Derek & I
Copyright © 2003
By Lee Mariner

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Chapter #38

As we were driving down Monticello Avenue, I saw more than one head turn as we drove by.  That made my chest swell a little with pride, but the biggest kick was arriving at Dad's station.  When Morgan saw us turning into the station, he came running out of one of the two garage bays wiping his hands.   When we crossed the pneumatic warning hose, Dad's head popped up from what he was doing.  When he saw it was Derek and I, he smiled.

"You got it! you got it!" Morgan exclaimed as he approached the new Monte Carlo.  "I knew you would," he said skidding to a stop and hesitating to place his hands on the driver side door.

"How did you know, Morgan?"  I asked teasingly, winking at Dad who had walked up behind him.

" 'Cause I heard you and Derek talking about it; didn't I, Derek?" he replied looking across the Monte Carlo's  rooftop at Derek who had just closed the car's door.

"You surely did, Morgan." Derek answered as he walked around the front of the car toward us grinning, his eyes twinkling with amusement at Morgan's exuberance.

"She is a beauty, boys," Dad said, leaning over and looking in at the interior.  "They really have improved the interiors; the seats look more comfortable than the easy chairs at home." 

"Get in and take it for a spin, Dad," Derek said.

"Not right now, Derek.  Pete went to lunch a few minutes ago, and he won't be back for an hour," Dad said, running his eyes ran over the car as he spoke. "Right now, though, you boys had better get home.  Mother called a little while ago looking for you."

"Did she say why, Dad?" I asked, glancing at Derek who was looking intensely at Dad.

"No, but you know your Mother; unless it is something important, she usually does not call the station," he replied.

"Damn, D, I wonder what's wrong," I said as we got into the car.

"You got me," he replied as the engine roared to life.



Mother stepped out onto the stoop when she heard the car coming down the drive.  For a moment she hesitated, looking closely at the car before coming down the steps. "I must say it looks to be a lot more comfortable than your red pickup truck, Lawrence," she said.

"Quite a bit more, Mom  and after you tell us what is so urgent, we'll take you for a ride," I replied.

"Oh, yes, Derek," She said quickly turning to look at him,   "Your sister, Charlene, called a little over an hour ago. She didn't say very much other than identifying herself as your sister and she needed to talk with you."

"Charlene called here!" Derek exclaimed in an incredulous tone, a puzzled look on his face.

"She did, and she gave me her number. I wrote it on the pad by the telephone," Mother said. "It didn't sound as though it was an emergency, but she was insistent that you call her as soon as possible."

"No, it wouldn't be an emergency, Aunt Edith," Derek replied. "Charlene does not panic, and the only way she could get the number to call here would be if my mother gave it to her."

"Don't you think your sister might have called your mother?" I asked as we turned to follow Mother up the steps.

"No, Charlene wouldn't do that, my mother would have called her, and I think I know why," he answered in a grim tone, not smiling.

"You do!" I said with surprise as we reached the stoop, and followed Mother into the kitchen.

"Yeah, I do; Dad wants her to revoke the proxy she gave me," he said as we reached the telephone stand in the living room.   "If Dad called Charlene,  he knows she wouldn't speak to him; and he figured she might listen to Mother. But I know my sister. Charlene would call either me or Mr. Masters to see what is going on before making a decision about revoking the proxy."

"She may have called Mr. Masters, Derek," Mother said from behind us. "In all the excitement of your sister's calling and then seeing your new car, I completely forgot that Mr. Masters called a few minutes before she did."

"What did I say, Larry," Derek answered almost triumphantly. "Did he say anything, Aunt Edith?"

"No, nothing really.  He asked if you were here, and, when I told him you and Lawrence were out, he said he would call back later or you could return his call if you returned before he called again." 

"That's a banker for you," Derek said.  "Is it okay if I use your phone to place a long distance call, Aunt Edith?"

"Oh pish, of course it is."

Mother and I stood watching as Derek dialed the long distance operator and then gave her the phone number that Charlene had left.  As the operator was placing the call, he indicated we should pull up a couple of chairs.  Mother declined, returning to her kitchen, but I sat close to the telephone stand.  After what seemed like ages, Derek answered the person on the other end of the line.

"Hello, I'm calling for Charlene Kingsley.  Would you please tell her that her brother is returning her call?" He said, looking at me and grinning as he answered my look of curiosity.   "One of her sorority sisters."

"Oh," I said softly.

"She is a member of... Charlene," he said, suddenly breaking off his explanation and bringing the receiver closer to his mouth. "Hi, Sis, what's up?" he asked.

"You tell me," she answered.  "Mom called me in tears telling me that you and Dad had a row, and you weren't living with them anymore." 

"Is that all she told you?" Derek replied.

"No, she told me that somebody named Larry Marks had come to the house and taken you away and that you were living with him and his parents.  She said something about you trying to kick Daddy out of the firm and that they want me to cancel the proxy that I gave you and the bank. She was crying and blubbering so much that I couldn't make heads or tails out of what she was saying. I could hear Daddy growling and cursing in the background, and that only made her cry more."

"No, I am not trying to kick Dad out of the firm, Sis, but it doesn't surprise me that they called you. I sort of expected it, but Mrs. Marks, Larry's mother, told me that Mr. Masters called before you called here," Derek said, looking at me intently as he spoke into the receiver, choosing his words carefully.  "Did you do as Mom and Dad asked?"

"Of course not, Silly; you know I wouldn't do that. After I talked with Mother,  I called Mr. Masters to ask why they would want me to change the proxy.  He suggested that I call you and that you could explain everything."

"I will, Sis, but it is a long story, and I don't want to run Mr. and Mrs. Marks's telephone bill up," he said, glancing at me questioningly and rubbing his forehead as he spoke.

"I can call you back and reverse the charges if you want me to."

"No, I appreciate that but,  I've got a better idea," Derek said. "Are you still going to be here for my graduation next Thursday?"

"Of course, I wouldn't miss it."

"Good," he exclaimed, his eyes shining brightly.  "When you get here, you can meet Larry and his parents; and we can go out for dinner or something like that.  I'll tell you everything that has happened."

"I think I can figure most of it out myself, Derek.  Daddy found out you are gay, and he went into a rage because of it, right?"

"That's part of it, Sis, but there is more to it than just that." 

"Knowing Daddy, I'm sure there is; but we'll talk about it when I get home next Monday.  Can you meet us?"

"Us??" Derek exclaimed loudly.

"Yes, us, and don't you go telling anyone.  My boyfriend is coming with me to meet you, Mom and Daddy."

"A serious boyfriend, Sis?" Derek asked, glancing at me, his beautiful blue eyes twinkling brightly.

"Maybe as serious as yours who I am dying to meet now that I know about him."

"Oh, Lord, Charlene," he said, grinning at me and faking a moan as he spoke. "I have a feeling that my graduation is going to be one to remember."

"Of course it will be, Silly; it wouldn't be any fun if it weren't.  We will be on American Airlines Flight 2311 arriving at seven-ten in the evening your time."

"Okay Sis, we will be there," he replied. "Are you going to be staying with Mom and Dad while you are here?"

"No, we won't. After Mom called crying and telling me about you and Daddy fighting,  I sort of figured out what had happened; and I don't think we need another boyfriend being called names.  I called the Ballinger Hotel and made reservations. Mr. Masters said he would call the hotel and confirm them, so do me a favor and remind him."

"Whew, my head is spinning, but I've written it all down, and we will meet you.  Larry will be with me but not his parents; you'll meet them later."

"Oh goodie, I can't wait to meet him; and if he loves you half as much as I do, you're really lucky."

"He does, Sis," Derek answered, looking at me, his eyes twinkling. "We'll see you on Tuesday; love you much."

* * * * * * * * * *