathing in deeply and looking quickly at Derek, he said, "I hate to ask you and Larry, but it might be better if you would take the things you bought for me to his Dad's house until after the suit is ready.  I don't want to take them home right now."

For a brief moment, his request surprised me; but then I recalled what I knew about his family.  I realized why he was asking it and looked at Derek; but, before I could answer, Derek spoke as if he had been reading my mind.

"What you mean, Morgan, is that your father might not appreciate it if you brought new clothing home."

"Yeah..., he would have a fit and want to know where I got the money,"  he said quietly, in an embarrassed tone, twisting his fingers in his lap and not looking at either one of us.

"De'ja' vu all over again,"I thought to myself.  "Another misguided father.  The only difference is that one is a drunkard and the other is selfish."

Derek leaned his head back to look over at me; and, seeing my nod of approval, he said, "When your suit is finished, would you want us to hold it until the graduation?"

"Would you guys do that?" 

"Sure, and then you can stay overnight with us if you want to, and you can get ready at our place," I answered without considering that Derek might not approve.  Derek dispelled the concern when he said, "We would kill two birds with one stone, and it would probably be better for you, Morgan, if you did.  You wouldn't have to ride the bus and, then have to rush getting ready."

"Gosh, I'd like that," Morgan said excitedly.  "That would be great if it would be all right with Larry's mom and dad; I wouldn't want to put them out."

"I don't think they will object if you stay with us in our apartment,"  I said, glancing at Derek and grinning as I responded to Morgan's concern.

"You have your own apartment?" Morgan said, violently twisting his head back and forth to look at us. "I thought you lived with your parents."

"We do live with them, sort of," I replied, laughing and, grinning at Derek as I continued trying to explain my cryptic comment.  "Paul and Dad built an apartment over the garage, but Paul got to use it for only a short time before he died.  After Derek and I decided to live together, we moved into it instead of sharing the bedroom Paul and I shared in Mom and Dad's house.  We have only one bedroom, and you'll have to sleep on the couch, but I don't think it is too uncomfortable."

"It isn't," Derek snickered, chuckling as we pulled into the station.


As soon as Derek had gotten out, Morgan jumped out of the truck and disappeared into the station.   Dad walked out of the office; and glancing at Morgan as he rushed into the end automotive bay where the employee's lockers were, he said, "Where's he going?"

"Probably to change into his work clothes, Dad," I said as I walked around the front of the truck to where he and Derek were standing.

"There is no need for him to do that now," Dad said.  "He only has about an hour left on his shift, and I can handle that until his relief gets here.  Run and tell him, Larry; and you can leave your truck here while you and Derek use my car to take those things you bought home for him and come on back."

"We've already solved that problem, Dad. We're going to take them home with us, and after his suit is ready, he is going to stay over the night before graduation with us; and we all can go together to his and Derek's graduations."

"It will be a lot easier for him, Dad," Derek chimed in.  "He was worried about taking them home."

"I guess that will be okay; but did he say what he will tell his parents?" Dad asked, crossing his arms and rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

I suddenly realized that, in Morgan's excitement over staying overnight with us, we had not discussed that problem.  When, Dad saw Derek and me looking at each other blankly, neither one of us answering his question, he chuckled saying, "I thought not.  Well, I don't see anything wrong with your plan, but you better straighten it out with him. I don't want any trouble for Morgan with his parents," he said, turning around as Morgan came out of the office door smiling broadly and carrying the loaded shopping bags.

"I don't think he has thought about it either, Larry," Derek said.

Stopping abruptly, Morgan said, "Thought about what?"

Before I could say anything, Dad interceded for me.

"What you will tell your parents about staying with Larry and Derek."

"Nothing really, Mr. Marks," he answered.  "I won't lie to them; I'll tell them I'm gonna be staying with friends, and I will be."

"And what about your clothes? Won't they expect you to dress at home and then go to your graduation with you?" Dad persisted without waiting for us to say anything.

"No, Sir, I don't think they care," Morgan answered in a hushed tone setting the shopping back against the office front wall as he continued.   "I told them about the graduation ceremonies and how all of the students' parents would be there, but my Dad told me that I'd have to buy my clothes if I needed any and not to expect them to be there because they didn't have the time." 

For a few moments nothing was said, and then Dad exclaimed, "Damn, I thought I knew Melvin Padgett better than that, but this is beyond comprehension.  His only son is graduating from high school, and he does not have the time to be there. I can't believe that; no sir, I can't believe that he has become...," he started to say, stopping before saying something he would regret. He breathed in angrily attempting to control his anger before he continued.  "Morgan, don't defy your parents or lie to them, but don't allow them to stop you from staying with Derek and Larry or anyone else that you want to.  I know your Dad; we went to school together.  I know something of the situation he is in, and I won't say anything against him. While he may object, you are past eighteen years of age; and he cannot stop you from doing what you want. You boys, go ahead and do what you think is right, and that's all I have to say," he finished, turning on his heels  and going back inside leaving us standing with our mouths open.


"Damn," I exhaled explosively not realizing that I had been hardly breathing during Dad's angry tirade. "I never have heard him get that angry," I said, almost whispering and looking at Derek and Morgan.

"Me either, Larry.  I hope he isn't mad at me," Morgan said.

"I don't believe he is, Morgan; but it did sound familiar didn't it, Larry," Derek said as we recovered from our astonishment.

"Yeah...," I said softly, glancing at him and, remembering the night that I had listened to his father. "It did, but it solved the problem; or, at least, I think it did; didn't it, Morgan?"

"Yeah, I think so; but I'd hate to do anything to upset your Dad; he has been good to me," he said as I opened the truck door and stood waiting while Derek took the shopping bags from Morgan and placed them in the middle of the seat.  As Derek got into the truck and closed the door, Morgan looked through the open window and, hesitating for a moment, said, "I really appreciate all that you guys have done; I really do."

"Hey, that's what friends are for, Morgan," I said as I started the engine.  "Just remember what Dad said."

"I will," he answered, stepping back as I put the truck in gear.