The boring stuff: This is a work of fiction involving unprotected sex between individuals of high school age and interracial sex. If your not of legal age to be reading material like this than leave now. In the real world disease is everywhere so if you are going to have sex please use a condom.

Copyright 2010 Daniel Rossi

Dope Boy Magic Part Four

The non-sex chapter

It was the evening of the second day after my assault if that is what you could call it. I hadn't seen Voo at all around the block and only saw Ken once in passing and he didn't speak or acknowledge I was their. That was the hood life; nobody wanted to be known as the fag and for those who had that title it was hell. I walked along the block with my shirt tucked into the sides of my jean shorts sweat roll down and off my body as the heat of the day became worse.

"Damn you could use a cold drink?" I turned to see Matt standing behind me smiling.

I did not know how long he had been behind me or were he came from but he was right I did need a cold drink.

"You wanna come chill at my place. My folks are gone and we have air conditioning and stuff?" he asked.

I just nodded and turned to follow him walking close behind to get a close up look at his nice ass and for a white boy he had a good one. We made it to his building and up to his apartment and walking in it was like a different world. The cold air hit me cooling off my body as he took me to his room and left to go get something to drink.

Matt's room was like something from Thug life. It was covered in rap and hip-hop posters, fitted nice with this kind of urban feel. I looked around at his book, checked out his cds, and went through is DVDs. I had to say his room was better than mine was. He had a TV and computer in it, which I did not have either. It made me wonder though why he lived in the ghetto.

I was walking around waiting on him to get back when I looked over his desk and smiled when I say a picture of me sticking out the side of the mirror over lapping a picture of him. I lay the way the pictures looked with us side by side looking out past different backgrounds. I could tell that in real life, we would make a cute couple, but I quickly pushed the thought away and rushed to sit on the bed as I heard his footsteps coming.

Matt walked into the room carrying a tray with sodas, chips, and sandwiches on it.

"Thought you might be hungry", he said walking over to me and placing it on the bed.

"Good looking out", I replied holding back diving into the food until Matt say down.

We ate and talked, he cut on the TV and we flipped channels bullshitting over what shows we liked and stuff we are into. I was having more fun than I have had in a long time and the more time passed the more I was falling for him. We had this unspoken connection maybe even attraction that because of were we are we could not say. I knew I wanted to tell him how I felt but the fear of me being wrong about him was too great. I wanted him to make the first mover or at least let me know that I was not becoming sprung over nothing.

We chilled until the sun started to go down and I knew I had to get home. I saw the look of hurt in his eyes as I said my goodbye and gave him that typical hug that one dude gives another only holding long enough to take in his smell and the warmth of his body.

I walk out and through the maze of old warn buildings, hoods, and filth. I walked around thinking about Matt and what we could do if given the chance. Finally, I made it home to the noise of my folks fighting and I really did not care this time I just went to my room and put my headphones on and fell asleep.

I woke to the sound of knocking at the door and the quiet emptiness of the apartment. I jumped out of bed still in my underwear and ran pissed off to have been awoken from my sleep I opened the door ready to go off but just stood silent at the smiling face of Matt.

"Good morning "he said giving me a quick once over.

I stood frozen realizing that my dick was on rock and tenting the gray fabric of my boxer brief. I placed my hands quickly over my package as Matt just smiles gave a quick laugh and walked right past me into the apartment.

"So big boy what you up to?" he said sitting on the couch.

"Not what you think I just woke up" I replied sitting down next to him.

We sat silent for what seemed like forever. Our eyes would meet and quickly turn away and one of us would begin to say something but the words never made it past an idea. I did not care if we carried on the most intense conversation or just sat silent I was into Matt and I could now tell by the bulge pressing hard against his cargo shorts that he was into me.

"Well I gotta go just wanted to wake you up", he said getting up quick and walking towards the door.

"O.K. you cool I guess."

Matt grabbed for the knob of the door just as I grabbed him.

"Wait "I said losing all words and trying to decided what I should do next.

"Yeah Ty" he said looking deep into my eyes.

"Nothing man, nothing." I bitched out passing up the moment to tell him that I was feeling him deep.

"Ty" Matt said opening the door and taking a step out. "You can take me to see that new action movie Friday," he said take my lost courage.

I smiled big time straighten up my stance. "O.k." I replied as he walked out the door.

I stuck my head out and watched as he walked down the hallway and onto the elevator and was gone. I walked back to my room and fell onto the bed. I had a date with the most beautiful guy in all the ghetto and nothing could fuck this moment up.



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