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Dolphin Boy

by Sam Lakes

Chapter 6
The Dolphin Boys Club

Mikey, Jason and I scramble out of bed and into the showers, well Mikey took the shower in the Guest room and Jason and I were in my shower, Funny last night I really wanted to make love with Jason and this morning it wasn’t that I didn’t want to I was lost in my own world and I think Jason was too. Still I think if Jason had initiated something I would have gone along but he was in deep thought.

Jason was so right I couldn’t keep beating myself up over Dad and this silly thing with the hair. I had learned my lesson. I thought about Ardal. Yes, I had been an ass to him and if he wasn’t willing to forgive then really it was his problem. I would still be here and I would still be willing to be a friend. But all this that happened this morning was more important than anything. I had to learn from my mistakes and try to be better. I needed to improve my talents.

But how?

I hopped out of the shower and ran to my mother’s room. She was putting on her lip stick. She looked at me and smiled shaking her head.

“Yes, dear?


“How what, honey?”

“How do I improve my talents?”

“Well, hmmm, I’m not sure.”

“But mom you are one of the most successful women on the planet – you weren’t always, right?”

“Yeah. Hmmmm. let me think…well a lot of what I do is observe and when I see an opportunity I act. Now a lot of opportunities turn out not to be opportunities and so I let them go. Hmmm, oh, dear?”

“Yes,” I answered.

“I’m glad you asked. First observe, then act, then evaluate, if your act improves things then reinforce it and if it doesn’t discard it and don’t just look for bad things look for knowledge of good things happening and do what you can to make them better. Okay”

“Yeah,” I felt disappointed she didn’t have a pat answer.

“Honey, it takes time, I wasn’t successful overnight…just take that first step learn to observe.”

“I can work on that. Thanks, mom.”



“Next time, try to remember to dry off and put some clothes on – it could be embarrassing if we have guests.”


She smiled shook her head and sighed, “On second thought, just be yourself.”
I smiled and walked back to my room. Jason was already dressed and sitting on the bed waiting for me as I entered the room he stood up holding a towel for me. I walked up to him and kissed him. I closed my eyes and when I opened them I was in the hallway almost to my room. I walked into the room Jason was already dress and sitting on the bed waiting for me as I entered the room he stood up holding a towel for me. I walked up to him, “Wow! Déjà vu!” I said softly.

“Why what happened,” asked Jason in a soft voice.

“I saw all this happen just before it happened except that I changed it though I didn’t kiss you.”

“Why did you get out of the shower what happened?”

“I wanted to ask mom how, how do I improve my talents and then on the way back it just happened…but I don’t know how! I mean how can I improve it if I don’t know how it happens!” I said in a frustrated voice.

“What did your mother say?”

“She said learn to observe, act and evaluate. But learn to observe that was the first step – but I don’t know what to observe! Shit!”

“Did she say anything else?”

I shook my head no, but then I remembered, “Yes she said don’t just look for the bad things, look for the good things and make them better…” I still felt frustrated.

“And so you started walking back here?”


“How did you feel?”

“Really calm and relaxed and happy, happy that I could look for good things…and…and then I felt you and and I thought you are the goodest thing in my life. That’s when it happened! Jason! I felt your presence touching me!”

“Whoa! Whoa! I was! I reached out to find you and I found you right outside the door – I felt so much love and I looked up and saw you.”

I moved in closer to Jason and I kissed him and we fell onto the bed. I wanted him so bad but I knew it wasn’t going to be now.

“Oh, God! Get a room! Wait a minute you have a room? Come on guys lets go! Noah get some clothes on!” said Mikey in a loud giggly voice.

Our passion waned to say the least.

I got dressed.

On our way to the restaurant mom told us that we were meeting Daniel and his parents for breakfast because they want to meet Danny-babe’s boyfriend. Mikey turned red.

“Whoa! Mikey if you call Danny, Danny-babe, what’s he call you?” I kidded.

“Shut up, Noah!”

“Oh! It’s coming to me!” said Jason, “I got it! Huggums!”

Jason and I laughed and Mikey went red faced.

“Fuck you! Jason!” yelled Mikey.

“Boys! Enough!” ordered Laura.

There was silence. For a minute or two then Jason spoke, “Mikey, I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that. It won’t happen again I promise. I love you and I shouldn’t have done that.”

Mikey nodded, “I love you too, Jason. I knew his parents knew because of stuff he left on his computer. I told him what was going to happen, I told him it was going to be all right that his parents really loved him.”

“You are so cool Mikey,” I said.

We arrived at the restaurant and met the Pritchard’s who as I knew would happen adored Mikey. Mikey and Danny were so cute together.

I heard mom talking to Mrs. Prichard and Mrs. Pritchard said she had called Barbara Flanagan and they would be joining the party too and Barbara had invited a friend who in turn was being joined by their friends’ all-in-all about twenty people. I was getting nervous. I was afraid to see the Flanagan’s because I was afraid there would be an argument between Mikey and Ardal.

A man with twin boys a little younger than me but taller than me came up to the restaurant entrance. One of the twins kept looking at me so the next time he looked I smiled at him and he blushed and said something to his brother who then started looking at me. I walked over to them “Hi, I’m Noah Huntington.” And reached out my hand to them.

The first twin said, “Hi, I’m Ely Mills and my brother Nate.”

“You kept looking at me and I wondered why,” I said and he hadn’t yet released my hand. His brother cleared his throat and darted a look at out clasped hands. He turned red as can be. I looked at his brother and grinned.

“And who’s this with beautiful long hair?” asked the man.

“Oh hi, sir, I am Noah Huntington and I’m a boy.” Slightly blushing.

“Any relationship to Laura Huntington?”

“Yes sir, she’s my mom. Here, I shall introduce you.” I grabbed his hand to lead him over to mom and there was like a jolt of energy, then my body got weak I looked up at him. Something was happening that I didn’t understand. I heard myself saying “Tony catch me!” Then things went dark.

I knew he was Tony Brisco. He was born November 25, 1976. He is a police detective. He had an Aunt Emily who died and he had a roommate Ethan Lewis who had a boyfriend Justin Washburn. I knew he had recently helped a gay youth, Ardal Flanagan and his brother’s Kagan, and Casey. I know that he is falling in love with Kagan but is holding back because of the age difference. I know he is gay and he, Jason and I will become very close friends. I knew all that in the time it took him to catch me.

I opened my eyes and steady myself on my feet, “Whoa! Sorry Tony.”

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah, I’m fine. I just need to hold on to you for a few minutes.” I said and I wrapped my arms around him in a hug. His arm lay to his side. “You can hug me too I won’t bite and don’t worry Mom’s okay with me hugging people.” He gingerly wrapped his arms around me. “Of course, I’m not Kagan Flanagan but I’m pretty huggable.” I giggled and looked up at him.

“Okay what is going on, kid?”

“The name is Noah. Just hold me while I get my strength back.” I noticed the twins were a bit stunned by what was happening.

“You know Tony?” asked Nathan.

“I do now and I really love him and I just had to hug. I’m not really out of energy.” I giggled and looked up at him.

Tony pushed me out to arms length.

“Noah, what is going on here, someone put you up to this?”

“No. I don’t know exactly what happened but when I took your hand there was like a jolt of energy and then I knew all about you. Can we talk about this later? Please?“

He smiled, “You know I am going to find out who told you all this stuff.”

“Come on” I lead him over to the others and introduced him to everyone. Then I took Jason over to our car and told him everything that happened. The Washburn’s and Ethan Lewis arrived. It was weird I knew who they were and pointed them out. Jason was amazed. We both agreed that Justin and Ethan were hot! Finally the Flanagan’s arrived.

Casey and Nathan definitely were cute together and poor Kagan wanted to be with Tony so bad but Tony was trying not to notice.

“It’s simply not fair,” said Jason in regards to Kagan and Tony.

When I saw Ardal he was definitely hot! I gulped!

“Damn, your ex-best friend is hot!”

I nodded and smiled. “Yeah.”

I guess we’d better make our entrance,” said Jason and seeing as Ethan and Justin had been holding hands he took my hand and we proceeded to join the others.

Casey was the first to spot us and ran up to us giving me a hug and then Jason. Next was Kagan who introduced himself to Jason and then gave me a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

“What was that for?” I asked.

“Well, the hug was because we’re still buds and the kiss was cuz I like you and it pisses of Ardal.” Then he laughed.

“Well, he has a right to hate me.”

“No, I don’t ever remember you treating him badly. It’s a figment of his imagination. Look only one time did mom forced him to go over to your house and that was because we wanted to surprise him for his birthday all the other times he went over there was to be with you and play with all your toys.”

Next, Jason and I met Justin and Ethan. They were really cool and wanted to know if we were going to their school. We didn’t know. I said I probably wasn’t because I was too far behind. Ethan asked why? And I told him I’d been shipwrecked for seven years and my math seriously sucked. He offered to tutor me and work with me if I needed it. Justin also offered and said it would be really great to have us at their school. I really liked both of them. Justin and Jason hit it off well because the both liked inline skating. I said I wanted to mountain bike and Ethan said that was his favorite thing to do.

Breakfast was going great! Starting with Mom on her left was Mrs. Washburn then Mr. Washburn, Tony, Kagan, Ardal, Ely, Nate, Casey, Mikey, Danny, Justin, Ethan, me, Jason, Mr. Pritchard, Mrs. Pritchard and Barbara Flanagan. The adults seemed to be getting along fine and talking about all of us boys going to Whittington High. Sweet Kagan was being as grown up and a mature as he could be so that he could be included in the adults’ conversations. I could see Tony sensed it and was trying to include him as he could.

“God! They are so sweet together!” I said softly to myself.

But Ethan heard me and asked “Who?”

“Tony and Kagan just watch them for a sec and you’ll see.”

We watch for a few seconds and Ethan softly said, “Damn, Noah you’re right! Man, he deserves it!”

He said something to Justin who smiled and gave me thumbs up!

The only person who didn’t seem to be enjoying himself was Ardal, who refused to look at me directly.

Casey and the twins and Mikey and Danny were like instant best buds but then I figured it was really Mikey who brought them all together. It was Mikey who was intentionally ignoring Ardal. A couple of times he gave Ardal such a look of disgust. The one time I caught him he looked at me and I shook my head and mouthed ‘Don’t, Please don’t’.

Mikey was cool. He kept his temper. Well us guys decided to go to the mall and then maybe a movie. Kagan was a little disappointed because it looked like Tony would go his way. I had a brilliant idea and said to mom “You know with all us guys it might be a good idea for us to have a chaperone, one that can relate to us gay guys but is very responsible.”

“Well, what do you think Tony? Asked mom.

I turned around and standing behind me was Tony. I cringed, “Hi, Tony.”

“Who would need supervision?”

In a low voice I began, “Well, uh, Kagan. I think he’s got that sort of juvenile delinquent, uh, air about him – no telling what trouble he’d get into. The boy definitely has some very deep seeded problems – definitely needs adult supervision. Now I know mother, you probably thought he was being very mature and such – it’s a guise…look at him there those beady eyes – well beady when he squints like this (I scrunched my face up) – he’s gay but I also think he might be a cross dresser. The older guys they would be equally as bad probably put Kagan up to all sorts of things. Why, I would be powerless to stop them being such a runt, And then there’s the twins! My god! Double trouble! And Mikey well say no more…”

“Noah, shut up and cut out the bs,” said mom, “Tony, it’s up to you!”

“I’ll go with them. You have a very weird son.”

“I’m beginning to realize that. Honey, run along and let your friends know. I need to speak to Tony about money matters.”

“Sure, mom, I need enough to get a haircut.” I ran to tell Kagan the good news



“Tony is coming! He’s going to chaperone us!”

“Yeah, ok.” He said in a depressed sort of way.

“Kagan, I know you love him. It’s not just a young boy’s crush. It’s not something that is going to be gone tomorrow. I know that and you know it too. You knew it the moment you saw him.”

He looked like he was about to cry and a tear leak out of eye and rolled down his cheek.

“Yeah, but he thinks it’s just a crush and he doesn’t feel the same way.”

“Oh, Kagan you are so wrong when you say that. He adores you! I saw it at the table. He cares so much for you every chance he got he include you in on the adult conversation he could see you wanting to be a part of that conversation and part of his life. He didn’t come down to your level talk with us kids – he brought you up to his level and made you an adult. It may take a bit of time for him to get over the age thing but he will eventually. Just don’t give up on him and you as a pair because if you do it will be gone and you will never get it back.”

“Okay,” he said and I wiped a couple of tears from his cheeks and gave him a kiss.

“Now, go find happiness…he’s over there talking to my mom.

The only one that didn’t go with us was Ardal. I felt really sad about it and sort of trudge off to get my haircut. Ethan tired to cheer me up and succeeded by telling me I’d really look good in this hairstyle and then point to a style that was really ugly or freaky and I’d start laughing.

My hair was short and spiky and I thought I looked way different and pretty cool. I asked the hairdresser if she thought I looked hot and she said, “You are a babe! And that’s better than hot!”
Tony paid her. I asked him what he thought, ”It looks a lot better and you’ve turn the heads of at least 5 guys!”

I asked him why he wasn’t with Kagan.

He said, “Kagan told me to come on and get you and take my time – I think he’s buying you something.”

“No, it’s for you. He loves you more than you can imagine.”

“He’s sixteen, it’s a crush. Some cute young guy like you will come along and steal his heart away.”
“No! That will never happen unless you let it happen, unless you totally turn off your feelings and you can’t do that. You’ve tried but you can’t. The moment he walked down those stairs you fell in love with him. You felt it! He felt it! You sealed it with a kiss on his cheek and you thought ‘I really love this kid. This can’t be happening’.”

He stared at me in almost disbelief and shook his head.

In a whispered tone, “Last night when you were in the shower you were thinking about Kagan and how much you love him, need I continue?”


“I don’t know. It just happened when I took your hand and then almost passed out. I know a lot about your life. I know I need you, Kagan is the link between you and me – What, how, why all this is I don’t know. In your heart you love him, right?”


“Hey guys!” said Kagan cheerfully.

Both of us jumped.

“I like your hair! Wow! You’re a babe and a half! Jason’s gonna be all over you!”

I blushed. I could feel the temperature rise in my cheeks.

“So what did you get?” asked Tony.

Kagan looked at me and then at Tony smiling.

“First I was going to buy two things, but then I decided I would buy three. I’ll show you mine first.” He put his wrist up to show us a very pretty gold bracelet with a dolphin engraved on it. Then he took a box out of his bag and opened it and there was an identical bracelet.

He looked at me leaned over and kissed me on the cheek then turn towards Tony. His eyes began to fill with water as slowly a tear spilled over. His voice quavered as he spoke softly, “Noah, told me that I show never stop letting you know that I love you. I hope you will wear this as a reminder and when the bracelet wears out I will buy you another because I will never stop loving you.”

Tony’s eyes were full of tears as he took the bracelet then read the inscription. “Kagan loves Tony forever”. He wiped his eyes and held up his wrist for Kagan to put it on. He took Kagan’s wrist and turn over the bracelet to see if there was an inscription – it was blank. He smiled. “Looks like this one needs to be engraved with how I feel – ‘Tony loves Kagan forever’ – I love you Kagan from the moment I saw you I can’t deny that any more. It’s something I’ve tried to change but I can’t. I can’t explain how or why and I don’t want to – I want you Kagan I want you to be with me beyond forever!”

They kissed.

I looked around and there were the rest of the boys, Mikey, Danny, Nate, Ely, Casey, Ethan, Justin and standing by my side was Jason. We all looked like a group of Cheshire cats with grins as big as our faces. Around us busy shoppers crowded the mall and not one stare or sign of disapproval. If they noticed they didn’t say anything. I like to think that the reason they said nothing was because it was love, and it was right for this time and this place.

After Tony and Kagan surfaced from their first real kiss – smirks me. The boys move in and congratulated them. It was just so right and we all knew it!

We all sort of gravitated to the food court. There was a Japanese fast food place that also had sushi. Having lived on the island for seven years – hamburgers and French fries and a soda was not a part of what I was used to and I didn’t really like the taste of all the fried greasy food. I drank soda when I had to but I preferred bottled water. Our group of four had grown to eleven and again there was a synergy and a love. We all got along together. Leave it to Mikey to really bring things together.

“Noah, while you were getting your hair cut, and by the way you look fabulous! Anyway, I talked to the rest of the guys and we want to form a club, I think we should call ourselves the Dolphin Boys.”

“Cool for what purpose?”

“Well, we all work together really well, we all like each a lot, you’ve notice this right?


“Well, we also need to develop out skills and talents and that is why we should have the club for all eleven of us to work together to develop our skills.”

“There are twelve of us.”

“You do need math don’t you. There are eleven here.”

“And one missing.”

“Ardal is not one of us! He’s everything he is accusing you of arrogant, self centered.”

“And lonely and confused and he needs us and we need to have the attitude of we need him!”

“Forget him! Even his brothers say to forget him! He won’t join!”

“Then there will be no club!” I said and I got up and walked away.

Jason came after me, “Dude what’s wrong?”

“He just pisses me off sometimes! I’ll be fine. I just need to be alone for a bit.”

“You sure?”

“Yes. Jason?”


“Never mind.”

We parted.

I was trying to think back to before the island. It was so hard to remember. All I could get was that I loved Ardal and I couldn’t remembered being arrogant and mean to him but I felt I must have at some point.

I wandered around aimlessly in the mall. Not remembering anything. Just meandering, I was in an art gallery staring blankly at a modern art piece.

“Looks sort of meaningless,” said a voice on my right. It was Jason, he reached down and took my hand.

“No! I can se lots of emotion in this picture,” said a voice to my left. There was Mikey; he took hold of my left hand.

“Nah! I agree with Jason – doesn’t have any meaning,” said Ethan as he placed a hand on my right shoulder.

“I think it looks like a naked boy in a snow storm,” said Casey.

“No, I think it looks like a naked boy behind a shower curtain,” said Ely.

“You two are perverts it’s a polar bear in a snow bank,” voiced Nate.

“Yeah, I tend to agree with Nate,” said Justin as he place a hand on my left shoulder, ”Ely and Casey are perverts.”

Danny walked over in front of the picture and faced me. “Fuck the picture,” he said to me and he stepped aside replaced by Kagan.

Kagan placed his hands on top of Ethan and Justin’s hands. “Today, you helped make me the happiest boy on the planet. There is nothing I could say that can express my love for you, but I remember there was a time when you and my brother were inseparable and the love between you knew no bounds something happened and you ended up on your island alone and well he created his own island.”

“Jason told us about how a dolphin named Dolf helped him find you. Well, there are eleven Dolphin Boys, I got this for you it’s an anklet goes around your ankle. It says ‘Dolphin Boys – Love Always Forever’ and the inside it says ‘Noah, Dolphin Boy #1’.”

Kagan bent down and put the anklet around my ankle. Then stood up.

I sniff and wiped the tears from my eyes.

“I’m not finished yet, Jason is Dolphin Boy # 2, Mikey is Dolphin Boy #3, Danny is #4, we drew straws for the rests – funny Tony is #5, I’m #6. As I said Jason told us of Dolf. He was very, very special, being and I call him a being not an animal or a creature because to put him at that level would be demeaning. Dolf has set the example he rescued you from your island and brought each of us as a mystical, wonderful person who in turn rescued us from our islands and brought us together. Now following Dolf example it is time for us to rescue Dolphin Boy #12.”

Kagan pulled one more silver anklet from his pocket and gave it to me – I turned it over and read the inscription, Ardal, Dolphin Boy #12.

I turned to Mikey – he smiled “What can I say you were right. It was Tony and Jason who came up with the solution.”

I turned to Jason. He smiled. “What would I do without you?” I asked.

“I don’t know…probably wander aimlessly around the mall and look at meaningless pictures,” he giggle. I kissed him.

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