The boring stuff: This is a work of fiction involving unprotected sex between individuals of high school age and interracial sex. If your not of legal age to be reading material like this than leave now. In the real world disease are everywhere so if your gonna have sex please use a condom.

Copyright 2010 Daniel Rossi

Dope Boy Magic Part Two

It was two days later and I stood in the bedroom packing my stuff getting ready to head back to my place. I missed my parents and at the same time I didn't want to leave Raymond. I was sprung big time. I sorted slowly through my stuff slowing down time in hope that it would stop all together and make it possible for me to never leave. I wasn't in love, but at the same time I was dying of a broken heart.

I didn't hear him come into the room. I felt his arms strong and powerful wrap around my body and his moist soft lips touch the gentle skin of my neck. I felt his hands move down my bare chest and into my boxer briefs grabbing holding onto my manhood causing me to grown harder than I was at the thought of him near me. I closed my eyes and leaned back into him moaning from the touch, the stokes his gave. Raymond kissed down my spin and my body shivered. His tongue traced the length of my back as his bent to his knees letting his hands move from my throbbing dick to the elastic band of my underwear taking them and pulling them down leaving me exposed.

"Raymond", I let his name escape my lips as my body began to will him away.

Raymond stayed silent. He kissed at my ass and bent me over the bed spreading apart my butt and letting his tongue roll over my virgin hole. I grabbed onto the covers and held tight as this new feeling took me over.

"Raymond", I said again having my words fade away and fall into silence.

Raymond stood and walked over to the dresser and pulled out a tiny bottle. He walked back to me still waiting, still bent over. I felt the liquid cold against my hole as his fingers massaged into my. One than two his fingers entered me as I backed away and he held onto me tight.

"You gotta do better than that lil red if you gonna take all me", finally his voice smooth and deep reached my ears and I fell into it letting him dig deeper into my opening me up and finally leaving. Raymond stood and I felt to the tip of his dick against my hole hard and wet. He pushed in and I jerked away. He grabbed onto my shoulders keeping me in places and the first few inches entered me and I began to scream.

"Take it red, take it cuz, you know you want it", his words were harsh and sexy at the same time and he was right I did want it...or him?

Finally all ten inches were buried deep inside me as his slid out than back in repeating picking up pace until I heard the sounds of him slapping against my ass. I scream, moaned, and breathed hard as he began to fuck me with a rage mixed with passion only someone raised in a hard life and the sin of the ghetto could know.

"Quit red. You want everyone to know what we up to?" he said.

I felt his hand surround my mouth muffling my scream as his rushed deep into my, held, and rocked his hips. He pulled out than back in a few more time before exiting all together and falling back on his back. I felt empty and wanted more and he knew it using his eyes to call to me and like some slave I followed mounting him and lowering myself onto his thick pole.

"Oh fuck red", Raymond said as he head cocked back and his eyes closed tight.

I bounced up and down on him. I lowered onto his ten inches and stayed feeling the full thickness and length deep in my. I moaned and rocked and he began to thrust up into me hard and fast and I just sat letting him take me until my own dick which I hadn't touch the entire time shot my seed hard all over his chest and part of his face.

Raymond went faster lifting me up and turning me over on my back as his hands took my legs bringing them close to my chest. His dick pounded into me hard and out again over and over and know the screams went ignored as we both lost ourselves in the sweet passion and sex we were having.

"I'm fixin to shoot red. Fuck I'm gonna..." Raymond's words went unfinished as he exploded deep inside me filling me with his seed and falling onto my sweat covered body.

We laid their the sweat and cum mixing together, our breathing hard and steady like a runner after some hard race and that is what it was a race, a competition. We were men and more than that we were hood men, street kings, ghetto royalty and with two men like us it was making love it was just pure fucking and that is what he did.

I looked up into his eyes and pressed my lips against his kissing him hard and holding him tight not wanting to let go. I had this feeling that things were gonna change and that at this moment my life was complete and happy and that when I walked out the front door to head home life would be different.

"Red. Red. Hey Ty we gotta get cleaned up", his words were like the realization, the smoke and burnt remains after the fire. Raymond held out his hand and I took it and walked with him into the bathroom and we showered together cleaning each others body, drying each other off, and staying in the silence that had took over the house.

I went back and finished packing and grabbing up my bag I walked into the living room to see him at his usual spot on the couch watching TV.

"I'm fixing to head out" I said to him as he threw up his hand to sign me goodbye.

There were no hugs or kisses. There were no I love you, but only the open door and me walking out and down the street. I looked back at the house and the open living room window to see him looking my way only for a split second than away.

I knew how things worked in the ghetto. The love between two men is a secret love, a painful love, and yet it's not really a love because the words the emotions go unsaid and unheard. I popped my neck and harden my body and pulled my bag closer to me as I walked quicker towards my house and for the second time in the past few days a new me.

I made it home to an empty high rise apartment and threw my stuff down on the floor of my room and went to see if their was any food in the kitchen and as usual their wasn't. I didn't know were my parents were and didn't care. My mom was more or less surrounded by the wasted remains of the others mamas in the building stuck in some apartment gossiping about who's doing who and who's on drugs. My dad was off with one of his other baby mamas needed to the attention of some other family and forgetting that the one he had here existed.

I laid down on my bed and tried to forget about the events that had happen over the weekend, but each time I closed my eyes I saw he and me together, I felt him inside me. I jumped up and headed out into the evening streets as the sun was starting to set and the world changed. I walk and walked finally looking up to see that my legs had took me back to Raymond's place and as I walked up the steps I heard the faint moans that I myself had let escape my mouth hours earlier. Looked through the cut of the blinds and saw Raymond with his hips thrusting hard into the ass of some guy I didn't know. His powerful arms flexing as he held on tight, his head cocked back and eyes closed, his dick buried deep inside of the guys ass.

I felt let down and betrayed as I ran from the house and back down street lamp lit streets, passed dealers, addicts, whores, and the wasted of life. I ran until I got out of breath to my building where I fell onto the cold concrete of the ground willed myself not to cry, not to care for any affection I might have had for him. I broke letting the tears roll down my face.

"Ty my nigga you o.k.", the voice hit me from out the blew.

I sat still enfolded in my arms and the hands lifted me up and wrapped around me holding me tight letting all the pain leave me. I finally pushed lose and looking into the greenest eyes I have eyes saw. I only knew the kid in passing and from the talk around the school his name was Matt and he was poorer than me. His family had moved hear about a year ago and nobody really paid him any attention. Matt was white, but more than that he was beautiful in strange ways from his green eyes to the long curly brownish blond hair that fell to sometimes cover them. I looked him up and down in a quick movement. Tall, but maybe an inch under me with nice muscles and a semi tan. Warm lips and a...what the hell am I talking about. I snapped out of my scope of him as my semi hard dick took on a mind of it's own and kept growing.

"You cool Ty," he said again

"Yeah play I'm cool I just had a moment", I replied missing his arms.

"How you know my name?" I asked trying to figure him out.

"We go to school together and have some classes together also."

"So what you doing round here?" I was all twenty questions today.

"Nothing waiting on you. Wanted to see if you might wanna chill?"

His question caught me off guard and I knew that it wasn't a bad idea to hang with someone that hadn't proved themselves and more than that someone white. I wasn't racist but I knew how the hood worked. Whites stayed with whites, blacks stayed with blacks, and the only whites that mixed were wiggers and mix bloods and this kid was neither.

I looked him up and down again before telling him it was late and that I had to get home. I walked off towards the elevator leaving him standing watching me until the doors closed and I finally breathed.

I made it to the apartment again and was rushed by my parents as I entered. They started asking me questions about Raymond and what we had been up to and things like that and them my mom looked at me and said.

"Has he ever tried to fuck around with you."

"What?", I asked shocked by the outburst of the question and trying to by time to come up with a good answer.

"Hell no. aint no nigga ever tried that gay shit with me. What the hell up with asking me that?" I made my reply harsh.

My dad looked at me satisfied with my answer as he walked back and sat in front of the T.V. my mom looked at me and shook her head as she walked away mumbling something about those type of people and I, I walked into my bedroom and feel on the bed silent and broken.

The morning came to quick for me and the news of Raymond's arrest spread like a California wildfire. People who had never spoke to him had an opinion I felt like the biggest Judas as I stayed away from the subject or just flat out hated on him and dug him deeper into the ground. Raymond was gone and I was left and for me I need to protect myself.

I walked along the broken fence of Howard Park holding back my emotions and the tears I refused to let show and I say him standing on the other side looking at me with those green eyes, looking at me and I at him.




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