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Dolphin Boy

by Sam Lakes

Chapter 7

I looked out the window as Justin drove us to the Flanagan’s. Everyone seemed really in high spirits. Some music came on and Justin started singing to Ethan and then Jason cut in and started sing to me – it was a beautiful song and make me feel special. When it was finished I gave Jason a kiss. But then Ethan said it was now his and my turn to sing.

“No! I don’t know the words and I only ever sang made up songs to Dolf and Turt, silly kid songs.”

“Really? Please sing one of the songs you made up for Dolf,” pleaded Justin.

“No, it’s just a silly kids song. He liked it though. I sang in Dolphinese so you wouldn’t understand it unless of course you are a dolphin. I learned from Dolf that dolphins actually have schools. He was going to take me to one of them. It takes years of study and I had a big problem with learning it. Rather embarrassing I must say,” I said waiting for someone to take the bait.

“Oh, what was that?” asked Ethan.

“Well, I’m really embarrassed about it and it’s…it’s really personal,” I said shyly.

“Hey, Noah, we’re friends okay nothing you say will make a difference in how we feel about you,” assured Justin.

“Yeah, but…” I looked down.

“Noah, we are here for you,” said Danny softly.

“I couldn’t hold my breath long enough to go to dolphin school,” I laughed and so did Jason who had already read my mind.

The whole car roared with laughter.

Justin said, “Oh God! Another Ethan!”

We arrived at the Flanagan’s all laughing and got out of the car. Tony and the others had already arrived. The next thing I knew was there were some shouts and yelling from Kagan and Ardal and Ardal came flying out the door and ran past us. Ethan took off after him but Ardal was fast and he lost him.

For two hours we searched for him but no luck. I was getting really depressed and I remembered one time Dolf took off when he got pissed at me and I think he was trying to teach me lesson. I was so depressed at the time because Turt was gone too. I remembered I was nearly insane and then I heard him say ‘be with me Noah. You can do it.'

“Dolf, I need you!” I screamed! I was unaware that everyone was looking at me I was back in my past re-living, re-experiencing the memory I was on the island. Then slowly I remembered the lesson. And I came back to the present.

I smiled. “He’s at a skate park – I looked at Justin you know where it is it’s where you and Ethan became honest with each other. Jason make sure everyone and the adults to go to the park to get Ardal but don’t talk to him until looks at you.”

When everyone left so did I.

“Ardal, I love you and I need us to talk.”

“Go away, I hate you.”

“But you didn’t always, did you?”

“Yes, I did! I always hated you!”

“That’s not true! You just don’t want to remember because something happened to make you scared to remember. I know I was that way too. I was shipwrecked far off the beaten path. Jason rescued me. Well, you are shipwrecked in your own world completely off all beaten paths. There is a great world of people who love you. The bad is gone and the good is here please reach for me – remember the real me – you touched my heart so I cannot abandon you and will not abandon you again.”

“Don’t waste your time…I’m not worth it.”

“Yes you are. Let Jason help.”

“Why are you doing this? Why are all of you doing this? Why don’t you just let me be?”

“Because I love you, we love you and because I need you; we need you and you need us.”

“I’m going now. Let Jason help. He’s standing there. See you when you get home.”

I opened my eyes and sank down to my knees in the Flanagan’s backyard hoping beyond hope that I had gotten through to Ardal. The funny thing is in trying to get him to remember I had remembered.

Ardal and I had always been together as babies, toddlers and all the way up to when I left. But stuff was still hidden I remembered being in his room. I loved him so much even then.

I stood up. I had a bad feeling. I went into the house as I entered someone grabbed me and threw me to the floor. I heard the cabinet door crack as my head hit it.

“Hey! Jason, are you okay?” asked Justin as we were driving to the skate park.

“Uh, yeah I-I just spaced out.”

“You haven’t talked to Noah yet have you?”

“No. I mean I wanted to but, but then Ardal ran off. I don’t want to hurt him, he’s my best friend and I really love him but I just have this feeling that Ardal and him – I mean there is something between those two – I know what he’s doing right now. Right now he is talking to Ardal.”


“Not physically, mentally like telepathy. He was never able to do that with me. But today he can do it with Ardal. Ardal says he hates Noah, but I saw him at breakfast stealing looks at Noah and I didn’t see hate but yet I did but it wasn’t his hate – like he was seeing Noah through some other viewpoint than his own like someone sometime made him think he hated Noah and he accepted that viewpoint to protect himself.”

“I’m just really confused.”

“I think we all are. I mean there are twelve of us are there others? And why us? It’s weird!”

We arrived at the skate park and there was Ardal just as Noah had said and he appeared to be having a conversation with someone but no one I could see but someone I could sense. I knew Noah was talking to Ardal. After a few moments he stopped talking and looked over at me.

I walked over to him and everyone else stayed back.

“Hi,” I said.

“Hi, Noah…”

“Yes, I know…and I know he loves you,” he winced. I paused for a second, “he loves me too but you are the one that is special to him.” I sat down next to him. “It’s funny, we’ve never managed to have sex. I mean we’re both gay, we are both horny teens, we both love each other, but I think neither of us wanted that kind of relationship. I think we thought we did but it’s not going to happen. I keep thinking I should be jealous or mad or I should hate you, but I’m not. I am not his mate. There is someone else for me. I knew it this morning.”

“We formed a club we call ourselves the Dolphin Boys – Noah is the first Dolphin Boy – we decided and when we told him of the club he simply said you had to be a part of it too. He loves you and he needs you. I want to be your friend. Without you there will be no club. You love him don’t you?”

Ardal looked down at his feet and then back up to me, “This morning at breakfast, I kept looking at him trying to hate him but I couldn’t – I wanted to be a part of everything but I couldn’t – I’ve always been a loner…” he giggle, “Noah said I was on my on island. He asked me to go to the mall and I said no and I saw the pain and felt the sadness and there’s a vague memory but I couldn’t reach it. When you said he loves me I remembered.” He closed his eyes and began sobbing, really pitiful sobs. Barbara approach, but she stopped. Ardal looked up, “It’s okay my mom and Laura need to hear this. Barbara signaled Laura.

“Hold me Jason, it makes me feel safe.” I complied. He was like Noah that way.

“Mom and Laura know that up until the time when Noah left we were always together we always had to do the same things. Dad didn’t like it much but he put up with it because Noah’s Dad owned the majority of the company. Noah and I loved each other. We were watching ‘The Little Mermaid’ on TV and Dad was in the room. Noah said “Will you marry me when we get older.” I said ‘yes, because I love you.’ Dad went bezerk, he said, ‘Boys cannot marry boys!’ Noah got mad at Dad and said ‘I will marry Ardal, I love him and he loves me and there is nothing you can do about it! He’s my love!’ Dad started beating him…” Ardal let out a terrible sob and cry. “I was so afraid and screaming and Dad hit me hard. He kept calling Noah an arrogant little prick, an arrogant rich kid. Noah kept…kept saying that he loved me and I loved him. Dad said to me ‘Do you love him?’ I said yes and he hit Noah, and he asked me again and I said yes and he hit him again and every time I said yes he would hit Noah and finally I said No I hated him!”

“After awhile I believed I really hated him. I kept to myself because I never wanted anyone to get hurt again and somehow I forgot everything. All that was left was the hate. I hated me, I hated Dad, I hated Noah. But all that time Noah never stopped loving me. Oh God, Mom I am so ashamed of myself!”

I had served my purpose I had gotten Ardal to look and to remember a deeply painful and hidden memory he was now free of that pain and free of the hate.

I was talking with Ethan and Justin and I noticed Ely sitting by himself. I didn’t even excuse myself but went over to talk to Ely.

“Hey, Ely! Wassup? You look a little depressed.”

“Nothing…” he knew I didn’t accept that, “It’s that everyone is matched up except me and Ardal…”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, Ethan and Justin, Mikey and Danny, Nathan and Casey, Kagan and Tony, and finally you and Noah.”

“Noah is my best friend. He is not my mate. You are my mate! I knew it the second I saw you this morning.”

“I’m your mate! YES! YES! YES!”

“You see Ardal is actually Dolphin Boy #2 and I am actually Dolphin Boy #12. I wasn’t sure earlier but now I am. I was the last one chosen.”

Suddenly Ardal screamed, “MOM! DAD’S IN THE HOUSE! HE’S AFTER NOAH!”

“I told you if you ever came around my son you little faggot I’d kill you! You turned him into a queer! You turned all my boys into queers! And between the two whores they took everything from me! I’m going to finish what I should have finished seven years ago.”

I remembered the beatings. Mom was off on a business trip and Barbara and the other kids were at their grandmother’s house. I was staying with Ardal. I don’t remember why we didn’t go with Barbara but we didn’t. Patrick Flanagan had been drinking a bit. He heard Ardal and I promising to marry each other when we got older. Funny in my mind I had confused everything; my Dad had never called me arrogant. It had been Patrick Flanagan. I had refused to say that I didn’t love Ardal and refuse to say I wouldn’t marry him. I kept saying that I loved him and then he hit Ardal! I kept screaming at him to stop hurting Ardal. Finally he asked Ardal if he loved me and every time Ardal said yes he would hit me hard. I was semi conscious when Ardal said he hated me. He told me if I told my parents he would kill Ardal and Ardal’s death would be my fault and I would go to jail. So, I never said anything.

I scrambled to get away and ran upstairs. He was close on my heels I went into the bathroom and tried to close the door but I was too late and he gave a hefty shove and I fell backwards. He started pulverizing my body and face. Somehow my hands found a can of hairspray and I sprayed him in the face. He yelled and I kicked him off me. I managed to get down the stairs and was nearly to the outside door in the kitchen when he tackled me. He got up and yanked me to my feet and continued his beating. He threw me to the floor. I was fading out I guessed I was about to die. With all the energy left I yelled, “You can’t kill my love! I will always love Ardal. You…will…never…kill…our…love.”

He had a meat clever raised in his hand standing over me. Then I closed my eyes.

I was on the island again. Was I dreaming? I mean I knew I had just walked into the Flanagan’s house on my way somewhere and then I was here. Had all this just been a dream? Had I finally gone mad and just been dreaming that I had been found? I remember my head hurt but it was fine now. Nothing hurt. Patrick Flanagan was about to kill me but now I was at the waters edge and began wading out deeper and deeper. Dolf was there I took the dorsal as I always did and under the water we went.

“Have I died?” I asked.

“No, you are just not in your body it’s in a lot of pain but it will survive. Don’t worry about it.”

“Okay. Ardal is he okay?”

“Ardal is fine.”

“Why am I here?”

“Dolphin school,” he laughed.

“I’m beginning to learn to use my talents…but I sort of messed up on not seeing Patrick Flanagan.”

“Yes and no, “ said Dolf.

“Yes and no?” I asked Dolf.

“Well, yes you should have heeded your bad feeling. But you saved yourself and you did get in the last word.”

“But Dolf, how did I save myself?”

“Think about what you said and the intention behind the words.”

“You will never kill our love,” I said.

“Your intention was so strong and so powerful that he couldn’t overcome it. Ha! For fifteen minutes he stood over you with the meat cleaver in his hand unable to move, barely able to breathe.”

“How come I’m the first Dolphin Boy?”

“You’re not.”

“Then who is?”

“Silly question. Think about it.”

“Tony! Tony is the first.”

“Yes! But it doesn’t matter who is first or second or twelfth although Jason figured out he is twelfth. You all have your powers – you just happen to have the most developed, probably because you were with Turt and I. You know I’ve never met Danny – he was Turt’s choice. You remember when you were chosen right?”

“The vacation to the Florida Keyes I remembered Ardal and I met you we were seven.”

“You knew you were different than others then didn’t you?

“Yes. Is that why we are all gay?”

“No. Well it wasn’t that you were chosen because gay people have special powers. Everybody has the same powers as you. But 99.9 of you humans don’t use them much less realize you have them – most of you humans think all you are is just some higher form of intelligent animal. Well, I won’t go into that. Anyway, the thing is you knew that you were different from the ‘average’ and at first some fear that but in time all of you that you were different and that was just the way you were. And because you were different it wasn’t that hard for you to accept that you have these abilities. Because you are gay you’ve accepted that you’re different so it’s not that much to accept that you have these abilities. But you must use them for good and you will always have them and you will increase your power. I warn you and you must warn the others if you misuse them you will loose them.”


“But the twins, neither have been out of Columbus.”

“Ah, yes. Ethan told them about meeting me when he was nine…those two very able! They are always coming to see me.”


“Like you are doing right now they move out of their body and visit me. They came looking for me. For a long time they just thought they were having pleasant dreams but last night they asked me about you. And they now realize they aren’t dreaming.”

“How long have I been here?”

“Three days. You body is in a hospital. It’s pretty well healed itself. Your friends have been keeping a watch over you especially Ardal. They practically have to drag him away. He’s there with Kagan. By the way, smooth number you did on Tony and Kagan – I was proud of you.”


“You ready to surface?”

“Yes, I love you Dolf.”

“Love Always Forever, Noah.”

I walk out of the water and on to the island. It was beautiful. I was happy. I closed my eyes.

I heard Ardal, “Noah, I found something today that we copied down on a piece of paper when we were seven. You said it was so beautiful. You said if I was the Little Prince and you were the fox these are the words you would say to me.”

Ardal began to read, “But if you tame me, it will be as if the sun came to shine on my life…” He paused and I heard him crying.

With my eyes still close I started to speak softly, “I shall know the sound of a step that will be different from all the others. Other steps send me hurrying back underneath the ground. Yours will call me, like music, out of my burrow.”

I opened my eyes…I was back.

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