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Dolphin Boy

by Sam Lakes

Chapter 11
Dolf’s meeting
Ely’s story

I was sitting on the beach…Brad had gone…I was looking down at the sand.

“Hey there!”

I looked up and saw Dolf.

“Why am I here? I’m not a Dolphin Boy anymore.”

“Oh, really? So, an anklet makes you special?”

“No, but it represents something, I don’t know what any more. He died, Dolf!” I was crying again.

Dolf changed into the most beautiful boy I’d ever seen and he walked out of the water, sitting down next to me and wrapped his arms around me and then I really started crying.

He let me cry.

“E, sometimes we’re too late…and it hurts so bad…know what I mean?”

I nodded and sniffed.

“We can only do our best sometimes with a bad situation and you did that. You did your best and sometimes we don’t believe our best was enough, right?”

I nodded then looked down at my sandy feet.

“E, what you have to know is if you hadn’t done your best, Brad would have died with such grief and pain and feeling ashamed of himself that…that it would have been bad and the consequences really horrible.”

I looked at Dolf.

“He died with love in his heart and soul and that was why he was allowed to visit you one last time. Had that not happened, had you not done your best, two lives would have been ruined – Brad’s life dying in pain and no love and Trey’s because Brad would have never had the chance to ask to see you one more time and you would not have known that Trey needs your help.”

“But what do I do? What do I say?” I asked.

Dolf laughed. “Just be yourself!” He chuckled.

“Damn it! Dolf! What kind of answer is that? Be myself!”

“Well, I guess sometimes we don’t see what others see. Ely, my sweet boy, don’t you ever listen to Jason? Don’t you ever look at the people you associate with? What happened last night?”

“I went skating with Jason so I could think.”

“And when you got tired of thinking what did you do?”

“I started singing?”

“Yes and?”

“I was singing to Jason because I could feel his love and I wanted everybody to know how much I loved Jason…so I sang from my heart.”

Dolf was beaming, “And then what?”

“Jason kissed me,” I smiled.


“And? And nothing.”

“My point!”

“Sorry, I missed your point.”

“Nothing happened. Well, some people commented what a cute couple you and Jason are but nothing negative. Your singing, your attitude, your love makes people happy even if they aren’t gay. Look at when Kagan asked you to join the Drama Club. Ely, that’s not a power or ability – that is just you. That’s the Ely that I love, that everybody loves.”

“So, E, don’t worry what you have to say to Trey – just be yourself and all will go fine.”

“Yeah. Ok”

“But this is not your real problem, is it?”

“How do I stop hating? I hate Noah! What he did was wrong!” I started crying again but not so hard. “I don’t want to hate but I can’t help it. He deliberately read Brad’s mind and took his worse secret and told everybody! I cannot forgive that! And I hate him for that!”

“True. What he did was wrong. Hmm, how do you stop hating? Good question.” He smiled. “You know there are so many people who are consumed with hate. Hate destroys the soul, the spirit, the life force or whatever you want to call it and yet it is one of the simplest things to get rid of but you have to be willing to look at yourself and the things you’ve done. In your case here with Noah – Noah’s just your excuse to hate. Sure he did a bad thing but looking at him and blaming him is not the solution, it is the problem and the more you blame him the more you’ll hate. Do you follow?”

“Sort of. So, who do I blame, me?”

“Heavens no! Blame is just trying not to take responsibility for some thing that happened.”

“Then what!” I growled because I was getting pissed why didn’t he just tell me.

He smiled calmly. “What did Noah do that was so bad?”

“He used Brad’s secret to hurt or get back at Trey.”

“So, when did you use somebody’s secret to get back at somebody?”

“What?” I yelled, “I never did that!”

“Have a look in your past, Ely!”

“You’re nuts! I have never done that!” I was angry.

“You haven’t even looked. Fine, live with your hate and anger. See ya.” He turned and started walking back into the ocean.

“No wait! I’ll look.” I started looking into my past. When did I embarrass somebody? The name Billy Tucker popped into my mind. “Billy Tucker, he was my best friend in the fourth grade…” Then I remembered, “Billy was a bed wetter. I knew it and I knew it was a problem with him and a big secret…” Shit, it was all coming back to me, I looked at Dolf who had come back from the water.

“Well, what did you do?”

“Well, we had planned to have a sleepover, but he changed his mind and told me that Gary Stevens had invited him over first so he was going to Gary’s – I said to Gary, well make sure he sleeps on the floor or wears a diaper cuz he’ll piss all over the bed – He does it every night. Shit! I did the same thing as Noah did to Brad and Trey! Not the same but similar.”

I started laughing.


“The last time I slept with my mom was the day I did that to Billy and I was feeling really upset and then I thought about Billy and I got a hardon and I got embarrassed about that!

I hated myself for doing that to Billy and for not apologizing to him…I really hated myself and transferred that hate to Noah.”

“Cool, well, that’s how you get rid of hate, you have to look in to find what you did that is similar to what you are blaming the other person for. You’ll probably find that homophobes when they see a gay person and feel hate it’s because they see something in their past that is similar or they were brainwashed into hating. So, you cool?”

I felt like I had a permanent smile plastered on my face, “Dolf Dude, I am sooooo cool and happy, I learned something useful – I can use this knowledge to help not only myself but others.”

“Good, then let’s go to the meeting.”

I had no idea what meeting he was talking about but I would have followed him anywhere.

Suddenly we were in a room with big cushions and a carpeted floor. I saw Noah sitting with Ardal. Noah looked at me for a second and then looked away. Tony was with Kagan, they smiled and I returned the smile. Justin and Ethan were also smiling at me, so were Mike and Danny and Casey and Nate and of course my love, Jason, who was patting the space next to him. I felt really good not because everyone or almost everyone was looking at me but because of what I had learned from Dolf.

I sat down beside Jason who leaned over and gave me a sweet kiss. “I see you’re doing okay.”

“Yeah, I am. I love you, J. I can’t wait to tell you everything that happened after this meeting.” I kissed him back.

Dolf cleared his throat and I turned to look at him. He smiled at me. I smiled back and then for some reason I glanced down at my feet and that’s when I saw my anklet. It was different though, lighter and an almost glowing color of gold – I was fascinated by it. It wasn’t the same one I took off, this one was – I don’t know, it was just special. I looked back at Dolf who began to speak.

“I thought it was pretty cool to bring twelve boys together. Oops! Excuse me, Tony, eleven boys and one man,” Dolf chuckled and then continued, “I thought the idea of the anklets was a good idea at first and I figured you guys would figure out what it meant to be a Dolphin Boy…but I was wrong…only three by their actions deserve to wear the anklet and only one sort of figured out what the anklet signifies. So maybe it wasn’t such a hot idea of mine after all but we will see.”

“Jason, you were right, being a Dolphin Boy means you are a guardian and protector of others and it is expected of you to put others before you, not to be selfish self-centered boys who use their abilities to cause harm even if it’s just causing a boy who has nothing but love in his heart to cry.”

“Jason, you may have been the last in this group that I met, but when I met you I knew you would be special. You figured out what it meant to be a Dolphin Boy and you started living by it.”

I looked at Jason’s ankle and it was there, the anklet. It was just like mine. I looked up at Jason who was full of happiness. I couldn’t resist kissing him.

Dolf cleared his throat again. “May we continue?” he smiled.

“Sorry…” I said coyly.

“Tony didn’t take off his anklet because he realizes what Jason said was true and he knows that for years he has been living by that code,” Dolf said.

Kagan gave Tony a hug.

“And Kagan you’re a hair’s breadth away from getting a new anklet – you’ve shown it with your love for Tony and you love and care for Ely and others in this group – you just need to move outside the group. You’ll do it, I know. Likewise, all of you need to take that next step.”

“The third to prove that he is a true Dolphin Boy you all know is Ely. Life throws us a curve, something we didn’t expect and we think we failed in our duty, well don’t expect a perfect record in being a guardian and protector because it won’t happen, but taking a bad situation and making it better is something you can do and that in itself means a lot. Ely did just that and he has a little more to do but I have confidence in him and I am proud of him.”

“Two of you however do not deserve to be Dolphin Boys. You have deliberately created situations to cause upset just to ‘prove’ yourself right and others wrong. You have tried to shove your reality down the throats of others who don’t happen to share it or want your reality and you have only done this with the intention to make them wrong. And Noah, I am totally ashamed of your actions against Trey and Brad. And if you truly in your hearts want to be a part of this group you must try to make right all that you have done wrong. You must take responsibility for your actions and the upsets you caused and you may not ask for help from the group or its members and members, you are not allowed to help Noah or Ardal.”

“NO!” I blurted out and all eyes were on me. “I can’t and I won’t abide by that rule.”

“Don’t worry, Ely, I wouldn’t stoop so low as to ask you for help,” said Noah.

“Hey, that’s your choice, Noah, but if you ask I will help.”

Dolf just looked at me, but he didn’t get angry with me.

I stretched and closed my eyes and yawned. When I opened my eyes I was in bed with Jason. He had just woken up too.

I threw off our covers and looked down our naked bodies and there they were, our anklets.

“I guess it wasn’t just a dream,” Jason said as he stretched again. Of course I noticed he had a woodie and so did I and I really had to pee.

I gave Jason a peck on the lips and said, “got to pee real bad!” And ran to the bathroom and peed. I was about to get in the shower when I knew I had to get to Trey’s house and fast. I ran out of the bathroom and pulled on my jeans and grabbed a T-shirt.

“You felt it too, huh?” asked Jason as he pulled on his T-shirt.

“Yeah, drop me off, then you can come back if you want.”

“No, I’ll wait just in case I can I help…I know this is your task but…”

We drove over to Trey’s house. I got out and ran to the front door and rang the doorbell. When I heard nothing I started frantically ringing the doorbell and finally someone answered the door. Standing in front of me was Trey. He looked terrible. He said noting, just looked at me.

“I need to talk,” I said

“I don’t feel like talking. Just go away.”

I ignored him and pushed by him on my way into the house, “Cool, but I do, so you have to listen or…”

“Or? Or what?”

“Or…or throw me out if you think you can,” I said looking up at him. It was a stupid thing to say ‘cause I’m only 5’6” and Trey must be 6’4” or more.

“Say what you have to say,” he mumbled.

“Thanks. You remember me from yesterday?”

He nodded.

“I’m sorry I didn’t get there faster. I’m sorry I couldn’t keep him from getting hit or from dying.” Why were tears running down my cheeks again? “When I got there he looked up and we sort of talked as he was dying…We weren’t talking, amongst other things I’m a telepath…when I said I told him you loved him I said that you sent me to find him because you loved him and that you didn’t hate him and it sort of bothered me because I didn’t know if I was being truthful or not. Do you love him as a friend.”

He nodded.

“Tell me about Brad.”

For the next two hours he told me of his life with Brad, old memories of practically a life long friendship. Some funny, some sad and finally we got to the main issue…Brad’s sexuality.

“I knew he was gay. I knew he loved me but I’m not gay – I now I’m not sure now because now that he’s gone…he’s all I can think about and I keep thinking maybe if I had been gay, maybe if I tried it I could be gay and he would still be here. So many times I thought I would try it because all I wanted was for him to be happy, but I couldn’t. I’d try, I couldn’t bring myself to do anything or even talk to him about it – I thought if I ran down queers that he’d change before I went off on Noah, he asked me not to do it…I-I didn’t listen…I had to prove I was right! How Noah knew Brad was gay I don’t know but when he said what he did I was shocked and Brad left and all I could think was I want to pound that little fag into the ground. I saw you and I heard you say it wasn’t worth hitting that creep and to go after Brad.”

“So, if there were 9 queers to one straight and it was considered bad to be straight you’d be thinking of a girl every time you sucked or fucked a boy?”

He smiled, “Yeah, that would be me…girl crazy, but not just any girl, she’d have to be the right girl.”

I laughed.

There was a period of silence and then I spoke “I talked to Brad last night – he was a pretty cool dude…he had another message.”

“So, you’re like that kid in ‘Sixth Sense’?”

“Sort of, I guess but I only saw Brad, I don’t see dead people all the time. Brad was the only one.” I told him what Brad had told me and I sensed he relaxed.

“I guess I’d better get to school, my boyfriend is out in the car.”

“Your boyfriend? You’re gay?”

“Yeah, you cool with that?”

He smiled, “Yeah, I’m cool with that. You should have told me, he could have joined us…Ely?”


“It’s too late to go to school. do you and your boyfriend want to just hang out, we have a pool and maybe we could order pizza?”

“That would be so cool, dude! I’m sure Jason would love it, but we need to go home and shower and get properly dressed. I sort of jumped out of bed and into my jeans – it seemed important to get over here ASAP this morning.”

He blushed a bit and said, “I’m glad you did. Nice ankle bracelet, can I see?”

I showed it to him.

“Dolphin Boy, hmmm what’s the significance?”

“I’ll tell you later when we get back.”

“Okay, tell you what, call me before you leave to come back I’ll order the pizza and you can pick it up, cool?”

“Yep.” I said as we walked to Jason’s car.

“Oh my God! Jason Andrews is your boyfriend?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Man! He is so awesome. I saw him at the skate park with Justin. He is so cool, I liked him the second I saw him.”

“Yeah, so did I and I saw him first!“ I said looking up to him,” So, no flirting or I’ll have to bitch slap some sense into you.”

“Yeah, right!” he said as he bent down, picked me up and threw me over his shoulder and carried me to the car.

“Put me down you, you oaf!”

He just laughed. When we got to the car, “Hey Jason, is this shrimp yours?”

“Yeah, that shrimp is all mine.” Jason was laughing.

“Shrimp! Shrimp! Right, no more shrimp cock…tail for you!” I laughed as I dangled over Trey’s shoulder. “And Trey, don’t fart.”

“Hey! Jason, you dare me? I could cut a nice big one.” The two laughed, I screamed and held my nose. Trey fed my feet through the window and I slid off his shoulder into my seat.

Trey gave Jason his number and then came back to my side. I looked at him. “Thanks, little Dolphin Boy, I love you.”

“I love you too. See ya in an hour.”

We drove off to home.

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