The boring stuff: This is a work of fiction involving unprotected sex between individuals of high school age and interracial sex. If your not of legal age to be reading material like this than leave now. In the real world disease are everywhere so if your gonna have sex please use a condom.

Copyright 2010 Daniel Rossi


I lay on the couch in my small shity apartment in building E, room one sixteen. Laying alone avoided by friends and outcast by family after all my secrets came out. I should be upset or on the verge of suicide, but shit happens and you can either end it or just live with it.

I'm happy to say the least and I have myself and that's all I can ask for. I made the mistakes and I live with them and wouldn't change anything.

I live and grew up in the Westwoods which is what you can call the ghetto. The Westwoods are dirty and run down filled with dealers and addicts, whores and the wasted. The mix of blacks and some whites who are so poor that the trailer parks can't take them so they come over and live in the high rise project buildings slowly being changed until they feel the sting of racism as some white man yells wigger at them.


<--------------------------------------------------------------------------REWIND TO AGE 14

I love the attention that he gives me, how he calls me red bone, and say how pretty my eyes are. I love the way he lets me follow him around like we homeboys and always tags me along with him when he works out.

He says my lil man six pack and smooth skin gonna have all the females going crazy and I just smile and he points and tells me that my smile just will kill them dead.

"Black folks would kill to look like you" Raymond my eighteen year old thug cousin says to me as I pace around his room looking over his cds, dvds, and other things.

Raymond is six two, toned with a smooth body and dark skin, tattoos, cornrows, brown eyes, and nice muscles. Raymond is the cool as hell and hard as shit taking nothing from nobody and getting respect from all around him and the fact that he actually lets me kick it with him makes him even better. I wanna be him more than anything and everything in this world. I know that when we together and the females say how cute I am I want them to say how fine I am like they tell Raymond.

It was the beginning of summer and school was finally out and my aunt and uncle took a trip to the casino to blow some lottery money they had won and Raymond called over all smooth voice asking me to kick it at his for the weekend. I arrived that evening to find him sitting on the couch in the living room the TV loud the curtains pulled and him only in a pair of blue nylon atheltic shorts.

Raymond stood and walked over to me taking my hand and pulling me close to the heat of his body and giving me a hug holding me for a moment to long letting me fill the his semi hard dick press against me before letting me go and falling back down on the couch.

"What you doing here already?" he ask me smiling showing off his gold grill.

"You want me to leave?" I replied walking towards the door placing my hand on the knob and beginning to turn it.

"You cool I was just gonna hit the shower, but do you lil red." I loved the way he called me lil red.

Raymond stood his round ass moving inside his shorts as he walked to the bathroom. I fell onto the couch out of breath now understand these feelings I was having for him, but at the same time not hating them.

I wait hearing the spray of the water. Standing I move in slow motion towards the closed bathroom door. I take off my shirt and let it hit the ground, I loosen my belt, and pull down my jeans to let them sag low exposing the black fabric of my boxer briefs. My hand reached for the knob as I hesitate than turn and push the door open letting the stream hit me rushing over my body and my hearth begins to race.

"Gotta pee cuz", I said out loud walking over and standing in front of the toilet. I reached my hand slowly into my underwear and grab at my semi hard and growing dick. I looked over and saw the outline of Raymond's body behind the shower curtain. The outline of his body, the roundness of his ass, and his dick being soaped up and rubbed clean. I panicked at that moment and rushed out the bathroom falling back on the couch.

Raymond walked out a few minutes later the moisture from his shower still on his body and only a towel wrapped around his waist.

"You forgot this lil red", he said hold my shirt up at me. I walked over to him and grabbed for my shirt and he held on tight. His towel fell exposing the ten inches of his hard fat dick and I could take my eyes off his and only looked up when I felt his moist hard hands on my shoulders pushing me down onto my knees.

"Suck it lil red", Raymond said as I looked up into his eyes and did.

I licked around his head and took the first few inches into my mouth tasting the mixture of precum and soap.

"Gotta do better than that", he said grabbing the back of my head and shoving deep into my mouth causing me to gag and shove him away. I caught my breath and went back for more becoming dick crazy in only moments. I went back down and sucked harder and deeper learning quick to avoid using teeth and how to move from his dick to his balls. Raymond moaned and rocked into my mouth.

"Suck it pa, suck it real good lil red", he kept saying over and over and I did. I sucked deep and licked up and down his shaft, I deep throated his dick until I felt his grow larger and soon bust filling my mouth with his cum holding me against him causing me to swallow as much as I could and letting the rest slide down my chin.

"Only me and you know about this, we not no faggots", Raymond said out the blue and I agreed with his while at the same time thinking that whatever I am I knew that I liked sucking Raymond off and wanted to do it again.

I was young and knew from school and the ball court what gay, queer, and faggot meant. I knew even more that living in the Westwoods that if you known as any of those than you on your own and gonna get more shit than anyone. I and Raymond both knew that I wasn't gonna say anything as I got up and walked to the bathroom to clean up. I looked in the mirror as I wiped the cum off my face and told myself that I wasn't and would never be a faggot, but that I liked and would suck Raymond's dick like a pro anytime. It was Raymond and a new me I thought as I finally left the bathroom and crashed back down on the couch next to him.


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