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Dolphin Boy

by Sam Lakes

Chapter 5 –
The Nightmare is over.

I have suffered broken bones, nut crunches, and all matter of cuts and scrapes but none compares to the pain I felt leaving Noah at the airport. The slightest thing and I’d start crying. Noah and I talked at least four times on his flight home and all four times I’d cry after hanging up and when he’d call the next time he tell me he’d cried. We have talked everyday since he left and it’s been the highlight of my day. He called and introduced me to a new friend Mike Lettersworth. He said I would like Mike and that he was gay like us. And when I see him I will go ga-ga especially when he smiles I’ll want to kiss him. I thought I’d be jealous but I talked with Mike and Mike let me know that he respects the relationship between Noah and me and he can’t wait to meet me he knows we will be great friends.

When Mike left the conversation Noah spoke, “Mike is really neat and he’s fun to be with but he’s not you…” he went silent for a bit and my eyes watered up because I knew he was missing me as much as I missed him. ”I just miss you so much Jason. It’s like you’re my other half and I’m only half the person I should be. We are going to Ohio on Monday, Mom, Mike and his mom…Hold on I need to get a soda.”

Five minutes later he was back and he sounded so excited. "Can you acted surprised?"

“Yeah why?” I asked.

“Well, you have to promise not to say anything to Uncle Ray because he’s going to surprise you. Is he still there? No. He’s gone down to the marina office.”

“No he’s not. While I went to get a coke and…” his voice sounded really excited, “nah maybe I should just like it be a surprise,” he giggle.

“Noah!” I whined.

He laughed. “Well, you are leaving in the morning first class to LAX!”

“YES!” I screamed, “WOW! I LOVE YOU! I LOVE YOUR MOM! I LOVE MY MOM! YES! YES! YES! It’s like a dream come true! Oh God I thought I was going to have to be here another week! Oh God! OH! SH-it. Oops. ”

“That little bugga told you didn’t he?” said Uncle Ray. I nodded. “Press speakerphone! You sneaky little bugga you!”

“What? I was telling about my day at the beach!” Noah giggled.

“Yeah, right! Well, ya took the wind out of my sails but seeing his face was priceless.”

“Noah Huntington!”

“Oh! Hi, mom!”

“I’ve a good mind to make you stay here while we fly up to LAX!” said Laura Huntington.

“What! Oh mom, NO! ME your favorite son! You wouldn’t! You couldn’t! I couldn’t help it mom! I had to tell my better half! Mrs. Andrews you know what your son means to me!”

“How did you find out?” asked my mom.

“Well, I was getting a coke for myself and I sort of over heard. Jason I put you one speakerphone. Uncle Ray get down on your knees and you too Jason.”

“And why should I do that?” asked Uncle Ray.

“Because you said that I was the best thing that could ever happen to Jason to your sister on the phone when you called her from the hotel.”

“Why you little eavesdropper!”

I laughed and so did Noah.

“Are you on your knees?”

“Yes” we replied.

“Good repeat after me,” said Noah I heard my mom and Laura giggling.

“Ray you do not have to do this,” laughed Laura, “But Jason we expect you to do this.” I could hear mom laughing.

So we both on our knees begged Mom and Laura to let us meet at LAX. Noah was fun. And there were lots of laughter. After we hung up I looked at Uncle Ray, “You know, Uncle Ray, I can’t remember the last time mom sounded so happy.”

“Well, my boy, I guess it’s time we had a talk.”

“Yes sir. What about?”

“Enough of the sir stuff,” he sighed, “Better you call me dad.”

“What? What do you mean call you dad? Why?”

“Well, because I’m not really your Uncle, I’m your father,” he said quite seriously.

“You’re my father, but how? I mean you’re gay, right?” I asked.

“Oh, absolutely but wouldn't you know the only girl I ever had sex with got pregnant. She being a Catholic – well abortion was right out! Your mom, my sister couldn’t have children and so she adopted you.”

“I thought that it would be best that I was the gay Uncle rather than the gay dad. You have to understand I went through hell back then as a gay – I didn’t want you to suffer the same as I did and I felt if you had a gay dad then it could prove to be hard for you.”

I was sort of stunned by this new revelation; I thought about my adopted dad, I always called him Marv. I never called him dad. I shook my head. All the years I felt guilty because I hated him because you’re supposed to love your father – it was like a relief and I started laughing – I mean the asshole wasn’t my father!

“I never called him dad,” I laughed again. But then I thought of all the times in the past when Uncle Ray had visited. All the times I had wished that he was my dad. I was angry! I was bloody angry. “You ass! You fucking asshole! All the times you visited and I’d beg you to take me with you! I needed you! You fucking asshole!”

And then I saw the tears gushing down his cheeks. I had never seen him cry in my life. And I knew it must have been painful for him too. “Oh, God how I wanted to take you with me, I’m sorry Jason.”

I went over and sat in his lap and we wrapped ourselves in each other’s arms and cried for the lost years.

After a while I began to think more clearly. There was always a birthday present and Christmas presents and they were always my most treasured gifts and then there were the letters at least once a month always so caring I always treasured them and saved them and then there was the computer he bought for me and nearly an email a day and instant messaging. And although he was physically half way around the world I realize that he was always in my life. He was always there for me.

I looked at him and smiled and the more I looked at him the bigger my smile.

“What are you looking so pleased about?” he giggled.

“Well, one you’re my dad,” I kissed him on the cheek and he kissed me back.

“And two?”

“Two, I look like you,” I giggled and shook my head.

“What?” he asked.

“Noah wanted to see a picture of my mother and the only one I had was one of her and Marv. Noah looked at the picture then at me then back at the picture then back at me and he said ‘Who is this guy?’ I said that’s Marvin, my ex-dad. He just looked at me and said ‘No way, Jose! That is not your Dad; you don’t look anything like him. You look like Ray; Ray is your dad I know he is. You two are so much alike and besides I can see it. The way he is with you.’”

“He’s an amazing kid, very perceptive and very smart and most of all he loves people, you especially. When he says you are his better half it’s not just because he wants to flatter you, he says it because he honestly feels it. You two belong together. I mean look at it, Jason, the odds of us finding him. I know I kidded you about staring at him and all his glory, but I was watching you and something happened, you felt it and I saw it in you. I really don’t believe in destiny, but I don’t know now.”

“You know he told me he fell in love with me the moment he saw me. Remember when he came onboard before we woke up. He came right to my cabin because he knew that’s where I’d be and when he saw me he started crying because I was exactly like what he’d been imagining – I was the one who would take the pain away. I was the one who would always be with him.”

“What about my mom. I mean now she's my aunt but…”

“Legally she is you mother and she loves you like a son. I think her worst fear is that you won’t think of her as your mom. She the one who changed your nappies, fixed your booboo’s, help you with your homework, washed your clothes and fed you but she also knows it’s a decision you need to make.”

“She’s is my mom. She will always be my mom. I may teased her from time to time but in my heart she will always be my mom.”


I had never traveled first class and let me tell you this fact coach sucks! Several people recognized me, I felt like a celebrity. There was one really cute kid I guess he was about twelve stopped, looked at me, “You were an telly, on the news about a week ago, right?”

“Yes, I was.”

“Wow! His mum is like really rich, did you get a reward?”

“You mean like money?” He nodded. “No, better than that I got a friend.”

“Yeah, I guess it is, but money would have been nice.”

“Come on move it along!” said some grumpy old geyser.

“You traveling alone?” I asked.

He nodded.

“Good, stow your stuff up here. The seat next to me is open, well it's mine too. Coach really sucks!”

“You mean it?”

“I wouldn’t be putting your stuff up here if I didn’t.”

I stowed his stuff and we sat down.

“Daniel Pritchard,” he said as he offered his hand.

We shook hands, “Jason Andrews”

He was fourteen but the amazing part was that he lived in Ohio with his mom. She’d just received a promotion apparently the CEO of the company she was with got fired and his mom was now temporary CEO.

“This is really weird! I live in San Diego all my life and now I’m going to be living in Ohio but I don’t know where yet. My mom is tutoring Noah and is also starting up a new educational software company being backed by Noah’s mom. Then Noah was on a beach a few days ago and met a boy call Mike Lettersworth and now he and his mom are going to Ohio his mom will be working for Noah’s mom so Laura can spend more time with Noah.”

“What’s really like, Noah?”

“He’s quiet spoken until he gets to know you then watch out. He’s kind and considerate, polite and my best friend.”

“Sounds like you’re in love with him,” he laughed.

“I am.”

The were a few moment of silence, then a question I didn’t expect, “And how does he feel about that? Are you like boyfriends?" He asked in a soft voice.

“Yeah, we are. Does that offend you?”


Again moments of silence.

“Are you out?”
“Well, my mom knows, of course Noah knows and Laura and Noah’s friend Mike and his mom and my dad, but other than that no, I mean if somebody asks me like you did I don’t deny it but I don’t run around telling everybody I’m gay. I mean you don’t hear hetros running around saying they are hetros well except for those who are not secure in being hetros.”

“If my mom knew she’d kick me out and if my dad knew I’d be dead.”

“So, you’re gay.”

“Yeah,” he said looking at his hands, “I’ve never done anything, but I know I am. I know it’s not just a phase. You’re the only other person I know who is gay. I don’t want to be this way and I try not to be.”

I smiled, “Yeah, I know – I’m not gay, I’m not gay, I’m not gay, I’m ooo is he hot!” I laughed and so did Daniel.

“So, have you and Noah, uh, you know, uh.”

“Had sex?”


“Well, that’s personal but no and if we had I wouldn’t talk about it anyway I’ve only know him a little over a week now.

We talked almost the whole flight; I got his phone number and promise to call him when I got to Ohio. He gave me a hug and a little quick kiss on the cheek before we got off the plane. After I got through Customs Laura, Mike, Noah and Mom were all waiting for me.

I gave my mom and extra big hug and told her I had missed her and I loved her so much and she’d always be my mom. She started crying and then I said well but if I get pissed at her I reserve the right to call her and auntie Sarah and giggled. She pinched my butt and I let out a yelp.

Noah looked at me and I said half giggling, “Auntie OW! Mom! That hurts!”

“Good! You deserved it!”

Noah, Mike and Laura laughed.

The plans had changed Mike, Noah, Laura and I were flying out in about two hours; my mom and Mike’s mom would be flying out as soon as they handle move vans and houses.

As Noah said I really liked Mike – he was cool and fun but quiet and I think he liked me too.

On our way out of the airport I saw Daniel sitting looking really down.

“Daniel!” he looked up and saw us and smiled. Noah was right when you saw Mike smile you wanted to kiss him, With Daniel You want to hug him and keep him.

I introduced him to everyone. When he and Mike shook hand there was a look in each other’s eyes that was pure love. I was sort of the same thing Dad had seen with Noah and myself and the handshake lasted longer than was needed. I smiled at Daniel and he blushed and then I looked at Mike who was also blushing.

“So, Daniel why were you looking so disheartened?” asked Laura.
“I missed my flight to Columbus, Ohio and the next flight they can get me on is 2:30 am.”

“Well, that’s exactly where we are going, so you can fly with us.”

Daniel’s mouth dropped open and he turned and looked at me as if I had caused it to happen and then back to Laura with a smile that wouldn’t quit. He tried to say something but all that came out was a funny squeak and then he just hugged her. I heard Mike says “Yes!” under his breath. Noah and I looked at him and he blushed we smirked.

“So, Daniel – what’s your last name?”


“Pritchard, any relationship to Melanie Pritchard?”

“Yes, she my mom. Do you know her?”

“Yes! She’s the new CEO of Syberdine Research and a good friend of my best friend Barbara Flanagan. As a matter of fact we are using Syberdine Research’s corporate jet, so as the son of the new CEO you have a right to fly on this plane,” smiled Laura as she gave him a hug. He gave her a hug then whispered something to her. Laura looked at Noah and I and smiled and nodded whispering something back to Daniel, then his face went serious and he said something looking down at his feet. She took his chin and brought his head up saying something to him, she wiped a tear or two from his face and gave him a little kiss on his forehead. He smiled and hugged her again.

I looked at Noah and kissed him on the cheek. “You got a great mom.”

“Well, one of you guys needs to give Danny a hand with is baggage.”

Before we could take a breath Mikey had Danny’s bags.

I rolled my eyes at Noah.

“Are we that obvious?” asked Noah.

Mom rolled her eyes at us. We were standing sided-by-side with our arm around each other’s waist.

We flew to Columbus from one of the smaller airports around LA. It was really a cool flight because there was such a synergy between us. Noah and I agree that Danny and Mikey were a cute couple.

“How many bedrooms are there in your house?” I asked Noah.

“I have no idea, but even if there are a thousand, you and I are sharing. Mikey taught me how to French kiss.”

“He what!”

“Don’t worry he didn’t actually French Kiss me. We downloaded a gay porn movie that showed these two really cute guys kissing and, and stuff.”

“Stuff?” I asked.

Noah blushed.
I looked at him questioningly.

“Yeah, stuff you know.” Of course I knew, but I shook my head no.

“You know sixty-nine,” he whispered?

“Huh? What do you mean?”

He really blushed and looked all frustrated.

“Explain!” I said. It was getting hard not to laugh.

He sighed, “Me sucking you and you sucking me!” he said in a frustrated whisper.

“Sucking wha what?, I burst out laughing!

“You knew all the time! You asshole!” he laughed and pinched my butt!

“OW!’ I yelled, “That hurts” I continued laughing and then he started tickling me.

“Noah! Jason! Stop the horse playing,” bellowed Laura from the front of the plane.

“Yes, ma’am,” we giggled.

Noah had me pinned down in my seat half lying on top of me. The next thing that happen was the most passionate kiss of my entire existence. When we broke for air a few tears spilled over and he spoke, “I never want to be without you again. Jason, I love you.”

“I love you to Noah – I can’t live without you.” We kissed again passionately until we heard Mikey say, “Guys, save it for the bedroom because if we can hear the moans there’s a good bet your mom can.”

“We were moaning?”

“Oh, oh baby oh yeah do it to me uhhhh ohhh yeah mmmm” giggled Danny then he laughed.

“You know we are very impressionable young people our purity should not have to be tainted and suffer the moans and groans of you two horny lovers,” said Mikey.

We continued our banter for a while and then I lay my head on Noah’s chest and the next thing I knew the plane jerked and we had landed.

We got home and had a snack, which I only had a bite of. Danny’s mom came to pick him up. I think Mikey was disappointed but before Danny left he had to show Danny something – of course, Noah and I knew he just wanted to kiss Danny goodnight and as Danny wasn’t out to his mom they had to be secret.

I left to take a shower – I was exhausted. After my shower I collapsed on the bed and was out light a light.

Sometime later Noah came to bed and he cuddled up close to me and I woke up enough to tell him I was really tired and I really wanted to do sixty-nine with him but I’m too tired. He said it was all right and that there would be a lifetime of love ahead of us. I was asleep in a second.

About five am I woke with the sound of a blood-curdling scream. I was Noah. The sweat was pouring off of him and he sat upright. It was the nightmare.
“Daddy, I’m sorry! I’m sorry! I didn’t mean what I said. NO! NO! GO AWAY! GO AWAY! YOUR NOT MY DADDY!”

“NOAH! Noah wake up. Noah it’s okay, I’m here with you!” I said as I gently shook him. He blinked and looked at me, and began to sob, “Jason, oh Jason, I didn’t mean to do it. I loved my daddy. I-I didn’t want him to die!” He sobbed. “I didn’t want him to DIE! I have to tell someone Jason! I have to! Please please promise me you wont hate me. I can’t tell mom, she’ll hate me and I don’t want her to hate me! I love her so much; promise me you won’t tell her. I-I don’t want her to hate m-me.”

Laura Huntington was standing by the door. I scooted myself around so that Noah when he looked at me would not see Laura.

“I promise, Noah. I promise with all my heat and soul. Tell me what happened.”

“Before I left for Australia I had a nightmares, mom would ask but I wouldn’t tell her but it was always the same dream of daddy dying. It was a horrifying dream. It always scared me. I really wanted Ardal to go with me but I’d always bullied him – I think I bullied him because I didn’t know how to tell him I loved him. I thought that if he went then the dream wouldn’t happen and wouldn’t come true. He, Ardal, wasn’t in the dream it was some other boy, theisland boy that was in the dream. If only I could have changed something! Anything! My daddy would have lived.” He began to sob. “When we got to the island I saw the island boy. At first I tried to get him to go away nicely, but he wouldn’t go. I begged him to leave! He wasn't supposed to get money from my daddy. He wouldn’t go! I wanted him gone! I-I I wanted my dad. I didn’t want him to die! The boy wouldn't leave! So I got nasty and arrogant and I bullied him. I made him feel bad and low and dirty and even cry! I said so many nasty, vile things to him and he started to leave but my daddy had seen that part of me being nasty and he tried to give him money and I tried to stop him and he got angry with me. H-h-he” Noah began to sob harder. I held him and cried with him.

“Noah, I tried to stop him and he said I was a vile, arrogant little prick. He said I was always bullying Ardal and this was no different in fact it was worse and he was ashamed to have me as a son. I-I tried to explain but he wouldn’t listen. So I said fine pay the boy but you’ll die. I said I didn’t care because I was angry. But I-I did care I swear I did care.”

“I know you did,” I wept and held him tight to me. He whispered, “Mom’s by the door isn’t she.” I nodded.

He signaled for her to come over and she flew to his arms and they cried for a while.

“In my dream I was down in the salon and I couldn’t get out so I went up on deck and daddy told me to go below I said no that I loved him and he said I love you too but you have to go below and I screamed no and he pushed me down the stair and closed the salon door. I couldn’t get out I screamed and then I fell and when I got up I was on the island.”

“I knew daddy was dead. I knew for me the worst was yet to come. The part that terrified me. Two days later Daddy’s remains washed up on shore. I freaked. I would push him out to sea and he would float back. When Mikey told me about his dad and how he wished he could have seen him. I nearly lost it because I wish I hadn’t seen Daddy like that; just enough left to recognize who it was. I was going insane it was the dream and finally I screamed a foot away from dad’s remains. I screamed until I couldn’t scream any more and the he came. He took Dad away out to sea and I guess that’s where they found dad.”

“When he came back I was still standing in the water and he nudged me ashore. It was Dolf.”

“I’m sorry mom. If only I had been a better person.”

“But you are!” cried a voice from the door. “You are not a bad person! Because if you are then I am too. We’re are the same! We have visions we had feelings! So you predicted your Dad’s death you were eight! Nobody listens to eight year olds! They just say ‘Oh, Mikey has a great imagination!’ You are not bad because you saw something bad happen. Why” he cried, “Why do you-you think Dolf came to you? Why? You know the reason why! You just won’t admit it!”

I walked over to Mike and hug him to me then kissed him on the cheek, “You’re right, Mikey.” I looked back at Noah and Laura. “Mikey is right.” Mike and I walked over to the bed.

“Look at it! I can’t begin to say why or explain things logically all I know is what I know. Something happened. Don’t ask me to explain it because I don’t know how to explain it but Dolf came looking for me. When I saw him I knew he wanted me I knew he trusted me. When we touched I told Dad we had to follow Dolf, I told dad Noah Huntington needed me. I hadn’t a clue who Noah Huntington was but I was determined that if Dad didn’t follow I would have dived overboard and Dad would have had to follow.”

“Noah, you are not a bad person. Dolphins sense goodness and evil and that’s why Dolf came to you. That’s just the way it is ask Mikey he used to talk to the Dolphins all the time when he was six, seven and eight. But people made fun of him “he wasn’t normal”, he has a ‘wild imagination” wooo! When he was ten he saw his father’s death but he ignored it – it was just his ‘wild’ imagination – it wasn’t going to happen – it happened and like you he’s been making himself wrong. Fuck! You were eight he was ten. You didn’t stand a chance. It was like asking a three month old baby to walk – it won’t happen. But you are older now. You can sit there in the past with shame, blame and regret and it won’t change diddle-squat now or in the future or you can come up to present time and start working on a future. Right Laura?”

Laura leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. “Right,” she said.

Laura started talking softly. I moved to sit next to Noah and Mikey was on my other side and we cuddled together while Laura talked.In business you can "if only we had" yourself out of business.You four and I include Daniel have talents don't waste them by 'if only'ing them learn from your mistakes learn to properly use them harness those talents what ever they are - if something works to improve it keep it if it doesn't throw it away."

I think we understood. I wasn't quite sure what talents I had but I knew what talents Noah and Mikey had. I looked at Mikey cuddled up next to me. He looked at me and said quietly "Jason surely you are not going to tell me you don't know what your talents are."

I looked a Laura. She shook her head. I stopped to think I looked at each of them and I knew.

Quietly, I said, "Telepathy."

"Yes," the three said.

“Now if you gentlemen will put some clothes on I’ll take us out to breakfast.”

We three boys looked at each other. We three were naked. We giggled. And she left the room.


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