Derek & I
Copyright © 2003
By Lee Mariner

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Chapter #35

Saturday, like other Saturdays, would probably have been the same with Derek and I, making love or just enjoying the early morning struggle of awakening with piss hard cocks; but a light tapping on the door, followed by sharp raps, ruined any thoughts other than seeing who it was.

"Damn, Derek, who in hell can that be?"  I growled as I threw the light blanket back and got out of bed; blinking my eyes to dissipate the sleep crust.

"I have no idea who it is,"  he said, rolling over on his back; looking up at me, grinning and running his hands through his thick hair. "But if you answer the door the way you are, somebody is going to get a shock."

"What?" I grumbled loudly, without realizing what it was he was referring to, until I saw the direction of his gaze. "Oh shit," I chuckled, looking around for a robe and saying, "You may be right but, I wouldn't be so sure anyone would be all that upset."

"Really, you're sure of that are you?" He replied, gazing at me and grinning with a mischievous glint in his eyes, as he stretched his arms toward the ceiling; arching his back and thrusting his hips upwards revealing the percale covered outline of a substantial bulge hidden by the sheet.

"Oh, you are a devil," I exclaimed, as I donned the robe and tied it loosely around my waist.  "Wait until later, and I'll let you know where that little bit of play acting leads," I said, as I dashed toward the door. As I left the room, I heard Derek's musical laughter, followed by a lilting, teasing,  "I know where it leads."

"You should," I called out; without considering that the inertia of my movements would fan my robe open, as I opened the door to see Anne Rowe, our architect, standing on the landing.

"Well now, Larry," she started to say, wide-eyed, with a Cheshire cat grin.  "Are you always so rambunctious and informal the first thing in the morning?"

"Jesus!" I gasped, struggling to close the robe; but unable to respond from feeling like an absolute idiot.  From the amused look in her eyes, and the intense heat in my cheeks, I knew I was blushing beet red. 

"Oh, my, my, my, Larry, don't be so embarrassed.  You have nothing that I haven't already seen at one time or the other; although, I must say that I haven't seen anything quite so impressive for some time," Anne replied.  I could tell that she was trying, with only marginal success, to avoid laughing at my predicament.  She swept by me into the apartment living room, airily saying,  "However, I must say that is a lovely shade of red that you are wearing.  It matches the blue of your robe."

"I..I" I stammered, completely taken aback by her astute observation, and the nonchalance with which she dismissed my embarrassment.  Not only was I caught completely off guard by her being at the door, even though we had an appointment, which we both had forgotten, answering the door naked with the exception of my robe compounded the error. I was at a loss for any words that would explain a predicament that was my own fault.

"Has the cat got your tongue, Larry?" She teased, glancing at me with a devilish gleam in her eyes, and then giving the room a quick look before dropping her attaché' case on one of the kitchen chairs. 

"No," I answered; finally tightening my robe around my waist, breathing in deeply, trying to regain my composure as I exhaled.  "In all of the hullabaloo the last couple of days, we completely forgot that you were going to be here this morning or I would have been dressed, rather than making a fool of myself by answering the door in my robe."

"Oh, tosh, Larry, you look fine to me dressed or undressed," she continued, laughing lightly as she spun around toward the bedroom doorway, asking,  "Is Derek up or still in bed?"

"He should be up, Anne, but he may not be dressed,"  I said loudly, hoping that Derek heard me, and at the same time thinking, "This is a hell of a way to start the day."

"Up, yes, but not completely dressed," Derek said, emerging barefooted in the bedroom doorway, dressed in a matching robe more securely closed than mine had been.

"Good morning, Derek," she said cheerfully.  "Did you sleep well?"

"Good morning, Anne, and yes, I did,"  he replied cheerfully, looking past her at me, his eyes twinkling brightly as he moved toward the kitchen counter where I was standing, still not fully recovered.  "It is no excuse, and I apologize, but Larry is right; we both forgot that you were to be here this morning," he said , glancing at the wall clock.  "Aren't you a little early though, it's not quite eight o'clock?"

"Just a little," she said, as she turned toward where I was standing. "Morgana had an early seven o'clock appointment at her hairdressers. I thought I'd come on over to look over what you said you wanted to have done, since there was very little that I could do in a hair dressers parlor.

"I can understand that," Derek answered, placing his arm on my shoulder, and leaning back against the counter, revealing just a hint of what the thin linen robe hid. "I don't believe we've had many opportunities to be in a lady's hair dressing parlor, have we Larry?"

"No." I answered bluntly, becoming a little nervous as I recognized his play with words, as I was learning, he loved to do.

"It isn't much fun," she replied, "at least not for a man," she said.  Glancing at us slyly and grinning as she continued speaking,  "Before coming up, I did a few outside measurements to get the lay of the land; and made a couple of preliminary sketches.  But, before we go any further, and if it is possible, I would love a cup of coffee."

"I think I can arrange that, Anne, and while I'm making the coffee, Derek, why don't you go ahead and start getting dressed."

"Larry makes much better coffee than I do, Anne, but at the moment, I would like a glass of O/J," Derek said, extracting a quart bottle of orange juice from the fridge, and nodding in her direction.

"No thanks," she said; answering his unasked but obvious question. "I had mine earlier at breakfast with Morgana."

"Do you always get up this early?" Derek asked as he set his empty glass on the counter.

"Not as a rule, but they do say that the early bird gets the worm; and I do like getting started early," she said; answering his question and smiling gently at me, as I set the tray with coffee mugs, cream and sugar containers on the table. 

"I hope this isn't too strong, Anne," I said, as I filled her mug and ours; hoping that Derek would not pickup on her comment about worms, and start one of his word games, as he so often did out of sheer devilment.

"We do drink our coffee a little stronger than most do, Anne," Derek said, as he prepared his mug and took it with him into the bedroom.

"Strong coffee is fine with me, Larry, but why don't you go ahead and get dressed with handsome, while I enjoy my coffee?  I'll go over some of the preliminary ideas that I have from looking at the rough sketches you had made up,"  she said; inhaling the coffee's rich bouquet and smiling contentedly.

"That makes sense, and you can help yourself if you want more," I said.  I was caught halfway between sitting and standing when she made her suggestions, but recovered and said, "We won't be long."

"Don't rush," she replied over the click of the attaché case locks snapping open. "We have plenty of time."

* * * * * * * *

"She really did catch you off guard, didn't she?" Derek asked, looking up from where he was sitting on the bed, as I entered the room.

He was in his briefs, leaning forward with his elbows on his knees. He was dangling a pair of athletic socks between his legs, his brilliant blue eyes sparkling with excitement.  As I shut the door, he continued, saying, "What if it had been your Mother or Father?"

"Jesus, D, don't even think like that." I exclaimed, setting my coffee mug on the dresser top so I could remove my robe. Playfully throwing it at him, I went into the bathroom for a quick wash and shave.

"It could happen, Larry," he called out in a serious tone.  "We should make sure that a peep-hole is installed in the new door, and remember to use it rather than just flinging the door open to whoever knocks."

"That makes sense," I sputtered through the shaving cream and glancing to my left at the doorway.

"Of course, it would not be quite as exciting," he said chuckling softly, as he appeared in the doorway, sipping on his coffee and casually leaning against the door frame.  He was, as always, impeccably dressed in snug, but not obscenely tight Blue Boy jeans.  His white Nikes, and a snow-white, short sleeved, collared Hilfiger pull-over completed the ensemble.   His blue eyes gleamed mischievously over the rim of his mug as he looked at me, standing naked with shaving cream on half of my face, and a razor clutched between my thumb and forefinger. 

I felt the energy flowing between us increasing in intensity; and I stood motionless as he moved closer, unable to dispel the erotic visions of what I knew he was thinking raced through my head, and I felt my swelling cock touch the cool porcelain of the sink.

His eyes sparkled a deep sultry blue as he saw the effect he had on me, and I saw the bulge behind the zipper flap of his jeans start to grow perceptively.  Moving closer, he set his mug on the back of the sink grinning at me almost evilly as he moved behind me. 

My heart was beating with the force of a jack-hammer from the mesmerizing effect that resulted when he looked at me. Knowing him and the fiendish delight he enjoyed in playing tricks, I said, "D, please, don't start something, not with Anne waiting for us."

"Why not, Lover?" he asked as he slipped his hands around my waist, entangling his fingers in the pubic hair covering my pelvis before wrapping the fingers of one hand around my throbbing cock while he ran his other hand over my tight abdominal and chest muscles.   Goose bumps popping out on my flesh as he teasingly caressed and gently pinched the hard nipples of each breast. Looking into the mirror, his eyes held mine as he kissed and gently blew his warm breath on the nape of my neck,  whispering softly, "You said later didn't you."

"'Yes, but...,but," I said weakly, breathing in deeply and shivering slightly as I attempted to answer his question. "We don't have time."

"That's what makes it exciting, Larry," he said in a passion laden voice, pulling my ass tightly against his hard cloth covered cock, pressing it tightly into the crack of my ass.

"As long as I have you, D, you are all of the excitement that I need," I said, twisting around in his arms and putting mine around his neck. His lips were only micrometers from mine, and his gorgeous blue eyes glittered with devilment.  Licking his lips with the tip of my tongue, he opened his mouth, and our lips merged tightly; our tongues dancing, dueling passionately. 

"Jesus, Baby," he gasped breathlessly, leaning back and looking at me with lust filled eyes as our lips parted. "I want to fuck you so bad every muscle in me aches."

The passionate agony that he had worked himself into was evident from the movement of his hips grinding our cocks together, and the deep husky tone of his voice.  I knew it would be more than just a few minutes of love making if I succumbed to the desire that was boiling in my loins.  Derek had greater physical control than others that I had had sex with, and when he was in the throes of unbridled passion, he could prolong the driving need to reach the ultimate pinnacle of passion almost indefinitely.

"And that, Lover, is what will make it even more exciting when there is nothing to interfere," I said; pushing him away gently, and breathing in deeply in an effort to settle my jangled nerves and emotions.

"Good, God, Larry," Derek groaned mournfully, as he moved back. "I didn't think you were made of stone."

"Only the best part, D." I replied, winking at him as, I turned back to the washbasin to finish shaving. 

* * * * * * * *

Anne looked up from the papers she was going over, as, Derek and I walked in on her.   Her eyes lit up as she said,   "Dressed or undressed, I do not believe that I have seen two more handsome young men."

Derek glanced at me quickly, grinning as he said, "Flattery is always nice to hear, Anne; but, lets be honest  so there aren't any surprises later on,"  he said; glancing at me again as he continued.  "Larry and I are lovers."

"Damn, I wish he would tell me when he is going to say something like that," I thought to myself; shaken momentarily by his bluntness, although it should not have surprised me.  I was learning that Derek was  up front about his, and now my sexuality when it was necessary that it be known.  He did not hesitate in setting a level playing field rather than beating around the bush whether it was uncomfortable for the other party or not.

"Did you expect that to surprise me, Derek." Anne replied with a twinkle in her eyes, as she hesitated with her coffee cup halfway to her lips. She glanced at me, and then continued,  "I'm sure you didn't believe that I thought you and Larry were nothing more than straight platonic roommates.  I had surmised that you were gay when the both of you were in my office.  While we are being honest, I am sure that you have figured out that Morgana and I are lesbian lovers.  With the exception of the gender, that makes us pretty much on the same level."

"We had sort of figured that out, Anne," I said while checking the coffee pot, and asking if she wanted a fresh cup.

"Larry, boy, I never refuse a cup of coffee," she answered, grinning, and holding her cup up for refilling.

* * * * * * * *

We were deep into discussing, and finalizing the plans we had for remodeling the garage apartment, and on our second pot of coffee, when there was a light knock on the door.  Derek glanced at me, and then at the door as he said, "I'll bet that's your mother."

"Probably," I said, excusing myself as I stood up to answer the door, glancing at the wall clock reading half past nine. "And if I know, Mother,  I'll bet she has been holding breakfast for us."

"You are right, Lawrence, it is your Mother, unless you and Derek were expecting someone other than your guest.  I have been expecting you to bring this young lady to the house for breakfast," Mother said, as she entered the room, walking directly to the table where Derek and Anne were sitting.  "Hello, my name is Edith.  I'm  Lawrence's mother, and Derek is my adopted son.  I saw you earlier, and from the way you seemed to be examining the garage and the grounds around it, I assumed that you must be the architect that my husband spoke of."

Anne sat, for a moment, stupefied and there was a twinkle in Derek's eyes as he observed her reaction to the sudden appearance of Mother.  I quickly placed our remaining chair between mine and Derek's, nervously clearing my throat and introducing them.  "Mother, Anne Rowe.  Anne, this is my Mother, Edith Marks."

"That introduction was not necessary, Larry, your good looks obviously come from your mother," Anne said smoothly, her eyes flicking between Mother and me, as she smiled at her.  It is nice meeting you, Mrs. Marks."

"Its nice meeting you; but, his father was partially responsible for those good looks," Mother replied; smiling at Anne but not sitting down as she continued speaking.  "I'm sure you have much to discuss, but I am sure that it would be more relaxing over ham, eggs and my special biscuits with grape jelly and hot coffee.  I am sure Mrs. Rowe will find a warm kitchen more inviting than a bachelor's apartment,"  she said; shifting her gaze to  Derek who had said nothing since she had entered.

"We were almost finished, Mom, and I was just about to suggest that we escort Anne to the house when you knocked on the door," Derek said, quickly scooting his chair back from the table, and standing up.

"You were?" I asked, flashing him a quizzical glance.

Derek pulled Anne's chair back as he answered. "Of course I was, and you won't need to make another pot of coffee."

"Oh, yeah," I groaned, rolling my eyes in mock dismay as we moved in front of Mother and, Anne before going down the steps.

* * * * * * * * * * 

Mother was right, as she usually is.  The kitchen was more inviting; especially with the smells of home cooking, and the aroma of a clean, lived in home.  Anne may have had breakfast with Morgana, but she managed to give a good account of herself at Mother's table.  After breakfast, Mother paid close attention to the changes and additions that we were going to make in the garage apartment.   

At one point, she asked, "Aren't you going to need permits from the city to do all of that work?"

"My office will take care of all of that, Mrs. Marks, and those that will be needed for the remodeling work in the upstairs rooms, that I understand will be done after the garage apartment is finished."

"Oh, Anne, please call me Edith," she exclaimed mildly, smiling at her as she continued to speak.  "I've been thinking about that, and I think we will hold off on doing that, at least for now."

"Why, Mom?" Derek asked, quickly glancing at Anne and me before looking at Mother.

"Why, Derek?  It seems like an awfully big project, and quite a bit of money,"  she answered, glancing at me, her fingers fidgeting with her half empty coffee cup.

We sat in silence for a few moments, and I was just about to speak when Anne placed her hand on mine before speaking.

"The remodeling of the upstairs rooms is really not that big of a project, Edith," Anne said, before either one of us could speak.  "Quite the contrary, since we will have a crew ready to start immediately.  That way, there will be no delay in arranging for another crew, and all of the attendant schedules and work assignments that will be needed. There will be some inconvenience because of the dust and debris removal if that is concerning you; but, I'm sure we can work around that, and as soon as we start the garage, you and I can sit down and go over what you want done."

"And..., you and Dad are not to worry about the cost," Derek injected.  "As for inconvenience, Larry and I will be away while Anne is remodeling the garage; and later, while we are at college, you and Dad will be staying in the new apartment,"  he said; hesitating for a second before finishing his thoughts.  "So, that voids any thoughts of inconvenience for anyone or the costs, which we discussed earlier."

"Well," Mother said, inhaling and exhaling softly. "It seems that our sons have thought of everything, and we will be doing some remodeling."

"It will all work out, Mom, you'll see." Derek said softly, winking at her and then looking at me."

"But..., but, Derek," I started to say, trying to digest what he had said about being away.  While at the same time, attempting to correlate my words to reinforce what he had said to Mother.  "You have your graduation next Thursday that we have to prepare for, plus helping Morgan with his fitting at Hofmeyer's on Monday. Or have you forgotten that?"

"No, I haven't forgotten any of that," he replied firmly.  "I've been thinking about what is coming up, and after we finish helping Morgan on Monday, I want to talk with Mr. Masters about the farm  in Winchester," he said.   "I know we are going to be very busy with my parents and grandparents next week, and after Thursday, it will be nice to take a short trip to see what the farm is like, and to just get away for a few days."

"To be able to get away," Anne said as she was gathering her sketches and papers together, "would be great.  I can't really remember when I last had a vacation even for a weekend."

"All work and no play is not good, Anne." Mother said, gathering the dirty cups and saucers to be placed in the sink.

"I know, Edith; but, in most cases, the client's wants come first," she responded, looking at Derek and me with a slight smile playing at the corners of her lips, she said, "I'll have the plans finished, and drawn up by Tuesday so we can submit them for the necessary permits.  Providing there is no delay with the city, we should be able to start within a week or ten days."

"Do you have an idea as to how long it will take?" I asked.

"Welllllll...," She said rolling her eyes and thinking. "With no unforeseen problems, I should say the garage apartment should be completed by mid-August, and then we can do the house.  All together, the job should be completed before Thanksgiving."

"See," Derek exclaimed. "We can stay in your old room when we get back from Winchester, and since we won't be going to college until September,  Mom and Dad can stay in the garage apartment."

"Remember, Derek, the best laid plans can be waylaid by unforeseen problems, and while I build in allowances, don't hold me to a firm completion date," Anne said.

"The exuberance of youth does not recognize those factors, Anne," Mother said, sagely.

"There are time when adults are no better," she replied, as she stood to leave.  "It has been a real pleasure meeting you, Edith, and thanks for the wonderful breakfast."

"It was nice meeting you, Anne."

Mother stopped at the door as Derek and I went with Anne to her car.  After she left, I looked at him, asking, "What are we going to do now?"

"Buy a car to replace your truck," he said, taking my arm and steering me toward my truck.

"Oh......," I replied, knowing he had made his mind up, and protesting would be wasted breath.

* * * * * * * * * *