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Dolphin Boy

by Sam Lakes

Chapter 4
Dolphin Boy

I think that the only girl I have been attracted to turned out not to be a girl. Pretty funny, eh? In case you’re a bit dense I’m gay. I’m not out yet well my mom knows and now you know. Mom didn’t make a big deal about it. A year ago Mike Butterfield and I gave each other a blowjob. It just sort of happened and happened and happened. Well it was sort of a regular thing. I love getting and receiving. What can I say sixty-nine is my favorite number!

But that all came to an end six months ago because Mike moved away to LA. He promised to keep in touch. Didn’t happen.

The thing of it is, is there was no love or kissing just sex and as enjoyable as it was I really wanted someone to love me. I mean other than my mother.

My dad died a while back. There are sometimes I miss him. Well, most of the time I miss him. Summer is here and I was at the beach with my mom. Oh yeah, my mom is sort of a nudist. Inside the house we are always naked and sometimes out doors if we go to Black’s beach. That’s sort of how I found out I was gay – naked girls do nothing for me. But let there be male age 12 to 100 and it’s hardon time for me. Well, I exaggerate but you understand.

Hence at school my worst class is PE. Wall to wall cock! Yummy! I cut PE a lot. So much so the coach doesn’t really know me. It’s not that I don’t like sports I just don’t want to get labeled as a queer.

Anyway, this girl that I saw was in Australia or at least when I first saw her on the ‘telly’ I thought that she was a girl. And the boy that she was with was a real hottie! He was so cute! I kissed the TV. Anyway the girl turns out to be a boy! He had been shipwreck on some island for seven years. And this old guy and his nephew found the boy. But seeing him on the telly and seeing him in real life, which happened today, is something completely different. I saw him with that other boy and then as the boy and his mother boarded the plane – they were first class. As I passed him on my way to coach I could tell he’d been crying and I wanted to hold him in my arms and make him happy. But I didn’t.

During the flight I thought I’d go say hi to him but mom wouldn’t let me. She pointed out that they were rich and we although not poor we would not be welcomed by the flight attendants in first class. When the flight was nearly over whom should I see walking down the aisle but the boy. He saw me and I know I blushed. He smiled and said “Hi!” My voice was frozen. I couldn’t speak or say anything and he continued on his way. They announce our decent into LAX and so he returned to his seat in first class. I thought I’d never see him again.

That night and every night after that for the next few nights he was a part of my jack-off fantasies. Then mom suggested we go to Black’s Beach. Cool I thought – maybe I’d meet a cool looking dude and he’d become the new star of my nightly ritual.

And then I saw him like someone in one of my wet dreams. His long brown hair that just reaches his butt was perfect. I swear I have never seen a more beautiful butt in my life. He was beautiful lightly muscled, looking like a young colt that was on his way to becoming a stallion as his penis swung from side to side. I wanted to go be with him but I couldn’t and if you haven’t guessed it yet then you’re pretty dense. I am shy – to myself I think and say the boldest things but in reality I’m a fucking looser, a nobody, a dreamer. It was always the other person who had to initiate things even Mike was the one who started and continued the blowjobs.

I sat and watched scared yet amazed and hypnotized by his beauty. He stood in the water up to his waist, no one else around him. I watched as he swam out and then back stopping turning around and then it happened. He grabbed at something in the water and instantly he was gone!
I panicked! I thought maybe a shark had got him or something. Instinctively I ran to the waters edge. Fearful that some great white shark had taken my love from me but then I realized there was no shark as he shooting out of the water into the air with a dolphin beside him!

I heard him screaming with joy and excitement as the dolphin shot out of the water and over his head and then back over him as he laughed and screamed and finally the dolphin did his backward thing. You could feel his excitement and it transfer to all of us who watched.

A show like the one we had seen would never be seen in Sea World or any other place – this was unrehearsed, with an untrained dolphin from a fifteen year old boy! I watched him answer questions and finally they started to leave.

Again I panicked he was leaving possibly never to return – I had to do something I had to speak. Maybe we – he and I could be come friends or more! I was following him like a lost puppy dog. God how lame am I?

“Hi! I saw you on the plane,” he said.

I have no idea what I said to him – I heard me speaking but I was so nervous. He smiled at me. The next thing I knew I was riding in the car with the old man, my mom and Noah. I was in the car with this boy with long hair. I was so nervous. I looked at mom and she smiled. She knew I liked him and also that I was quaking inside.

We were talking about the dolphin and then he asked me what my dad did for a living. In three years I had not really cried about my dad’s death. I don’t know why but I started crying. And I was embarrassed and I quickly ran outside.

I went around to the side of the building sat on the curb and cried. Noah said nothing he sat down beside me and pulled me into a hug.

“You probably think I’m a wimp,” I said.

He said no and that he cried a lot too and told me about leaving Jason, the boy who found him. He got me talking about my father. I said that at the funeral I wish I could have see my dad one more time but it was a closed casket. I felt him shaking and when I looked at him he was sobbing He was sobbing so hard I almost left to go get his mom but he held my hand tight, not wanting me to go.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry this is your time not mine,” he cried as he tired to stop his tears.

“It’s okay, please tell me what’s wrong.”

He shook his head no. “No. No I’ll be all right it’s just very hard when you loose someone you love. Well, you know that! Did you and your dad do things together, you know father and son?”

“Yeah, Dad liked football and we used to go see the San Diego Charger games. I didn’t really like football that much but dad did so I went along and I always had a good time.”

We continued to talk about the good memories I had and everything was going great. Noah and I were laughing about a time I thought I saw a monster under the house. It turned out to be a cat. I really liked Noah a lot. I think I love him and I think he likes me. We were sitting there on the curb and he leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. For a second it felt so good but years of heterosexual training you get in school took over and I said something I immediately regretted,
“That’s kinda gay, don’t you think?”

Instantly I knew I had said the wrong thing, I blew it! He said sorry and got up and left. By the time I came to my senses it was too late. He’d already told his mother he wanted to leave. I couldn’t blurt out ‘Hey I’m gay! I mean in front of everyone - it’s anti, anti-hetro to say such things.

Mom asked me what was wrong. I couldn’t say anything. Not with the old man there. He was probably some Christian hypocrite or worse some Better-Than-Thou Baptist. I was silent until I got home.

Mom asked again. “I blew it! I totally blew it! I was like so easy to open up to him about things I said things about how I felt about dad’s death and he was there for me, caring and everything I I’m such and idiot! I totally alienated him!”

“So what happened?” After lots of tears she said what I knew she would say.

“Well, call him up and tell him your sorry – tell him you’re gay. I don’t know him that well, I know his mom is concerned about him he has nightmares really bad nightmares. She said sometimes they are so bad that he won’t sleep for days – they sort of come and go and he had one last night. She’s has offered me an executive position in her corporation mainly because she’s tired of working so many hours but also because she wants to spend more time with Noah. If I accept we will have to move to Ohio,” she paused. “No Black’s beach…I shall miss it.”

“But I don’t have his phone number.”

Mom smiled. “Laura Huntington is a very observant mother and when he went to the car she scribbled down his private line and said, “In case Mike wants to talk to Noah, but give Noah a little time to cool off. So, I’d give him about an hour.”

For an hour I paced back and forth thinking about what I would say and how I would say it and I’d tell him I loved him. The close it came to call him the more nervous I became…finally, an hour passed. I called.

Noah answered my heart was beating so fast and my mouth was dry. I barely got my name out and he hung up. He hated me so much he hung up on me – I cried but I was determined to try again. This time he didn’t hang up he listened, I started to tell him I was gay but I couldn’t get the words out. Instead he invited me over. I knew then I was hopelessly in love with Noah. Mom drove me over and she a Laura talked more while I went with Noah to his room.

Noah’s room was huge easily three times the size of my room with a four-poster bed. He had a couch and a big screen HDTV and a desk with a computer and plenty of space. His bathroom was huge to and he had a Jacuzzi!

“Beats the island!” he said as he leaped on the bed and patted the space in front of him. I sat in front of him and he spoke, “Here’s the deal I listen to what you have to say and if necessary we discuss it then you help me with my times tables. Mrs. Andrews says I have to know everything up to the 12s. Okay?”

I nodded. My heart was beating so fast, “What I said was automatic – I said it without thinking. If I had been thinking I wouldn’t have said anything. I would have kissed you back…when you kissed me it startled me It startled me because I was thinking how much I wanted to kiss you…You see I’m the one that’s gay and..and I, uh, I think I love you.” I looked up at him. He was smiling.

“You think?”

I blushed really bad and he giggled. “Okay, I know I love you. When I see you my hearty races, and I just want to be near you and…and I think you are so beautiful.”

“You have the most amazing smile! You know what upset me was I had never thought about me being gay. But having thought about it I know I am gay. I talked to mom about this before you came over and I think I was always gay. Even when I was younger – I remembered this boy Ardal – he was so beautiful to me and I sort of loved him but I was always being mean to him – just part of being a prick. And deep down I wanted him to love me and he didn’t…when my dad said I was an arrogant prick I really was. I know I will see Ardal when I go back to Ohio and I know that he says he hates me. I just have to convince him that I’m not the same person. Anyway, you have a smile that touches my heart and it…it” he moved closer our lips came together and we kissed. Just lips against lips and then slowly we parted. My stomach growled and we both laughed.

“Let’s go see what our moms are doing,” said Noah.

“Okay, but first.” I leaned over and kissed him again.


I smiled.

“You did it again!”

“What?” I responded.

He kissed me again. “You gave me that sexy smile.” The he giggled then jumped off the bed and I followed.

Our moms were on a video conference with Barbara Flanagan. “Hi Mrs. Flanagan!” said Noah.

“Hi Noah.”

“Are you at the office or home?”

“Home. Why?”

“I was hoping to see your family. That is if you guys don’t mind or am I interrupting some business thingy?”

“No. Unless you have any more Laura.”

“No. We will see you Monday.”

“Maureen, it was great to met you and I look forward to working with you here.”

“Me too Barbara,” said Maureen.

“Noah, I see if I can get the boys to come say hello.”

“Okay, well this handsome boy here is Mike Lettersworth, Maureen’s son.”

“Hi, Mike, Maureen he is a gorgeous looking boy.”

He laughed and I blushed and then punched him in the arm. He feigned pain and we all laughed.

A few minutes later two boys came into the room where the camera was. I could tell Noah was nervous because he flicks his hair and bites his upper lips. “Hi, I’m Noah, I-I just wanted to say hi. It’s been a while – you must be Kagan and you must be Casey.

“Yeah, you look different.”

“Yeah, the hair is really long. Uh, this is my friend Mike. He’s Maureen’s son. He’s cool we met on the airplane and then on the beach.”

“So, Mike you met Noah on the plane?”

“Briefly, but then I recognized him at the beach playing with the dolphin. It was so awesome. Wild dolphins just don’t do that stuff there must have been fifteen people who saw it,” I said excitedly.

“Wow!” said Casey, “Noah, do you think you could, could I met the dolphins.”

“Sure Casey any time. Maybe some weekend we could all fly out. Maybe our moms could have a business trip, hint, hint Mom!”

“Where’s Ardal?”

“He, uh, doesn’t like uh to be on camera,” said Kagan.

“Well, for what it’s worth, tell him I’m sorry. I was a real asshole to him and if I were him I’d hate me too.”

“Noah, it’s just.”

“No, Kagan, don’t try to make excuses, I spent seven years alone on an island – I had a lot of time to think about things. Your brother never deserved to be treated like I treated him.”

Nothing was said. I personally think this Ardal person is an asshole.

“Hey, anyway it was great seeing you two and Casey once I get back and I’m doing all right in school uh I promise we’ll come out here and go swimming with the dolphins – it’s awesome really awesome! Bye.” He waved and left the room really fast.

I said good-bye to them I felt like telling them to tell their brother to shove his attitude up his ass!

“Mike,” said Laura.

“Don’t let it get to you.”

“But Noah’s not an asshole!” I began to cry, “He’s the fucking asshole. God! He was seven years old!” I couldn’t see because my tears were gushing, “That he survived is a miracle! He’s not an asshole I saw him today with people they were crowding him and asking him all sorts of stupid questions and he-he was nice to them. James had to pull him away and – and he was nice to me I-I was so scared he’d think I was an idiot or something I was so scared to say anything to him because – because I felt like I was nobody, but he said ‘Hi’ and he made me feel like I was somebody! And he got me talking about my dad. I never cried about my dad dying until today – and all the pain is gone now and, and.” I paused in my emotional tirade, “it was Noah that took all the pain away because he cares for me!”

Mom had her arms around me calming me down because I had gotten so riled up. Laura came over and sat beside mom and me and took my hand, “Don’t ever think that you are a nobody because what I saw just now, you are something and someone very special.”

I smiled and went to Noah’s bedroom; he looked at me and forced a smile. “I heard what you said to mom. But I was terrible to him. And you should listen to my mom, ‘Don’t let it get to you’ and from me, don’t hate Ardal, because I don’t. I’m going to tell you a secret and you must never tell anyone. Promise?”

“Yes,” I promised,

“I will never cut my hair until Ardal tell me of his own freewill says that he forgives me for the way I treated him and it’s up to ME to do what ever I can do to win back his friendship.”

“But…” I started to argue and he put his fingers to my lips.

“And Mom is right you are a very special person, Dolphin Boy. I am honored to have you as my friend.”

“What did you call me?” I asked.

“Dolphin Boy,” Noah replied.

“Why did you call me that?” I asked.

“Because that’s your secret name.” He leaned in and we kissed.



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