Chapter 8


                        Chris pushed Brian against the door, slipping his hands into the side of Brian’s shirt. Leaning in closer to Brian, Chris slid his tongue toward Brian’s mouth looking for entry. Without hesitation, Brian parted his mouth and let Chris’s tongue enter his mouth.  Brian slid his hands over Chris’s muscular back, feeling each ripple as he pulled him closer. Their throbbing erections were rubbing against each other as they kissed. After a few moments, Chris broke and stared deeply in Brian’s sapphire eyes. Giving him a quick tender kiss he said, “I can’t believe how happy I am. I really do love you.”

                        “I love you too.” Brian said, leaning in to gently nibble on Chris’s lower lip. “Perhaps we should take this somewhere more private.”

                        Quickly, Chris grabbed Brian’s hand and led him up the staircase to his room. Locking the door behind him, Chris wrapped his arms around Brian making out. Still making out, they walked to the edge of the bed and then Brian fell back pulling Chris on top of him. As soon as they hit the bed, Brain grabbed the collar of Chris’s shirt and pulled him towards his waiting mouth. While making out, Brian slid his fingers inside the edge of the shirt; hooking his thumbs over the shirt.

                        Brian broke the kiss, to slowly lift Chris’s shirt over his head. As soon as Chris’s shirt hit the floor, Brian leaned upward and started to lick Chris’s chest. The faint hairs on his chest tickled Brian’s tongue, as he ran his tongue from one side of Chris’s chest to the other. Stopping at his nipple, Brian started to slowly suck and bite on it, forcing it to harden. Letting out a moan, Chris brushed his hand through Brian’s hair.


                        Licking down further, Brian flicked his tongue in and out of Chris’s belly button. He kissed his abs then licked down further, until he was just at the top of Chris’s pants. Starting to unbutton his pants, Chris reached down and pulled Brian back up to him. Looking him deep in the eyes he said, “This is all so new to me. Can we take it slow?”

                        “Sure. We can go as slow as you need.”

                        “Thanks. I love you. I just don’t want to loose you.”

                        “You won’t. I love you too.”


                        Wrapping his arms around Chris’s waist, Brian laid his head upon Chris’s chest. Listening to the soft rhythm of Chris’s beating heart, made Brian feel calm. His eyelids started to feel heavy and soon he fell asleep. For once since a long time, Brian felt like everything was right.


                        Brian woke to a sudden movement, cocking his head up; he looked over at a still sleeping Chris. He saw a smile across Chris’s face as he slept; obviously he was dreaming about something good. Gently, he traced his fingertips over Chris’s muscular chest; feeling it gently rise and fall with every breath. Chris stirred in his sleep, and then slowly opened his eyes. Once he left behind the realm of sleep and everything became clear, he leaned down and kissed Brian’s forehead.

                        “Hey.” He said.

                        “Hey Babe.” Brian said.

                        “Babe. I like the sound of that.”


                        “Hey listen. I want…I’m sorry for everything.”

                        “Shh. I know. It’s ok.”

                        “No it’s not. I was a coward. I was scared of being gay, and I almost lost you. After a while I was no longer scared of being gay. I was scared of not getting you back.” At this point, Chris could not hold back his tears, and started crying. Brian wrapped himself around Chris again and held him tight. The scent of Brian and the way he held him made Chris feel better; as if it was all right. Once being able to calm down, both boys collected their shirts and went downstairs to watch TV.


                        Looking at his watch, Brian noticed it was only six. A few minute later, Chris’s mom came in. As soon as she saw Brian, she smiled. “Hi Honey. Hi Brian.” She said greeting both boys.

                        “Hi Mom.”

                        “Hi Mrs. Dor—I mean Cynthia.”

                        “I should have dinner ready in an hour. You are more than welcome to stay, Brian.”

                        “Thank you very much. But I really don’t want to be a bother.”

                        “No come on. Stay.” Chris said, looking at Brian with puppy dog eyes.

                        “Ok. Sure.” Brian said.

                        “Ok cool. Hey I’m gonna get a Dr. Pepper. You want one?”

                        “Yeah. Sure.”

                        Chris slowly got up and walked towards the kitchen. His mom was there gathering all the ingredients for dinner.

                        “Need any help?” He asked her while rummaging through the fridge for two Dr. Peppers.

                        “No. But I am really proud of you.” She said smiling at her son.

                        “For what?” He asked, giving her a confused look.

                        “Just being my son. And for always doing the right thing. Now go hang out with Brian.”

                        “Sometimes you’re weird Mom.” Chris said, shaking his head and walking back to the living room with two Dr. Peppers.

                        “Here.” He said, reaching his hand out to Brian. As Brian leaned to grab the bottle, Chris quickly moved his hand away.

                        “Hey. No fair.” Brian whined. Reaching up, he tried again to grab it, but Chris was much taller, as Brian was still sitting.

                        “Come get it.” Chris said, waving the bottle way above Brian’s head.

                        “You asked for it.” Brian said as he got up and tackled Chris onto the other couch behind him.

                        “Hey.” Chris said, falling over but taking Brian with him.

                        “I win.” Brian said, looking down at Chris. His hazel eyes were burning deep within Brian. After a few minutes, Chris broke the gaze and leaned up to kiss Brian. Immediately, Brian felt Chris’s tongue slide into his mouth. Brian let out a moan, that was muffled in Chris’s mouth. Suddenly, Chris pulled back.

                        “Wow. Kissing you every time is amazing. But we can’t do it here.” He said, looking down at Brian, whose eyes were looking as if they were asking what he did wrong.

                        “Yeah. I’m sorry.”

                        “Hey. Don’t be. I kissed you.”

                        The two boys sat up and continued watching TV for a bit. Enthralled by CSI, both boys were startled by a deep voice behind them. Brian turned around to see a tall dark haired man looking down at them.

                        “Hey Dad. This is Brian.”

                        “Hey son. Nice to meet you, Brian.”

                        “Nice to meet you too, Mr. Dornson.”

                        “Please call me Tom. What are you watching?”


                        “I assume you are both done with you homework. Kidding. But no really, you know how Mom is.”

                        “Yes Dad. We finished.” He said laughing at his dad.

                        “Good. Well I’ll leave you two to your show and go bother the wife.” He said, walking away.

                        “Bye.” Both boys said before turning their attention back to CSI. Thankfully Chris was able to pause live TV and the two of them had missed nothing.

                        As soon as the show was finished, Cynthia called the boys for dinner.

                        “Perfect timing.” Chris said, as they both got off the couch and walked over to the kitchen. Cynthia guided Brian to an empty seat next to Chris. He was impressed by the cooking abilities of Cynthia; it was the best roast he had tasted in a long time.

                        “So, Brian. We have not seen you around here in a while. What happened?” Cynthia asked, after everyone had gotten some food on their plates.

                        “I was just really busy. School and all that.” He answered, not really wanting to say the truth.

                        “Where are you from anyway? This is my first time meeting you.” Tom asked, while helping himself to more mashed potatoes.

                        “I was born in St. Charles, Missouri and lived there until summer. Now I live here with my aunt and uncle.”

                        Missouri. Quite a ways away.”

                        “Yeah. It’s really different here, but I love it here.”

                        Brian, Chris and his parents talked more about the move to California, but never once did the real reason of why he moved come up. Afterward, Tom and Cynthia told Brian what they did and a few other random things.

                        Later in Chris’s room, both boys were laying on the bed; with Brian laying on Chris’s chest.

                        “Hey babe?” Chris said with a hint of concern.


                        “Can I ask you what happened? Why you moved?”

                        “Yeah. I really hate talking about it.”

                        “Oh. It’s ok. You don’t have to. But I am here for you.”

                        “I know. I am so glad I have you.” Brian said, leaning up to kiss Chris. “But yeah, I will tell you. Right at the end of the school year, I finally accept who I was. The part of me that I was hiding for so long. The fact I was gay. Well I had planned on telling my best friend Jason. We have been friends for as long as I could remember. Anyway the day I was going to tell him, he kissed me and well one thing lead to another and we ended up admitting our true feelings. Things got very heavy between us and we had sex. It was my first time. He spent the night and when my mom came in to wake us for breakfast she saw Jason and me making out naked. She freaked out and so did my dad. They could not accept who I was and to them I was nothing more than a failure. So they shipped me out here. I have not really talked to them since that day.”

                        “Aww. I’m so sorry baby.” Chris said, holding tightly onto Brian. “What about Jason?”

                        “He told me he would look for me. But I also haven’t heard from him since then.”


                        “It’s ok. I have you now.”

                        “I won’t ever leave you Brian. I promise.”

                        “I know baby.”

                        “No. I’m serious. I lost you once and it killed me. Really, I couldn’t eat. I couldn’t sleep. All I thought was how I treated you and how I lost you. You mean so much to you. I really do love you.”

                        “Aww. Chris.” Brian said, leaning up to kiss Chris. As soon as their lips touched, Brian slid his hand inside Chris’s shirt and started to massage his abs. Chris slid his hand over Brian’s back, feeling his smooth skin under his fingertips.

                        Suddenly there was a knock on the door, causing both boys to jump off each other. “Honey. Can I come in?” Cynthia called from the other side of the door.

                        “Sure Mom.”

                        “Hey. Sorry to interrupt but I just wanted to remind you that tomorrow you have a dentist appointment right after soccer practice. Just wanted to let you know before I forgot myself.”

                        “Ok. Thanks Mom.”

                        “Ok. Night boys.”


                        “Well, I think I better go. It is late and I am sure my aunt and uncle will start to be suspicious.” Brian said, looking down at his watch.

                        “Ok. Night love you.” Chris said, leaning in to kiss Brian.

                        “Love you too.” Brian answered after the kiss.

                        Brian made the drive home in a record ten minutes. To his luck both his uncle and aunt were in the living room watching TV and didn’t hear Brian come in the back door. Even thought it was still early, Brian had a long day and exhausted fell onto his bed.



                        Brian was anxious to see Chris at school. “Would he act any different? Will he do anything to out him? Them?” He thought. Walking the crowded halls, he scanned people’s faces looking for his boyfriend’s face. A sudden rush of sadness hit Brian, as he saw all of Chris’s friends, but no Chris. He was about to walk over to Alexia, when he felt two powerful hands grab him by the shoulder and pull him into the janitor’s closet.

                        Brian tried to look around, but the darkness engulfed everything. His heart started to race as thoughts of Steve and the rape ran through his mind. “What the fuck?” He spat, trying to hide the fear in his voice.


                        Suddenly someone turned on a light. Blinking, Brian tried to make out the face in front of him. He let out a sigh of relief when he saw the handsome face of Chris.

                        “What?” He asked, sensing the angry look of Brian.

                        “You scared the fuck out of me. I thought you were…nevermind.”

                        “Sorry. Who did you think I was?”

                        “No one. So why are we here?”

                        “So I can do this…” He said leaning in, putting his soft lips on Brian’s. Quickly Brian parted his lips, feeling Chris’s rough tongue brush over his lips and wrap itself around Brian’s. Chris slid his hand inside Brian’s shirt; running his fingertips over Brian’s smooth defined abs. Brian brought his hands up and gently brushed his fingertips across Chris’s cheeks; feeling the light stubble on his face.

                        Wrapping his arms around Brian’s waist, he pulled him closer. He could feel Brian’s erection pressing against his thigh; his own pressing against Brian’s leg. Slowly he moved his hand down and into the back of Brian’s boxers. He felt Brian’s soft muscular ass underneath his fingertips. Pressing his erection harder into Chris, Brian retracted his tongue and created a small gap between their mouths and bit Chris’s lower lip and slightly stretched it.

                        Chris pulled back and slowly got on knees in front of Brian. Hooking his hands on the edge of Brian’s shirt, he slowly lifted it up some; revealing Brian’s abs. Hovering just centimeters from his abs, Chris stuck out his tongue and slowly started to lick and suck on Brian’s abs. Moving over each ripple, he moved inward towards his belly button. Brian let out a moan as he felt Chris’s tongue flick in and out of his belly button; almost fucking it with his tongue.

                        Brian took his shirt off while Chris was working his way up Brian’s toned body. Biting his lip, Brian tried to conceal a moan as he felt Chris sucking and using his tongue to pleasure his erect nipple. After sucking on it for a few minutes, Chris licked over to the other one; sensually nibbling on it. Bringing his hands up, Brian ran his fingertips over Chris’s soft brown hair.  Chris slowly licked backed to the center of Brian’s chest, then glided his tongue up over Brian’s neck and throat; licking a straight line to his mouth. After a few gentle playful licks on Brian’s lips, Chris slid his tongue back into Brian’s mouth. Brian wasted no time and wrapped his tongue around Chris’s; gently massaging it.

                        Sliding his tongue out of Chris’s mouth, Brian slid his hands down the front of Chris’s shirt, hooking his fingers around the bottom. With one swift motion, he pulled his shirt up over Chris’s head.  A rage of pure lust came over Brian, and he started to suck and nibble on the side of Chris’s neck, slowly making his way towards the middle of his neck and down his chest. Running his tongue over Chris’s hard pecs, Brian started to run circles over his nipples. Lightly he stretched it with his teeth, making Chris moan in ecstasy.

                        “Shut up. We’re gonna get caught.” Brian said, smirking at Chris.

                        “Sorry. Please just don’t stop.”

                        With that, Brian lowered his lips back onto Chris’s erect nipple. Using his hands to discover every inch of Chris’s muscular back and side, he caused him to tremble with pure pleasure. After working over Chris’s other nipple, his tongue travelled further south. Brian could feel every hard muscle and every ridge of Chris’s toned abs. Chris’s breathing became more sporadic; letting Brian know he is doing a good job. Ever so slowly, almost as if not wanting to miss anything, he licked a line back up Chris’s body to his succulent lips.

                        Both boys were startled by the blaring bell that signaled the beginning of another arduous day of school. “Well that ruins our fun.” Brian said, looking deep into Chris’s amber eyes.

                        “It doesn’t have to.” He answered, with a devious smile.

                        “What do you mean?”

                        “Skip. I want to take you somewhere. Like a real date.”

                        “I’ve never skipped before.”

                        “Come on. I just wanna spend today with you. Not just this and the time in class. The whole day. I could barely sleep last night. All I could do was think of you. Fuck man. It scares me, but…but I’m falling utterly in love with you.”

                        “Aww Baby, I feel the same way. I couldn’t sleep last night either. I love you.” Brian said, leaning in to kiss him. Not a kiss that they shared earlier, but a lingering romantic kiss.

                        After they broke the kiss, the two of them gathered their shirts and waited at the door. Putting his ear to the door, Chris could hear the heavy footsteps of the hordes of people making their way to class. Once realizing that the coast was clear, Chris opened the door and they both made their way to the parking lot.

                        “Let’s take my car.” Chris said, walking over to his silver 2009 Mercedes SL63 AMG.

                        “Wow. Nice car.” Brian said in awe.

                        “Thanks. My dad gave it to me last year. His way of showing he loves me since he was always away on business.”

                        “Oh I see. What do your parents do anyway?” Brian asked getting into the passenger seat of the car.

                        “My dad is a lawyer at some big law firm and my mom owns her own business.”

                        “Oh. Cool.”

                        “Yeah. I guess.”

                        “So, where are we going anyway?”

                        “You’ll see.” He said, looking over at Brian. He grabbed Brian’s hand and intertwined his fingers with his. “I’m so happy”

                        “Me too.”

                        After driving for a bit, Chris turned on the radio and asked, “You got a favorite station?”

                        “Umm. Not really I like country, but I can’t remember the stations here.”

                        “Hmm. Let me see.”  Chris said, adjusting the dial every few seconds after listening to see what was on.

                        “Leave it.” Brian yelled as Chris stumbled upon a country station.

                        “95.1 FM.” Chris said reading the dial and programming into his favorites. As Brian started singing:

“We use to pull off highway 249
Had a cool little place where we'd go hide on a Friday night
And get away from the city lights
We'd find a little wood and build a fire
Sonebody'd always bring a couple guitars
And we'd take turns singin' songs and watching it burn
We'd do "Ramblin' Man", "Proud Mary". and "American Band"
We'd be singin' at the top of our lungs

It was always the love songs every time
Made everybody feel something inside
With the fire down low held your girl real close
Made you wanna love the one you were with
Gave you the courage of that first kiss
It was the love songs always the love songs”

                        Aww. I love the way you sing.”

                        “Oh shut up. I suck.”

                        “No. I love it. You’re a cute country boy.”

                        “Hey. I may not look it, but I’m country at heart.”

                        “It’s cute.”

                        “Whatever.” Brian said, rolling his eyes.

                        Looking out the window, Brian noticed how much of a perfect day it was. The sun shone bright in the clear sky; its reflection glistening over the aquamarine ocean that was quickly coming to view. Chris pulled right off the main road and drove down a narrow cement road leading them towards the beach. Brian had visited the beach over summer, but he had never been here before.

                        “Wow. It’s beautiful.” Brian said, getting out of the car after Chris pulled into the nearly empty parking lot.


                        “Yeah. I love this place.” Chris answered, grabbing a blanket and two beach towels out of his car. “Follow me.”

                        Chris started to walk towards the beach, removing his sandals along the way. Brian followed suit and walking next to Chris. Trying to avoid burning their feet in the hot sand, they ran quickly to towards the ocean. They let out a sigh of relief when they reached the cool wet sand; providing a safe haven from the heat.

                        The two of them walked in silence, watching the mighty blue waves break on the shore in front of them with a thunderous crash. After a while, they came to a gigantic cliff, blocking them for going any further.


                        “This way.” Chris said, pointing to a small opening in the cliff hidden behind a few fallen dead trees.


                        “What are you sure?”

                        “Yeah trust me.” Chris said walking into the opening.

                        “Ok.” Brian said, running to catch up to Chris.

                        Once inside the opening, Brian looked around to see that the cliff created a cave. A path lead down the side of the cliff towards the water. It was as if there was a mini secluded lagoon within the cave.

                        “Wow.” Brian said in awe, looking around.

                        “Yeah. Not a lot of people know about this.” Chris said, looking over at the awe struck Brian.


                        Chris unfolded the blanket and set the two towels down on top. Sitting down he mentioned for Brian to join him. Once Brian sat down next to him, Chris wrapped one arm around his shoulder and pulled him in. “I really am so happy. You’re the best boyfriend a guy could hope for.” He said, looking deep in Brian’s blue eyes.

                        “No. I’m the lucky one.” Brian responded, slowly leaning in. Within seconds the two closed the gap between them and slid their tongues in each other’s mouths. Pushing Brian back, Chris got on top of him, pushing his tongue deeper in Brian’s mouth. Brian wrapped his hands around the back of Chris’s head and pulled him in closer. Sliding them down his back to his ass, Brian brought his hands inside Chris’s shirt. Getting the picture, Chris broke the kiss to lean back and took his shirt off, before pulling at Brian’s. Once both boys were shirtless, they continued to make out.

                        Brian pushed Chris next to him and rolled on top of him, continuing his assault on Chris’s mouth. Running his fingertips over every inch of Brian’s back, Chris pulled him closer enjoying the feeling of Brian’s bare skin on top of his. Grabbing Chris’s hands from behind him, be pinned them above Chris’s head and broke the kiss to lick up and down his biceps. Chris let out a moan of pure pleasure, as Brian continued to lick every crevice of Chris’s arms and slowly making his way towards his chest.

                        After giving Chris a quick kiss on the chest, Brain got up and walked towards the water. “How about a swim?” He said, turning to the puzzled Chris.

                        “We…we don’t have any swimwear.” Chris said, trying to hide the frustration in his voice. He was really enjoying what Brian was doing.

                        Turning back to face the water, Brian hooked his hands on the edge of his pants and boxers and pulled them down. Stepping out of them, he gave Chris a good look at the back of his body. Chris was mesmerized by Brian; slowly moving his eyes downward. Following Brian’s muscular back down to his firm tight ass. He was surprised to see that his ass was only a little bit lighter than the rest of his dark toned body. “Must tan in the nude.” He thought, smiling at that image.

                        “I know. Besides who needs a bathing suit? We’re all alone.” Brian said, turning his head slightly, just enough to see Chris, but not enough for Chris to see his front. Winking at Chris, Brian stepped towards the water.

                        Chris watched in complete awe as Brian’s perfect body slowly disappeared under the cool blue water of the lagoon as Brian walked into the water. Once he was submerged to his neck, Brian dove under the water. A few moments later, Brian popped back up out of the still water. Chris felt his cock growing harder and harder, watching the water drip off Brian’s perfect face. Knowing that standing in the water, completely naked, was the man of his dreams was too much for him.

                        “Well, don’t just sit there gawking. Come join me.” Brian called out to him.

                        That was all that Chris needed to hear, as he quickly got to his feet and undid his jeans. With one fluid motion, he stripped off his jeans and boxers. Stepping out of them, he quickly got into the cool water. The lagoon was not that deep; his was submerged up to the middle of his chest when he reached Brain. As soon as he got close enough, Brian wrapped his arms around Chris and whispered, “So where were we?’

                        “Right here.” Chris answered before closing the gap between the two and slid his tongue back into its new home. Chris felt Brian’s hand travel down his spine to his ass, grabbing hold of his muscular globe, pulling him closer. Their erections pressed hard against each other as they kissed. Brian slid his free hand down the side of Chris’s body and in between them; grabbing hold of both their erections and slowly jerking them off together. With every stroke, Chris let out a moan as he felt the sensitive skin of his cock rub against Brian’s. Brian responded by stroking a little faster and pushing his tongue deeper into Chris’s mouth; feeling each vibration as Chris moaned.

                        Breaking the kiss, Chris slowly started biting Brian’s neck as he jacked them off faster and faster. Warning Brian that he was close, he started nibbling on Brian’s ear. Brian reciprocated and started kissing up Chris’s neck and licked right below his ear. The pressure in both their balls was getting more and more intense with every stroke.  They could feel their climaxes only seconds away, when all of the sudden Brian stopped.

                        “Oh my God. Why did you stop?” Chris asked, slightly disappointed.

                        “I want to try something.” Brian answered, grabbing hold of Chris’s hand and pulled him with him towards the shore. As soon as they were on land, Brian led him over to the blanket and pushed him down. Quickly getting on top of him, Brian slid his tongue back into Chris’s mouth. After a few moments he pulled back a little, breaking the kiss. Looking deep in to Chris’s hazel eyes, he mouthed the words “I love you” before slowly licking a straight line down his chest towards Chris’s engorged cock. Stopping shortly before his cock, Brian looked back up to Chris who only smiled. Quickly, Brian started tracing the length of Chris’s shaft with his tongue, feeling the veins pulsate as Chris moaned.


                        Running his fingertips over every inch of Chris’s body, Brian engulfed the whole shaft forcing it to hit the back of his throat. Brian started bobbing his head up and down as Chris moaned in pure pleasure. With every second that passed by, Chris felt the all too familiar feeling build up in his balls. “Oh. I’m close.” He warned.

                        Brian just sucked faster and harder, slightly scratching Chris’s chest and abs. Chris let out a loud moan as the pressure was intensifying even faster. With one final stroke by Brian, Chris felt his orgasm traveling through his balls, up his cock and into Brian’s mouth. Brian tried to swallow all that he could, as Chris erupted volley after volley of cum.


                        Once Chris was able to recover, he looked down at the smiling Brian and said, “Wow that was amazing.”

                        “Glad you liked it.”

                        Chris reached down and pulled Brian up to him. Leaning in he licked a strand of cum off the edge of Brian’s lips, before pushing him over and licking down his body towards his cock.


                        “Are you sure, Chris? I mean we can take it slow?”

                        “No. I want to do this. I want to make you feel as amazing as you made me feel.”

                        “Ok. But remember if you want to take it slow, I can wait.”

                        “Thanks.” Chris said before sliding his tongue over the head of Brian’s cock. Brian quivered as a drop of precum leaked from his cock. Chris quickly lapped up the droplet before sliding the cock all the way into his mouth. Brian brought his hands on top of Chris’s head; running them through his soft hair. Brian was so sexually excited it didn’t take him long for him to feel the sensation in his balls.

                        “Oh. Fuck. I’m close.” Brian moaned.

                        Brian thought that Chris would pull out, but to his surprise he just kept sucking harder and faster. Running his fingers through Chris’s hair a little more forcefully, Brian fell back on the blanket and shot his cum deep within Chris. After Brian’s orgasm subsided, Chris licked back up Brian’s sweaty body and slide his tongue into Brian’s. They each could taste the salty aftertaste of their cum on each others tongues.

                        After a few minutes, Chris broke the kiss and said, “I love you, I am so lucky to have you.”

                        “So am I.”

                        “I always thought admitting my sexuality would be hard, but with you…it all seems right.”

                        “Yeah. I feel so safe with you. Like no matter what shit goes on, I have you with me.” Brian said, pushing Chris to the side and wrapping his arms around Chris; resting his head on Chris’s powerful chest.

                        “Me too. Hey, how did you know about me?”

                        “I didn’t. I liked you when I first laid eyes on you. That first day, I got so hard just looking at you. I tried to hide it and tried to fight the feelings. I desperately wanted a friend. To fit in here. So I did my best to ignore my feelings I was afraid that if you knew I was gay, you would hate me..”

                        “I could never hate you. I was fighting those same feelings. I tried so hard to ignore the fact I was gay and that I had the hugest crush on you. That’s why I dated Sarah. To try to make myself straight.”

                        “Well. I am glad we are together now.”

                        “Me too. But I was wondering. What made you come to my house? After the way I treated you and all?”

                        “Well, honestly it was something Alexia said.”

                        “Alexia?” Chris asked with a look of horror. “Does she…does she know?”

                        “Yes. She told me she saw that you loved me the night of the movie. How you were acting and the way you looked at me. I thought she was crazy, but she told me that you cared and that I should go to you.”

                        “Did you tell her about you?”

                        “She asked me the day after the...the party.” As soon as he mentioned the party, images of Zach and Steve and the rape came to mind. He felt himself grow weak and nauseous. Everything started to spin as he felt his heart rate accelerate. Brian closed his eyes as he ears started to ring.

                        “Brian…Brain? Are you ok?” He suddenly heard, Brian opened his eyes to see Chris hunched down next to him. “Are you ok?”

                        “What…what happened?” Brian asked trying to recall what happened.

                        “I don’t know. We were talking and then suddenly you went quiet and would not respond to what I was saying.”

                        “I must have blacked out.”

                        “Yeah. Are you ok? What must have caused it?”

                        “I…I don’t know?” Brian lied.

                        After a few moments of silence, Chris wrapped his arms around Brian’s shoulder and pulled him into his chest. “Brian…what happened? At the party?”

                        “Nothing…I…it was nothing.” Brian said, trying so hard to keep his tears inside.

                        “Brian. I love you. I’m worried. The guy you went upstairs with…”

                        “He…he fucking raped me.” Brian spat as a surge of frustration and sadness came over him, like a demonic possession. Every inch of his body started hurting, and he could no longer hold back the tears. As if a dam broke, the tears started to flow.  Chris pulled Brian closer and held him at tight as he could. Burying his face in Chris’s shoulder, Brian continued to sob uncontrollably. Slowly stroking Brian’s hair, Chris told him it was all going to be ok.

                        Once he was able to regain some composure, he sat up and took a deep breathe, “He drugged me. Then he took me upstairs saying he just wanted to talk. Then the next thing I remember I was naked with him on top of me, then the door opens again and Steve enters. I tried to scream and fight back, but I could barely move. I blacked out right as Zach started to fuck me. I don’t know how many times they did it, or what exactly they did.”

                        “Brian...I...I don’t know what to say. Did you talk to anyone about it?”

                        “No, I can’t. I just want to block it out of my mind. Steve got what he deserved.”

                        “Baby, you need to talk to someone—“

                        “No! It happened. It’s over.”

                        “Ok, but I’m here now. I won’t let anyone hurt you. Ever.”

                        “I know. I love you.”

                        “I love you too.”

                        Chris and Brian laid there for a while in complete silence, just enjoying each other’s embrace. Before they knew it, they drifted off to sleep. Hours later, Brian woke with a sudden gurgle in his stomach- he was starving. Chris was feeling the same way, as a gurgle escaped his stomach as well. Waking Chris, Brian asked if he wanted to get food.

                        “Yeah. I’m starving. Besides its already one.” Chris said looking at his cell phone that he fished out of his jeans pocket.

                        “Where do you want to eat?”

                        “I know a place. Follow me.” Chris said, getting up and slowly getting dressed. Brian followed suit and a few minutes later, both boys were fully dressed, walking  out of the lagoon back towards the car. 

                        “This way.” Chris said, pointing to a burger shack. “I know this isn’t the Ritz Carlton, but I love this place.”

                        “Baby. It’s fine. I’d eat anything as long as I’m with you. Well…not everything. I hate olives and mushrooms.”

                        Haha. Me too. Good thing they probably won’t serve them here.”

                        “Good.” Brian said as they entered the restaurant. It was a quaint little place. Surfboards covered the wooden walls and hula skirts draped off the tables.

                        “Hey Mindy. A table for two please.”

                        “Hey Chris. Long time no see. How have you been? Hey shouldn’t you be in school?”

                        Haha. Yeah, but it’s such a beautiful day outside. I couldn’t resist. Don’t tell Dad ok?”

                        “Ok.” She said smirking.

                        “But yeah. I’ve been great. We all have. Oh, hey this is Brian. Brian this is Mindy.”

                        “Hi.” Brian said.

                        “Hi handsome.” Mindy said seductively, causing Brian to blush a little. “Well right this way.”


                        Brian and Chris followed her to a table at the far corner of the place, right under a blue surfboard.

                        “Can I get you something to drink?” Mindy said, passing them their menus.

                        “I’ll have a vanilla malt.” Chris said.

                        “That sounds good. I’ll have the same.”

                        “Ok. I’ll be right back with those.”

                        Studying the menu, Brian realized just how hungry he really was. The events earlier in the day took a lot out of him. Mindy returned with their malts, and after placing them on the table, asked if they were ready.

                        “Yeah. I’ll have the Western Burger.” Chris said.

                        “I’ll have the Shack Burger, with extra tomatoes please.” Brian said.

                        “Ok. I will get those started for you.” Mindy said, taking their menus and walking away.

                        “Today was amazing. Thanks Chris.”

                        “I would not want to share it with anyone else.”

                        “The lagoon was amazing. What we did in there was amazing.”

                        “Yeah. I discovered it when I was a kid. I still sometimes go there when I need to be alone and think. Never did I think I would be doing…well what we did in there.”

                        Haha. It was defiantly fun.”

                        “Amazing more like it.”

                        Soon after their food arrived, that they both scarfed down; trying to satisfy their hungry stomachs. Between bites, they made small talk; telling each other their favorite movies, colors, and whatever else they wanted to know.

                        After they had adequately stuffed themselves, they decided it was best for them to head back. By this time school was about to end, and Brian wanted to start going to soccer practice again. He knew that there would be hell to pay for all the practices he skipped, but he didn’t care. He had Brian as his boyfriend, and he had himself back. Finally being able to admit to himself he was gay, and that he was madly in love with Brian; gave him a sense of belonging and everything felt just right.

                        Within twenty-five minutes, Chris pulled up to the parking lot; just as the bell rang signaling the end of class. Chris and Brian got out of the car and said goodbye; Chris walking towards the soccer field and Brian towards his car.

                        Brian was on cloud nine. He was finally happy with being gay. Not to mention he had the best boyfriend a guy could have. “Could life get any better?” He thought. When he reached his car he noticed a piece of paper attached to his windshield wiper; slightly flapping in the soft breeze. As he read it, his perfect world came to a crashing end.

                        Stay the fuck away from Chris. He’s not like you. I see you with him. I will kill you faggot.


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