Discovering Mark Part III: The Second Night

When I had recovered somewhat from getting my first blow job from Mark in his shower, we spent some time drying each other off. I dried and combed his nearly butt length hair, but when I tried to tie it into a braid I did such a bad job he shooed me away and did it himself. He wanted to braid mine, but I was concerned people would get suspicious if we both showed up at the mall with braids so we settled on tying it in a pony tail. While all this was going on we had a serious discussion concerning how "out" we would be in our budding relationship. The answer was -- not very. Mark thought his folks had a good inkling he was gay, but I was sure my Dad didn't know. Hell until the night before, I didn't know for sure I was gay. We decided it was no one else's business but our own and would make sure it stayed that way.

We didn't make it to the mall for breakfast, but we were in time for an early lunch and headed to the Burger Stop where all the kids hung out. As we stood in line for lunch, we listened to the gossip. Most of it centered around my losing the football game for the team. Since I wasn't a "local", and since I had the whole second half to recover from a 35 to nothing score, it was obviously my fault. I didn't mind the chiding and teasing, but "Tiny" Bentley the center did. Most of the opposing players had climbed over him to get to me and he was still sore -- both emotionally and physically. He grumbled loudly (which was very loud) for folks to "get real and talk about something else for a while" and when things got deathly still, invited Mark and I to sit with he and his girl friend. We talked for a while and then Mark left for the "Y" to practice with the community swim team and I bummed a ride home with Tiny to study and watch football.

Mark had promised to come by after eight that night and would bring dinner. I had told him to bring beer if he wanted something to drink since Dad tended to keep track of what was in the fridge. I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening studying, watching football, and watching the clock. The biology book got the least attention, the TV more so, but I think I watched the clock the most.

My Dad had a thing about personal privacy and our house was about as sheltered as you could get in town. All the lots bordering the alley behind the house had six foot fences and Dad and I had rebuilt our back fence to give us a parking area that was well shielded from the alley. You really needed to be real nosy to see any comings or goings around our home, which made it perfect for Mark and I as long as we weren't too obvious about it. Just after eight, there was a knock at the back door and I almost raced to answer it.

Mark entered with his hands full of Chinese food boxes. He deposited them on the table and went back to the car for a second load. After he unloaded that mass on the table, he grabbed me to give me a hug and a kiss. As I hugged him back I wondered if he would always smell like chlorine.

We made small talk during the meal. It was if we had known each other for years, and I was more comfortable in his presence than I had ever been with other friends. The beers might have helped. After we cleaned up the kitchen we went in to watch the evening football game.

It was wonderful! Mark knew much more about the sport than I expected. I sat in a corner of the couch and he snuggled up against me to watch. I put my arm around his shoulders and he spent most of the game with his head on my chest watching. Occasionally he would raise his head to give me a quick kiss or reach down to stroke the inside of my thigh and rub his hand around on my crotch. I would reach down to stroke his chest and massage his pecs a little and grope his groin during some of the commercial time-outs. Mostly we just watched the game and enjoyed each other's company. I was perfectly content just to sit there and let him toy with a long lock of my hair and steal a few kisses. I loved it.

When the game ended, I turned off the TV and reached behind me to shut off the lamp. Mark was on me in a flash, pressing his lips onto mine and digging with his tongue. He pushed me flat on the couch and laid atop me, firmly rubbing my breasts while trying to touch my tonsils with his tongue. He started grinding his crotch into mine. I rolled over on top of him and began to nibble on his ear. I stopped long enough to remove the dangley ear ring I nearly broke a tooth on and then resumed nibbling and caressing my way down his neck. He was moaning softly as I reached his T-shirt and pulled it as high on his chest as I could so I could tongue and suck on his nipples. As I worked my way down his chest with my tongue, I reached under me to undo his belt and pants. When I had enough room to slide my hand in, I slid it down to his crotch and pressed his shaved dick into his pelvis and began to rub it in a circular motion. Mark's breathing got a little harsher and he began thrusting his hips up against me. I moved my hand more rapidly and felt his balls contract and his cock begin to swell and he thrust upward with abandon. He grabbed my hair and pulled me up to kiss me deeply as he spurted his cum between us. He rolled on top of me and pulled away to undo my pants. He yanked my swollen dong out of my briefs. He sat back on my thighs and smiled devilishly. He took his long braid and wrapped it twice around my upright cock and pulled it so it slid around my throbbing hard on. The feeling was indescribable as the braid tightened then dragged around me as he pulled it. I reached down to stroke myself and he slapped my hand away.

"Just lay still," he commanded.

He grabbed the braid about a foot on the other side of my crotch and proceed to saw. He pulled the braid back and forth, back and forth. Every time I reached down he would shove me away and keep sawing. I felt the orgasm coming from deep in my soul. I could feel it gathering momentum as Mark sawed away. He lowered his head so he had more of the braid to work with and turned the sawing into long slow pulls that were driving me wild. My release raced to the head of my dick and erupted into a fountain of cum.

"Holy Shit, here it comes" I gasped.

The first spurt caught Mark in the forehead and he looked shocked as the second caught him in the mouth. The third hit his neck and then I lost track as contraction after contraction pumped my load onto him.

Mark leaned forward, rubbing his face on my T-shirt as he climbed back up to where he could get kissed. I grabbed his head in my hands and kissed him hard.

"Thank you, Thank you" I mumbled as I pulled him against me.

We laid together in the dark, just enjoying each other, holding each other tightly and not saying a word. After a few minutes, Mark raised his head from my chest and pulled himself up where he could look me in the eyes.

"Kurtis, I think I want you to fuck me," he whispered.

"Here? Now?"

"No, you pea brain. In the town square at noon. Of course here and now."

"How? Where? I've never even fucked a girl, let alone a man."

"Slowly, in the butt, you idiot. And I've never done it before either."

Mark hopped off the couch and pulled me up beside him. I was still sort of dazed.

"Where's your room?"

"Up the stairs then right. Why?"

I was obviously at my conversational best. I knew I sounded stupid and I was trying to make sense. Mark muttered something about dumb jocks and then towed me up to my bedroom. He left me standing dumbfounded in front of my bed and then disappeared into the bath.. I was still standing where he left me when he returned and stripped the covers from the bed. He spread a big beach towel across the sheets and beamed over at me.

"I don't want to sleep on any damp spots." Considering his chest was covered with our cum, I thought that remark peculiar.

Mark turned his attention back to me and slowly stripped me. When he was done he pushed me gently back on the bed and undressed himself. He undid his braid, turned out the light and slid in beside me. He handed me a tube of lubricant and told me to grease up his ass.

"How much?"

"Lots -- I don't want this to hurt too much," he said as he rolled on his belly beside me.

I put a gob on my hand and worked it around his anus. I pushed slightly and my finger slid into his ass. Mark grunted. His ass was tight around my finger and I could feel him tense and relax as I moved my finger around . I figured there was no way my dick would fit in there unless Mark was much more relaxed. It took a few seconds but I worked a second finger in beside the first. I began to move the fingers around as I tried to stretch his bung hole and get him to relax. I became absorbed in what I was doing and had reached down to stroke my dick as I explored ways of getting another finger up his butt.


I looked up at Mark. "What?"

"When you're finished playing back there, Kurtis -- I'm ready," a few seconds hesitation and then more softly.

"I think."

I pulled my fingers from his butt, sniffed them and cleaned my hand by wiping them off on his dick. I pulled out a rubber (the things were handed out like candy at the school nurse's office. It was considered "Cool" to stop by for a handful, especially when the girls were watching). Mark turned over and pulled me down to his face.

"You're a virgin, right?" he whispered. "So am I. I want to feel you in me, not a latex covered pole. If I wanted rubber, I could have bought a dildo. Please. I think I'm starting to fall in love with you."

The way he said "in love with you" sent a thrill through me. I felt a glow start in my toes and work its way up to hit me full in the heart. I pulled Mark firmly into my arms and kissed him. This kiss was no longer tied to lust and anticipation with the goal of getting someone ready for sex. It was different, more tender, more ... well, loving. This time I kissed Mark with my heart ruling instead of my loins. After a few moments, Mark pulled back from my lips, his eyes wide, and confused. He looked about to say something, so I put my finger on his lips to hush him. This moment was too precious to me. I saw understanding dawn in his eyes and he blushed a bright red. I felt the heat of his body increase as the blush spread. Mark pulled me close to him, wrapping his legs around me and kissed me with the same tenderness I had tried to put in my kiss. I tightened my own embrace and we lost ourselves in each others arms.

I finally pulled back from the embrace. Our bodies were sticky with the precum that our slow movements had ground into our bellies. Mark opened his eyes and pleaded.

"Now, Kurtis!"

He released me and rolled onto his stomach. The last thing I wanted to do now was hurt Mark so I put a lot of lub on my dick, and again tenderly spread the lubricant on his anus and gently stretched it with my fingers. Mark groaned and rolled his hips. I straddled his legs and studied his hairless ass. I kneaded his buttocks and planned my entry. Things didn't look quite right so I stuffed a couple of pillows under him so butt stuck up in the air.

I spread his legs a little wider knelt behind them. He put his hands on the mattress and pressed his butt back into my crotch. I felt under him. He had a huge hard on and I ran my hands over his smoothly shaven cock and balls and bent down to kiss his hairless ass. His red hair was draped over his shoulders and piled up on the mattress beside him. I placed my dick gently against his hole. Mark squirmed a little and I could feel him tightening and relaxing his ass. With my free hand I stroked his meat and his balls and waited until I could feel him relax. Then I began to push. I pushed about half the head of my dick in when he stopped me.

"Does it hurt?"

"Some, but it's not too bad. Keep going"

I pushed harder and Mark began to push back. Suddenly I popped in.

"Jeese!!!" Mark gasped. I could hear the pain in his voice, and was about to pull out when he said.

"Don't move, just let it sit there a second. The pain has to go away or noone would let another man fuck him."

I waited until he told me to go ahead and then pushed some more. I watched another inch of my dick disappear. He cried in pain again and I stopped until he could relax. When I felt his sphincter relax I applied more pressure. I slipped another inch into him.

Mark was relaxing and starting to get used to the feeling because he started to press his hams back against me. I pressed forward thinking he was ready for more, and buried my cock to the hilt in his butt. My hairy balls collided with his shaved nuts with an audible slap. There was a screech and Mark went limp on the bed, pulling me on top of him. I thought I had killed him. I gently stroked his sides and caressed the back of his neck and waited for him to get used to having me inside him. The warmth of his body on my cock felt wonderful. I could feel my arousal increasing and found my self trembling in anticipation. After a minute or so he said he felt better and I carefully made my first stroke. He didn't grunt too loudly so I stroked again. I could feel him relaxing so I kept slowly sliding in and out. I reached under him and felt his hard on returning so I knew he couldn't be feeling too badly. I started stroking a little harder. Mark started pushing back into me as I bore down and reached under himself to play with his dick. I began to enjoy the warm sensation of his tight ass ring on my dick and became more aroused. I started to pump harder. He pushed back into me harder raising up on one arm and using the other to masturbate himself. I thrust harder still.

I was completely overtaken by pure animal lust. Faster and deeper I thrust into Mark's hole. He response was just as primal. He threw himself backwards fiercely in time with my forward thrusts and his strokes on his cock became for frenzied. He came before I did, his sperm spurting forward over the towel in massive globs to the tune of Mark's muffled cries of ecstasy. His asshole clamped down on my cock and I felt my dick swell against his insides. I pumped frantically, trying to ram my dick all the way through him. Wave after wave of pleasure rocked through my system. I felt the hot cum spurt from me and spread around so my dick swam in the warmth of it as I pumped him for all I was worth. My head swam and I saw stars as I filled him with all I had.

Mark fell back on the bed as my knees collapsed. I rolled on my side, pulling him with me and grasping him tightly as we fought to catch our breaths. I wanted to kiss him so badly, I pulled my swollen cock out of his ass before it had softened. Mark grunted in pain, but I cut off his complaint by smothering his mouth with mine. For the first time in our lives we fell asleep in a man's arms.

I awoke to movement against the crack of my ass and the soft stroking of my groin. Mark was breathing softly as he rubbed is dick against me.

"Mark, do it!" I told him.

"It's gonna hurt like hell for a little bit, I'm still sore. Are you sure?"

"Did you like it."

"You can do me again -- anytime, my love. The pain will go away, I'll remember the pleasure forever."

"Do it, Mark," I whispered.

Mark rolled me onto my back and knelt between my legs. There was a brief sense of pressure as he pushed his greased finger into my ass and messaged the anus. A second finger quickly followed and I rapidly became hard. I watched him grease up his dick, and started to get concerned as it continued to swell.. He bent forward, his hair washing over my chest and stomach to kiss me. He placed my feet on his shoulders and slid forward to place the head of his dick to my butt. I tensed knowing what was coming next, and held my breath..

"Relax, buddy, relax. Pretend you're about to take a shit. Bear down just a bit." he whispered.

The look in eyes said he was eager and ready and I could feel him moving around as he waited for me to relax. I relaxed slightly and he entered me. Mark misjudged the amount of force necessary to enter and his enthusiastic initial thrust buried his dick to the balls in my ass. I felt like I had been ripped from my ass hole to my dick. I gasped in pain and reached down to rip from my ass the telephone pole that had imbedded itself in me.

"I'm sorry, so sorry," Mark sobbed as he grabbed my hands and leaned forward to kiss my chest. "Wait, just wait -- the pain will pass." I didn't think so, but it hurt to much to say anything.

Slowly the pain ebbed and I began to notice the fullness I felt in my pelvis and the heat of his dick on my tender anus. When the pain had faded to discomfort I looked at Mark and told him he could begin. Slowly Mark withdrew halfway and slid slowly back into me. The feeling of fullness remained and the movement of his cock across my prostrate felt strange. The repeated his stroke and the feelings become more intense and pleasurable. Then with each stroke, the feeling of pleasure drew stronger and I watched my dick begin to swell with blood. I wanted Mark to start pumping faster but he continued his slow and steady thrusting. To speed him up, I dropped my legs to the small of his back, locked my ankles together and at the start of one of his slow thrusts, I pulled him deeply into me. He took the hint and grasped my hips and began thrusting with more speed. My lust was rising again and I reached down to stroke my own dick. Mark was starting to pant and he pumped with more vigor as he went into rut.

In seconds Mark changed from a quiet, gentle person into a raging fiend. His pumping became pounding as he thrust himself deeply into me. His balls crashed into mine as he pumped furiously. I thought my dick would explode as I mercilessly pounded my pud. Mark closed his eyes and arched his back as he reached his climax. I felt his cock swell against the sore walls of my bung hole and his stokes slowed as he ejaculated inside me. I was still stroking like mad when he finished. Mark looked down at my hard on and my thrashing hand and realized I hadn't cum yet. He pushed my hand away and bent almost double to take my dick in his mouth. He sucked and tongued me frantically, pulling his softened dick from my ass and stretching out to take more of my cock in his mouth. I came in a rush, the cum spurting into Mark's mouth. He looked surprised and swallowed instinctivly. He didn't quite keep up with the cum I was pumping and it leaked out his mouth and down my cock. When he finished sucking me dry, he liked the cum from my dong and crawled up my body and kissed me. His breath smelled of cum. I squeezed him tightly. We continued to kiss and caress each other for a few moments.

Mark levered himself up and peered into my eyes.

"Wow!" we said, in unison.

It was a wonderful night. I had never spent a night with another person in the bed, but the initial awkwardness of two bodies moving around in their sleep soon passed. Mark was a snuggler. Each time I awoke, he was pressing up against me. If I rolled away, he would soon be right back against me. Once he forced me to the edge of the bed and rather than wake him, I got up and took the other side. I hadn't even dropped back to sleep before he had snuggled up against me. I was more content than I had ever been. Things felt right, and I felt compete. I loved running my hand down Mark as he slept. He would sigh and snuggle closer. If I accidentally woke him, he would smile groggily at me, give me a quick kiss, stick his head against my arm pit or place his head on my chest and drift back to sleep.

The phone rang precisely at 6. Dad said I and made some quick small talk. I told him I would study my Biology that day for the test tomorrow. I didn't tell him that it was Mark's biology I was planning to study. Mark smiled up from where he had his head on my chest throughout the conversation. Keeping my voice conversational got much harder when his head disappeared beneath the covers, and he started caressing my balls with his tongue. Dad reminded me to go out and run, and hung up.

"Later," I thought, as Mark gently wrapped his mouth around my rapidly swelling dick.

To be continued.