Diffusion of Responsibility

by -{BM}-


This story is copyrighted by the author (me!).


Wow! I recieved so many emails for this story that I decided to post another chapter. I'm not sure how far I'm going to go with this story as I have a few ongoing stories at the moment, but enjoy!


It's amazing how much longer it takes you to get ready for school in the morning when you know that your boyfriend will be there looking even better than you no matter what you do. Before I ventured downstairs I took ten minutes to make sure that I looked perfect, after all I was planning to meet `perfection' at his house and walk to school with him. As I took one last look in the mirror I smiled to myself as I thought about everything that had happened yesterday. It all seemed like a dream, in fact I was afraid of going to sleep last night and waking up to find out that none of it had actually happened. That's why when I awoke this morning I immediately grabbed my school bag and rummaged through it to find the little piece of paper that Kevin scribbled his phone number onto. Words could not express the joy I felt when I found the torn off piece of paper with Kevin's cute handwriting on it.

I bounded down the stairs with my bag on my back and met my sister who was also preparing to go to school. She was three years older than me and in her senior year,

"Why are you so bouncy today?" she asked as she opened the front door.

"Dunno, I guess I'm just feeling really happy for some reason," I replied, not wanting her to know the true reason for my good mood. I still hadn't really thought about telling my family about me and Kevin, I decided to enjoy my life right now and worry about things like that later. There was a small sinking feeling in my stomach every time I thought about telling them about my homosexuality and I even tried a few times but I would always chicken out. Sigh, why does being gay have to be seen as so wrong by everybody else?

"You need a ride?" my sister asked as she pulled her keys out of her bag.

"No thanks, I feel like walking today."

She gave me a weird look and headed towards her car and I walked out the front gate at top speed so I could get to Kevin's quicker. Since he only lived on the next street I managed to make it to his place in three minutes, which seemed like three hours! I looked up as I approached his house and my heart jumped when I saw him waiting for me outside his house.

"Hey," I said as I walked up to him. I was immediately hypnotized by how good he looked, his curly blond hair was still wet from his morning shower and every time he looked at me with those sexy hazel eyes I thought I would faint.

"Hey," he replied and he leaned forward to give me a kiss. I involuntarily moved backwards and he looked at me,

"Sorry, it's just that you never know who might be watching," I said quickly not wanting to hurt his feelings but also not wanting to expose me either.

"Oh, good idea," he replied with a shy grin on his face. "Sorry, sometimes I don't think,"

"Don't worry about it, I was about to do the same thing actually," I said with a giggle.

He smiled at that, "At least I'm not the only one who isn't thinking today, shall we make our way to school then?"

"Sure," I answered and we started our twenty minute walk to school. As soon as Kevin said the word school a small pang of fear struck me when I thought about what might happen to me after my actions yesterday. I wasn't worried about getting attacked physically as the majority of the school knew about my martial arts abilities, what I was worried about were the rumors, the whispers and the name calling that is attached with the life of an `outed' gay teenager.

"I can't wait to see what we're gonna do in biology today," Kevin said suddenly, breaking me from my thoughts.

I looked over at him and he was giving me a sensual stare that couldn't be mistaken for anything else but love. And that's when I felt the same feeling I did when I helped him yesterday, a surge of power that would allow me to survive all of the negatives of being gay. All I needed to worry about were the positives, which included being close to the boy next to me, and that alone is all I need.

The rest of the journey seemed to fly past as Kevin and I just talked about nothing in particular. I was just happy to hear his raspy teenage voice and watch his ruby red lips move as the words left his mouth. He must have noticed the dreamy expression planted all over my face every time I looked at him, what was weird was that the exact same expression was on his face every time he looked at me.

We reached the school gate and I took a deep breath, okay Tom, you can do this. As we walked through the front gate I looked around to see if anybody was looking at us, my stomach sank when I realized that nearly everybody was looking at us. And then the whispers hit my ears,

"So he saved Kevin Basier from the footballers? That was pretty brave, so is he gay then?"

"Wow, so Tom Callahan is gay. Who would have guessed?"

"Fucking faggots."

"Tom Callahan is gay? No way dude! He sure doesn't act like one of them."

We made our way over to the table where Lucy and I sat and as always Lucy was sitting there with her head buried in a book. I noticed that Kevin was starting to edge away from me,

"Where are you going?" I asked him, he looked really uncomfortable for some reason..

"Look Tom, I'm used to having whispers follow me all day but I know that you're not. So how about during school we don't go near each other so you don't have to worry about the whispers too much. If I'm not around then people won't say anything."

"No, I don't care about the whispers, all I care about is being with you," I replied, hoping that he would come and sit with us.

His face lit up after that comment and I was sure that if we weren't at school we'd be kissing right now. We both walked over to the table and Lucy looked up from her book,

"Hello lovebirds," she said with a grin on her face.

"Morning," we both replied as we sat down next to each other.

"I could hear the whispers from over here, so how are you two holding up?"

"Okay... I guess," I replied. "I just wish I knew why being different was such a big deal."

"It's because being different is generally frowned upon by humans," Lucy answered as her eyes went back to her book. "Think about it, every day people are forced to dress in a certain way, act in a certain way even plan out your life in a certain way as an effort to please others. Your problem is that the default life plan by society for a male is to do well in school, go to college and get a degree, get a job, meet a girl, marry and have kids together and then spend the rest of your life working to get money for your kids and your retirement fund."

She looked up at us with a sad smile on her face, "Unfortunately the idea of two men being in love and marrying is too different from the default plan and is frowned upon by society."

"That sucks," I said as I looked at Kevin who was looking at Lucy's book with an expression of surprise on his face that made his lips look very kissable. Hmmm... I couldn't wait for school to end today!

"Are you going to read that whole book?" he asked in amazement.

Lucy looked up at him with a smile on her face, "Of course, I wouldn't want to miss anything."

"Wow," he replied. I had told Kevin about how serious Lucy was regarding her Psychology but it seems that he needed to see her text books and hear her knowledge with his own eyes and ears. Suddenly he made a face like he just remembered something and reached in and took something out of his bag. "Here's that book you wanted yesterday," he said as he handed The Vampire Armand by Anne Rice to me.

"Wow thanks, I've wanted to read this for a long time," I said as I looked at the book.

"Pshhh... Fiction, what a waste of time," Lucy said as she looked at the book with mock disgust.

"You know one day you're gonna wake up and realize what you missed out on Lucy. All you ever read is facts," I retorted as I put the book in my bag.

Suddenly a voice from behind me spoke, "And one day you're gonna wake up and realize that what you did yesterday ruined your life."

I turned around to see John flanked by two other guys.

"Morning John, how can we help you today?" Lucy asked pleasantly.

"You keep out of this Lucy, this is between me and these two fags," John said as looked at us with great dislike on his face.

"I will not keep out of this," Lucy replied as she rose from her seat. I nearly laughed when John and his two cronies took a step back, Lucy was like a firecracker that could go off at any second and the fact that she could fight nearly as well as me made her highly dangerous when riled up. "Tom and Kevin are my friends and if you mess with them, you mess with me. Although considering Tom managed to beat you and your gang by himself yesterday I don't think I even need to worry about interfering."

John stayed silent as he surveyed all three of us, after a few tense moments of silence he finally spoke; "You'll pay, all of you." And with that he turned around and walked away with his two friends in tow.

"This is all my fault," Kevin sighed as he looked at his feet.

"Don't be silly," Lucy snapped before I could even open my mouth to disagree. "This is John's fault for being such a dickhead. I wouldn't be too worried though, he's all talk and the fact that Tom can kick his ass with no effort will stop him from doing anything."

"I hope you're right," I said as I watched John walk away. For some reason his last sentence sent chills down my spine.


I hurriedly put my English books in my locker and took out my biology ones. Biology was the only class Kevin and I had together and I didn't want to be late! I turned around to see a group of six girls standing in front of me, looking at them I guessed that they were in my grade but I didn't know any of them. Suddenly the closest one opened her mouth and spoke,

"Tom we heard what you did for Kevin yesterday and we just want to say that we thought you did the right thing."

"Uhhh... Thanks," I managed to reply.

"We see how he is bullied everyday and for some reason we never have the guts to help him. You must be very brave to step forward and help him like you did yesterday," another one of them added.

"Thanks, I really appreciate it but I've got to get to biology..."

"We also want to know, is it true?" the closest one asked.

I sighed to myself, knowing what they were asking. Well it's not like I'd out myself anymore than I already had due to the rumors that have been following me all morning.

"Yes, yes it's true," I admitted looking at the ground.

For a moment they all looked at each other and then looked back at me, "Sorry for asking it's just that there are so many rumors going around," the closest one said.

"That's ok, but I really have to be getting to class," I said as I started to walk away from them.

"You do know that not everybody in this school is a homophobe?" one of them asked just as I walked past them.

I didn't even reply and I pretended not to have heard her as I walked down the hallway towards my biology class. It may have been rude but I hadn't seen Kevin since morning break and I was nearly shaking with anticipation. The idea that there were others who didn't care about what I was made me feel a little better about the whole thing.

I entered the classroom and took a seat next to Kevin who was sitting near the back of the class. The way his eyes lit up when he saw me made my heart flutter, he was so cute!

"Hi Tom."

"Hey Kevin, what's going on?"

"Nothing much, a few people have asked me about you in my other classes but I didn't say anything."

"Well it doesn't matter, I just told a group of girls who asked me in the hallway," I said as I looked around the room. Surprisingly we weren't getting very many looks from other people, except for John and the four guys he normally sits with during this class. Maybe that girl was right when she said not everybody at this school isn't a homophobe. I told Kevin about what she had said and he smiled,

"She's right. Everybody knows I'm gay but only a small percentage of people actually go out of their way to show me that they don't like what I am."

At that moment the teacher arrived so all talk in the room started to wane and I took out my pen. I just hoped that Kevin wouldn't be a distraction to the point where I can't learn anything if I'm in the same room as him!


"Whew I thought that class would never end!" I exclaimed as we both walked out at the end of the lesson. It had been an extremely boring lesson, something about evolution...

"Say do you want to go and... do something?" Kevin asked out of nowhere. I looked over at him and he had a shy grin on his face, he was up to something...

"Something like what?"

He looked at me for a few moments with a funny look on his face and then answered by saying, "Follow me," and he turned in the opposite direction. I just shrugged my shoulders and followed behind him, which wasn't such a bad thing as I could watch his ass as he walked. Mmmm, I wish he was wearing tighter pants...

We walked through a couple of hallways which were now nearly deserted due to it being lunch time. Everybody would be in the lunch line waiting impatiently for their meals or eating somewhere outside by now. Suddenly Kevin stopped and opened the door to one of the many male toilets in the school, and then I mentally kicked myself for being so stupid, suddenly the meaning of `Do something' became clear, I must have been really spacing out to take this long to work it out. But then I guess `Doing something' and school are two things that I don't normally associate with each other, but there have been fantasies that's for sure!

We both walked in and were relieved when we found out there was no-one else in there. I was about to lean over and kiss Kevin when he suddenly pushed me into one of the empty cubicles! I was shocked and sat down on the toilet as Kevin followed me in and locked the door. I was about to say something about the push when he sat on my lap and started to kiss me so passionately I nearly choked on his tongue! I groaned and started to knead his butt cheeks with my hands as we kissed. I could feel his penis through his pants as he humped his body up against mine with frenzied lust. All I could do was groan some more and pull his body closer to mine.

I broke the kiss and started to kiss and lick his smooth neck as my hands traveled from his butt to the front of his pants and I started to undo his fly as he nibbled my ear,

"God you're so cute Tom," he whimpered in my ear. "Just sitting in class next to you... It drove me crazy! I couldn't wait to get out of that class,"

"So that's why you're so horny," I said with a giggle. It was funny, I always thought Kevin to be the shy and quiet type but he sure as hell surprised me!

I finally managed to get his fly undone and he stood up for a few moments so he could pull his pants and boxers to the ground. I looked at his six inches as it pulsated right in front of my face. I took hold of the shaft and squeezed it and Kevin let out a soft raspy groan as a few drops of precum leaked out. I stuck my tongue out and licked them off the head of his penis and started to lick at his sensitive head as I slowly masturbated him with my hand. He started to whimper and thrust himself towards me, I took the hint and opened my mouth and swallowed his cock right down to the base.

I looked up at him as he started to thrust his penis in and out of my mouth at a steadily increasing pace.

"Oh Tom, I love you so much," he managed to whisper. I wanted to say I loved him back but his manhood just tasted too good to take out of my mouth.

Suddenly we heard the door to the toilets open! I let his penis slide out of my mouth and we both looked at each other with panicked expressions on our faces, if they went into the next cubicle and saw two pairs of feet there could be trouble. I signaled to Kevin to climb up on me and he got the hint. He quickly and quietly climbed up on me and kneeled in my lap. His knees digging into my legs hurt a little but I didn't care, if we were caught doing this we could both be expelled!

I lowered my head and glanced under the partition of the cubicle. I saw two pairs of feet and they were both standing at the urinal which means they wouldn't be too long. I breathed a sigh of relief and moved my head back up and looked up at Kevin who was looking at me with a smile on his face. His body was up on me in such a way that his slowly deflating penis was still right in my face. I slowly leaned forward and stuck out my tongue and licked the head of his cock. Kevin jumped a little and gave me a look that said `Don't you dare mister!' God I tried, I really did but when you have such a beautiful penis right in front of your face you have to do something with the nice view!

I reached out my hand and grabbed his manhood; he gave me a panicked look that said `Are you crazy?' but at that point I was too horny to care. I started to lick the end of his penis and it quickly inflated to full length again. Kevin's body started to shake and I knew he must be already close due to what we were doing before we were interrupted. He slapped at my hand but instead of letting go I started to masturbate him again as I looked into his eyes. He bit his lip in an effort to hide his moans but a little one still escaped from his mouth. He started to pant and his blond locks fell down onto his face nearly covering his eyes,

"You hear something man?" one of the guys at the urinal asked.

"Who cares? We're already late for lunch, let's hurry," the other replied and I heard them both zip back up and leave the room at last! Kevin got down and stood in front of me with his penis still waving in front of my face.

I took their departure as a signal to swallow Kevin's cock again and I hadn't started sucking on it for more than ten seconds when I felt it expand in my mouth and he started to groan and whimper uncontrollably as he sprayed his juices into my mouth. I swallowed every drop of his hot seed and when he was finished there were tears in his eyes and he was breathing really fast.

"You like danger, don't you?" he puffed between giggles. I couldn't help but giggle too,

"It was so cute when you bit your lip," I giggled.

When he stopped laughing he pulled his boxers and pants up and started to rub my crotch through my pants as he worked on the button at the top of my fly. I got the hint and lifted my butt off the toilet so he could pull my pants and boxers right down to my ankles.

"I bet I can make you bite your lip," he said as he grabbed my pulsating cock with his silky hand and started to masturbate me slowly. He looked me in the eyes and the look he gave me nearly made me cum right there and then! It was a mix between sensual desire and love and it turned me on!

"Bet you can't," I replied, amused and extremely turned on at his little game.

He just grinned, "You asked for it," and he leaned forward and started to run his tongue up and down the shaft as he looked at me. I raised my eyes to the ceiling, thanking God for bringing such an angel into my life. Suddenly I felt his tongue and hand stop and I was broken out of my trance, I looked down and he was staring at me with a cute pouty expression on his face.

"How am I supposed to see if you bite you tongue if I can't see your face?" he asked with a grin. Then when I finally convinced him that I wasn't going to raise my head any more he started to masturbate my swollen organ again,

"Gonna bite your lip?" he asked.

"Never," I panted.

Then he leaned forward and ran his tongue around the head of my penis while still looking me in the eyes. I clenched my teeth, I was already close from the arousal involved with taking care of Kevin and I didn't know what to do. Either I start to groan out loud and possibly get us caught or I bite my lip to keep the groans inside. And then it happened, it was completely involuntary, I bit my lip as I felt a loud groan traveling up my throat. I looked down at Kevin who had a victorious smile on his face but not for long as he suddenly swallowed my cock and started to bob up and down really fast. I started to pump myself into his mouth and rub his hair as I felt the orgasm of a lifetime swell up from inside me.

"I looooove you," I managed to moan as I ejaculated into his willing mouth. I kept cumming for what felt like forever with him swallowing every drop and when I finally had no more to give he let my flaccid penis fall out of his mouth. He got up off his knees and sat on my lap again facing me, we started to make out as we both came down off our orgasmic high.

"Looks like you won the bet," I said between kisses.

"Great," he replied, "What do I win?"

"You get to kiss me," I replied.

"Mmm... I'm glad I made that bet. But we'd seriously better think about getting back to school."

I agreed and we both stopped kissing and stood up. We gave each other a quick examination to make sure we still looked clean and presentable and then we made our way out of the toilets.


"Geez, I wonder where you two have been," Lucy said with a grin as we approached her.

"What?" I asked innocently.

"You aren't fooling anyone Tom Callahan, especially with that stupid grin on your face," she replied.

We both looked at each other and blushed, were we that obvious?

"No, you weren't that obvious," Lucy said, "It's just that I have a knack for reading the signs that's all. Like that dumb `were we so obvious?' look you just gave each other."

I sighed and sat down; you can't hide anything from this girl! I looked around the school yard and noticed with relief that no-one else was looking at us strangely.

"You guys were a bit foolish, you could have been caught," she scolded.

"Yeah but we couldn't help ourselves," I said as I looked at Kevin.

"You both need to learn how to control your hormones," she replied.

"You have no idea how hard that is," Kevin said as he looked at me with that sensual look again. I found myself getting hard again, God I loved being a teenager!

"You're right, I don't," she replied bluntly as she kept reading her book.

"What do you mean?" Kevin asked with a confused look on his face. "Most of the guys in school are after you and you're saying you've never had a boyfriend?"

"The only guys that have ever tried to bust a move on me were brainless morons. I like a guy with both intelligence and sporting ability. But the only ones I can attract are just dropouts," she said with a hint of sadness in her voice.

"So who would be an ideal guy for you?" Kevin asked. I was surprised at how quick and direct his question was.

Lucy closed her textbook to think about the question. "Hmmm... someone like Luke Fanolas," she replied with a dreamy look on her face. Luke Fanolas was the fastest guy in the school. I used to play football with him; actually we both quit the game at the same time, me to train for martial arts and him to pursue a sprinting career. He is also an honors student, in fact he used to help me out with math last year and I had the biggest crush on him, that was before I met Kevin of course. He had short jet black hair with sparkling green eyes; he was any girl's... or guy's dream material.

"That's funny because I overheard his friends ask him the exact same question today in English class, except it was about girls, and he said your name first."

Lucy just gave him a calculating look, "As if," she said after a few moments of silence.

"No, I'm deadly serious," Kevin replied, never once breaking eye contact with her.

"Well whatever, I've got to go the library so I'll see you two after school," and with that she got up and disappeared quickly.

I just looked at Kevin, "Are you serious?" I asked.

"Of course, I wouldn't lie about something like that."

I was about to say something else when the bell rang suddenly, "Looks like Lucy won't get much time in at the library," I said as I slung my bag over my shoulder.

"You know as well as I do that she just wanted to get away from that conversation," Kevin replied as he smiled at me. We both got up and arranged to meet after classes were over so we could do something after school with Lucy and then both go over to my house and... study. After that I walked to Maths with an extra spring in my step at the thought of meeting Kevin after school.


Kevin, Lucy and I were all walking along the footpath wondering what to do with our afternoon. Of course there was always hours and hours of blissful sex but Lucy was with us and anyway, there was more than just sex to the boy walking beside me, although the sex was pretty awesome.

"How about we go to the park and play some basketball?" I asked them both. They didn't take too well to the idea,

"There are too many idiots at the park," said Lucy.

"I'm no good at ball sports," Kevin replied glumly as he looked at the sky. I suddenly burst out laughing,

"You were good last time I checked," I managed to say between laughs.

Lucy started to snicker and Kevin had a shocked look on his face,

"I-I didn't mean it like THAT!" he exclaimed but then smiled at the silliness of the conversation. "Trust you to turn the sport of basketball into a sexual thing."

"You do have a dirty mind," Lucy added still snickering.

"How about we go to the mall then?" I asked, wanting to change the topic of the conversation before I changed my mind about the no sex thing, there was time for THAT later!

Both of them agreed on the mall so we changed direction and kept talking about nothing in particular for ten minutes until we arrived. Lucy wanted to go and look at clothes so Kevin and I decided to go to the arcade and she could meet us later. As we walked into the arcade I noticed something different about it, it didn't seem as appealing any more. I always used to go there for two equally important reasons, to play games and to check out cute boys, after all an arcade was a beacon for guys around our age. But as I walked past the loud and colorful machines I found that there was no need to check out hot guys anymore, after all I did have the hottest guy on earth as my boyfriend walking right beside me!

We played for around an hour before Lucy found us. It was a good thing we didn't go with her, she takes hours to shop and normally would be so picky that she wouldn't end up with anything! However this time she had a nice looking pair of jeans that she had found on her travels so we decided to celebrate by going to Benny's at the Mall to have a milkshake.

When we sat down after getting our drinks I saw Lucy's eyes widen in shock and I looked around to see Luke Fanolas walking toward us. From the looks of things here was here with a group of friends and had just told them he'd meet up with them later.

"Quickly, let's go!" Lucy hissed suddenly. I just looked at her; it wasn't like her to be this panicky.

"But I haven't finished my milkshake!" I replied playfully, but it was too late for her...

"Hey guys mind if I join you?" asked the voice of Luke who was standing next to our table.

"Of course Luke," I replied cheerfully, I glanced over a Lucy to see her giving me a look that could nearly kill. I heard Kevin giggle behind me,

"Sure Luke," he said in agreement.

All of us looked at Lucy, "Sure Luke," she said nervously. It was so hard not to laugh, I don't think I've ever seen her nervous, ever.

"Cool," he said as he sat down next to Lucy.

"So what's been happening Tom and Kevin?" he asked as he looked at both of us.

"Not much," we both replied, I was sure Luke knew about us but he wasn't the type of person to poke fun at anybody. However I knew that he must have wanted to clarify the rumors that were going around so I was waiting for the question to come...

"Actually I heard something about you two today..."

"It's true," I sighed looking at Kevin who was looking at me with a smile on his face that matched mine.

"So you WERE arrested for drugs?" he asked seriously. I looked at Kevin again; this time he had a confused look on his face that matched mine.

Luke started to laugh, "Sorry couldn't resist it. But seriously, the rumors are true?" he asked.

I just nodded,

"Well then, I guess I should say congratulations."

"Congratulations?" I replied.

"Yes, well finding a guy would have been something you wanted, wouldn't have it?"

"No it's not that, it's just that I wasn't expecting congratulations," I replied honestly.

"I'm not the one for hating someone for what they are Tom. I tutored you last year and I know you're a good guy so the fact that you're gay doesn't even come into it. You should be judged for what you do, not for what you are."

"Those are very wise words," Lucy said as she looked at Luke dreamily. I was starting to read the very obvious signs between these two so I decided to give fate a nudge,

"We're both gonna head back home so I guess we'll see you both later," I said giving Kevin a nudge. We both got up and said goodbye and left Benny's. Lucy gave us both a mild glare for the obvious exit but I didn't think she was too mad. Besides, she'd thank me later I'm sure.

On the way out of the mall I saw an ATM and remembered I needed some money to pay back Lucy for a CD she bought me a few weeks ago.

"I've gotta use this ATM," I said as I started to head over towards it.

"Ok, I'll wait here Tom," Kevin replied as he sat down on one of the benches provided by the mall.

I had to wait in line for one person and then it only took me around a minute to get my cash. As I put my receipt in my pocket I turned around and my fists clenched automatically when I saw John and five other guys all standing around Kevin. I ran over ready to start swinging but before I reached them John saw me and signaled for all of his friends to leave. They all took off leaving me and Kevin there,

"Did they hurt you?" I asked him as I sat down next to him.

"No, I tried to get up when they came over but the kept pushing me down, that's all," he replied wiping a small tear off his face.

"I'm gonna get that prick," I growled.

"He told me to give you this," Kevin said as he handed me a crumpled piece of paper with red ink on it.





I sighed as I tore up the note and threw the pieces in the bin beside me. I looked over at Kevin, who had read the note as well,

"It's ok," he said as he tried to assure me, "I can take whatever they dish out."

"But you should have to take it in the first place," I sighed. "Don't worry, I'll think of something, for now lets get out of here."


"Hey Mum, this is Kevin, he's a friend from school," I said in greeting as Kevin and I walked through the front door. After the mall we both decided to go to my place. We didn't talk about the note from John but from Kevin's behavior I could tell that he was worried about it.

"Hey Tom, nice to meet you Kevin" my mom answered in reply as she put on her coat. "Your father and I have a party to go to so we won't be home until late."

"Ok," I replied," at least that would ensure us some privacy!

My mum walked out the front door and my dad came down the stairs just as we reached them..

"Hey Tom, I'll lock the door on the way out as your sister is at cheerleading practice," my dad said as he passed us.

"Ok dad, this is Kevin by the way he's a friend from school."

"Nice to meet you Kevin," my dad said with a warm smile on his face as he put on his jacket. "Okay, I'll see you boys later," and with that the door was closed and we were alone. For a moment there I panicked when my dad mentioned my sister, I wonder if she knew about me yet. I wasn't sure if the rumors would have reached her yet.

"So what time will your sister be home?" Kevin asked shyly.

I looked over and smiled at him as the panic immediately left my body. All of the worries about me coming out of the closet just seem to disappear every time I look into his baby hazel eyes. And then suddenly I snapped out of my trance and realized that he asked me a question!

"Ummm... Well normally after cheerleading practice on Friday nights she and the other cheerleaders go out partying so she mightn't even be home until tomorrow."

"That's good," he replied as he gave me that sensual look again and leaned forward for a kiss. He put his hands on my butt and I did the same to him and we kissed in the hallway for ten minutes until I started to get tired of standing up,

"Do you want to watch some TV?" I asked.

He nodded in response, "Sure, I don't have to be home until eight, that's when my mum usually gets home."

"I looked at my watch, its 4:30 now so that gives us three and a half hours."

"Sounds good," he said and I led the way into our lounge room. We both sat down on the sofa and I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV to one of the movie channels. I wasn't sure what movie was on and I didn't care, Kevin's lips were the only thing that I was concentrating on. We both took our shirts off quickly and we made out for a full hour on that sofa before taking a break. Kevin's lips were like a drug that I needed a hit of every three seconds so it was painful to finally stop and stand up.

"What now?" he asked as I took his hand and led him back out into the hallway.

"Let's go upstairs to my room," I answered breathlessly, still worn out from an hour of bliss.

"Sounds good," he replied as we started to climb the stairs.

Once we were in my room we made our way to the bed and lay down next to each other.

"I love you Kevin Basier," I said as I looked into his eyes.

"And I love you Tom Callahan," he replied. We looked at each other for a few moments and then I reached my arm around behind his head and pulled my lips to mine. As we kissed Kevin swung his leg over me and got on top of me. I started to moan and was about to bite my lip to try and muffle my moans when I realized that there was no-one else that would hear me. We were now two teenage boys in love, in our own sanctuary away from anybody that would think what we are doing was wrong.

Kevin kicked off his shoes as he continued to kiss me and I did the same. Then he sat up and started to undo the top of his pants. He pulled his pants down and was sitting there with just his boxers on. I sat up and started to lick the obvious tent in his boxers and I could feel his penis pulsating with his heartbeat through the material. I reached down and quickly undid my pants and we both stood up together and pulled them all the way off, also taking the chance to discard our boxers while we were standing up.

I took hold of his erect penis as we stood there and started to massage it gently with my right hand. He leaned in and started to kiss my neck and do the same to me,

"I need you so much Tom, don't ever leave me," he whispered as he nibbled my ear.

"I won't ever leave you baby, I promise," I whispered in reply.

I let go of his manhood and lay down on the bed, wrapping my arms round him as he lay on top of me. He started to push his body against mine slowly and the friction of our two penises rubbing together was causing us to both moan and whimper uncontrollably. I looked up at my blond god as his locks of blond curls fell onto his face. He stopped kissing me and shifted around and started to lick at my leaking errection. His errection was above my face and I wrapped my hand around it as I let it enter my mouth. I swirled my tongue all over the head and shaft of his penis and I grabbed his butt cheeks the moment my swollen penis entered his mouth. I moaned out loud in wonder; his mouth was so hot and wet, I couldn't think of a better place for my penis to be in right now. I kept sucking on his cock for another minute and when it was at it's hardest, I decided to tease him so I let his penis slide out of my mouth and left it pulsating just above my mouth. He started to hump towards my mouth in desperate need of a release but I lifted his legs slightly so his penis couldn't reach my mouth. A few drops of precum oozed out of the piss slit and I raised my head slightly and licked at the head of his penis to catch them with my tongue. I think he finally realized what I was doing so he decided to tease me too and let my cock slide out of his mouth. For the next ten minutes we would suck each others cocks until they were at their hardest and then we would stop and let them go down a bit and then start again. By the end of it I was so horny I thought I would explode!

I decided to stop the teasing and reached up and wrapped my hand around his now red hot cock, I smiled when I felt him do the same one second later. I then started to masturbate him slowly and moaned when I felt him do the same. I decided to give him a shock so I suddenly increased my speed so my hand was a blur on his cock. He started to growl and paused for a few seconds before he did the same to mine. Then I felt it coming, it started at my toes and slowly rose through my whole body,

"Ohhh... Kevin I'm gonna cum, I'm gonna cum baby!" I hissed, Kevin ignored my warning and kept his hand going at top speed. I heard him start to moan loudly as my hand was also still at top speed and he was also nearing release,

"Here it comes!" he hissed and I kept the head of his cock just above my head as I masturbated his swollen cock and opened my mouth, ready to receive his load. The problem was that it was hard to keep my body still since I could feel myself going over the edge as well.

The first shot out of his cock hit the back of my throat at top speed and the second one followed close behind. Then I felt the first spurt fly out of my penis at top speed so I stuck his cock in my mouth so I could scream and swallow his seed at the same time. I felt tears pouring out of my eyes as I shot my load into his mouth over and over again. When we were both spent we licked and nursed each others sore organs as we came down from our orgasmic high. We lay there for a minute before we decided to get dressed again and go down at watch TV. I looked at the clock on my bedside table and it said it was 6:00, wow, best one and a half hours of my life that's for sure.

We decided to have a rest for the remainder of the night as we were both too sore from our activities earlier. I made us some popcorn and we snuggled up underneath a blanket and watched TV for an hour. Every now and again we would talk about something or other and then we would kiss during the commercials. Ten minutes before eight Kevin decided to go,

"What are you doing tomorrow?" he asked.

"Well I have training at the dojo at noon, and that goes for two hours but I'm free for the rest of the day."

"Cool, I'll call you after I have my breakfast," he said as I walked him to the door.

I gave him a kiss goodbye and watched him as he walked away. He was such a beautiful boy with a beautiful heart, why would anybody want to cause him harm on purpose. I sighed as I closed the door and walked up to my room. There is no way I can allow someone to hurt Kevin, I needed to come up with an idea to help him, and fast.


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