Chapter 10

            Chris slowly got out of bed; trying hard not to wake Brian. He was looking so peaceful; he just didn’t want to ruin the perfectness of it all. Quietly he tiptoed out of his bedroom, and towards the bathroom. As he entered his foot his something, causing him almost to fall into the dark bathroom. Stumbling a little, he reached out and felt the light switch, flipping it as he closed the door. He looked down to find Brian’s jeans wrapped around one of his feet. As he kicked it to the corner, a piece of crumbled paper fell out. “Should I look at it?” He debated to himself as he picked it up. Curiosity took over and he slowly uncrumpled the paper. What he saw made his heart stop and his stomach drop. A sudden fit of rage consumed his body like wild fire. “Brian!” He yelled as he rushed back towards his room. “Brian!”

            “Huh? What?” Brian said groggily.

            “What is this?” Chris said, handing the note to Brian.

            Wiping the sleep from his eyes, Brian looked at the note. Suddenly Brian was consumed with anger as well. “What the fuck? You went through my stuff.” He yelled looking up at Chris, anger burning in his eyes.

            “It fell out. Who wrote it? Why didn’t you tell me?”

            “It’s nothing. Really.”

            “It’s nothing? Nothing? I will kill you faggot. That sounds like nothing to you?”

            “I…it…it means nothing.”

            “NO! It means everything.”


            “NO! I can’t loose you. I can’t. I did once...I…I just can’t.” Chris said, starting to break down.

            “Baby. You won’t loose me.” Brian said putting his hands on either side of Chris’s cheeks and leaning down to put his nose to his. “I love you.” He said, putting his lips to Chris’s.

            “But…but what if something happens?” Chris said weakly.

            “Nothing will happen. Now relax baby.” Brian said, putting his lips on Chris’s again.

Slowly, Brian rubbed his tongue against the crevice of Chris’s lips; trying to find an opening. It didn’t take long for Chris to be filled with a sudden urge and lust for Brian. Surrendering himself to his sexual wants and needs, he parted his lips. Without hesitation Brian slipped his tongue in Chris’s moist waiting mouth; sliding it all the way to the back of his mouth.


Bringing his hand up, Chris slid his fingertips over the soft skin of Brian’s cheek; feeling the slight hairs of his five o’clock shadow. Moving his hand down towards Brian’s neck, he put his hand on the back of his neck and pulled Brian in closer. Brian pushed his body against Chris’s causing the two of them to fall backwards; Brian on top of Chris. The feeling of their naked bodies rubbing against each other was driving their hormones mad. Brian started to move his body up and down; sliding his chest against Chris’s. With each thrust, Brian brought his hard throbbing cock against Chris’s. Chris slid a hand down Brian’s back; tracing his spine with his fingertips. As Chris reached the bottom of Brian’s back, he slid his hands over the firm curvatures of Brian’s ass. Pulling Brian closer into him, Chris felt his abs being soaked with his precum and Brian’s.


Suddenly there was a loud knocking at the door. Frantically Brian jumped off the bed and pulled the sleeping bag that they placed on the floor over his naked body. “Chris? Honey? Are you awake?” Came the voice of Mrs. Dornson from the other side of the door.


“Yeah.” Chris said.


“Oh ok. Sorry to wake you early on a Saturday.” She said opening the door. “Oh Brian. I didn’t know you were spending the night.”


“Umm. Yeah. He came over after practice and we must have fallen asleep before you two came back from the Tokarski’s. How was it anyway?”


            “It was good. It was good seeing them again.”


            “Well. I’m glad you had fun.”


            “Yeah. It was. But hey, I just wanted to tell you that your Dad and I are going to the mall. So behave.” She said, chuckling.


            “We will.” Chris called after her, as she closed the door. Turning to Brian he smirked, “looks like we will have the whole house to ourselves.”


            “Yeah.” What will we do?”


            “Hmm…I think we can think of something.” He said, leaning down to give Brian a kiss. “Come back up here. My bed is more comfortable.”


            “Yeah it is.” Brian said getting up and sliding under the covers next to Chris.  The two of them laid there in silence until they heard the garage door open and a minute later close.


“So…I think we were right here…” Chris said, pulling Brian back on top of him. Sliding his hands over Brian’s soft skin he pulled him closer; sliding his tongue deeper into his mouth. Brian let out a moan, as he felt Chris’s tongue slide over his; massaging it gently.

            Brian slid one of his hands over Chris’s chest; massaging his pecs. Chris ran his fingertips over Brian’s back; sending shivers through his body. Brian started thrusting his hips; trapping his cock and Chris’s under their abs. Chris slid his hands down Brian’s back towards his ass; pulling him closer. Matching each thrust, Brian and Chris could feel that their orgasms were getting close. Sliding his tongue around in Chris’s mouth; Brian used it to massage Chris’s tongue. Thrusting and humping each other faster and harder, the sensation in their balls was growing exponentially. Without warning both fired their loads at the same time. Soon their abs were covered with warm, sticky cum.

            Brian and Chris just lay there; letting their last lingering effects of their orgasms wear off. Suddenly Chris remembered the note and turned to Brian. “Baby? What about the note?”

            “I wouldn’t worry. It’s nothing?”

            “But what if it is? Who you think it could be?”

            “I don’t know? Maybe Steve.”

            “Or Zach.”

            “No I don’t think Zach would do that. He felt really bad with what happened.”

            “Or maybe it is someone else.” Chris said, thinking back at the past events with Todd. “Could he really do that?” Chris thought. He and Todd were friends, and he knew Todd really well. Todd was never someone that would violently attack someone. But in the past few days, Chris did see a new side of Todd. A side he barely knew; and barely liked.

            Chris’s thoughts were interrupted by the loud ringing of the phone. Getting out of bed, Chris walked across his room to pick up the house phone on his desk. It was his parents saying that they met some friends at the mall and were going out with them later, and that Chris was on his own for dinner. Looking at the clock as he hung up, Chris noticed it was a little after one. The two of them had slept most the morning and with sex, it brought them into the afternoon. With this realization, Chris noticed that he hadn’t eaten anything all day and he was starting to feel it.

            “Who was that babe?” Brian called form the bed.

            “My parents. They are going out tonight. Hey how about we go find something to eat downstairs and if you want we can go out for dinner.”

            “Like a date?”

            “Yes babe. Like a date.”

            “OK. Sounds good to me.”

            After a bit of foreplay and kissing, the two of them finally slipped on a pair of boxers and made their way downstairs. Walking into the kitchen, Chris really realized how hungry he was as he made his way to the freezer. The only thing that looked appetizing was a box of Hot Pockets.

            “What about these?” Chris asked, holding up the box.

            “Barbeque. My favorite.” Brian said.

            “OK. These it is.” Chris said, walking towards the cupboard. Opening it he took out two plates and put both Hot Pockets on one plate and put it in the microwave. As Chris was watching the flaky bread crust slowly start to cook, Brian snuck up behind Chris and wrapped his arms around him. Sliding his hands up and down Chris’s muscular chest and abs, Brian leaned in and started to kiss Chris’s lower neck. With small kisses, Brian made his way up Chris’s neck; stopping every once in a while to playfully suck on his sensitive neck. Reaching Chris’s ear, Brain slid his tongue over his earlobe before gently nibbling it.

            “I love you.” Brian said seductively.

            “I love you too.” Chris said turning around to bring his lips to Brian’s.

            The microwave beeped and Chris went to get the Hot Pockets; putting one on a different plate for Brian. After the two of them finished eating their lunch, Brian decided he better go home and shower. They agreed for Brain to drive of to Chris’s and the two of them would drive to Michelangelo’s together.

            At seven forty-five, Brian arrived at Chris’s house. As soon as Brian pulled up to the driveway, Chris stepped out. Brian could not help but stare at Chris; he was absolutely gorgeous. Wearing a tight dark blue button down, it perfectly accented Chris’s well sculptured muscles. His hazel eyes shone like two pools of honey. It was something Brian notice- whenever Chris was happy his eyes were a bit lighter. As Chris got closer Brian noticed that Chris’s semi hard cock was straining against the fabric of his tight jeans. Looking over at Chris after he got in, Brian smiled and reached down and playfully grabbed Chris’s cock. “Someone excited?”

            “Shut up.” Chris said, leaning in to kiss Brian.

            After a brief makeout session, Brian started the car and pulled out of Chris’s driveway. Coming to a red light, Brian held out his hand and Chris interlaced his fingers with Brian. “I love you, Brian. More than anything.”

            “I love you too.” Brian said, smiling.

            The two of them sat in silence, their fingers still intertwined; just enjoying each other’s company. Within twenty minutes, Brian pulled up in the parking lot of Michelangelo’s.

      The restaurant was a scene out of Italy. It had tan colored pillars with vines snaking around them. Right outside the door was a fountain; a miniature copy of the Trevi Fountain. Walking inside the elegant golden double doors, Brian walked up to the hostess and told her that they had reservations for two. She told them that they would have to wait a few minutes as their table was being prepared. Brain started looking around noticing random pictures on the wall. One caught his eye and he walked over to it. Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi : Piazza Navona” read the placard underneath the picture.

            “You like it?” Chris asked, standing behind Brian.

            “Yeah. I always wanted to go there.”

            “Well maybe one day we can.”

            “Like together?”

            “Yeah. If you put up with me that long.”

            “I think I can put up with you for a long time.”

            “Excuse me Mr. Stern, your table is ready.” The hostess announced, pointing to a young Italian man.

            “Good evening. My name is Carlo; I will be taking care of you this evening. This way please.” He said in a faint Italian accent. Once they were seated, Carlo gave them their menus. Carlo came back after a few minutes and took their drink orders.

            “What are you going to have?” Chris asked, studying the menu.

            “I think the five cheese baked ziti. You?”

            “I think I am gonna have…umm….Chicken Alfredo. No wait…Shrimp Primavera. Yeah. Shrimp Primavera.”

            “Haha. You sure?”

            “Yeah. Asshole.” Chris said, sticking his tongue out.

            After ordering, Chris knew that he had to talk to Brian about the note. He just didn’t know how to do it. He wanted to be there for Brian but at the same time he did not want to pressure him into saying anything.

            “Babe? Are you ok?” Brian asked.

            “Huh? Yeah. Why you ask?”

            “You keep scrunching your brow.”

            “Oh…well…It’s about the note.”

            “Well what about it?”

            “I think I know who may have written it.”

            “Really? Who?”


            “Oh. How do you know?”

            Chris filled Brian in on everything that happened with Todd for the past few days. Brian just sat in silence and listened to what Chris was saying. “Could it really be Todd?” he thought.

            “Well, what are you planning on doing Chris?”

            “I think I might just have to talk to him.”

            “No you can’t…you—”

            “Sorry to interrupt but your food is ready.” Carlo said, bring them their food.

            “You can’t.” Brian said, once Carlo had left.

            “Why not?”

            “You might out yourself?”

            “I was thinking about that. I don’t want to keep living a lie. I want my friends to know me and like me. For me.”

            “But…but what if they don’t?”

            “I hope they do. I mean look at Alexia, she knows and she is part of the reason why you and I are back together.”

            “I know. But still look what you could loose. Your friends. Your soccer team. You would throw away a scholarship before you ever had one.”

            “I don’t think I am that good.”

            “Bullshit. You know you are. Hell there are scouts after you already.”

            “But none of that matters. All that matters is you.”

            “Aww. But what about your parents. You saw what mine did. What if they do the same thing? It’s not worth it. It’s not worth loosing you over this.”

            “You won’t.”

            “Then don’t come out. Not just yet at least. Please.”

            “Ok. For you.”


            The two of them ate in silence for a second as Chris thought over everything Brian had said. In a way he was right, but he just wanted to be free. To accept the part of him that he knew he could never change. But if it meant loosing Brian, he wouldn’t risk it. Throughout the dinner the two talked about random stuff and just enjoyed each others company.

            After dinner the two decided to go back to Chris’s and watch a movie. However as they pulled up to Chris’s driveway, they saw the person that would drastically change both of their lives forever. As soon they saw her, both their smiles turned to an instant frown and Brian’s stomach dropped.

            “What the fuck are you doing here?” Chris yelled stepping out of the car.

            “Well fuck you too.” Sarah said with a venomous tone.

            “Seriously what the fuck do you want?”

            “Well isn’t this nice. The fag boy is here. What is he with you?”

            “Sarah? What do you want?”

            “Are you two together? I thought you loved me?” Sarah said stepping forward; she wrapped her hands around Chris. She pulled him in and put her lips to his. “I love you.” She said after breaking the kiss. Chris could smell the alcohol on her breath.

            Brian’s stomach turned over and over, as he thought back to the night of the party. The night of Chris’s betrayal. Fear and anger coursed through his body like poison. His head started spinning and he was having trouble breathing. Shutting his eyes, he tried to calm himself down. As he opened them he saw Chris push Sarah back.

            “I do not love you.” Chris hissed. “What do you want?”

            “I’m pregnant. With your child.”

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