This story is set in the PAST of the "First Impressions"  timeline, but can be read as a stand-alone story without prior knowledge of that story, although that is recommended. Enjoy.
Detention Dream

"Fuck it, I can't write like this..."

"Mr. Fremont...DETENTION!!!", my teacher barked.

Great, here I go again. I packed up my things from my desk and walked out the classroom. Pissed off. EXTREMELY pissed off. How do these cretins expect me to write an essay with any content while the jolly fat bastard cheerfully squabbles notes on the blackboard, producing the most hideous sound imaginable. Instead of hearing me the mongrel kicks me out of his class. Great. Just fucking great.

Pissed off, I wandered through the halls and headed for the principal's office.

When I got there, I gave a good beating of a knock on the door. As I said, I was pissed! Bad plan...

The school's striped-suited bigwig answered the door himself as he violently swung it open. Then he looked down on me. He grabbed me by the arm and pulled me in his office, gave me a code of conduct lecture and finally asked me, how considerate, what I wanted.

"I got kicked out of class by Mr. Johnson." I said.

"Thrown out.", he corrected. Whatever. Then he sighed: "Name."

Don't you just love your job, you arrogant..., I thought. Instead, I said:

"Scott Fremont,  SIR!"

Never looking up from his detention slip, the almighty principal mumbled I was not in the army. He signed it, gave it to me, and promptly signed one for the VERY next day!! What??

"What??" I thought out loud.

"This second hour of detention, Mr. Fremont, is for your attitude, which I do not find appropriate for this facility. You will therefore spend one hour in detention today, and again tomorrow. Dismissed."



That was it. I hate school.

Soooo...not being a guy to argue with assholes, I left. AND slammed the door behind me. Slam-dunked the door behind me is more like it... If this bastard wants a war, he's gonna have one! I then turned to the personnel-elevator (another thing I hate about this place), pushed for the down button and let the doors close in my face. Our good Principal...was just a second too late to stop me. Haha.

As the elevator went down, I quietly congratulated myself on another mess I got myself into...and another victory for Fremont on, and God save his ulcer, the Supreme Overlord of unholy Demons, the Principal. My nation would be proud of me.

Still...I WAS stuck with detention. I'm not really the guy to worry about these things, but I know of a kid who didn't go to his detention, and the Principal bastard doubled his hours. Again, the guy didn't show. So the hours were doubled. And again, and again.... Pretty soon the guy was stuck with 64 hours of detention....and that's the last we ever heard from him. So I guess I'd better go....

I looked at my detention slip and stopped the elevator on the first floor to head for my designated classroom. I silently wondered which demon would be on baby-sit duty today, and I certainly hoped it wouldn't be....


There he was, standing right opposite me as I turned the corner. Our eyes met, and Smitthy let his grin break out all the way over his rugged face, revealing his crooked teeth.

"Well, well, well, if it isn't Fremont. Finally got caught huh, ye devil?"

"That's right, Smitthy, gloat while you've got the chance.... ", I replied.

Let me explain...Smitthy's like my arch-nemesis at this place. He's in charge of the hallways, which basically function as trenches, and he will not stand for me blading in school. I make it my honorary duty to outrun his crooked ass, and he makes it his daily job to kick my ass in detention. I'm sure the bastard hates my guts.

Smitthy unlocked the door. "Your throne awaits, Majesteeh." , he snickered, doing a bad impersonation of a British courtier.

I grimaced, walked past him and let the door slam shut behind me. One thing about Smitthy though, he hardly ever stayed in the detention room with you. If you'd get Jones, Aldon or some other Demon you'd be screwed over, because they'd sit at their desks doing school work and you'd be forced to shut up. You can't do homework, you can't read, you're made to SIT. WAIT. Suffer....

I entered the classroom and hit the lights. It was still empty. Great, noone to talk to...I was thinking about turning the lights off and just take a nap, but knowing these bastards they'd probably forget about me completely and leave me here to rot away all night, and that sure as hell didn't sound cool. So, lights on it was.

I chose a random desk to sit on, and just glared around the classroom a bit, trying to find out some form of terror tactic to get back at the Principal for what he just did...I could put up all posters upside down...that'd be a blast. Yeah...

So, I painstakingly removed all thumb tacks from the walls and hung every single poster upside down. It looked freakin' awsome, if I did say so myself, and I actually felt sorry I wasn't gonna be here to see the face of the poor demon who had to start first period tomorrow...

Still, after this I was bored. I wasn't really in the mood to do anything schoolish, and I did't have any entertaining reading material on me besides a chemistry book. Yay. I dug up the remains of an old watch out of my backpack and checked the time.

Time, as it turned out, was NOT on my side. Actually it is a merciless son of a bitch, because when you're doing something boring like, say, DETENTION, time will creep by even slower than a drop of oil trying to drip uphill. Whereas when you're having fun, time suddenly decides to sprout wings. Basically that was not the case here, because I had only been here fifteen minutes, only a third of what I was made to suffer. AND I'd be here again tomorrow too. Shit, shit, SHIT.

I was sitting there, feeling pissed, when all of a sudden I heard a key being inserted in the lock. It turned and the door was opened. I saw Smitthy holding the door open for a kid who totally, completely, blew my mind away.

He graciously walked -- no, eased his way past Smitthy, never saying a word. Yet, he had this righteous smile on his face that just screamed selfconfidence somehow. He wasn't of my age either- this guy was nowhere near fourteen, he looked at least 17, I'm pretty sure he was a senior. His looks just set my mind racing. He was wearing black jeans, and a white blouse. The blouse was buttoned down, but hung loosely over his jeans, it wasn't tucked in. The buttons on his sleeves were loose too, giving him this incredible casual look. A dark blue backpack was hanging over his left shoulder. Added to this was a healthy bush of medium lenght blonde hair, deep hazel eyes, and that smile...As he walked closer, I saw the layout of his face a bit better. He had cheekbones that lined out his face very nicely, a small cleft in his chin and he had a small graze of pure blonde hair on his chin. Whoa....

Now, don't get me wrong here, I never really considered myself as gay...I mean, I always liked girls like all the other boys, but somehow, boys facinated me too. I used to study the other boys in the showers all the time, but as far as that went, I always thought it had just been "interest"... With this guy, it was different. He wasn't naked or anything (THAT would have been a cool trick!) , but still, I could not take my eyes off of him! I found myself studying every inch of his body, every single move he made! I pictured him in swimming jockeys, playing volleyball at the beach. I pictured him taking a long and steamy shower, and most of all, I pictured myself touching him. And him touching me...

His eyes met mine when he was halfway through the classroom, and he smiled warmly at me... I heard the door lock, but my eyes remained locked with his for what to me, seemed like forever. He just slowed down and stopped his approach, FINALLY broke eyecontact, and looked around the classroom a bit. Then he turned to me:

"This your handiwork?"

I swallowed hard. "Umm, uh...y-yeah."

"Kewl! Soo...what are you in for?"

Usually, it would have been me making the chat with my fellow inmates, but definitely not today! It was too weird, but this guy just made me feel really shy. Whether it was his selfconfidence or just me being attracted to him that much, which to be honest, threw me off guard completely, I'm not sure...but somewhere in the outskirts of my mind a fuse must have burnt through.

"D-detention...", I muttered.

He smiled widely, revealing his TV-commercial-like teeth. "Yeah, I figured that much. I meant, what did you do to get in here?"

Snap out of it, Fremont!! He'll think you're a geek!!

"I said fuck to Johnson..."

"Really? Can't imagine ANYONE wanting to say fuck to that ugly bastard...."

Was that insinuating what I thought it was? Surely not...

"Well, he was writing on the blackboard while our class was supposed to do this essay, so I said `fuck it, I can't write like this', and he immediately threw me out...

"Guess that word just isn't in his vocab then, huh? What's your name anyways?"

"Scott...Scott Fremont."

"Scott, huh?", he said as he walked closer to the desk I was sitting on, dumped his backpack on a desk,  then took a seat about two desks away from me. "I'm Shane."

Shane...somehow he could've said any name to me and I'd still find it the most beautifu--

"Hel-lo!", Shane grinned.


"You know, when a guy holds out his hand the usual response would be to shake it!"

"Oh! Uhm, yeah, sorry.", I stuttered. I shook his hand, but the moment I let go I regretted letting him go so soon, and I noticed I hadn't paid attention to the way his skin felt to mine until it was over! Shit!

Shane looked at me questioningly.

"I, um, had other things on my mind, sorry.", I said.

That smile again. "What sort of things?", he said.

"Just stuff..."


"Persistant aren't we?"

"Not really. You wouldn't mention it if you didn't plan on telling me.", he grinned.

Somewhere he was right!! I would have loved to tell him I was attracted to him, how much I loved his looks, the confidence he had about him. But seriously, like that's gonna happen.

Shane studied me for a few seconds. I just smiled back at him. He had that look in his eyes, like he was scanning me or something. Somehow it gave me the creeps, but this guy's looks and aura made him very compelling to look at, to be with somehow. Even if I wasn't really able to grasp what he was about...

Shane turned away from me to grab his backpack and put it between his legs. He opened it, and dug out a Kitkat, which he ripped open and broke in half.

"Want some?"

"Uhm, sure, thanks.", I said.

I looked over at him again as I ate the Kitkat bar, epecially since he had his legs apart now. Too bad his backpack was covering his crotch, I'd have no chance to take a good look at his bulge...

I noticed his backpack though. It was casual like his entire look was, but on the inside flap which was facing me now were some patches with symbols I didn't recognise. He noticed I was looking.

"What are you looking at?', Shane said.

"Oh, I was just looking at your backpack..."

"Like what you see?", he asked.

"It's nothing special, I've seen nicer packs than that..."

"I wasn't talking about the backpack...", he grinned.

"What were you talking about then?', I asked.

"I was...nevermind."



"You started..."

"So did you when I walked in but you chose not to talk about that. Now I'm choosing not to talk about this."


I was curious though, not to mention that I wanted to do whatever it took to make  good first impressions with Shane. I looked his backpack over again, and took a closer look at the symbols. There was some sort of rainbow there and something like a red piece of tape making half an eight. None of them looked really familiar but they reminded me of some weird music style, maybe hippie stuff. I'm more into punk and techno myself...Maybe Shane was asking if I liked the music that went with those symbols. Yeah, that was probably it...

"I don't know any of that music...", I said.

"Huh? What sort of music? What are you talking about?"

"Those symbols on your backpack...that's like, some sort of hippie music? I don't know any of that stuff..."

Shane grinned widely and slowly started to laugh to himself.

"Heheh...that's not what it means."

"Oh...well, what does it mean then?"

" wouldn't know."

"Oh? Well, try me..."

"Yeah, right..."


"You really want to know?"

"Yeah, fuckin' really."

"Hmmm...Ok, but don't say I didn't warn you. Basically to keep a long story short, this symbol means I'm sexually attracted to boys, not girls."

I damn near bit my tongue off when he said that!! Here is Shane, Playboy Supreme, telling me he's--

"In other words, I'm gay.", he grinned. "Happy now?"

I'll say I was happy!! Fuck!! I was extatic! I just had to sit back and let all this sink in for a while! I couldn't take my eyes off of Shane in the meanwhile of course, and he just sat there with that grin on his face. He had just SAID it. Just like that. Wow...

"You look...kinda taken aback by this. You ok, Scott?", Shane asked, still grinning widely of course.

"Y-yeah, I'm...fine..", I managed to get out.

Then a few doubts started to enter my mind. Was he kidding me? Why would he? Can I trust this guy completely to tell him I'm drooling all over him? Maybe he's gonna beat me up if I do!

"You sure?", Shane continued. "You're probably still a bit too young to be thinking about this stuff. Sorry I brought it up!", he snickered.

Okay. Here he's questioning my manhood. Okay, I'm a virgin but I know what sex is! I'm fourteen for chrissake!

"Hey! I'm fourteen you know."

"So? When I was fourteen I hadn't done a thing. You've done stuff with girls before then?"

At least he's assuming I'm straight...I doubt he is really setting me up here. ""

"How about with a boy?"

"Nope...I'm still a, uhm..."

"That's ok..", Shane smiled.

"Well yeah, but I sure as hell know what you're going on about...", I defended.

"Oh you do? For a minute there you looked like I had just told you the earth was flat."

"Yeah...", I grinned. Shane just grinned back.

I dunno, I guess any normal kid would be all over this guy by now. I decided to take the scenic route instead somehow. Lame me!

"Shane, can I ask you a question..."


"What's it like...doing it with a boy?"

"It's fantastic. Why?"

"Oh, I, uh, was just wondering, uhm..."

"You like boys, huh?"

Geez this guy is direct!! Shit, um, what do I do?? Tell him, don't tell him, uh...fuck!!

"Uhm, I like girls..."

"Well sure you do. But you were wondering what it would be like with a boy just now? Maybe you're bi."

"Well, um..."

"Still in doubt is more like it. That's okay, Scotty. I guess you should get some experience first before you make a choice. Or don't! Being bi is great. You get to see both sides up close.", Shane smiled.

"Yeah, I guess..."

"You should definitely try it with a boy. I can recommend them! Especially at your age."

"What's with my age?"

"Your hormones really start to kick in! Maybe not just yet, but soon you'll be having orgasms like there's no tomorrow! What coud possibly be better than sharing them with another boy? Sure, you could do a girl, but girls don't know everything about a boy's body yet at 14. Nor do boys know about girls all that well. But you know your own body! You know what feels good and you can explore together. It's great!"

"Well, I'd want to, but I don't know any other boys who might be interested in doing that too, and I can't go out telling I like boys, I'll get beat up!"

"I don't get beat up."

"You're a senior Shane, that's gotta be different."

"Not really...Besides there are tricks to letting people know you're gay. Like the symbols on my backpack. Most gay guys my age would know them."

"Yeah, but if you wear those all the time you might--"

"Well, that's the trick. You have to wear them kinda selectively. Only if you suspect a guy might like you or if you're really desperate to find out about some guy's orientation, you can show them. Like I did with you."

" you did with me? So you're saying..."

Shane smiled widely. "Okay, I'll admit it. I could tell you liked boys. From the way you looked at me when I walked in."

I blushed, fucking bigtime did I blush!! " could?"

"So you DO like me."

"I, uh..."

"Well? Just say it Scott. I'm not gonna beat you up.", he smiled. "On the contrary."

To my surprise, Shane got up and started walking towards me! I got really nervous...I almost panicked!! What's he doing??

Shane noticed my discomfort. "Just relax, okay Scott? I'm not gonna do ANYTHING...."

I didn't know wheter to be dissapointed or relieved...

" don't want me to.", Shane continued while sitting close next to me. He placed his hand on my thigh...And slowly caressed it. He looked into my eyes with his hazles, and I just melted in front of him. Well, all exept one part of me...I got a major boner with him just touching me!! I guess what thrilled me most was the fact what was going to happen NEXT...

I think Shane saw it in my eyes. Like he knew it was okay for him to move on. That I wasn't going to stop him. He just knew...

Shane moved his hand up and down my thigh, caressing the fabric of the cutoff jeans I was wearing. He leaned in slowly, and when I didn't whince back, he just let his lips touch mine. Very lightly at first, but more gradually shortly thereafter. My breathing became more rapid when it occured to me I was actually receiving my first kiss! I mean the VERY first ever!! And it was this guy, this beatiful kid that was kissing me. Oh YES!!

I started kissing him back. I moved my lips to match his nibbling movements, but Shane was taking charge. Pretty soon I felt his tongue touch my lips. I was a little reluctant at first, but he kept his tongue in contact with my lips. It took me a few seconds to realize what he wanted: a full-fledged french!!

I grabbed Shane's head with my both hands and stuck out my own tongue to meet his. He was surprised at my sudden enthousiasm but he certainly accepted it. I was way past the point of worrying about what if's, I was to wrapped up in kissing Shane! This was what I thought of doing when he first walked in and not much more than 15 minutes after that, it was actually happening too!! This is just SO awesome!!

Shane and me kept going at eachother's tongues. I had found a new hobby, but Shane had obviously done this before. I moved hs tongue angainst mine with slow, controlled movements. At any given time his tongue would be touching mine with as much surface as possible. I was raplidly moving my tongue about, however, trying to explore as much of his mouth as I could. At one point, Shane actually wrapped his lips around my tongue. He was just soooh good...and he tasted great. I always thought frenching would be kinda gross...but I take it back!!

Shane then moved his hand up my thigh, and grabbed me full in the crotch. He squeezed me gently, and I moaned in his mouth so hard it scared myself!! It then came back to me - we were going at eachother in the middle of the school! And Smitthy could be back any minute!! I mean god, I don't want anyone to know I like boys right, but if HE found out...I'd have to listen to that for the rest of my life here!!

"MmmMmhh....Wait!!", I yelped.

"What for?", Shane smiled and resumed kissing me.

I pulled back again. "No wait...I mean what if we get caught..."

"We've got time. Besides Smith is almost always late..."

"Yeah but...", I panted, "Anyone could come and check on us and if we get caught...Well..., uh.."

"Allright!", Shane smiled and gut up. He walked over to the lightswitch and turned it off. "They won't notice us now..."

"But...couldn't we just..."

Shane grinned. "I want you now. I'll bet you can't wait either."

"Well, I , uh..."

"It'll be good, I promise.", he grinned as he grabbed me in the crotch again. It DID feel fact, I was aching for it!!

Shane unzipped my jeans. With one hand he managed to unzip my belt and pressed his lips against mine again. I responed by throwing my arms around his neck again and pulling him in tight. He was right, I wanted him, here and now.

Shane continued to undo my jeans and finally got them open. He slid his hand into my boxers and immediately found my hard throbbing dick. He wrapped his fingers around my cock and squeezed it good. I whimpered hard again, but I managed to the decibel level down this time. I could feel my cockhead getting wet with precum... and the sensation of Shane's tongue fencing with mine...I could have shot right there!

Shane reached down with his other hand and pulled the band of my boxers down past my balls. My exposed cock was standing up now, for him to see. He broke our kiss...and gave me a lookover.

"You've got a nice size there, Scott.", he smiled.

"Uhhggh...uh, thanks...", I panted. I had never measured myself or anything...I just thought I was average.

"You're 6 inches at least now. For a fourteen year old...I'm impressed.", Shane said. He grabbed my cock again and gave it a tug. My cock jerked to the touch. I started breathing faster as Shane started jerking me up and down slowly. It felt so good having him do this... I couldn't believe it. Shane was jerking me off in detention. He looked me in the eyes and smiled at me. He couldn't help but lean in and kiss me hard again!!

With both hands I grabbed Shane's developed shoulders and pulled him close again. He kept jerking me off, slowly. He did it really good too, like paying attention to every move he made. The more precum I started leaking, the slicker my cock got and the faster Shane would move his hand around me. I started breathing really fast and gripping Shane really tight. I bit on his lower lip and Shane knew I was close. He moved his hand across my cock to catch most of my cumshot in his hand, and covered my mouth with his to smother my screams as I came. And MAN did I come!!!

"MmmmmmMMMPPPphhhh....mmmm...aaah...Oh man that was so good...", I panted as Shane released me.

Shane just smiled at me. "You're a virgin right?", he asked


"Good...", he smiled. Then he moved his hand up to his mouth and started licking it clean in front of me!! I could have shot again!! Wow!!

"Oh, god...", I panted.

"Glad you liked that." Shane smiled. "Let's turn the light on again, just in case."

Shane walked over to the lightswitch again and flicked it on. I was in bliss!! I checked myself for cum and zipped myself up. Then I let myself drop back on the desk and sighed deeply while staring at the ceiling. Fuck, that was good...I'd love to do that for him, too..."

"Can I do you too?", I asked.

"Nah. You're almost free again. I took a risk doing this, but I'd better not get caught with my pants down.", he grinned. "I hope you don't mind."

"Well, kinda.", I said. "Do I...get another chance?"

"We'll see."

"I'm here tomorrow too..."

"Wow, you've been naughty, huh?"

"I could meet you tomorrow too..."

"Like I said, we'll see.", Shane said. Then I head footsteps coming down the hall. It sounded like Smitthy was coming to open the door to let me out.

"Just in time too!", Shane smiled.

"So will I see you again then?", I asked Shane as I hear the door unlock.

"Sure you will. I'm right here at this school. We'll see eachother again."

That gave me some hope...The thought of doing stuff with Shane again turned me on to no end! This was the coolest! I didn't expect having sex with a boy would be so cool. I couldn't wait to do it again...and again, and again...Shane was just so sexy looking.

"C'mon Fremont. Parole time for ya.", Smitthy said.

"Yeah yeah. See ya later, Shane!"

Shane gave me a smile back. "Bye Scott. See ya."

"You just sit tight there for a little while longer, O'Connor.", Smitthy grinned at Shane.

"I'm not going anywhere...", Shane said as he lay back down on the desk.

Smitthy locked the door again and escorted me out of the hallway. When I looked back at the classroom I was just in, I noticed the lights were out again! Wow! Could Shane be in there, masturbating while thinking about me? I certainly hoped so. But maybe he was just sleeping...I hoped I'd see him tomorrow again, at least. And maybe do more than just look at him. My mind was racing with possibilities. Yeah....Shane O'Connor....I think I'm in love.


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