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Dolphin Boy

by Sam Lakes

Chapter Nine

All my life, my brother Nathan and mom, have been poor. We never had to go without food or clothes even though our clothes were either given to us or bought at Goodwill. It wasn’t really that bad because you can always find something sorta in style – maybe not the latest fashion for a fashion conscious boy like myself but I made do and so did my twin brother.

The greatest thing in my life next to Jason has been my mom – no I don’t have an Oedipus complex – yuck gross I mean for one she is a woman and secondly she is my mom – anyway she’s always seemed to be there for us and later for Ethan. Not so much with money but more with love and caring. When we came out to her it didn’t matter to her that she’d never be a grandmother unless we adopted some kids.

Anyway, today is the last day before school starts and so we are all meeting over at Noah’s home for brunch at ten and then a whole day of swimming and what ever. No doubt at some point or points in time I will make a fool of myself like knocking over a tray of food or something equally as stupid. Sometimes, particularly when I’m nervous, I become a walking disaster.

That’s practically how mom tells Nate and I apart – just look for the klutz. The thing is I am like wound up tighter than a virgin’s asshole today because of going to Noah’s. I know it’s going to happen. I’m going to end up breaking something – no I’m not a seer – I’m just going on past history.

Neither Nate nor myself have ever been to the Harrington’s. I think just the Flanagan’s have been there. I’m sort of nervous because Noah’s mom is like a gazillionaire. Nate told me that Casey says it’s a mansion and a half. They have a maid and a cook and a gardener.

The funny thing is Mrs. Huntington doesn’t seem like a gazillionaire. She doesn’t act all hoity-toity; she’s like really sweet. Nate said Casey said she’s always been that way and he barely remembers Noah’s dad and he was always fun to be with too.

I’m really nervous around Noah. He is soooo kewl! And out of all of us he is the best looking. Mom says we all are going break so many girls’ hearts and we probably will not have any trouble with the straights because we are no competition (ya know, we like guys so there’s less competition for the girls). Yeah right! The only reason I know I’m cute is because my brother is really cute and we are identical twins.

I’m sort of nervous about going to school tomorrow. New school and I’m not sure I want to be ‘out’ – I’m not exactly big for my age and the idea of being out to everybody really is not appealing. I guess I just go along with the flow…after all I’m a Dolphin Boy.

That makes me nervous too! I mean I feel like the odd one out.

All the other Dolphin Boys I know have abilities and powers. Noah is a seer, he can travel outside his body and what ever it was that kept Pat Flanagan from killing him. Nate says he can sometimes read minds like he and Casey can actually carry on a conversation plus he can exteriorize from his body. Ardal exteriorizes and has telepathy. Justin and Ethan both have telepathy and Mike and Danny have telepathy and have an amazing talent with animals’ not just dolphins. The other day Mike got a sparrow to carry a love note to Danny. He wrote on the note ‘I love you, Danny – Mike xxxxxxooooxxxxoxx’ tied it gently to the sparrows leg and the sparrow flew right over to Danny and landed on his head. – Well the funny thing is the sparrow pooped on Danny and flew off. I killed myself laughing and so did Mike. But the important thing is it flew over to Danny.

Tony has telepathy, he can read minds, and sometimes he can hold something like a murder weapon and he can get a picture of what the owner of the weapon looks like. This is the kind of work that he does for the police department.

Jason has telepathy and is probably the best at it except when it comes to me. Me, all I can do, is exteriorize. Half the people in the world can do that. Whoopee!

I talk to Dolf sometimes but that is just part of being able to exteriorize. He said last time I just need to have more confidence in myself. I said before I came back “Dolf, that’s easy for you to say when you have something to be confident about but what have I got to be confident about?” He started to say something but I returned here not wanting to hear him go on about how I had greater powers than anyone in the group. Yeah right! He should have been called Yoda.

Nate navigated, Mom drove and I sat in the back wishing I stayed home. I think I would have except that Jason would be odd man out you know the only one without a boyfriend. I love Jason. He is so everything – he’s gorgeous, handsome, polite, sweet, funny, smart and so caring. I just can’t help but think he ended up with the booby prize – me. I don’t know, I mean he was with Noah and I know he loves and adores him. I was all that was left. I know he says that he really loves me but I think he’s just being sweet and kind and not wanting me to feel left out. I mean compared to my brother who’s witty, cute, smart and has lots of friends at school – I’m – well I’m nothing special and I’m not funny unless you think destroying a restaurant is funny.

It really happened! I went to this restaurant. I was selling candy – well I told them I was doing it for our school – actually I was doing it for me. I wanted to earn money to go see Spiderman. Anyway, being a cute, innocent looking kid the manager said fine.

It was a rather posh restaurant – you know the expensive kind with waiters who empty your ashtray the second you flick an ash in it. Well, I tripped and they say I pushed the desert cart when I fellThe cart hit two waiters each carrying big trays of food – well they lost the trays of food and the food went flying, landing on the customers. One of them fell backwards into another waiter, this one carrying a jug of ice water that he then dumped on a lady who shrieked and fell backwards onto someone else and so on like dominos.

I was scrambling to pick up my candy bars the manager ran forward tripping on my leg and landed on top of the desert cart and not only did he squash the German chocolate cake but every other desert. Pieces of cake and pastries were flying about and hitting the customers. One businessman got a squirt of custard right in the eye.

I left with the candy before the manager and everyone else could yell at me. I then took the candy back to Walmart and got my money back, went home returned the money to my mom’s purse and went to bed. I didn’t see Spiderman until it came to the dollar movie.

As we arrive at the Harrington’s I was thinking about the man with the custard covered face, he had such a shocked look on his face but then he began to laugh. It was sort of funny and I let out a giggle.

“Well, I’m certainly glad you’re not going to be a grump,” said Mom light-heartedly, “So. What tickled your funny bone?”

“I was just thinking of something I saw once – a man with custard on his face,” I said.

Mom leaned out the window and slipped the access card into the reader and the gate opened.

“Oh! Christ!” I muttered as we drove up the gated driveway up to some house that couldn’t be seen yet. All my fears returned.

We were greeted at the door by Laura Huntington, “Carolyn, come in. It is so good to see you. Nathan and Ely welcome, all of the boys are in the swimming pool - straight down that hall and the glass door on the right. Have fun!”

Nathan took off and Mrs. Huntington left with mom, leaving me. Timorously I slowly followed Nate. When I got to the glass door I saw Noah giving Nate a welcoming hug and kiss on the cheek and Casey running up and grabbing Nate by the hand and leading him off. I timidly opened the door and ease myself in looking around. The area was as big as the Y’s pool but cleaner and the smell of chlorine was absent. The air actually smelt fresh and clean. I got that feeling in my stomach that you get when your going down too fast in an elevator and then stopped when I saw Jason reclined on a lounging chair, with his eyes closed. I scanned the place quickly and didn’t see anything that looked particularly breakable.

“Hi, Noah,” I said softly as I stood behind him.

He let out a little yelp and turned around to see me. Then a smile appeared on his face as he said, “Damn, Ely you startled me! I didn’t even sense you behind me.”

“Sorry,” I said, “Thanks for inviting me.”

He looked like he was trying to figure something out, “Yeah. Your welcomed, uh, anyway, uh make yourself at home.” I backed away from Noah and turned and walked over to a chair near Jason and sat down.

Noah dove into the pool and swam over to Ardal and said something to him and Ardal looked over at me. I felt so out of place and alone and hurt. I never got a hug from Noah like Nate did. The person I love didn’t run over to me and hug me – instead he lies there with his eyes closed. I know he’s not asleep because his breathing isn’t slow and rhythmical. I watched Jason for a while I could not figure out what he was doing other than maybe some mental exercise. I felt like crying as I watched him because I really loved him so much but somehow I felt so far from him – the last time we talked he told me I was the only person he couldn’t read – when he tried there was nothing it was like he had a mental block.

I began to think and everyone in this group had telepathy with at least their partner – the one that they loved and that loved them except Jason and me and Jason had telepathy with everyone except me. There was only one conclusion I could come to and that was that he didn’t really love me like I love him.

When I cry I never make a sound tears just gush from my eyes and I could feel the warm streams of water cascading down my cheeks and I looked around with blurred vision to find someplace to go. I was angry with myself for crying and being so emotional. I was angry with Jason for pretending to love me. I looked up and saw Nate looking at me. He could see me crying. I couldn’t take being the odd one of any more! I stood up ready to run for the door.

Nate called to me and Jason suddenly opened his eyes in surprise, “Ely?”

I couldn’t see him because of the flood of tears in my eyes. I jumped over him and bolted for the door reaching for the door it open then the glass shattered and the door fell off it’s hinges, I continued hoping that I didn’t bump into something of value I heard something fall and break. Great! Just Great! Laura will never have me over again.

As I reached the front door I reached for the handle I could hear Jason calling me then suddenly the front door flew open with violence colliding with me as if some angry giant had barged in looking for a fight. I heard a deafening crack as the solid oak door hit me in the forehead. It hit with such a force that it knocked me back and I went sliding backwards across the foyer. The funny thing is it didn’t hurt that much. I mean I wasn’t knocked out or anything it just felt like a little bump. I looked up and saw Jason then closed my eyes for a second and exteriorized hovering above my body looking down at it and Jason.

“Ely! Ely! Don’t leave me! Please! I love you! Don’t die! I can’t live without you,” cried Jason as he cradled my body in his arms.

I saw Laura calling the paramedics and Mom stoked my face, she was crying. Nate was beside Jason and me and Noah was standing behind Jason with tears in his eyes. I could see all the Dolphin Boys gathered around. Tony moved beside me holding my body’s wrist and feeling my throat.

I think I died. I really do think I died. I felt no pain and I felt disconnected from my body. I knew I could leave if I so chose to do so, but I hear Jason sobbing and I feel his heart breaking so I didn’t choose to leave. I knew Jason really meant was he had said. I knew I had to be there for him. I couldn’t leave him. I moved back into my body with a jolt.

“Fuck! That hurts!” I said loudly as I entered my body. I opened my eyes and looked up at Jason, “I love you too much to leave.” With that Jason started kissing me all over my face as he wept. Mom and Nate some how got a kiss in.

All my barriers had dropped. Everything had changed. As I sat up I looked over at the front door it was cracked almost in half and barely on it’s hinges. I looked at Laura Huntington. She smiled and I looked down I had destroyed two doors and a vase. She came over to me knelt down and lifted my head up so that I was looking at her.

“Ely, doors can be replaced, but you can’t,” and she gave me a gentle kiss on the cheek.

By the time the paramedics came I was feeling a lot better. They examined me and found nothing wrong just a big lump of a bump on my forehead. They left telling Mom to keep an eye on me and it would be best if I didn’t swim.

Brunch had been delayed and everyone was starving. I was still a little shaky but it is amazing what a positive outlook and attitude can do. I was a bit leery of the buffet table with all the food and Jason read my thoughts and led me over to a table and said he’d get me a plate of food.

I notice that Mom and Maureen Andrews seemed to be getting along really well, which I was happy about because she would be my future mother-in-law. I smiled. I wanted to be alone with Jason and the neat thing was nobody sat with us although Noah and Ardal came over and gave me a hug and kiss while Jason was getting us our food.

Jason returned with the food. We both pigged out but finally it was time to talk. “I died.”

“I know.”

“I didn’t think you really loved me, but then I realized that you did…I promise you I will never leave you. I think I knocked some sense into me.” I smiled. “I thought I had no powers or abilities, but I do and I just have to learn to control them.”

Jason smiled his cute smile that melts my heart and said, “Yeah and not go ripping doors off their hinges and knocking yourself out.” I blushed.

“Jason they have always been there,” and I started laughing because I thought of the man with custard on his face. I told Jason about the restaurant and he thought it was hilarious because he was looking at my mental images of the incident. He could read my thoughts and I could read his to. But I also knew that I could block him if I wanted to. So I blocked him from my mind. He looked at me all confused.

“Ely, I-I can read your thoughts!”

“Yeah, I know. I blocked you,” I said as I remembered a time when I was a small child. “Jason, can we go somewhere where we can cuddle up together.”

“Sure babe.” He called me babe. It made me feel all warm inside.

We went into the house and found a room with a big comfy couch and made ourselves comfortable.

I looked at him and our lips seemed to gravitate towards each other’s as we share our first real kiss. It was awesome. I never thought much about kissing until that kiss. It was like sometimes when I haven’t eaten all day and you are so hungry but you don’t know that you are until you take that first bite and then you pig out. I hungered for his kisses. It was like I couldn’t get enough and I could feel it through my whole body. My defenses and barriers totally dissipated and I moaned in pleasure and then he giggled.

“What?” I said a little perturbed at our kiss being interrupted.

“You unblocked me. Now I know how to get you to unblock me. The simple application of the Andrews power kiss.” He giggled. I blocked him. And moved to the other end of the couch and glared at him. He smiled and licked his lips in the most sensuous way. I had to admit it he had found my weakness. I sincerely tried to resist but I couldn’t resist those lips, and that smile. I crawled back into his lap like a cat ready to pounce.

“You are soooo sexy,” he said softly as our lips met once again and and he fell back and I climbed on top being careful not to break our kiss and ever increasing passion. I had never felt anything so good as this – I was so calm and so filled with love for my mate. MY MATE! Jason was the person I had longed for, the person that I was supposed to be with for eternity. The thought of it struck me so hard and so overwhelming that I could feel my tears flowing not for grief but happiness.

We broke the kiss.

Tears were flowing from his eyes too.

“I-I thought I had lost you! I thought I had lost you again. Ely, I love you so much! There are no bounds to my love for you none…it’s…it’s…”

“Infinite,” I said as tears continued to roll down my cheeks to my chin and drip on to his chest.

I lay there on top of Jason. My tears were subsiding as were his. He was so beautiful so handsome. I began thinking about school. “Jason?”

“Yes, babe?”

“I don’t want to hide my love of you even at school – I want people to know that I love you and I don’t care what they think, what anybody thinks.”

“I was thinking the same thing too! I want everybody to know that I. Love. You.” And he kissed my nose. We started kissing again and as the passion rose and our bodies were grinding together. Oooo it felt so good. I could feel his hard penis as I am sure he could feel mine.

I broke the kiss and stopped grinding. He gave me a funny look. I giggled. “Jason?”


“What about sex? I am only fifteen…but…” He giggled. “What?” I queried.

“Gee, fifteen! I would have guess maybe six – hehe,” he giggled as he wiggled his hips and eyebrows.

I blushed which made him laugh.

“Actually I’m five and three-quarters, if you must know.”

“Mmmmmmm purrrrfect!” he said in a sexy, sexy voice.

I wiggled about on top of him, “You must be – I don’t know, big – just biggg!” I giggled.

He laughed. “I’m only six inches maybe six and a quarter.”

“Yeah, but it feels,” I squirmed around some more, “bigger. It feels nice.”

“What feels nice? Came a voice that startled me so much that I feel off Jason and on to the floor.

“Oh, that,” he laughed, “Yeah that does feel good as I recall.” Noah continued laughing. Jason immediately sat up and adjusted himself. He was blushing but with a wide grind.

“Fuck! You scared me.”

“Yeah, well gotcha back,” he laughed.

I tackled him and then pinned him down but he wasn’t resisting. He was just laughing trying to say something but his laugher was out of control. I started laughing too and got off of him and sat back on the couch with Jason. “Yeah, well your asshole,” I laughed.

Finally, Noah stopped laughing. “Well, I just came in to tell you that we’re all having a chat about school tomorrow. Well, whether we should be out or not.”

“We’re out!” Jason and I said in unison but we figured we tell the others to make it official so we followed Noah.

“Not about being gay, silly boys! It’s like totally obvious to outsiders that we are all gay.”

“Oh.” I knew what he was taking about and I wasn’t so sure I wanted to be out.”

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