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Dolphin Boy

by Sam Lakes

Chapter 8
Together Again

“Hurry! He’s going to kill him!” I screamed at Tony as he sped down the road lights flashing and sirens screaming. He called for police assistance in the area. The image of Dad standing over Noah with a meat cleaver was in my head but it didn’t change. As we arrived a couple of squad cars were already on the scene.

“Stay!” shouted Tony as he ran to the house.

I didn’t stay I ran behind him. As we entered the house and then to the kitchen I nearly collapsed when I saw Noah – his face was swollen and covered with blood.

The officers who arrived on the scene first said when they had arrived Dad was standing over Noah poised to strike. They told him to drop the meat cleaver and when he didn’t they shot him with the taser.

Tony quickly checked out Noah, “Ardal, it looks worse than it is. Let’s move out of the way and let the paramedics do their job.”

I guess I was in shock because I didn’t cry I was just sort of numb. The paramedics took Laura Huntington and Noah to the hospital. The police took dad away.

I was just sitting on the couch staring into space. Jason was sitting next to me. “He’s going to be all right.” And with that I totally broke down. Jason wrapped his arms around me and held me tight. “I feel so ashamed!” I sobbed.

“Ardal, you have nothing to feel ashamed about. The hate wasn’t your hate it was your dad’s hate. Look at it! You never stopped loving Noah and he never stopped loving you. Your telling him you hated him was the only thing you could have done at the time for his protection.”

Mikey came over and squatted in front of me. “Dude, if anyone should be ashamed it’s me. I misjudged you – I was ready to do battle with you without knowing the whole story. This morning when I caught you looking at Noah I could see your love and pain and when Noah finally said you had to be a part of this then I knew that if you were that important to Noah then you must be very special. I know something happen back in your past before Noah got shipwrecked if you don’t want to tell me that’s cool – I just have to practice my telepathy!” he smiled.

So, I told them the whole story of what had happened with lots of tears and sobs and not all mine. I felt better having told them. I felt a part of the group.

Kagan and Tony came into the room and they came over to me. “You okay?” asked Kagan. I nodded and half smiled.

“They arrested dad if Laura Huntington and mom have any say in the matter he’ll stand trial for attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, child abuse, spitting on the sidewalk and anything else they can throw at him. I got in the parting shot though” Tony rolled his eyes and laughed.

“What was that?”

“I said to dad, ‘Well, Dad, you’re fucked! And in a few weeks I’m sure you’ll have a boyfriend too!” Then in a deep voice he said, “Hey bitch you can call me Bubba, I like yo ass!”

They say laughter is the best therapy and did I laugh I got the picture of some big 6’7” guy 350 pounds plus with his arm around Dad saying, ‘You my ho!’

Even Casey chirped in saying, “He’s such a big asshole, he’ll make a fortune in cigarettes!”

Tony order pizza for us all. We watch Mission Impossible 2 on our big screen TV and I had recently bought ‘A Beautiful Thing’ on DVD so we all watched that. “I think Glen Berry is cute but Scott Neal ooh I’d have ten of ‘im,” Casey said.

“They’re not gay ya know,” I said.

“Yep, I think they should have gay actors play gay parts,” said Casey, “It’s would make my fantasies sooo much better!”

“Yeah well, then you’d have all the straights bitching when gays play straight parts,” said Justin.

The phone rang. My heart leaped and my stomach tightened.

“That will be the phone,” laughed Ely.

“Well, it wouldn’t be the bloody Hoover bag, now would it?” laughed Kagan.

Tony answered the phone. “How is he? Yeah, okay. Sure. Your mom,” Tony handed me the phone. The look on his face warned me that it might not be the best news.

“Mom, How’s Noah?” asked holding back my tears.

“We’re not sure…the doctors can’t find anything wrong other than cuts and bruises. He’s had a catscan and it showed nothing. They say he seems to be more sleeping than in a coma. They really don’t know what’s wrong…”

“Mom I have to be there with him! I can’t stand it being here,” I began to cry, ”Please Mom!”

We all went to the hospital I stayed with him all night and all the next day, but there was no change and the doctors still could not figure out what was wrong and why he wouldn’t wake up. Mom made me go home to rest. I didn’t want to leave but she insisted.

On the fourth day I was thinking about when we were kids – Noah always loved to read and his most favorite book was the Little Prince. I looked through a box of books I had stored away in my closet and found my old copy of the book. Noah and I had read each other this book a hundred times at least. I remembered we basically had the whole story memorized. Looking though the book I found a folded sheet of paper. I opened it and there in Noah’s handwriting was his favorite part of the whole book. “Maybe this is the magic I need to bring him back,” I said quietly to myself putting the paper back into the book.

That evening Kagan and I went to the hospital. When we arrived we met Justin and Ethan. Ethan shook his head and my eyes filled with tears. “Dudes, we’ll see you later, we’re going to grab something from the cafeteria and we’ll check back here before we go,” Ethan said. He gave me a hug, then left with Justin.

“He’s looking better almost back to his old beautiful, cute face, drool all over guy,” said Kagan trying to cheer me up. He was right though Noah was looking better.

I walked over to Noah’s bedside. God he was so beautiful and he looked really at peace. “Noah, Please come back to me, I need you.”

I found my copy of the Little Prince today; you remember it was our favorite book. We must have read it to each other a gazillion times. Noah, I found something today that we copied down on a piece of paper when we were seven. You said it was so beautiful. You said if I was the Little Prince and you were the fox these are the words you would say to me.” I was beginning to really tear up.

I began to read, “But if you tame me, it will be as if the sun came to shine on my life…” I could hold back my tears.

“I shall know the sound of a step that will be different from all the others. Other steps send me hurrying back underneath the ground. Yours will call me, like music, out of my burrow,” he said softly. When I looked at him his beautiful brown eyes were looking at me and smiling weakly.

“Noah! You’re back!” I cried, “I’m sorry I love you! I never wanted to say I hated you but I didn’t know what else to do Dad was hurting…”

“Ardal, I love you and I know you have always loved me. It was our love Ardal! It was our love that kept your dad from killing me. I told him he could never kill our love! And he froze – he couldn’t move! Dolf said he could hardly breath for fifteen minutes. I’m sorry to have been gone for four days.” He held out his arms and I fell into them. We kissed for the first time in seven years!

Kagan had run out to get a nurse and was now returning with a nurse following.

“Excuse me, young man, but you should not be lying on top of my patient!” said the Nurse.

I got off of Noah.

“Who are you?” asked Noah.

“I’m John, your nurse. Welcome back.”

“Thanks. It was nice but it’s good to be back. That’s my boyfriend, Ardal. I love him.”

“Really?” as he started taking Noah’s vitals, “How long have you been going together?”

“Well, we grew up together as kids and when we were seven we decided we would marry each other and live our lives together, but then I was shipwrecked for seven years. Now I’ve come back… We had to sort out a few things but we are together again. NEVER to be separated again. NEVER!” said Noah.

“That is so sweet! Well, you seem to be in perfect order,” said John.

“Can you take this thing out of my dick it’s really uncomfortable?”

Just as John was removing the catheter and Noah was saying, “OW! You said it might hurt a little!” Kagan, Ethan and Justin burst into the room.

“Sorry”, said John.

Poor Noah he had such a pitiful look on his face, but the a sly smile appeared and he looked at me, “It really hurts, Ardal would you kiss it and make it better?”

John rolled his eyes and shook his head.

“Yeah Ardal, kiss it and make it better!” said Kagan wiggling his eyebrows.

I blushed really bad.

“Yeah, we’ll leave if you want…but I think it would be kinda kinky if we could watch” laughed Ethan.

“Boys, boys! There will be none of that!” said John, “and who are you two?”

“That’s Ethan and that’s Justin, they are boyfriends too! There are twelve of us in all. We’re all mated! The rest will be here any second.”

Just then the door opened and in walked the rest of the gang.

“Hey guys, this is John, the nurse.”

Jason came over to the bed, took Noah’s hand bent down and kissed him, “You should do the honors.” Noah smiled.

“You know I’m not really number one,” said Noah, “Tony is, but Dolf said to me it doesn’t really matter, we all have our abilities and powers…” Noah turned to me, “Give me your right ankle.”

I took my shoe and sock off and sat on the bed so my ankle was within his reach.

“It is with honor and happiness and most of all love in my heart that I give this to you and welcome you as a Dolphin Boy.” He fastened the anklet to my ankle and everyone cheered except for John.

“Boys! Please this is a hospital!” said John.

Noah held out his arms and before John could say anything I was on top of him again except this time it was a very passionate kiss.

“I give up!” said John dramatically.

After the kiss I rolled off Noah. I was hard as a rock and trust Kagan to comment, “Hey! Hey! You raised quiet a tent there you guys” as he pointed to the sheet. Noah blushed and giggled. “Maybe we could watch the sideshow and watch you make that pole go down.”

“Pervert!” said Tony.

Kagan looked at Tony and smiled, “No chicken for you tonight, love?”

“Oh! God! Why me?” laughed Tony.

“Guys, visiting hours are almost over and I think Mr. Huntington, has had enough excitement tonight.”

Everyone started filing out. I didn’t want to leave.

“You too lover boy,” said John. I think the instant sad faces on both Noah and myself made him change his mind. “Oh all right, you can stay, but no funny business – no sex of any kind!” Instant smiles.

“Our moms will be over here soon. I am so hungry. I asked mom to get you a hamburger & fries,” said Noah.

“You can communicate with your Mom?”

“Yeah, since I came back I can. My telepathy seems to have increased. Oh she’s also bringing me some sea bass from Big Bear.”

“I have no idea what my abilities and powers are,” I thought.

“Sure you do,” I heard Noah say. But then I realized he hadn’t vocalized it. I smiled. That was enough encouragement from him. “I have the same abilities and powers as you” I thought.

He smiled and nodded.

Sure enough our Moms turned up.

John was funny when he saw Noah chewing away on a piece of raw sea bass. Actually raw sea bass isn’t that bad. Noah said he could only eat raw foods – he had fried eggs once on Ray Stetson’s yacht and puked it all up. I guess it will take getting used to but I thought I’d try eating just raw foods – I don’t know I’d sure miss Mac Tastey and fries.

The moms left and I was lying next to Noah taking to about helping him in school. When John came in. He was off duty now, but stopped by to wheel in an extra bed for me. Personally, I think he was lonely and just wanted to talk.

Of course Noah and I were cuddled tightly in each others arms nothing sexually just something we’d done since we were little, it made us feel safe and we were two halves that fit together.

John shook his head.

“What we’re not doing anything sexual. We always did this it – it makes us feel safe you just have to understand this is the way we are. This is the way we will always be. Seven years of me being on an island by myself hasn’t changed how much we love each other,” said Noah.

John walked over to us bent down and gave us each a kiss on the cheek. “You two are amazing, I’ve known a lot of gay couples who I thought looked cute together, but you two…you look perfect together and your friends, you said they are all mated.”

“Well, like a permanent couple bonded or you could say super-glued by love like dolphins,” I said.

“You mean there are gay dolphins?” asked John.

Noah rolled his eyes, “Of course! They all are! Except for coming together to procreate, but that’s not love that’s survival of the species. But it’s not like it is with humans. Humans are so closed-minded on the whole – humans have wars. Dolphins don’t have wars.”

John had a confused look on his face.

Noah was looking a bit exasperated. “Look, homosexuality is a human thing. Look, he’s gay! Oh he’s straight! She’s bi! None of that exists among dolphins. The boy dolphins hang with the boy dolphins the girls with the girls and sometimes they all play together and such but most times the one you love is the one most like you in the way you act and feel and sometimes there is boy dolphin who loves girl dolphin but they don’t place some stupid consideration on top of that!”

“I got it – they are free to choose and it’s based on love not sex,” said John.

“Yes…Dolf had a boyfriend once…they were protecting a school of tuna from humans and his boyfriend got caught in the net. He got very depressed and decided he hated humans. He even injured a few out of anger, he was young then he said and reckless like most teens.” Noah smiled, “Then one day that all changed when he met a human boy, the boy’s name was Tony. He and the boy played for hours and year after year. He met Kagan when he was eight; I was seven and so was Ardal, and Casey was 6 we all went to the Florida keys and we all met Dolf and played with him. Dolf knew then that Ardal and I were mates. There was so much love between us even then. To cut a long story short he met all of us except the twins and Danny. Danny met Turt. Dolf told me that Turt loved Danny almost as much as she loved me.”

“Who is Turt?” asked John.

“She’s a sea turtle. She doesn’t like sharks and Orcas that much and was always worried that I would become a sharks lunch or dinner. Of course Dolf wouldn’t have let it happen,” replied Noah

“So, have you all known each other your whole life?” asked John.

“No,” I said, “Kagan and Casey my brothers and Noah have, but Jason found and rescued Noah, then Noah met Mikey at the beach and Jason met Danny on the plane. Tony knew Ethan and Justin and the twins and then he met me and then the other day we all got together for breakfast.”

“Wow! You guys are simply incredible! Oh, look at what the time is? I’d love to stay and chat longer but it’s past my bedtime and I must be going and you two should also get some sleep. And I do mean sleep.”

We said our good nights and stuff he gave us both a big hug. Noah asked him for his phone number so we could keep in touch and tears just started flowing from his eyes and he got all embarrassed. “A grown man like me – I’m almost forty-five and I blubbering away like a baby.”

After he left Noah said, ”You know I really like him. He’s a good man.”

“And caring…you thinking what I’m thinking?” I asked

“That we should introduce him to Dolf?” replied Noah.


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