DJ Gets Eric

This is a fictional story about a young, gay high school student that is lusting over the school's star quarterback. If this sort of thing turns you off, please turn around now. Otherwise, grab the lube and enjoy.

DJ Chapelle ran across campus to the locker room, with his school books in tow. He was late getting to the locker room to help the football team get ready for practice. One of the teachers would just not stop talking once the final bell rang. He finally let them go, and he bolted for the gym.

DJ was one of the cutest sophomores in his class. 16 years old, 5 foot 9 and 175 pounds. Short blond hair and blue eyes. He had a decent build thanks to the weight room offered by the school. As he ran in, DJ saw him.

Eric Coughlin.

Eric was the most popular of the sophomores. Blond hair cut military-style, killer green eyes that would just make you melt. He was also 16, but was a lean and very muscular 145 pounds. Girls were all over him, he had a different girlfriend every other week.

With summer still going full blast, most of the squad was on the feild wearing only helmets and pants, no shirts. So he could get a good view of all the teen skin dripping in sweat, which made his 6.5 inch cut cock drip with pre-cum. Oh how he wanted to run his tounge all over Eric's worked out bod, between each of those six abdominal muscles, suck on those perky nipples and insert his cock up his tight bubble-butt. He made a beeline for the locker room.

One of the perks of being the equipment manager, was that he could have the locker room to himself, get it all cleaned up and stuff. The smell of all that sweat made DJ very horny, and he often had to jack off two, sometimes three times before practice was over. He passed Eric's locker, and noticed the stud did not lock it. Inside DJ found one of his sweaty jockstraps. He grabbed it and buried his face in the pouch, taking in the smell of sweat and spunk inside the fabric. Oh, how good that smelled.

He heard the door open, and he immediately hid the strap and went about his job of cleaning the locker room. This was DJ's favorite time, seeing all these 12-18 year olds, all sweaty and naked, slapping each others' asses playfully. Eric was always elusive to showing off his member, but from what DJ has heard, its big for his age.

The guys really made a mess this time, everyone, even the coach had left, and he was just starting to finish up. All alone, he went into the coach's office and pulled out Eric's jockstrap and took in its scent once again. He reached under his shorts and started to stroke his cock. "Oh, Eric," he moaned. "Feed me that cock of yours. Fill me up with your juices."

"You could have asked without taking my strap, bro."

DJ dropped the strap in total horror. He had been caught. There was Eric, all sweaty, wearing a strap that was tenting outward. "I've been watchin' you eyeball me, Chapelle. If you want me so bad, come and get it." DJ did not move. He could not think. The little hamster in his brain also froze in total fear. It did not know what to make out of this situation. The jock moved toward DJ and sat in his lap. "I must admit, I have been watchin' you too in the weight room. You are coming along pretty good, Chapelle. But I can help you get ripped like me. Feel that," he commanded, flexing his baseball-shaped bicep.

DJ leaned forward and licked the sweaty ball of muscle with his tounge, and buried his face in Eric's armpit. "Mmm, you like how I smell, eh Chapelle? Take it all in. Bury your queer nose in my pits, lick my chest, suck my cock like a good bitch fag."

He could not take it anymore. He had to get his pants off. DJ reached down and undid his shorts and pushed them to the floor, letting his cock loose. Eric wrapped DJ's cock with his tight ass cheeks and rubbed up and down the shaft. DJ moaned in delight. "You wanna fuck me up the ass, Chapelle? You are gonna have to earn it." He grabbed DJ's face in his hands and shoved his tounge deep into DJ's mouth. The greedy teen sucked on the jock's tounge, as they wrestled for what seemed to be an eternity. DJ did not want this dream to end. Here he was, in the coach's office, alone making out with the sexiest sophomore in the entire state!

Without even being told, DJ started to kiss Eric on the neck, and slowly worked down the teen's smooth chest to his nipples, which were so hard, they could cut class. "Ya know, Chapelle," Eric interupted, before we go any further, we should go into the locker room so we don't stink up the coach's office with the smell of sex."

"Sounds like a plan," he replied. "Let's take it to the showers. I wanna lick that ass of yours."

"Damn, you are a greedy little fuck, ain't you, Chapelle? I'm glad I caught you takin' my jock. No bitch has ever offered to rim my ass. I have always wanted to have it done." Eric leans up against the shower room wall, spreads his legs and arms out to allow Eric access to his cherry. This has gone beyond any dream he had ever ever had. He buried his face between the jock's cheeks, taking in the smells and started to probe the spintcher with his tounge. "Oh FUCK!" Eric screamed. "Oh my fucking GAWD! If you stop now, Chapelle, I will fuckin' break you like a goddamn fuckin' TWIG! Oh GAWD FUCKIN DAMN!"

DJ reached between Eric's legs, and massaged his cock through the cotton fabric of the jock, and pulled out the one thing he has lusted to see. The cock. It hung low, big balls, it had to be at least 7 inches, with a huge mushroom head. Using their sweat as a lube, he started to stroke it while still plunging his tounge deep into Eric's ass.

"Okay stud, you can stop a sec, lemme take this thing off." He turned around to show DJ his cock in its full glory...not a single hair -- totally shaved. He leaned forward and started to suck on the huge head. Eric shoved the entire thing into DJ's mouth, which made him gag. "Take it like a man, bitch. Suck my cock and you will get a sweet reward."

DJ's eyes rolled into the back of his head as he sucked on his first cock. He reached around and played with Eric's ass to guide his hips as the jock continued to fuck his face at a ferocious pace. "Damn, Chapelle, you are a good little queer, aren't you? Suck my cock, suck it good....oh fuck yah, suck it." He put his hands on the knealing boy's head, guiding him back and forth. "Yah, fuckin' suck it, bro."

DJ reached down to his trobbing cock, which was begging for attention. Eric grabbed his hair tightly. "Nono, Chapelle, save that for later." He then continued to fuck DJ's face. "Shit, I'm gettin' close.....oh fuck, shiiiiittt......FUUUUCCKKKKKK!"

Not wanting to miss a drop, DJ shoved his nose to the base of Eric's cock, as the jock unloaded shot after shot of white-hot teen spunk down his throat. He lunged his cock into DJ's mouth as shot after shot erupted from his cock, about 9 shots total. It proved to be too much, as dribbles of cum started to ooze out of the corners of DJ's mouth, but he quickly licked it all up.

"Goddamn, Chapelle, you are a good lil cum drinking faggot, ain't ya? Show how much you appricate my body by plowing my ass."

"You-you're kidding, right?" he asked.

"Are you fuckin' questioning me? What fuckin' queer would not wanna fuck me up the bum?"

DJ replied by knealing down and fucked the jock's ass with his tounge again, to get it ready. "OH GODDAMN, Chapelle! Fuck yah!" He took this as the cue to shove it in, so he did with one thrust. "FUCK!" he screamed. "OH YAH!"

Hearing Eric's howls of pleausre was more than DJ could bear. He was so horny, he was ramming Eric fast and furious. He reached around Eric and fondled his balls. His cock started to grow again to full staff. "Oh Chapelle," he hissed. "You are the fuckin' best. Fill me with your cum."

That did it. DJ screamed "I'm CUMMMMINGGGG!!" and let out ballistic missles of cum up the jock's ass, more than what was just unloaded in his mouth. After the 13th shot of cum, DJ fell to the floor, completely spent.

Eric ran his hand over DJ's chest and stomach, leaned over and kissed him deeply and passionately. "I love you, bro. That by far was the best sexual experience of my life."

DJ looked into Eric's eyes, which were welling up with tears. "I thought you were straight, dude."

"Chicks don't do it for me, bro. Once you fucked my ass with your tounge, I knew that I had to be gay, just like you." The jock started to sob.

"It's nothing to be ashamed of, dude."

"Show me what it is to be gay."

DJ smiled. "I'd be glad to." be continued.....................? Lemme know what u think! E-male me.