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Dionysius' Den
mr. b

The anticipation was unbearable. The drive seemed to take forever over bare, black highway. There was nothing special about the day. A little sunny and very mild for December. And I was so uncomfortable. My dick had been stiff since I left home ...

That Friday, I had met (or kind of anyway) the new guy at our school. Usually we didn't have new seniors entering our class unless they had either been kicked out of another school or had some kind of parent transfer or something. I had seen him between classes a few times during this school year but had ever thought to say anything. I heard his name was Jonovan, from South Carolina, and that he was some stylish bad ass. He was cute -- very cute -- but not overly menacing with his looks. No one seemed to know why he was in our senior class his last year of high school and no one really seemed to care. I did. He was kind of mysterious, enticing. His worldly blue eyes caught mine that Friday in the cafeteria and they seemed to look right through my straight appearance to the core of my hidden gayness. I had to turn away. And then, suddenly, he was next to me. I felt my face flushed and my throat dry up. I didn't want to say anything to him. I couldn't speak. I didn't need to, though. I could see out of the corner of my eye that beside me he sat, calm and indifferent to his surroundings. I watched his arm slide into his pocket, pushing his bracelet and sleeve up his slender arm. His hand searched around inside and he reservedly excavated a slip of folded paper. As he got it out into the open, it dropped from his hands and fell quietly to the floor next to my shoe. I looked at it and then looked back at him. And as I turned to see him, there was his back. He was taking his tray up and like that he was gone. I thought to cry out and tell him about the paper he dropped. But nothing came from my lips. Without thinking, my hand had grabbed the paper and began to unfold it. It read:

You've been wanting to talk to me I can tell. But, I haven't been bold enough to say anything to you either. Tomorrow, I will be in Augusta (that's 2 hours southwest of the city) at a hotel called Dionysius' Den. Meet me there if you really want to talk to me. Hope to see you then.

-Tiger [that's what most people call me]

The car clock said 5:04. The sun had began to leave its pink film over the sky as the atmosphere darkened. My eyes hunted for the hotel sign. To my left it popped up. My chest filled with nervousness as I pulled my dad's Camry into the parking lot. I got out and went to the reception desk of the hotel. Only an old woman was inside. She squinted at me and then smiled asking me if I needed a room. I told her that I was looking for my friend, Jonovan. She frowned thoughtfully and replied that there was no Jonovan staying here. Only a young man who left a key with the name "Tiger" on it. My insides smiled following my mouth. She handed me the key and I pressed it in my hand, thanking her. I trotted down the walkway to room 19. My heart was racing. I couldn't even feel my legs. I thought to knock, but decided to stick the key in instead. The key fit, turned the lock, and gave way to the musky, coolness of the room. I saw no one. The TV was off and the bed made. I heard the sprinkle of the shower.

My cock was fluttering inside my baggy jeans as I pushed the cracked door to the bathroom. The shower curtain was pulled and I stepped my right foot inside. I took another step and my left foot slid slightly on a pair of white boxer briefs. My eyes took in the scattered underclothes and the plaid shirt and jeans folded over the toilet seat. Automatically, I began to undress. I quietly slid off my shoes, socks, slipped down my jeans and stepped out of them. I pulled off my button down and then my T-shirt. I stood there feeling the steam of the shower in just my boxers with my hard dick jutting the front flap out. I had heard a couple of splashes behind the curtain so I knew someone was there. I was standing virtually naked but I wasn't sure what to do. I licked my lips, grasped the side of the curtain, and slung it back.

He stood there. His pale naked body dripping with foamy soap, his brownish-blonde hair pressed wet to his head, cock standing out lathered and firm. His eyes were wide, gazing at me filled with carnality. I swallowed and wet my lips. The water ran down his smooth, torso, splashing off his pointy nipples, flowing over his bowl-like navel, and islanding the base of his dick. Thoughtless, I whisked my boxers to the tile floor and stepped into the tub right behind him. He didn't turn. I ran my brown eyes up his furry calves, to slight crease joining his ass and thighs, up his smooth, chiseled back, and to his soft neck. I pulled back the shower curtain, pressed my palm on the back of his wet hip, and said, "hi."

I leaned my head to his neck and tenderly pecked it with my lips. I placed my other hand on his other hip and began to run both around his slippery waist and up his flat, hairless belly. His muscles flexed a little at my touch and he cocked his head to one side allowing my nibbling to continue. My middle fingers pressed into his navel sliding upwards. His pecs bumped out his chest as my palms grazed his sharp tits. My tongue had found its way up the side of his right jaw as his breathing began to increase. The wet front of my body was pressing into his back. I could feel my slick cock rubbing around his soapy ass crack and slide past his puckered hole a couple of times. And as if he couldn't take it anymore, he suddenly turned around.

I met his full azure eyes once again and grinned at his thin lips. I moved my head to kiss him, extending my tongue into his mouth, letting my cock press into his smooth balls. He reached around to my toosh and grabbed a hold, pulling me closer. His pale cock slid around mine and up my stomach a couple times. His wet fingers kept running around my asshole before he pierced it with two. I felt my hips buckle and my dick flex as he slipped them into me. I grabbed a hold of his thick boner and massaged the soapsuds, rinsing it off. I pulled away letting his fingers come out of me and got to my knees, the warm spray of the shower bouncing from his shoulders to the top of my shaven head. I positioned my lips around his cut, crimson cock and vigorously wiggled my tongue around it letting the tip occasionally break his piss slit. I felt his hands rubbing my head gently pressing it further onto him. In a second, I throated his six inches and returned back to just the tip. I could sense his stomach tightening by my forehead and bobbed a couple of more times, letting his shaft slide effortlessly down my throat. I cupped his balls in my right hand and delicately squeezed them. His wet pubic hair tickled my cheeks every time I swallowed his sizeable schlong and I detected a barely audible moan escape his lips. I stood back up, pulled the curtain back, and stepped out of the shower.

Tiger twisted off the water and stepped out behind me. I grabbed the only towel and put it around my waist moving out into the bedroom. I turned around and sat on the bed surprised at him pushing me down and his wet body on top of me. I was still covered in beads of water as he pushed the towel up from my knees and past my hips so my cock was standing up to him. His hair dripped cool drops onto my stomach as his mouth stole my cock gobbling me like he hadn't eaten in days. He went down and up almost returning my dick to the air but instead swallowing me in again. His soft hands pulled my thighs up and exposed my damp ass crack. He buried his rounded nose underneath my balls and slid his tongue around in my hole like water swirling around the toilet bowl. One hand rubbed my smooth thigh as I saw the other arm folded down the foot of the bed between his legs. He then gave me one last poke with his tongue and stood up. He stroked his still slippery dick and pushed the head of it slowly into my body. I spread my legs letting the towel come undone at the waist allowing him access to my inner passions. I closed my eyes just as he lost the length of him inside me. He was a pro. Patiently, he allowed my virgin ass to adjust to his size before reaming out and back in again. He growled a little then laid on me pumping his hips, pushing and pulling his dick in and out of me. Flashes of heat and sensations invaded my body as I wrapped my arms around his neck and let him have his way. Just as his growls turned into uncontrollable grunts, he let himself slip out of me and stood back up, my legs unfolding lowering to a rest on the bed.

I grabbed his thick member once again and lavished it with my tongue. After a good sampling, I popped his dick from my mouth and gave him a carnal stare. This time, though, I was ready to tame this tiger. I eased myself up and reversed it so that he was flat on the bed, nipples pointing to the ceiling, dick curving upwards and to the left. I patted his bronze pubic hair and slid my fingers between his ass crack. I put my knees on the bed and pulled him up by his ivory thighs so his calves rested upon my heaving shoulders. I could see his pink winking hole tightening and loosening directly in front of my reddened dickhead. I pushed in vigorously letting his tunnel greedily welcome my cock. His blue eyes stared at me silently screaming for me to fuck him hard. I did.

His ball sack began to slap gently above my jet-black pubes. My stomach involuntarily flexed and relaxed as I stabbed his intestines with my deadly rod. He began to bite down on his lip and his dick flopped violently as I picked up speed. The wetness from the shower began to turn into sweat. I lowered myself onto him a little more, grabbing his lonely dick and pressing it into my abs. His groomed, but manly, hands latched onto my ass cheeks as if to keep me plunging inside of him. The flowery spread on the bed wrinkled underneath us while the frame creaked and shook against the wall. Night had fallen outside and the curtains allowed any passing to admire the taming of a wild animal. My fucking was beyond redemption and in a matter of seconds everything I came with would be let loose inside my pet tiger. I could feel him tensing up under me as my ass began to shake convulsively and my hips bucking like a rodeo bull. His dick flexed into my stomach multiple times, spreading warm cream through my sparse trail of hair around my belly button. No breath could escape his lungs until finally he spent a wild grunt and a shriek of pure ecstasy. His anal muscles contracted around the shaft of my cock as if to milk my load out of me. It was successful. My breathing turned to uncontrollable panting and my arms and stomach, splattered with his white cum, tightened to prepare my body to fire into him. My head bolted back in a fit of pleasure as my dick splashed spooges of cum coating his anal walls. Tiger, his mouth open in delight and his chest heaving to get air, held onto me insuring that I let none drip out. And as the last of my juices squeezed out into him, my body went limp and I fell in used passion onto his bare body.

The warmth between us kindled and I was sure that Tiger was the only one I could ever want. Thoughts of the other guys at school were bounced away as I we fucked. And the two of us lay in a benediction of pleasure with the neon sign of Dionysius' Den sparkling in the window.

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