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Suggested reading on Nifty: W.A.R. in the Young Friends section a totally entertaining story about growing up. Jeff Wilson is a truly gifted writer.


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Dolphin Boy

by Sam Lakes

Chapter 10
No Longer a Dolphin Boy
Ely’s Story.

So the meeting concluded that we wouldn’t come out about our ‘special’ abilities but it was up to each of us whether we were ‘out’ as a couple or not. Noah and Ardal were definitely OUT, I told Jason that I didn’t mind being out (lower case) but I wasn’t willing to flaunt my gayness and make out in the halls shoving our relationship down everybody else’s throat – I don’t think it is appropriate even if some of the straights do it. I think they are just as obnoxious.

I loved summer but I loved being in school. Weird huh? Jason loves track and swimming; of course inline skating, ice-skating, biking, but those aren’t school sports. He made the cross-country team.

I tried out for track – I threw the shot put all of three feet. Bummer. I like running but I have short legs – well shorter than all the good runners. Forget pole-vaulting! Too high! I swim like a turtle walks. I thought tennis would be cool until my racquet slipped out of my hand and hit my opponent smack in the forehead – it didn’t knock him out or anything but he wasn’t pleased. I had to face facts, as much as I wanted to be involved in some sport I was hopeless at all of them. I was pretty miserable about my lack of sports aptitude and sweet Jason said when we were starting to study after school, “Ely, are you doing all this just to make me happy and to impress me?”

“No…yeah. I just don’t want to be a wimp in your eyes. I want you to be proud of me…Noah made the swim team and…”

“Ely, what did I say was going to happen if you started trying to compare yourself to Noah and try to make less of yourself? Huh?”

“You’d give me an ass-whooping…you wouldn’t!” Jason started getting out of his chair and I made a dash for the door but he caught me. We ended up wrestling on the floor. He, of course, was on top and had me pinned down. He was leaning down coming closer to my face just looking at me and I started blowing air in his face. He gave me a funny look like ‘what are you doing, you weird kid?’ “I’m giving you a job,” I laughed.

Jason shook his head, “You are so much better than Noah could ever be…” and then we kissed. I love his kisses.

“But he’s rich and he’s probably the hottest guy next to you in school…” I said.

“I agree he is rich and he is hot…but he is also an arrogant self-centered asshole some of the time…you aren’t, you are loving <kiss> you truly care about others <kiss> you’re hot <kiss>. I love you, E. I don’t want you to ever be like Noah because then I’d…I’d have to find another boyfriend and I don’t want that, I want you just the way you are. <Long, long kiss> “Now enough about Noah and I need to get back to my homework.”

Jason is in the 10th along with Ardal. Kagan is in the 11th, Justin and Ethan are in the 12th; the rest of us are in the 9th. Jason says he’s got to keep a 4.0 GPA because he wants to go to a good college.

After an hour Jason and I had finished our homework and I said, “J, I was thinking…”

“Uh-oh,” he giggled. “Could be dangerous…”

“Well, Kagan was talking to me today and wants me to join the Drama Club…it was sort of funny because I suddenly thought ‘drama’ – I’m gay – that would make me a ‘Drama Queen’ which I said to Kagan…and then I started acting like a real flamer and everyone was laughing and I just kept it up for a while. People had tears in their eyes from laughing so hard…then one guy said something about me doing a good fag act and I wasn’t angry because I knew he didn’t mean it to be nasty or insulting…and I did a mean Robert DeNiro on him and scared the shit out of him. He was like terrified and then I said ‘gotcha’. The thing is I really liked making everyone laugh. So I told Kagan I would join.”

“Wow! That’s great, E! Now that’s just another thing that makes me proud that you are my boyfriend. You have the talent.”

I liked Drama Club because on the days we met I had something to do while waiting for Jason so we could walk home together. With Mom working for his mom and us only living a block away it was convenient. I liked our new home because at last I had my own room. But I knew that in a few years I’d be moving out and that bothered me a bit because Mom would be on her own.

I was sort of daydreaming about that at lunch when I heard Jason saying, “Hello, Earth to E. Come in please.”

“Oh hi J.”

“Where were you?” he kidded.

“I was thinking about Mom and her living on her own when Nate and I leave home…it’s sort of sad.”


“Maybe by then we could buy the house next door and then it wouldn’t be so bad.”

Jason smiled at me. “You better watch it, I’m gonna start kissing you right here right now.”


“Never mind,” he giggled. I have no idea why.

“Well, I got to get off to math class, we’re having a test today and I want to do some last minute cramming. Love you. See you after school.”

“You too.”

I was walking to math class when I saw Trey Sorenson and Brad Duncan with Noah and a small crowd was gathering.

“You fucking homo, you and your boyfriend are so disgusting always making out. You need to show some respect for others because not everyone wants to see you two tongue fucking each other’s mouth.”

Noah said nothing. His eyes narrowed as he looked at Trey and then rested on Brad. A faint but evil smile appeared on his face. I knew what he did. “Noah! DON’T!” I yelled.

But I was too late. Noah just looked at me briefly "Keep out of this Ely," he thought and continued.

“Well Trey, not half as disgusting as Brad; he thinks about sucking you off all the time and last night he was fantasizing about you fucking him! Your best friend is a queer so maybe you ought to punch him out like you’re thinking of doing to me.”

Trey looked at Brad for a split second before Brad split and ran off. Trey reared back to clobber Noah. “Trey! Don’t! He’s not worth it! Go see to your friend,” I thought to him. He looked at me. And he swung and purposely hit the locker instead of Noah. Noah just smiled and then looked at me.

“Thanks for the help, Ely.”

“FUCK YOU, NOAH!” I yelled, “Fuck you, you arrogant self centered bastard! Just fuck you,” and I took off to help Trey find Brad.

I had no idea where to look but something took me outside and running down the block. I ran for two blocks and then I saw Brad standing on the corner – I knew he was crying. I ran to catch up but first I looked to see if Trey was following. He wasn’t. I heard the scream of brakes being hit hard and turned back to see Brad’s body hit the ground 20 feet from the car that hit him.

When I got to him I thought to him, “Brad, hang in there. Trey’s on his way, just hang in there, buddy.”

His eyes opened. I wasn’t sure if he recognized me. But then he thought, “Tell Trey I’m sorry, Dolphin Boy. I love him. I always have…I hope he will forgive me for being the way I am…I-I didn’t want to be this way…I couldn’t help it because I loved him…I just don’t want him to hate me…”

“He loves you, that’s why he sent me to help find you…he loves you,” I thought to Brad.

“Thank you,” he whispered and then it was over. His body convulsed a bit and then his life was gone. I wiped my eyes and suppressed my tears. I didn’t realize how much blood I had on me. The cops and paramedics came and got my statement.

Tony arrived and he got me in his car. He was taking me home and I screamed, “NO! Take me to school. I have to see Trey! I have a message to deliver.”

I walked to the office where I saw Trey bawling his eyes out. He had just been told about Brad. Everything seemed to stop and everyone was looking at me covered in Brad’s blood. I walked over to Trey. He looked at me.

“I-I have a message…”

He nodded.

“Brad says he-he hopes that you will forgive him for being the way he was. He always loved you and he hoped that you wouldn’t hate him…I told him that you didn’t hate him, that you had sent me to find him because you love him too. I wasn’t sure at the time if I was reading you right but that’s what I said and he seemed to accept that…”

Tony was escorting me back to the car but I headed to History class. “I have another message to deliver.” And Tony followed.

I opened the classroom door and walked in. The room was suddenly quiet. The teacher was about to say something. I blocked her then I ripped off my blood-covered shirt, bent down and took off my anklet, walked over to Noah and shoved the shirt and the anklet into Noah’s lap. “May Brad’s blood and his life rest heavily on your soul. What you did was wrong in the worst way. I am no longer a Dolphin Boy because I am ashamed to be associated with the likes of you. Goodbye,” I said quietly so only Noah could hear. Then I turned and walked out.

Tony took me home and I took a shower and threw away the bloodstained jeans and briefs I had been wearing. I told Tony that I was going to sleep and I went to my room. Tony asked me if I wanted to talk. I said no. I tried sleeping but I couldn’t sleep; I couldn’t even think. I felt so numb, I wanted Jason so bad but he had some activity after school and I thought I wouldn’t see him until after dinner.
I went back downstairs and Tony was watching TV so I sat down and watched but my mind was blank. I didn’t want to think about what had happened. Somehow I managed to tune out everything, only aware that I was aware of being alive. No thoughts.

“E, babe, talk to me, please, babe,” said Jason as I became aware of him kneeling in front of me and his hand holding my hand.

“Hold me, J, never let go.”

It seemed like the world came crashing down on me and I sobbed. It wasn’t fair – life wasn’t fair. It wasn’t fair what Noah had done. It wasn’t fair that Brad had to die. It wasn’t fair that I had to be the messenger. It wasn’t fair that Trey had to lose his best friend. It wasn’t fair to the motorist who hit Brad or to his family. It wasn’t fair that Brad’s family had to lose their son and brother…nothing was fair and all because of one self-centered asshole.

“Tony,” said Jason as he reached down and undid his anklet, “I no longer wish to be a Dolphin Boy. When you see the others, tell them I renounce my membership – I had a crazy idea that we were supposed to protect and be guardians and to put others before us, not to be selfish self-centered boys who use their abilities to cause harm even if it’s just causing a boy who has nothing but love in his heart to cry.”

Justin and Ethan were there and they did the same as Jason and handed their anklets to Tony. Kagan removed his anklet and handled it to Tony and then Tony and Kagan left.

“Ely, we have tons of work to do and we need to go see Trey. What you did was more than special and we know it hurts – just know we are here for you and we love you,” Ethan said.

I nodded.


“Yes, babe.”

“What hurts so much is the hate I now have for Noah. I know it’s wrong to hate – I know that hate will consume me if I don’t fight it, but how do I fight hate? Can we go skate? I need space.”

“Sure, babe.”

“Not the skate park, the roller rink where I can just skate in circles to music – ‘sissy’ skating,” I smiled.

“As you wish,” he smiled back.

I left a note for Mom and said I was spending the night with Jason. She might get pissed but because it was a school night but I needed Jason tonight, I needed to sleep in his arms. I went to get my things. I think Jason called Mom and told her I needed to stay with him tonight because he told me Mom said it was all right. Sometimes it’s really nice having a boyfriend who reads your mind and feelings.

I skated for four hours – I was exhausted. Jason and I didn’t talk much. Well, we didn’t have to. Jason knows me and knows when to let me have my thinking time. I used my IPOD because I like my own choice of music. Sometimes I just tune things out and then next thing I know I am singing out loud – I don’t really get embarrassed because people say I sing really well.

Music always makes me feel better. I saw Jason smiling at me… I was singing along with the Backstreet Boys ‘I Promise You’. There weren’t that many people at the rink, it being a school night. Jason got the DJ to play it over their system and so I took off my headphones and sang with the skating rink’s music and nearly everybody in the rink stopped and listened to the Backstreet Boys and me sing. There was no doubt who I was singing to as we were holding hands and definitely they knew at the end of the song because Jason kissed me and nobody minded, well if they did they kept it to themselves.

When we got to Jason’s home I was shocked to see Mom in the kitchen with Barbara. She got up and gave me a hug and kiss.

“Honey, are you doing okay? After Jason called I talked with Tony. I’m so sorry you had to experience that.”

“Yeah, but I still need Jason tonight, Mom.”

She smiled,”Yeah, you’ve gotten too big to get in bed with me.” I knew she was about to say something embarrassing like only mothers know how to do. “Jason, whenever he’d have an upsetting day he’d always climb into my bed and have to cuddle up to me…hehe, and sometimes he’d get a little hardon.”

I felt my face flush as she and Barbara and Jason giggled and laughed.

“Why do moms enjoy embarrassing their children? I mean you could have left out the part about my little hardons,,,humpf…I got those little hardons when I thought about Billy Tucker,” and I stuck my tongue out at her.

“Awww! And here I worried all these years that you might have an Oedipus complex!”

“Oh! Gross! You’re disgusting, Mom. Come on, Jason, let’s go suck dick!” she cringed and I laughed “Gotcha!”

Jason and I left the kitchen. We had a shower and satisfied our raging hormones. Well, at least I was being honest with my mom…hehe.

I fell asleep in the arms of my love.

When I “woke” I was sitting on the white sandy beach.

“Beautiful, isn’t it?” said the voice beside me.

I turned to look at who the unfamiliar voice was and was startled to see Brad sitting next to me. He smiled and then began speaking to me, “I asked to see you again. I wanted to thank you. You made it easier for me to go. And you’re right, Trey does love me…and that makes me happy and at peace.”

“You mean he’s gay?”

He laughed, “God no!” He continued to laugh. “Why is it when one guy loves another guy or a girl loves another girl we immediately think that he or she is gay? Love is not sex except in the warpiest of minds. Love is so much more than sex. It’s at the top of the scale and sex is at the bottom. Sex gives a temporary pleasure, a few minutes at the most and it’s only natural that when you love someone you want to please that person but there are many more ways of pleasing someone – you should know that – you can smile at Jason and it makes him feel soooo good. He can wink at you and your heart flutters and you get that warm feeling – the feeling of being loved. Unfortunately sometimes with raging hormones we have as teens we tend to forget about love. Don’t.”

“Yeah.” It made sense.

“Ely, I need to ask you for a favor.”

“Anything you wish that I can do.”

“You’re a good person, Ely.”

“That’s what Jason says to me.”

“I need you to be a friend to Trey and help him get over me and to know that it wasn’t his fault what happened. If I’d been looking – if I had been honest with him about myself I may have lost him as a friend but I know now that he would have understood me and we’d still be best friends. Will you help him, Dolphin Boy?”

I smiled at him, “Yes, I will help Trey…but I’m not a Dolphin Boy anymore...” I felt a tear roll down my cheek, “I-I didn’t protect you. I’m sorry.”

“Well, maybe not but you helped me die with a happy thought and that surely counts for something.” He leaned over and kissed me on the cheek, “And in my book it makes you a Dolphin Boy.”

“Thanks,” I said, forcing a smile.

“Well, time to start over…maybe one day I’ll be a Dolphin Boy. I love you.”

There was silence. He was gone.

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