Derek & I
Copyright © 2003
By Lee Mariner

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Derek turned, looked out the rear-window while I waited for the traffic to thin and said, referring to Morgan, "He looks like a little boy standing there, doesn't he?"

Glancing quickly at the rear-view mirror, I replied, "Yeah, but we know better now, don't we?"

"I should say we do," he answered, grunting from the forward velocity throwing him against the seat back as I jumped into an opening in traffic.

Derek settled in the seat as I accelerated to match the speed of the traffic.  Out of the corner of my eye, I could see him attempting to keep his hair from swirling around from the sudden flow of air; and I said, "Roll the window up."

"That's okay," he replied.  "I like the feel of the wind on my face and blowing in my hair." He said glancing at me quickly before continuing.  "Did you ask your Dad if he had remembered to call about dinner tonight?"

"Jesus, D, I forgot about it entirely." I answered. "In all the commotion while we were talking about Morgan and his family, it slipped my mind." I said.  "I'm sure he did though; he is pretty good about those things."

"He probably did," he said, locking the door before he turned, pulling one leg up on the seat, relaxing against the locked door and facing me as he said, "Have you given any thought to where they might like to go?"

"Noooo, not really." I answered.  "We've gone to the Plantation Restaurant on Hickory Drive, and they seemed to like it." I said, keeping my eyes on the road and traffic as I spoke.  "It's a neat place, and I think you'll like it. Their tables are round with a lazy Susan in the center.  They feature family style cooking served in bowls instead of individual portions. I liked the way they brought a salad cart to the table and made fresh salads to order at the table; that was kind of neat."

"I take it you don't think we should go to the Rain Forest," he chuckled under his breath, leaning toward me and poking me gently in the ribs.

"You devil," I exclaimed, laughing softly, and glancing over at him as I turned onto our street.  "I haven't even thought about that or Curtis if that is what you are implying."

"No, I'm just teasing you," he replied jovially, his eyes twinkling in amusement.

"Wait until we get home, and we'll see who teases whom," I said, checking the rearview mirror as I slowed to turn into our driveway.

"That might have to wait for now, Larry." he said, his voice suddenly changing to an icy monotone.

The flat icy tone of his voice shot through me; and, snapping my head around to look at him, I saw that a scowl had replaced his smile and that his eyes were the smoldering cobalt blue which, I had come to know, expressed a deep inner anger.  I was about to ask what had changed his attitude when he anticipated my question and nodded toward a white two-door Mercedes sitting in the parking area between the house and garage. 

"Who's, car is that, D?" I asked, an uneasy feeling of anxiety suddenly churning in the pit of my stomach.

Derek hesitated, staring straight ahead for several seconds before breathing in deeply between clinched teeth, and answered flatly, "My mother's."

"Your mother's?" I asked softly as I maneuvered my truck around the Mercedes and parked in front of the garage doors.

"Yep," he said, smiling softly and turning to look at me.  "After the last bout at the bank, I was expecting something to happen but not a visit by her."

"I was thinking we might hear something from Mr. Winters, but," I said, hesitating for a moment while recalling the invectives his father had heaped upon him at the time, before continuing.  "Why would she be here or do you think that maybe your father sent her?"

For a brief moment, Derek looked at me questioningly as he considered what I had said; and then, breathing in deeply, he sighed.  "Maybe, but I doubt it. Mother was pretty much a dunderhead when it came to business; she was the social organizer; but we won't find out sitting here." he said, unlocking and opening his door.


The late afternoon sun cast our shadows before us leading us to the side door as we strode side by side toward the house with the gravel crunching under our feet.  If Derek was hesitant about seeing his mother, he didn't show it.   If he held any anger toward her, it was not readily evident.  He had a greater reason to be angry with his father, but it was becoming a cold controlled anger, and I was learning that he held his feelings deep within himself.

The screen door squeaked as I opened it, and our mothers turned their heads toward the warning sound.  Derek preceded me as I held the door for him, and I heard the unfamiliar voice of his mother saying, "Derek darling, I've been waiting for you." 

"Hello, Mother," he replied softly, not dispassionately, but correctly.  Leaning down, he kissed her cheek; and, as he straightened up, he looked at Mother, and said, "Hello, Aunt Edith."

I heard Mother reply softly, "Derek. . .," as I followed him into the kitchen; and, glancing over his shoulder, she smiled and nodded at me as she continued.  "It was a pleasant surprise when I answered the door and your mother introduced herself."

"I'm sure it was," Derek said with a  hint of irony in his voice as he pulled a chair away from the table, winked at me with a twinkle in his eyes and continued speaking smoothly as he sat down. "If we had known you were coming, Mother, Larry and I would have made it a point to be here," he said politely as he pulled his chair closer to the table.

Derek's mother glanced quickly at the both of us hesitating before replying to his comments.  I was surprised that he had included me in the repartee with his mother, but a feeling of pride welled up inside of me when I heard him say it.

"Oh, I am sorry, Darling." she said, glancing in my direction. "Perhaps I should have; but it was a spur of the moment decision while your father and I were talking last evening." she replied with an off-handed wave of her hand as she glanced around the table before she continued.  "Your father thought it might be a good idea if I were to call on Mr. and Mrs. Marks to see how you were doing, and," she said hesitating for a moment, " Mrs. Marks and I have been having a wonderful visit, haven't we Edith?"

"Why, yes, yes we have, Helen." Mother answered.  "I have enjoyed meeting you, and it has been very pleasant and informative." she said in a demure tone, smiling softly, and glancing at Derek and me as she spoke."

The conversation lapsed for a moment, everyone hesitating before speaking again until I broke the silence by sliding my chair back, and saying, "I'm dry.  Would anyone care for something cold while I'm up?"

"I would, Larry," Derek replied quickly, glancing at his mother inquisitively as he spoke.

Derek's mother nodded negatively; and, as I started to stand, my mother placed her hand on my forearm and said, "Derek's mother and I were having tea, Lawrence; but there is a pitcher of fresh lemonade in the refrigerator that I think you boys might prefer."

"Yes, Ma'am," I replied as I stood and went to the refrigerator.

While I was pouring the refreshment into the glasses that I had gotten from the cupboard, I could hear Derek and his Mother talking.  Glancing to my left as I was filling the glasses, I saw my Mother sitting with her hands folded on the table, listening and watching intently. 

I wasn't really paying any attention to what was being said at the table until I heard Derek loudly exclaim, "They will be here when?" 

Quickly setting the pitcher down, I looked up and saw Mrs. Kingsley lean back in her chair a little wide-eyed with her hand at her throat as she answered,  "Probably next Tuesday or Wednesday, Derek; but really, Darling, there isn't any reason to be so upset about your grandparents visiting for your graduation."

The casual atmosphere had changed suddenly to a near confrontation between Derek and his mother.  I saw that his breathing had quickened, and the blue of his eyes deepened as his anger rose.  I was standing at the kitchen counter with my hand holding the pitcher handle almost stupefied at hearing Derek's outburst and his mother's reply when I heard my mother quietly say, "Lawrence, the lemonade please."

"Wha..what, oh, yes, lemonade," I replied feeling a little foolish.

A deafening silence enveloped the room as I served the lemonade.  I wanted to look at Derek to try to determine whether he was really as angry as he had sounded when he spoke almost too softly.

"I'm sorry, Mother," Derek started as I sat back down. "I didn't mean to raise my voice, but you surprised me when you said Grandmother & Grandfather Kingsley would be arriving for a visit when just two months ago Grandmother was not feeling well enough for the trip.  Now, she and Grandfather are suddenly coming down. It angers me, Mother, that they are suddenly coming down after they had declined the invitation they were sent."

"My goodness, Derek, I don't see why you should be angry." Mrs. Kingsley said with an almost detached condescending air.  "Your Grandmother Kingsley has not been feeling very well, and she really wasn't well when the invitation was sent.  It was only natural that they would decline at that time.  However, she is apparently feeling better; and after talking with your father, they are driving down. Your father went to great lengths in cajoling them to attend your graduation, Derek, and I think that you should be happy that they are."

Little bells started tinkling in my head when I heard Mrs. Kingsley say that Derek's father had convinced his parents to attend Derek's graduation, and I looked across the table at him.  His initial anger had been replaced with a calmer demeanor and his eyes, gazing at his mother, had softened to an azure blue.  I wasn't sure at that moment what the next step was in what seemed to have become a game of cat and mouse, but I could see the wheels in Derek's mind turning as he looked at his mother smiling faintly and sliding his fingers over the cold slick exterior of his glass.  I was groping for something to say to break the silence when, surprisingly, my mother spoke.

"Helen, excuse the intrusion, but I think that Lawrence and I should excuse ourselves while you and Derek are talking family." she said, looking at me for compliance to her suggestion as she started to slide her chair back from the table. 

I hesitated briefly wanting to remain in support of Derek; but, recognizing the wisdom of her suggestion, I started to join her when Derek suddenly, seemingly, countermanded her decision.

"That won't be necessary, Aunt Edith."  He said firmly.  "There is nothing to be said between Mother and me that should preclude you and very definitely Larry; we have no secrets." he said, breathing in deeply and smiling at both of us.

Just as I started to speak, I felt Mother's hand touch mine, and she said quietly, "I really think we should, Derek.  I'm sure there are things your mother might like to say that she would feel more comfortable in saying if you and she were alone."

"I hate to disagree with you, Aunt Edith, but I really don't think there is anything else to be said except for perhaps one thing." he replied hesitating for a moment, his eyes glued to his mother's face.  "The one thing that they really want, especially with my grandparents coming,  is me at homeIsn't that right, Mother?  It would not be nice if they found out their grandson is gay and living with another young man, would it?" He said forcefully, almost vehemently.

A pin hitting the floor would probably have sounded like a log in the utter silence that filled the room.  Mrs. Kingsley sat wide-eyed clutching at her throat, her mouth half agape, unable to speak. My mother sat stoically upright, but I saw a glint of approval in her eyes as she listened to Derek confronting his mother.  I was flabbergasted but not surprised after what I had seen and heard him saying recently.  The gorgeously handsome schoolboy who had captured my heart had become, in a short space of time, a magnificent  young man; and the urge to express the love I felt welled up inside of me.  I was saved from possibly embarrassing myself when his mother finally recovered her composure and spoke.

"Really, Derek darling, Mrs. Marks is right; these are things we should discuss in private among the family not with people we barely know."

I was about to respond when Mother, much to my surprise, said softly but very firmly, "Helen, you and your husband may consider Mr. Marks, Lawrence and me as being people you barely know; but from what we have heard and seen, I believe that we know you and your husband quite well.  We have come to know and love, Derek, and he is a part of our family for as long as he wishes."

Unable to constrain myself any longer, I blurted out, "You won't get an argument from me."   I saw the grin on Derek's face and the soft glow in his eyes as he gazed across the table at me.

Neither of our mother's said anything; and, for a moment, I thought that my impulsive outburst was more than I should have said until I saw Derek take his mother's hand in his and speak to her softly.

"Mother, there are several things that you and Dad are not understanding either because you cannot or do not want to try to understand.  I've grown up considerably since Dad threw me out.  I know you tried to stop him, and I love you for what you tried to do, but no one will ever beat me again the way he did that night. A lot had happened before that night and some more has happened  since that night that you may not understand, Mom.   I love you and Dad, but I love Larry, and I know he loves me.  We intend to be together for the rest of our lives, and that is something that both of you will have to understand even if you cannot or will not accept it."

I felt nervous and uncomfortable listening to what Derek was telling his mother until I felt Mother place her hand over mine and squeeze gently.   Part of me wanted to leave while the other part wanted to remain if for no other reason than to show him how much I loved and supported him.  I guess that I should not have been surprised by Mrs. Kingsley's comments, but I was, and I didn't understand it until I later reflected on what I had heard and seen during the time after meeting Derek.

"Well then," she said as she straightened up, looking haughtily at Mother and me with a glare of disdain.  "I guess there is no reason left to ask if you will be coming home at least while your grandparents are here to avoid embarrassing your father and me."

Derek lowered his eyes and head briefly before breathing in deeply, and responding.  "No, Mother, no reason at all. I was hoping you might understand my feelings, or at least try to; but you don't know me as well as you should.  Do you really think I would hide being homosexual just to avoid embarrassing you?  I'm not ashamed of being who I am, and for you to ask me to deny being gay in order to not embarrass my grandparents or possibly damage your social position shows how little you or Dad ever knew me."

"That certainly is apparent."  She exclaimed angrily, suddenly standing with the force to knock her chair over.  "I don't understand your wanting to live and sleep with another man.  I certainly do not understand why you would want to disgrace your family this way unless what your father said is true, that you plan on ruining him and me," she said, spinning around and marching toward the kitchen door and out of the house.


Derek jumped up from the table and ran after her calling out, "Mother," in an anguished, almost pleading tone.   I felt helpless and didn't know what I should do, surprised by the sudden flurry of angry words and movement.  When I started to get up, I heard Mother say, "Not just yet, Lawrence.  Give them a few minutes and then go to him."

"Waiting is not going to help, Mother," I exclaimed, letting my muscles go slack as I collapsed back in my chair.

"In this case, i must, Lawrence." she said affectionately.  "I know the feeling of losing a son; I felt it when I lost your brother Paul.  It is anger that she is trying to use to cover and suppress the feeling that she has lost Derek.  If you remember, I went into depression and withdrawal before I realized that Paul was never lost to me.  She will need time to mull over what has happened before she can accept what Derek was trying to tell her."

"Do you think she ever will, Mom?" I asked, gazing at the empty doorway they had just flown through.

"Eventually, Son, eventually" she answered softly.  "Derek loves her, and he has a charisma and sincerity that will pull her back to him.  From what I have seen here, she is a woman used to having her own way, and that makes it difficult for her; but she did not shut him out completely, and that is where you will be of the most use during the healing process.   He will need you and, to some extent, your father and me to support him in order for him not to start thinking he has lost his parents.  Time will heal any wounds, Lawrence."

"I guess, you're right, " I said.  "You usually are."

The sound of the Mercedes engine roaring to life cut though the silence, and I waited to see if Derek would come back inside.  After a few agonizing minutes, I looked at mother before bolting to the door.  Derek was leaning against the truck bed side holding his head with his hands.  He looked up as he heard me racing across the graveled parking surface.  He had a lost look in his eyes, but he hadn't been crying which is what I had expected from having learned how compassionate he could be. 

"D, are you all right?" I asked worriedly as I reached him and put my arms around his broad back, pulling him tightly against me.

"I've seen better days, but being with you means there will be much better ones ahead," he said glibly, letting his hands fall from his face and turning to look into my eyes.

"Jesus, you had me worried for a bit there, but I feel better now." I said almost gleefully, hugging him to me when I saw the glint in his eyes.

"Then, why don't we gather Morgan's packages, take them inside and see if we can improve on the day."  He said softly, impishly.

Gathering the packages, we headed for the stairway; and when we reached the first step, I glanced at the kitchen doorway and saw Mom standing there waving.  When she saw me looking, she called out, "Your father called saying we are going out to dinner tonight, what time?"

"Is seven o'clock okay?" I called back as we ascended the steps.  "Seven o'clock is fine." Derek said, roguishly, under his breath without looking at Mother.

"We will be ready when you boys are." Mother answered as we reached the top landing. 

Derek was attempting to open the door with his arms full; and when I took the shopping bag from his hand, he flexed his fingers several times and said, "Thanks." 

"You're welcome." I replied following him as he opened the door and went into the apartment. 

"Damn, it's stuffy in here," he exclaimed as we went to the sofa and deposited the packages. "I'll open a couple of windows if you will close the door." he continued as he moved around the room opening windows.

"Maybe we can have an exhaust fan or two installed when we talk with Mrs. Rowe in the morning." I said off-handedly as I closed the door and locked it.

"Maybe..., we can." he said seductively as he turned toward me pulling his shirt off..

"Oh, Jesus," I groaned inwardly as he tossed the shirt in the direction of the sofa, and stood with his legs slightly spread, his fingers poised to unbutton his jeans.  The unblemished golden skin of his magnificent chest glistened from a light covering of sweat; and his eyes, their irises shining a mesmerizing sapphire blue, locked with mine holding me spellbound while the fires of passion were building in my loins.  Waves of passion and desire swept over me; and I felt raw animal magnetism pulling me as he glided toward me, the fingers of one hand toying with the waist-band button of his jeans while his other teasingly massaged the hard muscles of his chest and abdomen.   Stopping within arms length, he broke eye contact, and his eyes roamed over my still clad body.  Fighting the desire to reach out and engulf him with my arms, I croaked, "You enjoy teasing me, don't you?"

"Of course," he answered, grinning almost evilly as he moved closer and removed my shirt with an agonizing slowness that sent electric bolts shooting into my groin..  Shivering with anticipation, I undid his waist-band button and slowly pushed the zipper down, my breathing becoming more labored as the flaps of his jeans fell to the side revealing the whiteness of his briefs wherein his burgeoning cock was stretching the fabric to the bursting point.   Pushing my hand aside, Derek pushed his jeans down over his narrow hips; and they fell to the floor around his ankles.   I started to run my fingers through the thick golden hair at the top of his briefs and was plucking at the elastic band when he again brushed my hand away and whispered huskily, "Not yet."

I looked at him questioningly for a brief moment; and then, suddenly squeezing the cloth covered bulge of my cock, he knelt and  untied his sneakers removing them and his socks.  Kicking his jeans off, he stood up wearing only his briefs revealing the impressive length of his thick expertly circumcised cock.  My heart was racing from the excitement his teasing actions were creating,  Squatting quickly, I started to untie my sneakers with fumbling fingers when Derek ran his hands under my shoulders and lifting me growled,  "Unh unh, I'll do that."

Derek's forcefulness surprised me at first, and unconsciously I had started to resist when I suddenly realized that I loved him so much that I was enjoying him being the aggressor.  Thus, I relented, succumbing to whatever he wanted.  Leading me into the bedroom he gently spun me around, and I fell still half-dressed onto the bed   Inhaling deeply, I let my emotions spread through my body, and watched as he moved to the end of the bed where he stood looking into my eyes for a moment before removing my sneakers and socks and dropping them on the floor.  I closed my eyes as he placed one leg on the bed.  He leaned over me and, quickly unzipping my jeans, said, "Lift your hips."  Almost simultaneously as I lifted my hips, he effortlessly pulled my jeans and briefs down over my legs with one easy motion.   I felt my aching cock spring free of the elastic waist-band of my briefs and slap between the hard ridges of my tense stomach muscles. I closed my eyes feeling the mattress being depressed and then his drooling cock and low hanging balls pressing against mine as he straddled my thighs.

Opening my eyes, I looked up into the intense blue glow of his eyes looking down at me.  Leaning forward slightly, he started to gently knead and massage the hard tense muscles of my chest.   Slowly moving my hands upward over his arms, I wrapped my fingers around his thick biceps; and when I slid my fingers into the damp silky hairs of his armpits, he tensed for moment; and I felt his body shiver from the effect of my fingers tickling the depths of his armpits .  For several minutes, we contented ourselves with gazing at each other and enjoying the emotionally intoxicating thrills generated by the erotic motion of hands and fingers searching and touching the sensitive spots that sent pleasantly electrifying shocks into the depths of our loins.  

I was drifting in a soft warm almost hypnotic trance when Derek lowered his body to mine and, brushing his lips over mine,  whispered, "If I didn't love you so much, I would enjoy ravishing your gorgeous body."

"You can do that any time you wish," I replied softly as I slid my arms around his chest.

"I know," he said, blowing softly into my ear, slowly rotating his hips and rolling our semi-flaccid cocks together in the softness of our thick pubic hair.

My hips automatically responded to the eroticism being generated by the movement of his hips, and I felt his cock growing and hardening along with mine.   Pushing my pelvis up against his and squeezing him tightly, I said, "If you know, why don't you?"

I felt his muscles tense; and I thought he was going to respond to my offer when, growling deep in his throat, he suddenly and very athletically rolled over pulling me on top of him and said, "Because, Lover, I want to feel that big cock of yours fucking me."

I was surprised by the sudden change in his attitude; and when I started to protest, he stopped me by raising his lips to mine.  I felt his hand slipping between our stomachs as we kissed, and I lifted my hips to give his hand freer access.   Pushing my throbbing cock between his legs, he thrust his hips upwards driving my cock down over his anus and, almost pleading, said , "Fuck me, Larry baby, please fuck me.  I need you, I want you inside of me."

Succumbing to his pleadings and the feeling of lust that enveloped me, I knelt between his legs spreading them apart.  Derek lifted them up onto my shoulders, and I was leaning forward against his legs for the lubricant when he growled that he didn't want it.   I spit into the palm of my hand before squeezing my dripping cock and milking all of the pre-seminal fluid that I could to lubricate my cock and his asshole.

Leaning into him, I placed the sheathed head of my cock against his quivering asshole; and, breathing in deeply in an attempt to control the waves of excitement rushing over me, I placed my hands on his thighs and adjusted my legs to a more comfortable position.  I hesitated when I felt the  initial tenseness of his asshole and his muscles ; but Derek suddenly grabbed both cheeks of my ass and pulled my hips forward forcing my cock inside of him.  The sudden intensity of his sphincter clamping down on my cock sent an erotic shock wave rushing over me; and as I fell forward against the back of his thickly muscled thighs, my cock plunged deeper into his rectum stopping the descent when my balls slapped against his tail bone and my thick bush pressed upward against his balls.

Derek lowered his legs from my shoulders to around my waist; and, reaching upwards, he placed his hands behind my neck and pulled my lips to his.  His mouth opened and our tongues met twisting in a long gentle kiss that testified to the deep feelings each had for the other.

It seemed like we made love for hours as his hips moved in concert with the downward movement of my turgid cock slipping in and out of his velvety smooth rectum, his sphincter muscle tightening around the base of my aching cock at the end of each downward thrust.   It seemed an eternity before the intense overwhelming need to reach the ultimate climax rushed upward from the depths of my balls; and with a final intense thrust I screamed, "Derek," in response to the powerful feeling of my sperm  gushing from the head of my cock into the hot cauldron of his bowels.  An inexplicable feeling of intense desire combined with lust engulfed us both, and Derek was thrashing around under me driving his hips violently upward as his anus gripped my spewing cock.  Glancing down at my lover, I watched fascinated at the pulsing power of his straining cock gushing thick uncontrolled streams of his seed over his heaving chest and stomach. 

The intensity of my cock filling the depths of Derek's ass with my seed and the steady flow of his seed lasted only a few short seconds although I was sure he wanted it to continue as much as I did.  There was a final jerk of my wilting cock and then the slow sensation of the remaining dribbles as my cock softened.  Derek's legs dropped from around my waist; and I collapsed pleasantly exhausted onto his sperm covered chest as my drained cock slipped from the grip of his quivering anus.

I felt his arms slip around my chest and his legs move over the back of mine, effectively imprisoning me within his grasp.   My mind drifted in the warmth of the afterglow that followed passionate love making, and there was a feeling inside of me that said we would always need each other.  Gently kissing Derek's cheek, I whispered softly,  "Tell me again that you love and need me."

His chest expanded as he inhaled, and exhaling as he moved his hands slowly over my back muscles he said, "Always and forever, Larry, always and forever."

"Forever would not be long enough," I thought to myself as I drifted off to sleep in the warmth and security of my lovers arms.