Discovering Mark Part II: The Next Day

The phone woke me at 6 AM. When he was away, Dad always called at 6 in the morning. Our agreement was that he wouldn't check up on me at night because he thought I needed some freedom of movement. So he called at six. If I wasn't home then -- he'd know something was wrong. He also wanted to make sure I was up in time to do some running before school.

This Saturday morning he asked how the game went, and I told him I'd been pounded into the dirt and hurt from my head to my toes. He laughed and told me to go run the aches and pains away. He then asked how I was going to spent the day. I told him the partial truth. I said that after my run I was going to stop by Mark's and practice my swimming and then "hang around." He said to stay out of trouble and that he'd be home Monday evening as planned and hung up.

I was tired. It was after two in the morning when Mark had dropped me off at home. After the passion faded from my first "gay encounter" with Mark in the hot tub, the aches and pains from the football game returned two fold. Mark half suggested I spend the night, but at that stage of the game I just wanted to go home and heal, besides I'm not sure either of us were ready for that deep a relationship. We dried each other off -- which was fun in itself -- and then he drove me home -- with a stop at the late night pizza joint for a snack. When I finally got into bed, I was exhausted.

When I got off the phone with Dad, I crawled out of bed. Literally. I was stiff in every joint. I'd promised I'd stop at Mark's after my run to practice my swimming, as I'd told Dad. What I didn't tell him was that I was hoping to get to know Mark a whole lot better after the swim. I threw a change of cloths into a knapsack, got in my running gear and limped out for my Saturday 3 mile run. The first mile was a nightmare, but by the time I was finishing up, the kinks were working their way out. I'd adjusted my running route so that I finished at Mark's house. I went around the garage and through the gate into the little courtyard outside Mark's lap pool. The lights were on and I could see someone in the pool. I knocked and went inside. Mark was swimming laps. He waved and yelled he still had 15 minutes to go and to hop in and doing my own laps. I paused at the pool edge to watch him swim. He cut through the water effortlessly and at a speed that I could never hope to match. His muscles in his lean frame stood out in the stark light and his bright red hair trailed behind him, a bright contrast to his pale body. I also noticed he was naked, so I stripped off my jogging shorts and hopped in. For the next 10 minutes I paddled and thrashed my way up and down the pool while Mark shouted instructions. I worked my buns off while he scooted effortlessly back and forth down the pool. After my third stop to catch my breath, I decided enough was enough. I was breathing hard and my stiff muscles that initially felt better with the exercise of the swim were now aching with fatigue. I was walking to the ladder when something grabbed my ankle. Mark climbed my body like you would shinny up a tree. Hand over hand he moved up my back with his body pressed as closely to me as he could. I could feel his hard on move upward from the back of my thighs and up my buttocks to stop with it facing down along the crack of my butt. My own cock sprang to attention as he pulled my head around to kiss me heartily on the lips.

"Good morning, Buddy" he said when he finally came up for air.

I turned around to face him and grabbed his ass and pulled him sharply into me, our best friends mashing into each other.

"Good morning, yourself!" I responded. "What's up? Besides you!"

"You," he replied. "Lets get cleaned up, and go to the mall for breakfast."

We went into his bathroom and he showed me the biggest shower I'd ever seen. It had a shower head at both ends of the stall and enough room for three or four people. It looked like it could be a lot of fun.

"Go ahead and take your shower, I want to shave first, my crotch is starting to itch," Mark commented.

This looked like it could be even more fun than the shower, I thought, so I told him.

"Where's your shaving stuff? I know you can't reach your back -- so if you want, I'll do the shaving." My voice sounded husky in my own ears.

Mark smiled from ear-to-ear and told me there was a stool out by the exercise mats next to the pool. We'd do the deed there.

While Mark rummaged around for his shaving brush, I locked the door to the courtyard and closed the curtains. I found a small pail by the hot tub and filled it with warm water from the tub. By that time Mark was out sitting on the stool. I use a wash rag to soak the skin and then lathered up his face.

"Oh, I thought you were going to shave somewhere else," he said in a sad voice.

"All in good time," I told him as I started to shave. "You didn't want to keep the scraggly beard and side burns did you?" Since I'd already shaved the left sideburn off up to the top of his ear, the question was moot. He had a light beard so I was finished his face quickly. He fingered his chin so I told him he looked much better without the ratty goatee. He'd brought out a comb, so I spent a minute or two combing the tangles out of his hair and was surprised to see it reached below the tan line just above his butt. I tossed the hair over his shoulder so it hung in front, then lathered a narrow strip around his ears and down the side of his neck. I carefully shaved a neat outline around the ear and down the hairline of his neck, cutting off the 3 to 4 inch hairs that had sprouted from his neck since his last haircut. I shaved a straight line across the back of his head at the bottom of his ears and then finished by edging around the other ear. I peeked down over Mark's shoulder to see him fingering his cock. I reached down and slapped his hand away.

"Not yet. I'll take care of that when I get there."

"Well, hurry then," he said in a strangled voice.

I was in no mood to hurry, especially since I could see it was tormenting him. It didn't take long to do his back down to the tan line and his arms, they were mostly hairless anyway. I lifted him off the stool and placed him face down on the mat. He about went wild when I rubbed the shaving cream over his ass and into his crack. His hand shot under his body and he looked like he was ready to hump the mat, so I yanked his hand out and told him to wait. There wasn't much to shave on his ass, but I did a thorough job of it anyway, simply because Mark was enjoying it so much. I spread his legs and reached for his balls. I covered them with lather, pulled them tight and shaved them as delicately as I could.

Suddenly, Mark's whole body shuddered and he yelled, "Oh Shit!!"

It was an interesting spectacle as his body reacted to the orgasm. He didn't seem to know whether to hump the mat, stroke his dick or both. As a result he just sort of quivered for a bit until the "fit" passed. He rolled over and I could see cum all over his stomach and chest and the mat was a mess. I wiped him down and was reaching over to clean up the mat when he grabbed me and kissed me hard.

"Keep that up, and I'll fall in love with you," he promised.

"Keep this up and we'll never get to breakfast," I told him. About that time my stomach added a little emphasis to the comment. He laughed and rolled onto his back, and I resumed shaving. Shaving his legs up to mid-thigh took only a few minutes and I could see he was getting hard again. I moved up beside him an quickly shaved his arm pits and chest down to his tan line. He was moaning softly again when I was ready to tackle his crotch. I knelt between his legs and shaved the insides of his thighs. His moans got just a little louder. I spread lather over his crotch and up his dick, giving the dick a few additional strokes to keep his attention. The sight of his engorged member had me breathless. I had to bend over to get a good look at what I was doing, I didn't want to leave any nicks in this area, and as slowly as possible shaved his crotch. The more I shaved, the hotter I got until only his stiff rod had any hair remaining. I thought I was going to blow my load all over him. I had never given a blowjob in my life, but I knew I was going to give my first one now. I carefully shaved his dick and then reached for my backpack and pulled out a rubber. Mark watched in intense anticipation as I rolled it down over his dick. I hesitated for a moment wondering if I wanted to take this next step in a relationship with Mark, but the passion got the best of me and shoved my mouth down over his cock and started to suck. I immediately gagged as his boner hit the back of my throat. I backed out a little and tried again. Mark's moans got louder and he began to thrust with his pelvis. I reached down to my own throbbing cock and stroked it madly. I'm sure it wasn't much of a blowjob by other peoples standards, but it sure worked for Mark. I felt his dick swell in my mouth and felt the head of the rubber expand rapidly as Mark blew his load into it. He was thrusting his hips into upward, jamming his cock into the back of my throat. I started to gag again so I spit him out, straightened up and stroked my own meat harder. That keyed my dick that it was time to unload and my cum spurted from it's head to cover his crotch and balls. I watched in amazement as I pumped more cum than I'd ever seen onto Mark's shaven crotch and watched it drip wetly down onto his balls and the mat. We were both spent in seconds and collapsed back onto the mat with a deep sighs. I reached out to take the rubber off, and Mark pulled my hand away saying his cock was too tender to be touched right now. So I gave him a quick kiss and then took out the warm washcloth and began to clean us up.

"What was it like? Giving a blow job, I mean," he asked quietly.

"In your case it was like wearing a surgical glove and sucking on your pinkie. Sort of antiseptic and not much of a snack. The rubber doesn't do much for the taste of dong."

"I wonder what it was like before AIDS scared everyone to death, back when you could swallow and not worry if you were going to catch your death from it. "

"Pretty deep thoughts from a guy who just got his first blow job," I told him. "Besides, I did it for you. The taste of latex is a small price to pay to make you happy." I stretched out beside him and kissed his nipple to show him I still wanted to keep him happy.

He sat up abruptly and pointed to the stool.

"Your turn in the chair!" he ordered and reached for the razor.

I didn't sit down until we'd agreed I was going to keep the body fur. After all, I was the one who had to shower with the team, and showing up with shaved legs and a bald crotch was as good a way of "outing" myself as I could think of -- and I was far from ready to come out. Mark combed out my hair and then went for his little beard shaver. I hadn't had a haircut for at least two years and an impressive amount of long hair piled up on the mat has he trimmed around my ears and shaved my neck. He also trimmed about two inches off the length trying to even up the ends. When he was satisfied, he trimmed my overgrown sideburns down to a quarter inch and shaved my face, leaving a three day growth to form the beginning of a goatee.

"To add character to a rather dull face." he told me.

Then we tried out his shower. I scrubbed his back and he did mine. Then as I was washing my hair, Mark knelt down and began to wash my dick. It rapidly grew to its excited size and he whipped out a rubber (I don't know where he hid it!) rolled it on, and buried is face in my crotch without a word. His soapy hands gripped my ass and pulled me into his mouth. One hand slid down to caress my balls while the other stroked and probed my ass hole. I started to thrust into his mouth and about smashed his head against the wall when he buried a soapy finger in my ass.

"I hope you cut your nails," I panted. He couldn't or wouldn't answer, he just sucked harder.

There wasn't much I could do for him while he was down there, so I just caressed his face with my hands and pulled him up once in a while for a quick kiss, before letting him sink back down to my cock. My shaft couldn't fit into all the way into his mouth, so Mark wrapped some of his hair around his hand, and stroked my dick with the hair. That did it. I don't know how he sensed when I was ready to cum but just as I felt the beginnings or my orgasm he buried his finger in my butt again and probed my prostrate hard. I felt like I had to piss, shit and cum at the same time. I thrust deeply into his mouth and gasped loudly as I erupted into the rubber. Mark tried to keep my dick in his mouth but gave up and pulled away as he continued to pump me with a fist full of his hair. When I was done, I was so drained I leaned back against the wall of the shower and slid down to the floor. Mark looked at me expectantly.

"Wow!!!" was all I had the strength to say.

Stay Tuned for Part III