The boring stuff: This is a work of fiction involving unprotected sex between individuals of high school age and interracial sex. If your not of legal age to be reading material like this than leave now. In the real world disease are everywhere so if your gonna have sex please use a condom.

Copyright 2010 Daniel Rossi


Dope Boy Magic Part Three

"Sup nigga?" the voice came first than the shadow blocking the sun.

I looked up to see his brown eyes first and than the towering frame of Justin looking down at me as I sat under the shade of a tree drinking my coke.

"So what's up nigga?" he said again.

I kept looking down not saying anything as Justin paused and stared for a moment before walking away. I smiled a little as I finally looked up to catch his nice ass hanging from his sagging jeans. I had to admit Justin was nice looking and very well built.

I stood and walked away in the other direction adjusting my growing erection as I headed off back towards the park. The sun was slowly going down and I just hung around outside as the streetlamps began to come walking around until finally I ended up on my block. I walked down the street until o passed by a group of hoods standing on the corner bullshitting with each other about the amount of pussy they be getting, their baby mama getting on them for money, the lack of paper being made on the street, and other random things folks with too much time talk about.

I walked by them tightening up my body making myself harder until I was clear and a few paces ahead of them. I looked by after a moment to see two of the guys walking my way still talking and paying little attention to me, but I still quicken my pace and made myself ready for anything that might happen as I hope to make it to my building before they decided to try anything.

I finally made it to my building sighing a breath of relief as I walked in.

"Ty, Ty baby could you take this box down to storage for me." Mrs. Knight asked.

I shook my head yes and grabbed up the box and headed off towards the elevator. Pressing the button I waited until the doors opened. I stood for a second before holding my breath and walking in as the doors closed leaving me along in the tiny space with the two guys that had been walking behind me.

I got a good look at them. Tall and dark skin with short haircuts and well-defined bodies as most of the street thugs had. They were dressed nice with their long jeans sagging low enough to let you see they nice round butts but not too low, so that the cops would stop them and give them shit. They smelled of sweat and weed, which made my dick start to grow very hard.

"What floor cuz?" one of them said while the other just gave me thing smile.

"Basement, gotta take this box down there." I replied at once recreating letting them know so much about me.

He pushed the button and the elevator began to move down. I could not breathe as we moved slowly down. I kept looking left and right at the two guys standing off to my sides. I hated that we went down instead of up. Finally, the doors opened and I stepped out taking a deep breath. I began to walk noticing that the guys were still behind me not saying anything as I tried to ignore them.

"You want Voo?" one of them said.

"What Ken?"

"I love a nice lil ass that loves to get some dick up in it."

"Damn right about that. I love a nice wet mouth that can suck like me like life depends on it."

They laughed back and forth as I walked down the darken hallway until I got to the storage door. I pushed it open walking in to the empty room and towards the back sitting the box on the table and turning to get ready to run fast.

"You not going no place lil man and don't try no fucking screaming either," the one called Ken said.

I was scared as hell and did not scream even though I wanted to as Ken walked closer to me biting his bottom lip, which cause my dick to become harder. I started to back away when his friend stepped inside the room closing the door behind him.

"Don't walk away from me nigga. Just let us do this and you can leave or do we have to get rough", Voo said moving closer to his friend as he unzipped he pants and took out his hard dick.

"What you'll want?" I asked know the question.

Ken moved in front of me close enough that I could feel the heat coming off his body. His strong hands touched my shoulders and moved down my arm. The electricity was magic as I closed my eyes and felt the contact of his hands against my flesh as he lifted my shirt off and over my head. He moved to my jeans pulling them down and telling me to step out of them, which I did.

I did not struggle or fight his touches or kisses against my body. I let him take me more so I wanted him to take me. I had not been fuck since Raymond and I was beginning to lose control and wanted these two guys here in the cool dark of the basement under the flickering light above to control me, use me, but more so to fuck me.

Voo came and stood next to his friend naked leaving his clothes in a pile behind him. His hands touched me and pushed me down onto the floor.

"Open your mouth." he said and I did as I was told.

His dick was around six and a half inches but very thing and I had to open as wide as I could to take it. He moaned and held onto Ken for support and inch by inch of him slipped into my warm waiting mouth. My head bobbed up and down on him as I became hungrier by the second, my hands grabbed onto his hips pushing him deeper into me. I cupped his balls with my hand squeezing at thing playing with the low hanging flesh.

I backed off him moving to ken and attacking him pulling hard down his jeans and boxers and taking the full length of his throbbing leaking nine inches into my mouth.

"Shit this nigga wants it", he let out.

I sucked hard tasting the drops of pre cum that mixed with my spit and I deep throated his dick and felt Voo move around me kissing down my back until I gasped when his tongue made contact with my hole. Voo ate my ass letting his tongue moisten my hold and open it up as I suck Ken hard but slow. Ken's hands grabbed the back of my head as his hips rocked into me.

"Suck it bitch", Ken repeated.

I continued to suck as Voo continued to eat me out until he stood pushing Ken away and shoving his dick into my mouth.

"That's how its gonna be bro?" Ken said watch his friend for a few seconds feeding his dick to me.

Ken walked around and for the second time I gasped as I felt his dick enter into me. Ken was not making love or treating me like some lover or friends. I was just a piece of ass and that is how he used me thrusting hard into my hole giving me the whole nine in one shove. I tried to let out a scream causing my mouth to open a bit wider and Voo to give me a few more inches. I was being fuck two ways.

"Fuck that nigga cuz, open that ass up for me.", Voo said holding my head in place.

Ken held his hands onto my shoulders digging deep as he fucked me deeper. I felt each hard thrust as he rammed into me, held, and rocked his hips, than slide out only to repeat his movements.

"My turn nigga", Voo said taking his dick from my mouth and pulling me closer to him causing Ken's dick to slide out me. Voo was rougher throwing me on the floor on my back. He lifted my legs onto his shoulders and aimed his dick at my now used hole.

"You really gonna hurt now bitch", he whispered into my ear as I felt the quick thrust of his thick dick enter me.

I let out a scream causing Ken to rush over and cover my mouth with his hands as Voo went harder, faster, and deeper. Voo fucked me with a force, with anger. I wanted to fight him. I wanted to push him away as the pain grew worse. Ken held me tight whispering into my ear that I made them do this, that I had this coming to me, and that I just need to take it and that it would be over soon. Tears fell from my eyes as Voo increased his pace plowing into my hole. The sound of his body slapping against mine echoed inside the room. Voo soon closed his eyes and began to pant as I felt him grow until he exploded into my ass. He held onto me keep his dick buried deep inside me as he drained every drop of his seed inside my ass. I felt the weight of his body onto of me as he began to soften until he pulled out and got up.

Voo walked over picking up his clothes and putting them on in a hurry.

"Your bitch ass tell anyone and I'm a kill you dead", he said as I still lay in the arms of Ken.

"Nigga shut the fuck up you aint gonna do shit to this nigga", Ken said to his friend as Voo walked out the room shutting the door behind him.

I slowly turned over leaning Ken back and mounting him. I knew he was next and I wanted to have some control to ease my pain. I locked eyes with him as he smiled and wrapped his arms around me. Ken was gentle as he kissed my lips and his tongue entered my mouth. I began to lower myself onto his dick but back off as the pain of contact shot through my body. I tried again and a third time only being able to take the first few inches before having to pull off of him.

"It's cool lil man. You did your shit for tonight," he said lifting me up. "Grab your clothes and let's get out of this shit hole."

I did as I was told, pulling my clothes on as I stole glances of his nice body. He skin was dark and smooth, his muscles flexed as he put on his clothes. He tattoos gave him a hard look as his smile made his look sweet. We lock eyes again my hazel to his brown. I stood for a minute watching him finish than walk to me. His lips touched mine again and I held him squeezing him tight.

"Don't worry about Voo that nigga want do shit to you," he said leading me to the door. "You know thought that you can't say shit about this?" he said turning the knob as I nodded my head yes.

"Cool", he said. "You owe me some ass though", he continued as I finally found my voice.

"Yeah I know and you can get it whenever you want just hit me up."

"That's what's up, give me your cell."

I gave him my number and we walked out and back to the elevator. I let him on first and waited as he went up leaving me standing. Soon it came back down and I rode up to see the green eyes of Matt looking at me as the doors opened to the lobby and he got on.

"Sup Ty?" he said to me.

"Sup Chalk", I replied.

Folks had started calling him chalk awhile back and I knew he like it. I knew he felt like he was becoming apart of something by having a nickname weather it was a good or bad one. We looked at each other and smiled turning away quick playing the shy game of cat and mouse before the doors opened and I got out waving goodbye to him and walking out into the hallway of my floor.

I stood for a moment composing myself in front of my apartment door. My ass hurt like hell and I was disappointed that I just did not let Ken fuck me. I brushed the dust off my clothes and smiled thinking about Matt. Matt was cute I thought as I banned on the door and waited for whoever was inside to let me in. Matt was very cute I whispered to the emptiness as the door opened and I walked in.




Sorry for the long wait I had my little brother's graduation and a trip to New York, which took up a large portion of my time. Thanks once again for all your kind emails. Some of you really liked the character of Raymond so I am a let you knew that he will be back. More than anything, this is Ty's story of growing up. Thanks once again and if you want to hit me up you can.