The boring stuff: This is a work of fiction involving unprotected sex between individuals of high school age and interracial sex. If your not of legal age to be reading material like this than leave now. In the real world disease is everywhere so if you are going to have sex please use a condom.

Copyright 2010 Daniel Rossi

Dope Boy Magic Part 5

I woke with a smile on my face and a newfound confidence; I had everything planned out for today. I was going to chill with Matt at the basketball tournament and flirt like crazy with him than as the sun goes down. I was going to lay everything out and if all things went, well I would have my first boyfriend or at least my first fuck buddy.

I rushed to the bathroom and cleaned up nice making sure to wash every inch of my body and spray the right amount of body spray on me. I went back into my room and started to dress first slipping on the tightest and sexiest pair of Ed Hardy boxer briefs I had followed by long black jeans that were the right length and sagged just right, black wife beater over a white one. I wanted to show off my muscles. I had my black and white Yankees cap pulled down low and threw on some dark shades, I move to my dresser and sported my silver chain and watch, and last slipped on my black and white high top timberlands.

I stood and looked at myself in the mirror and had to admit I was fine as hell. I grabbed my wallet and some condoms just in case and headed out. I took a step back as I opened the door. I became shocked as this fear took over me.

"What's up lil red", Raymond said taking a step inside the apartment.

Raymond was back and I was happy that he wasn't any longer in jail, but at the same time, I didn't want him around me especially with Matt and Justin both on my trail. Raymond stood their sexy as hell and my dick sprung to attention like it always did when I came within a few feet of him. He was shirtless in a pair of atheltic shorts that showed off good the print of his dick. Man I missed that dick the way it tasted and felt as he moved in and out of me. Raymond moved closer to me placing his hand on my shoulder and pulling me closer to him as he wrapped his arms around me and gave me a big hug.

"Damn I missed you kid" he said moving his hands down to my ass and squeezing it tight "I missed this also."

I fell into Raymond while every bit of my brain screamed run but I couldn't run, I couldn't move all I could do was stand their and let him do what he wanted to me. His hand touched my chin and the electricity between us increased as he raised my head up so that his lips could meet mine. He kissed me not hard like before but with a passion slowly moving apart my lips so that his tongue could enter my mouth and dance with mine. He tasted so good like always.

"Where your room at red?" he said as his hands slid up my wife beater and removed it dropping it to the floor. I looked over my shoulder at the half-closed door and he dragged me with him. I sat on the edge of my bed as Raymond moved closer to me and lowered his shorts exposing the large thick dick the pointed up. Raymond's hands found the back of my neck and started to pull me closer to him as time slowed down and my mind flooded with images of Matt.

"No" I finally was able to get out as I pushed him back from me. "No man I can't do this. Yo fucked me over making me think I was the only dude you were hitting but that was a lie. Me and you is over and I got a new shorty I'm kickin it with."

I walked out my room leaving Raymond to pull his shorts on as I walked into the living room to put my cloths back on and fix myself up. Raymond walked out pissed as a motherfucker.

"You a bitch anyways. Let me fuck that ass on the first try. Faggot" he spitted at me as I opened the door and watch as he walked out and hopefully out of my life forever. I wasn't upset about what he said since most of it was true. I had finally moved on and wasn't going to let Raymond or anyone else ruin my plans.

I finally made it out my building and into the crowd of people that gathered around. I walked over to Matt's building and found him waiting by the entrance door. He was fine as hell dressed all out in a black and white Echo fit. Short jeans, shirt, cap, and white forces. I had to say that the white boy cleans up damn good and our smile meet as we locked eyes and moved closer to one another.

"Damn what happen to you?" I asked him making a quick circle around him.

"Nothing just fitting in. I take it you like?" he replied as I gave him another once over.

"Hell yeah you gonna have to let me barrow that fit one day."

"Hell yeah anytime you want and I have to say that we must be tuned into each other to be all matching like we are"

It was the first I had noticed that he was in fact in the same colors as me. Fuck the plan and everything that went along with it. We walked for a bit and talked smiling at the females and looked us up and down and made comments on how fine we both are and the males too that in their own ways let it be known that they if given the chance would hit either one of us in a real good way. Matt stayed close to me not out of fear or nerves but kinda as if he was letting everyone know that I was his and to fuck off. I like that about him out when we together he get this whole protected thing going on even though if it came down to a fight I would be the one throwing the most punches.

"So Ty I'm a go and say what I need to say and ruin this day for both of us. I'm feeling you like something crazy and I know you straight and I'm cool with that I just wanted to let you know that I noticed you and I really like what I see."

Damn the boy had guts and at the same time, the boy fucked up my plan of being the one to lay everything down. I grabbed his arm and drug him behind this old house as most of the people were moving closer to the courts.

"Ty man I said I was cool with that and I'm not gonna try anything." Matt said with a hint of fear in his voice.

I had to hold back laughing at the image of me beating the shit out of him in the back of some old house. I pushed him against the wall and moved in closer to me cocking my head and frowning a bit. I was having a ball and loved how he was actually afraid that I was fixin to hit him.

"So you think I'm a fag? You think I'm gonna be your nigga? You think that you can come at me with all that gay shit and we be all cool?" I said trying to bring out the thug in me.

Matt stayed silent I guess afraid to say something or in his head trying to figure out what to do next.

"Answer me nigga," I said loud enough for him to get the message, but also not so that folks that might be around front could here.

"Ty please I said I wasn't gonna try anything. Please..."

I cut him off taking a few more step close to me and making a fist as he braced himself for impact and closed his eyes.

"Nigga you right" I said as I leaned in a planted my lips against his.

The kiss was quick with him pushing me back off him and standing looking at me with the cutest confused look on his face.

"What the fuck Ty?" he said.

"Matt I could never hit you or hurt you in any way. I was gonna ask you to be my boyfriend later on but you popped the question first." I told him finally letting my laughter out.

Matt grabbed me up and kissed me hard parting my lips and sliding his tongue inside my mouth. His hands were on the sides of me face as mine held against his waist. Our heartbeats were in harmony as my hands found their way up his shirt moving slowly up his smooth skin. I was in heaven finally able to kiss him, to taste him, to be close to him.

We stayed in the back of the house for a lifetime making out exploring each other's bodies finally after what in reality were only a few minutes we parted and just stood staring at one another.

"You know we gonna have to keep us on the low?" I said hoping that I hadn't just ruined the moment.

"Yeah I know how things work around here plus I really don't want folks talking bout me being gay.

"So Matt am I your first dude?" I know the question was noisy but I really wanted to know.

"If you're asking me if I've been with other the guys the answer is yes, but you're my first boyfriend. I kinda fuck a dude a few weeks back inside this very house. I was out and I saw Jus...this guy and we hooked up."

I nodded not upset than I realized what he was about to say.

"Nigga you tapped Justin?" I blurted out.

"Ty please don't be mad and don't tell him I told you," he said placing his hands on my shoulder and looking me in the eye. "Promise me Ty"

I promised him my oath and gave him another quick make out session.

"We better get seen before folks start talking or someone comes back here and catches us.

I wanted to hold his hand as we headed toward the park, I wanted to kiss him as we sat on some benches, but most of all I wanted him to know that I was his boy and he was my dude.

Matt played it cool the whole time holding back any signs of affection and pulling off the straight man look better than I was. It was weird how ghetto he was becoming as I noticed how his style of dress had changed and the over use of slang he was using.

"What's up folk?" a voice behind us said.

I turned around slowly half expecting to see Raymond standing behind me ready to start some shit but I was surprised to see Justin standing in all he hood royalty. I had to admit and I guess I wouldn't get in trouble, but Justin was looking fine as hell I glanced over at my boy who was bug eyed and noticing him to or maybe it was more of the fact that I knew that Matt had tapped that and he was a little nervous. We all bumped fist and said our hellos as Justin took a seat next to Matt as my pissed off meter started to rise. Now don't get me wrong I'm not a jealous person I just fucking hate Justin and his cocky ass attitude more that anything.

Justin was laying the shit on strong talking about all the bitches he was hitting and the money he was bring in from his midnight sells. I knew it was bullshit but I let him talk on as he inched closer and closer to Matt. We soon stood and walked around swaying to the music and stealing a few beers that where exposed in an open cooler the sun was soon starting to set and my dick had once again jumped to rock after being around my boy all day. Justin walked a few steps in front of us giving Matt and I the first alone time since our back yard encounter.

"So what you think of Justin?" Matt asked raising an eyebrow to me.

"That nigga a fake ass bitch."

"So you so think he's fine ass hell?"

"I think you fine ass hell he just right."

"Good answer. You know if you wanted to you can hit that"

"I wanna hit yours first bay"

Matt looked at me not replying to my statement as we continued to walk. I wondered in my mind for a split second if everything was cool and I had to remind myself not to fall to much or get sprung I was young and this wasn't no marriage.

"What you'll too faggots talking about?" Justin called out to us as we caught up to him.

I was ready to spit some major shit at him for his faggot statement when Matt spoke up.

"I was telling my boy how you bent over and let me fuck you like a bitch."

I was shocked, Justin was shocked, but most of all I was holding in my laughter as Justin became speechless. I wondered what he was going to do next. If a fight happened, I knew I would have to break it up or beat that nigga ass if he stepped up to my boy.

"You told him that shit?" Justin asked Matt avoiding my line of sight.

"Hell yeah it's cool me and Ty gonna be fucking soon anyways.

For the third time today I was shocked and taken back by how straight up Matt had become.

"Fuck this folks gone so let's go chill back at my place. Matt added turning around and walking.

Justin and I followed close behind in silence giving each other looks both of us wanted to say something but not knowing how to bring it up. Matt was enjoying himself and the outing he had just gave as we finally walked inside the cool air-conditioned apartment. Justin fell back on Matt's bed rubbing his hand up and down his six-pack as I took the chair and Justin found a place on the floor in-between us.

"You'll two ain't got nothing to say?" Matt said breaking the strong silence that was hanging over us.

We stayed quiet for a few more minutes until Justin sat up and look back and forth at Matt and me before adding.

"So you'll nigga wanna fuck or something?"

I could see in Matt's eyes that he wanted too and even though I hated Justin with a passion, my dick was on rock and already leaking pre cum into the fabric of my underwear. Matt stood and walked over to me leaning over and kissing me sliding his tongue into my mouth. His lips tasted sweet as his hands lifted up my shirt the same way that Raymond had earlier and discarded it on the floor. I looked over at Justin who had taken his shirt off and had his jeans already undone as he walked over, pressed his lips against the soft flesh on my neck, and sucked slowly moving up to my ear biting and licking which was driving me crazy.

"You know this don't mean shit nigga," Justin whispered into my ear.

I knew it didn't and at that moment I didn't care, I was horny as hell and wanted to bust a fat nut.

I stood lifting both of them up with me rubbing my hands over their bodies as they continued to kiss and suck at my body. Matt worked on my nipples biting at them, sucking at them hard as Justin lowered himself and my jeans down to expose my hard dick. I let out a gasp as his mouth wrapped around the head of my dick and he slowly started taking inch by inch into my mouth. I had to give it to him he could suck dick like a pro taking the full length into his mouth while playing with my sack. I was in heaven having these to dudes working me over good. Matt soon joined him bending down sharing my dick with Justin as their tongues moved up and down the shaft. I moaned, closed my eyes, and faded into some trance of ecstasy.

They both stood up stripped off all their clothes and standing in front of me fully hard, a vision of what two beautiful amazing guys should look like. I stood and walked over to Matt kissing his invading his mouth with my tongue before moving to Justin to let him know that he was also important. My hands traced over their bodies as I lowered myself to become face to face with two very large dicks.

Matt's had the length with threw me off cause I always thought that white guys were small but he had to me at least seven and a half with a nice set of balls that hung tight. Justin was maybe an half an inch smaller but thicker with made his look bigger. I felt a hand touch my shoulder as I went for it, placing my hands on the side of them and moving them closer as I opened my mouth and let the pre cum covered tip of Matt's dick slide into my mouth. I sucked hard up and down on Matt's dick as Justin's hand found the back of my head pushing me down further so I would have to take more and more.

"My turn" Justin whispered.

I mover moved over opening wider as I let the full thickness of Justin enter my mouth. He rocked his hips into my mouth feeding me his dick inch my inch until I hand almost half of it in my mouth. I felt Matt's lips on my neck as he kissed down until he took my dick into his mouth and started back sucking me off. We stayed that way with me blowing Justin and Matt blowing me until I felt the build up inside as Justin's dick grew and exploded without warning in my mouth. His hands held onto the back of my head forcing me to shallow as much of his cum as possible he finally let got as I pull away catching my breath for only a second as I felt my on release happen.

I collapsed back giving Justin a look as we smiled at each other before grabbing up Matt's and laying him out on the bed. We worked his nipples, down around his navel. Matt sucked him and then I. our heads took turns bobbing up and down on Matt's dick as we played with his balls and for the first time I noticing that Justin's fingers hand found their way to Matt's waiting hole probing the tight entrance causing Justin to moan louder.

"Fuck yeah...Fuck yeah...oh my god yes" Matt repeated and we worked his pole until finally he let out a final gasp as he dick blew a stream of cum over our faces as we both continued to suck the last remaining drops out.

We fell back on the bed catching our breath for a second before we walked into the bathroom and cleaned. I watched the two as we dressed noticing the differences they had that made them each so unique and special. For the first time I saw Justin for who he was under the persona of the thug, I saw the person and I could see myself liking the person I was seeing. I looked over at Matt who eyes where glued to mine as he smiled and gave a glance towards Justin.

"You'll ready to head back out nigga?" Justin said shattering the bubble; I had created for him as he returned to his old self.

He started heading out the apartment with Justin talking the lead as I felt Matt's fingers intertwine with mine as we walked towards the elevator. The doors finally opened and with got on with Justin giving us this weird look and we set our hands free of each other.

"When you'll two nigga started fucking in the streets let me know so I can be some other fucking place," Justin said as the doors closed and we started to move down.

Always leave it to him to ruin a good moment. Justin is such an ass.







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