The boring stuff: This is a work of fiction involving unprotected sex between individuals of high school age and interracial sex. If your not of legal age to be reading material like this than leave now. In the real world disease is everywhere so if you are going to have sex please use a condom.

Copyright 2010 Daniel Rossi

Dope Boy Magic Part 6 Raymond

Repeat the evils of the past and create new mistakes. I did that after I got out jail for fucking some sixteen-year-old closet case that hit me up. I'm just happy that kid froze up and lied about us messing around and that his church fame chose saving face over bringing me down.

I'm sitting on the bus heading back to the hood in the same clothes they picked me up in. Getting my mind right and knowing that I'm going to have to increase who I am by a thousand. Motherfuckers gonna think I'm a pussy and try me up, but shit they need to realize that fuck a nigga or a bitch I'm still the same badass that will fuck anyone up that'll step over the line with me.

The bus ride takes forever and on the last few stops most of the people get off and one gets on. He sits in the middle in one of those seats that has him facing me and he looks at me for only a second before turning away. I can tell he's not hood and doesn't know how to approach me but all the signals are present that he wants it very bad. His legs are spread wide and his hand rest on the slope of his thigh I watch him out of the corner of my making sure that he notices and at the same time showing how little I was giving a dame and by the look on his face he was eating my shit up already.

We came to the last stop it wasn't mine but I wanted something he had. I followed him off the bus staying close behind freaking him out a little as I speed up when he did and slowed with him. The mass of people on the street faded and the streetlamps lowered to a dim glow.

"What the fuck you following me for?" he almost shouted at me trying to seem hard.

I looked him up and down and moved closer showing him that his tough man routine wasn't going to get him no place. I looked around and found that we were mostly alone and by the look on his face, I could tell that he knew it also. He inched away from me trying to decide if he should run, fight, or talk his way out of whatever was going to happen.

"You live around here?" I asked trying to bring him to ease.

I wanted him; I wanted to fuck him good. I wanted to feel him against my skin, but more than anything, I wanted that feeling of pleasure when another man brings a man to the very gates of lust. He stayed quiet for a moment continuing to look around to see if the streets were filling with more people. I was growing tired of his silent game and this standing contest we where in.

I moved closer to him taking him by the arm and dragging him into the darkness of an alley. I pushed him against the wall and held him their looking into his eyes breathing in the scent of fear and lust.

"Take what you want just don't..." he started to say.

I cut off his words with my lips pressing them against his with a force as I started to slide my tongue into his mouth. He kissed me back moving his hands around my waist and pulling me into him pressing his bulging hard dick against mine. I moaned wanted, no needing to feel more of him and like an animal that have been caged to, long I escaped and lost control.

I turned him around quick licking and biting at his neck, sucking hard at his skin. I moved my hands, removed his shirt, and pulled his jeans and underwear down and I lowered myself and took in pulsing dick into my mouth.

"Shit nigga" he let escape his lips and I started to bob up and down of his leaking tool.

I sucked hard sliding all the way off and back down taking every inch into my mouth until I felt the hairs around the base tickle my nose. I held and moved back up using my left hand to squeeze and pull at his ball and my right to massage the mounds of his firm ass.

"Shit nigga, fuck nigga, suck my dick nigga," he repeated.

I moved my hands, released my own rock hard dick, and let the drops of pre cum roll over my fingers. I was in heaven but I wanted more as I lifted him up and licked him down is back.

I spread apart his ass and let my tongue move up and down cheeks and around the tight hole that waited their. I sucked and licked squeezing his ass as he moaned and clawed at the brick wall that kept him up. I let my tongue loosen him up before I stood and in one swift movement stuck my dick inside him

"Fuck nigga" he said as he fought to push me out.

I held onto his shoulders letting the full length of my dick disappears into his tight hot hole. I rocked my hips letting him get use to the feeling while I increased my pace and for the first time letting my dick slide out him before I rammed it back in.

I started to fuck him faster and harder in the alley and a few people passed my and cared not for the scene of two people in the shadows. I wanted to cum, I wanted to bust hard as I held tight to his shoulders and started to jack hammer into him.

He became louder almost scream at me how good it felt and how he wanted to go deeper and harder. I pulled all the way out and backing in one quick motion and repeated finally burying deep in his whole giving me time to catch my breath before I continued the assault on him.

"I gonna bust nigga, shit I'm gonna cum without even jacking" he whispered to night sky.

I fucked faster letting my body slap against his ass each time I rammed in. he let out a moan before his dick burst shooting his hot seed against the brick wall as the force caused his ass to tighten up around my dick which took me over the edge making my dick shot also. My arms held tight to him as I let every drop of cum fill his insides.

He stayed until finally I let him go and pulled up my jeans and started to walk away.

I turned to corner out of the alley as he called out to me but I didn't care about his name or who he was I wanted to get off and I did. I walked down the road and down the stairs to the subway finally catching a train to the edge of my side of the town and walking the few blocks until I finally stood in front of my place. I unlocked and opened the door walking into the dark making my way into my bedroom, falling on the bed, and finally closing my eyes and drifting to sleep.

I can still remember lil Red spread across the bed as I took his ass. I can also remember all the others; it was strange being back in my old bed after all this time. I tossed and turned unable to sleep as my hard dick stood straight up throbbing and leaking. I jumped out of bed and through on some gear and headed out into the night searching for some nigga that owed me and hadn't paid up yet. I walked around low key hiding my face from the folks that stood on the corners looking as I passed until I finally caught up to Ben.

Ben is a bitch nigga who owes me a low of green and he was gonna pay up tonight.

"Where my money bitch?" I said with force.

"Shit nigga what you doing out?" he asked.

"Bitch didn't I ask you where my fucking money is?" I said harder.

Ben started back up mumbling some stupid shit as I grabbed him up and started dragging him off.

"It's time to pay up bitch," I said shoving him to the ground behind home of the old empty houses.

Ben had a look of fear in his eyes and I started undoing my jeans and pulling up my shirt over my head.

"Strip bitch," I commanded.

Ben stayed put begging me to give him time to get my money and not to do this to him. I didn't care I wanted to bust off in a nigga and he was it.

"Nigga you had enough time to get my money. Your bitch ass thought I wasn't coming back but that's not my problem so strip bitch." I shouted out making a fist and walking towards him.

Ben slowly started talking off his clothes finally standing in his boxers.

"That shit clothes right so bitch strip," I said watching him shed off his boxers.

Ben stood with his hands covering his semi hard dick as I looked over him. Ben was seventeen and built well for his age. Lean and toned with a nice six-pack and smooth dark skin. His ass was tight and firm, his dick thick and long. I could tell he was scared and this only made my dick grown harder. I placed my hands on his shoulders, pushed his to his knees, and told him to start sucking. He hesitated for a moment leaning away from me and begging me not to do this to him.

"You right cuz", I said looking down at his shaking naked body. "I want make you suck my dick."

In one quick move, I grabbed him up and turned him around, spitting on my hand, and applying it to his tight hole. I aimed my rock hard dick at his entrance and with all my force shoved in. I placed my hand over his mouth to muffle his screams and inch by inch, his massive dick entered Ben.

Ben fought but was no match for Raymond who by now had his entire dick buried deep in the boys' ass. Ben sobbed and continued to beg Raymond to stop but the feel of Ben's tight whole wrapped around his dick was too much.

"Nigga you said you didn't want to suck my dick," Raymond said pulling out.

Raymond moved slowly letting Ben's ass open up and gets use to the thickness before he started to speed up. He held onto the guys hips; he began to thrust in, and out the feeling of Ben's tight hot hole was incredible as Raymond pounded away at the boys' ass.

"Take it son, take my dick" Raymond moaned and he began to pull all the way to thrust back in.

Ben stopped fighting finally getting use to the pain and actually liking the feeling of the man fucking him. He moaned deep and dug his hands into the cool ground as Raymond continued to assault his ass. Ben started to push back meeting each thrust rocking his hips as Raymond drove deeper and deeper into the hole.

"Yeah nigga take it all. You fixing to make me bust nigga" Raymond said.

Raymond went faster pounding into the kids' ass, holding onto his shoulders as he fucked Ben with an insane force.

"Oh shit nigga," he said as he exploded his hot cum deep inside the guy.

Raymond pulled out and went back in a few more times empting his dick of all its juices before pulling out and falling back on the ground out of breath.

Raymond finally stood and started putting back on his clothes as Ben jacked off his dick.

"You wanna help me with this?" he asked looking at Raymond and back to his dick.

"Hell no" Raymond said walking away leaving the guy laying on the ground with his hands moving fast up and down his shaft.


Raymond heard as he started to turn the corner. He looked back in time to he Ben's dick shot five large shots of cum up into the air that landed on his smooth chest.

Raymond walked away leaving Ben and the night, went back to his place, and crashed down on the couch. He closed his eyes and realized for a moment that what had happen wasn't a pay off it was only the beginning of getting what he was owed.