Derek & I
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By Lee Mariner

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Chapter #34

It was the itching sensation of dried sperm that roused me from the misty depths of slumber that usually followed self-induced but pleasant carnal exhaustion.  That moment of pleasurable afterglow when two become one in the socially forbidden but delightfully erotic intimacy that only two men can enjoy.  

Derek was laying on his back with his arm around me, his hand resting across my waist.  My head was resting on the satiny soft hardness of his left breast muscle, the soft nipple protruding from the dark aureoles, pressing gently against my cheek. His soft steady breathing lifted and lowered my head gently, and I could hear and feel the rhythmic beat of his heart synchronized to each breath.   A feeling of warmth and security swept over me, and just as I was about to close my eyes and drift back to sleep, it suddenly dawned on me that it was late afternoon not early morning.

"Damn," I exclaimed loudly, struggling to disentangle myself from Derek's arms and at the same time awaken him.  "Wake up, D," I exclaimed, glancing at the clock and shouting loud enough to wake the dead. "It's almost six o'clock and we are supposed to take Mom and Dad out for dinner, remember?"

"Shit," he responded, the hard muscles of his stomach flexing into ropes of steel as he sat upright, flakes of dried sperm floating down from his chest and stomach into the thickness of his pubic hair.  "It's a good thing one of us woke up, Larry, we've slept almost two hours."  He said as he dropped back into the pillows and turned on his side facing me with the sheet draped loosely over his hips exposing the thick base of his semi-hard cock.

"I know, I almost fell back asleep until I realized what time it was," I replied as I moved to the edge of the bed and sat up.

"There is no need to rush, Larry," Derek said softly, placing his hand on my back as he continued. "We've still got an hour before we have to be ready."

The bed shifted slightly as he moved closer, and then the touch of his half-hard cock against my backside followed by his fingers tracing an erotic trail down the vertebrae of my spine.  The light touch of his fingers along the line of my spine and back muscles generated needle like sensations of erotic energy that flowed inexorably into the anal regions of my body.   Shivering with a feeling of anticipation, I leaned back and turned my head, looking into the depths of twin pools of indigo blue gazing up at me.

The mischievous twinkle in his eyes merged with an impish grin and the tip of his pink tongue caressing his lips. I felt one hand slip around my waist and then slid down over my buttock as the other slowly moved over the softness of my inner thigh.  "D..." I said softly, half-heartedly attempting to protest even though I knew it was a futile effort.   "We..., we...," stumbled from my lips; but, before I finished the feeble protest, his unspoken answer was to wrap his body around mine, pulling us tightly together as he squeezed my throbbing cock, engorging the already pounding blood filled crown to the bursting point.  "D, D, D....," I whimpered weakly, the muscles of my body tensing as the sudden shock of his lips encircled the crown of my cock, generating waves of mind numbing ecstasy. 

"Oh, God, D," I groaned loudly, throwing my arms behind me for support as I fell backward.  His ravenous mouth engulfed the thick length of my aching cock striking the entrance to his throat.  My hips involuntarily hunched upwards trying, unsuccessfully, to drive my cock deeper into his throat.  I heard him grunt as my cock jammed against the back of his mouth.  

The sensation of boiling cum rising  in my throbbing cock was overpowering and, I felt my muscles tightening as the sensation of a pending climax washed over me when suddenly; and, without warning, Derek unexpectedly withdrew from my throbbing cock, and it was as if there had been a blow to my solar plexus.  Gasping at the unanticipated empty sensation that engulfed me, I crunched my abdominal muscles pulling my torso forward, and I twisted to look down at him.  He moved his head from my lap; and, stretching out with tawny feline grace, the thick muscles of his thighs tightening as he arched his back thrusting his burgeoning cock upward.    I felt a catch in my throat as I started to speak but, the gleaming azure blue of his eyes deepened holding mine, and it was as if he spoke even though his lips did not move.  In the recesses of my mind, I heard a low husky, whisper saying, "Lay down with me."

For a brief second, I hesitated, gazing into the smoldering depths of his electric-blue eyes and then, as if in an erotic trance, I did as the surreal voice inside of my head asked.  Swinging my legs back up on the bed, I stretched out, and laid my head on his soft inner thigh.  I could see the power of his heart pulsing as his steel hard cock jerked, thick rivulets of pre-cum flowing from the urethra opening in its blood engorged crown.   Wrapping my fingers around its silky smooth steel hard length, I felt him tense as I cleaned the oozing nectar from his cockhead.  Savoring the thick creamy sweetness of the precursor to what would be the ultimate aphrodisiac, I was momentarily lost in the euphoric haze of pleasure as the driblets of Derek's pre-cum slid down my throat. The fiery sensation of Derek's lips slowly sliding down over the turgid length on my aching cock generated a feeling of surreal ecstasy that penetrated to the depths of my very being; and, as his thick, swelling, cock invaded the depths of my throat, I gorged myself on the thick hot nectar erupting with volcanic force from his tightening ball sac.  

Seemingly unceasing volleys of thick hot sperm gushed from hardening swelling cocks satisfying and nurturing the physical need to give and accept the elixer that would make us one with the other. Derek sucked, no, we both sucked burgeoning cocks with animal intensity, moaning and groaning, our muscles tightening and relaxing as we enjoyed the pleasant bliss of draining the essence of life from nature's vessel. 


We confirmed the need for a large bath and shower as we quickly removed the evidence of our love making.  Dressing casually since I had confirmed we would be visiting the Plantation Restaurant for dinner, we kissed lightly before opening the door and emerging into the dusk of evening. 

"Damn, Larry," Derek said, stopping on the platform at the head of the stairs while I locked the door.  "It's evenings like this that make life worth living."

"Mmmmmmmm, I guess you're right; but," I said, slipping my arms around his waist from behind. "I like having you to enjoy them with instead of being alone."

"You know what I meant," he answered, placing his hands on mine, and twisting his head around to kiss me on the cheek.  "Nothing would have much meaning without you," he finished, giving my cheek another peck.

"Yep, I know," I replied, continuing quietly as I removed my arms from around his waist.  "Especially after this afternoon."

"Yeah...," he said, chuckling softly as he started down the stairs.  "It was great wasn't it?"

"You do have a way of making it that way," I said as I followed him. 

Surprising me, and suddenly stopping in front of me, Derek turned and looking up at me standing one step above him, he grinned broadly, and said, "It only takes inspiration from the right person and sex or anything else can be great."

I was just about to come back with an equally gracious retort when a gruff but humorous voice said, "Hey, you two, we're hungry."

Glancing to our right, we saw Mom and Dad standing on the porch and that was more than enough impetus to bring us back from the realm of melancholy to reality, and move quickly down the stairs. 

As we walked across the gravel parking area, Derek whispered under his breath, "I hope they haven't been standing there very long."

"I don't think they have or they would have spoken up earlier," I answered, a little concerned that I was not entirely sure if I was right in my assumption.

Mom and Dad were dressed a little more conservatively casual than was the norm for them but, none the less attractive.  When we reached the bottom step, Dad glanced at Derek and then looking at me, he said in a stentorian tone, "You told your Mother to be ready at seven o'clock and here we are."

"Yes..yes, Sir," I stammered somewhat taken aback by his decidedly unfamiliar demeanor.

"I thought that was what your Mother had said," he chuckled softly, tossing me the keys to his car as he continued. "You and Derek sit up front while we snuggle in the back."

"Well, I never, Christopher Marks," Mom spluttered sharply giving Dad a less than approving glance as she continued.  "There is no call for such talk, especially in front of young people." she said with a tone of disapproving but less forceful finality; finishing her chastisement of dad as they came down from the porch.

"Oh, I don't believe it makes much difference, mother, not with today's young people," Dad said from behind us as we walked toward the car.  "They know a lot more now than we did when we were that age, isn't that right, Derek?"

"I guess you may be right, Dad," Derek answered as he opened the back door of the sedan and looked across the roof at me grinning impishly with a twinkle in his eyes.

Recognizing the signs of his devilish streak, I groaned softly, "Oh, Lord,"  as I shook my head violently at him as we got inside the car, dreading what he might say if the conversation persisted on its present course.

"What are your reasons for thinking that. Derek?" He asked raising his voice over the soft crunch of the tires on the gravel as I drove down the drive to the street.

"Reasons," Derek said, turning sideways in the seat, to answer Dad's question when mother suddenly interrupted, asking, "Where are we going to dinner Lawrence, you boys didn't mention it."

Glancing in the mirror at her, I said, "I thought we would go to The Plantation Restaurant over on Hickory, Mom, if that's okay."

"Oh, that would be nice, wouldn't it Christopher?  We did have a delightful time when we were there before, and the food was delicious," Mother replied cheerfully and effectively cutting off the conversation between Dad and Derek.

"Yes, Mother, it would be nice, and you are right, the food was exceptional." Dad answered, glancing in the rearview mirror; grinning broadly, and winking at me.

A wave of relief washed over me and glancing over at Derek, I could from the way he looked at me that he felt the same way.


We were fortunate when I pulled onto the parking lot of The Plantation that a patron was leaving his parking space directly in front of the restaurant.   Dad grunted something to the effect that he was never that lucky, as I pulled into the space, and I grinned when I heard mother shush him, and whisper "be quiet."

A "Please wait to be seated" sign stood a few feet inside the ante-room, and glancing to the left and right, we could see that most of the tables in the dining rooms were occupied.   We had almost decided to leave for another restaurant when a dark headed, buxom young lady dressed in  Civil War garb walked toward us beaming and saying, "Good evening, sorry to keep yo'all waiting," She said in a somewhat exaggerated southern dialect.  "My name is Paige, and I'll be yo'all this evening.  Will it just be yo'all for dinner or are yo'all waiting for someone else to join yo'all?" 

The thought crossed my mind that a little of her supposed southern hospitality would go alone way, and glancing at Derek and Dad, I could see from their expressions that they felt the same way.

"No others, Paige, just the four of us." Mother answered quickly, making the decision as we hesitated, looking at each other.  "A table for four would be nice but, a community table will do just as well."

"You're lucky," she answered, covertly eyeing Derek and I as she spoke, her southern dialect suddenly forgotten as she continued.  "If you will follow me, I've just finished setting up a table for four in the lakeside dining room."

The table was situated in front of a large multi-paned window that looked out over a small terraced garden, and a narrow lawn that led to the edge of the lake. Several Mallards were paddling close to the shore line foraging for food, and on the opposite shore there were families packing up after an afternoon picnic.   The thought  Norman Rockwell would have found it a perfect subject for one of his many paintings crossed my mind as we sat down. 

The table was pre-set for four, and the lazy susan contained the usual condiments with a card indicating that Friday specials were roasted chicken and meat loaf with the usual side dishes of mashed potatoes with both beef and chicken gravies, peas, green beans, coleslaw, house salad and an apple cobbler for dessert. 

We had barely sat down before Paige and a non-descript busboy were  loading the lazy susan with bowls of food, and a pitcher of ice tea.  As we were serving ourselves, Dad, speaking to no one in particular, said, "I can't think of any reason for someone not to be satisfied when they leave here."

"Do they always serve this way?" Derek asked, looking at mother.

"They feature home cooking and family style dining, Derek." Mother answered, glancing at his plate and smiling as she continued. "They keep the bowls filled, and you can eat as much as you want at your pace."

"He won't have any trouble with that, Mother." I said interrupting them.  "I haven't found anything so far that he does not enjoy eating."

 I managed a surreptitious wink when, Derek glanced at me with a playful glint in his eyes as he caught the play on words and replied, "You don't do that bad yourself, Larry, especially when we have eaten at Sonic's."

"Ouch," I responded, chuckling softly, and squeezing his hand as we joined hands for grace.


The conversation for the rest of the evening concentrated on Derek's upcoming graduation and our recently acquired architect, Anne Rowe.  Both mother and dad were excited about meeting her, and discussing the changes we had in mind for the garage apartment and the house.  I had anticipated that there might have been something said about the afternoon meeting with Derek's mother; but, if anyone other than me was thinking about it, they tactfully kept silent. 

Paige, our server, was very attentive, and when a bowl was on the verge of being emptied, she would replace it immediately.  I couldn't help but notice the sly almost imperceptible way she managed to brush against both of us as she attended to our needs, and once in a while, I caught Derek glancing at me and grinning.  I couldn't figure out if she was being playful or actually showing an interest in the both of us but trying to visualize a manage' a trio's was beyond comprehension.  I must say that she was persistent in what ever her thoughts were; but, later as we left, I detected a slight smirk.

Derek and I purloined the dinner check much to their consternation, and Dad continued to fuss about the expense of our taking them out to dinner as we drove home.  I believe what exasperated him the most was our not agreeing with him.  He finally stopped his fussing, and changed the subject by asking:  "What time is Mrs. Rowe going to be at the house in the morning?"

Twisting around and pulling one leg up on the set, Derek said, "She told us eight o'clock sharp, and I believe her."

"She likes to get an early start and does not allow for sleeping in," I  said glancing into the rear view mirror to check the traffic behind us as I prepared to turn into our driveway.

"There is nothing wrong with that," Dad answered, raising his voice slightly to override the noise of the gravel under the cars tires.  "I like getting an early start instead of wasting the day away in bed."

"That is not always the case, Christopher." Mother said as I parked the car.  "Some mornings, you find it difficult to get up."

"Yesssss..." Dad said softly as he reached across mother to open the door.  "That is true."

Mother gave dad a sharp look as she got out of the car, and from that look and the way she marched toward the side porch without saying 'good night', I had a feeling he was going to be in the dog house.

"I'll see you boys in the morning," he said taking the keys from my fingers, and winking mischievously as he  followed after mother.

"Does he always antagonize your mother that way?" Derek asked softly as he walked around the front of the car and stood beside me as we watched them go inside.  There was the unmistakable click of the door, and we were suddenly enveloped in an almost inky darkness as the outside light was extinguished. 

"No, not always." I answered, linking my arm with his as we turned to go to our apartment.  "It's  his way of playing with Mom, and showing her how much he loves her, at least I think that's it."  I said, as we reached the bottom of the stairway, hesitating while our eyes adjusted to the inky darkness before we ascended. 

"I wonder, Larry, why your Dad or your brother Paul did not think of installing an exterior light with a switch here at the bottom when they converted the upstairs." 

"Geez, D, I never thought about that."  I replied, unable to conjure up a reason.  "Let's not forget to tell Anne about it tomorrow so we won't have to fumble around in the dark, and maybe break our necks."

"Yeah," he mumbled as we ascended the steps and then suddenly turning  two steps above me in the almost inky darkness to face me, saying,. "Maybe we could have the steps covered with an awning or even enclosed instead of installing them on the inside like we were talking about."

I guess we could," I answered in surprise, his sudden stopping catching me off guard for a moment.

"Yeah, why not do that?" he said more to himself than to me.  "It makes sense to me, how about you?"  He asked.

Recovering quickly and breathing in deeply, I said, "I guess it does make sense, D but, don't you think it would be better to talk about it inside instead of out here in the dark?"

"Wha...,oh yeah, I guess it would." He answered cheerfully as he turned and almost skipped the remaining few steps to the doorway landing.

Even in the darkness, I could visualize the grin on his strong unblemished face and the twinkling of his eyes as he replied to my question.  "One more reason that I love him," I thought as I went up the last few steps to join him and open the door. "His spontaneity."


Pushing the door open, I stood back as  Derek reached in for the light switch, and preceded me in, saying, "I think I'll have a glass of orange juice, how about you? "

"Great, I've had enough iced tea for awhile." I answered as I walked toward the bedroom to turn on the lights. 

"I'll bring it  to the bedroom," he replied over his shoulder as I entered the darkened room.

The light from the living room/kitchen was sufficient to see by, and kicking my shoes off while I was turning on the bedside lights, I called out, "we really need to make sure there are light switches where they are needed, D, when we go over what we want with Anne." 

"I know," he answered from almost directly behind me, giving me a start.

"Damn, D, you'll give a guy a heart attack sneaking up like that." I gasped.

"I kicked my shoes off in the living room, they were hurting my feet." He said grinning and  pushing the full orange juice glass at me.

"I did that already," I said chuckling loudly as I took the orange juice filled glass from his hand.  "I like going barefoot," I said, after taking a long drink from my glass before sitting it on the night stand and starting to undress.

"Me too," he answered, hesitating briefly to speak as he emptied his glass.

As I was removing my shirt, Derek finished his juice and sitting the empty glass on the table next to mine, he said, "I'll wash-up and brush my teeth while you undress."

"Okay," I answered as he went into the bathroom. 

I heard the toilet flush and then the water running while I removed my clothes.  Hanging the trousers in the small closet and dropping the shirt into an imaginary dirty clothes hamper that should have been beside the doorway or in the bathroom, I stretched my arms upwards and then bent over to touch my toes before removing my briefs and depositing them with the shirt. 

"Damn," I said, half aloud,  half musing  as I scratched the soft perineum area between my balls and asshole.  "We should have known that we would need a dirty clothes hamper."

"There are several things we didn't think about, Larry," Derek said as he came out of the bathroom, disrobing as he walked.

"Tell me about it," I replied, still scratching myself as I turned around, stopping when I saw the grin on his face and the devilish glint in his eyes.

"Got a problem?" He asked, glancing down at my crotch as I resumed rubbing both hands in my groin on either side of my cock and balls. 

"Not really, just airing out the jewels that's all," I answered, giving my balls and lengthening cock a final flip, before straightening up, and returning his gaze as I continued while walking toward the bathroom.  "They get a little jammed up from wearing briefs and tight jeans or trousers."

"Ditto," he said, still grinning and unbuckling his trousers as I passed him.


I could hear, Derek moving around as I was brushing my teeth, and then there was the sound of the bed springs protesting under the pressure of his weight.  Grinning to myself as I washed my face, I thought about his one hundred seventy pounds and my one hundred eighty with the added pressure of one or the other of us fucking the other, and it was surprising that the poor bed had held up as well as it has,  I mused while drying my face and hands.

"Derek," I called out as I hung my towel up.  "Are you finished in here?"

"Yeah." Came his reply, and I turned the lights off as I went through the doorway.

Other than putting his clothes away while I was in the bathroom, I hadn't thought about what Derek would have been doing when I heard him moving around; but, his penchant for orderliness and what he had been doing was obvious when I saw a pillow slip sitting on the floor next to the door jamb instead of a pile of dirty clothes.  The closet door was closed instead of wide open as I had left it; and at the foot of the bed, his shoes and mine were neatly arrayed with the toes just under the frame. The bed coverlet hung carelessly over the foot of the bed where he had thrown it, and he was laying on his back with the sheet up under his arms.

"You look comfortable," I said as I  reached the bed, and leaned over to pull the sheet down before getting in with him.

"I am, but...," he replied, hesitating as he preempted me by throwing the sheet back.  "We've had a busy day, and I am tired."

"Ditto," I replied, sliding under the sheet beside him and grinning as I duplicated his earlier remark.

"Smart ass," he responded as he pulled the sheet over us and laying his head on my bicep, with one arm between us, his other resting on my hip, he snuggled closer. 

"Turn about is fair play," I said as I slid my free arm under his and over his waist just below his ribs.

"It would worry me if you did anything else," he said, moving his hand to the small of my back and pulling us closer together, cock to cock as he slid his leg between mine, and pushed his knee up against the soft perineum flesh under my slack balls.

There was only a feeling of belonging where we were, no lust or need for anything except the mutual desire to be together.  His heart beat as one with mine and our breathing was synchronized in a slow even rhythm.  The was no scent of shampoos or colognes to dizzy the senses, just a strong musky masculine aroma.  I felt myself slipping off when in a muffled voice, Derek asked, "Larry, remember me asking if your Dad always antagonized your Mom the way he was and you said that was the way he showed her how much he loved her?"

"Yeah," I replied, drowsily.  "I remember, why?"

"Weren't we just doing that to each other, antagonizing with words like your dad was?"

"We were doing something like that at dinner if you remember and just a few minutes ago I guess we were, D." I said, trying to figure out what it was he was getting at.   "Hell, we do it all of the time, but we know what and why we do." 

"Don't ever stop, Larry."  He said, gently kissing my neck and snuggling closer.

"Wha...," I started to say, a little irritated, when I suddenly realized what he was getting at.  "That will never happen, D," I mused to myself, running my hand over his soft back, and listening to his breathing, the warmth of the air as he exhaled flowing over my chest.