Derek & I

By Lee Mariner


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Chapter #8

Eddie Carper was standing behind the registration desk and looked up as we drove by.  We were two hours past check out time, but checking out was not on our minds.

I could hear the room’s telephone ringing as I opened the door while Derek was getting our bag.  It had to be Eddie since no one knew we were at the motel.  He was talking as I picked up the receiver.

“Hey, dude, I thought you guys got lost. You said you were going to be back yesterday.”

“We decided to stay over. Don’t worry, Eddie, I’ll pay for the extra day,” I said, a little irritated by his manner.

“No need, Larry, it’s covered,” he said, chuckling under his breath.

Derek had closed the door while I was on the phone with Eddie and, slipping up behind me, put his arms around my waist. Kissing me on the back of the neck and pressing his body tight against me, he whispered in my other ear, “you going to talk to him all afternoon?”

“Eddie, I’ll talk with you later,” I said as I placed the receiver back in its cradle.

Derek loosened the pressure of his arms as I twisted around to face him, putting my arms around his neck. He moved his arms from my waist to up around my chest pulling me tight again; and, before I could say anything, he covered my mouth with his.  All thoughts of Eddie faded quickly from my mind.

Our tongues were like rapiers dueling for supremacy, and I could feel the rhythm of our heartbeats increasing rapidly.

 Moaning passionately, he pushed his pelvis tight; and I felt his cock pressing into me as we fell onto the bed, bouncing, breaking our kiss.  My arms fell from around his neck from the bounce’s impact, and Derek laughed softly.

 He placed his hands on either side of my chest, and I felt his powerful muscles flex as he pushed his hips downward. His body sprang upwards with the athletic grace of a natural gymnast, and he straddled me. His disheveled blond streaked hair hung over his blazing blue eyes; and his chest barely moved as he breathed, hovering over me, his soft succulent lips glistening.

When I started to move my arms, he placed his hands over my biceps and squeezed, whispering,   “Don’t move, not yet.”

I did as he bid and lay motionless, transfixed by the intense loving passion I saw in his eyes.  Feelings of desire and excitement coursed through my body as he held me in place, and thoughts of when I first saw him walk behind the school bus flashed in my mind.  He was a good-looking young man, then; but, hovering over me, he was magnificent.  His eyes burned into mine; and I felt the intense emotions flowing between us, emotions I had not felt since Paul died.

I had loved Paul, but looking into the indigo blue depths of Derek’s eyes I could feel those emotions draining away.  I knew I would never stop loving my brother, but I was in love with Derek.

As if he was reading my thoughts, I saw tears brimming in his eyes. Lowering his head he brushed my lips with his whispering, “I love you.”

I felt a tear drop on my cheek; and I whispered back, “Take me, Derek, please, take me.”

With deliberate slowness, he raked his fingers over my chest as he leaned back on his heels.  I felt myself quivering with anticipation, my heart beating faster, as I watched him cross his arms and slowly remove his shirt.

His unblemished body glowed golden in the filtered light seeping through the slight part in the window curtains; and I couldn’t resist the urge to run my hands over the beautifully defined muscles of his chest, feeling them ripple and move under the palms of my hands. I felt the rhythmic beat of his heart, and I watched his muscles tighten, trembling as I touched the velvety soft skin covering the piano keys of his ribs.  His chest expanded and his stomach flattened as he sucked air into his lungs, experiencing the erotic pleasure of my fingers touching, caressing him. He squeezed my arms and threw his head back, hissing softly as he sighed.

I felt the pre-seminal fluid oozing from my throbbing cock as he moved back a little.  We both were breathing heavier as we unsnapped each other’s shorts with fumbling fingers and pulled the zippers down.  When he started to pull my shirt up, I arched my back slightly and lifted my arms over my head. When he had removed the shirt he leaned back again looking down at me, his eyes glowing.

“God, I love you, Larry,” he breathed softly as he ran his hands over my chest and stomach, entangling his fingers in the thickness of my exposed pubic hair. 

I writhed under him, enveloped in a euphoric haze as every nerve in my body screamed with ecstasy; and I moaned again, “take me, Derek, please.”

Sliding backwards, he stood up; and pulling my shorts off, he let his fall to the floor.  His thick tapered shaft stood at an angle, pre-seminal fluid flowing from its glistening head.

He kicked his shorts from around his ankles, and I lifted my legs up placing my still shod feet on the edge of the bed.  When he started to move to where he had dropped our bags, I whispered in a guttural tone, “no lube, Derek, just you, that’s what I want.”

“You sure?” he asked, hesitating.

I nodded my head, answering his query.

He stood over me again filling his hand with the pre-seminal fluid flowing from my cock; I could see the love he had expressed on his face as he lubricated his shaft with the mixture of our combined fluids. My anus pulsed with excitement and desire as he moved closer, placing one knee on the edge of the bed.

I didn’t wait for him to lift my legs onto his shoulders; I did it instead.  His eyes glowed as he put his hands on my thighs, and I could see his biceps bulge as he pulled me closer.  He leaned forward; and I reached for his cock, guiding it.  When he felt it touch my anus, he hesitated for a moment waiting for me to relax. Instead of leaning inward and letting the weight of his body impale me, he held my thighs and, used the power of his hips.  I could feel my anus opening from the pressure; and I gasped from the pain, my muscles tightening, when his cock head entered and my sphincter clamped down.

“Larry, are you sure?” he asked, hesitating again, a note of concern in his voice.

“Yesssssss,” I groaned, “give me a minute to relax.”

Derek waited while I grew accustomed to his cock and, when he felt my sphincter relax, pushed gently but steadily. I closed my eyes, biting my lower lip as I felt his cock slowly sliding down the length of my rectum until his thick pubic hair pressed against the soft, sensitive, perineum pushing my nuts up against the base of my half hard cock.

An explosion of pent up air rushed from his mouth as he exclaimed softly, “Jesus, Larry. I’ve never felt anything like what I’m feeling right now. I almost blew my load before I was all the way in,” he gasped, breathing heavy, panting from excitement.

I felt his excitement from the throbbing of his cock in my ass. I never thought I would feel the euphoria of being fucked, but I wanted to feel the ecstasy of Derek taking me.  I wanted to feel his sperm filling the hot cauldron of my bowels.

“Easy, lover,” I said softly, “just take it slow and easy.”

He hugged my legs tight, and I felt the slow rhythmic movement of his cock sliding in and out. Each thrust sent waves of hot feelings flowing over me, and I sensed he was experiencing the same feelings. His body glistened with perspiration. Each of his thrusts was a little more urgent than the last; and, when his cock brushed my prostate, I stiffened from the electric feeling rushing upward from my balls.  My cock hardened instantly, gushing a thick stream of fluid; and, when I groaned from the ecstatic pleasure, my muscles tightening, I saw his eyes sparkling. I felt his balls slapping against my ass with each intense thrust as he drove his cock deep. 

“Yeahhhhhhhh, man, that’s it.” I groaned loudly, sweat pouring over me, panting, “fuck me, Derek.”

I felt as if we were floating in the nether regions between euphoria and reality, and I gave myself to him completely. I heard a soft grunt with each thrust of his hardening cock, and the flood of thick fluid flowing from my throbbing, hardening cock signaled that I was as close as he was.  The pressure in my cock and nuts was so intense that when I heard him scream, “Oh Jesus, oh Jesus, Larry,” I went over the edge with him in a combined cataclysmic explosion.

Sperm flew from my cock covering my chest and stomach. His muscles were as tight as mine, and he leaned against my legs panting as his cock jerked deep inside of me. I felt each spasm filling my bowels with his seed.  With a final shuddering spasm he collapsed on top of me, falling between my legs.  I had a feeling of emptiness as his wilting cock slipped from my ass; and, as I let my legs drop back over the side of the bed, I threw my arms around him so he wouldn’t slide off of my sperm-slick chest.

We both were breathing rapidly, almost panting; and I felt his heart racing in rhythm with mine.  His head was lying beside mine, his hot breath warming my cheek. There was a feeling of warm afterglow flowing over us, and I held him tight while we recovered.

My head was filled with one thought as I listened to his breathing slowly diminishing to normal, “he’s mine.”

I had never believed I could feel about anyone the way I felt about Derek; but, when he whimpered softly in my ear, “you won’t ever leave me will you, Larry?” I knew he felt the same way I did.

“You’re going to have a hard time getting rid of me, Derek,” I said, stroking his hair, “but there is a lot we have to talk about.”

“I know,” he said rolling off of me, “none of it is going to be easy.”

“We’ll see,” I said sitting up beside him.  “Slide up on the bed while I get a washcloth and a towel.”

I cleaned my chest and stomach while I was in the bathroom, and when I walked back into the room Derek was lying on the bed grinning at me as I moved towards him.

“What are you grinning about?” I asked, sitting on the bed.

“About how silly we would look if someone saw us right now, stark naked except still wearing our shoes.”  He laughed softly, a tinkling lilt in his voice.

“Exigent circumstances didn’t call for removing our shoes,” I said, laughing as I cleaned the liquefied sperm from his magnificent chest and stomach.

It was exhilarating to see the way he could switch between seriousness and humor.  His beautiful blue eyes were indigo blue when he was serious or passionate, but they would change to a soft almost robin’s egg blue when he was not.

I saw the soft change in his eyes when he said, “Larry, I want to spend the rest of my life with you, but I don’t know how my family will take it.  They don’t know I’m gay, and they don’t know we have met.”

“Do you think they might have a suspicion, Derek?” I asked, drying his chest with the towel from the bathroom.

“Nooooo, I don’t think so.  My Dad has asked me why I don’t date more, even though I’ve gone out with a few girls.  I think he considers me a bookworm even though I’ve played sports in school. Mom, seldom says anything. Her women’s clubs and social work seem to be all she is interested in. Neither one of them have much time for me except when they have a party and want to show me off and brag about how well I’m doing in school. Dad’s more interested in what college I’m going to attend and when I’ll be able to join his firm. He brags about one day being able to change the name to Kingsley and Son; but Mom is always trying to push me off on one of her socialite friends’ daughters. ”   He said while trying to pull the covers down.

It was amusing watching him trying to wiggle from side to side. His still half hard cock flopped back and forth, and I almost laughed.

“Here, let me do that.” I said, grinning.

He held his legs up in the air while I pulled the blanket and sheets down.   While I held the sheets up, he straightens his body out and turned on his side, snuggling up to me when I slipped in bed.  He put his arm over me and laid his head on my chest. I stroked his hair while I thought about what he had said about his parents.

Telling my parents I was gay had been a little scary but not as difficult as it is for some people.  I knew the love Mom and Dad had for me and Paul, and that made it easier.  From what Derek had said, I was convinced that his parents were more concerned with social status then with him and his future. 

My Dad had talked with me about my future and made suggestions but left what I was going to do up to me. Mom was more interested in her family then social affairs but she listened when I asked her a question.  Sometimes she would give me a piece of advice but most of the time she deferred to what Dad would say. 

“I’ve still got that penny, Larry,” he said quietly, interrupting my thoughts.

“You have a credit on your account, Derek.” I said softly, nuzzling his hair. “I was thinking about the difference between your parents and mine.  Would you like to meet mine?”

“Do they know about me?”

“My Dad knows I’ve met someone, but he doesn’t know your name.  He probably has told my Mother, I did tell Dad I would introduce you to them.”

“Do you think they will like me, Larry?” He asked softly.

“I don’t need to think, Derek, I know they will love you as much as I do.”  I said, turning on my side, facing him. “They are just ordinary every day people, and if there is one thing I know about them it is that they love me.”

We lay quietly, holding each other, and I felt the emotions running through him.  His eyes were a soft blue, brimming with tears and his lips quivered slightly.  

“They can’t love you as much as I do,” He whispered as tears ran down his cheeks.

I brushed his cheeks with the sheet and pulling him closer, touched his lips with mine.  His trembling body molded to mine as we kissed, not passionately but lovingly.

Meeting my parents would be the first step, but meeting his, we would do together.