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Sam (sam_lakes@hotmail.com)

Dolphin Boy

by Sam Lakes

Chapter 2
The Brothers Flanagan

I can’t get over it. My mom woke me at two in the morning to tell me that my “best friend” when I was eight was alive. Gee mom that was seven years ago! Life goes on and people change. Noah Huntington was far from my best friend when I was eight. My mom literally made me do everything together with Noah and the summer he and his dad went sailing in Australia I was supposed to go with them. Thank God, I got the chicken pox. I had been told that he died. They found his dad’s body or what was left of it but not Noah. I can’t say that I shed one tear and secretly I was glad.

Well, I’m older now and I can tell you I will not appease my mom and be his “best friend.” The least I can have to do with Noah Huntington the better off I will be.

Thanks Mom for waking me up. I lie here and think about Noah. I absolutely hate him. He was always getting me into trouble and doing things and blaming me but what I hated more than anything was when he would say he’d have his mom fire my mom. I would retaliate and say that his mom would never fire my mom because they are best friends. Then he would say well, if she doesn’t I’d tell my dad – my dad will do anything for me!”

The thing is I figured his dad wouldn’t really do that but I knew his dad would buy him anything he wanted so I’d back down. But not any more – I would steer clear of Noah and I would totally refuse to have anything to do with him or his mom.

I wondered what he looked like now. I will admit he was good looking, but it doesn’t matter he’s probably a homophobe and would make my life more of a living hell than it already is. Yeah I’m gay and very much in the closet. I’m hoping it’s just a phase, but from what I’ve read it’s just the way I am. I’m pretty much a loner. No real friends but on the bright side I have a 4.0 GPA! Still being gay sucks! Being 15 years old and gay sucks even worse and being gay, 15 years old and in the closet totally sucks!


Well, my luck is with me. Mom announced at dinner that Laura and Noah are going to spend some time together and won’t be back for a while Noah won’t be attending Christian Academy because he will need special tutoring.

“Apparently, one of the rescuers was an American boy name Jason Andrews and his mother happens to be a teacher and Laura is going to hire her to tutor Noah. Laura showed me a picture of Jason and he is really a good-looking boy.”

I wonder what this boy looked like. “So, is this Jason boy going to the Christian Academy?”

“No, I don’t think so, but possibly. I didn’t really ask. Whatever school he goes to he’s gonna have beat the girls off with a club.”

“Too bad he’s so young,” said my sister Alison.

“Well, don’t worry sis, Ardal will be soooo happy,” commented my brother Kagan.

Kagan is almost two years older than me. Until recently we used to be really close and we’d joke around a lot. But two days ago he caught me looking at a picture of a couple of gay teens sixty-nining it and I was hard as a rock about to pull it out and start jackin’. I told him it was in an email and he just said whatever. Since then he’s been a little distant and so have I.

I don’t know why it happened but I just snapped. I stood up and threw my plate at him. He duck and it missed him.

“I hate you! I hate you even more that I hated Noah Huntington! You’re always teasing me about being a fag! Well, you know what I am a low-life fag! I am a cock sucking gay boy! Happy now!” I screamed.

“Ardal, sit down!” ordered my father. It was too late my mind was already out of my control.

My dad looked angry and everyone else looked shocked. Well, even though my dad had never beaten me, I had read enough stories on the Internet and I wasn’t going to wait because he looked like he was ready to make an exception this time. I took off out of the dinning room and out the front door. The one sport I enjoyed was cross-country running. I cut though people’s yards because I wasn’t going to make it easy to find me. I had no idea of where I would run to because being the loner that I am I have no friends at least no friends that I can walk up to and say “Hi, I’m gay can I stay here so my dad doesn’t beat me to death!”

I ran non-stop for two hours and finally I slowed down to a walk. I was tired and exhausted. It was ten p.m. I had no money. I had no friends. I had no home and I had no idea of what to do or where to go.

Behind me a car approached and then he turned on his blue light and pulled ahead of me and stopped. It wasn’t a regular police car. I stopped.

A man got out of the car. He wasn’t that old. “Hey, kid, you know it’s after curfew. Like to tell me why?”

“I just needed some fresh air, sir, I’m on my way home.”

“Oh, and where is that?

“Just a couple of blocks down the road.”

“Misery Avenue?”

“Yes, sir.” He smiled. For being so smart in school I fell for it – by the look in his eyes there was no Misery Avenue. “Yeah, I know the is no such street. I ran away and now I’m homeless. Can you take me to a homeless shelter?”

“Have you ever been in a homeless shelter? What you’re fourteen-fifteen years old?” I nodded. “You wouldn’t like it and I’d hate to see a good-looking kid like you get raped.”

“Fine then I’ll throw a rock though a window and you can take me to juvy.”

“That might be even worse…you ever seen the type of kids that are there – believe me they don’t wear Abercrombie there. They are a pretty rough bunch. Some sixteen year old punk would have you as his bitch before the night was out.”

“I’m not going back home.”

“Yeah, why’s that?”

“I want to live. My dad will probably beat my ass to death.”

“Oh. So this happens often? Him beating you?”

“No. I mean yes. No. It’s just that things have changed now and my whole family hates me. I even hate me.”

“Look I am really starving and I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll try and convince you that it’s okay for me to take you home if I don’t convince you then I’ll find you some place to stay. But first we’ll go get us something to eat before I pass out from hunger.”

“I don’t have any money.”

“I’ll treat.”

“How do I know you’re a police officer?”

“Well, I’m not. I’m a detective,” he replied showing me his badge.

“Detective Tony Brisco. Okay,” I said as I read his ID.

“Cool and you can call me Tony.”

I got into his car and we drove to a diner like place. He must have frequented the place because everyone knew his first name.

“So, why did you leave, was there an argument with your dad?

“No. I got mad with my brother.”


“Because he was teasing me and so I threw a plate of food at him.”

“And that’s why your dad is going to beat you, because you threw a plate of food at your brother because he was teasing you?”

“I guess.”

“So, in you whole life how many times have you thrown something at your brother because you got angry at him?”

“I don’t know. Lots I suppose?”

“And did your dad ever witness any of these times?”


“And did he ever beat you?"

"No we would just talk about it.”

“Hmm, then I see no reason he would change his ways. Right?”

“This was different, I said things that would make him hate me and be ashamed of having me as is son?” I mumble.

“Oh, I get the picture! You told him you were gay.”

I nodded and just stared at my half eaten hamburger. Suddenly, I wasn’t hungry any more. I was so ashamed of myself. I could felt the tears running down my cheeks, maybe if I made a run for it he’d shoot me in the back and I’d die and it would be all over. It was too late he reached over and took my hand firmly.

“Kid, it’s not that bad, okay.”

“Yes, it is. It’s…it’s…”

“Really shitty right now," he said softy, "I know…I’ve been right where you are…and I know how you feel but the whole world is not against you and the whole world doesn’t hate you. There are people who will be your friend and will accept you as you are.”

“No there isn’t. I don’t have any friends. None!” I cried.

“That’s not true,” he said quietly.

“It is true! I’m a 4.0 GPA NERD. People at school don’t talk to me and I don’t talk to them. And now, now it’s all over because everyone will know that I’m queer. My school does not tolerate queers! I might as well be dead.”

“Don’t say that. Death is never a solution.”

“Well, in my case it is. No friends, no money, nothing, no family. They all hate gay people. You think my dad doesn’t hate me. Well, he does. Last week I was in the car with him and my brother and we see a couple of guys walking hand in hand. He freaks! He goes on and on about how homos should be locked up or shot and they are freaks of nature. Makes me feel really good. I’m never going back there. I would rather die on the streets.”

“Okay well let’s go. You win. I’ll take you to some place where you can sleep and get breakfast until we can get you placed in a foster home. But you are wrong you do have a friend.”

“Yeah, who?” I asked.

“Me,” he smiled.

The drive to his place we hardly spoke. He said he was a friend.

As we walked in to his apartment Tony said, “You can sleep in my roommate’s bed for the night. He’s hardly ever here he mostly lives with is boyfriend.”

“Thanks. You sure he won’t mind?”

“Nah, Ethan would probably take the couch and make you sleep in his bed. He is that kind of kid. You think you have it bad your life is a dream compared to what his life was like. Now though, his life is so good. He and Justin will be seniors this year and they are totally out. Nobody hassles them about being gay and they probably rank within the top twenty for most popular students. Anyway, I’m off to bed. Goodnight.”

I woke the next morning around 11 o’clock to the smell of bacon cooking. Took a quick shower and got dressed.

“Good morning, Ardal. Sleep well?”

“Yessss. You know my name.”

“Well, I am a detective. Your mother call and reported the incident and I called her and told her I would be bring you by around noon.”

“I’m not going back!”

“Look, I have to take you back, I will talk to your parents, if there is even the slightest hint of antipathy from either of them I will bring you back here. If they honestly have no problem with you then you stay, but as a precaution take this press the button if there is any threat and I’ll be there to pick you up within ten minutes. Hopefully, they are over the shock and are willing to deal with this situation in a sane and calm way. Now sit down and have some breakfast.”

I slowly ate my breakfast and then we left Tony’s apartment for home.

“What the fuck are you doing here you little faggot!” where the first words out of my father’s mouth followed by, “Who the hell are you?” which he directed toward Tony. I turned to walk away but Tony grabbed my arm.

“I am Detective Tony Brisco and you don’t need to use that kind of language or that kind of attitude towards your son.”

“He is not my son any more. He is not welcomed here.”

“Okay, Ardal, go get your things.”

“He has no things here they were on loan from me they are my things.”

“Fine Mr. Flanagan. You want to play this game. I can play it too. Ardal, you father has just offer to buy you a complete new wardrobe from any stores in the mall – we’ll spend at least $5000, no $10000. You see Mr. Flanagan Ardal is still by law your financial responsibility. You will have to pay any and all bills he incurs. Now you can stop being an asshole and allow him to get HIS things or you can pay HIS bills. You choose.”

“Go get your crap faggot!”

“You don’t have permission to enter,” Dad said to Tony.

“Sir, stop being and asshole or I will arrest you for obstruction, I am here for his protection.”

Dad mumbled something and walked off to the kitchen.

“You okay?” he asked me.

I nodded and went to my room.

As I walked in to my room Kagan who was lying prone on his bed looked up at me. His eyes were all puffy. I didn’t saying anything. I took the pillowcase off my pillow and started emptying my drawers into the pillowcase.

“What are you doing?” asked Kagan.

“Getting my stuff and then I’m out of here. And you won’t have to worry about me embarrassing you at school because I’ll be going to a different school.”

“No! You can’t leave! Ardie, I’m sorry. I’ll do anything, but please don’t go!” He cried.

I dropped the pillowcase and went over to him. “Kaggie, I’ll be all right okay and I don’t hate you – I love you. You’re my brother and I’m not leaving because of you. I’m leaving because Dad doesn’t want me here.”

“Fuck Dad!”

“No thanks, he’s not my type!”

Kagan smiled faintly.

“Ardie, you know when you were looking at those really hot guys and I caught you about to jack-off”

“I wasn’t…”

“Yeah you were! I could see the outline of your cock in your pants and you had a hardon!” He smiled.

“Okay, well they were hot,” I smiled. Wait a sec my brother just called that guy a hottie! “You’re gay?”

“Yeah, I wanted to tell you then but you insisted you got that picture in an email, so I didn’t. Well, let’s get packing!” Kagan pulled his pillow from its case.

Ten minutes later we were carrying our stuff down the stairs. “Hi! You must be Tony! I’m Kagan and I hope you don’t mind if I come along too. You see because…” he paused then, in a falsetto voice he sang like Queen in Bohemian Rhapsody, “I’m just a queer boy I need no sympathy because I’m easy cum, easy blow…”

My dad shot out of the kitchen interrupting Kagan’s singing.

Kagan always had guts to say things I could never say, “Yep dad, I’m queer too! I think your little swimmers where having a gay old time.”

Dad started for Kagan but Tony blocked him just as mom and Carey came in the door. Carey looked at me then Kagan.

“What’s going on here?”

“Us queer boys are moving out,” said Kagan.

“No, none of my boys are moving out. Now go put your things away.”

“No, ma’am,” I said, “I’m not living in a home where I am despised,” I blurted out.

Mom walked over to me and gave me a hug, ”Ardie, I could never not love you, Now go put your stuff away.” Then she kissed me on the cheek before turning her attention to Tony, “You are?”

“Detective Tony Brisco. I brought Ardal here this morning to try and handle the situation, however it doesn’t appear that your husband wishes to cooperate and in the interest of your sons and their protection I told them to get their things. They will be staying with me until suitable family can be found.”

“Cool! I’ll get my things too,” exclaimed Casey the youngest of the three boys.

“Well, Da, looks like you got a home run all your sperms are queer!” said Kagan. I burst out laughing, Casey giggled, Mom started to smile then squelched it and Dad just got angrier.

“Boys, take your stuff up stairs and put it away.”

“Darn!” said Casey.

“Casey you too and just stay up there until I call you down.”

“Patrick, you and I need to talk and Detective Brisco I’d like you to be a witness.

When Kagan and I got our things put away we all sat down on Kagan bed. “Okay, we are all gay right?” asked Kagan. Casey and I nodded. “I think we should all talk because I never want to have to go through what I have gone through in the last two days. First of all, you are my brothers and I love you and I will always love you. I’ve decided I will not ever make stupid comments like I did yesterday unless I know that you know that I’m just kidding around. We have never talked about our feelings with each other and I think we should.”

“I agree,” I said.

“Me too,” said Casey.

And for the next two hours we all bared our souls to each other telling and talking about our fears, our problems, everything. We made agreements to be there for each other and to protect each other.

“Dudes, I’m going to ask mom if I can go to Wilmington High this year. Tony’s roommate goes there. Tony says he’s a cool dude and he’s gay. He’ll be a senior this year and so will his boyfriend and it would be cool to have a couple of seniors on our side just in case. Get this Tony said Ethan’s boyfriend is the principle’s son.”

“Is he cute?” asked Casey.

“I saw a picture of them and they are sooooo hot!”

“You know who I think is hot? Tony,” said Kagan then he blushed, “I really think I have a crush on him.”

Just as he said that Tony poked his head in the door quietly I guess to tell us we could come downstairs. The opportunity was just too great as Kagan’s back was to the door.

“Kagan! Tony’s 28! You’re 16!” I said.

“So! It’s only 12 years and, and age is just a number…when I first saw him, I don’t know I just thought he was soooo handsome. He can sleep in my bed anytime he wants.”

Casey and I burst into laughter and Kagan turn his head and saw Tony with a smile on his face. Kagan went bright red and then I saw tears rolling down his cheek. I think Tony sense it and came over behind Kagan and wrapped his arms around him.

“Kagan, I know that embarrassed you but I am glad I heard it because when I saw you coming down the stairs behind Ardal I swear to you I thought you were and absolute hottie,” Tony said softly. Then kissed him on the cheek. “You okay with that?”


“Good. Now your mom needs to talk to you guys and then we are all going out for pizza.”

We had a great time that night. Mom told us that Dad was out of our life for good. None of us were sad or happy. We all knew his and mom’s marriage wasn’t that great - it was more for show to others. There was never any expression of love from dad to us – I think we all realized that the love in our family came mainly from mom and ourselves.

What do you think so far- Sam. sam_lakes@hotmail.com