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Dolphin Boy

by Sam Lakes

Chapter 3 – A New Friend

Between La Jolla and Solana Beach there is a beach called Black’s Beach. It’s a swimming suit optional beach and that suited me perfectly. It’s pretty difficult to get to unless you walk to it from the beaches on either side of it because there are cliffs behind it.

I discovered Black’s Beach by accident. We, mom and I were living in our condo in La Jolla. We’ve been here four days and I was going crazy being cooped up – mom had business meetings all day so I told her I had to go for a walk along the beach. She was on the phone and just nodded and said for me to have a good time. For once her attention was more on somebody else than me and I jumped at the opportunity and left.

When I got to Black’s Beach I noticed that numerous people were nude and some weren’t. Not wanting to do anything illegal I asked an older man who was naked why some people were naked and why some weren’t and he said that it was because some people didn’t wish to go naked.

“Oh. Well, I’ve been naked for the last seven years and clothes really irritate me.” And I stripped off right there. “I can’t tell you how good this feels!”

“So, why were you naked the last seven years? If you don’t mind me asking.” He had a kind old face, hair as white as snow but his body looked in great shape just a little overweight but not fat.

“Well, I was shipwrecked in the Pacific…”

“Whoa! You’re Noah Huntington?” I nodded. He stood up and hugged me, “My God I should have recognized you! I know your mother. I met you once when you were seven or eight just before you and your dad went to Australia.”

“You knew my dad?” I asked.

“Yes and I was sorry to loose him as a friend. He was a good man your father.” I forced a smile. He paused then continued, “In fact, I have a meeting with your mother in fifteen minutes.”

“What Mom is going to be coming here?” I asked.

He laughed then replied, “No, no,” he pointed to a cell phone lying on his towel, “She is calling me on the phone. God! I should have recognized you! You look so much like your dad, but a lot like your mother, especially with the long hair. You should get it cut.”

“No. I can’t, not yet anyway,” I paused, “What’s your name?”

“James Grearson. Here, let’s sit down and you tell me why.”

“Why what?”

“Why, you don’t want to cut your hair?”

I sighed, “Well, it’s because it reminds me of something, Dad in a way. The day we left the port I had been really nasty to some kid and dad got pissed at me. He told me I was an arrogant little prick, he was ashamed of me and that instead of be arrogant I should use that time to really get to know the person I am talking with and that if I didn’t I would soon have no friends. I told him I didn’t care. I was mad at him and stayed below in my cabin. I fell asleep and when I woke up we were in the middle of a storm. I tried to get on deck but the boat was being wildly tossed about and I fell and hit my head and passed out. I didn’t come to until I was on the island. I was alone. My father was not there. I had no friends. There was no one who cared about me – just the island and me. I was angry at first. I hated my father at first. It was his fault I was alone on the island at least that’s how I felt at first but that changed…” I said, paused and turned my head away and looked out to the ocean for a moment, “For a long time I thought God or someone was punishing me and I hated them for killing my father and leaving me all alone. I hated my mother for not finding me. It was Dolf who finally made me realize that I was being so arrogant.”

“Dolf?” he queried.

“Yeah, he was my only friend, a dolphin,” I smiled, “or as I used to tell Dolf, he was my dolffriend. Anyway, to cut a long story short I decided that if I ever got back around people I would never be arrogant again, but just to make sure I would not cut my hair, I’d keep my hair long as a reminder that I’m not any better than others. Jason said that it does make me look like a girl,” I laughed, “He said I looked like a real hottie…but he didn’t care that I wasn’t a girl he’d still love me long hair and girlish or short hair and girlish…” I giggled, “He was so funny…do you think I look like a girl?”

“Well,” James said with a smile, “Not when you’re naked.” He laughed, “When your naked you definitely look like a boy!”

I looked down between my legs and back up at him and giggled, “Yeah. Definitely a boy!”

His phone rang. I told him I was going for a dip.

The water here is cold, but refreshing as I slowly walked west. When the water was waist deep I stopped. All I could see ahead of me was the vast bluish ocean and a few clouds in the sky. It was different than the Pacific Ocean where the island is. The water there was warmer and clear and clean looking. It didn’t look the same and I found myself missing the water there, missing the island, missing Dolf. I swam out further and stopped. I wondered if I could call the dolphins. I would be happy to see a dolphin even if it wasn’t Dolf. I called and waited but no dolphin came. I tried again and still nothing. I swam about half way back and something told me to stop.

I was in waist deep water and I stood very still. I could feel the presence of something slowly I crouched in the water and uttered a few sounds. I felt him swim by my legs as I squatted down into the water with only my head above water. I relaxed and submerged. I heard the familiar clicks, my heart was beating so fast, I was so excited. I made my clicking sound and then I saw him, a youthful dolphin carefully looking at me. I didn’t want to scare him away and yet I needed to breath. I made some more clicks and rose slowly poking my nose out of the water and grabbed some air enough to last me a few more seconds. He clicked and I answered. Slowly, I came up for more air, this time filling my lungs full exhaling and filling them again and submerged. I reached out and touched his rubbery skin.

I took hold of his dorsal and he knew what I wanted, off we shot like a torpedo. The water rushing by me as I held on if only I could hold on forever, if only I could hold on until he got to Australia but that was not possible and I was not built for the water. Still a feeling of extreme exhilaration flowed through me. He turned and carried me back towards the shore. As he turned to go back out I released and clicked my delight and surfaced rapidly like a bullet shot from a gun out of the water into the air. I screamed with delight and happiness. I was in chest high water. I called to him telling him to jump over me. Back he came and he did a beautiful leap over me.

“Again! One last time!” I yelled. And back he came heading straight for me and the open ocean beyond, jumping over me at the last moment. “GO! GO WITH LOVE!” I yelled to him. He came out of the water up on his tail. I laughed! “SHOW OFF!” I turned towards the shore and saw James standing by the water and a few more people watching also.

“James! James! Did you see that?” I said excitedly, “Wasn’t he beautiful! He was sooooo nice! He took me for a swim! Did you see? Did you see me shoot out of the water? Dolf and I used to do that all the time! Are you still talking to mom?”

“Noah! You…that was fantastic! If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I would not have believed it!”

“He was a young guy, probably a teen like me! I called and he came! He came out of curiosity and we were like instant friends! He couldn’t play for long but only a short time or he’d be too far from his family. But it was so great! Is my mom on the phone?”

“Yeah, here.”

James started talking to the little group of people that had gathered and it was getting to be not so little as other people came over to see what the excitement was. “Mom? Mom, it was so great!” I told my mom about the experience and about meeting James. She asked if I was hungry and I said I was and I would leave soon to come home. She told me that James had invited us for lunch and wanted to know if that was okay. I said fine and we hung up.”

“Mom says it’s time to go eat,” I said to the small group of people, “See you all later, maybe tomorrow.” James and I turned and walked back to our clothes.

A young boy about thirteen or fourteen I’d guess followed us. He had curly blond hair almost white and was almost as tall as I was. I looked at him. He smiled timidly like he wanted to say something.

“Hi,” I said.

“Hi. My name is Michael but you can call me Mike. I was wondering, are you the boy that was in Brisbane? I saw you on the news and then on the plane,” he asked so fast like he had to get the words out in a hurry before I disappeared.

“Yes, I’m Noah, Noah Huntington.

“Yeah, with my mom, I wanted to say hello to you then but mom wouldn’t let me because you were in first class. We were in coach,” his voice tailing off as he spoke.

“Well, you shouldn’t have let that stop you, I mean just because my mom and I were traveling first class doesn’t mean I would want to talk to you or be a friend. Where’s your mom now?”

“She’s over there sunbathing, she’s asleep I think.”

“You hungry?”

“Yeah, kinda,” he smiled. He had an adorable smile the kind when you see it you just feel like hugging him. I didn’t but I felt like it.

I looked at James. He smiled and nodded. We ran over to invite his mom and finally after much persuasion got her to come along. We had lunch at a place in Delmar called the Beef something…the hamburgers were the best I’d ever eaten. We must have spent three hours there – the adults sat together and Mike and I saw at a table to ourselves.

Mike told me his dad was killed in a motorcycle accident three years ago and that started him crying and he left and went outside for I followed. He turned away from me. “Mikey,” I said, “It’s alright to cry.”

“You probably think I’m a wimp!”

“No, I cry too. I cry a lot actually. Like when I had to leave Australia and Jason. I cry a lot when I think of my dad too. Sometimes, I really miss him and for a long time I felt like it was my fault that he died. Tell me about your dad.”

For the next three hours we sat outside and talk, laughed and nearly every other emotion there is. I found myself really liking his dad and wishing that our dads had been best friends. I told Mikey how I felt and he said he felt the same way.

“Maybe they are best friends now in heaven,” said Mikey.

I smiled. I didn’t really believe in heaven, but at the same time I wanted Mikey to have his own feeling and not make him wrong for the way he felt. If heaven he wanted then heaven he should have so I simply said, “Yeah, that would be neat. I’d like that.” He smiled that adorable smile and I could resist no longer I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.

He pulled away quickly and looked at me in a weird way.


“That’s kinda gay, don’t you think?” he asked.

I shrugged my shoulders. Jason had kissed the top of my head and we’d both kissed each other on the cheeks and once gently on the lips. Had that been gay? I hadn’t even thought about it. I loved Jason – was that gay? And is it wrong? I liked Mikey and was that wrong? Was it wrong that I kissed him? To me it felt right to kiss Mikey to show that I liked him and that he meant a lot to me. Maybe he didn’t really like me? I was busy thinking and staring down at my feet. I felt a little hurt, by what he said. I looked up at him although only a second or two had passed. He was staring at his feet too. “Sorry,” I said quietly and I got up and left.

“Can we go?” I asked Mom. She looked at me and I looked away and walked out to her car. A few minutes later she joined me and luckily said nothing. Our drive how was in silence. When we got home I went to my room and shut the door. Mom knocked but I didn’t answer. She left me alone.

I thought about things like was I gay. I had never thought about myself as gay until now. Why would I? I was alone on an island. I knew that I loved Jason – I liked being with him – I liked it when he wrapped his arms around me. I missed him. I liked Mike but it was different what I had done was just out of friendship just me expressing myself – I think. I thought about Jason and I realized that I must be gay if gay meant that you loved another guy and that you wanted to spend the rest of your existence with him. That was how I felt about Jason.

It wasn’t because he saved me; it was because we had so many things in common. All Mikey and I had in common had been our dad’s were both dead.

I didn’t want it to be this way. I wanted to be free to be me to express myself. On the island I had been free to do what ever I wanted except leave. On the island all I had was a turtle and a dolphin.

My phone rang.

I answered hoping it was Jason.


“Noah?” It was Mike. I hung up. I was mad at him. I was mad at him because he had made such a big deal out of nothing. He had all but said I was gay. I had so much wanted to be his friend I really liked him.

The phone rang again. I let it ring. I didn’t need him to tell me I was gay. In that moment I would have given up everything to go back to the island to go back to the lonely solitude except that I knew I could not give up Jason. But what if what I felt for Jason he didn’t feel for me. What if I was gay and he was just being nice; he was just the person who rescued me from the island? What if his mom or my mom said we couldn’t be together? His mom was supposed to be my teacher to get me caught up – I would be taught at home and Jason would be at school. What if Jason found someone else? Does she know if he’s gay? Maybe she knows that he’s not gay. Mom doesn’t know I’m gay – hell I only just figured it out – I think.

The phone rang again. It was really irritating me.

I picked it up but remained silent.

“Noah, please don’t – please don’t hang up. I’m sorry! What ever I did I’m sorry.” He was crying. Had this all just been a misunderstanding on my part?

“I won’t hang up.”

“I’m sorry, I said what I said. It just surprised me when you kissed me because…because I felt like kissing you, but I didn’t want you to think I was gay and then you kissed me and it sort of pop out.”

I didn’t know what to say so I said nothing.

A few moments of silence past which was finally broken by Mike. “Noah, I, uh, I need to tell you something…then if you hang up on me well, I’ll understand. Noah, I, uh, uh.” Silence.



“You want to come over, maybe it would be easier to tell me face-to-face.”

“Yeah, sure,” he said sounding a bit happier.

I gave him my address and hung up. I had thought that it really didn’t matter if I could be his friend then I should be and maybe he was like me maybe we did have more than just our dads in common.

I came out of my room and went to sit down beside my mom.

“Something you want to say?” she asked.

“No. Just hold me for a bit and tell me you love me.”

She did and it felt good.



“Is it wrong to be gay?

“Well, some people think so…but I don’t happen to think that way. Is this about Jason or Mike?”

I looked at her. She smiled and I said, “Both.” Then I sighed. “Life was so simple on the island. Lonely, but simple.

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