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Dolphin Boy

by Sam Lakes

Chapter 12

Ely’s story

“Mom’s going to kill me!” I said as we drove back home. “Two days missed this week.”

“Yeah, same here but it’s not like we’re just goofing off, we’re helping a friend in need…you did good, little Dolphin Boy, MY little dolphin boy.”

“Yeah, I am,” I giggled.


“Nothing,” I giggled again, “Just my perverted mind.”

“Oh, figures. You’re still thinking about the shrimp ‘cock’…tail.”

I giggled.

“Hey, no fair blocking,” laughed Jason.

We arrived back at Jason’s place and Jason said, “Let’s take a shower. You coming?”

“Not yet, I want to call Mom so she’s not mad and then I be up to join you in the shower,” I said, wiggling my eyebrows, “then I be cumming. Oh baby, baby, baby!”

I called Mom then I joined Jason with my special treat…

“Shrimp cock…tail for one,” I giggled as I stood outside the shower.

Jason opened the shower door and I pointed to my dick, which I had put a dollop of cocktail sauce on that I found in their fridge. It was really cold, “Come on, have a bite – it’s cold!”

Jason laughed and then said, “Mmmm, I really prefer it with semen sauce.”

“Well, I’ll serve that up in a few minutes,” I giggled as he lowered his mouth to my dick.

“Mmm,” he said for a split second and it felt really nice, but then, ”Holy shit!” he exclaimed! As he rocketed upright and started washing his tongue while with sort of a painful look on his face, ”My fucking mouth’s on fire. Haaah, haaaa,” he panted as he washed his tongue, “Fuck man, what did you put on yourself?”

“I was just some cock…tail sauce I found in the…Aaayyyy!” I screamed as I felt like my dick was on fire, I jumped in the shower and was wildly jumping about, shaking my dick and screaming, “Ow! Ow! Ow! My dick’s on fire! Aaaaaaah! Ow!” Whatever it was got up my piss slit and was stinging and burning like hell.

Meanwhile, Jason is now laughing his head off as I am in pain screaming, “My dick, my dick! Ow! Wow! Ow! It’s not fucking funny, Jason! Ow! Wow! Ow! Owoooooo! Kiss it!”

“No way!” he laughed, "I think you got mixed up, ha-ha, that's not a cock...tail that's spicy burrito!"

It seemed like forever before it stopped really burning.

“You must have put Mom’s extra hot salsa on your dick,” giggled Jason, “cuz we don’t have any cock…tail sauce…he-he.”

“Shut up! It’s not funny,” I said, trying not to laugh but I did, “It’s all stupid Trey’s fault. He called me shrimp.”

When we got back to Trey’s he was looking a hundred percent better. We went into the kitchen and Trey was getting some plates. “Say, shrimp, grab us some soda out of the fridge.” Jason lost it again and started laughing. I gave him a most dirty look.

“What?” asked Trey.

“Nothing. Something queer and personal,” I muttered feigning anger.

Jason ended up telling Trey the story and they both had a good laugh while I ate a slice of pizza.

Trey came over to me and put his hand on my shoulder, “Little dolphin boy, I wasn’t making fun of you when I laughed – you gotta admit that it’s funny,” he said then half snickered.

I looked up at him, giving him my sad puppy-dog look, “Yeah, I know. It still hurts a bit…Trey?”


“Would you do something for me?”

“Hey dude, anything!”

“Would you kiss it for me?” I said with a straight face that turned into a smile.

“Oh! Gross!” he laughed, “That’s what your boyfriend should do!”

“No way!” exclaimed Jason.

“Yeah, he already got his lips burnt once!” I laughed.

“Dude! I don’t need to hear that!!! Too much information!!” Trey laughed.

With that we cleaned up the kitchen and proceeded to the pool area. Trey had a foosball table and he and Jason decided to play and I got my towel and spread it out near the pool to catch some rays. I guess I fell asleep because the next thing I knew Jason had my feet and Trey had my arms and I went sailing through the air and landed in the water. After that we had a water fight and then swam about and generally had a good time. After about an hour and a half we got out.

Trey and Jason sat in lounge chairs and I sat on my towel.

“So, tell me about Dolphin Boys, I mean what it means.”

“Jason, you tell him, I’ll listen,” I said.

Jason told him about him meeting Dolf and then rescuing Noah and all that stuff. My mind began to wander. There was something hanging me up about yesterday…if only I had been two seconds faster. Yeah, two second I could have used my telekinetic powers. I haven’t used them since the day I wrecked Noah’s house. At the other end of the pool was a pool cleaning net hanging on two hooks. I lifted it up and moved it to me two feet then put it back. I quickly checked and Jason and Trey were still in conversation so they didn’t see what I did. Two seconds was all I needed…I could have saved ten seconds or more if I hadn’t stopped to tell off Noah. Why did I even waste my time?

How could anyone consider I did my best? My best! I didn’t do my best! I took my hate out on Noah and wasted those precious seconds I needed! I could have saved him! While I stood there making Noah wrong I could have saved Brad!

I knew I was about to start crying so I excused myself and said I had to go to the bathroom. As I entered the family room from the pool I met Ethan and Justin on their way to the pool. “Oh shit I got to shit!” I said barely glancing out them and ran for the bathroom.

As I entered the bathroom and locked the door I could feel my eye fill with water and suddenly I was not in the bathroom I was on a white sandy beach. “Back so soon, my little dolphin boy?” laughed Dolf.

“You pulled me here,” I mumbled.

“Hahahaha, yep! I did,” laughed Dolf. I turned to look at him and he was not the same.

“Who are you?” I asked.

“Dolf, of course!”

“No! Dolf is young and hot! You, no offense, are old.”

“Well, yesterday you needed young and hot and today you need old and wise,” the old man laughed.

I thought for a moment.

“Can I see you in your true form?”

“Sure, go to the water,” he said then the old man disappeared.

I went to the water. I looked around, everything seemed real and I saw an old yacht that was wedged between some palm trees. I turned around and walked over to the yacht – the name was ‘The Lady Huntington’. A rope ladder was hanging off the side and I climbed up and looked around in the salon. I found some photographs of a man and a boy, the boy was Noah. I found a journal and opened it about ¾ of the way through.

“Today, I wonder what my mom looks like. I cried because I couldn’t remember. I don’t have even a picture of her. MOTHER, PLEASE COME AND GET ME!!!!!! I think I must be 12 or 13 – I’m not sure, but I have these hairs starting to grow around my penis, dad had hair there. I miss him so much…I miss everyone…Dolf got mad at me again and I got mad at him but now I’m not mad, I’m alone…” I put the photo in the journal.

I skipped to near the end of the journal. “Dolf says I have a evil side to me and he’s right…I don’t mean to be that way, I think it’s because I’m scared of people I don’t want to be but I am, maybe that’s why I am here away from everyone, maybe I’m being punished for being evil.”

I kept the journal, half thinking that maybe I could help Noah if I understood him better and I figured the journal might help. I know he was lonely. I know he was only seven or eight when he arrived here. It must have been frightening.

I walked over to the water’s edge. Threw the journal in the dry sand and went into the water. When I was in up to my chest I stopped and I saw a dolphin right ahead of me. I put my hand out and felt his smooth rubbery skin. I love the way he felt.

“Almost,” I smiled and took hold of his dorsal fin. He knew what I wanted and we took off. It was a little hard to hold on but it was fun. I loved the feel of the water rushing over my body, we surfaced a bit and both took a breath of air before diving down. Everything was so beautiful and colorful. I had never been in the ocean until then. For a few minutes I relaxed and enjoyed what was happening.

“Satisfied?” he asked again.

“Yes,” I thought, “I’m really here on the island, aren’t I? Noah’s Island?”

“Yes, this isn’t a dream. I brought you here because one, you’re still hung up on Brad, right?”

“Yeah. I could have saved him but I took time making Noah wrong for what he did,”

“Well, he needed telling off, but the problem was you didn’t evaluate what was important. Even so, what happened to Brad may well have happened anyway. Ely, he died happy and at peace with himself and you have done a great job with Trey, you’ve made a friend for life and though you may go separate ways later in life you will always be in his heart and he will always be in yours. Brad had a terrible life so he wanted a second chance and he got it and you helped give him that chance. That in itself is a priceless gift.”


“But nothing. There are forces greater than us. Do you think you have the right to determine life or death? Your role as a Dolphin Boy is not to play God or Allah or Jesus or Supreme Being or who or what you might believe in. Ely, just do what you have been doing; just be yourself and yes, strive to better and do better and increase your control of your abilities and powers but realize absolutes are unattainable in this universe. And when you do a good job pat yourself on the back and know that you did good. And you have done well. Okay?”

“Yes…” I smiled, “Next time I think I’d like you to be the old man, because my skin is all pruney.”

“Ha-ha-ha-ha,” he laughed, “Go get your book.”

“Dolf, I have a question,” I said as I walked up on the beach.


“If this is the island and it’s real and you transported me here physically. Why didn’t you transport Noah home? Was he being punished or something? Does he have an evil side?” I asked, sitting down.

Dolf changed to the old man. “No, he was not being punished. Sometimes bad things happen to us and we feel that there must be some reason for the bad thing when the truth is it just happened – we were in the wrong place at the wrong time. But our mind has this mystery ‘Why did this happen to me?’ and being the analytical creatures that we are we hate a mystery and so we try to solve that mystery so we invent a reason – in Noah’s case he decided that he was evil or had an evil side to him, he thought negatively of himself and when humans do that it makes things worse not better. Noah is basically good. I tried to get through to him and make him understand, I made some progress but I was not a human boy or man.”

“Noah would get into one of his moods and simply walk away blocking my thoughts and the thing is it was getting worse and worse without being around humans. For years I tried to attract some human’s attention and get them to follow me but it never happened until Jason crossed my path. As soon as Jason reached out and touched me it was like an instant connection and a very strong connection.”

“Ely, I dearly love Noah…like a son…but I am like a father who can not swim and I see my boy drowning in the water…Ely, the reason I went to the desperate extreme of transporting you here is because of what you said at the meeting, refusing not to help Noah…no one except you was willing to say no to me when I forbade help to Noah. And once you spoke out every single one of you decided not to listen to me.”

“Ely, you are the life preserver I am throwing to my son, I am the father who can not swim to my son, I can not hold him in my arms or hug him or kiss him…he knows I love him but sometimes you need that physical touch.”

In that moment I knew who Dolf was and it surprised me, but I said nothing.

I picked up the journal and a handful of sand. “Dolf, why didn’t you transport Noah off this island?”

“By the time my powers were strong enough it was too late. It would have violated too many realities.”


“Look, I took a risk bringing you here…but I was sure you wouldn’t freak out and you didn’t…99.9 percent of the people would freak and possibly go insane. You’re in the bathroom and suddenly you’re on an island in the Pacific. Because you were locked in the bathroom it’s only you and I that know and you dealt with it, but transporting a twelve year old boy from here to his mother’s house…I wasn’t sure Noah could have dealt with that and then the mother and all the servants and other people – too many realities would have been broken.”

I understood…sort of.

In an instant I was standing in the bathroom at Trey’s house and someone was knocking on the door.

“Ely, you in there?” asked Trey.

“Yeah, one second I’ll be out,” I said putting the sand in my pocket and then opened the door.

“You okay? You were gone a long time. I got worried.”

“You know I can understand how Brad was in love with you,” I said softly then I looked up into his blue eyes, “Some day you’re going to make some lucky girl the best husband and father of hers and your kids.”

He smiled and pulled me into a hug, “Thanks, thanks for today and everything. I love you and Jason so much, you guys saved my life.”

I hugged him tight, “Friends for life?”

“No, friends forever,” he said with a quaver in his voice and he hugged me tight. We stayed like that for a minute or so. “Oh, hey, Justin and Ethan are here.”

“Yeah I saw them when I went to the bathroom,” I said as we walked down the stairs and outside. Sure enough there was Ethan and Justin and blabbermouth Andrews rolling with laughter. They just looked at me and went into another fit of laughter.

I grabbed a chair and pulled off away from them and stuck my tongue out at Jason. They all started to play foosball. I opened up the journal and started reading. I know that Dolf wanted me to read it. I started at the beginning but it must have been the last journal because he says he thinks he must be 11, he’s not sure.

For two hours I read the journal, some of it was nonsense and some of it was tearing me up inside. I suppose I’m an emotional sort of guy and this was one time I wish I wasn’t such a wimpy cry baby…well I hadn’t cried yet…well maybe a few tears squeezed their way out. I wished it had been Ethan or Justin or Tony, or Kagan or Ardal or Jason that Dolf had pulled over there…They don’t cry like me. Noah’s a big challenge for me – I don’t feel I can do this.

The guys had gone inside to play on Trey’s PS2. They seemed to be having fun – that was so cool to see Trey laughing and joking. I decided to leave and go home. I wasn’t upset or anything. I was feeling confused and depressed and I didn’t want to ruin the fun they were having.

“Jason, I’m going home. Would you tell Trey? I’m all right, just a little tired,” I thought to Jason.

“Babe, are you sure?” he thought back. I deliberately projected a happy but tired attitude of mind so without really digging he’d believe me.

“Yeah, love you.”

“Love you too.”

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