The boring stuff: This is a work of fiction involving unprotected sex between individuals of high school age and interracial sex. If your not of legal age to be reading material like this than leave now. In the real world disease is everywhere so if you are going to have sex please use a condom.

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Dope Boy Magic Chapter 10

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I got back home before the sun came up and it was kinda funny coming into an empty house. I never really saw my folks since they both worked a lot and when they did have free time I was the last person on their minds. I went to my room, stripped down to my underwear, and fell on the bed exhausted from the block party and drained in many ways. My eyes slowly closed and I fought to keep them open as I replayed the blowjob that I had gotten. It was weird and exciting all wrapped up in one have someone go down on you and you not knowing who it was. The clock in the living room went off ringing six times and I finally let sleep take me over.

The morning came and I opened my eyes to a new day, I stretched, climbed out of bed, and hit the bathroom to get ready for what ever was going to happen. I always felt funning on Sundays waking up knowing that my folks were at church while I like most my age stayed at home. I turned on the TV and hit the couch with a bowl of dry cereal and some juice flipping through channels finding nothing, just like most Sundays. The sound of the TV, the usual noise of folks passing by outside, and the knocking at the door all had me pissed early. I jumped from my haze as the knocking continued and I wondered who would be fucking with a nigga at this time of the morning.

"Who the hell at the door?" I shouted

"Damn nigga you answer door like that?"

I cheesed hard thinking of sexy ass Marcus standing in the doorway holding my gear in his hands.

"Brought you shit back nigga. Thanks for looking out.

I invited him in and could feel his eyes burning deep into my ass as he followed me to my room. I turned to tell him something when I was faced with him shirtless, pants sagging half way to his knees, and his hard dick sticking straight out at me.

"Damn nigga" was all I could say as he grinned and push me down to the floor.

I did the only thing I could at the moment. I let my mouth take over taking his full think dick into the warm opening and sucking hard and I went up and down. Marcus moaned and breathed hard as his hands on the back on my head guided me onto his dick. I went deeper gagging for a moment as he filled my throat and recovering as I rose off for air. This nigga was hot as fuck and tasted so good as I went faster letting my fingers tickle his sack and my tongue roll around the head of his dick. This dude was pure sex is the best possible ways. I let my hands slide up to his hard abs as he lifted me off my knees and face to face with him.

"Nigga I want you to be mine." he said holding me, melting me with his words.

"What you mean by yours?" I asked knowing the answer.

"I don't want you fucking with no other dudes, but we keep it on the low acting like we always have.

"You me friends in the room stranger in the streets."

"Damn why you gotta put it like that nigga?"

"Cause nigga you already got a female so I'm just side ass." I replied feeling myself getting madder by the minute.

This was the street way to have your wife or girlfriend and the sidepiece that waits around expecting everything but getting nothing. I wanted more that just a phone call to say its time to fuck and a good bye until next time.

Marcus leaned into me pressing his lips against mine as I pushed him back and watched the stunned look on his face.

"Not my way nigga. I am not saying I want the streets to know what we doing but I want more than just fucking. If I'm the only guy you fucking than I need to know I'm in the top list of your life."

I waited for him to say anything as he walked around me looking at me like some animal hunting its prey. He circled me moving in closer letting his hands gently brush against me, his body heat and scent overtake me, and his over all swag cloud my mind. I could feel my will being tested as I tired hard to control myself. I wanted to jump on him. I wanted to strip him down and feel his hard dick deep inside me. Marcus leaned into me pressing his hard on against my ass and wrapping his hands around my waist. I could feel his lips against my neck sucking, biting the skin. His tongue trailed around and I never even noticed my pants being lowered until his hands leaned me over and the slick spit dripping fingers entered my tight hole.

"Marcus nigga stop." I pleaded with him

He pushed in deeper massaging my insides and rocking me back into him as I started to moan louder and lose all control. His fingers left me open and empty as he feel to his knees and licked at my hold. His tongue was hot stabbing at my entrance as he sucked harder eating my ass out than turning me around and taking my leaking dick deep into his throat. My eyes were rolling back in my head as Marcus continued to deep throat me and finger my ass. He ran his tongue along the shaft and licked at my balls, he continued to probe my hole opening me up wider and wider and I felt my dick ready to blow.

"Stop nigga" I said again wanting him to stop but wanting him to keep going.

Marcus stood and leaned me over the bed lifting my leg up as my open and pulsing hole waited for him. I felt him spit at my hole as I looked back in time to see him lean forward and stab into me. I moaned louder screaming in pain and pleasure and he drove deep into me and slowly pulled out only to rush back in. He pounded away at me holding my shoulder down and fucking into my guts. I had never been fucked like this, like some animal, like there is no tomorrow. He grabbed my waist pulling me back into him as he continued to fuck my hole. He grabbed my leg turning me over onto my back and shoving deeper into my ass.

"You do what I say nigga. We fucks and that boyfriend shit stay buried." he said into my ear.

Marcus pounded away as I let my brain take control and I pushed him off me. I watched as he stumbled to catch his footing.

"What the fuck nigga?" he said puzzled at my actions.

I was not playing the role of the bitch and fuck all if I lower my self to some dick. I grabbed up his shit and threw it at him.

"Dress and get the fuck out nigga. Find you a hoe if that's all you want." I said

I started putting on my clothes, as Marcus got angry and started talking shit and calling me out my name. He rushed at me grabbing my boxers and shoving them down before turning me around and leaning me over the bed. I couldn't believe this nigga was trying to take what I wasn't giving him. His fingers rushed inside me spreading apart my hole as he leaned down to my ear.

"Nigga you aint gonna leave my dick on hard you gonna take this dick one way or the other. You a faggot as bitch and you need to learn how to act with a real man.," he said.

Marcus had changed from the cool guy I wanted to chill with to someone that reminded me of Raymond. I was having that kind of shit and I wasn't going to let this nigga take me. I felt his dick enter me and pound at my ass long enough for me to shove him back and onto the floor. Marcus jumped up and rushed at me again.

"I told you ya ass was getting dick weather you like it or not." he said.

I let my fist do the talking. I swung hard hitting the right side of his face and than his stomach causing him to bend in pain.

"No nigga gonna rape me bitch. Now get your shit and dip before I give you some more." I told him.

Marcus grabbed up his clothes and heading out naked into the apartment and out the door. I was pissed as a motherfucker and happy that I learned the true nature of this dude before I got in too deep.

My dick was still on rock and leaking as I leaned back and just let it throb. I wasn't feeling like jacking off and really, I just wanted to rest. I had just gotten the best fuck of my life and at the same time cut it short due to it coming from a real asshole. I knew that I shouldn't have let it get to that point but that's life and I just hoped the rest of the day would see better things.


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